Mahabharat Chapter 5 Devayani Loved Kacha

Chapter 5 Devayani Loved Kacha

For the Bhagwan of the three worlds, there was once a fierce battle between the devas, or gods, and the asuras, or demons. Both parties to the conflict had esteemed mentors. The devas were commanded by Brihaspati, who was an expert in Vedic knowledge, and the asuras relied on Sukracharya’s great insight.

The fact that Sukracharya was the only person with access to the Sanjivini secret, which could bring the dead back to life, gave the asuras a significant edge. As a result, the asuras who had perished in the battle kept fighting the devas after being revived repeatedly. As a result, the devas were greatly outmatched in their protracted conflict with their original enemies.

They went to Kacha, Brihaspati’s son, and begged for his assistance. They pleaded with him to gain Sukracharya’s favour and convince him to accept him as a student. Once granted access to intimacy and confidence, he was tasked with discovering Sanjivini’s secret and eliminating the significant disadvantage the devas endured by using legal or illegal methods.
In response to their request, Kacha left to visit Sukracharya, the asura king who resided in Vrishaparva’s palace. After giving Sukra the proper greeting, Kacha walked to his home and greeted him as follows: “I am Kacha, the son of Brihaspati and the grandson of the wise man Angiras. I am a brahmacharin seeking instruction from you.”

It was against the law for a knowledgeable instructor to turn away a deserving student who came to learn from him. “Kacha, you belong to a decent family. I accept you as my pupil, the more voluntarily, since by doing so I shall also be demonstrating my respect for Brihaspati,” Sukra remarked after agreeing.

Kacha worked closely with Sukracharya for a long time, perfecting the tasks that were required of him at the master’s home. Devayani, the gorgeous daughter Sukracharya had, was very dear to him. With music, dancing, and other pastimes, Kacha committed himself to garnering her favour and succeeded in doing so without violating his brahmacharya vows. The asuras were alarmed when they learned of this because they believed Kacha’s goal was to get Sukracharya to reveal Sanjivini’s secret in some way. Naturally, they wanted to avoid such a catastrophe.

When Kacha was one day tending to his master’s livestock, some asuras attacked him, tore him to pieces, and fed his meat to the dogs. Devayani was distraught when the cattle returned without Kacha and hurried to her father, sobbing aloud: “The sun has fallen, and your nighttime fire sacrifice has been made, but Kacha still hasn’t come home, she cried. The livestock have returned on their own. I worry that Kacha has suffered a setback. I would perish without him.”
The loving father conjured the deceased child’s appearance using Sanjivini art. Kacha instantly came back to life and grinned as she greeted the master.

When Devayani inquired as to the cause of his hold-up, he said that he had been killed by the asuras who suddenly attacked him as he was grazing the cattle. He didn’t know how he came back to life, but he did, and there he was.

Another time, Kacha went to the jungle to collect flowers for Devayani. This time, the asuras caught him, murdered him, and then mixed his pasted body with sea water. Devayani went to her father, who had revived Kacha with his Sanjivini, as she had done before since he hadn’t returned even after a considerable amount of time, and she heard from him all that had happened.

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The Asuras murdered Kacha for a third time, burned his body, combined the ashes with wine, and delivered it to Sukracharya, who drank it without question. The cows left without their caretaker once more, and Devayani went to her father with another tearful plea for Kacha.

Sukracharya made futile attempts to comfort his daughter. “Even though I have repeatedly revived Kacha, he said, “the asuras appear determined to kill him. Well, death is a frequent occurrence, thus it is inappropriate for a thoughtful soul like you to be saddened by it. Enjoy your life to the fullest with all of its freshness, beauty, and universal friendliness.”

Devayani had a strong love for Kacha, and since time immemorial, no amount of wisdom has ever been able to ease the pain of loss. She uttered: “Kacha, the son of Brihaspati and the grandson of Angiras, was a spotless young man who gave his all to serve us. Since he was slain, my life has become hopeless and unbearable since I loved him so much. I will consequently take his example.” Devayani then started to fast. Heartbroken by his daughter’s suffering, Sukracharya grew furious with the asuras and believed that their misfortunes would be severely affected by the horrible sin of killing a brahmana.

He used the Sanjivini technique and made Kacha appear. He was in Sukracharya’s body at the time and was dispersed by the Sanjivini Kacha, who gave him life. However, because of the oddity of his placement, he was unable to leave his current spot and could only respond to his name from there.

Sukracharya cried out in enraged shock: “How did you enter me, O brahmacharin? Are the asuras also responsible for this? This is incredibly terrible, and it makes me want to slay the asuras right now and join the gods. However, give me the entire tale.”
Kacha told the story despite the difficulties his position forced upon him.

Vaisampayana went on to say: “The high-souled and austere Sukracharya, who was of unfathomable grandeur, became enraged at the fraud committed against him in drinking wine and said, “Virtue will abandon the one who drinks wine out of lack of insight.” This is my message to mankind, which should be viewed as an essential scriptural edict. He will be the target of derision from everyone. Devayani, I have an issue for you, he added as he turned to face her. Kacha must rip open my stomach and exit it in order to survive, which would be fatal for me. Only my death will be able to buy him a life.”

Devayani exclaimed as she sobbed: “Alas! In any case, it is death to me. Because if any of you dies, I will not live.” Sukracharya looked for a solution to the problem. He then realised what was really going on.

To Kacha, he said: “O son of Brihaspati, I now understand why you arrived and can confirm that you have accomplished your goal. For Devayani’s sake, I must bring you back to life, but I also must not perish for her. The only method is to initiate you in the Sanjivini art so that you may revive me after I’ve passed away when a path is cut through my internal organs for you. Devayani won’t have to be sad about either of us if you use the information I’m about to give you to resuscitate me ”

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As a result, Sukracharya taught Kacha the Sanjivini art. Sukracharya fell to the ground maimed and lifeless as Kacha immediately emerged from his body, appearing like the full moon from a cloud.

However, Kacha immediately revived Sukracharya using his just obtained Sanjivini. Kacha stated as he bowed before Sukracharya: “A parent is the one who teaches the uninitiated wisdom. Additionally, since I was born from your body, you are also my mother.”
Sukracharya continued to train Kacha for a considerable amount of time. He said goodbye to his lord and left for the gods when his vow’s duration was over.

As he prepared to leave, Devayani humbledly addressed him as follows: “Oh, Angiras’ grandchild, you have captured my heart with your impeccable character, outstanding accomplishments, and noble birth. Even while you were obediently upholding your brahmacharin vows, I have loved you for a very long time and gently. Now I want you to love me back and make me happy by getting married to me. Both Brihaspati and you are entirely deserving of my respect.”

In those days, it was normal for erudite brahmana women to express their opinions honestly and honourably. Yet Kacha remarked, “O “You are my master’s daughter and are without a doubt deserving of my esteem, perfect one. Being born outside of your father’s body allowed me to regain my life. I am thus your brother.
My sister, it is improper for you to ask me to marry you.”

Devayani made unsuccessful attempts to convince him. “You are not my father’s son, but Brihaspati’s,” the woman said. If I was the reason for your resuscitation, it was because I cherished you as my spouse and still do now. You shouldn’t abandon someone as committed to you and blameless as I am.”

Kacha answered: “Do not try to sway me into injustice. Being red-faced with rage, you are more alluring than ever. However, I’m your brother. Please say goodbye. Serve my guru Sukracharya perfectly at all times.”
After saying these words, Kacha gently withdrew and went to the residence of Indra, the ruler of the gods. He comforted his daughter, Sukracharya.

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