Mahabharat Chapter 48 Virata's Shallow Pride About Uttara Ignored Brihannala's Contribution

Chapter 48 Virata In Shallow Pride Insulted Yudhishthira

Following his victory over Susarma, king of Trigarta, Virata returned to his city to cheers from the populace. When he arrived at his palace, he noticed that Uttara was gone, and the womenfolk joyfully informed him that Uttara had left to defeat the Kauravas.
They were certain that a prince they held in their hands could rule the entire globe.

The carefully raised prince had undertaken an impossible endeavour with little more than a eunuch as support, and the king’s heart sunk at the news.
He screamed in agony, “My dearly loved son must be gone by now.”
He then commanded his ministers to assemble and dispatch the largest army possible in order to save Uttara, if he was still alive, and bring him back. Also right away, scouts were sent to find out Uttara’s whereabouts and condition.

Dharmaputra sought to reassure Virata that the prince could do no harm because Brihannala had gone as his charioteer while he was now disguising himself as the sanyasin Kanka. You are unaware of her, he said. “I do. Anyone fighting from a chariot pulled by her is guaranteed to win. Additionally, the Kauravas have to have departed after hearing of Susarma’s loss.”
Courtiers brought the good news that Uttara had beaten the Kaurava soldiers and retrieved the kine as they returned from the field of battle.

Even to the loving father, this seemed too good to be true, but Yudhishthira comforted him with a smile. He said: “O king, don’t be hesitant. The messages must be accurate. Success was certain as Brihannala set out as charioteer.
Nothing remarkable about your son’s triumph stands out. I do know that Brihannala is superior to even Indra’s or Krishna’s charioteer.”

Virata thought this was ridiculous, but he was too thrilled to care. He lavishly bestowed precious stones and other riches on the messengers who brought the good news and commanded widespread celebration. He declared, “My victory over Susarma is nothing. “The true triumph belongs to the prince. At all places of worship, may special prayers of thankfulness be given. All major thoroughfares should be flag-draped, and citizens should march in formation to triumphant music. Make every effort to welcome my lion-hearted kid in a proper manner.”

In order to welcome his son, Virata dispatched ministers, troops, and maidens. Sairandhri was ordered to bring the dice when the king withdrew to his suites. To Kanka, he said: “I can’t contain my happiness. Come, let’s have fun! “and joined Yudhishthira in a game.

The monarch was naturally full of praise for his son’s grandeur and talent as they conversed while playing. “See my son Bhuminjaya’s splendour. He has dispatched the legendary Kaurava warriors.”

Yudhishthira smiled and said, “Yes. Your kid is definitely lucky since he wouldn’t have been able to get Brihannala to pull his chariot without the best of luck,” I said.

The continual exaltation of Brihannala at the expense of Uttara infuriated Virata. He exclaimed, “Why do you always talk about the eunuch?

“While I’m boasting about my son’s win, you go on and on about the eunuch’s charioteering prowess, as if it were of any importance.” When Kanka objected, the king’s rage only grew: “I am knowledgeable about the subject. Brihannala is not like other people. Anyone riding in the chariot she steers can never experience defeat, and they are guaranteed success in any endeavour, no matter how challenging.”

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This cruel mockery could no longer be tolerated, so in a fit of rage, Virata threw the dice in Yudhishthira’s direction and struck him in the cheek. Yudhishthira was bleeding from his face due to an injury.

Sairandhri, who was close, squeezed the blood into a golden cup after wiping it with the edge of her gown. “Why the fuss, you ask? What is the purpose of the blood collection in a cup? “The still-passionate king, who was furious, asked.

Sairandhri said, “O king, a Sanyasin’s blood may not be divided on the ground.

“For as many years as there are droplets in the blood that are shed on the ground, the rains will not fall on your country. I gathered the blood in this cup for that reason. I worry that you are unaware of Kanka’s grandeur.”

In the meantime, the gatekeeper said: “Brihannala and Uttara have come. A meeting with the monarch is what the prince is seeking.” Ask him in, ask him in, said Virata as he stood up. Additionally, Yudhishthira muttered to the guard: “Allow only Uttara to enter. Brihannala need to remain in place.”

He took this action to avert a disaster since he anticipated that Arjuna wouldn’t be able to contain his rage when he saw the damage to his brother’s face. He could not bear to witness Dharmaputra being injured by anybody other than in a just conflict.
Uttara entered and honoured his kingly father as required. He was frightened to see Kanka’s injured face as he turned to pay respect to him since he now understood that Kanka was the great Yudhishthira.

Who was it who injured this magnificent one, O king? he shouted.

Virata replied as he turned to face his son: “Why is there such a fuss? I retaliated against him for disparaging you inadvertently and out of envy after I heard about your magnificent win because I was overcome with joy. This unfortunate brahmana always praised your charioteer, the eunuch, and gave him the win whenever I mentioned you. Really, it was too ridiculous, and I’m sorry I hit him, but it’s not worth bringing up.”

Uttara was paralysed by terror. “Alas! You’ve made a terrible mistake. Father, you must kneel at his feet right now and ask for forgiveness, or we shall be completely annihilated.”

Virata, who found the entire situation puzzling, stood there unsure of what to do. However, Uttara was so impatient and anxious that he gave in, bowed to Yudhishthira, and begged for forgiveness.

Virata then had his kid sit while embracing him and saying: “You really are a hero, my boy. I’m waiting for the details with a frenzy of eagerness. How did you disarm the army of the Kaurava? How did you get the kine back?”

Uttara sat hunched over. “He claimed, “I did not defeat an army, nor did I save any cows. A deity prince was responsible for all of that. He championed our cause, saved me from annihilation, dispatched the Kaurava warriors, and led the herd home. I took no action.”

The king’s ears were so unbelievable. He inquired, “Where is that divine prince?” “I have to thank the hero who saved my son and defeated my enemies. My daughter Uttara will be given to him in marriage. Go and bring him inside.”

The prince retorted, “He has vanished for the time being, but I suspect he will return back either today or tomorrow.” Uttara made this statement because Arjuna was in fact a godly prince and had temporarily vanished in Brihannala.

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All the important inhabitants of Virata had come in the assembly hall to rejoice over the king’s and the prince’s victories. The people who were in charge of the victories, Kanka, Valala the cook, Brihannala, Tantripala, and Dharmagranthi, also came. To everyone’s amazement, they entered the hall and sat among the princes without being asked.

Some justified the behaviour by arguing that these more modest people had provided crucial assistance at a crucial moment and truly deserved acknowledgment.

Entering the court was Virata. The monarch became enraged and vented his annoyance loudly when he noticed Kanka sanyasin, the chef, and the others occupying seats intended for princesses and members of the aristocracy.

To the shock of everyone there, the Pandavas revealed their identities once they believed they had had enough fun. When Virata realised that Panchali and the Pandava princes had been serving him covertly all these days, he was ecstatic. He made a solemn surrender of his kingdom and everything he had to Kanka and, of course, received it back with gratitude. He then hugged Kanka in a gesture of ecstatic appreciation. Additionally, Virata insisted that he give Arjuna his daughter in marriage.

Yet Arjuna remarked: “No, that would not be appropriate because I taught the princess how to dance and play the piano. I play the role of her father since I am her instructor.” But he consented to take her in as his son Abhimanyu.

In the meantime, messengers from the evil and cunning Duryodhana arrived with a letter for Yudhishthira. “They said, “O son of Kunti, Duryodhana is very sorry that Dhananjaya’s rash behaviour has forced you to return to the forests once more. In line with your agreement, you must stay in the forest for an additional twelve years because he allowed himself to be recognised before the conclusion of the thirteenth year.”

Laughing, Dharmaputra remarked: “Messengers, hurry back and encourage Duryodhana to ask more questions. Without a doubt, the revered Bhishma and other astute individuals would inform him that a full thirteen years had passed before your warriors once more heard the twang of Dhananjaya’s bow and fled in terror.”

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