Mahabharat Chapter 47 How Arjuna Made Uttara Win Battle

Chapter 47 How Arjuna Made Uttara Win Battle

The earth appeared to tremble as the Arjuna chariot rumbled forward. The sound of the Gandiva bow twang made the Kauravas’ hearts tremble.

“Our troops must be carefully and expertly positioned. Arjuna has arrived, “Drona said hastily. The respect Drona bestowed upon Arjuna via this worry did not sit well with Duryodhana.

To Karna, he uttered: “The Pandavas made a promise to stay hidden the following year after twelve years in the jungle. The thirteenth year is still ongoing. Arjuna has already made himself known. So why should we succumb to fear? For an additional twelve years, the Pandavas must return to the jungle. Drona is afflicted by the too-icy learned’s feet. Let’s move on to the combat and leave him behind.”

In agreement, Karna added: “Our warriors are quaking with terror, and their hearts are not in the battle. They claim that Arjuna is the man who triumphantly rides a chariot toward us while holding a bow in his hand. But even if it is Parasurama, why should we be afraid? Even if the rest retreat, I will personally halt the warrior’s advance, keep my promise to you, and engage him in combat. It’s possible that they would drive the Matsya king’s cows away while I fight Arjuna alone to cover them “and Karna started to extol his own virtue as usual.

When Kripa heard Karna say these things, he said: “This is complete foolishness. Arjuna must be attacked by all of us at once. Our only hope of victory would be that. Therefore, refrain from boasting about your ability to oppose Hitler by yourself.”

Karna became enraged. He stated: “The acharya takes great pleasure in praising Arjuna and emphasising his strength. I’m not sure if he behaves in this way out of fear or excessive affection for the Pandavas. Those who are fearful need not fight; instead, they may watch while those who are loyal to the salt they have consumed participate in combat. I shall stand here and battle like a simple soldier who cherishes his allies and despises his foes. What business do mankind have here learning from the Vedas that they should love and laud their foes?” He said mockingly.

Drona’s son and Kripa’s nephew Aswatthama was unable to remain unaffected by this contempt directed at the revered instructors. Karna was told sharply by him: “The fight has not yet been won, and we have not yet returned the king to Hastinapura. Your boast is empty arrogance. It’s possible that we do not belong to the kshatriya caste and instead are members of the class who recite the Vedas and the sastras. But I haven’t been able to uncover anywhere in a sastra that it’s OK for kings to cheat at dice in order to take over countries. Even people who battle and take kingdoms do not brag about it too much. And I don’t see anything you’ve accomplished to be proud of. The meal is cooked even if the fire is quiet. Though not on him, the sun beams. Similar to this, Mother Earth upholds everything, both moving and stationary, and bears the weight of her load silently. What kind of praise may a kshatriya make after taking another person’s kingdom illegally during a dice game? It is no more a matter of honour to have defrauded the Pandavas of their empire than it is to have set traps for gullible birds. In what conflict did your warriors beat the Pandavas, O Duryodhana, O Karna? Draupadi was dragged by you to the gathering. Are you happy with it? Like an idiot who chops down a large sandal tree because they adore the scent, you have wiped off the Kaurava race. You’ll discover that a battle with Arjuna is significantly different than a roll of the dice. Sharp arrows rather than fours and twos as in a dice game will be sent forth by the Gandiva. You self-centered dummies, do you really believe Sakuni can win you the fight by only being dishonest?”

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The Kaurava army’s leaders ran out of patience and started a verbally abusive battle. The grandsire, seeing this, expressed his concern by saying: “A sensible man does not make fun of his professors. Battles should only be entered into after thorough consideration of the time, location, and circumstances. Even smart individuals occasionally lose their composure and judgement when handling their own concerns. Even the often so sane Duryodhana, overcome with rage, is unable to recognise that the warrior standing and facing our army is Arjuna. His wrath has distorted his brain. Please, Aswatthama, ignore Karna’s nasty comments. You must interpret them as intended in order to motivate the preceptors and inspire them to action.
Now is not the time to foster animosity or foment discord. Aswatthama, Drona, and Kripa should all forgive and forget. Where else in the universe can the Kauravas find heroes who are more valiant and knowledgeable about the Vedas than Drona, the preceptor, and his son Aswatthama? There is no one else that we are aware of that can compare to Drona. Only if we all band together and battle Arjuna can we win. Let’s dedicate ourselves to the work at hand. We cannot combat Arjuna if we fight amongst ourselves.”

The grandsire said as much. His kind comments calmed me, and I stopped feeling so furious.

Bhishma said as he turned to face Duryodhana: “Arjuna has arrived, ruler of kings. Yesterday marked the end of the thirteen-year timeframe specified. Men knowledgeable in the science of planetary motions will inform you that your calculations are incorrect. When Arjuna blew his conch, I realised the time had come to an end. Before choosing to go to battle, think it through. The moment has come for you to make peace with the Pandavas. Which do you prefer: a conflict that destroys both sides or a good and honourable peace? Think it very carefully before choosing.”

Response from Duryodhana came “Respected father figure, I don’t want peace. I won’t even give the Pandavas a village. Let’s prepare for battle.”

Drona then said: “Give prince Duryodhana permission to march a quarter of the army to Hastinapura to protect him. Allow someone else to encircle and capture the cows. Returning without capturing the cows would be an admission of defeat. The five of us shall engage Arjuna in combat together with the rest of the army.”

The Kaurava soldiers set up their battle formation appropriately. Says Arjuna: “O Uttara, neither Duryodhana’s chariot nor Duryodhana are visible to me. Bhishma is standing there and is wearing armour. To Hastinapura, I believe Duryodhana is driving the cows. Let’s go after him and get the cows.” As soon as Arjuna spoke these remarks, he turned aside from the Kaurava army and pursued Duryodhana and the cows.

Drawing his Gandiva bow and shooting arrows to fall near their feet, he respectfully saluted his tutors and the elderly grandsire as he was leaving. He left them and chased Duryodhana after heroically saluting them in a respectful manner. Arjuna arrived at the location where the cows had been collected and positioned to drive the invading army away.

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After that, he turned to the cowherds and instructed them to lead the cows to the barns, which they dutifully did. Then Arjuna went after Duryodhana. When they noticed this, Bhishma and the other Kaurava soldiers ran to Arjuna’s aid and began tossing arrows his way.

Arjuna engaged in a fantastic battle. He attacked Karna first and expelled him from the battleground. He then assaulted Drona and vanquished him. When Aswatthama joined the battle and attacked Arjuna after seeing Drona standing exhausted from fighting, Arjuna had the chance to let Drona to leave the field.

Aswatthama and Arjuna then got into a heated argument. Aswatthama began to tyre, so Kripa replaced him and continued to assault Arjuna. However, Kripa too suffered a loss, and the entire army was defeated as they ran away in terror.

Even though Bhishma, Drona, and others had rallied them and gotten them back to the assault, they had lost all motivation. After a magnificent battle between Bhishma and Arjuna, which the gods allegedly came to see, they eventually departed the arena.
Thus, the plan to stop Arjuna from pursuing Duryodhana failed, and soon Arjuna caught up with him and viciously assaulted him. Duryodhana lost and left the battleground, but he didn’t go very far since he circled around like a serpent and picked up the fight again when Arjuna mocked him for being a coward. He was shielded and surrounded by Bhishma and others. After a battle, Arjuna used a magic weapon to cause everyone to collapse unconscious on the battlefield. He pulled away their clothing while they were in that state. In ancient days, capturing the enemy’s clothing was a sure indication of success.
He was sent back to the city by Bhishma when Duryodhana arrived. After this embarrassing loss, the entire army marched back to Hastinapura.

Says Arjuna: “O Uttara, send the horses back. Our herd of cows has returned. Our adversaries have left. Return to your land, prince, dressed with flowers and covered with sandal paste.”

Arjuna put the weapons back where they belonged on the tree on the way back and put on his Brihannala disguise once more. In preparation, he dispatched messengers to the city to announce Uttara’s wonderful triumph.

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You can read complete Mahabharat by following Chapter links given below. You can check Glossary of Mahabharat here.

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