Mahabharat Chapter 45 Susarma Captured Virata But Defeated Later

Chapter 45 Susarma Captured Virata But Defeated Later

The inhabitants of Virata began to fear Draupadi as a result of what happened to Kichaka.

“This woman, who is so stunning that she wins everyone’s hearts, is both gorgeous and deadly since the Gandharvas are watching over her. She poses a serious threat to both city residents and members of the royal family since the Gandharvas are capable of doing anything to appease their envious rage. It’s wise to send her away from the city.” As a result of their reflections, the people went to Sudeshna and appealed to her to drive Draupadi away.

Draupadi heard Sudeshna say: “You are a lady of great virtue, without a doubt, but please leave our city. I’ve had it with you.”
Only one more month remained in the predetermined period of living covertly, and Draupadi pleaded fervently to be let to stay for one more month, by which time, she claimed, her Gandharva husbands would have realised their goals and be prepared to take her away with them.

King Virata and his realm would get a great deal of gratitude from the Gandharvas. Sudeshna was unable to decline Draupadi’s request because she was too scared of the Gandharvas, who might turn lethal if enraged.
As of the start of the thirteenth year, Duryodhana’s spies had been actively looking for the Pandavas anywhere they may have taken cover. They reported their failure to Duryodhana after months of fruitless searching and noted that it was likely the Pandavas had died of privations. Then word spread that a Gandharva had killed the formidable Kichaka in single fight over a lady.
Kichaka could only be killed by two people, one of which was Bhima.

They thus believed that Bhima may have actually been the furious Gandharva who had slain Kichaka. Duryodhana also believed that Draupadi may have been the woman responsible for the murder. He voiced his reservations in front of the entire group.
He stated: “The Pandavas could be at Virata’s city, I think. He is now one of the stiff-necked rulers who is unwilling to desire our relationship. Invading his nation and stealing his cows would be a positive thing. If the Pandavas are present, we can easily find them since they will undoubtedly come out to battle with us to return Virata’s hospitality. They will have to spend another twelve years in the forest if we find them there and we are certain of it before the allotted period. Conversely, if the Pandavas are not present, nothing is lost.”

King Susarma, the king of Trigarta, enthusiastically backed him. “My opponent is the king of Matsya, and Kichaka has caused me a lot of difficulty. Virata must have suffered a great deal from Kichaka’s passing. Permit me to assault Virata right away.”
Karna backed up this assertion. They all agreed that Susarma should attack Matsya from the south and send the Virata army in that direction for defence. Then, from the comparatively undefended northern flank, Duryodhana and the Kaurava army would make a surprise assault on Virata.

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Susarma entered Matsya from the south, took the animals, and destroyed the fields and gardens along his path. The cowherds rushed to Virata in great anxiety, and Virata now wished Kichaka were still alive because he undoubtedly would have put the raiders out of business. When he told Kanka (Yudhishthira’s alias at Virata’s court), the latter responded as follows: “Be at ease, O King.

I may be a recluse, but I know how to fight. I’ll put on my armour, ride in a chariot, and drive your adversaries away. Please give orders for your stable herd Tantripala, chief cook Valala, and horse keeper Dharmagranthi to board chariots and assist us. They are reputed to be excellent warriors. Please provide instructions so that we may receive the appropriate chariots and weaponry.”
Virata was overjoyed and eager to accept the offer. Chariots were prepared.

With the exception of Arjuna, all the Pandavas joined the army of Virata to confront Susarma and his troops.
The armies of Virata and Susarma engaged in a bloody battle that resulted in significant casualties on both sides. Virata was forced to dismount and engage in combat on foot after Susarma assaulted him and encircled his chariot. Virata was taken prisoner by Susarma and imprisoned in his chariot. When Virata was captured, the Matsya army lost heart and started to disperse in all directions. This is when Yudhishthira gave Bhima the order to assault Susarma, free Virata, and gather the dispersed Matsya soldiers.

Bhima was ready to cut down a tree when Yudhishthira spoke these words, stopped him and said: “Please refrain from using such deception, and do not shout out a battle cry. Use your bows and arrows to battle from the chariot like any other person.”

In response, Bhima mounted the chariot, charged the adversary, freed Virata, and captured Susarma. The scattered soldiers of Matsya united into fresh formations, rushed the army of Susarma, and routed it. People in the city were ecstatic when they heard that Susarma had been defeated. To welcome their triumphant monarch home, they decked the city and left.

The large army of Duryodhana descended upon them from the north and started plundering the cattle ranches outside of the city while they were making preparations to greet King Virata.

The vast number of cows that were present were collected up by the Kaurava army as it marched in force.

When the prince Uttara arrived in the city, the cowherds’ leader addressed him as follows: “O prince, the Kauravas are stealing our cows as they advance. In order to battle the Trigarta, King Virata has travelled to the south. We are worried because no one is there to defend us. We turn to you for protection since you are the son of the king. Pray, and then come get the cows for your family’s honour.”

The cowherds’ chief complained to Uttara in front of everyone, especially the ladies of the palace, and the prince, flushed with pride, bragged: “I heard him “If only I could find a charioteer, I would be able to retrieve the cows by myself. My military prowess will be something to behold, and people will realise that Arjuna and I aren’t that different from one another.”
Draupadi was in the inner rooms when Uttara spoke these comments, and she must have giggled inside.

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She sprinted over to Princess Uttara and said: “O princess, the nation is in grave peril. The Kaurava army is marching on our city from the north and has already taken cows and cattle ranches outlying areas, the cowherds have protested to the youth. The prince needs a charioteer so that he can combat them. Should a little matter like that prevent triumph and glory? I’ll let you know that Brihannala drove Arjuna’s chariot. I learned of this information while working for the Pandava queen, and I am also aware that Brihannala learned archery from Arjuna. Give Brihannala the go-ahead to drive the prince’s chariot right now.”

As Brihannala, Arjuna claimed to be ignorant about armour and giggled at his discomfort wearing it.

The ladies of the palace made fun of his worries and reassured him once more that Uttara would take care of him.

Arjuna engaged in part of this amusement, but it was clear that at the very least, he was a skilled charioteer when he harnessed the horses. The horses also appeared to love and obey him while he was in control of the reins.

“The prince will come out on top. We will steal the enemy’s embroidered robes from them and give them to you as a victory gift” Brihannala’s final comments to the women of the palace came as the chariot was quickly escorting the prince to the field of battle.

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You can read complete Mahabharat by following Chapter links given below. You can check Glossary of Mahabharat here.

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