Mahabharat Chapter 44 Kichaka Killed By Bhima

Chapter 44 Kichaka Killed By Bhima

Yudhishthira dressed in sanyasin-style clothing. As a result, Arjuna became into a eunuch. Others also went undercover. However, nothing could obscure their inherent elegance, dignity, and attractiveness.

They seemed to King Virata to be born to command and rule rather than to serve when they came to him seeking service. He was first hesitant to employ them, but after giving in to their persistent requests, he eventually appointed them to the positions they requested of him.

Yudhishthira joined the king as a friend, and they played dice together all day long. Bhima was the head chef at the time. He also provided entertainment for the monarch by taming wild creatures and engaging in combat with the reputedly powerful men who attended the court.

Princess Uttara, the Virata’s daughter, and the women were taught dance, singing, and instrumental music by Arjuna, who adopted the name Brihannala.

Sahadeva cared after the cows and the bulls while Nakula took care of the horses.
Princess Draupadi, who should have had numerous ladies serving her if fate had been kinder, instead spends her days serving

Sudeshna, the queen of Virata. She worked as a maid and a companion in the palace’s interior chambers while also doing unpleasant duties.

Kichaka, Sudeshna’s brother, served as Virata’s army’s supreme commander, and the old monarch owed his strength and notoriety to him. Kichaka possessed so considerable power that it was once believed that he actually ruled the Matsya nation and that the ancient Virata ruler just served as a title.

Kichaka was too arrogant about his power and his ability to sway the monarch. He became obsessed with Draupadi because he was so enamoured with her beauty. Furthermore, he was so confident in his own allure and dominance that he never considered the possibility that she may defy his will despite being only a maidservant. He made flirtatious advances toward her, which deeply irritated her.

Draupadi was too shy to tell Sudeshna or anybody else about this. She revealed that her husbands were Gandharvas who would murder anyone who sought to disgrace her in a strange manner.

Everyone was persuaded by her account about the Gandharvas by her good behaviour and beauty. Kichaka, however, was not to be deterred and he pursued Draupadi with steadfastness. His harassment finally grew harsh enough for her to complain to Queen

Sudeshna and request her protection. Kichaka, who naturally had more sway over his sister, blatantly confessed in her about his illicit love for her maid and asked for her help in achieving his goal. He gave the impression that he was dying with want. “I have been in such constant anguish since I first saw your maid, he said, that I have been unable to obtain any rest or sleep. You must find a way to have her accept my approaches if you want to preserve my life.” Kichaka refused to budge no matter how hard the queen tried to convince him. Finally, Sudeshna gave in. They both came up with a scheme to capture Draupadi.

One evening, a large feast was planned and a lot of sweetmeats and booze were prepared in Kichaka’s home. Sairandhri was summoned to her side by Sudeshna, who then instructed her to go get a jug of wine from Kichaka’s residence while giving her a stunning golden jug.

Draupadi resisted going to the residence of the smitten Kichaka at that time and pleaded vehemently for another of her numerous attendants to be dispatched, but Sudeshna would not budge. She said sternly while seeming enraged: “You must leave. I’m not able to send anybody else “and Draupadi was forced to comply.

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Draupadi’s worries were valid. When she got to Kichaka’s residence, that wretch started bugging her with frantic pleas and requests since he was drunk and enraged from lust.

She responded by rejecting his prayers: “Why are you looking for me, a member of a low varna, who comes from a noble royal family? Why do you choose the incorrect course? Why do you approach a married woman like me? You are doomed. The Gandharvas, my guardians, will avenge me by killing you.”

Draupadi refused to budge, so Kichaka grabbed her by the arm and dragged her around. But after setting down the vessel she was carrying, she managed to free herself and escape while being closely chased by the enraged Kichaka.

She ran screaming to the court. But even there, Kichaka pursued her and booted her while verbally abusing her in front of everyone, inebriated not just by the alcohol but far more so by his power and influence. Everyone feared the all-powerful commander-in-chief, and none had the guts to stand in his way.

Draupadi was overcome with grief and rage at the idea of her powerlessness in the face of the awful insult that was directed at her. The danger that would befall the Pandavas if they were prematurely detected was forgotten by her due to her intense grief.

That evening, she went to Bhima and woke him awake to express her excruciating feeling of injustice. She described to Bhima how Kichaka had followed and humiliated her inhumanely before pleading with him for protection and retaliation.

She cried out inconsolably, saying: “I can’t take this anymore. Kill this wretch right away. I work in a low-paying office and even make sandal paste for Virata for you in order to assist you meet your pledge. Since I have only ever served you or Mother Kunti, whom I adore and respect, I have not been bothered by it. But now I’m stuck serving these wretches, who live in constant terror of some scandalous outrage. See my hands; I don’t mind working hard.” She then displayed her hands, which were tarnished and damaged from performing menial duties.

Bhima wiped her tears as she politely brought his hands to his face and eyes. He was moved to tears by her sadness, pity, and love. When he finally located it, he thickly uttered: “I “Do not be concerned about Yudhishthira’s pledge or Arjuna’s counsel. I don’t care what happens, but I will follow your instructions. Here and now, I’m going to kill Kichaka and his crew!” then he got up.
Bhima was cautioned by Draupadi not to act hastily. After much deliberation, they determined that Kichaka should be persuaded to go alone at night to a deserted area of the dancing hall, where he would discover Bhima waiting for him dressed as a woman rather than Draupadi.

The following morning, Kichaka returned to Draupadi and stated vaingloriously: “O Sairandhri, I kicked and flung you to the ground in front of the king. Did anybody there offer to assist you? Only Virata is referred to as the ruler of this Matsya nation. But the actual sovereign is me, the commander in chief. Don’t be a fool now; instead, come live life to the fullest with me. I promise to serve you with loyalty.” He cried, pleaded, threatened, and devoured her while his eyes were blazing with passion.

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Draupadi made a show of submitting and said: “Kichaka, I assure you that I am no longer able to withstand your appeals. However, none of your friends or brothers ought to be aware of our relationship. I will grant your request if you vow that you will faithfully keep the information hidden from others.”

Kichaka enthusiastically accepted the requirement and pledged to travel by himself that very night to a location of assignation.
She uttered: “The women learn to dance in the dancing hall during the day, and at night, they return to their own apartments. At night, nobody will be in the dancing room. Come there this evening. There, I’ll be waiting for you. I shall comply with your wishes.”

Kichaka savoured his joy. That evening, Kichaka showered, dressed himself, and headed to the dancing hall. He was delighted to see that the doors were open and he softly walked inside. He noticed Sairandhri resting on a couch in the extremely low light.

He made his way through the darkness and placed his hands softly on the sleeping individual.

Alas! He didn’t touch Sairandhri’s delicate figure; rather, he was thrown to the ground by Bhima, who pounced on him with the might of a lion on its prey. But shocked as he was, Kichaka was no coward, and he was now fighting for dear life.
They fought brutally, with Kichaka perhaps believing he was one of the Gandharva wives. They weren’t mismatched since Bhima, Balarama, and Kichaka were known to be of comparable strength and wrestling prowess at the time.

The conflict between Vali and Sugriva and Bhima and Kichaka was similar.

Kichaka was ultimately killed by Bhima, who worked his body into an amorphous mass by crushing and kneading it.
He quickly rushed to his kitchen, took a quick shower, covered himself in sandal paste, and went to bed happy after informing Draupadi about Kichaka’s punishment.

When the palace guards were awake, Draupadi addressed them and said: “Kichaka came to harass me, but my husbands, the Gandharvas, quickly dispatched him as I had forewarned him. Your president was assassinated after succumbing to passion. Observe him.”

She also displayed Kichaka’s corpse, which had been transformed to an amorphous mass with no discernible human features.

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