Mahabharat Chapter 18 Happiness in Indraprastha But Duryodhana Was Jealous

Chapter 18 Happiness in Indraprastha But Duryodhana Was Jealous

Hastinapura was pleased to hear of the occurrences that occurred during the Panchala swayamvara. He went to Dhritarashtra right away and said: “O King, by having the daughter of Drupada as our daughter-in-law, our family has become stronger. Our stars are excellent.”

In his blind love for his son, Dhritarashtra believed that Duryodhana, who had also travelled to participate in the swayamvara, was the one who had captured Draupadi. He responded as follows under the wrong impression: “As you say, it is a terrific time for us. Go right now and take Draupadi. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Panchali.”

Vidura quickly made the necessary correction. He stated: “The fortunate Pandavas are still alive, and Arjuna is the one who has earned Drupada’s daughter. In accordance with the procedures prescribed by the sastras, the five Pandavas wedded her jointly. Under Drupada’s supervision, they are content and healthy with their mother Kuntidevi.”

Dhritarashtra was displeased by Vidura’s statements but tried to hide his displeasure. He appeared happy as he remarked to Vidura: “O Vidura, I’m thrilled by what you said. Do the beloved Pandavas still exist? Their passing has been mourned by us! The information you have just provided is a comfort to me. So, Drupada’s daughter is now our daughter-in-law.
Very nice, really.”

When Duryodhana learned that the Pandavas had managed to flee the wax palace and had spent a year hiding out, his animosity and resentment for them only became stronger due to their alliance with the formidable king of Panchala. Going to their uncle Sakuni, Duryodhana and his brother Duhsasana expressed their anguish by saying: “Uncle, we’re screwed. We have failed by putting our trust in Purochana. The Pandavas, who are our foes, are more intelligent than we are, and luck also seems to be on their side. They now have Dhrishtadyumna and Sikhandin as allies. How can we help?”

Duryodhana and Karna visited the blind Dhritarashtra. Says Duryodhana “You assured Vidura that brighter times lay ahead. Is it advantageous for us that the Pandavas, our natural foes, have become so powerful that they will undoubtedly kill us? Because they were aware of our strategy against them, it was impossible for us to carry it out, which increased the risk. It has now come to this: either we eliminate them right away, or we will perish. Please give us your advice on this.”

Answered Dhritarashtra: “What you say is accurate, my dear son. But we shouldn’t tell Vidura what’s on our minds. I used such words to him for that reason. I’d want to hear your ideas about what we should do next.”

Says Duryodhana “I’m so disoriented that I can’t think of any plans. We may use the fact that these Pandavas were not born of the same mother to our advantage and incite conflict between the sons of Madri and those of Kunti. We may also attempt to bribe Drupada into siding with us. We shall still make him an ally despite the fact that he married the Pandavas with his daughter. Nothing is beyond the strength of wealth’s ability to achieve.” With a chuckle, Karna declared, “This is all idle banter.”

Duryodhana went on to say: “We must take steps to prevent the Pandavas from showing up and demanding the kingdom we currently control. We may hire a few brahmanas to propagate unfavourable rumours in Drupada’s city and inform the Pandavas repeatedly that travelling to Hastinapura would put them in grave danger. The Pandavas would therefore be afraid to visit, and we would be protected from them.”

Karna answered: “It’s just idle talk, too. They cannot be scared in that manner.”

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Duryodhana went on to say: “Can we not use Draupadi to sow strife among the Pandavas? Our convenience in her polyandrous marriage is great. Through the efforts of professionals in the science of erotics, we will stir up uncertainties and jealousies in their brains. Without a doubt, we will succeed. We can entice some of Kunti’s sons with a lovely woman, leading Draupadi to turn against them. We may bring Draupadi to Hastinapura and utilise him to further our strategy if she starts to suspect any of them.”

Karna mockedly chuckled at this as well. He stated: “All of your suggestions are worthless. The Pandavas cannot be subdued by trickery. You seem to believe we can trick them now that they have gained expertise and are also protected by Drupada. We discovered that we could not trick them when they were here and were like juvenile birds with underdeveloped wings. They were able to see through your schemes. Stratagems won’t be used moving forward. You can’t incite strife among them. The noble and enlightened Drupada cannot be bought. Under all circumstances, he will not abandon the Pandavas. Additionally, Draupadi can never be used against them. Therefore, we have no choice but to assault them before they get stronger and more of our allies join them. Before Krishna joins the Pandavas and Drupada with his Yadava army, we should launch a surprise assault on them. As befits kshatriyas, we should choose the heroic route out of our predicament. Trickery will be ineffective.” So said Karna. Dhritarashtra struggled to decide what to do. Therefore, the monarch called for Bhishma and Drona and sought their advice.

When he learned that the Pandavas were still alive and well, visiting King Drupada of Panchala, whose daughter they had married, Bhishma was overjoyed. When asked for advice on the best course of action, Bhishma, a wise man with a deep understanding of right and wrong, responded: “The correct thing to do would be to warmly welcome them back and provide them half of the kingdom. Such a solution is likewise desired by the state’s residents. The dignity of our family can only be preserved in this way. Regarding the wax home fire event, there is a lot of sloppy chatter that is not flattering to you. If you invite the Pandavas and give them half of your kingdom, all accusations and even suspicions will be banished. This is my suggestion.”

Drona offered the same advice and proposed dispatching a suitable messenger to mediate a peaceful resolution.
Karna erupted in wrath at this advice. Because of his intense devotion to Duryodhana, he found it extremely difficult to stomach the thought of handing the Pandavas a piece of the kingdom. In his words to Dhritarashtra, “I’m taken aback that Drona, who has benefited from your generosity and honours, has suggested such a thing. Before adopting or rejecting the counsel of his ministers, a king should give it careful consideration.”

Karna stated these things, and Drona, with his ancient eyes full of rage, responded: “You are counselling the king to take the wrong route, you evil man. The Kauravas will undoubtedly meet their demise soon if Dhritarashtra does not heed what Bhishma and I have recommended.”

Then Dhritarashtra asked Vidura for advise, and he responded: “It is prudent and just to heed the advice offered by Bhishma, the leader of our race, and Drona, the teacher. Like Duryodhana and his siblings, the Pandavas are also your offspring. You should be aware that people who urge you to harm the Pandavas have the race’s extinction as their ultimate goal. The Pandavas have steadfast supporters in Krishna, the Yadavas, and Drupada and his sons. They are impossible to win in combat. Karna is giving bad and incorrect advise. We should first try to disavow any involvement in the attempted murder of the Pandavas in the wax house, as it has been described elsewhere. The citizens and the entire nation are happy to learn that the Pandavas are still alive and eager to meet them again. Don’t pay attention to what Duryodhana says. Karna and Sakuni are just immature kids who lack wisdom about leadership and are unqualified to provide advice, heed Bhishma’s counsel.”

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In the end, Dhritarashtra made a decision to bring about peace by giving the sons of Pandu half the kingdom. In order to retrieve the Pandavas and Draupadi, he dispatched Vidura to the Panchala realm.

In a swift vehicle, Vidura travelled to the capital of King Drupada while bringing with him a variety of gems and other priceless gifts.

In accordance with his respect, Vidura approached King Drupada and asked him to send the Pandavas and Panchali to Hastinapura on behalf of Dhritarashtra. Dhritarashtra was distrusted by Drupada, but he only responded, “The Pandavas may do as they like.”

Vidura walked to Kuntidevi and knelt down in front of her. She uttered: “You saved my boys, Vichitravirya’s son. Consequently, they are your children. I believe you. I’ll follow your advice.” She had doubts about Dhritarashtra’s motives as well.

Thus, Vidura reassured her: “Your offspring won’t ever experience devastation. They will receive the kingdom as their inheritance and rise to fame. Come, let’s leave.”

Finally, Drupada granted his approval as well, and Vidura, the Pandavas, Kunti, and Draupadi all returned to Hastinapura.
The streets of Hastinapura had been doused with water and festooned with flowers in exuberant greeting of the beloved princes who were returning home after many years of exile and hardship. As had previously been determined, Yudhishthira was officially anointed king and half the kingdom was given to the Pandavas.

Yudhishthira was recently anointed, and Dhritarashtra wished him well and bade him farewell “This kingdom is rich thanks to my brother Pandu. I hope you live up to his reputation! King Pandu was happy to follow my recommendations. the same way you love me. My boys are arrogant and evil. I reached this agreement in order to prevent conflict or hostility between you. Make Khandavaprastha your capital by travelling there. From there, our forefathers Pururavas, Nahusha, and Yayati governed the realm. That served as our former capital. Restore that and become well-known.”

In this way, Dhritarashtra talked to Yudhishthira with affection.

The Pandavas renovated that ruined city, built palaces and forts, and renamed it Indraprastha. It grew in wealth and beauty and became the admiration of the world. For 36 years, the Pandavas governed peacefully alongside their mother and Draupadi, never veering from the way of dharma.

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