Mahabharat Chapter 15 How Pandavas were Saved

Chapter 15 How Pandavas were Saved

The Pandavas left the elders with reverence and hugged their friends before travelling to Varanavata. They were partially escorted by the locals, who then reluctantly made their way back to the city.

Vidura sternly admonished Yudhishthira in language that only the prince could understand: “H “Whoever thwarts an intelligent enemy’s plans will be the only one to avoid peril. Steel-made weapons aren’t the only ones that can cut. And the intelligent man must be aware of how to protect himself against them if he is to avoid disaster. A rat hiding in a hole or a porcupine digging in the ground are unaffected by the fire that destroys a forest. By observing the stars, the intelligent man may find his whereabouts.”
Despite having begun their journey in the brightness of delight, they were now travelling in a foreboding fog of sadness and anxiety.

When the Varanavata residents learned that the Pandavas were visiting their city, they were overjoyed and greeted them. They moved into the palace under Purochana’s direction after a brief stay in various homes while it was being prepared for them.
In a horrifying twist of irony, the deathtrap was given the name “Sivam,” which means wealth. In light of Vidura’s warning, Yudhishthira painstakingly looked over the entire area and confirmed that it was without a doubt built using flammable materials.

To Bhima, Yudhishthira said: “Even though we are fully aware that the palace is a death trap, we shouldn’t give Purochana the impression that we are aware of his scheme. When the time is perfect, we should flee, but doing so would be challenging if we raised any red flags “As a result, they continued to live carefree in that house. Vidura had dispatched a skilled miner in the meanwhile, who met with them in private and said: “The covert warning Vidura gave you is my password. I’ve come to aid you out of concern for your safety.”

This was intended to reveal Duryodhana’s evil scheme and the best way to avoid danger to Yudhishthira and him alone. Yudhishthira retorted that he understood Vidura’s point of view and afterwards shared it with Kuntidevi.

The miner continued to work for several days in secrecy without Purochana’s knowledge, and he eventually finished an underground exit from the wax house that went beneath and across the walls and the moat that encircled the precincts.

Purochana’s apartments were located near the palace’s entrance. The Pandavas stood guard with weapons at night, but during the day they would go hunting in the forest, seeming to be enjoying themselves but actually learning the trails. They carefully kept their awareness of the evil scheme against their life a secret, as has previously been mentioned. On his end, Purochana took a full year to carry out the plan because he wanted to allay any suspicions and make the horrific fire appear accidental.

Purochana finally decided that he had endured enough waiting. When the fateful moment came, the vigilant Yudhishthira gathered his brothers and warned them that it was now or never for them to go.

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On that particular day, Kuntidevi planned a lavish feast for the guests. She intended to lull them to sound slumber at night after a good meal.

Bhima started multiple fires across the castle around midnight. The Pandava brothers and Kuntidevi raced out via the underground tube, stumbling in the pitch-blackness. The palace was currently ablaze, and a rapidly growing mob of terrified bystanders was wailing loudly and helplessly all around it.

All joined in the cries while some bustled aimlessly in vain attempts to put out the fire: “What a shame! It is undeniably Duryodhana’s doing, and he is murdering the upright Pandavas!”

The palace was burned to the ground. Before he could flee, Purochana’s house caught fire, and he was an unlucky victim of his own nefarious scheme.

The telegram from Varanavata to Hastinapura read: “The palace that was the Pandavas’ residence has burned down and no one in it escaped alive.”

“Just as the water of a deep pool is chilly at the bottom and warm on the surface, so the heart of Dhritarashtra was at once heated with delight and chilled with sadness,” writes Vyasa in a magnificent description of Dhritarashtra’s mental state at the time.

In a show of sadness for the Pandavas who they believed were killed in the fire, Dhritarashtra and his sons removed their regal robes. They went to the river and carried out the propitiatory funeral rites while clothed simply to resemble grieving family.

No visible signs of a heartbroken grief were skipped. Some people saw that Vidura was not as overtaken with grief as the others and attributed this to his philosophical outlook. The truth, however, was that he was aware that the Pandavas had managed to flee and find refuge.

He was actually picturing the tired Pandavas’ wanderings when he appeared dejected. When Vidura noticed that Bhishma was very depressed, he quietly consoled him by telling him how they had managed to flee.

Bhima noticed that his mother and brothers were worn out from keeping watch every night as well as from worry and terror. As a result, he supported Yudhishthira and Arjuna with his two hands while carrying his mother on his shoulders and Nakula, Sahadeva, and Nakula on his hips.

With such a heavy load, he moved with the ease of a Bhagwanly elephant ploughing through the underbrush and over the trees and shrubs in his way.

When they arrived at the Ganges, a boat with a boatman in command who was aware of their identity was waiting for them. They entered a large forest at night, travelling through darkness that engulfed them like a shroud and quiet that was horribly disturbed by the horrible sounds of wild creatures.

Finally, completely worn out from labour, they sat down, unable to withstand the sting of thirst and overtaken by the lethargy of pure exhaustion. Even if the sons of Dhritarashtra are present to take me away, Kuntidevi said, “I must stretch my legs.” She immediately went to bed and fell asleep.

Bhima pushed into the dense jungle in the dead of night in quest of water. He then went in search of a pool, soaked his top garment, constructed cups out of lotus leaves, and took water to his mother and brothers who were dying of thirst.

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Then, while the others slept off, mercifully forgetting their problems, Bhima remained up and sat lost in meditation. He pondered, “Why should the evil Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana want to harm us in these ways since the plants and creepers of the forest do not aid each other and live in peace?” Bhima, who was sinless himself, was overcome with anguish and unable to comprehend the causes of others’ immorality.

The Pandavas continued their march despite facing several challenges and peril. To go more quickly, they would carry their mother for a portion of the distance. They would occasionally halt and rest if they were too exhausted to muster even superhuman endurance. They would occasionally sprint against one another, bursting with vitality and the magnificent vigour of youth.

On the way, they ran across Bhagavan Vyasa. They all bowed before him and listened to his excellent advice and words of encouragement.

When Kunti informed him of their woes, Vyasa comforted her by saying these things: “No man is strong enough to always act in virtue, and no sinner is wicked enough to live their entire lives immersed in evil. Everyone has engaged in both good and bad deeds, and life is a complicated web. Every single person is responsible for the effects of their actions. Refrain from giving in to grief.”

Then, following Vyasa’s advice, they dressed as brahmanas, travelled to the city of Ekachakra, and slept there in a brahmana’s home while they awaited better times.

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