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Chapter 101 Poor Family’s Annadaan is Better Than Aswamedha Yajna

Yudhishthira carried out an aswamedha yajna after he was crowned and seated as king following the battle of Kurukshetra. All of the country’s princes attended upon invitation as was customary on the occasion of this significant horse sacrifice, and the yajna was accomplished in great magnificence. The brahmanas, the impoverished, and the needy people, who had travelled in large groups from all across the nation, were showered with generous presents. Everything was executed with exquisite flair and conformance. with the demands about the sacrifice.

A weasel emerged out of nowhere in the centre of the priests and guests gathered in the large pavilion and laughed loudly as though in mockery before rolling around on the ground. The unexpected and unnatural incident concerned the priests, who questioned whether it was an evil spirit that had come to defile and interrupt the sacred ceremonies.

One half of the weasel’s body was covered in brilliant gold. This amazing creature turned to face the princes’ gathering, observed them carefully, and observed what they were saying.

Brahmanas from many nations who had congregated in that large pavilion and started talking: “Priests and princes gathered here, pay attention. You probably think that you finished your yajna in grand manner. A pound of maize flour was once donated by a beggar brahmana from Kurukshetra. That little contribution from the Kurukshetra brahmana is greater than your enormous horse sacrifice and all other offerings made in connection with it. You appear to put too much emphasis on your yajna. Be humble about it and ask for help.”

The audience was in awe of the golden weasel’s unusual and offensive statement. After carrying out the sacrifice procedures, the brahmana priests approached the weasel and addressed it as follows: “From whence and why did you travel to this yajna, which was conducted by upright and deserving men? So who are you? Why do you mock our sacrifice with your words? This aswamedha has been properly completed in every way as per sastraic (shastra guidelines) directives. It is improper for you to make fun of our significant sacrifice. Everyone who attended this yajna was properly attended to and given the appropriate honours and gifts. Everyone is thrilled with their presents, and they all go home joyful and satisfied. The oblations were properly offered, and the mantras were flawlessly sung. The four castes enjoy this. Why do you talk in this manner? Do Describe yourself.”

Once again giggling, the weasel replied: “What I stated, O brahmanas, is accurate. I have no complaints about any of you or king Yudhishthira’s excellent fortune. I’m not saying this out of envy. The yajna you just performed in a showy manner was not, in actuality, as magnificent a deed as the impoverished brahmana’s offering, which I have witnessed. He and his wife, son, and daughter-in-law were all brought right away to swarga as a prize for their contribution. Listen to my past experience which is an accurate account of what I personally witnessed. A brahmana who gleaned in the fields for his daily bread lived in Kurukshetra long before you fought your conflict there. He lived in this way with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law. They would have their only meal of the day every day in the late afternoon. When they couldn’t locate enough grain, they would fast until the afternoon of the next day. If they received more than they needed for the day, they would not keep anything for the next day. They had vowed to follow the unchhavritti discipline in its strictest form. They lived their lives in this manner for many years till a severe drought and widespread hunger broke out. There was no longer any farming going on, no planting, no harvesting, and no grain lying about in the fields to be gathered.”

“The brahmana and his family were without food for many days. They eventually returned home with a modest amount of corn they had collected after a day of travelling in the heat and hunger. After grinding it and praying, they divided the flour into four equal portions and gave thanks to God before sitting down anxiously to eat. A brahmana entered just then, and he was quite hungry. When they noticed an unexpected visitor, they stood up, paid their respects, and invited him to join them. The pure-souled brahmana, together with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law, were incredibly happy to receive guests at that time. I am a poor man, finest of brahmanas. This maize flour was acquired according to dharma. Accept this in prayer. The brahmana of Kurukshetra wished the visitor “blessings” and gave him his portion of the flour. The visitor consumed everything voraciously, yet even after finishing, he was still hungry. The brahmana was distraught and unsure of what to do when his wife pleaded with the Lord to give him his part as well after noticing his hungry and dissatisfied appearance. If the guest’s appetite is fulfilled, I will be happy. After saying this, she gave her husband her portion of the flour to distribute to the visitor. Faithful one, the animals and birds and all other creatures take special care of the females of their kind. Can a man fail worse? I can’t go along with what you advise. If I abandon you to starve and suffer from hunger, you who support me and work with me to carry out the holy responsibilities of a householder’s life, what will I gain in this world or the next? You are now starving, ravenous, and skin and bone, beloved one. How can I hope to do any good by feeding the visitor while leaving you to suffer in such circumstance? No, I am unable to accept your offer.”

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“You are the foremost brahmana, well versed in the sastras,” the wife said. Is it not true that dharma, artha, and all other human endeavours serve our combined selves in an equal and mutually beneficial way? Do not ignore me.

“I’ll show compassion, take my fair portion of the flour, and attend to this visitor’s needs. You and I both have a hunger problem, so stop putting us apart. Please do not refuse my plea, I beg of you. The brahmana caved in and took the wife’s portion, giving it to the visitor who eagerly accepted it and consumed it. He was still hungry, though! The Kurukshetrian brahmanas’ suffering was extreme.”

When his kid saw this, he approached. He responded, “Father, here is my share.” “Give it to the visitor who appears to still be hungry. If we are able to carry out our duties in this way, I would be very delighted. The father’s anxiety grew. Child, elderly men can survive famine, he yelled. The hunger of youth is tremendous. I can’t bring myself to accept what you say from the bottom of my heart.”

The son claimed that it was his responsibility to take care of his ageing father. “The son and the father are the same. Is it not true that a son is a new birth for the father? Actually, you own your fair part of the flour. Please take what I offer so that you can feed this hungry visitor.”

“Dear son, I’m very proud of your dignity and your command over the senses. Bhagwan bless you.” The father said, “I shall take your portion! ” He then took the son’s flour and handed it to the visitor to consume. The visitor consumed the last third of the flour, but he was still ravenous. The brahmana, who subsisted on fragments of grain, was perplexed. His daughter-in-law spoke to him when he was in trouble and unsure of what to do, saying, “Lord, I shall offer my portion also and happily complete our efforts to feed this visitor.” I humbly ask you to accept it and bless me, your child, since my recompense will be eternal good. The father-in-law was incredibly depressed. “O girl of purity character, starving to death, you offer to share your portion of the meal with me as well so that I might gain favour by serving this visitor. I will undoubtedly commit cruelty if I accept your offer. How could I possible watch as you shrivel from hunger?”

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The girl refused to take advice. “Father, you are my master, my preceptor’s preceptor, and the god of my god. Please accept my flour, I beg you. Is not my entire body committed to serving my Lord? You ought to assist me in achieving the excellent. I beg of you, take this flour.” When his daughter-in-law pleaded with him in this way, the brahmana gave her a portion of the flour and wished her luck, saying, “Loyal girl, may every good be yours!” The visitor eagerly accepted this final serving, ate everything, and declared himself pleased. “Blessed is your hospitality, extended with the highest good will and ability.”

“Your generosity has made me leased. The gods are honouring your amazing sacrifice by showering you with flowers.”

“In order to transport you and your family to the joyful realms above, the gods and the Gandharvas have descended in their shining chariots with their attendants. You and your ancestors have both received swarga as a result of your donation. Men’s understanding is destroyed by hunger. They veer off the morally upright road as a result of it. It causes people to have bad things. When hungry, the pious begin to waver in their commitment. But despite being in need, you fearlessly let go of your attachment to your wife and children and put dharma first. The grand sacrifice you have made via this one act of hospitality will dwarf Rajasuya sacrifices and horse sacrifices that were finished in glory. Your chariot is standing by.”

After saying, “Enter and go to swarga, you and your family,” the enigmatic visitor vanished.

The weasel proceeded after telling the incident of the Kurukshetra brahmana, who subsisted by gathering stray ears of grain from the field: “I was nearby and noticed the scent coming from the brahmana’s flour. My head turned completely golden as a result. I then proceeded to leap for delight on the flour that had been left on the ground. I turned into dazzling gold on one side. I turned around, but there was no more flour and that portion of me remained the same.”

“I have been trying every area where men conduct enormous yajnas and penances because I want to have a body made entirely of gold. I came here after learning that Yudhishthira, who is well-known across the globe, was conducting a yajna because I thought that this sacrifice could be up to par. But I discovered it didn’t. I thus stated that your impressive aswamedha was not as impressive as the flour loft that the brahmana created for his visitor.” After saying this, the weasel vanished.

The weasel shared his experience however Ashwamedha Yagna is bloodless annexation of territory and life saving Yagna to resolve expansion of kingdom peacefully. This is done to eradicate all enemies and accept allies as part of the enlarged prosperous kingdom without waging war.

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