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Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was born in Purandar fort on 14th May 1657. Saibai was mother of Sambhaji. Grandmother Jijamata took care of Sambhaji because of death of Saibai when he was just 2 years old. Sambhaji Maharaj in Marathi is also known as Chhava, which means Cub of a Lion. He was a scholar of Sanskrit and seven other languages.

Sambhaji Maharaj: History, Biography and Death of a Brave Hindu King

Sambhaji Maharaj Left Fort

Blessings of Jijamata and Shivaji Maharaj on Sambhaji
Since childhood days, like Shivaji he was ardent devotee of Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati. Maa Bhavani was Devi for the entire clan. Jai Bhawani was common greeting calls among Hindu Marathas. Maa Bhavani blessed Sambhuji Raje with will power, immense strength, bravery and undying love for Hindutva. He always fought for Hinduism and Hindu Rashtra to the point of his death.

With the help of some supportive courtiers, Soyarabai, step mother of Sambhaji ruined relationship of Sambhaji and his father Shivaji. Sambhaji left Shivaji’s kingdom. After some days news spread about sudden death of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj but Sambhaji was not informed.

Soyarabai wanted her son Rajaram to become Maharaj after Shivaji, so return of Sambhaji was not helpful for her selfish cause. Rumours ran thick and fast among Marathas that wife Soyarabai had poisoned Shivaji.

Sambhaji Maharaj Death History

Sambhaji Maharaj’s Achievements and Contribution to Bharat

The remarkable things that Sambhaji Maharaj achieved in his short life had far-reaching effects on the whole of India. Every Hindu should be grateful to him for that. He valiantly faced the 8 lakh strong terrorist army of Aurangzeb and defeated several Mughal chieftains in the battlefield forcing them to retreat. Because of this, Aurangzeb remained engaged in battles in Maharashtra, thus keeping the rest of India free from Aurangzeb’s tyranny for a long time. This can be considered as the greatest achievement of Sambhaji Maharaj. If Sambhaji Maharaj would have arrived at a settlement with Aurangzeb and accepted his proposal of being a tributary prince, then within the next 2 or 3 years Aurangzeb would have captured North India again. However, because of Sambhaji Maharaj and other Maratha ruler’s (later on Rajaram and Mahraani Tarabai) struggle, Aurangzeb was stuck in battles in South India for 27 years. This helped in the establishment of new Hindu kingdoms in the provinces of Bundelkhand, Punjab and Rajasthan in North India; thus providing safety to the Hindu society there. Similarly, staying strong against muslim terrorists of Aurangzeb, giving defiance like true warriors, Hindu Marathas under Sambhuji Raje and his North allies stopped Aurangzeb from foraying deep into Southern Part of Bharat. The contribution of Sambhuji Raje is immense and had long term impact in saving millions of Hindu lives. Islamization of Southern Bharat was stopped by Sambhuji Raje till he was alive. Hindus of North and some parts of Maharashtra faced wrath of satan Allah and devil worshipper muslims. Saving Hinduism in Southern Bharat helped in future revival and resurrection of some of the important texts and scripts of Hinduism, along with protection to science based Vedic temples.

Sambhuji Bhosale sambhaji maharaj history

Even lesser known Hindu priests from Southern part are more knowledgeable and void of semi-islamized rituals in Vedic process, this is due to the contribution of Hindu Maratha, Hindu Rajput and Northern Kings who kept fighting the terrorist muslims saving rest of India from getting islamized. Proponent of Christian terrorism, Britishers knew this truth so they devised FAKE ARYAN INVASION theory to create divide between NORTH-SOUTH and demolish Hinduism from India. Sacrifice of Sambhuji Raje is matchless, No Hindu king of that time from any part of India could ever match this contribution and Hindutva love of Sambhaji Raje who selflessly died for the Bhagwa Dwaj and Hindu existence.

sambhaji maharaj fighting bravely with terrorist mughals
Sambhuji Raje mastered the art of Guerrilla Warfare. This war pattern was developed and re-invented by Shivaji and Jijabai after they went through war verses of Chanakya Neeti. Sambhuji Raje regarded father as reincarnation of a Bhagwan who served for Hindu Rashtra, re-establish Dharma among mleccha muslims like Bhagwan Krishna did annihilating evil Kauravas. Guerilla warfare has today become major asset for the armies around the world. Shivaji was father of winning wars with 1/10 to 1/20th size of his army in accordance to the enemy soldiers.

Dharamveer Sambhaji Maharaj (धर्मवीर): Mass Reverts and Ghar Wapasi of Former Hindus

Shivaji Maharaj reverted Netaji Palkar to Hinduism who was forcibly converted into death cult islam. Shivaji was a devout Hindu and strongly believed in protecting Hinduism. Sambhaji took the legacy and went a step ahead to further realize dreams of Shivaji Maharaj. Here it is very important to note that Sambhaji Maharaj had established a separate department in his province for the ‘re-conversion ceremony’ of the Hindus who had earlier converted into other religions due to allurement, force and deceit. There is a famous incident of a Brahmin named ‘Kulkarni’ of Harsul village in the history of Sambhaji Maharaj. Kulkarni had been forcibly converted to Islam by the Mughals. He tried to re-convert into Hinduism, but local Brahmins in his village did not pay heed to his pleas, as they thought he became impure by accepting anti-Vedic islam. In the end, Kulkarni met Sambhaji Maharaj and told him about his misery. Sambhaji Maharaj immediately arranged for his re-conversion ceremony and reverted him as a Hindu. This noble initiative of Sambhaji Maharaj encouraged  many converted Hindus to come back into Hinduism. Many other former Hindus came forward and reverted to their ancestral Dharma, Hinduism.

Sambhaji Maharaj Started Reverts of Former Hindus into Hinduism - Ghar Wapasi
Sambhuji Raje gave more importance to common Hindu citizens, he knew they are backbone of Hindu society and patriots of Bharat. He was prominent in reverting Ex-Hindus (forceful muslim converts) to Hinduism.

Sambhaji Raje: A Brave Devotee of Bhagwan Shiv, Sanatan Dharma Protector

Some historians differ they suggest that Shambhuji was original name and not Sambhaji. Sambha is deliberate mughal distortion as Shambhu is also name of Bhagwan Shiv. In most of the historical notes and references, son of Shivaji is addressed as Sambhaji.

Brave Sambhaji Meeting Intelligent Kavi Kalash

Sambhaji when left home was placed in anonymity in Mathura among distant family of one of the Shivaji’s minister, Raghunath Korde. He stayed there for half year/one year as one abandoned brahmin child. They even performed his Upanayana in Mathura and taught him Sanskrit. This is how he met Kavi Kalash, a Kannauj brahmin by birth. Few people know that Shambhuji has composed a treatise in honor of his father in Sanskrit called “Budhacharitra”. One of the fantastic literary works in medieval Sanskrit, extremely “Shringarika” and poetic.

Kavi Kalash had mastered the art of positive tantras, yogic process and accomplishing Siddhs of Vedic mantras. He had visions of Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati. He was truly blessed and equally courageous matching likes of Sambhuji Raje. While staying fiery and furious were traits of Sambhuji Raje, Kavi Kalash was humble and intelligent who would regularly advice Sambhaji to keep cool and take pause before taking any action. Friendship of Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash complemented both of them. Their bonding guided army of Sambhuji Raje to several undefeated battles and raids against terrorist muslims.

Sambhuji Raje Kavi Kalash His Mavale Hindus Killed Thousands of Terrorist Muslims
Hindu fighters are BRAVEST OF ALL communities in this world. In last 800 years of ISLAMIC INVASION HISTORY, Hindus were fractional to the large army of Mughal Terrorist Invaders. Under able leadership of Sambhuji Raje, Only 20,000 Hindu Marathas fought courageously against 800,000 huge army of Mughals for long 8 years. Naga Sadhus of Bharat inspired many Hindu kings and soldiers, Naga Sadhu bravery also formed basis of formation of warrior cults of Akhada fighters and Vedic Sikhs.

Sambhaji’s Brave Encounters with Muslim Invaders

In 1682, Shambhaji offered refuge to Akbar, the lost son of Aurangzeb. He was escorted by the Rajput’s to a safety zone in Maharashtra. Close behind, Aurangzeb entered the Maratha Kingdom in the same year. Few would have guessed that he would never return to the North spending the last 27 years of his life in a futile and eventually failed war against the fiery Hindus.

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Sambhaji Raje Faced Same HINDU ENGAGEMENT Dilemma Like Most Hindu Kings Did

The worst part about knowing history of Sambhuji Raje is that apart from his allies and several Hindu Maratha soldiers, other Hindus from Maharashtra including common Marathas from non-soldier community never took part directly in the war, they would help sometimes in terms of labour and provide resources but did not engage their own sons to fight for the cause of Hindu Rashtra. Shivaji also faced similar dilemma, that was the reason, to compensate for the loss in numbers, each of the Hindu Maratha soldiers were taught to fight with 20 to 50 terrorist muslims on their own. They always fought in smaller groups surrounding enemy muslims, shocking them with attacks. Another agonizing truth that pained brave kings, mughal army also had some Hindus fighting against our very own Hindu brothers in greed for money and personal wealth.

Sambhaji Raje Death Sambhaji Maharaj death
Ram Singh had once helped Shivaji Maharaj escape from Agra.

Hindu kings were always noble and kind hearted they never forced normal citizens to be part of war, they never ordered to develop a system that makes it mandatory to engage common farmers, workers, sellers and peasants part of warring soldiers, even during time of dreadful wars. Freedom and Swarajya were truly practiced by our ancestral kings unlike terrorist muslims. Sambhuji Raje also followed this Vedic culture and like his father Shivaji, always fought losing battles, turning them to successful wins with his bravery and leadership, not to belittle his courageous soldiers who equally matched his passion for Hindu pride.

Similar problems were faced by Prithviraj Chauhan and other Hindu Rajput kings from Hindu citizens of their kingdom. It fills heart with pain and agony, how come fellow Hindus commit such BLUNDERS and HYPOCRISY of not directly involving when their life and existence depended on the sustenance of Hinduism, Hindutva tradition and Vedic rituals. Decrease in Hindu population meant full islamization of the place with death to humanity till the muslims of the place died.

Each of the Hindu kings, their soldiers who fought for us were LIONS of their time. We all have to become like them or see our Bharat islamized. Time is with us, ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE, either we survive as a dhimmi slave or die fighting like a Lion, we all are souls after all, we would come back again to serve mother land.

Enemy soldiers under terrorist Aurangzeb always outnumbered Sambhuji Raje’s army by 1:10 or 1:20 depending on the circumstance and support from neighbouring places. The war was enormous and raging, from 1683 onwards, in the complex hills of western India, with neither side getting advantage over the other. The steady courage of Shambaji was only matched by his impetuous and rash nature. Only his minister Kavi Kalash was able to exercise any control over the headstrong king. An equal fury of the rage of Shambhaji was directed towards any perceived rivals or dissenters in his kingdom, he dealt with them to extreme severity for which he was justly famous.

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Sambhuji Raje when started his administration was very quick to trust confidantes, gradually learning hard lessons from his experiences, he never pardoned traitors, even closest defecting well-wishers.

Blood flowed over the mountains and the land was ruined but the people fought on. Aurangzeb and his commanders lost many battles against brave Hindu king Sambhuji Raje. In the last series of assaults, they combined and attacked with the full force, invading down in the barren hills, then the prime generals and troops of the Mughals all entered into the fray. For seven years more, war continued with its monotonous tale of attack and counter-attack – of determined sieges and equally determined counter-sieges. Of forts falling to the Mughals only to be reclaimed months later and for the cycles of destruction to continue.

Hindu Marathas fight Mughal Terrorism Aurangzeb under Sambhuji Raje
Common Hindus did not support Hindu Maratha, Hindu Rajput and North Kings still they lead handful of trusted Hindu soldiers and fought for protection of Vedic culture, Hindu identity (Hindutva) and Hindu Temples.

Sambhaji Raje’s Death and His Breathtaking Staunchness for Hinduism

Sambhuji was Betrayed By His Own Relative, The Hindu Treachery Got him captured

Several Hindu Marathas left Sambhuji Raje, he continued fight with his trusted handful of soldiers. The 1687 Battle of Wai saw the Maratha forces badly weakened by the Mughals, several commanders attacked fractional Hindu army of Sambhaji. Before killing dozens of muslims, the key Maratha commander Hambirao Mohite sacrificed his life for Hindu Swarajya, His death caused confusion in the troops, several defectors spread rumours that Hindu offense would not succeed, they began to desert the Maratha armies. Sambhaji’s positions were spied upon by his own relatives, the Shirke family, who had defected to the Mughals for a temporary gain and protection. Ganoji Shirke led the contingent of the mughal army giving inside information to muslim soldiers about entry and exit routes.

Traitor Ganoji Shirke help Aurangzeb to capture Sambhuji Raje Kavi Kalash
Traitor Ganoji Shirke, one of Sambhaji’s brothers-in-law, helped Aurangzeb’s commander Muqarrab Khan to locate, reach and attack Sangameshwar while Sambhaji was still there.
Muslim army did not know about the secret passage and paths to penetrate difficult  terrains to reach Sangameshwar. Ganoji Shirke divulge the secrets and himself led Sheikh Nizam Hyderbadi (or Muqarrab Khan, a title given by Aurangzeb) through dense and inaccessible Sahyadri jungles through lesser known Ambay ghat to ambush and arrest Sambhaji.
Sambhaji Raje and Kavi Kalash could have easily escaped, but they trusted Shirke brothers  and never comprehend that one of them would betray their trust. With no advance warning from spies, Sambhuji Raje with his 38 accomplices were attacked by 25,000 strong army of mughals under Ganoji Shirke. A Hindu had again backstabbed Sanatan Dharma and Hindutva existence.

A Traitor Hindu is Biggest Enemy of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Hindus Fought Bravely Killing Terrorist Muslims Since Last 1400 Years But Traitor Hindus Always Betrayed. Hindus Losing 84 Countries in Last 3000 Years Has ONE COMMON FACTOR – Insider’s Treachery.

Muqarrab Khan was assisting traitor Ganoji Shirke, his Mughal force reached the place, suddenly attacked and after a bitter fight succeeded in capturing Shambhaji and Kavi Kalash. It was always an unbalanced fight between only 38 Sambhuji confidantes against 25,000 strong Muqarrab soldiers. Thirteen Hindu Marathas fought bravely killing hundreds of muslim invaders, injured Sambhaji and 25 of his wounded advisors were eventually captured by the Mughal forces of Muqarrab Khan in a skirmish at Sangameshwar in February 1689. They would be later send to prisons and tortured to convert to anti-Vedic islam.

Hindu Maratha King Sambhaji in Prison
Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash were jailed for not converting to demonic mafia cult islam.

As per Masir I Alambiri, the official history of terrorist Aurangzeb’s reign and Maratha sources: Later the prisoners were put in chains and placed on howdahs of elephants and taken to Aurangzeb’s camp which was at Akluj. The news reached the mughal Padishaw in advance and he called for grand celebrations. The mughals arranged for celebrations all along the path of the triumphant generals.

Muqarrab Khan aka Sheikh Nizam Hyderbadi’s portrait was painted by mughal artist for posterity. Mughal women peered through their burqas to look at the fallen hero of the Hindu Marathas, while mughals spat on him and jeered at in wild revelry. These were common muslims from different city, to whom Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash never touched or raided as they were engaged in years of war with mughal army. But still they deeply hated Hindu Maratha king for his love towards Hindutva and Hindu pride. The Rajput soldiers in the mughal ranks showed great pity for Sambhaji. He openly asked them to kill him right away and relieve him of the humiliation, but fearing closeby mleccha invaders they were quiet. After 5 days of marching the prisoners were presented before Aurangzeb at a grand darbar. He announced that the Marathas were over and done and then (terrorist) Jihadi Aurangzeb stepped down from his throne to bow down to (anti-god) asura allah. Kalash’s hands were firmly cuffed and his head was restrained with a cangue, but he somehow managed to catch Sambhuji’s eye and composed a Hindi couplet: “Oh Lord of the Marathas, the Alamgir on seeing thy majesty has himself stepped down from his throne and bowed his head in reverence to you.”

Muslims are cowards. In almost all Hindu-Muslim war, most of the Mughal army comprised of 70% to 90% dhimmi Hindus. These greedy dhimmi Hindus were in the front line of the conflict, muslim army were secured behind them. History reveal ugly truth, it is always battle between Hindus and Dhimmi Hindus who supported terrorist Mughals and looter Britishers. Even Today, Dhimmi Secular Hindus oppose Hindus for taitor muslims.

Kalash boldly mocked Aurangzeb and said that the so called conqueror of worlds (aurangzeb) is kneeling down in front of Sambhaji.

Punishments for Sambhaji Raje and Kavi Kalash Announced By Gangster Cult Islam’s Terrorism Perpetrator Muslim Cleric

Islam quran orders to kill Hindus, Sikhs, Christians - Muslim cleric ordered to kill Sambhuji Raje, Kavi Kalash
Leftist historians hide crimes of muslim clerics, maulanas who imparted demonic laws of satanic quran to Mughal invaders for punishing Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Jews. Liberals wrongly popularized criminal maulanas as Sufi Saints to dilute the anti-Human offenses of islamic terrorism. The muslim clerics reading quran were actually main culprits of turning muslim invaders into satanic beasts, killers and rapists. These maulanas, muslim clerics referred terror manual quran to poison minds of muslims and mughals to wage genocide and islamize Bharat. Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash were ordered to be painfully killed by the maulanas of Aurangzeb. Without QURAN and MAULANAS islam is devoid of fangs and poison.

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Furious Aurangzeb ordered the captives to be thrown into his dungeons. He gave Sheikh Nizam (Muqarrab Khan) the title Fateh Jang Khan-i-Jaman, a purse of Rs.50,000, a horse, an elephant and command over cavalry of 6000 men. Likewise gifts and commands were bestowed on his son Iqlas and nephews. The mughal chiefs suggested that they spare Sambhaji’s life in return for him handing over his entire kingdom with the keys all the forts to Aurangzeb. Sambhaji was defiant, he scornfully refused the terms. Then, terrorist mughals went back to their original agenda for which they invaded Bharat, the pathetic teachings of evil Quran, to loot non-muslims and convert entire world into islam or kill idol worshipers, if they do not agree to accept islam. Sambhaji was sweetly told that if he converted to Islam and spent his life as a servant of the emperor he could see life. He would also get lavish facilities, money and women. Sambhaji boldly made it clear that the Alamgir was the worst enemy of the Bharat and Hindus. Also the Padishaw was a real fool to follow an Arab madman, Mohammed, as his only prophet who was in fact illiterate, looter and womanizer. Aurangzeb decided to execute him on hearing this jaw breaking response from valiant Hindu King which he least expected. Sambhaji was very enraged as he had seen several innocent Hindu men killed by the mlecchas (muslims) and Hindu women forced into harem by Jihadi muslims to fulfill inhumane thoughts given in evil koran to accomplish the nefarious wishes of demon allah, revered and popularized by remnants of Kuru dynasty who migrated to middle east.

Sambhaji Raje and Kavi Kalash are Epitome of Bravery, They Chanted HAR HAR MAHADEV and OM NAMAH SHIVAY to the Point of Their Death

Sambhaji Raje and Kavi Kalash: Hindu Warriors Died for Hindu Pride and Vision of Hindu Rashtra

Sambhuji Raje Kavi Kalash Sacrificed their life chanting HAR HAR MAHADEV for Hindus Hindu Rashtra
हर हर महादेव : There is no Parallel in the WORLD HISTORY to the Bravery of Hindu warriors of Bharat who died for the Vedic Hindu Dharma. They made us their debtors, their sacrifice is the reason for us being Proud Hindus. Otherwise, mughal terrorists would have been able to rape, kill and maim several submissive Hindus in Western and Southern Bharat, to convert to islam whose breeds are coward muslims of today.
Fighting for Dharma is the GREATEST SERVICE TO HUMANITY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS, higher than dying for a nation. Be a Sanatan Dharma Yoddha, if Hindus are SECURED, Bharat and her Culture is SECURED. Give IMPORTANCE TO DHARMA OVER COUNTRY. COUNTRY WOULD BE SAVED ULTIMATELY. || ॐ नमः शिवाय ||

Sambhaji and Kalash were brought out of their cages and given caps with bells sewn into them. To their hands were tied rattles and they were tied to camels and dragged along the markets of Tulapur, with the mughals spitting on them. They were pushed and drawn forcibly and as they were moved the rattling sound was heard. Muslims watching from bylanes laughed revealing their true nature of brutality and cruelty (when a bunch of people converts to islam, they are either muslims or humans. They are always enemy of humanity and non-muslims due to hatred and mental conditioning verses of Kauravas satanic quran). They clearly showed they were no more humans but beasts enjoying sadistic bloody pleasures due to their submission to asura allah. His minister Kalash continued resisting and praised in Sanskrit Shloka the opulence and existence of Bhagwan, when one of the mlecchas pulled his hair to accept islam. He bluntly rejected and said Hinduism is above all, dharma of truth and peace. The captured Hindu Marathas were forced to witness the fate of their king.

Even at this point terrorist Aurangzeb slyly lured that he would spare Sambhaji’s life if he converted to Islam. But Sambhaji mocked remembering how muslims insulted Hindu women that he might consider that if he gave his daughter in marriage to him. He then added that the he was not a fool like the Muslims to be guiled by a mentally ill person Mohammed posing as a prophet. He then praised the Hindu gods and said he was willing to sacrifice his life as an offering to the great (Bhagwan) Mahadev, after knowing whom delusional religions (adharms) held no attraction. No one till then had ever told facts about asura allah, lunatic mohammed and demonic islam so fiercely as Sambhuji did in front of mleccha aurangzeb.

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Terrorist Aurangzeb Brutally Tortured Sambhaji Maharaj & Kavi Kalash for more than 40 days
Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash were insulted and tortured in Jail to teach Hindus lesson. But this angered Hindu Marathas and they started avenging terrorist muslim invaders. However, they did not avenge those common muslim citizens who mocked, spat and made fun of all the ordeals experienced by Hindu Maratha his Hindu Brahmin friend.
Muslim in any shape or form does not deserve mercy, recent affairs of Israel, Myanmar, China and Sri Lanka taught this truth. Hindus must learn after facing 1000 years of islamic terrorism and punish terrorist sympathizers, only generations changed, quran and his evil followers remain same.

Sambhuji Raje then called up Bhagwan Shiv, yelling “Har Har Mahadev” very loudly, repeating the chant looking into the eyes of terrorist Aurangzeb

In a fit of rage Aurangzeb ordered to rub salt on his bruises and Sambhaji was then dragged below his throne. But Sambhaji kept praising Bhagwan Shiv. Then his tongue was cut off and placed at the Alamgir’s feet who ordered it to be given to a dog. They cut off his tongue but these mlecchas failed to understand one thing how can they wipe out the feelings for MahaKaal from the mind and heart of Sambhaji. Sambhuji was smiling and still praising Bhagwan Shiv, glaring through his eyes towards mughals. Then his eyes were gouged out and next his limbs were cut off one by one. But it was done slowly torturing Sambhaji each day. The memory of his inspirational father must have been close to Shambaji in the last days – given just sufficient time to rest between the tortures and removal of limbs after nearly two weeks of horrendous and unthinkable pain the broken and limbless king was executed – His head was cut off and placed in public display around the cities and towns of Maharashtra as a warning. While his body was cut into pieces and fed to the dogs of Tulapur. But it did not have the desired effect of invoking fear among Hindus instead it enraged Hindus. The brave Hindu Maratha kept remembering Bhagwan Shiv till the last moment and his praises began the weakening of mleccha (muslims) invasions.

Sambhuji Maharaj Kavi Kalash Eyes were Gouged
Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash committed to FAST UNTO DEATH for Bhagwan Shiv. They did not eat anything in the captive of Terrorist Aurangzeb, they knew muslim terrorist slaves of the invader would spit in food or mix beef meat and serve them. They knew EVIL TEACHINGS OF QURAN and Muslim cleric’s anti-human suggestions are blindly followed by GiltBorn Aurangzeb for gangster cult islam and it’s devil allah. Hatred of islam towards non-muslims were known to them.

The brave defiance of Sambhaji under such torturous and painful ordeal spread like wildfire among Hindu Marathas. Till the last moment of his death he fought for the Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Even after experiencing such unthinkable excruciating and humiliating inflictions, Sambhaji rejected offer of joining anti-human cult islam. He not only was defiant but also pragmatically mocked the evilness of the anti-dharm, islam. The Hindu Marathas got immense inspiration, they thought if a single person along with his minister could show such retaliation for the cause of Hinduism then why not all of us, fight the cause together. Rajaram and all other Maratha ministers joined hands and starting fighting series of war against terrorism of Aurangzeb. The news of unity and fierce resistance of Hindu Marathas in western and Southern Bharat, spread in the North states of Bharat, people from North started retaliation against mughals. The escalation that led to a series of wars with the Sikhs, the Marathas, the Jats and the Rajputs had drained the resources of the Mughal Empire. At last Aurangzeb was never at peace, he kept fighting war and died in huge despair and sorrow in 1707.

There is an old saying in Africa: Never trust a person who hates your culture and tradition. The brutal torture for believing in Hinduism experienced by Brave Hindu kings into the hands of terrorist Aurangzeb (inlcuding other terrorist muslim invaders) due to Jihadi teachings of quran, submission to demon allah and mafia cult islam proved this African concept true. There is no difference between ISIS and mughal invaders of India when it came to abusing, killing Hindu men and raping Hindu women. Never trust islamist muslims especially those who swear by Quran and never oppose its evil teachings of harming Hindus (Kafirs/non-muslims).

That is why kicking out illegal bangladeshis and rohingyas is need of the hour. First these roaches take shelter then they multiply like virus as they reach 25% of the population, they start spreading quranic jihad (terrorism of killing and mass-conversion to islam) following teachings of evil islam.

To say that India was under islamic & christian terrorism for 1000 years of invader rules (Mughal Terrorism and British Terrorism) is not exaggeration but 100% truth. Hindus were fooled by Jihadi leftist historians of India by hiding tortures of invaders – British and Mughals.

Islamic Terrorism of Aurangzeb Slowly Dismembered Sambhuji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash Body Parts
Terrorism perpetuating Maulanas and Sufi Muslim clerics declared painful death punishment for Sambhuji Raje and Kavi Kalash in the name of Rakshas Allah.
Aurangzeb ordered Sambhaji and Kavi Kalash to be tortured to death; the process took over a fortnight and included plucking out their eyes and tongue, pulling out their nails and removing their skin from different parts of the body. Sambhaji was finally killed on 11 March 1689, reportedly by tearing him apart from the front and back with Wagh Nakhe (metal “tiger claws”) and beheading with an axe at Tulapur on the banks of the Bhima river near Pune.

Hindus Must Respect True Hindu Yoddhas Not Fake History

Sambhaji Lived and Died For Dharma, Remember Him and Follow His Path of Destroying Mlecchas

Sambhaji died Hindu fighter - Death of Sambhaji and His Bravery
Yoddha Sambhaji Raje Gave Everything for the Dharma but Was Forgotten by Hindus. Non-existent Sikh Bravery Was Promoted by British. Macauliffe Took Inspiration From Sambhaji’s Sacrifice to Create Fake Sikh History. Sikh Gurus Never Saved Hindus. Never Won Any War. There is Not a Single Contemporary Proof of Sikh Sacrifice. Mughal Historians Mentioned About Sambhaji’s Sacrifice Many Times. But Never About Sikh Bravery or Sacrifice. Sikhs Were Boot Lickers of Mughals as Per Contemporary History, They Even Supported British in 1857 Freedom Struggle Backstabbing Hindus. They Also Orchestrated Mutiny in Army. Always Stay Alert. Never Forget Hidden Enemies.

Sambhuji Raje Reader FAQs

When Dharamveer Sambhaji (Sambhuji Raje) took birth?

Sambhaji Bhonsle was the second ruler of the Hindu Maratha Empire.

He was the eldest son of Maharaj Shivaji and Maharani Saibai. Sambhuji Raje took birth on 14 May 1657, Purandar fort, Gherapurandhar.

Visionary of Hindu Maratha kingdom Jijabai was grand mother of Sambhuji Raje.

Was Sambhaji Raje Married. Who was his wife?

Sambhaji was married to Jivubai in a marriage of political alliance following Hindu Maratha custom she took the name Yesubai under Bhagwa (Saffron) Dwaj and Vedic ceremony.

Jivubai was the daughter of Pilajirao Shirke, who had entered Shivaji’s service following the defeat of a powerful deshmukh Rao Rana Suryajirao Surve who was his previous patron. This marriage thus gave Shivaji access to the Konkan coastal belt.

Being devotee of Maa Bhawani and Bhagwan Shankar, Yesubai was blessed with a daughter whom she named Bhavani Bai and then a son Shahu.

How Sambhuji Raje was denied Hindu Maratha Empire throne?

When Shivaji died in the first week of April 1680, Sambhaji was still held captive at Panhala fort.

Some of the influential sardars including ministers Annaji Datto and Peshawa Moropant Pingale conspired against Sambhaji, supported by Soyarabai, to prevent Sambhaji from succeeding the throne. They wanted Rajaram to become king of Hindu Maratha Empire.

How Sambhaji took revenge of Islamic Terrorism in Burhanpur?

The fort of Burhanpur was first in the charge of terrorist Bahadur khan who later gave it to Kakar Khan.

Unfaithful Muslim neighbours supported Kakar Khan whole-heartedly in converting local Hindus to islam forcefully. Kakar was also at the duty of collecting Jizya tax from the citizens.

In order to accomplish the task of islamization and loot of the place, Terrorist Kakar Khan destroyed more than 100 temples surrounding Burhanpur and conducting torture, plunder, killing, cutting of women’s ears and men’s eyes for the wealth. The Jizya was collected and stored at the Burhanpur fort.

Witnessing thousands of deaths and rapes of Hindu men and women, Sambhaji took pledge to destroy Burhanpur and revenge death of fellow Hindu brothers and sisters.

Sambhaji ferociously entered and plundered to ruin Burhanpur in 1680. Giving taste of their own medicine of merciless attacks to muslims, his forces completely routed the Mughal garrison and punitively executed captives. The Marathas then looted the city and set its ports ablaze. Sambhaji then withdrew into Baglana, evading the forces of Mughal commander Khan Jahan Bahadur.

The revenge was inflicted to teach rioting muslims a LESSON – YOU WOULD GET IT FULLY BACK WHATEVER YOU INFLICT ON HINDUS. During the attack on Burhanpur, among his 20,000 troops, many of them perpetrated atrocities against Muslims including plunder, killing, and torture. The sudden attack shocked terrorist muslims and they pleaded muslim commanders to not kill or torture Hindus as they have got a leader who is very brave and ferocious to revenge death of Hindus.


Was Mohammed Akbar saved By Sambhuji Raje?

Like Prithviraj Chauhan, though Sambhuji Raje was brave, he also easily trusted his fellow ministers and allowed refugees. Hindus should understand that enemy of Hinduism, traitor of Hindutva and idolation hater is not refugee or peace maker. Whenever enemy muslims bow his head and seek mercy he would often grant them asylum – the reciprocation of similar gratitude was never bestowed by any muslim invader on Hindus. This one-sided secularism always decimated Hindu kingdom and Hinduism. For them, Hindus were always inferior Kafirs and deserve death for satan allah.

Mleccha Akbar became rebel he fought against Aurangzeb. The rebels were defeated and Akbar fled, as no muslim invader dared to help him so he went to South to seek refuge with Sambhaji. Sambhaji’s ministers including Annaji Datto, and Moropant Pingale took this opportunity and conspired again to enthrone Rajaram again. They signed a treasonable letter against Sambhaji in which they promised to join Akbar, to whom the letter was sent. Akbar gave this letter to Sambhaji revealing treason of ministers to win his trust.

Enraged Sambhaji executed conspirators on charges of treason but later granted mercy to Akbar.

For fully five years, Akbar stayed with Sambhaji, hoping that the latter would lend him men and money to strike and seize the Mughal throne for himself. Sambhuji saved Akbar’s life hiding him from terrorist muslim army of Aurangzeb. Eventually, Sambhaji helped Akbar flee to Persia.

Akbar should have been killed by Sambhuji Raje, saving his life was one of the blunders of brave Hindu king. Several such muslim refugees were saved by Hindu kings whenever they performed Al taqiyya seeking asylum. Terrorist muslims do not deserve mercy, history and context affairs reveal the truth million times.

How Sambhuji Raje failed to capture Janjira?

Sambhaji planned a ruse, sending a party of trusted people to the Siddis, claiming to be defectors. They were allowed into the fort and planned to detonate the gunpowder magazine when other section of Hindu Maratha army would attack. However, one of the female defectors became sexually involved with a Siddi man and he uncovered the plot, and the infiltrators were executed.

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The Hindu Maratha then attempted to build a stone causeway from the shore to the island, but were interrupted halfway through when the Mughal army moved to menace Raigad. Sambhaji returned to counter them and his remaining troops were unable to overcome the Janjira garrison and the Siddi fleet protecting it.

The traitor within failed the mission which was almost executed to perfection.

Killing of Sambhuji Raje revealed Why Muslim clerics and Maulanas should never be trusted?

Terrorist Aurangzeb relied on maulanas of his court for day to day attacks, these muslims clerics in turn relied on terror manual quran to torture and kill Hindus (Kafirs). One sided Sharia law was blindly followed to punish Hindus without any freedom to put their point of views.

The Ulema of the Mughal Empire sentenced Sambhaji and Kavi Kalash to gruesome death for the atrocities his troops perpetrated against Muslims in Burhanpur forgetting that it was done in retaliation to neighbourhood muslims riots and killing of Hindus by terrorist army of Karak Khan.

Malauna cleraly instructed make the death gory, gruesome and torturous so that Hindus get lesson of retaliation. But death of Sambhuji Raje gave rise to series of revolts in Southern India, it became an inspirational tool and gave birth to Hindu lions.

Mughal terrorism was most gruesome and deadly in recent history of mankind. ISIS, Al Qaeda took inspiration from terrorist mughals, they had mughal history books in their bases to encourage beheading and killing of non-muslims; deceptively captured Christians and Jews.

Sambhuji Raje and His love for Hinduism. What Dennis Kincaid said about Sambhuji Raje?

Dennis Kincaid writes, “He (Sambhaji) was ordered by the Emperor to embrace Islam. He refused and was made to run the gauntlet of the whole Imperial army. Tattered and bleeding he was brought before the Emperor and repeated his refusal. His tongue was torn and again the question was put. He called for writing material and wrote ‘Not even if the emperor bribed me with his daughter!’ So then he was put to death by torture.”

What Books Sambhuji Raje wrote to inspire Hindu youth?

The most notable texts is Budhbhushanam which is in Sanskrit and three other known books are Nayikabhed, Saatsatak and Nakhshikha in Hindi language.

In Budhbhushanam, Sambhaji wrote poetry on politics. In the book Sambhaji writes about dos and don’ts for a king and discusses military tactics. The first few slokas are praises for Shahaji (his grandfather) and his father Shivaji.

In Budhbhushan, Sambhaji considers Shivaji to be the incarnation that saved the earth (Matrabhumi) and restored righteousness. This shows how deeply he respected his father but his close relatives created differences between father and son. That is why understanding dirty tricks of people is very important by reading our historical texts.

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The ancient painting below depicting the gruesome murder of Brave Hindu King Sambhaji Raje and his body pieces fed to dogs.

Sambhaji Killed by Terrorist Aurangzeb
The painting give sneak insight to the islamic terrorism faced by common Hindus of that time. This is what happens when Islamic rule encapsulates entire state. Each follower of Kuran (Slaves of Kuru Dynasty) is a potential terrorist, each Namazi is terrorism funder with his Zakat and each muslim woman is bearer of future terrorist breed. Gruesome killings of sadhus, temple priests and captured Hindu soldiers were so gory that Guru Nanak Sahib himself cried while discussing about them in one of his writings. He painfully exclaimed…”O God do you exist….”… He got inner voice that without Karma no one is helped. FIGHT FOR DHARMA…WHO IS STOPPING YOU. Quran is a terrorism manual to serve Shukra since 1400 years and muslims continue to remain terrorists following Kuran.

Sambhaji got the title of Dharamveer,  the Dharma warrior, for his unending love and pride towards Hinduism.

Must followup for Hindus: Our concocted history never gave importance to real Hindu warriors and rulers who fought for humanity and dharma but glorified undignified filth like terrorist aurangzeb, cruel akbar and traitor tipu – incorrectly calling them as Great, Mighty or Shahenshah. We cannot let our unforgotten heroes sacrifice go unnoticed because they sacrificed their lives for us – it is because of them that we are Hindus today. The responsibility lies on us to spread their sacrifice and invoke sense of pride, aggression and unity among Hindus. We all pledge that we will share the post with at least five of our close Hindu friends and well-wishers.

If next time a coward and secular person tells you that Hinduism cannot be decimated it is in existence since thousands of years, give that person a tight slap then tell him this is Kaliyug so decimation of Dharma means decimation of Hinduism. And show him this image, history proves that decimation of Hindu population happened at an exponential rate of 324% YoY basis.

Be United Aggressive Hindus for United Safe Bharat

Why Sambhaji Raje was Greater than even Shivaji Maharaj?

Click on the Image to Play  |  Click on the Image to Play

sambhaji raje great than shivaji
Click on the Image to Play

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Sambhuji Raje and Lessons for Hindus

The FAQs about Hindu king Sambhaji Raje has many lessons for Hindus of today. They must feel pride for Hindutva, Hindu rituals and culture. They must know how to identify traitors among them. Show no mercy towards terrorist muslims and work for the unity of Hindus.

Note: We received several hate comments, denying sacrifices of Hindu Rajput, Southern Hindu and Northern Hindu Kings on this article. We understand most of the comments must be from muslim haters with fake ids wanting to create division among Hindu Marathas and Hindu Rajputs. We did not approve those comments. Hindu Maratha real fightback happened post 16th century while from 10th century to 15th century Northern Hindu kings and Rajput kings fought against islamic terrorism and invaders. We Hindus should feel proud for everyone’s contribution. We should appreciate our unity. Our unity fuels our aggression. We formed Sikh warrior groups donating our elder child to this warrior group. For every retaliation against Islamic or British terrorism, there are sacrifices of millions of Hindus across Bharat. Let us stay united. Abrahamic cults are working hard to break our unity. BEWARE. We all are Hindu Marathas, Hindu Rajputs and Hindu Cholas. We are one.
How Hinduism declined in 84 countries

Dharamveer Sambhuji Maharaj’s Praise in Beautiful Words

A heart felt Powada summarizes the bravery of (Sambhuji) Sambhaji Maharaj

Sambhuji Maharaj Powada

Sambhuji Maharaj Powada Greatest Dharamveer of his Time

Text format of Sambhuji Powada

देश धरम पर मिटने वाला। शेर शिवा का छावा था ।।

महापराक्रमी परम प्रतापी। एक ही शंभू राजा था ।।

तेज:पुंज तेजस्वी आँखें। निकलगयीं पर झुकी नहीं ।।

दृष्टि गयी पर राष्ट्रोन्नति का। दिव्य स्वप्न तो मिटा नहीं ।।

दोनो पैर कटे शंभू के। ध्येय मार्ग से हटा नहीं ।।

हाथ कटे तो क्या हुआ?। सत्कर्म कभी छुटा नहीं ।।

जिव्हा कटी, खून बहाया। धरम का सौदा किया नहीं ।।

शिवाजी का बेटा था वह। गलत राह पर चला नहीं ।।

वर्ष तीन सौ बीत गये अब। शंभू के बलिदान को ।।

कौन जीता, कौन हारा। पूछ लो संसार को ।।

कोटि कोटि कंठो में तेरा। आज जयजयकार है ।।

अमर शंभू तू अमर हो गया। तेरी जयजयकार है ।।

मातृभूमि के चरण कमलपर। जीवन पुष्प चढाया था ।।

है दुजा दुनिया में कोई। जैसा शंभू राजा था? ।।

– शाहीर योगेश


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  • Siddh Shah says:

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai
    Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj ki Jai
    Swarajya Janani Rajmata Jijau ki Jai

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj and their brave mavalas were fighting against the Mughals, and not ‘MUSLIMS’. Although most of the torturers were Muslims, but in your blog it seems as you are defaming Muslims. Don’t forget that Shivaji Maharaj had notable Muslims Sardars who sacrificed their lives for Swarajya. Please make necessary changes, and instead of “Muslims”, write “Mughals”

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Muslims have old habit of lying and bluffing. The phase of deception was started by Muhammad with his own deceitful treaties and fakeries which he betrayed himself to attack unarmed Kafirs.

      This website is 100% for HIndus. If you want pro-islamic views then visit sites made by mlecchas for mlecchas. This website is not for you.

      Do not expect fakeries of secularism in this website. THERE IS NO CONTRIBUTION OF ANY MUSLIM EVER FOR PROTECTION OF HINDU RAJYA. Their origin itself is due to hatred towards Hindu Dharma.
      Muhammad’s uncle was himself Shiv Bhakt until pishacha spelled muhammad and he started a new cult islam. His uncle Abu Talib never converted to his madeup fake cult ever. Even Abu Lahab.

      Shivaji Maharaj was Hindu Maratha king. He was not secular like you Muslims want to portray. First you practice secularism by destroying all those mosques which stand on our Hindu temples.
      Ask your fraud muslim clerics to issue fatwa of destroying aGyanvapi Masjid and Mathura idgah, then expect something from us.

      YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRAWL HERE AND ASK TO MAKE CHANGES. Only Hindus have that right, first do Ghar Wapasi then plead humbly for changes. This website is not for Mlecchas.

      By your cuck logic, Mughals were not Muslims but slaves of Jews or slaves of Hindus, who were they. Did Mughals spat on Quran, Did mughals made cartoons of Mohammad or these terrorist mughals praised him and made mosques for devil allah?

      Mughals were terrorist muslims. And for your information, Mughal term itself is British coined and is bastardised term of Mongol. Mughals were addressed as Mlecchas by Hindu kings. First go brush up your history knowledge. A cult whose entire history is based on terrorism cannot expect to hide truth when 60,000 destroyed temples are living structures.

      Again repeating, CARVE THIS ON YOUR FOREHEAD TO REMEMBER, Shivaji Maharaj was Hindu Maratha king. Period.

      Jai Bhawani
      Jai Shivaji
      Jai Jijau Mata

      Har Har Mahadev

      • Siddh Shah says:

        Firstly, I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Hindu.

        1. You’re saying that there was no contribution by Muslims for protection of Hindu Rajya is totally wrong. Right from Shivaji Maharaj’s servant – Madari Mehtar to his Commanders – Noor Khan Beg, Siddhi Hilal, Siddhi Wahwah, Siddhi Ibrahim and Kazi Haider had a great contribution. Siddhi Hilal and Siddhi Wahwah sacrificed their lives for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj while fighting with Siddhi Johar and Siddhi Masood. From 17th Century to Indian Freedom Struggle (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Zakir Hussain, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Asaf Ali, Ashfaqulla Khan and many more) and to modern times (APJ Abdul Kalam) had a huge contribution. SO DON’T SAY THAT MUSLIMS HAD NEVER CONTRIBUTED. Some of they did, some of they didn’t. Hence, you cannot generalize that.

        2. You are portraying as if all Muslims are culprits, which is not true at all. I totally agree that Mughals were evil monsters, but they were MUGHALS, not MUSLIMS. Keep a simple logic in mind –
        And that’s why I am asking you to make the necessary changes. Because even Hindus and Marathas were involved with Mughals who had betrayed ‘Swarajya’ So the term “Mughals” involves them as well and excludes the servants of Hindavi Swarajya.


        4. Carve this on your head that although Shivaji Maharaj was a Hindu Maratha, he never differentiated Hindus and Muslims in his subjects. He treated them with equal law and love. PERIOD!

        • © HariBhakt says:

          Mughals were not muslims??? Again a big lie and deceit.

          So you mean to say, Mughals used to spit on Quran and Shit on it. Can you share some incidences where mughals did such act as they hated islam and were not muslims. It would be added to the article.

          This fact is known to the world. You cannot change it – Islam is terrorism cult. Quran is terror manual. Mughals (bastardised name) were Muslim terrorists.

          Primitive Mlecchas, love to lie and deceit like their terrorist paedophile founder Mohammed. They hide their cult connection to save their face from embarrassment, they should better do Ghar Wapasi then hide their identity 🙂

          Those who sliced their penis rather than fighting invader Mlecchas are today’s Mlecchas. Truth is last thing expected from them.

          Shivaji never had any muslim as bodyguards or in important positions. This is new construct by Mlecchas to somehow justify their existence. He wrote letters to many Hindu kings to never include any Mleccha in the army. Go do research.

          But expecting historical knowledge from Mlecchas who support islamic terrorism is too much. Better the negligibles be ignored. This is last response to your comment. Not wasting time on deceivers.

          Adharmis and Their Generations Must Perish Forever,
          Jai Shree Ram
          Har Har Mahadev

  • Abhishek Ramnath Ransing says:


  • Shambhu Raje was real Tiger…Shivbacha Chawa… Jai Bhawani Jai Shivaji….


  • The great Hindu king who fought for Hinduism till last breath,what a bravery!!!Salute to him….

  • Dhiraj pawar says:

    स्वराज्यरक्षक धर्मवीर छत्रपती संभाजी राजें ना पुण्यतीथी निमित्त विनम्र अभिवादन💐

  • Kiran Dhag3 says:

    The Great son of Great warrior Raja Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj…Grand salute to both of them..!!👍👍

  • Mohini Jogalekar says:

    Salute to both father and son

  • Deepa Kulkarni says:

    I salute both Father and Son !

  • Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj became Dhrmaveer after getting tortured for 40 days and sacrificed his life for Hindavi swaraj created by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
    Please think of pain of a needle when we get accidently and think of the pain given by cruel Aurangjeb to Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj for 40 days and even cruel could not force Shri Chhatrapati Sambahji Maharaj to get converted to Muslim.
    What a real great Chhava of the Lion who kept respect and oath of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
    Every Maharashtrian but Indian also must salute both of them and their REAL HISTORY must be put forward in front of the whole world.The history of these two great kings now must be applied in the study syllabus since childhood.
    Jay Shivaji
    Jay Sambhaji
    Jay Mavle
    Jay Maharashtra
    Jay Hindustan

  • Abhishek Kshirsagar says:

    Veer Sambhaji Raje

  • It is chatrapati sambhaji not sambhuji…also people called him by name shambhuraje..

    • Radhe Radhe Vishal ji,

      The relative names and its context is already explained in the article.
      Thanks for the feedback. Pl read other posts and spread awareness about pride of Hinduism and Sanatan.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • unbelievable courage, Jai sambhaji maharaj.

  • Rajvardhan says:

    Endless knowledge,Bravery and dearing represent the Meaningful life of Chatrpati Sambhaji Maharaj.

      • MOHNISH PABLE says:

        Chatrapati shivaji Maharaj and all the bhosale family is the lord of hindu swaraj
        We should all proudly praise the lords of hindu swaraj.
        We all are very lucky to have such great family like bhosale family who gaved all the emotions love and death for hindu swaraj we praise