Kaaba Temple Should Be Reclaimed for Humanity

Shukracharya is not ardent devotee of any Bhagwan. He only does penance as and when he needs boon from Bhagwan Shiv. He is totally immersed in activities of strengthening evil spirits, ghosts, pisachas, rakshasas and daityas.

Anti-vedic cults were created to break unity of Sanatan Dharmis thereby reducing the devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu.

Shukracharya knew forming any new god in the form of idol would have some resemblance with 33 forms of different gods. Kaaba already had 360 idols praying to Supreme Bhagwan Shiv. He got Kaaba captured to assimilate negative forces at one point in the form of Qibla (a direction to invoke unity among slaves of Kuru dynasty).

There is paradox in making Qiblah prayer direction towards Kaaba Hindu temple while defining it as non-idol worship. Under Shukra’s guidance, Kauravas directed mohammed though Pishacha to break 360 idols and only keep Shiv Lingam to make it divine source and direction of praying. Paradox is, idol worship in polytheism Sanatan Dharma does not mean that idol becomes Bhagwan, it means doing pran pratishtha and then symbolically praying at idol to connect with Bhagwan.

Kuru slaves, muslims, also do the same thing, they pray directing towards Kaaba (Shiv Lingam), label it as Qibla and practice their satanic rituals. It is indeed idol worship, a concept similar to Vedic Hindu principles.

Shukracharya has history of starting and ending his own cults by forming next set of followers for his new messengers. The muslim vs non-muslim enmity is getting bigger and broader with each passing years, Non-muslims know everything about islam and its origin, they know that muslims are practicing anti-Human to satisfy blood thirsty devil, allah, who enjoys deaths of millions of non-muslims and muslims. To save humanity, many are renouncing islam to support non-muslims fightback against anti-god followers. Millions of animals are slaughtered to strengthen negative energies for Shukracharya.

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Kaaba originally a Hindu temple would be soon reclaimed and the practices reversed for world peace and humanity.

Post islam, Shukracharya would form new cult, this time in Bharat and Astralaya, he would be sending a woman messenger giving more importance to womanhood, actual living creators of human race. Hyper Feminism is there for a reason, by 2050, islam would be totally irrelevant and several cults would emerge opposing existing religions, cults and Sanatan Dharma.

Kaaba Would Soon Be Re-captured for World Peace

Shukracharya Would Fail Again Like He Failed Other Times

Shukracharya failed to conquer world after falsifying the Universal truth, converting all anti-Vedic Daityas (Demons) as Gods, demonizing Vedic Hindu Gods as Satans, while forming Norte Chico, Mayan and Aztecs civilizations.

In recent era, he conceived Abrahamic cults to annihilate morality and righteousness from the world.

Before mentoring islam, civilizations founded by him were based on Polytheism worship. His repeat failures forced him to try Monotheism form of worship. Unlike previous formations, to cause more damage to human race, this time the cult slaves were given open permission to loot, kill and rape citizens of other civilizations.

Realization of failure makes Shukracharya angry and he guides his followers to kill millions of people causing self-destruction to its own founded civilization. To start afresh with new civilization and gullible cult members.
taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang
Current trends in the world is not favorable for the muslims, they are causing their own destruction to please Kuru populated moon god allah. Saving muslims is not possible now, if they succeed in islamizing world, it would be become living hell. If they die fighting, world would still witness death of millions of people. Either circumstance occurs, Shukracharya wins.

Renouncing islam and Kuran would help muslims and non-muslims to restore peace in the world again.

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Reclamation of Kaaba Temple is more important to save humanity and nature of this world.

Deception Teachings of Taqiyya, Kitman and Muruna in Kuran (Quran) are Taken from Shukra Neeti

Shukracharya always opposed Gods and their devotees to weaken accumulation of positive energies and strengthen negative energies. He reversed all Vedic principles and traditions after ordering Kauravas to capture Kaaba. Mohammed being obedient slave of Kuru dynasty attacked Kaaba temple multiple times to help Shukra unleash his negative powers by centralizing it in one of the hellish places of world, middle east, cursed by Gods to be void of vegetation and knowledge.

Middle east was sparsely inhabited place for those who were ridiculed by Vedic Hindu kings and Gods. Kauravas reached their with wealth and knowledge and soon became masters of the place by forming several tribes, directly controlling minds and local leaders.

Releasing Kaaba or stopping all anti-Vedic practices practiced there would stop several natural destructions occurring due to devil worship under mentorship of Shukracharya.

On immediate basis, slaughter of animals and cows should be stopped while Vedically purifying the entire Kaaba including changing its shape to combined Triangle or Shatkon.

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    Islam will perish soon. All concepts is copied from all predated cultures. Mohammad was biggest fraud to happen in last 1400 years. islam is curse on humanity.


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