How Kuru Dynasty Kauravas Restored Their Lost Pride Through Islam

Demise of Kuru Dynasty in Bharat (India) was predicted by none other than one of the Kauravas himself, Vikarna, he knew that Kauravas would have to migrate as the repercussions of insulting divine lady of the house would cause huge destruction to the Kingdom.

During the infamous dice game that happened in Mahabharat, Vikarna raised his voice against the game as a whole, and specifically, at the mistreatment of Draupadi, his sister-in-law. Vikarna echoed the questions Draupadi had already asked the Kuru elders, demanding that her questions be answered. His protests were met with silence, even from wise elders like Bhishma and Dronacharya. In the silence, and depending on the version of the story, Karna later rebuked and taunted Vikarna for his outburst.

Vikarna quietly replied: Sister-in-law’s insult is an affront to the entire Kuru clan. If her questions are not answered, our lineage is doomed.

Next generations of Kuru dynasty and all the relatives respected Vikarna views when they migrated to different parts of Bharat. They wished moral suggestions of Vikarna would have saved Kuru lineage and their opulent life.

They were deeply inflicted, mentally and physically. They desperately wanted to restore their pride. They migrated to different places creating cults and made themselves, masters and godmen of the regional tribes.

Kaaba Temple Fraud: How Kuru Dynasty Kauravas Restored Their Lost Pride Through Islam

Muslims across world are in the un-releasable grip of Kuru dynasty. Kauravas formed a secret society. Kauravas utilized mohammed and all his clans including their well-wishers to decimate Sanatan Dharma and re-establish their rulings. Some of the killings were done by secret society members of Kuru dynasty themselves, they controlled the modus operandi from India, Turkey, Iran and UAE.

Secret society still exists, it has nothing to do with islam or allah, they know that they have created it to cause destruction and res-establish their EVIL rule. During death Duryodhan in Mahabharat said that some negative energy is controlling him though he knows whatever he is doing is NOT RIGHT and ADHARM still he felt like doing so. He also confessed this feeling to Bhagwan Krishna when Bhagwan went to make last attempt to stop war.

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Kuru Secret society is utilizing stupid muslim clerics and their followers as guinea pigs to realize their dream of DESTRUCTIVE WORLD. They want to reboot the world after causing destruction. Reboot would help them in CREATING NEW NON-VEDIC cult.

Non-muslim skeptics still wonder how come without huge flow of funds, manpower and ecosystem mohammed was able to convert thousands of people during his last days. The secret lies in funding and management of this secret society. Hastinapur was the richest and most opulent kingdom of its time when Kurus ruled there. When Kurus left Bharat for different places, they took all movable assets, resources and wealth with them.

Kauravs formed and controlled several small sects and tribes in and around present UAE. Later these sects were preached about islam and conversion happened in massive scale, not to ignore the islamic terrorism (jihad) orchestrated by mohammed and his followers after his death.
taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang
Secret societies controlled by scions of Kuru dynasty is deeply rooted and heavily funded. Right from hijacking auto industry to make fossil fuel as VITAL ingredient to setting narratives in the world – EVERYTHING IS CONTROLLED BY THEM.

They destroyed all tombs of mohammed and his close associates. Mohammed was just one of their scapegoats, they have already prophesied another fakery that several prophets would be sent to save from DEVIL TAKING OVER the world. Kaaba is controlled and saved so that sense of pilgrimage and greed for heaven berth is kept ALIVE among muslims.

Unless and until muslims do not renounce following islam and stop reading Quran, completely abolishing this slavery tool, it is impossible to stop them from becoming sacrificial lambs for islam. Islam is not spirituality, it has no SINGLE VERSE that invoke powerful energy around. It is created as a mafia cult to control world, that is the major reason, it divides the world into Darul Islam and Darul Harb. It has nothing to do with humanity or cohesiveness. No love for animals. No love for nature. No love for women – considered more pious than men in Hinduism. Islam feeds on blood of its own followers and non-muslims. Kuru dynasty always insulted women right from Maa Draupadi to Maa Uttara.

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Secret society of Kuru dynasty would not stop even if entire world is islamized – a living hell for humans if it happens. They would instigate in-fights among muslims for rebooting the entire world.

Kaaba is biggest fraud in recent human history, it is paradoxical idol worshipping, not for world peace but to decimate humanity and kill earthlings.

Kuru Pride Has Traces in the Form of Muslim Slaves and Kuru Legacy, Islam

Secret Society of anti-Vedic Kuru Dynasty is controlling islam
Kuru Dynasty secretly control major islamists around the world. Common muslims are potential terrorists because secret society of Kauravas developed ecosystem and Kuran (Kuru + Aan) to submit people to devil worship and destruction of the world, for rebooting it with full controlled Kuru clan reign. Their prime target is Bharat then rest of the world. Ghazwa E Hind is concept plotted by Kauravas. Namazi and devout Quran followers are foot terrorists of Kuru dynasty.

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