Kaaba Temple Roots to Mahabharat Kauravas Kuru Dynasty Kurayshis

The Kauravas were the 100 sons of the King of Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra, and his wife Gandhari was from Gandhar (or Afghanistan, it was part of original BharatVarsh). Gandhari was another blessed lady who gave birth to more than 100 children through Vedic unborn process without conceiving naturally and normally (अयोनिज/अजन्मा विद्या).

Kaurava is a Sanskrit and Tamil term for the descendants of King Kuru, a Hindu king who is the ancestor of most of the warriors and kings of the Mahabharat. The well-known Kauravas are sons; Duryodhana (Suryodhana), Dushasana (Sushasana), Vikarna (Sukarna) and daughter Dussala (Sussala).

Kaaba Sharif is Captured by Kauravas

Concept of Mosque (Masjid) and its Connection to Vedic Bharat and Hindus

Sly muslim clerics often compare Vedic Hinduism with islam to show antiquity of newest cult islam but they end up exposing roots of islam to Vedic Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism. Kaurav clan does have some connection to pre-historic emergence of several cults which later gave birth to islam.

After end of Mahabharat war, clans and kings of Kaurava dynasty were ridiculed by the locals for their adharmic karma leading to the death of millions of people. They moved towards South (Kerala) from there, they proceeded to Arabian Sea and Middle east, forming small tribes and regimes. They fragmented in to different groups, travelled different places, sometimes hiding their identities other times winning over confidence of locals to reform their existence which was on the verge of extinction due to bloodiest war of Dwapar Yug.

Hindu mohammed from Kaurav clan (Mahabharat) formed islam - migration of Kaurav dynasty kings
Kauravas got a lunatic person in Mohammed to spread terror forming mafia cult islam. Kauravas were evil criminals that is why they legalized all crimes against humanity – rape, loot, killing, meat eating and corruption. They used veil of islam to exercise criminal activities against non-muslims. To enjoy few generations of shallow RESPECT and COMMAND among people around, Kauravas ruined humanity giving a mafia cult to the world.

Moving to different places, they were vociferously rejected by local leaders and people for their evil deeds of causing Mahabharat war due to their inclination towards anti-Vedic activities. Until they reached Kerala, the end of landing zone of Bharatvarsha, left with no choice, they released their resources and wealth to Keralites to win over confidence of the people. They were remnants of the most opulent and richest royal family of the world. They inherited immense wealth but lacked public support and respect.

To gain respect of Kerala locals, Kaurav clans gifted wealth and acres of land to the people. That is the reason (Suyodhan) Duryodhan is worshipped in Malanada, (Susashan) Dusasanan in Ennasseri, Shakuni in Kollam and sister (Susala) Dussala at Kunniradath Malanada. There are 101 temple for Kauravas in the surrounding places of Malanada (Kerala).

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Migration of Kauravas (Kauraysh) prospered the places around present Jazīrat al Arab. Before their movement, the places were sparsely populated due to worst climatic conditions, limited natural resources, most of the rejected people of Bharatvarsh formed small tribes and resided peacefully. Enriched with knowledge and wealth, Kauravs (Kauraysh) soon started heading and directing the tribes who were looking forward to reformation and better life.

Immediate scions of Kauravas or Kauraysh (Kuraysh) of middle east (now UAE, Iran etc) were staunch Shiv Bhakts. One of their offsprings was Mohammed who formed cult islam. There were several tribes and cults created by Kaurav dynasty in the middle east. The same Kaurav (Quraysh) clan later requested Keralaputra kings to create world’s first mosque, The Cheramaan Juma Masjid in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk, Thrissur District in the Indian state of Kerala. The concept of Mosque did not exist in Quran but Kaurav clan (Kurayshis) wanted to promote Islam (anti-Vedic cult) to diminish Vaishnavite and HariBhakts, followers of Bhagwan Krishna.
taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang
Hindus have several pious pilgrimages of worship. Christians and Jews have their own. When cult islam was found by Mohammed he badly needed a place to claim prominence of his cult. Kaaba had a temple constructed by Kauravs (Kurayshis) surrounded by 360 idols whose central supreme God was Bhagwan Shiv. One of the deities was moon god, Allah. Mohammed desperately wanted a binding place to unify islamists, it was then under his guidance, several temples in and around Kaaba were destroyed.

Masjid was created in the lines of Hindu temple to promote islam. The concept of constructing mosques is after thought of Kuru slaves and super lift off from Hinduism, did not exist in Kuran (Quran). They hated Bhagwan Krishna whose blessings caused destruction to evil rule of Kauravs re-establishing peace and Dharma in Bharatvarsh. Post embracing islam, they wanted to spread its base so unquranic concept of constructing mosques was introduced by descendants of Kauravs (Quraysh).

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How Quran was written its name origin is Kaurav clan of Mahabharat
Mohammed and his other family members were from Kaurav (Kuraysh) clan so they gave their lasting impression in major aspects of islam leaving their Vedic footprints in paradoxically opposing Sanatan Dharma. ShivBhakt Uncles of Mohammed; Abu Talib and Umar-Bin-E-Hassham knew Vedic roots and considered him a lunatic illiterate person. They knew him closely so they never converted to islam and died as Hindus.

The original and evil theme of Mohammed to make Kaaba the ONLY and MOST sought after islamic place got diminished to large extent due to emergence of mosques around world. Muslims founded several houses of allah in the form of masjids in different places. The adoption of Vedic Hindu concept of constructing mandirs (temples) for connection with Bhagwan decimated the actual importance of Kaaba for which it was captured from Hindus. Being pirated and blended version of Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity, Islam is filled with ironies and confusions making its followers bunch of fearful and bewildered people.

Black stone in the form of Shiv Ling represents unmanifested form of Bhagwan, the same concept is pirated by creators of islam. Moon god allah was populated as unmanifested, unseen form. Broken statues and Shiv ling were re-assembled to be called Sanghey Aswad (Black stone). It was always black, when non-muslims started questioning roots of islam to pagan polytheism tradition of Kauravs, muslim clerics came with the concept of white stone turning black due to soaking sins of stone kissers.

True to its name Kuran, Kuru + Aan (means Respect of Kurus, Kauravas) restored Kuru glory among illiterates of Arab, till the time islam exists and Shukra do not create another cult. It should be noted that lunatic Mohammed openly advocated that teachings of Kuran is for illiterates and ridicules and not for literates. It is easy to bluff and mind condition stupid illiterates so Kuran is by illiterate radicals, of uncivilized radicals and for lunatic radicals.

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    It offers a thorough look into what it takes for an organised crime to succeed, which includes strong, intellectual, and devoted leadership from inside the gang and having a greater goal that one is ready to murder for. Kauravas were always anti-Dharmic. They were greedy. Using their expertise against mankind they launched decimation of holy people. Their animosity for Krishna and Hari followers has no boundaries.

    But it’s almost inevitable that the Hindus will rise and herald the annihilation of such forces so that they have at last one nation Bharat as their home. Already we Hindus have lost 84 nations as per your prior essay. Thanks. Keep publishing more such helpful stuff.


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