Shukracharya Day Shukrawar Friday Auspicious Islam

Muslims are slaves of Kuru dynasty, Kauravas, who originally founded islam and control entire ecosystem for muslims.

If you ask any Kuru slave muslim why Friday (Shukrawar) is favoured day for them, not a single muslim has answer, not even a so called learned muslim cleric, they simply refer that it is written in Kuran (slavery manual given by Kauravas).

Slaves of Kuru dynasty, muslims simple state: From the traditions of Muhammad, we learn that “The best day in the sight of God is Friday, the day of congregation”. Congregational prayers (obligatory for men) are one of the most strongly emphasized duties in Islam. It is a time when Muslims come together to worship anti-god allah, and find strength and comfort by standing shoulder to shoulder and reaffirming their faith and devotion to devil thereby strengthening negative forces around who are on duty for Shukracharya.

Muslims ignorantly quote the slavery manual Kuran as “O you who believe (in anti-god allah)! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of Anti-god, and leave aside business. That is best for you if you but knew.” (Kuran 62:9)

Extending their slavery to Shukracharya and Kauravas to next level, muslims observe in islamic countries, Friday as a weekly holiday, sometimes combined with either Thursday or Saturday. In some islamic nations, there is no mandatory closing of businesses except during the time of the congregational prayer. In non-islamic countries many Muslims try to take their lunch break during the time for prayer, usually in the very early afternoon, some skip lunch to attend Shukra’war prayer. Come what may, brainwashed Kuranically, they do take break to strengthen power of Shukracharya by taking name of anti-god allah.

Lunatic Muhammad, not first but most obedient slave of Kauravas, told his subjects that “The five daily prayers, and from one Friday prayer till the next, serves as an expiation for whatever sins have been committed between them, provided one does not commit any major sin.”

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Sins against humanity – killing, raping, looting or corrupting are considered as pious deeds by Kuru slaves, muslims, if they commit the same against non-muslims, so in satanic islam even meaning of sins differ. Any crime committed against muslim (Fellow slave of Kauravas) is considered sin but not if it is committed against non-muslims. Islam is indeed a cult based on principles of Rakshas Guru Shukracharya.

Kaaba Temple Piracy: How Shukracharya Day or Shukrawar (Friday) Became Auspicious for Islam

Why Friday is Favoured By Muslims?

Piracy of islam continues with conversion of anti-Vedic days as pious day under guidance of Rakshas Guru Shukracharya.

Since emergence of different anti-Vedic ancient civilizations, Friday is considered as the day to call for the evil forces and envisage dark energies around the world. Friday is the birth day of Shukracharya, an immortal demon priest existing since Vedic civilization. Shukracharya is responsible for creation of all the demons across the Universes. He is guru of all the evil forces. He balances the positive energies of Bhagwan by empowering demons with negative energies. Bhagwan Shiv (Rudra), Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwan Surya continuously defeated him.

Shukra was Born on Friday. Shukra’war was made auspicious by him for his followers. Friday is also known as Shukra’war in islam. Shukra is ruler of Venus, a place of massive destruction and demonic activities. Shukracharya uses his abode Venus to resurrect dead asuras, demon and evil spirits. Puranas, Kathas and historical stories of Ramayan and Mabharat are filled with several incidences when Shukracharya resurrected or created demons to harm Vedic worshippers.
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Shukracharya controls all anti-Vedic and Abrahamic cults, he also helped Kuru dynasty to restore their pride by forming islam. Capture of Kaaba through brainwashed slave, Mohammed was also plotted by Shukracharya and Kauravas. This time to hide Vedic roots of his newly formed cult, Shukracharya advised Kurus to control islam forming secret societies and ensure decimation of HariBhakts and Bhagwan Vishnu devotees.

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Shrukracharya is known to do hardest of penances to create destructive forces and demons. Shukracharya, the guru of daityas (asuras) was one of the foremost of the Gurus who knew secret natural resources and mantras to successfully accomplish the Sanjeevani Vidya to bring dead asuras to life. Most of the sky shattering wars continued for thousands of years as Shukracharya bought several asuras (demons) back from death. He highly recommended to keep the dead bodies of demons intact so that he could perform Sanjeevani Vidya to keep the war eternal.

In short, Friday has direct correction with Shukracharya in all important aspects of his life:
1. Shukra was born on Friday
2. Shukra left heaven to fight war on Friday
3. Shukra made Venus his abode, Friday is the day for this planet
4. Shukra ended his penance on Friday
5. Shukra abolished Bali Pratipada and guided Banasura to wage war on Friday

The Guru of evil forces Shukra made Friday the day he unleashes his powerful blows on Gods while blessing Daityas, since ancient times, Friday is also considered by Black Tantrics as the day to organize animal sacrifice to absorb more negative energy from ghosts and evil spirits. Animal sacrifice and bleeding were regularized in islam.

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