Bhagwan Shiv Moon God Chandradev Hubal Allah

While Mohammed was fighting hard to capture Kaaba. Replacement of Bhagwan Shiv was done with Hubal, a lunar deity, another name of moon god, Allah. Kauravas deceitfully did not introduce Allah directly among masses. They replaced Shiv Lingam with moon god, Hubal in Kaaba.

Shukracharya and Kauravas hated Bhagwan Krishna (Bhagwan Vishnu), he took divine avatar to re-establish Dharma and righteousness by killing proponents of their demonic ideals. They were always devotees of Bhagwan Shiv. Directly attacking Kaaba would mean denigration of Shiv Lingam whom they hugely respected. Bhagwan Shiv blessed Shukracharya and his Daityas many times when they did penance to gain powers.

Bhagwan Shiv is the beginning and end of Multiverse – in all manifested and unmanifested phases. He is God of all deities and asuras including their Guru Shukracharya.

Why Bhagwan Shiv was Replaced By Demigod Chandradev Hubal in Kaaba?

Sanatan Dharma trinity has Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv as creator, operator and destroyer according to the task they assigned themselves post manifestation of this cyclic Universe.

Shukracharya and Kuru dynasty’s extreme hatred towards Vishnu post massive loss of Mahabharat war made them change the concept of trinity to materialistic spectrum, downgrading it from spiritual spectrum as governed by Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Vishnu.

Shukracharya asked for forgiveness from Bhagwan Shiv and devised new order of deities for his arabic slaves, pre-muslims – trinity of Sun, Moon and Son – He made himself (Venus) as obedient son for Hubal devotees. The trinity became sacred reference for Hubal devotees.

Shiv Bhagwan's Kaaba Mandir has Moon God Hubal (Allah) now made invisible to justify Shukra's teachings

Anti-Vedic Islam Stuck to Vedic Practice of Idol Worship

Vedic process of respecting Hubal was similar to the ways Shiv Lingam was meditated by devotees of Kaaba. Praying methods also remain same. The only difference was replacement of Shiv Lingam with Hubal in Kaaba. This was adharmic karma but Shukra was in dilemma he could never order his slave Mohammed to attack symbolic Shiv Lingam of Kaaba directly. Replacement was the only way by which Shiv Lingam could be made Sanghey Ashweta. Idol of demigod Hubal was later to be replaced by formless moon god, Allah.

Manifestations of this world donned by Bhagwan Shiv are Devotees of Sarveshwar Rudra

Hubal was made the greatest of all devotees. His idol was now in the position of Shiv Lingam. Several mantras were written and then recited by Kauravas and later his Kuraysh (Quraysh) tribe started giving huge respect to Kaaba. At one side, Kauravas edified Hubal as the emperor of Universe while on other side their ally Pishacha was ordering lunatic Mohammed to attack and capture Kaaba for Allah (Hubal).

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Kauravas controlled takeover amicably, fooling both the clans of Kuraysh cult whose actual leaders were still slaves of different scions of Kuru dynasty. Their secret identity helped in pulling off this mega bluff among their own slaves.

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    1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Kauravas are better than these anti Human Mecca and Medina day time is very horrible. Heat waves kill many people . So Muslims cannot do satanic rituals during day time. But during Night , Demons will be active to kill good people. Muslims perform Satanic rituals during Night time. Cresent Moon occurs during Night. So Muslims preferred this symbol for ISLAM. Our Sanathana dharmam has OM symbol which is nothing but powerful Sun god.

    2. I have become a big follower of your blog as it is telling the truth. I knew something before but I know more. Thanks and please keep spreading the truth


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