Burn scamster setuu org to ashes

Stop Falling Prey to The Fake Propaganda and Scam of Setuu Asia (lordhanuman.guru) these scums have changed their SCAM to lordhanuman.guru their new website. We all should get united and stop the fraud from becoming a multi-crore scam, right now running into lakhs of rupees after duping hundreds of innocent Hindus.

Note: Now the fraud team is back to con people with series on fictional books on immortal talks – this scum born group is cheating Hindus with yet again new modus operandi.

Hindus Beware of a Fraud orchestrated in the Name of Hanuman Ji Run by the sri lankan Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) organization/ngo. Do not make any payment to them. They are anti-Hindus and curse to Hinduism.

This Diwali Let us Spread Light of True Bhakti and Annihilate Dark Energies of Fake Propagandists!

We have always unearthed fraudsters to protect Hinduism and now it is time to crush Setuu (lordhanuman.guru).

This is the original unedited, uncut article which we thought not to post earlier, but it is time to punch and retaliate, as decency is not deserved or sought by anti-Hindus, so we are posting the entire unedited version with strongest words!

Our original and old post already created dent in their fraudulent earnings. It is time to read and share this post with millions of Hindus so that their money racket is decimated to dust. Also the future act of converting Hindus to christianity by fraudulent setuu (lordhanuman.guru) people is stopped forever from happening.

Please read carefully and spread the post.


Being a true and devout Hindu. You need to simply read, spread and share this post to millions of Hindus possible.

Share the post with your colleagues, well-wishers, friends through social media sites, gmails, yahoo mails, emails. Make this post appear everywhere. Together we can protect our culture and stop innocent Hindus from falling into the trap of fraud setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org. Scamsters of Setuu org till date duped lakhs of Indian rupees from Hindus around the world. This money could have instead used to feed poor people in India. Scam tainted Setuu’s target is to take this phishing scam to crores of rupees and then shut the site.

lordhanuman.guru forgery to lordhanuman.guru fraud scam to cheat hanuman bhakts temples

As we have done before with other such scamsters, let us all unite together and kill the menace. Spread the word.


Each devout Hindu’s blood boils whenever he or she sees someone or few people posing as NGO or Organization demeaning our culture and tradition. As usual, it is again time to retaliate and punish these anti-Hindus who are fathered illegitimately.

Setuu  (lordhanuman.guru) organization is managed by drunkards, pork/cow meat-eaters, anti-Hindus, christians and local lankans, each of them are butt ascaris, their agenda is to spread the maligned information (created by them in their homes while smoking pots), write up fake stories, manufacture fabricated mantras and dupe Hindus fetching thousands of rupees. It is set of few people who change their names, identity and commit fraud to dupe Hindus. Some of the times only one person manages the fraud show, when others go in the hiding.

Not even single line or sentence of the articles promoted by con artists of fraud org Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) has any element of truth. We believe in scientific Vedas, Puranas and ancient Hindu scripts; Ramayan and Mahabharat but cannot tolerate fabricated folktales of scamster organization Setuu asia.

We had seen the Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org articles and (post registration mantras) previously, we correctly ignored it to be a hoax. This time, we have done research on this aspect and we did came through the website of Setuu Asia (lordhanuman.guru) which claims to be a spiritual organization but asks for donation of money. The claim that they made is definitely a fraud and scam, playing with the devotion of Hindus. Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ji is the most modest and simple Bhagwan. He never gave orders to pray or worship him in any of the Vedic and Hindu texts. Rambhakt Hanuman Ji always prayed and worshiped Shree Ram. He only praised Bhagwan Ram. Hanuman Ji is pleased to see Hindus reciting ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and helps them, when they pray Bhagwan Ram. But the fraud website of setuu asia claims to have got instruction from Shree Hanuman to pray him. In context to this bluff, they extract money from Hindus.

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Setuu’s (lordhanuman.guru) Phishing Scam Adress Is Untraceble

Simple validation proves that the organization is fraud. We sent several correspondences to the address below, we lost few thousand rupees, but we got the revert as the address is incomplete/fake/unreachable.

You can also verify.

Fraud address of online phishsing scammer Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) Organization/NGO

Village- Mandaram Nuwara, Kandy District, Central Province, Sri Lanka. (Near Padiyapelella, Nuwara Eliya), Pin Code- 20744

How Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) Conducts Fraud

Look at the way this fraud is done, they falsely claim:

“Until then, as per instructions of Lord Hanuman, the Sakshat Hanuman Pooja is being performed continuously. You can send your questions, doubts and prayers for Lord Hanuman.”

The so called spiritual organization Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) claims to have got recorded log of so called Mathang tribe [falsely claimed to be sub-tribe of Veddah (created while tweaking word Veda)] who speak in different language and they have to translate it in english and hindi language. They created several concocted chapters revolving around the incidents of fake Mathang tribe. This is surprising that people who can speak with birds, animals and Hanuman Ji cannot speak Hindi or English …why ? because learning contaminated modern language is very easy for pious beings.

Do not donate any money to such scammer and criminals. Instead promote this awareness post in social media sites, share with friends, well-wishers and Hindus.


After you register, you get this fraudulent message with fake mantra, they send series of trapping messages to fetch money from you….

When we deciphered 3rd chapter of Lord Hanuman’s journey, we got a direction from Lord Hanuman in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. The direction was that Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) should reveal the first line of the Mantra to devotees. We noticed that you have just now read 3rd chapter. Here is your first line:

Kaaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu
Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu

To know the literal meaning of this line Click Here

This is first line of 36 lines which can be recited to meet Lord Hanuman. We shall release more lines when Lord Hanuman directs us to do so.

Check the snapshot of false claim made by them and their cunning ways of asking money for pooja.

Setuu lordhanuman.guru Asia - Setu lordhanuman.guru Mathang Scam - Do not Donate Money to the Srilankan Setuu lordhanuman.guru org

If you are Hindu then trust our ancient texts and knowledge. In no Hindu text, Hanuman ji ever said that people should worship him. Secondly, he never asked for any favor from the people in terms of gratitude, money or offering.

The basic premise of ongoing fraud done by setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org is falsely claiming that Hanuman ji asked them to offer him fruits and offerings, these thugs of setuu org are asking money as donation. This is biggest lie. Use some common sense before blindly following kaliyugi demons. We have found several Hindu brothers and sisters who fell victim to the biggest fraud (setuu org) of the decade.

Moreover, the mantras shared by setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org is completely fake and has no Sanskrit meaning. It is made up by con artists to dupe innocent Hindus. Do not become victim of this fraud.

The acts of this anti-Hindu Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) organization is to contaminate Hindu tradition while promoting fraudulent scripts and stories will be dealt aggressively. We have every right to protect our ethos. No anti-Hindu or non-Hindu can ever think of maligning our culture and ancient texts for earning money. We have kicked many before and will surely do the same with setuu org people and this thrashing will be so worst that they will never be able to think of even taking their own name, let alone misusing name of our Rambhakt Hanuman Ji.

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We hate people who demean Hinduism and Hindu concepts

We would love to see Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) person/people dead, who are insulting our Rambhakt Hanuman.

kill the mlecchas anti-hindu lordhanuman.guru setuu org

100% Scam by Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org of Lanka

Even without verification, you can know it is scam, inviting bookings for a religious ceremony that will happen 41 years later. Enough time for the website and company to disappear. Asking donations ranging from ₹ 251 to  ₹ 5100. However from some regular Hindu members, they managed to scam lakhs of rupees. Another thing to note is that the website target Hindus of USA, UK, North India who cannot verify the claims that there is a magical tribe living in a desolate forest in Sri Lanka.

Conversion Alert!

Few of the christian missionaries before also have used such fake stories to mine funds from Hindus and later consume the same money to target the same set of victimized Hindus for conversion. Right now the baseless stories have names of Hanuman ji and Shree Ram, later on they will surely merge it with human Jesus and then lure these Hindus to convert. We have seen such bluffing acts of missionaries before. It is time to stop the future crime right now by revoking the Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) fraud from the roots.



Being a true and devout Hindu. You need to simply read, spread and share this post to millions of Hindus possible. Share the post with your colleagues, well-wishers, friends through social media sites, gmails, yahoo mails, emails. Make this post appear everywhere. Together we can protect our culture and stop innocent Hindus from falling into the trap of fraud setuu org. Scamsters of Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) org till date earned lakhs of Indian rupees from Hindus. This money could have instead used to feed poor in India. Scam tainted Setuu’s target is to take this phishing scam to crores of rupees and then shut the site.

As we have done before with other such scamsters, let us all unite together and kill the menace. Spread the word.

You can bombard the scamsters of setuu asia (lordhanuman.guru) with hate emails or calls to stop the crime against Hindu tradition and Hanuman Ji. This is their other contact details- 132/16, J.E. Gunasekara Mawatha, mobile- +94.758124380, gmail:setu.asia@gmail.com. We cannot say whether they are still using the same address. Last checked it was their contact details.

We have already updated and informing Hindu organizations across the world. And would continue to do so to protect our true heritage and innocent Hindu brothers and sisters across the world.

You can stop reading the post at this point as remaining message is for fraud setuu (lordhanuman.guru) people who are pleading to stop our fight against them. The next message may or may not please you as it has strongest terms and graphics directed towards anti-Hindus against whom we are fighting. So you can skip the post. Requesting you to stop reading further.

We are soon launching a dedicated website that will be expose likewise crimes of anti-Hindus, atrocities against Hindus all over the world. We will be very explicit in our new website as requested and demanded by our regular readers umpteen times, to inspire fellow Hindus all over the world. There are many events happening around that need to be expressed in the manner desired by our active readers.




This is dharmic website so we are showing some level of tolerance otherwise we know what language we can use for SOBs like you.

We are very angry on setuu (lordhanuman.guru), we are eager to ridicule, beat you people to bruises!

Infact as said earlier, we would love to see you Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) person/people dead because you are acting against humanity, innocence, honesty, ethics, ethos and tolerance of Hindus.

Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) fraudsters we know you scumb*gs are reading this. We will never remove any content posted on our website. As you did earlier – you can plead or beg, but we will be more resolute to fight against your fraud. We will go to any length to give biggest blow to your scam. We will not take rest till your scam is 100% stopped. Better remove or shut your scam website setuu.org or get ready to be thrashed.

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We are raising this issue with Indian consulate in Sri Lanka, if you do not want to be jailed then SHUT your con shop.

Note: Now the fraud team is back to con people with series on fictional books on immortal talks – this scum born group is cheating Hindus with yet again new modus operandi.

Our kindest advice to you: Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) scamsters should instead eat dead rats, dogs and rotten flesh if they are hungry and have no money to feed their families. We cannot tolerate and allow any filth group to demean our culture for minting money.

Instead of duping innocent Hindus, they should better become scavenger, at least scavenging would be lighter a sin than demeaning Hindu texts with false stories while scamming money from Sanatan Dharmis.

We know how to react to anti-Hindus, We can become equally evil to give the treatment that you truly  deserve. This is just a sample of our hateful thoughts for people like you. We can be most lenient, tolerant but gruesome too. Imagine what we can do for the protection of our Hindu brothers and sisters to make strongest, unbeatable Hinduism.

See Setuu (lordhanuman.guru) people, you filth christian missionaries, this is your team below (in the pic) eating rotten flesh of your own religious leaders!

Anti-hindu lordhanuman.guru forgery to lordhanuman.guru fraud to lordhanuman.guru fake people involve in fraud Scam and lies

You sc*mbag/s can get yourself such rotten skulls and filth from the same graveyard where you recently buried your well-wisher. We keep track of everything, stop this mischief or else we can make you eat these filthiest stuffs very soon in real.

Note: Now the fraud team is back to con people with series on fictional books on immortal talks – this scum born group is cheating Hindus with yet again new modus operandi.

setuu lordhanuman.guru forgery to lordhanuman.guru fraud to lordhanuman.guru sham

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. We at haribhakt.com are making our voice pure again. We are all united for the cause of Hinduism. Har Har Gange. Jai Shree Ram

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  • Sandhupama Ji says:

    Brother, I’m from Sri Lanka. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of such an organization and this is total nonsense.

    For starters, Veddas are Sri Lankan tribals. They follow tribal religions, and not standard ones lol Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

    I’ll see what we can do. We might be able to get this place physically destroyed. Here in Sri Lanka, we do that all the time. That’s why such animals don’t try to dupe Sri Lankan Hindus.

    We Sri Lankan Buddhists guard our Hindu brothers and their Dharma with our hands and our lives. That’s my pledge to you ✊✊

  • manjari singh says:

    Sir, if you go through eyes of hate, you will see only lies,
    I like both your site and setuu.

    In simple terms, a person in Bangalore’s mind, heart is not the same as tribals, so do the tribals dont have hearts?

    we go with flowers even in temples, this is also same, they are not forcing

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Jai Shree Krishn Manjari ji,

      We cannot help blind bhakts from hurting, who DO NOT WANT TO SEE TRUTH.

      Whoever mocks and insults our Hanuman ji writing fake book immortal talks or scamming money from Hindus through sites like lordhanuman.guru or setuu deserves to be punished. Only hate is not enough, they deserve to be thrashed.

      Ignorant Hindus like you (or may be you are con shunya commenting here) are causing huge problem to the existence of Hindus in Bharat.

      If you really love your existence then be a staunch Hindu and spread awareness. Do not knowingly fall into a trap of fraudster shunya of immortal talks or lordhanuman.guru or setuu.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • What’s up, after reading this awesome post i am too glad to share my experience here with mates that setuu asia is indeed fraud.

    • Jai Shree Krishn Anony,

      Recite Hanuman Chalisa and experience miracle yourself. Google “haribhakt hanuman chalisa” and read the post, you will be amazed knowing about how easy it is to invoke confidence and power within you.

      You cannot share FAKE stories of setuu asia fraud here.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Hi,
    Love this post and thank you for bringing light to all Hindus! I read about Settu Asia online and how a man got chosen to do sadhana for one year to see lord Hanuman and he took a picture (seems like a fake propaganda story to me) as there was a link to go to settu org. I clicked on the link and it didnt let me create an account only use my Facebook( probably a ploy to get a larger social media following etc and knew if they are true Hindus they would release the so called “logbook” for free and readily available for all as it is a gift for humanity unfortunately I was inundated with loads of messages to donate money and knew it was a fake and scam! Thanks again for warning fellow Hindus x jai Hanuman! X

  • fineblogcrafter says:

    Namaste Haribol,

    I want to tell you something that Setuu is actually & Totally Fraud SIte who is making fool of indians.

    The People following Setuu asked you for proof, then i will provide the proof with valid resources and reasons. So, Please Wait till i writes about that fraud. I will write separate article soon.

    Actually, When i have listened the actual life story of Lord Hanuman from a person which remains alive from many centuries, then i came to know that in kaliyuga, there are plenty of myths existed about lord hanuman, Shri Ram Ji, and many others.

    Some of Myths are follows.

    1. Makardwaj was son of Hanuman Ji (In Actual, There is no Makardwaja at all). When there is no ahiravan, then from there makardwaja come ? – Due to a Bengali Writer.

    2. Ahiravan is brother of Ravan (In Actual, There are Only 4 sons and 1 daughter of Sage Visharwa – Ravan, Kumbkaran, Vibhishan, Kuber and Suparnkha).

    3. Suryachala is Wife of Lord Hanuman Ji (This myth is very popular is south india) – (In actual, She is not the wife of Hanuman Ji) – Reason is that When Hanuman Ji was taking teachings from lord Surya. He was a child. So, How can he marry ? and in actual Suryachal is not existed because Lord Surya had following sons Yamraj, Yamuna, Shani, Tapti, Ashwinkumaras, Swarnik Manu (+ Sugriv and Karna).

    4. And there is much more myths. Even i have to try clarify all of them, then it will take 3 years to complete and still new myths are generating on the other hand.

    When i asked this Learned Person of Very Old Site (do not try to guess his name), from which sources these myths are actually come. He said to me that, you already know but you had not thinks about that. HE said – Press your Mind and you will find the truth.

    Then i realized that i can recite truth by way of verses in Avdhi or Sanskrit without any learning at all.

    One of Them is

    Kali Kalam Dharm Bhutere, Ram Nam Sam Konu Dharam Anuvhere.

    (कलि कालम धर्म बहुतेरे, राम नाम सम कौनु धर्म अनुवेरे !)

    It is very simple to understand, but i do not understand how it comes in my mind and again i have reached the place of Same Person.

    He told me the reason, that when you were at the age of 14 and half years, you have unknowingly completed the ritual related to kavya.

    So, I am ending this here. And Want to tell you that i will starts the blog related to myths soon.

    Hoping that you We can save some persons from Kali.


    • Radhe Radhe Deeptimaan ji,

      Surely we all should spread awareness and save innocent brothers and sisters from the clutches of fraud anti-dharmic people.

      Thanks a lot for giving your perspective and observation while sharing your experience with our readers.

      Bhagwan Krishn bless you in creating a blog that will bust all the myths.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • on which behalf u r saying that setuu is wrong.if it is wrong then prove it wrong.I believe in hanumaan ji and all of his stories.

    • Radhe Radhe Sandeep ji,

      Use some senses before misunderstanding (or pretending to misunderstand to support setuu thugs or may be you are their stooge).

      No one can question Hanuman ji infact Google “haribhakt hanuman” and you will get several posts and in-articles about Hanuman ji here. Everyone believes Hanuman ji but no sane person should believe in FAKE scripts generated by catholics/sinhalese to bluff and loot Hindus.

      Why don’t you read Ramayan, Mahabharat and Srimad Bhagwat Puran, if you are true bhakt of Hanuman ji, why go for shortcuts to recite FAKE one liners created by Setuu. They will rot in hell for spreading FALSE information before they are thrashed publicly.

      Setuu is 100% fraud, period. Read the post again with open mind and spread awareness.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vijay Makhija says:

    All Hindus must unite to get rid of such termites. This is the time of Kaliyuga when such termites are out in open and the wise Hindus must do the pest control and finish these termites.

    • Vijay Makhija says:

      Our ancient sages had already predicted that in Kaliyuga the gap between good and bad will become so narrow that the biggest cheats will roam around in garb of holy men.

  • Jsk
    I am shocked to read abt your revelation of setuu. Org.i am still confused i saw u tube in c wich some South indian channel has declared that hanamsnji arrives that place of srilanka and also meet tribal people. I dont understand whats fact

    • Radhe Radhe Kishor ji,

      All the FAKE PROPAGANDA of scamster Setuu.org has no connection to any of the Hinduism books. All the FAKE mantras are made by them while drinking alcohol and marijuana to fool innocent Kaliyugi Hindus. The fraud of bhakti here is so huge among naive Hindus that even dirty muslim babas are made god in India. So DO NOT BE SHOCKED on revelations of fraudster setuu.org.

      Be a proud Hindu, believe in our culture, traditions and time proven truths; including Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat and histories of ancient India.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Wht abt TV channel why they are endorsing setu

        • Radhe Radhe Kishor ji,

          Which stupid TV channel is endorsing .. either it will be paid or not well researched reporting…they are committing sin or you are making up stories. Please share the link and video post here.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    • Lifeofalie says:

      Not only fake, it is a dangerous organisation. I can prove it too. They are threatening people, creating fear in name of God. I’ve some proof you’ll be shocked to see. Connect to me Instagram @life_of_a_lie

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…the correct definition of santana dharma(Hinduism)….how we can identify that we are doing our correct karma and we can do others karma?….you said elevating our soul means uplift to upper lokhas,so how we can birth in the same world as per the cycles of 84 lakhs….sadhus,sanyasi are left their karma to attain god,i know that their are pious human beings…but how they are take part in maintan the balance of 3 gunas of the world and protect dharma……..

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      There are hundreds of definitions of Sanatan Dharma. The simplest one for Grihasth Ashramis is leading the life of a human who respects nature, elders and animals without harming or punishing others provided these (others) do not harm nature, people or animal.

      Good karma is the karma of performing deeds without attaching to the fruits of it. Selfless deeds is not possible for people who are part of this material world (where they are connected with family, friends and well-wishers), to fulfill their wishes they become unethical and unkarmic (karma of negative deeds and selfishness).

      Birth/Death cycles of 84 lakh Yonis lead to human form. It takes millions of years to regain human form. Some of the times, depending on the Karma of human life, hundreds of rebirths occur in the same yoni thereby extending the reach towards human form.

      If you are seriously thinking of elevating your soul to upper lokas in present life then there is only one way out (if you are not married then) you can renounce world and deeply get immersed in the bhakti of Shree Krishna or Bhagwan Shiv. You have to renounce your family connections and change all your existence and consider your new tapasvi life as the new birth of yours. It is very hard and years of strict penance driven process help you in getting closer to Bhagwan.

      If you are married and you have elder parents to take care of then ignoring your duties towards them will be a sin. Doing bhakti for moksha is also selfish bhakti as you attached fruit (moksha in this case) towards your bhakti.

      The choice is yours what form of life you want to choose Grihasth Jeevan or as a Brahmachari Sadhu.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…..what is correct meaning of santana dharma…and the defination symbol of ॐ in some sites there are different types of defination(for ex.three lines are three gods,the moon like symbol is maya,upper dot is parabrahmam)which is correct….and finally there are some questions left without answering for so many days in the post below(where mohammad ghazni)….it is my request you to rectify this type of errors which made the readers to arise the truthness of the post and the website……..

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      All are correct definitions of ॐ

      Also would request you to repost the question here, apologies if we have missed any.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…..as you said scared sound om created all but as per science a small dot of light from there a universe is enlarged…..so there is a light which takes part in the creation of universe how the sound om part in creating the universe….my question is simple as per bagavat gita verses 9.17 & 17.24 states that “i am the father of all & om was created by me” …..as per that when we simply praying in the front image of supreme god krishna also(not mantra & puja) why we use om before him….why we not including om when we chanting jey sriram & hara hara mahadev……………???

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      Please do not get confused between OM and Shree Krishna. Remember Bhagwan is omnipresent and creator/maintainer/destroyer in every form. He is also OM and nirakar roop.

      Secondly, there are various mantras even simply chanting राम generates pious energy and conveys to Shree Hanuman Ji that Rambhakt is remembering his Bhagwan. And merciful Hanuman Ji himself comes forward to help the Rambhakts.

      Remember one thing for sure, that the names of Bhagwan itself is presence of Bhagwan – कृष्ण, शिव, राम – these are Bhagwan in the form of WORDS for us.

      When someone says राम he or she is actually referring to the Bhagwan which is residing in the word while remembering his image. The Shabd and mantras mentioned in Vedas are actually different forms of truth and presence of Bhagwan.

      You can chant any Vedic or Puranic mantra. Do not dwell into the confusion of mantras. You can chant any vedic mantra as per your belief on the Bhagwan (or his demigods). All Vedic and Beej mantras are meaningful and connect to Devi/Devtas.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother….you have said that om or aum is nirkar roop of bagawan(formless) and idol(form) is sarkar roop of bagawan…..so that when we are pray in the front of the idol form of bagawan with praying his name(ex.swamyae saranam ayyappa) it is necessary to use om or aum before its name……why all the sarkar roop(form) particles reacting om or aum……so sound created the universe or light created it……you have said in the early post pray in the early morning with the image of symbol om in front of you positive energy will increase….we should pray with chanting favourite god name or idol image of god in our mind???….please explain detailed….

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      Sacred sound OM created everything. The mantra given in Vedas and Purans start with OM. Only those mantras which start with OM are pious and powerful. So you can recite the mantras of Bhagwan which starts with OM.

      You have to think about OM while reciting OM mantra in the morning.

      The dyan and puja of image of Bhagwan (and his demigods) can be done according to the Puja Vidhi as it is Saakar Roop of Bhagwan.

      Only OM mantra can be recited with dhyan.

      However if you want to dhyan Bhagwan Krishna (Shree Vishnu) in the morning, remember his image in mind, then you can recite ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय (OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYA) mantra in one mala (108 times). Even reciting this mantra generates positive energy.

      Jai Shree Krishna

  • gaurav.punj says:

    एक उर्दू शब्द ।
    कल धर्म चर्चा के दौरान एक मुस्लिम मित्र ने कटाक्ष किया कि हिंदुस्तान जिंदाबाद के नारे में जिंदाबाद तो उर्दू शब्द है । जिसका सहारा आपको लेना पड़ रहा है क्यों ??
    मैने जबाब दिया — शब्दों में मत उलझिये । वरना बुरी तरह फंस जायेंगे । आपके अरबी में संस्कृत शब्दों की भरमार है बल्कि अपना कुछ भी नही मिलेगा गर जड़ खोजोगे । मसलन …
    इस्लाम = ईश + लाम ( एक संस्कृत शब्द युग्म ही है , जिसका अर्थ ईश्वर में समर्पण होता है ।
    बकरीद = बकर+ईड ( बकर यानि गाय और इड यानी पूजा , बकरीद गो पूजा का दिन है )
    रामदान = राम +दान (जिसे हिंदुस्तानी मुस्लिम रमजान कहते है , पुराणों के अनुसार अधिमास के इष्ट श्री राम के दाम पूण्य का महीना होता है )
    शबेरात= शिवरात्रि का अपभ्रंस है
    पैगम्बर =प्रत + गत+अम्बर ( जो आसमान से उतरा हो ।
    नबी =नभ् से बना
    आल्ला = देवी का नाम हे
    या अल्लाह = में प्रयुक्त ^या^ भी हमारे देवी के मन्त्रो से लिया गया । जैसे या देवी सर्वभूतेषु …
    नमाज= नमन झुकना के अर्थ से है
    मक्का = मख: यानी यज्ञ
    मदीना = भूमि
    जैसे कई कई शब्दों का सीधा सीधा जुड़ाव संस्कृत से है । यँहा तक कि खुद अरब शब्द भी संस्कृत से आया है ।
    —- और जँहा तक रही उर्दू की बात , उर्दू अस्तित्व में कैसे आई या हिंदी में उर्दू शब्द कैसे आये ??
    इसका कारन ये है जब मुगल शासक हिन्दू लोगो को गुलाम बनाकर अरब ले जा रही थे । जिनकी संख्या बहुत बड़ी होती थी तो उनको अरबी बोलने को मजबूर किया गया । लेकिन वो न पूरी तरह से हिंदी बोल पाये न अरबी और तब दोनों भाषा के मिशन से नई बोली ने जन्म लिया वो थी उर्दू ।
    उर्दू कोई भाषा नही है । बल्कि हिंदी अरबी भाषा का ही मिश्रण है और इसी कारन हिंदी में भी कई उर्दू शब्द आ गए ।

    • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

      Bahut Sunder Vaad prastoot kiya hai aapne. Aapne sahi tarah se apne facts ko rakha. But no mughal was able to take Hindus as slaves back to arab as mentioned by you. Arabs were idol worshipers because Hindus taught them the culture of Vedic puja. Long before mughals came into existence. Mohammed and his uncle were himself Hindu, but mohammed’s greed to loot and become proxy god made him and his wife devise a cult called islam.

      Sanskrit is perfect.

      No language in the world is pure and scientific but Sanskrit. Arabi, english vocabularies and number system emerged from Sanskrit and old Hindi.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • gaurav.punj says:

        thanks bhai ,,,

        yeah true said but islam bhi hindu ka roop ha but kuch log ulte or khrab hain but mai allah ke name par gali ni deta… allah devi ka name hain….jo bharat mai per baba ka birth hua , lord jhulelal, ramdev per, guru nanak dev ji jo sahi raste pe chal rahe the

        • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

          It is all about Bhav and not the word. Do not ever respect the word. When mlecchas say allah they mean anti-god which considers each non-muslim as kafir.

          So when someone criticizes allah (anti-god), he or she is not criticizing the word but the ill-intent/anti-humanity of the muslims which is in the form of anti-god.

          A ‘word’ cannot be respected or degraded. So you are open to rightly criticize the evil teachings of allah or islam.

          Jai Shree Krishn

  • I was reading such a beautiful post about Haribhakt Vimlaa and how I landed on such a negative post? Dear Haribhakts, we spread only love and Bhakti. Why such negativity? Hare Krishna.

    • Radhe Radhe Manisha Ji,

      We are creating a dedicated website to address all such issues. We understand your concerns. That was the last likewise post on our website.

      We will continue to compose articles which are liked by majority of our readers.

      We appreciate your honest feedback.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Radhe Radhe Ji,

        Meanwhile I was reading this Shri Hanuman website. Yes, It is wrong to project Shri Hanuman as supreme. Only Shri Krishn is supreme. But this does not seem like any christian propaganda. My husband is a Swayamsevak and I understand missionaries very well.

        We Haridasas understand that Shri Krishn is supreme and we can communicate with Him directly but there are millions of people out there who are not as spiritually evolved as we are. If Bhakti of Shri Hanuman provides them a ladder to reach Shri Krishn, we should appreciate it. Sri Lanka has become a Buddhist country but it is part of Akhand Bharat. There are many organizations working under umbrella of Sangh to realize the dream of Akhand Bharat. If this Sri Lankan organization is discovering the ancient Hindu roots in indigenous tribes of Sri Lanka, then it should be welcome. It must be happening under supervision of Dharm Sansad. Muslims ruled us for more than 700 years only because we Hindus were fighting with each other. Now Sangh has brought all Hindu belief systems under one flag. We Hindus must forget our ideological differences and stand united.

        Thank you for all the beautiful posts.

        Hare Krishn.

        • Radhe Radhe Manisha Ji,

          We know RSS and other such Hindu orgs are actually pillars of culture and wisdom of India. There is no other platform which protects Hindu ethos and unity. We ourselves are associated with many such esteem orgs.

          But Manisha Ji the Setuu Org devised concocted tales to generate lakhs of donations from gullible, innocent Hindus (still generating). We all should come forward and spread awareness wherever there are attempts to use fraudulent means to scam money from our brothers and sisters.

          The fraud setuu org is having two pronged attacks, first demeaning Hanuman Ji and our Devi Devtas with fake tales. Second, scamming money from Hindus.

          How would a christian missionary feel if we say ‘Jesus fell down on the gutter drinking alcohol like a drunkard’ faking the stories of Bible!

          Please think it over. And yes setuu org is managed by christian missionaries. We have ample proofs of it based on the research, we have done on them.

          Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother….this is my second time request to change the language of the website topics as per thier known languages(especially tamil)…..beacuse it is easy to reach also an uneducated people……..and also usefull to share these topics in their own social messanger like facebook,twitter,etc to their own or known language….and it also very important to spread the truth like an lie dravidan and aryan race lands like tamil nadu……

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      We will be releasing website which will have at least few of the major regional languages of India.

      Jai Shree Krishn