Hadi Rani, Brave Hindu Girl and Her Sacrifice for Motherland

Hindus were forced to make heroes out of Congressi thugs and characterless personalities. History books written by darbari historians exaggerated hiding truth about dirty past of Indian leaders. These leaders were falsely made idol personalities. Comparison with a brave Hindu girl is not drawn here, the context is given of an Indian leader to unearth the truth that making such dirty personalities as leaders would immensely impact our indigenous culture and tradition. And we should immediately STOP IDOLIZING FALSE LEADERS.

Indira Gandhi (Maimuna Begum**) is most overstated leader of India. She never deserved the attention and respect that was unnecessarily granted to her. It happened due to veiling and banning books that disclosed truth about Indira Gandhi.

After Rajiv’s birth, Indira Gandhi and Feroze Khan (wrongly populated as a Parsi by Congress but he was a muslim, he was buried unlike sending to Dakhma)  lived separately. K. N. Rao in his book states that the second son of Indira (or Mrs. Feroze Khan) known as Sanjay Gandhi (Sanjiv Khan) was not the son of Feroze Gandhi. He was the son of another Muslim associate of Indira Maimuna Begum named Mohammad Yunus. That is why Sanjiv Khan aka Sanjay Gandhi’s marriage with the Sikh girl Maneka Singh Anand took place in Mohammad Yunus’ house in New Delhi. Being staunch muslim, Yunus was unhappy with the marriage as he wanted to get his son to marry a Muslim girl of his choice.

Later, Mohammad Yunus cried the most when Sanjay Gandhi died in plane crash. In his biography, Yunus himself admitted that baby Sanjay was circumcised following Islamic custom. It is a fact that Sanjay Gandhi used to constantly blackmail his mother Indira Gandhi, with the secret of who his real father was. Sanjay exercised a deep emotional control over his mother, which he often misused.

Has Karma have it, Indira Khan was paying for adultery she committed cheating Feroze Khan. As a child she was a brat and was caught doing shameless naughty acts, after strict warnings to avoid other children from adopting her dirty behavior, she was forcibly removed from Shanti Niketan by Tagore himself.

Indira Gandhi left with no choice, ignored dictatorial misdeeds of her son who was indirectly controlling the Government. When the news of Sanjay Gandhi’s death reached Indira Gandhi, her first question was “Where are his keys and his wrist watch?”. Some dirty secrets about the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty seems to be hidden in those objects. The plane accident was also mysterious. It was a new plane that nosedive to a crash and yet the plane did not explode upon impact. It happens when there is no fuel. But the flight register shows that the fuel tank was made full before take-off. Indira Gandhi using undue influence of PM’s office prohibited any inquiry from taking place. The case of killing of Sanjiv Khan was closed by Indira Maimuna Begum indefinitely.

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A book written by Katherine Frank, include interviews of old hands of british monarch and congress leaders to reveal filthy information that threw light on some of Indira Gandhi’s other adulterous acts and illicit affairs. It is written that Indira’s first love was with her German teacher at Shanti Niketan – her picture was removed from the hall of fame of Shanti Niketan before they were forcefully inserted – because she was caught doing act with her German teacher. Later she had affairs with M. O. Mathai (father’s secretary), then Dhirendra Brahmachari (her yoga teacher) and at last with Dinesh Singh (Foreign Minister).

Mohammed Yunus admitted that Indira Khan had higher s*xual drives and was a great s*x partner, he parted ways with her when she cheated on him after 12 years of a steamy affair.

India Gandhi is not even comparable to the dirt of the toe-nail of patriot Hadi Rani we are about to discuss here. It is important to give you context about dismal past of overrated leaders of India so that real heroes are given due respect by our generations – replacing idols of thuggery, corruption and adultery. At one side you have traitor muslim Indira Khan who paid tribute to the terrorist Babar, other side you have epitome of bravery and sacrifice the great Hadi Rani. You justly decide who should have been made idol of India after knowing about Great Hadi Rani.

babur tribute maimuna indira gandhi anti-Hindu congress

Hadi Rani, A Brave Hindu Queen

Hadi Rani, An Inspiration for Hindu Girls

Indira Maimuna Begum is Not even Worth of Being a Daasi of Brave Hadi Rani of Mewar

Hadi Rani was a daughter of Hada Rajput married to Chundawat Chieftain of Salumbar, Mewar who sacrificed herself to motivate her husband to go to the War – that too when she was very young (20 years) and married just a week ago. The historical account is heart touching and inspiring – it will surely fire up your veins with emotions of pride and sacrifice for the country.

This sacrifice is a tight slap on the farce leaders who ruin our country for lust, greed and power.

When Maharana Raj Singh I (1653–1680) of Mewar called his son to join the battle against terrorist Aurangzeb, the Sardar, having married only a few days earlier hesitated about going into battle. Due to marching of muslim army, Chundawat Sardar was busy in preparation of War, he hardly had time to spend with his wife Hadi Rani. Being young and attracted to his beautiful wife he had mixed emotions in his mind, he was deeply saddened that he have to leave his wife and fight war.

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Hadi Rani Fearless, Brave Hindu Girl, Wife and Daughter

It is hard to imagine how he would have conveyed a message to his wife that he is not willing to leave her. For a brave Hindu Sardar it is like demeaning pride of his land and expertise of his weaponry skills, it’s better to die than submit to the enemy of state.

Hadi Rani was bought up by her parents teaching about morality and ethics from ancient History of India – Ramayan and Purans. She acquired weaponry skills. She was told about great past of Hindu Kings and Queens like Prithviraj Chauhan, Rani Padmini and Maharana Pratap. She was made aware of the blunders of past history through ancient knowledge of Mahabharat. She became intelligent, brave and courageous Hindu girl who had pride on history and culture of her land more than anything else in the world.

Protection of culture and Pride of land is always prime at any cost of sacrifice. Rajput honour being what it is, Hindu Sardar had to join the battle regardless of his reservations. He was still confused and openly asked his wife Hadi Rani for some memento to take with him to the battlefield so that he can feel she is with him in a symbolic form. He also gave her ring to remember about him when he fight the enemy.

Veerangna Hadi Rani Sacrificed for Bharat

Sacrifice of Hadi Rani

Hadi Rani Offered Her Life for Motherland

Hadi Rani was a fearless Kshatriyani (क्षत्रियाणी) she knew securing future of people and land is more important than material love. After all, every soldier fighting in the army is facing muslim enemy leaving her wife and family behind. They are combating to devoid the place from demonic mlecchas like Aurangzeb.

Thinking that she was an obstacle to her husband’s duty for Mewar, his focus on her would be a distraction factor to fight in war, she cut off her head and put it on a plate in her dying moments. The lasting momento she presented to her husband. Her lifeless face had a glow of pride for sacrificing her life to the state so that her husband’s mind is not distracted on her beauty and love. The renunciation for protecting land and people opened eyes of the Sardar. He got clear message from the Hadi Rani that he is a warrior and fighting bravely without diversion is his forthright duty above all.

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A servant covered it with a cloth and presented it to her husband. The Sardar, devastated but nevertheless proud, tied the memento around his neck by the hairs. Taking immense inspiration and thinking only about winning war, he fought very bravely, making the terrorist Aurangzeb forces flee. After his victory he paid obeisance to lifeless body of Hadi Rani as if gifting her the victory that he secured fighting ferociously. Then he got to his knees and cut his own neck, having lost the desire to live. He sacrificed his life remembering his patriot wife Hadi Rani but not without flying flag of victory over Mewar.

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The Chundawat chieftain deeply loved his wife Hadi Rani. Her anticipation on his distraction was never wrong. She made him win war by sacrificing herself. She proved to be right when the Chieftain laid down his own life, for his immense love towards her.

Hadi Rani, Hindu woman's love for Bharat and Mother land is inspiration for youth of India

**1) The Nehru Dynasty by K. N. Rao, 2) Persons, Passions & Politics by Mohammed Yunus and 3) The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi by Katherine Frank

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