Kill Muslim Radicals islamic terrorist neighbours murder mohammedan slaves

The best sight and experience for any revenger is to see warm blood oozing from the body of enemy as he or she feels it with own hands. That warmth slowly cools down the burning rage that was heating within giving sleepless nights and consistent urge to finish off the enemy without giving it any passage of survival. Focus is the key to successfully execute enemy. To keep always in mind to finish off all enemies – no surviving family members and servants.

Brave warrior never keep loose ends open – No age or gender barrier – merciless brutality is survival of the fittest when you are surrounded by the rivals that are indoctrinated to hate and kill since inception of their birth. Their formative years, their primitive culture, their cult book and their all teachings have only message – OBEY MY SATANIC ENTITY, SUBMIT TO IT OR DIE Because you are a non-believer/kafir/infidel. This doctrine itself is in violation of civil laws but this is allowed in abrahamised Constitution of India in the guise of farce called Religion – a biggest hoax created for humanity to fool and control humans.

Sar Tan Se Juda quranic doctrine has killed millions of Hindus since the formation of satanic cult islam and continues to kill Hindus even today in rotten and bastardised democracy of India that follows plagiarised and failed doctrine of western concepts based 1Constitution. Tan Tan Se Juda is the most effective Answer to Sar Tan Se Juda of Mlecchas. Tan Tan Se Juda has corrective gruesomeness of getting body cut into two pieces slowly from forehead to nostrils to lips to neck to chest to abdomen and to the private part in the effective method that sends repulsive message to the enemies.

Over 120 crores of Hindus were killed in last 1000 years, this shows that even if only 40% of those Hindus would have married and had given birth to only one child, Hindu population today would have been at least 300 crores. That would have made this world easily connect with Vedic message of Universal consciousness unlike conversion to cult/religion that is done by abrahamic sects today, to divide humanity between humans and cult believers. World today needs to connect to cosmic consciousness not filth of converting to ONE BOOK cult slavery. Hindu Dharma would have largest followers in this world. But satanic islam in promotion to evility ruined many core principles of Vedic Hindus and reduced their population through series of islamic terrorism activites under zoophilic mughals.

[Note 1: Constitution – What stands out in this instance is how quickly—141 days—the “Draft Constitution” was created. Yes, the future and present of Hindus were decided in mere 141 days that too in a bastardised way. The British Government of India Act, 1935, which was copied into the Constitution, contains a number of characteristics that were shamelessly plagiarised from the acts of British invasion regime. The 141 days were spent on debates – what to maintain and eliminate from the Constitution 1935 act. There were no inclusion of Dharmic, Hinduised, or regional standards. Up until now, everything has been foreign and western in this so called largest democracy of the world’s Constitution. Even the changes that have been made over the past 75 years have all included foreign ideas intended to further obliterate India and liberate it from Hindu Dharma and Hindu people.]

Self Protection is Divine Law, Above All Manmade Laws

Hindus lacking Dharmic staunchness is pardonable but Hindus lacking purest emotion of Revenge is unpardonable. This is the main reason of Hindus losing entire Akhand Bharat to 14 different nations. Demonic GANDhi’s non-violence was easily accepted by Hindus because they lost the urge to TAKE REVENGE. In any other country Duratma GANDhi type politician would have been thrashed publicly for weakening Hindu aggression but in Bharat, credulous Hindus unofficially called him Father of Nation and let him take decision on the pious land that was protected by Bhagwan Krishna provided the natives fight back to take revenge.

It has happened million times however citing one recent example is enough, 1990 Kashmiri Hindu Genocide are completely ignored by all *Political Parties and common Hindus. Firstly, when over 30,000 Kashmiri Hindus were killed and over 7 lakhs were forced to leave their properties and business by their neighbourhood terrorist muslims, why Hindus of all over Bharat did not took REVENGE by giving same treatment to Muslims in their neighbourhood. Moreover, when Kashmiri Muslims migrated to different cities for job and business, Hindus did not boycott or thrashed them in retaliation. Why allow Kashmiri Muslims to settle in other parts of Bharat when these pigborn bastards were involved in killing, raping and looting Hindu men and women. These two major sins of Hindus from REST OF INDIA did not give justice to Kashmiri Hindus. And we all have those sins on our heads of submitting to radical muslims and satanic cult islam.

*Political Parties – On the contrary, all parties were involved in this Genocide along with local Muslims. Some were actively involved others were passively silent to let it happen.

Kill Radical Muslims To Stop Bharat from Becoming ISIS State

Today, this rotten democracy is not controlled by muslims but still they are killing openly, spitting on the face of government, law and abrahamised constitution. And when they start controlling the government, this is what happens to Hindus, Kafirs and non-believers. This already happened under mughal terrorism of islamists. Are you ready to face this fate or prepared to fight back not to reach this status (the fate as shown in Graphic video below).

Viewer discretion is highly recommended.

Future of Hindus in Sharia Law (Taliban and Islamic State Laws)

Not to forget they will take underage Hindu girls and women for mass raping and line up Hindu men for killing as shown in the video. Raping videos of muslim terrorists is unbearable and cannot be shared in this site, hope this video itself is enough to awaken your conscience and to acknowledge the TRUTH that non-retaliation could lead to more killings of Hindus and ultimately flagship of islamic state in Bharat. Almost daily few Hindu women are gang raped and Hindu men are killed by the radical muslims, only fractional of the Hindu killings are highlighted in media and social networks (provided the dead body is of a political party worker) otherwise daily genocides of Hindus are completely ignored. This further encourages radical muslims to upscale their satanic killings to please satan Allah and Shukracharya’s negative forces. This is just the precursor to what will happen in next few months.

It was never fault of likes of GANDhi or any political party – they are all blood sucking pisachas of Kaliyug, they feast on dead bodies of Hindus for votes and islamic appeasement for global validation. It is always blunder of the Hindu society that they ignored the best gift of survival given to humanity (and even to other creatures) by Prakriti – the basic trait to TAKE REVENGE. In entire history of mankind, from Satyug to present Kaliyug, morality survived after taking bloodiest of revenges. Bhagwan Narsimha, Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishna took revenge and terminated millions of Adharmic mlecchas. No Revenge means No Humanity or Mankind would have sustained. Hindus think outsourcing to corrupt governments their personal safety, family protection and their women pride would prolong their life. This thinking alone is making Hindus weak and cowards. Revenge or perish.

Dharma is Eternal. Either YOU ARE GOOD AND RIGHTEOUS or You Follow Evility. Religion or Cult is not Dharma. It is following a set doctrine and caged life of a BELIEVER of confined rules like slaves. Humans are not slaves. They have soul that is ETERNAL, FREE FROM CLUTCHES of manmade norms and ABOVE these set rules.

Revenge is Purest Emotion Hindus Must Take Revenge Mahabharat

Why Killing Negative Forces is Necessary for Humanity?

In some advance level Tantric Vidya, Tantrics use enemy blood to bathe deities. This may sound brutal to some but it is not so, blood is a life source and gives energy to negative forces. While bloodless Yagna strengthens positive forces, the blood dripping sacrifices of positive people done by mlecchas feed negative forces. However what Tantrics do is actually diminishing power of negative forces by bathing deities with blood of negative people. Annihilation of negative people is resurrection of Dharma. This is done in utmost secrecy however this Vidya has negligible impact compared to genocide of millions of negative people.

First kill is difficult for some. But this first kill itself makes it easy to repeat the task and make a warrior out of you. Trust bravery, use every trick to use your sword/axe/hammer/knife/rod/scissor to kill enemies. Gopal Patha ji while slicing throats of terrorist muslims said, “if they kill 1 you kill 10 of them, that is how you kill terrorists and muslim radicals.” This is also set principle in making mlecchas bow down before you; Find them, take them out, then go on to the next adversary. Continue doing this until all of your enemies have died. Never befooled by their peace treaty. Evility seeks peace to regain power and retaliate, remember what they did with Prithviraj Chauhan when he pardoned terrorist Ghori. Termination of all enemies is the only solution for survival. When you kill an enemy you do not kill a kid or a woman or a man, you kill an entity – YOUR ENEMY.

If You Do Not Kill, You Will Be Another Victim of Sar Tan Se Juda and Fake Victimhood Claim About Blasphemy of Biggest Blasphemer of All, Mohammad, Whose Doctrine Killed Millions and Destroyed Lakhs of Temples and Churches.

Acharya Chanakya advised being careful so that you could keep an eye on the enemy’s every move before launching your initial assault. The best kind of defence is offence. Waiting for the enemy to attack deliver loss and immense harm. Here, Takshak method of offensive attack is also a great lesson for Hindus.

According to commons library of UK parliament, “In 2019–20, using a sharp object to cause death was the most popular technique (40% of total kills). Both male and female victims were killed using this method the most frequently (44% and 27%, respectively). For females, strangulation and asphyxiation were the next most frequent causes of death (31 out of 188 victims).”

Mayic World: What You Kill is Already Dead, Do Not Remorse!

We are living in a Mayic three dimensional plane that comprises of Past, Present and Future. There are more types of Kaal and non-linear time scales unknown to us. According to Yog Vashishtha, the Mayic negative creatures killed as a single entity or in millions do not hamper procreation of human race. Because this entire world and Universe is actually a dream and maansik creation. However whatever happens within this manifested creation do impact beings born within it. That is why life of innocent people is harmed when negative forces rise.

The three dimensional beings only know about Past, Present and Future (even future events is known to only true Yogis). Vedic physics states that our universe’s interior space is multi-dimensional. Each of the 64 primary dimensions is further subdivided into several smaller dimensions. The only regions of global reality that are accessible to the senses of earthlings are those that they can see in the three dimensions. To access all other dimensions you have to raise your consciousness and do deep Yog Sadhna.

This is about our Universe but Yog Vashishtha also talks about Multiverse. Multiples of Universes beyond our Universes. And those Universes have another set of different dimensions so we are in a manifestation phase that deals with infinite dimensions, interplanetary travel, multiverse quantum trip and imperceptible interactions. Taking reference from Gyan given by Rishi Vashishtha, several physicists are now calling them massive ocean of Universes in the Multiverse.

In reality, Bagwan resides in future, millions of human years ahead and only his reflection guides us in present age (which is actually past for Bhagwan). We all are dead according to Bhagwan since we are primitive and staying in past, we see ourselves as alive. That is why killing one negative person or millions of negative people does not cause harm to Karmic actions of the warrior who kills them. Ultimately, all warriors of Mahabharat went to heaven for fighting and diminishing negative people around.

Whatever Kauravas did in the past actually helped in annihilation of negative forces, and whatever remnants of Kauravas are doing with their present creation islam (and other such cults) would ultimately cause decimation of islamists and 2Satanic forces. There is complicated science behind all of this conflicts. The dripping blood that we see is just fluid comprising with some chemicals but what is not visible to naked eyes of three dimensional beings is the LIFE SOURCE.

[Note 2: Satanic forces that control shadow and pretentiously polled (staged) governments in all countries (No nation is free from them) tried to contaminate blood of people with farcical vaccination drive but they will never win because they CANNOT CHANGE THIS LIFE FORCE. They can try to alter DNA, genes but each DNA molecule and gene has positive invisible eternal energy that will regain its naturality after some months or years and generations (in rare cases). No negative force can EVER kill Humanity. They can kill millions of people by poisoning, contaminating water, through gas or toxic vaccination. But demise of Humanity is Never happening. Physical features may change but core DNA and gene remains unchanged due to their immortal eternal sub-energies controlling them.]

Vedas Subtle Bodies Chakras of Human Body Hindu Science

Our soul, body and its internal parts have several layers. The fragmented invisible layers or collation of them – all of them connects to the cosmic consciousness otherwise our physical body cannot sustain or function in this Mayic world. Our physical body parts can only function when this layers are present within and around the body. Visible layers are known as physical body parts but invisible subtle body parts are original source of existence. Each cell has an invisible layer to it. When a cell dies, this layer help in creating another new cell. The invisible source does accumulation and recreation but cannot be annihilated. Similarly blood when spilled from the body of the victim to feed negative forces, like it is done in farcical blasphemy of Shukracharya served Pisacha’s slave Mohammad in Sar Tan Se Juda type satanic ritual, the flow of blood seems drained but it is not so – the negative forces feed on subtle energy of the blood. This strengthens the negative forces. Then negative spirits and forces enlarge the circumference of destruction. They encourage negative people like radical muslims to execute more killings. Muslims are under hallucination of spell bounding dark energies written doctrine Quran – to kill other humans deeming them Kafirs – even after shamelessly enjoying their brace, inventions and money support. That is why when 1 pious victim is sacrificed by mlecchas to feed negative forces, to balance the equilibrium of nature, repulsive sacrifices is needed that could be 1:10 ratio or a massacre of Mahabharat level to completely wipe off one of the root sources of the evility feeders. This way all negative forces and spirits lose power and Dharma is established. If the retaliation is not done on massive scale, the negative forces encapsulate entire region then state and nation to turn it into satanic Asura’s hell hole like cult islam’s present Afghanistan (Gandhara) or Iraq (Pahlava) – these were beaming with Vedic culture and Hindu population. Invasion of satanic cult islam destroyed them.

Our physical Universe is manifested by two core energies; positive and negative forces. This conflict continues, for positive energy to win, negative energy has to cease. Other forms of invisible manifestations within our Universe do not have such conflicts. Negative energy cannot enter them. Peace and harmony prevails. But in Earth, we have to fight back to maintain positivity in the atmosphere so that peace permeates everywhere. The clash between positive and negative forces would never stop in this Earth. According to Mahabharat, mrityulok is made on the basis of same conflict so positive people will have to terminate negative people to exist.

Dharmic Hindu Positive Person Source of Positive Energy

The cycle of destruction is reversed when negative people are killed mercilessly to weaken negative energy forces.

The Cycle of accumulation of energies for negative spirits is explained in simplified manner:

Negative People ➜ Kill Positive People ➜ Feed Negative Spirits/Forces ➜ Establish Satanic Rule

The Reverse Cycle is releasing of these energies by killing negative people and make it peaceful existence:

Positive People ➜ Kill Negative People ➜ Release Negative Spirits/Forces To Voidness ➜ Destroy Negative Forces Source of Feeders ➜ Establish Dharma and Harmony for Nature to Sustain ➜ Universal Consciousness

Artificial famine, earthquake, terrorism and flood are time and again preferred by negative people to feed their Demonic anti-Gods Like Satan or Allah. Remember, Satan or Allah are fabricated creations to mentally program the cult believers, they are used as a MEDIUM to feed millions of negative forces and spirits who restlessly roam around across interdimensional planets including Earth. No blood or sacrifice is consumed by Satan or Allah.

Tantrics who want to balance the nature and keep negative forces under control perform sacrificial rituals of slaying negative person then symbolically use that blood to bath the deity and also do Rakt Snan to diminish power of negative spirits. When muslim terrorists slaughter Kafirs or Hindus they fulfil demonic doctrine given in terrorism manual Quran. They feed negative forces of Shukracharya who is mentor of all negative sources including his Pisacha’s creation satanic devil Allah. There is no substitute to massive retaliation on this blood thirsty negative people who sacrifice millions of goats to further strengthen their demon Allah but indirectly feed negative forces and Pisachas through satanic rituals of Eid etc.

Hindu girl Become Maa Kali to slaughter neighbourhood adharmic muslim terrorists

The subtle energy from the blood of animals are of low discernment to strengthen and feed negative forces. However when positive humans and Gau Mata are sacrificed it surges the power of demonic forces to exponential level. There is no replacement to repulsive killing of Mlecchas, if one positive person or Gau Mata [feminine energy, Desi Cow not hybrid cows] is killed, to balance the loss multiples of negative people is to be killed. Reason being positive people have powerful constitution and helps in rising consciousness level across Universe. Their loss means massive loss across all dimensions within our Universe. Even natural death of a  pious and awakened person causes immense harm to consciousness level and disbalance the subtle waves that protects all living and non-living beings across planets.

Earth is core to the dimensions and planes within Universe. It is like a focal point of web and if this focal point is hampered it negatively impacts all other 400,000 human species who reside in different planes and planets in this Universe. When similarly innocent 3People are killed in millions in Genocide by satanic cults like islam, it creates massive dent and consciousness level drops drastically.

[Note 3: People – Man and Woman both, however woman is pious and have higher component of positive energy due to blessed Raj creators. Negative people mostly target this creative energy source to feed their negative forces.]

Since the dent is big, in response to millions of innocent deaths, billions of deaths of negative people is required. This is how natural balance is maintained; over 150 Crores terminated in Dwapar Yug and 70 Lakhs in Treta Yug. If there was any other option left then Bhagwan Krishna and Bhagwan Ram would have stopped this sacrifice. But when there is surge of enormous negativity, for every death of positive person at least 100 negative persons must be sacrificed otherwise the world will slowly become hell of negative people under spell of negative forces. The accumulation of negative energies has to be stopped for betterment of humanity.

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Pig Shit Eating Muslims Throw Stones on Hindu Festivals Hindus

The most realistic position of negative people like muslims is, they never remain happy in life. Because they are under spell of negative forces. They are first victims of restlessness, anxiety, fear, depression, crime, sin, greed, manipulation, rage and all negative traits that feed aura of negative forces. Gradually muslim person destroys life of his family and people around. Negative forces are like deep black hole that cannibalises their own feeders. Whatever positivity is generated by Yagna and Dhyan of the Yogis is diminished by negative forces that is why Mahabharat level massacre is required time and again to keep nature and surrounding peaceful for human race to survive.

When you stay awake you live in a 4Dream world. When you are in a deep sleep, you do not make dream within this dream world but you get connected to actual source that created this dream world. This connection is so delicate that you cannot make long contact. To make that long contact, you need Yog Sadhna.

[Note 4: Dream world – Our Universe and all planets around are actually Mayic creation. However we can connect to the sources and invisible immortal energies when we sleep or do deep dhyan (deep sleep) that connects us to the sources. That is why sleeping pattern was developed by Bhagwan so that we sleep and we sometimes connect to the actual sources. This gradually help us in doing deep meditation and later Yog Sadhna to know essence of subtle life. We are given rare human physical body to comprehend this subtlety. However negative forces and their slaves, negative people do not want the subtle energy to be known to Yogis and Hindus because it empowers positive oneness or cosmic consciousness.]

Kill Negative People Radical Muslim Termites for Peaceful Bharat World

Inspirational Kills in Hindu History

This article of HariBhakt took important contexts of Bharat history – those important incidents that changed course of history and ultimately lead to Dharma Sthapna, establishment of Dharma for humanity. Without this kills, the major turn of events was not possible and eventual annihilation of Adharmic Mlecchas would have delayed.

Dharmic vengeance or revenge is a purifying procedure that detoxifies negative forces by killing its bearer who was acting under spell of negative energy. Revenge erases the future harm planned by the evil person, using the target of vengeance as a conduit. It is more inclined toward purging and is naturally creative. It is done to eliminate threats to the environment, fellow people, and animals. For civilised beings, this retaliation restores righteousness and morality. In a way, revenge becomes an act for survival when you are surrounded by beastly people.

Bhagavad Gita guide Hindus to become a fighter like Arjun and kill enemies. Bhagwan Krishna in Bhagavad Gita clearly declares that his Haribhakts are allowed to slain enemies and help the noble cause of setting up Dharmic rule. There is no sin in killing Adharmic terrorists who are out to kill your own existence and establish evility in Bharat.

हतो वा प्राप्स्यसि स्वर्गं जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महीम्।
तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चयः।।2.37।।

भावार्थ: अगर शत्रु को मारते हुए तू मारा जायगा,
तो तुझे स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति होगी और अगर,
तू शत्रु को मार देगा तो पृथ्वी का राज्य भोगेगा।
अतः हे कुन्तीनन्दन! तू लड़ने के लिये निश्चय,
करके खड़ा हो जा, और शत्रु पर वार कर।।

Meaning: If you fight, you will either be slain and go to the celestial abodes, or you will kill enemy and enjoy the kingdom on earth. Therefore arise with determination, O son of Kunti, and be prepared to fight and kill enemy.

Bhagwan Krishn in Bhagavad Gita 2.37 Kill Enemy Swarg and Rule Earth

Maa Kaali Killing Raktbeej (Raktbija Vadh)

Raktabeej-vadh, the eighth chapter of the Devi Mahatmya, lays emphasis on Ambika’s battle with Raktabeej as a component of her conflict with the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha. When Markandeya remembers history of Maa Kali’s participation in preserving the planets and their inhabitants, the Markandeya Puran also makes mention of this historical episode.

Maa Kali Killing Drinking Blood of Raktbija Raktabeej Raktbeej

Sumbha dispatched Raktabija to battle after Dhumralochana, Chanda, and Munda perished. Raktabeej (Raktbija) was given the boon of creating another version of himself if even one drop of his blood fell on the ground. In this way, the battlefield was quickly covered by thousands of Raktabeejas. The deities become frightened. Raktabija was injured, but blood spilt on the ground spawned many other Raktabijas, making it impossible for Ambika and the Matrikas to exterminate each demon that appeared.

Several more emerge from one form of Raktbija killed. At this moment, Maa Kali was requested to join the conflict. As other mother goddesses injured Raktabija, she gathered the blood that was streaming from his body in a bowl. His clones were not able to raise up by Kali as she drank blood opening her lips after collecting his blood in the bowl. Goddess Kali absorbed all of the blood spilling from his sliced bodies in this manner. Raktabeej was finally put to death. The gods relieved. Mother Kali began to dance ferociously as a result of the blood’s intoxicating effects. Raktheshwari is another name for Mother Kali in this incarnation, who swallowed the demon’s blood to protect planets and their inhabitants.

Mother Kali several times gave boon to her devotees but same Maa Kali becomes death for such devotees who stray from the path and cause harm to innocent people. The Mamata of Maa Kali diminishes and her maternal love converts in to maternal hatred to punish the culprits. Each Hindu girl can become Maa Kali and slaughter neighbourhood adharmic love jihadis, terrorists and mlecchas in anticipation of life threatening danger. That time drinking blood was necessary to stop cloning of blessed Raktabeej however today Hindu girls can flush the bodies of mlecchas in the gutter and purify the surrounding around. Before forcefully killing using entire strength with both hands, like Maa Kali used all her hands to terminate the enemy inflicting several wounds on the bodies.

The Goddess of time, transformation, and devastation is Kali. She is the untamed, strong, and unconditional loving energy current that flows through you. The life/death/life cycle is heavily influenced by this energy, which keeps you evolving and expanding. Any devotee of Maa Kali can call upon this energy by praying to her.

Daily ॐ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः jaap of 108 times in clean environment meditating Maa Kali image can invoke Kali energy in you. In mere 21 days, you will see encouraging change in yourself. You become mentally strong and a fearless warrior.

Bhagwan Krishna NEVER SAID TO RAISE COMPENSATION on Dead Hindu Bodies AND BRIBE HINDU VICTIM Families. Do Not Weigh Pious Dead Bodies with Money. Make Hindus Habitual to Taking Revenge. He Clearly Said to Take Revenge.

Stop Hindu Dead Body Compensation Take Revenge by Killing Radical Muslims
Political party politicians are very cunning and sly. They suck blood from alive Hindus in the form of heavy taxes and fund muslim schemes, wasting Hindu money and temple wealth on mlecchas. They have developed a new habit of not even sparing dead bodies of Hindus to generate emotional sympathy and public support for themselves. They organise mass awareness campaign to polish their image and  seek money from other alive Hindus, who are future victims. Why political parties and Govts do not compensate Hindus? Party workers should be compensated by the politcal parties. Hindus are paying taxes and running economy of Bharat. What is the use of paying taxes to the govt if govt cannot compensate Hindus? There is not a single political party or a politician in Bharat who is a devout Hindu or thinks about Hindu well being. Hindus must rely on Bhagwan Krishna and Mahadev and avenge death of their loved ones or fellow Hindus (even if they belong to other city or state). This approach worked for all Hindu deities, Hindu kings, warriors and revengers perfectly. REVENGE is the solution for all problems emanating from neighbourhood islamic terrorists. Temporary buying of peace have made us lose our land and millions of our brothers and sisters. Enough of submission to compromises done by political parties for their votes and global validation. No nation takes terrorist muslims seriously, they deservingly thrash them but coward Indian politicians being puppets of elites submit to islamic terrorism.

Victim Hindu families should be encouraged to seek REVENGE and not make them lazy and greedy for money so that they forget revenge under weight of money. Such politicians are human flesh sellers and worse than scavengers. They are insulting death of Hindus. They should fund families of victims on their own and force governments to compensate. They are also mocking teachings of Bhagwan Krishna.

No minister from the government or a politician from any political party raised the issue in abrahamic Parliament about series of Hindu killings happening in fake blasphemy of bhasphemer Mohammad. All are silent on neighbourhood islamic terrorists like they were quiet during Kashmiri Hindu Genocide. Government should immediately give job to close family members with compensation of minimum ₹10 Crores. No tamasha should be done of belittling Hindu victims and their families.

Every Dead Hindu Awaits a Mahabharat-level Raktranjit Retaliation. You Request Any Genuine Tantric to Summon and Ask. You Will Know Most of Them Are Wishing This.

Bhima Killing Jarasandha

Bhagwan Krishna is always there to guide us like he instructed Bhima to kill Jarasandha. We Hindus are blessed to have selfless support of Bhagwan Krishna in all our attacks on mlecchas. We only have to do Karma of killing enemies and make Bharat terrorism free for all natives of Maa Parvati. Rest assured Bhagwan Krishna is with us to restore peace and harmony thereafter.

Mahabharat Revenging Enemy is Pious Dharma Hindu Must Kill Muslim Terrorists

Jarasandha was given the option of facing off against any aggressive opponent when Bhagwan Krishna challenged him to a combat. Bhima was chosen by Jarasandha for a duel. Jarasandha and Bhima were both skilled wrestlers and mace fighters. For several days, they fought, and neither of them wanted to give up. Jarasandha became weary after a prolonged struggle. Bhagwan Krishna then made a suggestion to Bhima that if pushed too far when exhausted, even a skilled fighter may pass away. By shredding a leaf in front of him, he gave a demonstration of it. Bhima followed the instruction and the body of Jarasandha was similarly torn apart on the fourteenth day at Krishna’s encouragement. Jarasandha was shred in half but the two pieces were thrown in the same direction so they came together again. Jarasandha again stood up to battle. This time, Krishna instructed him to fling his two body parts in opposing directions. Jarasandha was killed instantaneously as Bhima pulled him into the air and crushed his knee into Jarasandha’s spine but this time he hurled the two pieces in different directions so they couldn’t collide and merge.

Bhima tearing Jarasandha Tan se Tan Juda Krishna Blessing

This is explicit response to Sar Tan Se Juda scavengers. Bhima’s Tan Tan Se Juda had full support of Bhagwan Krishna. This clear instruction must be followed by Hindus by slicing off the body of enemy into two parts; right from middle of forehead to private part of the mleccha. Our history has all the details to retaliate and crush maggots.

Bhima Killing Dushasana

Bhima and Dushasana had a drawn-out battle. Bhima cut open his chest, devoured his blood, and practically tore his arms from his body. Even his own brother Arjuna had to be restrained by Krishna from attacking him for his despicable behaviour as he was mutilating his fallen victim while jeering and shouting abuses at him, reminding himself more than him of all the humiliation that Draupadi had endured in his hands, justifying as much to himself as to him why he should be killed like a beast, and challenging everyone else to save that miserable wretch from his clutches.

Hindus Revenge Like Bhima to Kill Love Jihadi Muslim Terrorists

The war’s one of the most horrific demise was that of Dushasana. Bhima swallowed the hot blood from Dushasana’s exposed chest in order to uphold his commitment. The bystanders who saw this horrific sight collapsed. This brutal act of Bhima greatly distressed all of the warriors who were backing the Kauravas.

If Revenge was not Pious, It Never Would Have Got Approval of Bhagwan Narsimha, Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishna. Hindus must become Pious and Become Revenger.

Draupadi was taken to the battleground by Bhima, who then covered her hair in the warm blood that was pouring from Dushasana’s severed arms as it ran down her cheeks. There was no more horrifying or repulsive death on the battlefield of Kurukshetra than this. A beast was killing its prey in a way that was far more brutal than what other monsters actually do to their prey. Nobody can become as bestial as Bhima did in the thirst for vengeance. Revenge was justifiably served to Dushasana.

Bhima Drink Blood Dushasana Revenge Draupadi Humiliation

Bhima had vowed to execute Dushasana with the utmost brutality in order to set a glaring example for other female molesters and rapists who were to become Kaliyug offenders. Ved Vyasa had clearly told in the narration while recalling his family history in the form of Mahabharat that this will become a guidance medium for Kaliyugi people. Hindus must follow the brutal act outlined by Bhima; while it is not advised to drink blood, they must at least utilise the mlecchas’ chest blood to wash the feet of the ladies of their homes who were disrespected and molested by the Jihadis before. The barbaric treatment Bhima taught to the Hindus is appropriate for stalkers and child molesters. Bear in mind that Bhagwan Krishna wholeheartedly endorsed Bhima’s deed. He never opposed to his cruel treatment of scavenger Dushasana since Krishna is aware that it is genuine Dharma to terrorise the terrorists to make future peaceful and harmonious.

 Bhima Drank Blood Then Took More Blood from Arms of Dushasana and Washed Hairs of Maa Draupadi
Bhima Drank Blood From Chest Then Took More Blood from Arms of Dushasana and Washed Hairs of Maa Draupadi

Bhima Killing Duryodhana

Bhagwan Krishna took avatar in Dwapar Yug to guide Pandavas and through them to teach  Kaliyugian people, the lessons of Mahabharat for the rest 432,000 years – though we are most fortunate the Mahabharat will exist for only first 10,000 years of Kaliyug for common people, after this it will be with very few learned Yogis. Krishna was present everywhere in Kurukshetra but still he did not attempt to kill any of the enemies of Pandavas. Instead, he instructed them to slaughter enemies in whatever possible ways deemed right for the situation. Krishna did this to teach Hindus that NO AVATAR IS COMING TO SAVE YOU, YOU HAVE TO WEAPONISE AND KILL ENEMIES. Become warrior if you want to save yourself. Hindus by relying on police, law and government for their protection from terrorist muslims are actually insulting great life-saving recommendations of Bhagwan Krishna that he gave to all of us in Bhagavad Gita.

Duryodhana went to meditate at a lake on the eighteenth day of the biggest nuclear war the world had ever seen. His army lost major warriors except himself, Ashwatthama, Kripa, and Kritvarma. Duryodhana informed the Pandavas and Krishna that he planned to give them the kingdom and go into the forest when they ultimately discovered him. By reminding him that Hastinapur was not Duryodhana’s to give, Yudhishthira turned down the offer. Instead, he proposed that Duryodhana choose any of the Pandava brothers to engage in a one-on-one battle with, and the winner would be declared the war’s victor. This was done to heed the Duryodhana’s condition as he was exhausted seeing bloodshed and was in deep sorrow.

Duryodhana chose his adversary Bhima despite his supposed advantage over Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakula, or Sahadeva with the gada skill (mace fight). Bhima though physically was very strong, Duryodhana had an edge of practising for 13 years continuously while Pandavas were in exile and did not get proper training gears to practice weaponry skills. His dedication to further improve mace skills to kill Bhima one day, superseded all other desires. After a protracted and bloody combat between the two, Balarama trained Duryodhana, started to wear Bhima down and nearly caused Bhima to pass out.

Bhima kill duryodhana mace hit his thighs

Krishna, who was watching the altercation, cried out to Bhima at this moment and gave him the go-ahead by repeatedly smacking his own thigh with his hand. As expected, Bhima was reminded of a vow he had made to crush Duryodhana’s thighs following the dice game. Duryodhana was fatally wounded when Bhima assaulted him with his mace and hit him in the thigh. Duryodhana complained that he was injured unfairly since it was forbidden to assault below the waist in a mace combat after Bhima denigratingly kicked his face.

Bhima thought back to the severe slander and attempted molestation directed at Draupadi. He brought up the taunts directed against Draupadi to Duryodhana. Bhima never forgot how Duryodhana commanded Draupadi angrily to sit on his left thigh before showing and stroking it to mock her. Duryodhana then ordered Dushashan to strip Draupadi, when she refused to follow his command.

While angrily laughing at apathy of Duryodhana, Bhima recalled to him, all his past sins of Stree Apmaan.

Balarama, Bhagwan Krishna’s brother, lifted his plough weapon in rage and prepared to fight. Balarama was comforted by Bhagwan Krishna by reminding him of Duryodhana’s wicked conduct and chastising him for attempting to influence a conflict he refused to take part in. Balarama had pledged to never involve in Mahabharat war. He wanted peace and fair means solution.

Krishna permitted Pandavas to take any unlawful ways but win war against Adharmi Kauravas. There is no morality, merciness and love towards barbaric enemies. They deserve death in most gruesome manner. This was clear message from Krishna. Hindus have to follow this teaching of Bhagwan Krishna to kill mlecchas with all illegal means; practising deception, lies and trickery.

Hindu King Shivaji Pulling Intestines Out of Muslim Terrorist Afzal Khan

ShivBhakt Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan in most beautiful and deserving demeanour. Fortunate few witnessed this Rudra Roop of Shivaji Maharaj that was planned meticulously and executed to the perfection. Maa Bhavani blessed him to become guiding example for all of us today that we cannot mention great historic kills without citing great scenes of death of islamic terrorist Afzal Khan. His pleading like a dog to somehow save his life while holding his intestines out, later his beheading – VERY LOVELY SIGHT INDEED. Hindus must take inspiration from Shivaji, his brave acts are no less than what fighters like Bhima and Arjuna did in Dwapar Yug. Enacting courageous measures of Shivaji would save Hindus. Each family man has to take onus of becoming Shivaji on his own.

Readers should not forget that this was death defying brave act by Shivaji if he had failed in this encounter Hindu Maratha Empire would have never realised and Bharat would have become an islamic state – the Land of Dharma would have been infested with mleccha pigs – all born with gang rape womb of mughal terrorists. This Bharat would have become most primitive and under-developed nation in the world. This single incident had far reaching impact on formation of Hindu Maratha Empire and saved our Bharatvarsha from becoming a satanic cult’s islamic state. Most of the citations about Mughal Terrorism history has traces of British slave historian Jadunath Sarkar even though he was a shameless apologist of British invasion and always glorified British terrorism still he could not keep the truth hidden and revealed facts about that fateful incident that did play role in shaping destiny of Bharat. It is true, Maa Bhavani blessed Shivaji to finish off terrorist Afzal Khan like Bhagwan Krishna inspires and blesses us all, every time to annihilate terrorist muslims.

At Tuljapur, following terrorism manual Quran’s doctrine, terrorist Afzal gave the order to smash and crush the stone Murti of Bhavani using a hand mill. The Jejuri temples were desecrated by him. He brutally damaged temples and assaulted Brahmans in Manikeshwar, Pandharpur, and Mahadev while travelling to Pratapgarh. Terrorist Afzal Khan set up camp in Wai and sent Krishnaji Bhaskar as an ambassador to Shivaji with a cunningly false message, pledging friendship with Bijapur. The idea was to draw Shivaji from the hills and then, with the aid of regional chiefs who had been captured as ransom, arrest him.

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While publicly fighting the Bijapur army meant committing to a lifetime of conflict against both Bijapur and the Mughals without the support of a single ally or protector, bowing to Jihadi Afzal Khan meant giving up all prospects of independence and Hindu Rashtra. Mind it, Shivaji had no resources in front of massive logistics of Mughal terrorists. Shivaji was certain of his decision, he would have to meet Jihadi Afzal. He shared his vision with the council the next morning. They made a strong declaration of war secretly after being deeply touched. Shivaji carried out his objectives and left specific instructions for continuing the administration in the event of his death. Generals Moro Trimbak Pingle and Netoji Palkar’s forces from the Konkan and the Ghats were called upon and instructed to assume positions close to Pratapgarh. Then he met Krishnaji Bhaskar, Afzal’s representative, and treated him with great reverence.

Shivaji knew past of terrorist Afzal of calling for truce then killing treacherously. He approached Krishnaji Bhaskar in private that night, requesting to inform him of the Jihadi Khan’s true motivations because he is also a Hindu and a Kafir for these mleccha invaders. Krishnaji revealed that Afzal had prepared a cunning trap. Shivaji sent Krishnaji back with his own representative, Gopinath Pant, after agreeing to Jihadi Afzal’s request for a meeting. The true objective of brave Hindu Gopinath was to spy and gather extensive information on the adversary’s troops. During the meeting, Shivaji vowed to treat Afzal with respect.

Gopinath bribed Afzal’s officers who confirmed that the meeting was indeed a trap to arrest Shivaji. Gopinath came back and advised Shivaji to kill Afzal in a solitary meeting and then ambush his troops in order to foresee the treacherous assault on himself. Shivaji then requested a meeting at Pratapgarh while pretending to be terrified to meet at Wai. He flattered terrorist Afzal Khan in his message through representative to manipulate him that Shivaji is submitting to Mughal invasion.

At agreement, Afzal set up camp in Par, a townlet below Pratapgarh. The next day, a meeting location was set up. At evening, tents were decked with costly carpets and cushions for a royal welcome, and Shivaji deployed elite warriors in covert ambushes along the way to the pavilion.

Hindu Wear WaghNakh to Kill Muslims Shivaji Kill Afzal Khan.
Hindus Must Keep This BaghNakha (WaghNakh) to Protect Themselves and Kill Jihadis

Shivaji then began arranging the meeting getup. He covered his head with a steel hat beneath his turban and donned a coat of chain armour below his tunic. His right sleeve had a thin, razor-sharp scorpion Bichwa dagger, while his left hand held a pair of steel claws (Waghnakh). Only Jiv Mahala and Shambhuji Kavji, two extraordinarily brave and nimble swordsmen, were with him. Each person carried a shield and two swords.

VeerMata Jijabai blessed them safety and victory as they descended. Then She went to do Bhavani Aradhna. They proceeded to the base of the fort, where they waited. Jihadi Afzal Khan arrived later and true to his pig-born cult’s past of treachery, he had more than a thousand guards. Gopinath disagreed, pointing out that Shivaji only had two swordsmen and this was not originally agreed upon. Afzal unwillingly consented and climbed the hill in a palki with two soldiers, Sayyid Banda, a renowned swordsman, and envoy Krishnaji.

Afzal was indignant to see the lavish royal furnishings and decorations inside the tent when he arrived since they were too expensive for a simple Jagirdar’s son. However, Gopinath reassured him that the initial benefits of Shivaji’s capitulation, including all of these expensive items, would soon be brought to the Bijapur palace. As Sayyid Banda was approaching quietly, Shivaji saw him and asked that he be removed. Shivaji entered the pavilion after Afzal gave his approval. There were four men on each side, but only Jihadi Khan had a sword at his side, and brave Hindu Shivaji appeared to be unarmed, like a rebel who had come to submit to Mughal terrorism.

Afzal rose from his seat when Shivaji had mounted the platform and bowed to him. He then extended his arms to Shivaji, who had just reached his shoulders. Afzal suddenly tightened his hold and took a firm grip around Shivaji’s neck. He then grabbed his dagger and stabbed Shivaji in the side. The malicious strike was avoided due to secret armour, but saved Shivaji was already being choked. A lethal blow from the Bagh nakh was delivered to the Jihadi Khan’s bowels as he was suddenly revived, struggling for air. He then used the Bichwa to stab Afzal in the side, pulling his intestines out. Afzal yelled in pain as he was grievously hurt.

Hindus Must Kill Hindu Hating Muslims to Stop Islamization

Sayyid Banda slashed at Shivaji’s head, tearing his turban in half and denting the steel helmet while Afzal’s men charged up from all sides. Shivaji took up a sword and retaliated. Just thereafter, Jiv Mahala slaughtered Sayyid after cutting off his right arm. The injured Jihadi Khan holding his intestines was then placed in palki by his men, who then started sprinting back to his camp. However, Shambhuji Kavji chopped off Afzal’s head, which he took off with a triumphant scream to Shivaji, after slicing through the legs of palkimen and forcing them to drop the palki. As soon as they arrived at the top, Shivaji and his men fired a cannon to alert his forces to set up an ambush. The army of Afzal was totally destroyed. In a fitting poetic act of retribution, Afzal’s head was interred beneath a tower next to the Shivaji-built Bhavani shrine in the Pratapgarh fort. But not before the terrorist head was shown to Mata Jijabai. This victory had deep impact in the psyche of the mughal terrorists. Many mughal historians of that time had written phrases like Angel of Death, Pouncing Lion and Devil’s Claw. The mlecchas were shocked and had no option but to respect Shivaji Maharaj out of fear.

Only brutal acts towards radical muslims is method to invoke fear in them and make them submit to your aggression. This heroic act of brave Hindu Shivaji killing muslim terrorist Afzal Khan is a perfect template for replication by each of the Hindus.

Narasimha Killing Hiranyakashipu

The fourth manifestation of Bhagwan Mahavishnu, Bhagwan Narasimha, slayed the demon Hiranyakashipu. The historical incident of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad is intertwined with that of Narasimha’s incarnation. Diti (the daughter of Daksha Prajapati) and the sage Kashyapa gave birth to the two Asura brothers as Hiranyaksha (past life Vijay) and Hiranyakashipu (past life Jay) respectively. Varaha (the boar avatar) killed Hiranyaksha, while Hiranyakashipu was tore apart by Narasimha (man-lion avatar).

Hiranyakashipu (Hiranyakashyap) was an Asura who ruled the daityas. He received several blessings from the gods. His name, which translates to “golden body” (hiranya “gold” kashipu “soft cushion”), is frequently thought to represent someone who enjoys affluence and sensuous delights. However, it is also mentioned in the Puranas that the name comes from a golden throne known as “Hiranyakashipu” that the Asura sat on or near during the Atiratra (Soma) sacrifice.

Hiranyakashipu received the blessing from Bhagwan Shiv that he would possess unmatched fighting ability, exceptional skill with a bow and other weapons, and the abilities of all the gods, including Indra, Yama, Kubera, Surya, Agni, Vayu, Soma, and Varuna.

He received virtually immortality from Brahma in the form of immunity from all living things and shastra – Not any danger to his life, whether it is from a person or an animal. It protected him from dying during the day or at night. He was even shielded from all types of weapons by the boon. Neither on the earth nor in the air could he perish.

The Bhagwan killed Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu’s brother, in Vishnu’s Varaha avatar. Hiranyakashipu became enraged with Vishnu as a result of this deed and intended to kill Mahavishnu. He underwent severe penance for this in order to please Brahma and acquire mystical abilities to overthrow Bhagwan Vishnu. After numerous years of Tap, Brahma was impressed with the Asura’s profound dedication and inquired as to what blessing he need. Hiranyakashipu requested eternal life, but Brahmadev granted him the wish that he may pick the time of his death. Thus, Hiranyakashipu desires that he not be slain by humans or other animals, nor will he perish in the air, water, or sea, within a building or outdoors, during the day or at night, or by any astra or sastra.

Hiranyakashipu believed that by obtaining the blessing, he had become eternal. He declared himself God. He started destroying people’s lives in three realms abusing boon. All Vishnu worshipers were forcibly urged to adore him rather than the Bhagwan. Those who disobeyed Hiranyakashipu’s command to pray him were mercilessly executed. He subjugated everyone and took over the entire globe. He put Rishis and Devas in kaaravaas (underground jail). Everyone sought assistance from Bhagwan Vishnu because they were afraid by his mystical power.

Narsimha Tearing Hiranyakashipu Blood Flowing

They were relieved when Vishnu revealed that Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlad would be the reason for his demise. Therefore, all of the Gods and Goddesses patiently waited to see how Prahlad would lead to Hiranyakashipu’s demise. As the years went on, Kayadhu, Hiranyakashipu’s wife, gave birth to Prahlad at Narada Muni’s Ashrama. Child Prahlada used to listen to histories from Sage Narada about Bhagwan Narayan. After hearing the illustrious incidents, he devoted himself to Bhagwan Narayana. Hearing his own kid repeat the names of Maha Vishnu multiple times daily, deeply saddened Hiranyakashipu, who desired that everyone adore him as a God. The King dispatched his son to the Ashram of Shukracharya’s sons Shaku and Amarka in an effort to persuade Prahlad to reconsider his mind. However, they also failed to sever Prahlad’s steadfast attachment.

Hiranyakashipu tried everything to push Prahlad to change his mind, but in vain. Finally, he became enraged with his son and made the decision to murder him. However, Prahlad being ardent devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu was always defended by Vishnu’s enchanted hands each time Hiranyakashipu attempted to murder him.

Prahlad was poisoned, submerged in water, then thrown off a mountain by the troops of the King in an effort to murder him. However, Bhagwan Vishnu protected him from all of these assaults. The King then ordered his sister Holika to sit inside a campfire while holding Prahlad on her lap. He believed that his son would be killed since Holika was resistant to fire. However, Prahlada managed to flee the fire unharmed.

When Prahlad faced Hiranyakashipu again, his father angrily asked to know where his Narayana was.

“My Vishnu is everywhere, while there is no place where Narayana is not to be found,” Prahlad said.

A angry father questioned Prahlad, “Can you show me your Vishnu in this pillar as well?” after rising from his seat.

Prahlad said, “He is there, yes.”

The King swung his mace hard at the pillar. The pillar split with a thunderous boom, revealing Bhagwan Vishnu as avatar of Bhagwan Narasimha, the half-lion, half-man form.

Hiranyakasipu was pulled up and placed on his lap by angry Narasimha, who then killed the Asura by ripping apart his body with his claws. Hiranyakashipu was killed in this manner by Bhagwan Narasimha so as not to violate Bhagwan Brahma’s blessing. In accordance with Hiranyakashipu’s desire and Brahma’s blessing, Bhagwan Narasimha who was neither a man nor an animal, and who sat on the doorway of the chamber with the body of the Rakshas Hiranyakashipu on his thighs – the asura was placed not in air, nor in land and killed the demon using his claws rather than astra or sastra.

Like Hiranyakasipu claimed himself to be a God, there was one Pisacha slave Mohammad who falsely claimed to be a messenger of anti-God Allah. There is no difference between Hiranyakasipu followers and zombies who believe in Mohammad’s fabricated lies, they started off as enslaved zombies but when Govts of India in last seven decades NEVER took hardline decisions like China and Myanmar to stop their daily islamic terrorism activities, they have become habitual to enjoying loot, free money, rape and killing of Kafirs and Hindus. Hindus have to become self-reliant and become warrior. COME OUT OF POLITICAL SLAVERY. Quit those political parties which you are part of, instead work hard to protect your family and surrounding areas. Make local groups and turn your colonies into Hindu forts. Boycott mlecchas socially and economically. Become Narsimha and start tearing apart mlecchas, do not let your blood become feed for negative forces or else your dependency on political party slavery would make you another victim of islamic jihad.

Hindus Quit political party Become Independent Warrior Killer

Bhagwan Murugan (Kartikeya) Killing Tarakasura

Ever envious of her sister Aditi, Diti requested her Swami Kashyapa to provide her a son who could fight the Devas, Aditi’s sons. With his blessing, Kashyapa gave his wife Diti a valiant son named Vajranga who had adamantine limbs and did what she asked by catching Indra and the Devas and punishing them.

Vajranga agreed to free his prisoners after Aditi objected, saying that he had simply carried out his mother Diti’s orders. Brahma then persuaded Vajranga to do so. For obeying request, Brahma granted him a beautiful and loving wife called Vajrangi. Together with his wife Varangi, Daitya Vajranaga started residing in the jungle. While Vajranaga was performing penance, Indra disguised as a monkey entered their kutir and removed all the adjacent trees. He transformed into a sheep and consumed all the grass. He attempted to bite Varangi after changing into a snake. Varangi calmly suffered everything since he was unable to hurt her grievously with his bite.

Vajranaga was furious to see Varangi in a miserable predicament when he returned. For revenge, he prayed Brahma. When Brahma eventually showed up, he requested for a son who would beat Indra and afflict the gods for a very long period. The boon was given to him by Brahma. Taraka, the son, Varangi and Vajranaga soon had, was carried within Varangi’s garbh for a thousand years. Surapadman and Simhamukha were the names of their additional two sons.

Following his penance to Brahma, Taraka requested two blessings from the creator: first, that no one in the three realms would be able to match him, and second, that only a son of Bhagwan Shiv would be able to kill him. Shiv being a yogi and not likely to have children, therefore his second wish was seen as cunning ploy on his part. As soon as his desire came true, Tarakasura captured Swarga and expelled the Devas in the same manner as his father had done before while claiming to be the new Indra. Since it was Brahma’s responsibility for bestowing the favours his Daitya (Asur) followers wished for, Indra went to him and requested that he help him because this situation is indirectly created by the blessings granted by Brahma. Given that, Shiv was deeply engrossed in Tapasya and unlikely to notice Parvati, the daughter of Himavan who desired him as her consort, Brahma explained to him that he could not do anything.

Indra came up with a plan with Rati and KamaDeva, who tried to sabotage Bhagwan Shiv’s Tapasya and entice him with feelings for feminine unison while being surrounded by dancing apsaras and music. Bhagwan Shiv started to think of his wife Parvati as KamaDeva fired his flowery arrow towards him. He then discovered KamaDeva’s motivation for interfering with his Tapasya and set him on fire. In order to eventually earn Shiva’s affection, Parvati underwent a rigorous Tapasya. She then wed him in a grand ceremony and gave birth to Kartikeya, Shiva’s son who would later kill Taraka.

Murugan Skanda Kartikeya Killed Tarakasura

Kartikeya’s birth inspired the Devas to battle Tarakasura and his army of Asuras. The Devas and their army advanced on Tarakasura’s vast army. A divine voice from the sky informed them, as they moved that Kartikeya could only lead the Devas to victory. Kartikeya was asked to lead the army of Devas. The gods sent him a variety of gifts to strengthen him. Kartikeya is also known as Skanda, Murugan, Shanmugha, Sanmukha, and Subrahmanya after gaining the blessings of the Devas, Bhagwan Shiv, and other deities.

In order to protect his Adharmic negative energy spectrum, Taraka, the king of the Daityas, summoned billions of Asuras under the command of Kalanemi. The Devas’ forces fell like trees do to a forest fire as the Asuras gained the upper hand. Kartikeya and cow protector Krishna arrived to combat Kalanemi after hearing the havoc caused by him; Bhagwan Gopal was armed with a powerful bow and was shooting arrows at the Asura from atop Garuda. Krishna and Garuda were swallowed whole by Kalanemi in response. Bhagwan then broke apart the Asura’s guts with the Sudarshana Chakra, dispatching hordes of Daitya soldiers.

The Asuras were in charge as the conflict grew increasingly terrible. The Devas couldn’t handle their strength. Even Indra was unable to stand and was hurt by the enemy’s strength. Ruler Muchkunda, the greatest of Sanatan Dharmi people and a king who supported the Devtas, was incensed to witness this damage. Tarakasura was attacked by him. He was hurt during the combat and collapsed on the ground. He invoked Brahmastra angrily, but Tarakasura remained unaffected. Tarakasura possessed a blessing that gave him immunity against attack by mortals, according to Sage Narada. He instructed Muchkunda to await Kartikeya. Major ranks of the demon army were wiped off by Veerbhadra. Taraka knew it was difficult to get rid of him. The Devas ran away when he displayed his illusionary abilities.

Simhamukha and Surapadman were shortly killed by Kartikeya. Then Tarakasura was challenged by Kartikeya. Taraka and Kartikeya engaged in a fierce fight. Kartikeya was valiantly fending off Taraka’s blows while unleashing his terrifying Shakti on the Asuras. Skanda launched a marvellous rocket of unfathomable splendour, and the Earth was struck by incredibly terrifying meteor clusters. It released one million Shakti missiles, which destroyed one thousand million Asura vehicles. Skanda hesitated when Krishna told him to use his Shakti to attack Taraka since he knew the enemy was a Rudra devotee. Taraka was then persuaded to assault Shiva by Krishna.

Taraka, howling gleefully, however, proved to be an equal to all of their might put together. Kartikeya eventually passed out and was dragged away by the other Devas. Kartikeya regained consciousness and returned to the battleground, then fight resumed. The Devas and Krishna would not have witnessed such damage if Skanda had killed Taraka despite being a Rudra devotee, Krishna thought as he laughed loudly and scornfully. He took on the appearance of Vishnu, wrung his arms, and vowed to annihilate all the Asuras. He then charged at them, murdering a billion of them even as he fled. The Devas got frightened when the Earth began to tremble. Vishnu was admonished by the Gandharva Siddha to consider his activities, which endanger the cosmos as a whole. Returning to his Krishna form, he charged towards Taraka with Skanda, and they saw a heavenly female arise from Taraka’s head. According to the divine woman, who identified herself as Shakti, the Asura had been home to her ever since his tremendous penance, but she would now leave him since his Adharma had outweighed his Dharma. As the gods praised him, Kartikeya grabbed the Shakti and plunged it into Taraka’s heart, ultimately accomplishing his mission.

This is how after respecting Rudra blessings, Kartikeya Murugan finally attacked with the Shakti Vel weapon at his enemy and Taraka fell down dead creating a big dent in the dark energy field of evil forces. And pious positive energy Dharma own over negative Adharma.

Murugan Skanda Kartikeya Kill Tarakasura

Krishna has always supported annihilation of negative energies whether they are in the form of human species or Asuras. They are killed in billions without any mercy. Had Vishnu was not pleaded to revert to his comparatively less fearsome Avatar of Krishna, the battle would have seen decimation of many different forms of species and would have created disbalance across different dimensions and planets. That is why Vishnu in the form of Krishna taught Hindus to fight back and kill on their own, while he blesses them with victory over enemies. If he takes onus of destroying enemies then existence of cosmos is risked. Similarly, Hindus would have to finish their enemies following footsteps of Bhagwan Murugan. Kartikeya killing Taraka saved many other billions of creatures across 8.4 million species. Kartikeya by slaughtering Taraka taught Hindus how to kill main culprits especially those major ranks who brainwash their subordinates. Cult is controlled by several clerics who brainwash cult members to attack and kill non-believers. That is how Kartikeya’s slicing Taraka into pieces and his blood spilling all over planet has a big lesson to first target and annihilate main leaders of the cult and thereby finish off other members to stop surge and accumulation of negative forces.

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Ram Killing Maricha

Terrorist muslims use all tricks and deceptions to trap innocent Hindus. Adharmic Asuras were no different than present age Muslims. They had Mayavi deceptions that they gained through blessings and Kaliyugian Mleccha Muslims have Al Taqiyya to dupe Hindus.

Maricha was informed by Ravana of the disrespect to Surpanakha as well as the deaths of Khara, Dushana, and their army. Maricha was instructed to transform into a golden deer with silver markings and graze close to Rama’s ashram. Sita would undoubtedly instruct Rama and Lakshamana to capture the deer if she saw one. Ravana would kidnap Sita if the brothers abandoned her. Maricha, who had experienced Rama’s power firsthand, was appalled by the thought. The knowledgeable Maricha tried to discourage Ravana by reminding him of Rama’s righteousness and bravery, and he forewarned him that this proposal would only bring Ravana, Lanka, and the rakshasa race to their destruction. He described his first encounter with Rama, when he misjudged Rama and thought of him as a youngster, and how Rama’s single arrow sent him flying hundreds of kilometres away. Then he described the story of his second meeting with Rama in Dandakaranya to discourage Ravana from executing this wicked plan.

Maricha gave up when Ravana threatened him. A death at the hands of the heavenly Rama, in his opinion, would be preferable to that of Ravana.

Then Maricha transformed into a deer and fled, chased by Rama. Rama was really upset when Maricha took him far from the hermitage. The exhausted deer paused in a grassland with some shade after a protracted hunt. Rama pounced on the chance and shot his arrow. It pierced Maricha. The blood kept oozing out till his body was lean and thin without any traces of blood in the body. The soil easily soaked all his blood into it. The part of the forest where his body fell became deep red and fertile. The dying Maricha screamed out as he transformed back into himself “Oh, Sita! Lakshmana, oh!” mimicking Rama’s vocalisations. The Mayavi deception was in full show.

Maa Sita heard and fell for the trick, requested Lakshmana to go look for Rama. Sita, who was still very concerned, insisted Lakshmana to go when he clarified that no one could hurt Rama. Lakshmana unwillingly departed when Maa Sita stubbornly ordered him to move and search for the Bhagwan Rama.

When Lakshmana left, Ravana pretended as a Sadhu and abducted Sita as she approached him to give him Annadaan.

Maricha foretold not just his demise but also the death of Ravana, Lanka, and rakshasas. He had warned Ravana that if he disregarded Maricha’s advice, which was for his own benefit, he would die. His words proved true, this abduction of Maa Sita by Asur Ravana ultimately became reason for his demise.

The sacrificial blood of Maricha ultimately paved the path of destruction of Ravana and his Asuric empire. Same way, Hindus have to offer such sacrifices of enemy blood to the Prakriti and soil to pave the path for the destruction of most evil cult to exist in present age.

Hanuman Killing Simhika

There is no distinction in enemy in terms of gender or age. The kid who is pardoned today will become future terrorist because he or she is taught to harm Dharma and morality all through formative years. They are under evil guidance of parents who follow demonic cult. Both male and female zombies mate to give birth to more their type of satanic zombies. They are deeply brainwashed to infest their population so much that they inbred and indulge in incestuous relationships to give birth to future terrorists.

History taught us that no enemy in any form should be forgiven without falling into gender or age bias.

Demoness Simhika, a feminine representation of negative force, did Dhyan for thousands of years of Brahma (जगत्-पिता ब्रह्मा – creator of our Universe and Planet). Brahma pleased by her bhakti asked about her wish. Chhayagrahi (Simhika) wanted to have controlling powers wherein she could be able to grasp anything towards her. Thereafter, the demoness was bestowed with the boon of grasping any object or being, however powerful it might be, by Brahma. She was famously known Chhayagrahi because she had the mystical power of pulling any object/entity with a glance at the shadow of the object. She had huge body and was capable of swallowing bigger objects that she could easily pull towards her. Due to this, no one dared to travel passing nearby her. When Jambavan (Jamwant) guided Hanuman to cross Indian Ocean then Hanuman started flying over the Indian Ocean to search for Seeta Mata, he felt his speed slowing down, feeling powerless, under immense invisible pressure.

Sundar Kand from Ramayan (which is also proof of existence of Bhagwan Ram) contextualizes the incident to sinking ship.

Sundar Kand Verses 5-1-185
samākṣipto.asmi tarasā pañūkṛtaparākramaḥ |
pratilomena vātena mahānauriva sāgare ||

mahaa nauriva = like a great boat; saagare = in the ocean; pratilomena = (with) opposing; vaatena = wind; asmi = I am becoming; samaakshiptaH = pulled; tarasaa = forcefully; paJNuutaparaakramaH = with disabled power.

“Like a great boat in the ocean with opposing winds, I am being pulled back forcefully, with disabled power.”

After seeing around, up and down, Bhagwan Hanuman found floating demoness pulling his shadow towards her. Hanuman killed her, by decreasing the size of his massive body and entering in her mouth later destroying her internal organs as he grew inside her. Hanuman fled with the speed of his thought. (Imagine how fast we think, here Hanuman Ji is taking flight with speed of his thinking). Thinking is faster than speed of light, we might take time to reach Neptune (Varuna Grih) even with the speed of light, but we can think about Neptune in milliseconds.

Sundar Kand Verses 5-1-194

tatastasyaa nakhaistiikNairmarmaaNyutkR^itya vaanaraH |
utpapaataatha vegena manaH saMpaatavikramaH || 

tataH= then, vaanaraH= Hanuma, utkR^itya= rending, marmaaNi= internal organs, tasyaaH= of Simhika, tiikshNaiH nakhaiH= with sharp nails, atha= and after that, utpapaata= flew up, manaH sampaata vikramaH vegena= with a speed equal to that of thought.

“Then Hanuman rend her internal organs with His sharp nails and after that flew up with a speed equal to that of thought.”

The sea water of that part remained red for hundreds of years. This also showed how Hanuman never hesitated to kill a she-demon, she was not pardoned for being a female or a misguided woman. Negative forces in any form – kid or man or woman must be crushed to death for humanity. She was deservingly given painful death. This also protected many sea faring cultures who did pranaam from beneath sea and their elders blessed Hanuman. Their kingdom is first interaction for terra humans and they guide passage ways to hollow Earth which has its own set of people following ancient Vedic culture.

Hanuman Killed Simhika Enemy Anti-Hindu Woman or Kids are Killed

Snakes give birth to Snakelets and poison is naturally imbibed in them. Snakelets become more dangerous and poisonous as they grow to become adult. Duryodhana and Kauravas killed kid Abhimanyu and children of Pandavas. when the enemy is immoral, there is no morality shown in treating them. In over 5000 major islamic violence in last two decades, no Hindu woman or child was released, all were killed. They followed what Mughal Terrorism did during their destructive regime. ISIS and Taliban also follows same satanic doctrine of Terrorist Tipu, Satan Worshipper Aurangzeb and Jihadi Akbar. The Snakelets deserve to be crushed like their adult versions. So do evil women belonging to the satanic cult.

Hindus have to become Hanuman and give equal treatment to islamic terrorists of today.

Maharana Pratap’s Tan Tan Se Juda Treatment to Muslim Terrorist Bahlol Khan

Hindu Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap taught this to Hindus centuries back, Tan Tan Se Juda treatment to be given to muslims. Yes, he was a vegetarian but when it came to hunting terrorist muslims, he was gruesome than wild animals and most terrifying than tigers. Jihadi muslim Bahlol Khan was given this death and the sight was very beautiful and divine.

Hindu king Maharana Pratap towered over everyone and stood at stunning 7 feet, 5 inches tall. When he horse rode around the battlefield, his menacing figure was visible from far off. Soldiers of Mewar got encouraged while enemy soldiers shivered in fear. He carried a huge weight of about 360 kg to the battlefield – comprised a spear weighing 80 kg, two swords weighing 208 kg, and his armour, which weighed about 72 kg. While he himself weighed more than 130 kgs. He was well built and massive, not shocking enemies feared him and most of all terrorist Akbar never faced him directly.

Because he wanted to end on-going series of loots and islamic terrorism that had support of Dhimmis of mother land, Maharana Pratap launched a full-frontal assault on the terrorist Mughals with the intention of finally killing Dhimmi Man Singh. He was able to approach Dhimmi Man Singh successfully killing soldiers around him, he put all his weaponry skills to great show. And attempted to kill him by leaping onto his elephant with a spear, but Mahout took attack on himself, defended and saved Man Singh. However, during this battle, his horse Chetak was hurt by the sharp spikes that was on the trunk of Dhimmi Man Singh’s elephant.

Mughal terrorists saw this as golden opportunity to surround Maharana Pratap as his horse was badly injured and was not able to make right moves. One of the cruellest Muslim terrorists of Mughal’s time, who raped many Hindu women and killed innocent unarmed Hindus, Bahlol khan, made a beeline for Maharana Pratap and asked many Mughal soldiers to circle the great Hindu king. Maharana Pratap bravely marched ahead, though Chetak was injured he ably supported king and leaped forward, terrorist Bahlol Khan was forced to engage with Maharana in frontal combat. Maharana Pratap raised his heavy sword in air and swayed it against Bahlol Khan. The muslim terrorist hardly noticed this fast movement of blade. It was very quick and fierce attack. The mleccha was pierced into two pieces along with his horse. The mughal terrorist soldiers surrounding Hindu king got frightened and moved away. This class act of slaughtering a muslim terrorist by a brave Hindu warrior terrified the Mughal soldiers and infuriated the other generals of the Mughal terrorists. However they all moved back seeing this fearsome and menacing avatar of Maharana Pratap.

Hindu Must Kill Muslims to Stop Islamization of Bharat

The rupturing of intestines of Bahlol Khan and cutting of horse, their inner organs falling down on the ground was great sight to behold. Hindu soldiers were happy to see such brutal death of terrorist muslim who was responsible for massacre of thousands of innocent non-combatant Hindus before.

The news spread like wildfire that Maharana Pratap and Amar engaged with the islamic terrorists, Bahlol Khan and Sultan Khan, in close quarters fighting. They killed mlecchas and sent both of them to hell. Overall 36000 Mughal terrorists were forced to give up. They were given shelter when they surrendered. Again, the same Hindu Kshatriya mistake of pardoning the mlecchas. They should have been slaughtered. Mind this, in that 36000 soldiers over 70% were Dhimmi (namesake Hindus like seculars of today).  This battle was the Mughals’ total and final loss in Mewar. All of their 36 garrisons submitted under the saffron leadership of Maharana Pratap.

The gruesome slaying of Bahlol Khan from his forehead to abdomen and his horse shocked mughal terrorists. History teach us that when some radical muslims are killed mercilessly their fellow scavengers behave like obedient dogs. And ready to lick feet in submission.

Hindus! Stop Outsourcing Fight to Puppet Govts, Fight for Survival

Each of the Hindus – man, woman and children – has to become a warrior or else they will perish. How can an organised team of beggars i.e. government help you? Govt is depending on Hindus money and support. If Hindus start boycotting Govt schemes and stop paying taxes en masse for ignoring Hindu killings executed by islamic terrorists, begging govt would not sustain for even one month. Hindus must realise their power and stop depending on government, they should form local groups of retaliation and protect their families.

Government is run by puppets of secret societies, they will be happy to even run a pseudo-islamic state controlled by shadow Jewish global elites. They treat tax paying Hindus as insects and money generation units. Since the inception of so-called independent India, all governments had only ONE TARGET – To Loot Hindus and Keep Them Under Control. They have started targeting even Hindu temples that only Mughal Terrorists and British anarchists did before. Hundreds of tons of gold reserves from the temples are melted but no media is raising this issue. Gold is actual wealth. Currency notes are fake money. There are ample proofs in the history that greed for temple Gold lead to decimation of empires and states. This is big blasphemy because the temple gold belong to Bhagwan. If we rob gold from Bhagwan then this Bad Karmic action will make Hindus poor and our nation will become debt slave like USA, later, all decisions will be taken by shadow billionaires and not governments like it is happening in America. Only warrior Hindus can save their Dharma and protect their temples. Temple golds are not supposed to be for enjoyment or public consumption. Gold offered to Bhagwan keeps the nation resourceful and happy. Robbing off gold already offered to Bhagwan is heinous sin. This is no different than killing of Hindus done by islamic terrorists. Gold is only available to Earthlings. Many Alien species actually come to Earth to take precious Gold and Water. Wearing or displaying gold brings good fortune, tranquilly, and stability for the Bhagwan and to the devotees.

In similar manner, prosperity of Bhagwan enhances when devotees gift gold to Bhagwan. Bhagwan gives back exponentially to devotees. Robbing is invitation to famine, earthquake, flood and drought. The good effects of gold given to Bhagwan include the addition of positive vibrations that have the potential to cure the atmosphere. There is a BIG REASON why deities are always seen  wearing gold ornaments and why gold is intricately added to the Hindu culture in several festive occasions. But greedy politicians devoid of basic knowledge about tradition are looking for short term goals and votes. They are robbing temple wealth to fund their FREE SCHEMES. This must stop. Government is not protecting common Hindus from getting raped and killed. Moreover now they are even doing Adharmic acts of robbing temple wealth. Many acres of land are sold to mint money; not a single Church or Mosque land is touched, even though lease of 99 years of many Church properties already ended. They were doing this robbery since ages but in recent years, it has reached to extreme point. These politicians will take rebirth in insects and worms before roaming for millions of years in Pret Yoni. But their individual Bad Karma will create deep dent into lives of common Hindus. They will die one day after looting but future generations of Hindus will suffer grievously.

Already Hindus and Gau Mata cows are killed. Even Gold is now robbed off. No one can save Bharat if this continues. Hindus have to shed off selfishness and think from community and Dharma perspective or else next generation of Hindus would curse us for our short sightedness. The loot of temple properties and gold is given as an example for you to understand how deeply these governments hate Hindus and want to milk every thing to the point of extinction of Dharma. It is time you realise, government is not working for you. You have to become proactive and protect yourself and family.

Present administration like their predecessors is run by bunch of marionettes who are anti-Hindus to the core. Even if after seeing their actions you fall for their fake political slogans then you deserve to perish, this world need smart, aggressive and active people for humanity.

Hindu man woman Revenge For Dharma Family Protection
TASTE THE ENEMY BLOOD: O Hindus! march ahead and become slayers like Arjun and Bhim because Bhagwan Krishna is guiding and protecting you. If you will not indulge in Karma of retaliation, you cannot survive. Bhagwan Krishna supports Karmic people who are warriors not lazy and dependent people. Lethargic people are liability for the world and Universe. Better they perish. Hindus believe in Karma so follow Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap and ACT NOW!

To stop brutality of demonic people you have to become doubly brutal and gruesome or else you and your Hindu community won’t survive this century. You are very fortunate that you are getting opportunity to shred enemies and quench thirst of mother earth with their blood. Many beings did years of penance to take re-birth in Treta Yug (Ramayan) and Dwapar Yug (Mahabharat) to become part of Dharma Yudh but in this age you are blessed to face such anti-Dharmic situations so that you can elevate your soul and consciousness by killing negative people and make Bharat terrorism free for existence of Hindus.

When you will KNOW that the situation is becoming more critical for survival of Dharma and Hindus around, YOU will be forced to become violent and more aggressive to the point of enjoying and cherishing blood of enemies like Bhima did. And then this revenge will also start giving you heavenly satisfaction. Time is ticking, one day will come when inner Arjun will force you to pick up arms and annihilation of evil people will begin, that day is not far. HOPE THAT KNOWING DOES NOT COME DUE TO JIHADI KILLING OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBER, DO NOT WAIT FOR THAT TIME, SO ACT NOW!

STOP FEEDING YOUR BLOOD TO NEGATIVE ENERGIES By Becoming Victim to Islamic Terrorism. Protect Your Hindu Brothers and Sisters.

This article is not a tribute to Hindus killed in Bengal Hindu Massacre pre/poll WB elections. This is not even a tribute to countless Hindus killed by Muslims in last 2 years alone, more frequently in last few weeks. A simple article or a politician visiting victim families can never be a tribute not even monetary compensation. Only Mahabharat level retaliation is a true tribute to each pious soul of Hindus.

ॐ नृम नृम नृम नर सिंहाय नमः

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