Indian Cow Facts and Information: Benefits of Desi Cow Hindu Science

There is no one in this world who never drank milk in his or her life.

Some of you stopped drinking healthy milk due to bad habit of alcohol or cola addiction. You become habitual to harmful drinks because of the presence of toxic and anti-immune elements in such fluids. And few of you may have been advised to drink haldi milk to stop the bad habit of having such fluids and keep your body healthy and addiction free.

The miraculous effect of cow milk is the reason to make you a worry free person. We will discuss in detailed manner why cow is considered as sacred mother, why we need cow milk and What gives cow milk such healing effects.

Why Cow is Sacred in Hindu Science

Cow Facts and Information

The cow is so merciful she is freely giving us her milk which contains all the vitamins, proteins and other nutrients necessary for human body. If people drink milk there is absolutely no need for animal killing and no possibility of their diets being deficient in any way.

Cow Information: Unarguably proven in medical experiments in Canada, US and UK that one can survive simply by drinking milk. There are many patients whose body cannot intake edible food, rely on drinking milk and stay healthy. Indian cow milk is a complete food

Milk is compared to divine nectar, which one can drink to become immortal. Of course, simply drinking milk will not make one immortal, but it can increase the duration of one’s life.  In modern civilisation milk is not thought of as being important, therefore people are not living very long.  Although in this age anyone can live up to a hundred years, the duration of life is reduced because people do not drink large quantities of milk. Instead of drinking milk, they prefer to slaughter an animal and eat it’s flesh.  The cow should be protected, milk should be drawn from the cows, and this milk should be prepared in various ways. One should take ample milk, and thus one can prolong life and develop the finer tissues of the brain.

Its also proven that drinking milk increases multiplicity of cells even among older people

Gau Mata: Why Cow is Considered Sacred By Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and farmers

Cow Information: Sacred Cow – Topics Covered:

  1. Black History
  2. Damages that are caused by Killing Cows in India and Around World
  3. What Ancient Texts Say about Sacredness of Cows
  4. Videos on Cow’s Sacredness and Her Immense Potential to Serve Mankind
  5. Cow’s Usefulness and US interest in Patenting Cow Urine

Cow Information: Sacred Cow – Black Chapter of History

Beef was a popular food for the British living in India. British people liked Beef so much that they made it compulsory in their regime in almost all non-veg restaurants to serve beef as a cuisine. British forced one section of muslim especially quereshi to slaughter cows just to satisfy their taste. When quereshi were objecting, sensing holy belief of Hindus in India, british lured them paying money and even committed atrocities if they were unable to fulfill their demand. When the slaughter became a widespread practice, muslims made it a prestige issue, as if it was their birth right to slaughter Indian cows. From here the rift between Hindus and muslims began.

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Vedic texts mention gau mata holy cow as a living god who give so much to the mankind in return for almost nothing. The cow is a sacred animal in the Hindu religion. Dairy products are extensively used in Hindu culture and are one of the most essential nutritional components of Hindu meals. Panchagavya, a mixture of five products of cow milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung is consumed in yagya rituals. The mixture is also smeared on ulcers as a healing product.

It is believed that muslim instigated by their maulvis, started sacrificing cows during Bakr-Id instead of goats, also led to rift between Hindus and muslims. To encourage cow killing, the rates of cow flesh was also reduced drastically.

All Krishna followers should unite together to make this world STOP KILLING COWS

Vedic Texts Tell That Krishna Loved, Cared for Cows
Hindu Vedic Texts Inform That Sanatan Dharma Cared for Cows. Bhagwan Krishna and Balram Taught us That Knowledge

Indian Cow Facts – Damages that are caused by Killing Cows in India and Around World

Environmental Damage

Another price we pay for meat eating is degradation of the environment. The heavily contaminated run-off from thousands of slaughterhouses and feedlots is a major source of water pollution.

Cow Information: In their book “Population, Resources and Environment”, Paul and Anne Ehrlich found that to grow one pound of wheat requires only 60 pounds of water, whereas production of a pound of meat requires anywhere from 2,500 to 6,000 pounds of water.

In 1973 the New York Post revealed that one large chicken slaughtering plant in America was found to be using 100 million gallons of water daily. The same volume would supply a city of 25,000 people!

Indian Cow Information – Land Usage, Meat and War

A study published in “Plant Foods for Human Nutrition” reveals that an acre of beans or peas produces ten times more protein than an acre of pasture set aside for meat production

Economic facts like this were known to the ancient Greeks, who frequently travelled India. In Plato’s Republic the great Greek philosopher Socrates, taking leaf from Vedas, recommended a vegetarian diet because it would allow a country to make the most intelligent use of its agricultural resources. He warned that if people began eating animals, there would be need for more pasturing land. “And the country which was enough to support the original inhabitants will be too small now, and not enough?”, he asked of Glaucon, who replied that this was indeed true “And so we shall go to war, Glaucon, shall we not?” To which Glaucon replied, “Most certainly.”

Indian Cow Facts Information

Cow Protection Movement – Nutrition Without Meat

Many times the mention of vegetarianism elicits the predictable reaction, “What about protein?”

The ideas that meat has a monopoly on protein and that large amounts of protein are required for energy and strength are both myths

Of the twenty-two amino acids, all but eight can be synthesised by the body itself, and these eight “essential amino acids” exist in abundance in nonflesh foods. Dairy products, grains, beans and nuts are all concentrated sources of protein. Cheese, peanuts and lentils, for instance, contain more protein per gram than hamburger, pork or porterhouse steak.

The primary energy source for the body is carbohydrates. Only as a last resort is the body’s protein utilised for energy production. Too much protein intake actually reduces the body’s energy capacity. In a series of comparative endurance tests conducted by Dr. Irving Flsher of Yale, vegetarians performed twice as well as meat-eaters. Numerous other studies have shown that a proper vegetarian diet provides more nutritional energy than meat. A study by Dr I. Iotekyo and V. Kilpani at Brussles University showed that vegetarians were able to perform physical tasks two to three times longer than meat-eaters before exhaustion and were recovered from fatigue in one fifth the time needed by the meat-eaters.

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Importance of Cow Protection – Health and Meat Eating

Cow Information: The human body cannot deal with excessive animal fats in the diet. As early as 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that ninety to ninety-seven percent of heart disease, the cause of more than half of the deaths in the United States, could be prevented by a vegetarian diet

Many studies have established the relationship between colon cancer and meat eating. One reason for the incidence of cancer Is the high-fat, low-fiber content of the meat-centred diet. The result is a slow transit time through the colon, allowing toxic wastes to do their damage. Meat, while being digested, is known to generate steroid metabolites possessing carcinogenic properties.

Sacred Cow – Chemicals and Diseases in Meat

Cow Information: Numerous potentially hazardous chemicals, of which consumers are generally unaware, are present in meat and meat products. In their book, “Poisons In Your Body”, Garry and Steven Null give an inside look at the production techniques used by corporately owned animal producers ,

“The animals are kept alive and fattened by continuous administration of tranquillisers, horrnones, antibiotics and 2,700 other drugs,” they write, “the process starts even before birth and continues long after death. Although these drugs will still be present in the meat when you eat it, the law does not require that they be listed on the package.”


Because of the filthy, overcrowded conditions forced upon animals by the livestock industry, vast amounts of antibiotics must be used, but such rampant use of antibiotics naturally creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are passed on to those who eat the meat. The US FDA estimate that penicillin and tetracycline save the meat industry $1.9 billion a year giving them sufficient reason to overlook the potential health hazards. In addition to dangerous chemicals, meat often carries diseases from the animals themselves.

Cow Information: Crammed together in unclean conditions, force-fed and inhumanely treated, animals destined for slaughter contract many more diseases than they ordinarily would. Meat inspectors attempt to filter out unacceptable meats, but because of pressures from industry and lack of sufficient time for examination, much of what passes is far less wholesome than the meat purchaser realizes.

Protect cows to make this world a living heaven and India as a guru of the world. Cow is not religion specific; it gives milk to all irrespective of any religion. So its duty of all religions to unite together and work towards Cow protection and let her make this world a self-reliant

What Ancient Texts Say about Sacredness of Cows

Cow Information – What Ancient Texts Say about Holiness of Cows

The Vedic Scriptures refer to the cow as our mother, when we stop taking milk from our mother the cow gladly takes over the role of supplying milk. For this reason, cow is our mother or gau mata.  It is nature’s special arrangement that the cow provide milk to give nourishment to civilised people. The barbarians take blood by cutting the throat of a poor innocent animal, while civilised people drink milk which contains all of the nutritious qualities, which a meat lacks, without the necessity of violence.  We are now killing millions of our mothers every year in such a brutal way in slaughterhouses.

Cow Information: Article on why saving cow is important

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Indians should be ashamed that the country which always considered gau mata, holy cow as mother has become largest exporter of cow flesh. This is one of the most heinous crimes happening in India. This is the main reason that majority of  India is facing famine, corruption, drought, poverty and deterioration of family values. The bad karma generated hits back to us.

Cow Hindu Wisdom: According to Vedic scriptures, when anyone kills gau mata (mother cow) , it spreads negative atmosphere in the region. The negative karmic rays sent back result in negativity in the regional atmosphere of similar manner. Likewise, if gau mata (mother cow) is serviced, protected and kept happy then it sends positive rays which result in positive atmosphere. The arrangement works similar to evaporation of water occurring in river then later resulting in sweet drops of rain.

As per Vedas, killing a human foetus is heinous sin, next dreadful sin is killing cows.

Whenever learned Indians buy new house, they perform griha pravesh (spiritual house warming) ceremony. In this ceremony, mother Cow play very important role. When Indian Cow (not jarsi) are made to roam every nook of the house – from bedroom to kitchen to hall – all negative energies residing in the house are annihilated. The place of residence becomes home of peace and prosperity. Indian Cows are source in abundance of positive energy and prosperity.


It is quite clear that a living cow yields society more food than a dead one – in the form of a continuing supply of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and other high-protein foods.  In 1971 Stewart Odend’hal of the University of Missouri conducted a detailed study of cows in Bengal and found that far from depriving humans of food, they ate only inedible remains of harvested crops (rice hulls, tops of sugarcane, etc.) and grass. “Basically”, he said, “the cattle convert items of little direct human value into products of immediate utility.” This should put to rest the myth that people are starving in India because they will not kill their cows. Interestingly enough, India seems to have surmounted her food problems, which have always had more to do with occasional severe drought or political upheaval than with sacred cows. A panel of experts at the Agency for International Development, in a statement cited in the United States Congressional Record for December 2nd. l980. concluded “India produces enough to feed all its people.”  If allowed to live, cows produce High quality, protein rich foods in amounts that stagger the imagination. It is abundantly clear that cows (living ones) are one of mankind’s, most valuable food resources.

[ Gita in HindiClick on the link for Complete Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in Hindi ]

An US study conducted in Dec 1989, under Senior Bush’s president rule also confirmed that India has enormous natural resource that it can become self reliable very easily and once it becomes so they might not need major transeconomic understanding globally, which might make them a powerful nation.

Therefore, they must lobby and push for liberal policies in the Indian government; which then makes them dependable on global platform

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Vedas have already confirmed that ancient Indians were highly civilized and capable of using technologically advance machines which lead to production of vimanas, inter-galactic and inter-dimensional spacecrafts. They always worshipped gau mata, holy cow and took her blessings before beginning to work on new yantras to make new technologies. Of course, drinking Indian cow milk made their mind sharper and more connected to divine God Lord Kirshna with whose blessings they were able to produce great machines of all time which even today humans cannot think of let alone making it.

Desi Cow Information: Indian Cow is the only living being on earth which yells ‘maa’ when comes to birth. ‘Maa’ sound has almost equivalent divine resonating power as OM ॐ

Just like pronouncing OM ॐ is scared similarly listening to Cow yell ‘maa’ is sacred as pronouncing OM gives strength to our soul similarly drinking Indian cow milk give strength to our body and mental agility.

Its already prophesied in Puranas that Cow will become extinct in kali yuga. So it’s need of hour to protect cows.

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Cow’s Usefulness and US interest in Patenting Cow Urine

Desi Cow Science – Why US wanted to patent Gau Mutra (Cow Urine), If Cow is not sacred?

After trying to patent haldi, neem, basmati, US also tried to patent Cow urine Why? The US mindset of creating competition and generating royalty revenues by patenting naturally available gifts is demonic. They have no right to file patents on any ingredient which is already declared as a free natural gift to mankind by god himself.


US found out that investing billions of dollars in molecules of new medicines is of no value since the process requires testing it on real time environment among living beings and return on investments takes longer time. In the meantime pushing semi-tested harmful drugs could lead to global backlash. So it’s better to rely on time proven medicine cow urine (gau mutra) prescribed by Vedic texts.

Desi Cow Information: US physicists and medi-scientists researched on cow urine (gau mutra) and deemed it as miracle fluid in their papers. And wanted to patent it, because after research they believed that cow is sacred according to Vedas and relied on all the facets of utility of Cow, they wanted to patent it. But thanks to Indian counterparts who already had several drug produced domestically who came forward and objected before filing for patents themselves

Similarly, haldi, neem, basmati are already used in making food and healing, as a medicine by Indian households since ancient times, and even to this day

The only living being whose urine has medicinal and healing value is Indian cow or gau mata as fondly called by Lord Krishna. Cow’s urine can cure any disease ranging from skin to kidney ailments. Even in most cases, initial stage cancer was cured with Indian cow urine. There are medicines based on Indian Cow urine produced in India to cure cancer. Drinking cow milk also ensures that your bones are strong and you never suffer from cancer, liver or kidney ailments.

[ संपूर्ण श्रीमद भगवद्गीता हिंदी के लिए यहा क्लिक करे ]

Indian Cow Facts – Mother Cow Replacing Mother Earth

Drought affected farmers in India rely on “Cow Camps” to make their future secure. Cows eat recycled crops and remnants of food grains. When the irrigation is bigger problem, barren lands are of no use. So farmers shift their reliance from mother earth to mother cow and they are blessed with milk and milk based items. Farmers sell these milk items to run their families in worst drought affected seasons. These cow camps majorly help in two ways (1) Since cows eat less and produce more amount of milk, it helps farmers to sustain their livelihood. (2) In drought season, when farmers loose their crops and source of income, further loss of cow lives could lead to permament voidness to their livestock reserves so they strive hard to make cows stay alive even feeding lesser amount of food to them so that they get ample milk too.

Cow camps are makeshift settlements of collating herds of cows at one place under common shed and protecting them for future. Farmers in unison coperate in arranging cow camps, so in an adverse situation of drought and loss, which could have lead to animosity and hatred – instead due to mother cow cultivation, we find brotherhood and closeness among farmers to emege as collective force to face drought-like situations. That’s why as seen above too, Cow is called as Mother Cow or Gau Mata.

Lord Krishna Protected Cows
Gopal a name of Bhagwan Krishna Means Protector of Cows

Ancient Wisdom – Why Bhagwan Krishna Made Indian Cows as companion for Human Race?

Cow Ancient Wisdom: Lord Krishna loved cows because of their self-less devotion to mankind; they give milk, ghee, curd, urine, gobar, and even their body* for the well being of humans

Body* – When cow dies a natural death, you should bury her body gracefully beneath 4 feet in the farming land. The land becomes fertile after 4 months.

So you can see there’s no wastage, Cow gives everything that one needs. Such sacrificial nature of Cow made her gau mata of all human beings. Lord Krishna guide mankind to take care of Gau Mata in Srimad Bhagwatam. Protecting and giving shelter to Indian Cow touches heart of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was a cowherd and also protected them for their merciful nature. Jai Gau Mata. Radhe Radhe

Traditional India, which include muslim farmers too, as part of the villager’s agrarian lifestyle, were/are conserving natural resources, was/is an integral part of daily existence. Farmer uses nature’s gifts directly to manufacture all his necessities, from his mud hut dwelling to his home-spun clothes. But the most important feature of village conservation is protecting cows. Each homestead keeps at least one cow, and the animal is considered the most useful of all domestic beasts. In fact both cow and bull are seen as indispensable in rural India, in other words to 90% of the country’s population. Eating only grass, which costs nothing to produce, the cow in turn produces milk that provides nearly all the nutrients we need. One cow produces more milk than a whole family can drink in one day. What is not drunk is turned into yoghurt, cheese, butter and ghee (butterfat) – the latter being the basis for so many exquisite Indian sweetmeats and savouries.

[ Know Facts: Proven ! … Gopal Protector of Cows Bhagwan Krishna Existed in Dwapar Yug ]

Cow is Useful and Beneficial – Cow Dung Helps in Minimizing Radiation Effect in Nuclear Plants

It is a proven thing that the Cow dung has a significant anti-radiation property. And we were told that Russians are far ahead than any other country in this regard on researching into many of our traditional aspects. (such as smearing the floor and interiors of a house with the cow dung, sprinkling cow dung water in front of the house etc). Russians used the knowledge, they got from Hindu Sages. Also it is said they have gone to the extent of incorporating a layer of Cow dung (in-between two layers of metal) in the Space shuttles to protect the cosmonauts from the harmful cosmic radiations.

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The same property (anti-radiation) of the cow dung has been proved during the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, where the performance of Agnihotra using this Cow dung and Cow ghee was effective enough to completely eliminate the nuclear radation effect. And the same effect was observed with chemical catastrophe during the Bhopal tragedy. “Ayurvedic herbs and treatments in removing radioactive toxins from the body”

Clinical trials have shown Ayurvedic Herbs like:

  • Triphala (Combination of three herbs): Haritaki –Terminalis Chebula Amalaki – Emblica Officinalis Vibhitaki – Terminalis Billerica
  • Manjishtha – Rubia Cordifolia
  • Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera are useful in removing the radioactive toxins from the body.

Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma and rejuvenation treatments extensively use these herbs and have shown post Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in former Soviet Union, which have helped many people in reducing radio active toxins from the body. There are numerous instances seen in Brazil, Israel and India where usage of Cow Dung helped people a lot. If across the globe, all government managed  – nuclear plants, electronic infrastructures, space structures – start applying a layer of Cow Dung on the outside walls of the perimeters, it can help in absorbing the harmful gamma rays.

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Cow Protection Movement – Every Hindu Need to Become Shivaji Himself to Protect Cows

Shivaji protected Vedic values and tradition because he knew that protecting Sanatan culture means securing future for next Hindu generation. The resources and knowledge of ancient Vedic wisdom is the key for the prosperity of his kingdom.

Shivaji Maharaj was fully aware that he had to fight the Mughals since childhood . In his book ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharajanche Saptaprakaranatmak Charitra’ Malhar Ramrav Chitnis has described the mindset of Prince Shivaji when living with his father Shahajiraje at Vijapur. He pens Prince Shivaji’s thoughts as, “ We are Hindus. These Mlecchas, Yavans (Muslims) are inferior to us. There is none more inferior than them. I am distressed by serving them, eating food served by them, flattering them or even greeting them. It is so wrong to see the ridicule of one’s own religion. As we walk down the road we see cows being slaughtered. At that time I feel like beheading the killers and the distress grows even more. What is the use of living to see a cow being tormented ? I am compelled to remain silent because of being reprimanded by my father otherwise I feel like killing the one indulging in cow slaughter. It is not at all good to be in the company of Muslims. So also it is inappropriate to go to the court (darbar) of the emperor or to visit any wealthy man.” As soon as he returned from the Vijapur court he would bathe and change his clothing. It is at this very age that young Prince Shivaji showed his valorous nature by chopping off the hand of a butcher who was dragging a cow for slaughter in another kingdom !

Gau Rakshak Shivaji Maharaj Punished Killed Cow Butcher Killers
Shivaji Maharaj Taught Hindus How to Treat Muslim Cow Butchers who Kill Animals to Insult Hindus and Showcase their Hatred towards Sanatan Dharma

Use Deshi Cow Ghee for Cooking and Edibles ..WHY ? – Secrets Revealed

Because cows supply milk, in Indian culture they are accepted as our mother, and therefore worthy of reverence. How many babies are raised on cows ‘milk?, millions of babies rose on cow’s milk. When mother of new born babies are unable to baby feed, they rely on Indian cow milk to milk-feed her babies. Indian cow milk is only fit for new born babies. Cross bred or jarsi cow milk cannot be digested by new born babies.

VIDEOS on Cow’s Sacredness and Her Immense Potential to Serve Mankind

Hidden Secrets of Deshi Cow Milk – GOU MATA

Pregnancy And Indian Cow Milk – Gou Mata

Why Gou Mata (Indian Cow) should never be killed or slaughtered

Millions of Indians treated from cancer – One of the testimonials By an Indian in Hindi (Video Removed)

That Old Video of 2011 is Removed by Youtube We Replaced it with the New Video Below (2019)

US Stole Our Knowledge, Patented 2002 Cow Urine for Cancer – Proven by Indian Scientists Many Times

In India, it is well known fact that even the stool of the cow has antiseptic properties. Furthermore, in any Indian village you will see cow pats drying in the sun, ready to be used as fuel for cooking. Cow urine is prescribed in Ayurveda as a divine medicine, and when the cow finally dies, you can immerse her body in the farming land, 3 feet deep, after 4 months, the land becomes more fertile. It only happens if the cow had a natural death.

Christian Monk- Christ Liked, Protected Cows

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  • Excellent article sir, we are using cow urine, dung in our Ayurvedic medicines since several years. Recently two US patents came online and filed by Indians about cow urine as bioenhancers of drugs. I am sure you did excellent research when you write this article, could you please put sources (such as journals, patents, vedic verses, news articles etc.,) wherever it required. Is there any differences between native Indian cow urine/dung and Jersy cow urine/dung especially in medicinal values?

    Thank you very much for great information

    • Radhe Radhe Chakri Ji,

      We will pay heed to your suggestion. We did mention about the names of scientists and research papers on the post, if it was apprehensive henceforth, we will make it more simple and clear. Please spread the post among our Hindu brothers, sisters and wellwishers so that more people are aware of our great Vedic past.

      Only Indian cow and not Jersy cow is beneficial and sacred. We should use Indian Cow Urine and Dung of Cows like Gir, Ponwar, Rathi.

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    Just let’s hope that the mullahs and mallecchas stop slaughtering our cows!

    • Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

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