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Common belief system: We have no control whatsoever on any deed or it’s result.

WRONG – we have control over deeds and somewhat over results, varying full to negligible control. But we cannot, should never think that we are making things happen. No living being in this world has complete control over deeds or mannerisms. However there’s a catch to it, if we follow path of dharma and practice hardwork then no power in mother earth can stop us from becoming successful. Our maansik strength energises our physical strength and that result in realisation of our dream. Our maansik strength depends on our thoughts and thoughts depend on our upbringing, environment and teachings.

A person can become brave and strong by the thoughts seeded in the mind. Similarly, a coward or a foolish person is not so by birth but by the karmic inclinations he or she has, again it goes back to the thoughts and surroundings of the person. A person who is weak and gives up to the situation falls to the design of the Bhagwan.

Everyone’s existence in this world has some meaning, we all are interwined, each one of us – even if we are not socially or  umbilically  connected, we tend to influence each other. We are related in terms of teaching or learnings. We all are interlaced to each other as we learn from each other. Let’s peek into some real life examples, how giving up to the situation make animals out of people, we see victims felling into the Mayic design of Bhagwan (God). A drunkard starts by drinking for brief moments of fun with friends till he becomes so, while other friends continue to drink for fun and are not habitual to it, when such person dies – his death gives ALARMING message to his society and people around that drinking kills. Same goes for gambler, robber, thief, murderer, terrorist. All manifestations of negative energy set examples for us that WE SHOULD NOT BECOME LIKE THEM. They become so following provocations or submission to emotional design of God. They give us lessons sacrificing their lives due to their past or present Karma. They behave erratic as they do not repel the Mayic SCHEME of God – the entrapment dome that encloses all – pious and evil alike. After all everything in this multiverse is made by God himself. No one can escape his design. So now you may argue that GOD IS NOT COMPLETE, it allows PEOPLE TO SUFFER, only GOD IS RESPONSIBLE, let us BLAME God. NO… A big NO because God himself is showing LIVE examples of negative energies to inspire us to behave in HUMANIC manner. All those CULPRITS of BAD BEHAVIOUR can actually escape this entrapment of Bhagwan if they do their pious KARMA. We are what we are, as our KARMA makes us.

Karma is not FATE. True Karma is undying  confidence of believing whatever you do, doing ONLY the positive deeds – whether you are into a seva or a business or working for someone. Whatever activity you do, you have COMPLETE control over your deeds. NO ONE IN THIS WORLD, NOT EVEN GOD can stop you from following your FOCUSED GOAL – if at all – you are following it on your own.

Yes you will be pursued by negative people around you, to change your basic positive trait of Bhagwan to dwell into drinking, smoking, criminal or negative deeds, Yes you will be lured by the surrounding and mythical atmosphere to dive into such acts but WHO DOES THE ACT, YOU and no one else forces you. You are captive to your own manners, if you are indulging in the WRONG acts, you are running fast in the infinite vicious circle that never ends even with the death or thereafter – it follows you to the next birth, it continues till you CHANGE your behaviour.

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Bhagwan gave us options to choose, freedom to select and openness to think. It is us who make mockery of opportunities and heavenly life of human that we get after millions of births as mosquitoes, spiders, donkeys – after crossing 84 lakh yonis of several creatures for millions of years – sometimes taking birth in the same yoni hundreds of times based on our past Karma.

There is only ONE WAY OUT to escape this negative design of Bhagwan; The path to undying hardwork, the Karma. It will take some time to show you results, in some cases even decades but rechannelising your energy to pious deeds or your positive goal can make you win over this entrapment. You will surely come out victorious.

Factors That Make You Victim of Mayic Design



Monitor closely moments that make you change decisions or fall prey to the Mayic design. You must control your emotions in that particular time. Yes, it is a TRIGGER moment making a person thief, murderer, drunkard or terrorist – one MOMENT of allurement or submission to mythical emotion that demotes the human as a slave of negative energy. That one moment result in failure or success.

Sample this real life situation of a person near you: A child grows up to become a nice person because of good parenting. This young man never drink alcohol or smoke. He was a well behaved citizen until he meets an old friend who takes him to a birthday party. Not to dishearten his friend and to impress girls around, he starts sipping few gulps of wine. This one MOMENT of sipping wine withers away 20 years of culture that was imbibed in him by the parents and teachers. The hardwork and dedication of parents drained. If he had controlled his emotions in that particular moment, he would have not become habitual to drinking and died as an infamous drunkard and a drug addict.

How it expands?

See: It is seen by the person and accepted

Read: Then for the first time it is acknowledged

Think: Person starts thinking about it

Practice: Becomes habitual to it

Whenever there is TURN OF EVENT or SUDDEN CHANGE IN PATTERN of your life. Ensure that you are in control of that CHANGE OF MOMENT. Ignoring positive pattern of your life you get trapped into Mayic design.

how mayic design pattern develops

The design enlarges it’s circumference with minor change in habits. Later on making a person addicted to the design. It rules through sensory elements of a body. Firstly, with minute influence then it scales up to uncontrollable ascendancy. All sensory elements; eyes, ears, nose, hands and tongue become slaves of this habit. Gradually making a person drunkard, meat-eater, thief, s*x addict, or murderer.

Stopping yourself in that particular moment protects you from falling into the DEEP WELL OF MAYIC DESIGN.


Never ever in your life TAKE ANY DECISION based on emotions. 100% of the times, mark my words – 100% of the times decision taken on emotions result in you losing the situation. Mythical emotion is designed by Bhagwan for us to lose our senses and fell into the trap.

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How to tackle it?

Bhagwan gave us solution to escape from this mythical chakravyuh, a creation of Maya. Use your knowledge. Knowledge here means deep research and self-experience. Understanding repercussions and merit of the situation. Comprehending the future course that will impact the sudden urge of falling into emotions. Knowledge is not reading books or appearing top in competitions. Knowledge is opening your mind to immense introspection to scale situation from external point-of-view. To become neutral to yourself and the situation.

Let us take simple examples from history of India, how falling into one of the mythical designs of Bhagwan, course of history changed in Bharatvarsha.


Ravan was a learned Rakshas, he was so powerful that he had captured Kaal within his abode. With his deep penance and positive karma, he forced Brahma to gift him (almost) an immortal life. But his emotion of ahankar that being super rakshas, a human being with limited powers cannot kill him, he asked for the boon not to be killed by anyone but humans. He thought feeble, weak humans cannot harm him. This emotion of Ahankar designed his death.

Emotional design erodes mental, physical and spiritual elements

how mayic design controls a person


Anger is one such design of Bhagwan which makes animal out of an ordinary human. Anger begets anger. It has no limitations. If the anger is channelised for the protection of Nation and people, it brings happiness for all, however when it is done for personal benefit it causes demise of the empire. Shakuni a prince of Afghanistan (Gandhar pradesh) made anger his life existence. He was totally encapsulated in the anger, every move that he made in his life was based on this single POISONOUS emotion – anger. To avenge death of his parents and wishes of his father SubalRaj he brainwashed Kauravs against Pandavs since their childhood which made war and ultimately caused death to millions of warriors, two generations and entire empire.

Allurement or Love or Grief

Selfish love or allurement has no bounds. It blinds the person and diminishes thinking power. The creation of Mayajaal of Bhagwan is done by demigods who are guardians of different designs. Manthra was brainwashed by Maa Saraswati to provoke Kaikeyi Mata against Bhagwan Ram and Dashrath. Kaikaeyi mata in her blind love towards son and allurement to become Rajmata (mother of Ayodhya Raja Bharat), caused immense pain and grief to Dashrath who could never see his son again. The series of emotional submissions changed the course of history for Ayodhya and its erstwhile citizens.

There are majorly 64 types of emotions. Discussing emotions is out of scope of this vritant. Our moot point is to make you aware of the fact that it is up to you to change the situation for yourself. No one is your friend or guide but yourself.

Do not forget the sacrifices of great people like Ravan, Shakuni and Kaikeyi Mata as in their disreputation lies BIG lessons for all of us. Though we are not related to any one of them yet we somehow are connected to them in the form of disciples as they share same emotions like us, their submissions to Mayic designs made them befallen heroes though they achieved a lot in their lives; which no living person of the earth can think of.

  1. Shakuni ensured that Bhagwan Krishn took side of Pandavs. In a way, he was instrumental in annihilation of all anti-humans.
  2. Ravan forced Bhagwan Vishnu to take Avatar as Bhagwan Ram to establish dharma. Bhagwan Ram gave him sadgati.
  3. Kaikeyi Mata was most respected by Bhagwan Ram, post exile when Bhagwan Ram reached Ayodhya, the first person’s  health and well-being he enquired about was Maa Kaikeyi. Only a pious past or present Karma can make you so close to God himself.
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When super humans of Ramayan submitting to petty emotions caused grave danger to the erstwhile society, imagine how much damage we all negligible mortals are causing to our world and family by falling to the bondage of emotions. so always CONTROL EMOTIONS.

Possible for everyone to break Mayic design

STOP BLAMING GOD for your failures and blunder prone decision-making process. You decide your own path and you choose to submit to the emotional entrapment. Bhagwan clearly told us in Srimad Bhagwad Geeta to do Karma, if you are true Yogi in human form then you will ONLY DO KARMA as doing Karma makes you neutral, breaks emotional cocoon and takes you external to the situation. DO NOT THINK ABOUT RESULTS. Just work hard and you can smash Mayic design of the Bhagwan.

Do you know who will be happy to see you breaking the Mayic design of Bhagwan, Bhagwan himself, he will smile and change your life for the betterment. It is KARMA alone that can change your so called fate or destiny. Try to control emotions, monitor those definitive MOMENTS, you will find immense peace and enlightenment in your work. Start slowly. Stop thinking about result, think about process, efforts and synergy to execute whatever you are doing. You will surely find success after initial series of failures.

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