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Skeptics deny but some solutions of life is not with science. In fact science loses sheen when the line between positivity and negativity diminishes and negativity wins on temporal basis. An evil eye is commonly believed in all principle of lives, sanatan dharma and recent manmade religions. It has different names across the world; invidia, evil eye, cockatrice, basilisk, buri nazar, kudrishti and malocchio are some popular references associated with sudden turn of terrible events. Warding off evil eye impact is a multi-crore business globally. Ancient remedies are still practiced in countries like Armenia, Albania, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, Morocco, Greece, the Levant, Afghanistan, Syria, Southern Spain, Germany, China, Africa and Mexico. While modern gadgets are very famous in West Asia, Latin America, East and West Africa, Central America, Central Asia, Urban India, Urban China and Europe.

Giving credence of science to evil eye, Plutarch’s scientific explanation stated that the eyes were the chief, if not sole, source of the deadly rays that were supposed to spring up like poisoned darts from the inner recesses of a person possessing the evil eye. Plutarch treated the phenomenon of the evil eye as something seemingly inexplicable that is a source of wonder and cause of incredulity. The scientific explanation is complex information of simplified definition that evil eye causes harm to the victim.

In general in India, through period from historical evidences to recent times, babies and newborn infants have their eyes adorned with kajal, or eyeliner of black color. Or black spot of kajal is applied above eye at corner side of forehead. Black wards off the evil eye or any evil auras. In South India (Andhra Pradesh), people call it as ‘Disti’ or ‘Drusti’. To remove Disti people follow several methods based on their culture/area. Items used to remove Disti either Rock salt or Red chilies or Oiled cloth. Taking one of this item, people remove Disti by rotating their hand around the affected person and then burn the item. Most truck owners across India write the slogan on the back of their vehicles, to ward off the evil eye: buri nazar wale tera muh kala meaning O evil-eyed one, may your face turn black.

Evil Eye – Symptoms, Negativity and Remedies

If someone has the strong urge to harm or put you in an unpleasant situation, you may receive negative vibrations emitting through your enemy eyes. The negative vibrations have deeper impact on people who drink alcohol, smoke, foul mouth and lie a lot. It also victimizes a person easily who insults women at home; she can be anyone – wife, mother sister or neighbor. In other cases, people who are physically or mentally weak (emotional) are more prone to be affected by evil vibrations that is the reason kids and women are mostly affected by an evil eye. Everything that is associated with the person in his daily life – objects like food, house, job/business, bank balance, items etc. get badly affected by the evil eye.

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Common symptoms of Evil eye

Some common symptoms of evil eye you may notice yourself include: Sudden vomiting; drying up of milk of nursing mothers and livestock; problems with blood or eyesight; frequent souring of milk; food turning bad too soon; continued business losses; breakdown in office automation and machinery; excessive unaccounted theft and expenses in the home and at the workplace; impotence in men; head and neck pain; heavy eyes, etc.

Other mild symptoms are acute uneasiness or apprehension, feel of disgust, confusion on simple things in life, with everything seeming to go wrong; frequent quarrels with spouse; breakdown of communication amongst partners; stomach ache accompanied by dizziness and indigestion; babies crying without reason and having terrible stomach pain.

Remedies to Warding off Evil Eye

Identification process of detecting evil eye’s negative vibration on you.

Procedure: Take red chilly, small mustard seeds (rai) and salt together. Revolve anticlockwise around the affected person for 7 times and burn in fire. If you don’t feel any strong smell coming out of it then the person is definitely affected with an evil eye.

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Astrological Signs

Moon: People with weak Moon are most vulnerable to be affected by the evil eye because Moon rules over your emotions and feelings. Rahu’s influence over Moon may affect a person with evil eye.

Rahu and Ketu: Rahu rules over occult science. Rahu and Ketu also rule over paranormal activities. So they may also indicate evil eye in certain combinations.

Saturn: Saturn may also indicate evil eye if it is sitting in lagna with Rahu or Ketu and Mars also has an influence on the lagna.

Chronic illness due to evil eye

Symptom 1: A particular member in the family suffers from chronic illness? The reason could be very well due to evil eye of neighbors or relatives.

Remedy: Take sea water in a bottle or can and distill the water using a white cloth. After distillation, take the distilled water and mix a small proportion of komiyam (desi cow’s urine not jarsi). Store it in a bottle and spread the water inside every rooms of the house during Tuesday, Friday, Full moon day and new moon day. This remedy will burn the evil eye and its resulting illness.

Loss of appetite due to evil eye

Symptom 2: Frequent illness and loss of appetite for livestock’s.

Remedy: Do you know evil eye can also affect domestic animals? yes, evil eye can cause illness and loss of appetite for cows, dogs, lambs and other livestocks. One of the ways to remove effect is bathing the livestock using turmeric powder mixed in water.

Jobless situation due to evil eye

Symptom 3: Misfortunes, Bad luck, loss of fortune and jobless situation are some of the common evil eye effects.

Remedy: One of the common and well known methods to remove evil eye is by keeping an aquarium in the house. Aquarium should be kept in the Hall of the house, and should be placed in the south side of the Hall.

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Harmful affect on pregnant ladies due to evil eye

Symptom 4: Evil eye can harm pregnant women when they go out of the house, and gazes of envious thoughts can affect the health of pregnant ladies.

Remedy: While going out, take a two to three neem tree leaves and keep it with you. After returning to home, burn the neem tree leaves, thus burning the evil eye that was cast on you.

Non-working conditions of electronic appliances due to evil eye

Symptom 5: Sudden problems happening around house, paintings wiping off, short circuit, electronic gadgets turning into non-working conditions and water problem.

Remedy: Another effective way of warding off evil eye in homes and businesses is to keep a Nazar battu hanging over the front main door of homes, from where people enter.

Feels sluggish, lethargic due to evil eye

Symptom 6: Feels sluggish, irritable and sickly, and has loss of appetite for no reason.

Remedy: Take some rock salt and do the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation over the head as before, then immerse it in a glass of water kept close by. It is believed that as the salt mixes with water, the evil eye also dissolves away.

Child health issue due to evil eye

Symptom 7: Is your children suffering from constant stomach ache? It can also be due to the evil eye.

Remedy: Take a small amount of sand from street corner, and mix it with mustard. Gently apply the mix on your children stomach. After applying the mix, take it and put in fire. This will burn the evil eye effects on your children.

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Business loss due to evil eye

Symptom 8: Is your business running a bad patch? Is it not getting the deserved success in business? Then, it might be due to the evil eye of your business competitors.

Remedy: To ward off evil eye by business competitors or neighbors, place a lemon in a glass full of water. Make sure the glass is a white, transparent one. Keep the glass in a place which is very visible to people who visit your place. Also, change the water every day. Then, every Saturday, remove the lemon and replace it with new one. By doing this, you can ward off any evil eye affecting your business or profession.

Frequent quarrel due to evil eye

Symptom 9: Frequent quarrel among family members, partners.

Remedy: Keep a plant of the white ark just outside the main door. The house where this plant is kept always remain safe from evil eye.

Feeling uneasiness due to evil eye

Symptom 10: Feeling uneasiness, dizziness and uncomfortable at home. Feeling like moving out of home and spending time outside.

Remedy: Burn Guggul, Loban and Camphor together and spread the smoke in all corners of house/office every day.

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All evil eye problems one solution

To ward off all above types of symptoms and evil eye harmful impact.

Remedy: Performing Mrityunjaya Yagna biannually wards off bad auras.

Daily recitation of Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa paat is a Vedic procedure that is sureshot remedy to cure evil eye symptoms and ward off negative vibrations. It is a step towards creating a completely healthy body, mind and soul. It helps ignite the powerful inner spirit to fight evil’s aura of black magic and evil spells. Fire is known to destroy all imperfections.

Always apply tilak, bindi or sindur to ward off evil eye, negative vibrations and spirits

sindur, tilak and bindi to evil eye treatment

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  1. Takeshi18 says:

    Can you clarify symptom 1, is it only for month or every months, 1 year? is Mahamrityanjaya yajna, biannually, twice per every year? How long?

    1. Radhe Radhe Takeshi ji,

      For Symptom 1, Remedy is under process twice a week till the time affected person regains his or her health

      Mahamrtiyujaya Mantra full jaap should be done twice a year. A full jaap comprises of 125000 times of chanting for 21 days.
      Each rosary mala jaap (of Rudraksha) has one full rotation of 108 times jaap of the mantra. So chanting should be done with the pause of 108 times of Jaap.
      Remember chanting with Rudraksha mala has certain rules to follow.

      If one cannot have above jaap he or she can have 108 times Jaap per day at that point twice a year full Jaap is not required.

      Jai Shree Krishn

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