Learn How to Defeat Negative Energies Spirits to Improve Life

Words are very powerful. They create thoughts. Thought forms action and action generates result.

As per 30,000 years old Rigveda, we all are bound within 5 Universal elements; Bhumi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Akash or Shunya (Space).

No manifestation or unmanifestation can go beyond all these five elements. How we treat or abuse the freedom to act within 5 elements, the Prakriti has given us, depends on our approach and the outcome emerging from it.

The action is a cyclic process. Harmonious connections with 5 elements keeps the atmosphere conducive to life, any dissonance in this connection cause immense pain and destruction. One form of creation triggers many forms of creativities. Similarly, one form of destruction cause many forms of destructive events.

Sound is the basis of everything. Positive and Negative Sounds define our life and death, even existence of Earth and Universe.

Sound energy formed the Universe. When there was nothing OM was present. is the creation and causes the destruction. It fully depends on the arrangement of sub-elements within major 5 primary elements. All living beings, non-living manifestations are deeply impacted with the surrounding sound energies. Positive sound energy make positive situations and negative* sound energy create damaging phenomenon.

*Negative energies: In the non-physical form of sounds, cries, howls, ghosts, asuras, curses, abuses, evil eyes and mlecchas cause radioactive destruction to spirituality and aura of Earth and her inhabitants.

The article will help you in defeating negative energies so that you can quit bad habits and direct your life the way you wanted.

How to Control Negative Energy

Vedic Hindu Routine to Annihilate Negativity

The routine chart in sequential manner is created for common human beings who do not know deeply about Vedic Mantras and synergies to unlock positive power of cosmic conscience. The simple routine can be followed by any individual irrespective of his/her state.

Wake up early in the morning to control Negative Energy

Wakeup at 4:30 am, think about rising Sun and chant ॐ सूयार्य नमः (Om Suryay Namah).

How to tackle Negative Energy with Surya Mantra

Take Bath Twice a Day to Control Negative Energy

Very important. Never avoid bathing. Unclean place and body is a host to negative energy. When you sleep for long hours, you sweat and you are almost dead. So hosts of negative energies try to attack you or extract some power from you to sustain their existence.

नंदिनी नलिनी सीता मालती च महापगा ।
विष्णुपादाब्जसम्भूता गंगा त्रिपथगामिनी ।।
भागीरथी भोगवती जाह्नवी त्रिदशेश्वरी ।
द्वादशैतानि नामानि यत्र यत्र जलाशये ।।
स्नानोद्यतः स्मरेन्नित्यं तत्र तत्र वसाम्यहम् ।।

(आचारप्रकाश, आचारेन्दु, पृ़ .४५ गीता प्रेस)

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Nandini Nalini Sita Malati Cha Mahapaga
Vishnupadabjasambhuta Ga~nga Tripathagamini
Bhagirathi Bhogavati Jahnavi Tridasheshvari
Dvadashaitani Namani Yatra Yatra Jalashaye
Snanodyatah Smarennityam Tatra Tatra Vasamyaham

(Nitya Karma Puja Prakash, Pg 45 Geeta Press)

First three verses are 12 names of Maa Gange.
In the last two verses, Maa Ganga said that anyone who recites 12 names of Ganga will be blessed with the presence of Maa Gange herself.

Note: Do not Bath Naked, cover your private parts with a thin cloth or a langot.

How to stop Negative Energy while bathing

This means Maa Gange graces the water like River Gange so it is like you are bathing in the Ganga Nadi.

Chant Hanuman Chalisa to Control Negative Energy

No restriction for any human being. Anyone can chant Hanuman Chalisa or a Hanuman Mantra ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः (Om Shri Hanumate Namah).

The Hanuman Chalisa is very powerful, during menstrual cycles its positive influx can cause hormonal imbalance, it is strongly recommended to not recite in those 7 days of the month. However a woman can think about Bhagwan Shree Ram and chant mentally जय श्री राम (Jai Shree Ram) 11 times. Rambhakts are protected by Hanuman ji from negative energies.

How to control Negative Energy during menstrual cycle

Complete details about the powerful recitement of Hanuman Chalisa is given here.

Avoid Public Commutation to Control Negative Energy

Mixing up with different people cause exchange of auras. Huge volume of negative auras around you invoke negative thoughts in your mind. If it’s not possible to avoid public transport, keep chanting ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः (Om Shri Hanumate Namah) in your mind.

How to control Negative Energy during travel and journey

Communicate Less to Stop Negative Energy Influence

Long conversations leak your power and positivity. Make conversations shorter.

How to control Negative Energy in communication

Eat Vegetarian Food to Stop Negative Energy

Foods define thoughts. Eating fresh, non-flesh food invoke positive thinking pattern. Tamsik foods develop asuric qualities paving ways for negative energies to surround you.

How to control Negative Energy eating food

Develop a habit of eating vegetarian foods to become physically and mentally strong. Details about Vegetarianism is given here.

Sleep Early to Defeat Negative Energies

Eat evening food by 8 pm. Ensure you sleep by 9 pm, if you cannot eat at 8 pm sleep hungry but maintain sleeping time of 9 pm. After few days, you will find yourself dining at 8 pm and sleeping at 9 pm as part of your routine.

How to control Negative Energy with early sleeping

Sound Designs Life and Make Movements within Earth. Contribute to Positive Sound for Strong and Lively Earth.

Avoid Negative Sounds to Revoke Negative Energy Impact

Negative sound manifests destructive energies. They unlock unfavorable events like pain, accident, earthquake, flood, epidemic, death and loss.

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Uncontrollable accumulation of negative sounds destructs entire nation and citizens of the state.

Negative sounds you must avoid:

Abuses and Curses: Do not abuse anyone verbally or in writing. Regular abuses and curses attract dirty habits.

Dirty Habits: Avoid alcohol, smoke, drugs and weeds. Avoid scratching skin, hair, nose digging, ear picking and masturbation. Dirty mannerism develop addiction that regularly strengthen negative energies around.

Sacrificial Sounds: Fearful howling or crying of animals when their throats are sliced for sacrificial killings emit destructive radioactive sounds. Slaughtering of any animal or bird including Cow, Goat, Pig, Hen or Deer cause immense harm to the harmonious positive energy of Prakriti. Their sound is beamed in the atmosphere that causes holes in Ozone layer.

Sound Creates and Destructs.

Water evaporates in the atmosphere to come back int the form of rain for existence of life in Earth. Similarly, crying sounds beamed in the atmosphere come back in the form of destructive energies denting balance of Earth, shaking it spiritually thereby causing physical earthquake and flood.

That is why domestic violence should be completely avoided.

Sound is a non-physical form of creator while Woman (female) is the only physical form of creator in our Earth.

Women should be respected, their cry cause death to the entire generation even if they do not curse, their crying sound is so powerful that it causes irreparable harm.

How to control Negative Energy by stopping domestic violence and stopping animal killings

Stop killing animals to avoid earthquake, flood and epidemic. Respect womanhood to render positivity to make your life peacefully liveable.

Destructive Anti-Vedic Sounds Evoke Negative Energy

Completely avoid listening to unnatural and unscientific Anti-Vedic sounds like loud music, whining, banging of utensils, construction, destruction, noise pollution, namaz, azans and cult hyms. They are very destructive for living beings.

The cult chanter of anti-Vedic hymns and azan internalizes inhumane traits due to hordes of negative energy feeds in his/her aura disturbing his/her mental and spiritual framework. Distorted Vedic mantras also attract negative energies so chant correct Vedic mantras.

Chanting of namaz 5 times daily at a place in cumulative to millions of such places generates billions of anti-Vedic unnatural sounds, unlocking immense flow of radioactive negative energies. The accumulation of these negative energies ensure complete destruction of the place in near future.

45 Days Experiment Proved Negativity of Azans/Namaz

Compared to Humans, Plants are super sensitive to sound and unseen forms of energies. First time ever in the world this simple experiment was done by us, which can be replicated by you.

This what we did, took two small plants (you can take plants of any category).

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Mild Vedic Mantra was beamed to Plant A for continuous 45 days (15 minutes twice a day). Plant A moved towards speaker, grew faster and stronger.

Similarly, Islamic hymns was beamed to Plant B for continuous 45 days (15 minutes twice a day). Plant B moved away from the speaker and died later.

Do we need any proof of negative impact of Islamic hymns and azans?

How to control Negative Energy by removing speakers from mosques and destroying masjids

Loudspeakers beaming destructive sounds in the atmosphere should be removed immediately. Construction of mosques should be completely banned. Gradual destruction of such structures should start to save humanity and for world peace.

Performing Yajna Yagna यज्ञ to Kill Negative Energies

To maintain balance between Positive and Negative energies and to combat the continuous flow of destructive energies emitting from pollution, negative forces and anti-nature azans, it is imperative that Yagna is performed regularly.

Control Negative Energy by performing Yagna Yajna Yagya on a monthly basis

One Yajna can have positive impact to around 2 kms of area. There should be millions of Yajnas on a monthly basis, across Bharat in every 1 km of perimeter, to annihilate surrounding negative energies.

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      They roam around for hundreds of years to find weak person’s physical body as vehicle. (Person with low will power, weak aura and confidence).

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