Islam is not religion it is anti-human gangster cult

Islam is evil because it openly advocates, in the name of anti-god allah, permission to murder, slavery, rape, and betrayal. Muslims regularly read anti-human writings in terrorism manual, koran, take Islam seriously and thus hate non-muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians.

Muslims (mlecchas) engage in barbarous and deceitful activities to somehow fulfill their one-point agenda of converting people into their evil cult, islam. Non-muslims who think that moderate muslims (who are not terrorists) are good people are actually white-washing the sins of muslims (mlecchas) ignorantly. The dirty acts actually reveal the truth that 100% muslims are against any harmony among people and hate non-muslims from the core of their hearts.

How and Why Muslims Hate Non-Muslims While Deceiving Them In Their Evil Acts

The World knows this truth. Terrorism manual, Koran, is responsible for Jihad. Some excerpts: “Jihad (holy fighting in Allah’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know” (e.g., 2:216, 9:38). The Koran explicitly and repeatedly commands Muslims to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” (e.g., 2:191, 9:5), “strike off their heads” (e.g., 8:12, 47:4), “make sex slaves of their wives and daughters” (e.g., 4:24, 33:50), and continue this jihad “until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah” (e.g., 8:39, 9:29).

Muslims consider it sunnat (sunnah*) to follow deeds of lunatic mohammed (muhammad). Filthy acts of terrorist mohammed is replicated by common muslims in their lives. They use freedom to practice religion as a veil to justify all criminal acts of rape, loot, murder, animal slaughter and conatimating foods; spiting, urinating and mixing faeces (stool). Time has come to disband islam as a religion, it an evil cult out to decimate humanity from the earth. Mohammed and His Muslims Fetish with Saliva and Urine is given here.

[*Sunnah: Sunnah, are the medieval traditions and primitive practices of the founder of islam, Muhammad, that constitute as a model of conducts for mentally conditioned Muslims to follow.]

Disrespecting food is one of the biggest sins and according to Vedic rules, the criminal must be subjected to even death penalty. Food is consider as the Brahma (Creator), it is immensely respected in Vedic culture. It is also the source of energy for acquiring knowledge and prolong life.

Anti-Human Acts of Common Muslims Towards Hindus, Christians and Sikhs

Muslims spit in water and food while giving it to non-Muslim guests

They offer juices mixed with their saliva EVEN in Muharram. DO NOT EAT FOODS IN MUSLIM RESTAURANTS. INCIDENTS ARE REPORTED WORLD OVER THAT THEY SECRETLY MIX SALIVA IN FOOD BEFORE SERVING TO NON-MUSLIMS. Never Eat in muslim house, whatever they offer.

Muslims are enemies of non-muslims due to koran and islam

Proof: Incidents of Muslim Spitting Contaminating Non-Muslim’s Food and Stuffs

Fecal Jihad with Food by Muslim Eatery Owners

In the February of 2008, two Muslim shop-owners, Saeed Hasmi, 25, and Jan Yadgari, 23, were fined £1,500 for selling chocolate cake – which had been sprinkled with human feces. A horrified customer ate the foul-smelling gateaux but noticed that it didn’t taste or smell “quite right” and handed the cake to public health scientists. The analysts soon established that the sweet treat was covered in feces. The criminal Muslims admitted the charges and confessed to the crime that they did so many times before.

Urine Jihad by a Muslim Lad

In a news report, the witness to the incident Bajrang Dal member Yatinder Gehna said, “A Muslim man named Irshad was caught red-handed peeing on the Shivling of the ancient Shiv Temple in old mandi of Jahangirabad area. He was often found lurking around the temple premises. People here are angry with his act. He has fled from the place. A police complaint had been filed against him and he has been nabbed from his house.” (screenshot of the video)

“Before this incident, he was also once beaten by his Kafir friends for spitting on food and offering it to his Hindu friends.”

Confirming the incident, the Bulandshahr police tweeted that the accused ‘Irshad’ has been booked under Section 295 (Injuring or defiling a place of worship with the intent to insult a religion) and Section 153A (Promoting enmity between different religious groups) and immediately sent to jail.

Fecal Jihad by the Muslim Restaurant Owners

Hardcore islamists posing as moderates Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti owned Khyber Pass, a muslim restaurant serving non-vegetarian Indian and Pakistani cuisines.

The owners of a kebab shop sold food contaminated with human faeces have been ordered to pay compensation to customers who became ill. A rare strain of E. coli – only the second outbreak of its kind in Europe – was found at The Khyber Pass in Nottingham in June 2014.

Muslim mix human faeces, spit and dirt and offer food to non-muslims

In August, owners Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti pleaded guilty to breaching food hygiene regulations. Witnesses were shocked to see they did not show any remorse in their disgusting acts. They were instead smiling when the sentences were read – as if they feel relieved that they orchestrated their Jihad for so many months without getting caught.

More than 140 people were affected by the outbreak. Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court, the owners were each given a suspended four-month jail sentence and ordered to pay each victim £200. Breaches included selling food unfit for human consumption, poor personal cleanliness of food workers and inadequate hand washing facilities and drainage.

Some victims feel cheated, they thought it was mild punishment for muslim terrorists.

Spit Jihad by a Muslim – Spitting in Food

A video is posted on Youtube by a Jihad proponent, Basheer Bahrain on 15th December 2018, boasting about how a muslim is spitting on food before serving it to Kafirs (non-muslims). The caption of the YouTube video is in Malayalam, which says, “Those who don’t understand barkat of Islam, they should eat spitted on food.”  (screenshot of the video)

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A Muslim criminal, Mohammad Sohal Shaukat Ali spat on a police team. First he murmured some abusive arabic kalmas then he spat on the cops. This incident proved beyond doubt that muslims take permission from allah to commit anti-human terrorist act as done by this muslim criminal. (screenshot of the video)

Spit Jihad by a Muslim Criminal

Criminal Muslim spit on Hindu cops

Food Jihad – Contamination Witnessed by Several Non-Muslims

Based on several witnesses accounts, MLA, Rajkumar Thukral said “Their (muslim) wives and daughters defile you by spitting into the food they serve you. I will not step in any one of these (muslim) people’s house till I am alive.”

Several persons shared their experiences in Janta Darbar with the leader and he made this statement soon after.

Spit, Urine and Fecal Jihad by a Muslim Chemist

Sahnoun DaifAllah, a 42 year old chemist from Gloucester, UK, caused £700,000 damage when in May 2008 he went on spraying a mixture of his urine and feces on foods in two supermarkets, on children books in a bookshop, and in a pub, as his personal campaign of jihad (islamic terrorism). When caught by the Police, he did not resist, instead he said, you are doing your work and I am doing my work. Post clinical tests, traces of human faeces were found on the gifts he distributed in guise as islamic presents among his non-muslim friends.

muslim urinating, spitting on non-muslim kafir food
Note: Attraction to Fecal and Spit Jihad is not old but part of Islamic doctrine mentioned in Al Qaeda’s terrorism training manual. There is a dedicated chapter on how to poison yourself using your own feces, how to spread disease using human feces. Most neighbourhood muslims rely on such manuals in spreading different forms of Jihad (terrorism).

There were another cases of deep hatred shown by muslims. In coimbatore, a muslim retaurant owner mixed impotency pills in non-muslims foods so that they do not pro-create and Hindu population becomes minority in the area. Love Jihad is done with the same purpose of decimating Hindu population.

In another medical jihad incident that happened in Sri Lanka, a muslim doctor, Shegu Shihabdeen Mohamed Shafi wrongly sterilized over 4,000 Buddhist and Christian women after performing caesarian deliveries. The evil purpose was to stop growing Buddhist population in proportion to Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Urine, Saliva and Feacel Fetish of Animalistic Muslims

They pass on the filths deceitfully to others as they consider them as good stuffs themselves. Far from scientific truth, they have wrong notion that by mixing saliva, urine and faeces, they will be able to brainwash Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in converting to their gangster cult islam.

This fetish for saliva and urine has deep connection to incidents of lunatic Mohammed. In such incidents, mohammed himself glorified his urine and saliva. Things which are commonly practiced by muslims are enforced by deceit on non-muslims. Muhammed never regarded urine as a filth so much so that he used to urinate in a bowl and keep it under his bed, as can be seen in the incident given below.

Even common illiterate person knows that urination or stool release should not be done in sleeping place, it stinks and forces mind to think worst kind of things. This also invites negative spirits. But mohammed’s dirty thought process was worst than commoners of today.

Take for example the case where a companion of the Mohammed drinks his urine, only to discover that (as per their concocted belief) she has now been shielded completely from the fire of Hell!

Imam Suyyuti narrates an authentic report in his al-Khasaa’is al-Kubra, vol. 2, page 253 (published by Daar al-Kutub al-Arabiy — some other online editions have this narration in vol. 2, page 441):

Recorded incident:
وَأخرج الطَّبَرَانِيّ وَالْبَيْهَقِيّ بِسَنَد صَحِيح عَن حكيمة بنت أُمَيْمَة عَن أمهَا قَالَت كَانَ للنَّبِي صلى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسلم قدح من عيدَان يَبُول فِيهِ ويضعه تَحت سَرِيره فَقَامَ فَطَلَبه فَلم يجده فَسَأَلَ عَنهُ فَقَالَ أَيْن الْقدح قَالُوا شربته برة خَادِم أم سَلمَة الَّتِي قدمت مَعهَا من أَرض الْحَبَشَة فَقَالَ النَّبِي صلى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسلم لقد احتظرت من النَّار بحظار

Translation: And Tabarani and Bayhaqi narrated with an authentic chain of transmission from Hukaymah daughter of Umaymah from her mother (Umaymah) who said, the Prophet Mohammed had a wooden bowl in which He used to urinate which was placed under his bed. One night he searched for it but did not find it and asked for it saying, “Where is the bowl?” The members of the house replied “Barrah, the slave girl of Umm Salamah, drank it.” (Barrah had come with Umm Salamah from Habashah with her.)

The Prophet Mohammed replied, “Surely she has protected herself from the fire with a great wall!”

Mohammed willingly used to spat on his companions and they obeyed by gracefully wiping it on their hands, face and lips.

Muslim husbands offering their half-eaten food or spitting on their wives’ food and muslim fakirs spitting on foods and offering them to their donors are very commonly practiced. It is indeed a weird and dirty thought process that wives and donors will be under control and spell bound to behave like an obedient slave. The disgusting acts of Mohammed has become mainstream activity for gangster cult followers,as they consider Mohammed, a perfect man and as per Quran are advised to follow all his acts to please Shukracharya’s devil Allah.

Narrated Al-Miswar bin Makhrama and Marwan:
Before embracing Islam, Al-Mughira was in the company of some people. He killed them, looted and took their property and came (to Medina) to embrace Islam. Urwa then started looking at the Companions of the Mohammed. By Allah, whenever Allah’s Apostle (Mohammed) spat on his companions, the saliva would fall in the hand of one of them who would rub it on his face and skin; if he ordered them they would carry his orders immediately; if he performed ablution, they would struggle to take the remaining water; and when they spoke to him, they would lower their voices and would not look at his face constantly out of respect.

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Urwa returned to his people and said, “O people! By Allah, I have been to the kings and to Caesar, Khosrau and An-Najashi, yet I have never seen any of them respected by his courtiers as much as Muhammad is respected by his companions. By Allah, if he spat, the saliva would fall in the hand of one of them (i.e. the Mohammed’s companions) who would rub it on his face and skin; if he ordered them, they would carry out his order immediately; if he performed ablution, they would struggle to take the remaining water;

(Notice how the filthy incident is again repeated using Urwa’s comment thereby glorifying saliva of Mohammed. This is not a humanly behaviour of a sane mind but gullible malodorous people who have enslaved themselves and would even kill their own family members for the words of mohammed and his creation allah.)

Even animals do not feed each other’s faeces or urine, even if they are dying in hunger but then enslaved bots are worst than animals, sanity, hygiene and soberness are last things in their minds.

Food Jihad: Muslim Caterer Spitting on Roti

On 21 February, 2021, a neighbourhood muslim terrorist Naushad alias Sohail was arrested by the police after his video of spitting on Rotis while cooking for a wedding went viral on the internet. It was clearly visible that Sohail was spitting on the Rotis before cooking them. Sohail was cooking at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut where he was filmed spitting on the Rotis before cooking them in a tandoor. The original video is of more than 10 minutes and already submitted to UP police for investigation. The 2 minutes video went viral and exposed evil mindset of neighbourhood muslims yet again for sleeping Hindus. All such incidents are wake-up calls till India becomes an Islamic nation due to non-agressive behavior of lazy Hindus.

saliva urine faeces in muslim foods

Naushad alias Sohail later confessed that he hate Hindus as they are Kafirs, he is devout muslim and prays 5 times daily to Allah. He also admitted he is doing this for last 8 to 10 years. Will a Hindu wedding ceremony ever give contact to any muslim caterer again! Shame on such Hindus who know truth but still fall into trap of muslim’s Al Taqqiya sweet words.

Muslims offer food (secretly mixed with beef, cow or buffalo flesh) to non-muslims

Never eat meat served by muslims in feast or as Bakri-Id offerings.

Muslims think if they deceivingly serve contaminated food (so called haraam ) to non-muslims, then it will help them in converting non-muslims easily to evil cult, islam.

Muslims offer beef, cow meat secretly mixed with bakri-id mutton

Muslims hate pet lovers and especially keepers of cow and dog

Whenever they see owners with their pets, they use choicest, foul language  towards them.

Most of them hate dogs, so they abuse and curse pet lovers.

mus;lims torture pets, dogs, pigs, cows and animals

Muslims offer halaal meat

Muslims deceptively offer meat of an animal whose neck is half-sliced very slowly, letting the animal die in deep pain. The brutal act is done to allow the blood flow out completely from the body of an animal.

Muslim kill animals

They use anti-god words ‘Bismillah wa Allahu Akbar’ while slicing the animal and think that they are making halaal meat from haraam animals with the brutal act of killing them. Muslims also mix cow/beef/buffalo meat with chicken and serve them to non-Muslims so it is advisable to avoid eating in muslim hotels, houses and invitations.

Muslims consider preservatives unholy, they avoid alcohol, acidic elements as haaram so they eat stale food and serve the same unhygienic food to others.

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Muslims are Racist, consider non-muslims and idol worshipers as Kafirs

Muslims dislike non-muslims because of their faiths on different gods.

Muslims believe in slavery and spreading the enslavement among non-believers. There is no specific term for non-believers (who have different faiths) in any religion or Hindu dharma but in evil islam, there is one peculiar term Kafir. From the inception itself, islam drew separate lines among muslims and non-muslims. Muslims believe that every human should worship Allah, those who do not they should be forced, killed or converted to islam to accept anti-god Allah’s enslavement.

islam is slavery and terrorism

Muslim Families Engage in Love Jihad Activities

Muslims hate non-muslim girls so much that they think these girls are mere s*x and fun objects sent to them by anti-god Allah. Killing, converting and forcing others to islamic fold means ticket to heaven for muslims. This farce theory of koran is also responsible for the advancement of Love Jihad across the globe. Though muslims are adamant to marry off their own girls with muslim boys only. They are open to lure innocent non-muslim girls, to make them second or third wife or s*x object. Since the main target of each muslim is to islamize the world, so following koran, converting a non-muslim girl into their cult by any means would give a slot in the heaven. In a bid to get a non-muslim girl in their household, relatives of the islamic boy keenly involve in coaxing the girl – sister befriends the girl, mother serves her halaal food, father gifts the girl enticing her to be his daughter-like; persuading her until she gives in and converts to islam. By the time girl realizes her grave mistake, its too late for her, her life becomes a living hell, being slave wife (2nd wife onward) of evil muslim family. Love Jihad is reality and has become global nuisance.

love jihad truth, facts, news and reality

How Neighbourhood Muslims Execute Love Jihad

How Neighbourhood Muslims Trap Hindu Sisters, Daughters for Love Jihad

How Neighbourhood Islamic Terrorism Islamizes Non-Islamic Country

How muslims Islamize a Hindu/Christian/Buddhist nation

How Islamic Terrorism Prospers

How islamic terrorism expands and Aggression can eradicate islamic terrorism
Click on the image for an enlarged view to share in social media

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Muslims feel pride in demolishing Structures and Temples

Muslims convey their animosity by destroying religious structures of non-muslims and Dharmis. The inventor and founder of terrorism (jihad) mohammed advised muslims to demolish structures of idol worshipers – Hindu temples, Sikh gurudwaras and Christian churches. Taking koran as words of anti-god Allah, several mughal rulers in India demolished over 90,000 major temples – Aurangzeb alone demolished over 60,000 major temples while killing millions of Hindus. These terrorist mughal rulers infiltrated holy places of Hindus and built anti-god mosques in all such places – Ram Janm Bhoomi in Ayodhya, Kashi Vishwanath in Benaras, Shree Krishna Mandir, Mathura. While these muslims banned non-muslims from visiting controversial mecca/madina, the hypocrite wicked muslims were quick to enter holy cities of Hindus and encroach their structures to make tombs, mosques and anti-god buildings over them.

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Hindu Temples were demolished by Muslim attackers in India and Mosques were build over them

Muslims Accumulate and Over Populate The Places They Reside

There goes the saying that its not just virus who multiply fast, muslims have tendency to compete with virus.

To establish their own regime within small places of countries; muslims gather and choose the place they want to over populate so that they are free to carry out their anti-god rituals. Such places are almost not governed by local govt and municipal authorities. The shops remain open whole night, fridays are observed as holidays, roads are encroached for 5 times anti-god prayers. Muslims hate non-muslims to such an extent that they create silos within cities and never sell or rent properties to Hindus or Christians in these places. Imams and muslim clerics make announcements in mosques and suggest them to over-populate the places and establish several mini islamic states within state. These places eventually become terrorist hide-outs since they are fully under grip of fanatic muslims.

Muslims convey their animosity by destroying religious structures of non-muslims and Dharmis.

Muslims Disrespect National Flags, Are Primitive and Not Patriots

Muslims are hostile towards non-islamic countries. Though they reside, earn livelihood and establish career in such countries but still they keep their cult above patriotism. There is NEVER flag hoisting in any muslim locality. They never sing national anthem. They never feel proud of local culture and rituals of the country. They show open resentment when non-islamic festivals are celebrated.

Islam has concept of Ummah and Darul islam, it does not believe in nationalism and democracy. It has strong views that world belongs to allah and muslims. That is why no muslim is patriot in all non-islamic countries of his residence.

all muslims are terrorists 25% are real terrorists remaining 75% are terorrist sympathizersMuslims (mlecchas) always respect their cresent moon/star islamic flag over national flags. They are highly intolerant on women freedom in terms of education, job and development. They think non-muslims; Hindus, Christians and Sikhs are committing sin by allowing freedom of speech to women. This is also one of the reason that they strongly dislike non-muslims for.

Muslims Never Stage Protests Against Terrorists

Muslims cunningly disguise to the public that terrorists are not muslims. They give concocted theory of tolerant muslims, while they carry out all activities prescribed against non-muslims in evil koran.

Muslims (mlecchas) never help government and agencies in nabbing suspects. They never stage violent protests against these terrorists. They never declare fatwa against terrorist organizations, neither they support governments in banning terrorist organizations. Muslims crib about their minority status and avail all the facilities offered by governments, but when they are in majority, they deny the same facilities to Hindus and Christians. Recent bomb blasts in non-muslim populated areas across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are examples of intolerance and fanaticism of muslims.

All muslims are terrorists

Common muslims deny any connection with terrorists but they are very quick to file mercy petitions for these terrorists. If they have no connection, then why show brother-like sympathy towards terrorists – Recent mercy petitions filed for terrorist Afzal Guru, Pakistani Kasab, Mohammed, Yasin Bhatkal are prime examples of muslims expressing solidarity towards terrorism. These muslims never oppose their terrorist activities instead adding insult to injury act expeditiously to keep them alive.

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List of Anti-India TerroristS Protected by Pakistani Muslims (click to enlarge image)

top terrorists of India, all supported by pakistan and ISI

May 2, 2011, is the date which is considered as vengeance day by US. But this is the same day when mosques around the world offer condolence prayers for the death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. If muslims really are against terrorism then why they do not object to such prayers. Why they offer prayers on the death of an evil beast. Shallow words deceit people but actions speak louder than words, and action of muslims time and again prove that they hate non-muslims because they support acts of killing non-muslims while overtly sympathizing with terrorists. Hard punishments to terrorists, controlling spread of muslim population while keeping close eyes on them is the only method to curb the islamic menace and invoke world peace.

Food Jihadists are Dung Insects!

faeces shit urine saliva jihad by muslims

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  • Kiran Kumar sahoo says:

    How many types of jihad are mentioned directly or indirectly against kafirs ?

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Jai Shri Krishn Kiran ji,

      You must share the information given below among all Hindu sisters, brothers and parents. This is must to save Bharat and Hindu community because all muslims of Bharat are involved in this jihad (terrorism) in form or the other.

      Crearures of islam believe in Jihad (terrorism). According to terror manual quran, Jihad is known as 6th pillar of islam. The 6th pillar will help in islamising entire world.

      Jihad is realised by taqiyya, muruna, kitman and mutah.

      Muslim clerics say Jihad (terrorism) has endless forms, however major forms are:

      1) Population Jihad (Terrorism)
      2) Mutah or Love Jihad (Terrorism)
      3) Land Jihad (Terrorism)
      4) Aemal Jihad (Terrorism) or Business Jihad
      5) Khasia Jihad (Terrorism) or Property Jihad
      6) Kafir Krahyh Jihad (Terrorism) or Boycott Kafir Jihad
      7) Killing Jihad (Terrorism)

      1) Population Jihad (Terrorism): Multiply like rats and increase population to instigate Killing Jihad thereby killing all non-muslims as their population increases more than 30%.

      2) Mutah or Love Jihad (Terrorism): Alluring non-muslim and Hindu girls into fake love later converting them into islamic womb of producing children. One woman converted from a non-islamic religion means one entire generation of people lost to terrorism cult islam. For love jihad to make success; entire family, mosque, clerics, sisters and brothers of a jihadi mulla is involved. Google “love jihad haribhakt” to know truth.

      3) Land Jihad (Terrorism): This is done by illegally grabbing land masses in prime locations of cities and towns, later making it legal by spending 1/20th of the cost of land while bribing bureaucrats and politicians. This way muslims buy properties in prime locations at 1/20th of the cost. The land masses are consumed to build to terrorism (killing jihad) factories which are smartly named as mazars, mosques and madarsas. Building mosques or prayer places is not part of quran infact middle east countries demolish mosques to develop cities. Unfortunately, 70 years of anti-Hindu governance of India allowed building of more than 0.35 million mosques in India, this way over 7 lakh crores worth of land mass is occupied by muslims of India. Muslim politicians and muslim vote bank hungry leaders across all parties allow this jihad to secure votes thereby creating killing machines in these factories. It is reported that almost 35% of the islamic structures (mazars, mosques and madarsas) are build on illegal land masses.

      4) Aemal Jihad (Terrorism): Controlling entire market or premises or trade territory by muslim in a unified manner. It is happening since hundreds of years. First they capture the area by populating then they start utlising funds of mosques to capture the market. The jihadis also use forces when they become major in certain places. Recent example is of 1990s when over 30,000 Kashmiri Hindus were killed and 5 lakhs of them tortured to flee the Kashmir so that muslims can control entire tourism, handicraft and pilgrimage market from the Hindus which was worth 12,000 crores. That’s why in entire India whenever you see Kashmir Handicraft Exhibitions you will only find muslim sellers, no Hindu is trading as they were systematically kicked out by muslims.

      5) Khasia Jihad (Terrorism): Instigating property fraud, grabbing land or property by marrying rich widow or divorcee Hindu girl. Later abandoning the girl or killing her. In this crores of worth of properties is cunningly transferred by the jihadi muslim in his name. In most of the cases, Hindu girls are subjected to series of tortures, chemical abuses, drugs, alcoholic addiction and other forms of abuses so that she lose her senses and no one objects to transferration of properties to a muslim husband.

      6) Kafir Krahyh Jihad (Terrorism): Boycotting kafirs (non-muslims) and Hindus completely. Muslims do not buy from non-muslim/Hindu shops. Do not hire non-muslim/Hindus. Only deal with muslims in daily chores of life.

      7) Killing Jihad (Terrorism): This is done by armed muslim terrorists who are funded by common muslims involved in 1) to 6) forms of jihad (terrorism). Quran and hadiths dedicate more than 64% of verses in dealing, killing and torturing kafirs (non-muslims). Common muslim (illiterate or educated) that you meet in daily life is very much part of this jihad (terrorism) which is done to fulfill original dream of making India completely islamic through Ghazwa E Hind as prophesised in quran.

      In all 1 to 6 forms of Jihad all muslim population is involved but for 7) only armed muslims are involved.

      All these forms of Jihad (terrorism) are responsible for fastest growth of islam in the world. However thanks to social media and infotech boom, series of translations of quran is available to download and comprehend nuances of islam so now entire world knows common muslim’s deceit and hatred towards non-muslims that’s why we all are seeing US and Israel making mass exodus of muslims from libya, syria, iraq and on the verge of decimation of pakistan (a terrorism hub of the world). There is huge backlash among non-muslims against all forms of Jihad across the globe in different countries.

      Denial and non-acceptance that they are not involved in any form of Jihad is first form of al taqiyya, muruna and kitman.

      Google “haribhakt history of love jihad and slavery” (without “)
      Google “haribhakt 164 poisonous verses of koran” (without “)
      Google “haribhakt history of islamic terrorism” (without “)
      To know entire truth of evil islam.

      Jai Shri Krishn

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Read complete post here, Google “haribhakt hindu know muslims” and check the first link.
      Jai Narsimha

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        In Hyderabad many non Muslims love non veg biriyanis prepared by Muslims. They too love Irani chai prepared by Muslims. Muslims spit on biriyanis and serve separately to non muslims. Muslim customers get non spitted biriyanis. Hyderabad old city is such a pathetic place where garbage is not cleaned, muslims multiply like termites and they never pay current bills, they never register their 2 wheelers and never follow strict traffic rules. TRS is supporting jihadi AIMIM party and making Telangana a bankrupt state. These non Muslims never know the truth colour of Muslims until TRS government is there . By 2023 , TRS is going to loose badly in Northern Telangana districts and Ranga Reddy district . Muslims are dangerous than Cancer and Curse to Humanity.

  • muslims are animals, cancer of this world, anti-humans, racists, barbarians,

    • Do all Muslims hate all non-Muslims? I think it is not true because most of the eminent Musicians of Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeet are Muslims and they had taught their Hindu disciples without any discrimination as a result of which we have eminent flowering Classical singers which adorn our Nation. It is due to their dedicated service rendered without any hatred and ill-feeling towards non-Muslim students of Music. We must have high regard for all such dedicated Muslim Musicians whose service in the field deserves high commendation indeed.

      • ancient aryan says:

        @BIJOYLAKSHMI DAS . you are brainwashed too much. according to quran , a muslim who does not hate or kill kaffirs(non muslims) is also a non muslim .so whenever muslims say that they are proud, it means they hate non muslims in their mind so much . if there is no police or proper security, they will even kill non muslims.
        that is why whoever says he is a muslim and believes quran ( he or she might be moderate or extremist)wants to kill you. extremists will try to do it whereas moderate muslim will hate you.and if muslim population grows rapidly, the moderate muslim becomes extremist.

        • This Secularism is nothing but Sickularism which hindus are suffering. thank god atleast In our South India, Karnataka state has strong hinduism. AP,TN and Kerala are in danger. Telangana is recovering very recently.

  • gaurav.punj says:

    जानिए इस्लाम केसे पैदा हुआ.. असल में इस्लाम कोई धर्म नहीं है .एक मजहब है.. दिनचर्या है.. मजहब का मतलब अपने कबीलों के गिरोह को बढ़ाना.. यह बात सब जानते है कि मोहम्मदी मूलरूप से अरब वासी है । अरब देशो में सिर्फ रेगिस्तान पाया जाता है. वहां जंगल नहीं है, पेड़ नहीं है. इसीलिए वहां मरने के बाद जलाने के लिए लकड़ी न होने के कारण ज़मीन में दफ़न कर दिया जाता था. रेगिस्तान में हरीयाली नहीं होती.. एसे में रेगिस्तान में हरा चटक रंग देखकर इंसान चला आता जो की सूचक का काम करता था.. अरब देशो में लोग रेगिस्तान में तेज़ धुप में सफ़र करते थे, इसीलिए वहां के लोग सिर को ढकने के लिए टोपी पहनते थे. जिससे की लोग बीमार न पड़े. अब रेगिस्तान में खेत तो नहीं थे, न फल, तो खाने के लिए वहा अनाज नहीं होता था. इसीलिए वहा के लोग 🐃🐄🐐🐖जानवरों को काट कर खाते थे. और अपनी भूख मिटाने के लिए इसे क़ुर्बानी का नाम दिया गया. रेगिस्तान में पानी की बहुत कमी रहती थी, इसीलिए लिंग (मुत्रमार्ग) साफ़ करने में पानी बर्बाद न हो जाये इसीलिए लोग खतना (अगला हिस्सा काट देना ) कराते थे. सब लोग एक ही कबिले के खानाबदोश होते थे इसलिए आपस में भाई बहन ही निकाह कर लेते थे| रेगिस्तान में मिट्टी मिलती नहीं थी मुर्ती बनाने को इसलिए मुर्ती पुजा नहीं करते थे| खानाबदोश थे , एक जगह से दुसरी जगह जाना पड़ता था इसलिए कम बर्तन रखते थे और एक थाली नें पांच लोग खाते थे| दिन भर रेत में चलने से थक जाने पर रात को सुन्दर बीवी चाहिए इसलिए पुरा पैक बुर्का बनाया ताकी वो धुप में काली न हो.. कबीले की अधिक से अधिक संख्या बढ़े इसलिए हर एक को चार बीवी रखने की इज़ाजत दि.. अब समझे इस्लाम कोई धर्म नहीं मात्र एक कबीला है.. और इसके नियम असल में इनकी दिनचर्या है