How Maa Ganga River Came to Earth? Know Descent of Ganges

Vedic languages are very scientific and have real meaning associated with it. The murth roop of elements which drive life on this earth while controlling nature have names derived from their ancestors. Their existence since billions of human years is living proof that Vedic directives used for these elements were scientifically correct. The katha associated with them are true and their positive effects can be experienced even to this time.

Sagar is the devanagri term used for sea or ocean. And why is it used you will come to know when you read the complete post.

Even Today Mother Gange emerges from the Himalayas, true to the blessings she offered to Bhagirath millions of years ago.

Ganga Emerges from Jata of Bhagwan Shiv at Himalayas

Maa Ganga’s Descent to Earth

King Sagar Ashwamedh Yagna and Evil Ploy of Indra

King Sagar performed an Ashwamedha yajna to prove his supremacy and establish dharma. Indra, King of Gods, became fearful over the results of the yajna, so he decided to steal the horse. He left the horse at the ashram of Rishi Kapil, who was in deep meditation. King Sagar’s 60,000 sons, (born of Rani Sumati), and his son Asamanj (born of Rani Keshini) were then sent to find the horse. When the 60,000 sons found the horse at Kapil dev’s ashram, they thought he had stolen it. When they prepared to attack the meditating rishi, Kapil opened his eyes. Because the sons of King Sagar had disrespected such a great personality, consequently, fire emanated from their own bodies, and they were immediately burned to ashes.

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Bringing Mother Gange on Earth Was Only Remedy to Again Make Kosal Kings Alive

How River Ganga Came to Earth

Later, King Sagar sent his grandson Anshuman to retrieve the horse. Sage Kapil returned the horse and told Anshuman that the sons of King Sagar could be made alive again if the Ganges descended to earth and bathed their ashes in her waters.

Bringing Mother Ganga back to earth was a near impossible task and required many years to be spent in tapasya and prayer. The King Anshuman and future Kosaldesh kings of successive generations could not do this while managing their duties as kings. As a result, the sins of the thousand princes multiplied in their destructive energy, and began resulting in natural disasters. The kingdom began to lose its peace and prosperity, and by the time Bhagirath ascended the throne, he found it impossible to govern.

Bhagirath was the king of Kosal desh

King Bhagirath Penanced for Tapasya of Thousands of Years

Bhagirath turned over the kingdom to his trusted ministers and set off to the Himalayas to perform an arduous tapasya in the extreme climate. For one thousand years, he performed an excruciatingly harsh penance to please Bhagwan Brahma. At the end of the thousand years, Brahma was pleased and asked him for his wish. Bhagirath asked Brahma to bring the river Ganges down to earth so that he may perform the ceremony for his ancestors and regain peace for his kingdom.

Why Blessing from Bhagwan Shiv was Needed to Bring Ganga on Earth

Brahma asked Bhagirath to propitiate Bhagwan Shiv, for only He is capable to break Ganga’s landfall. Ganga has a strong flow and Ganges directly falling from heaven would be too great for the earth to sustain, and that the flow needed someone to break the fall. It would have been impossible for anyone to contain the destructive impact of this event except the one and only Mahadev Bhagwan Shiv.

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Maa Gange Blessed Hindus

Ganga Came to Earth to Save Humanity

Finally on the Request of Bhagirath, Ganga Descended on Earth

Bhagirath performed a tapasya for Bhagwan Shiv, renouncing everything but living only on air. The compassionate Shiva appeared only after a year’s penance, and told Bhagirath he should not have to perform tapasya to accomplish a noble goal such as this. He assured Bhagirath that he would make Ganga fall on his Jata – matted coils of head hairs (dreadlocks).

So King Sagar’s great-great-grandson, Bhagirath’s eventually was successful in bringing Mother Gange on earth which helped all dharmis to seek her blessings. After the Ganga fell down on the ashes of the 60,000 sons of King Sagar they came alive and got their eternal position.

Such is the piousness of some of the demigods that even their evil deeds eventually result in the benefit of entire mankind. Indra stole the aswamedh yagna horse which finally led to Mother Gange descending on earth.

Har Har Gange Mantra to Purify Voice Water and Thoughts

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