Hindus Boycott anti dharmic islamic bollywood Hindi cinema that make OMG PK movies

Can any Bollywood Director or Actor Dare to Make Movie that Shows Evil face of Islam

When Islamic Terrorism is reason for world terror then WHY these Indian movie makers (who were/are/will be biased towards non-Hindus) remain blindfolded and mum to the facts and never make movie on the real history of islam and how they treat their women,non-muslims and slaves. How in koran, it is openly advocated to kill (idol worshippers- Hindus, christians, jews and buddhists) – in 164 verses of terrorism manual koran.

But some dumbos who are neither Hindus nor human beings dare to make movies which make mockery of idol worship and Hinduism. Listed here are dialogues and incidences of anti-Hindu movie OMG! Oh My God.

What is So Great About Idol Worship and Why Is It Still Preferred by Sane people ?

It is the biggest invention of Vedic way of leading life, to connect with Bhagwan through a medium – idol, sun, moon or mountain or nature – which are gifted by Bhagwan to all of us. We share our sorrow, grief or happiness and secrets with this medium. Even loneliest of the persons in this world can convey their feelings in front of Idol and feel energized after visiting temple. Its first or last hope for anyone in this world. No one in this world can devoid his or her mind without thought and worship formless Shiva (Brahman) – it is impossible to achieve this feat in the form of human being, so Idol worshiping is convenient way for all of us. That is the reason why Shiv Lingam was the form that Shiv took to make bhakti appropriate for all of us.

Formless (thinking of no shape, idol) worship in pious, peaceful and blissful ways is not within anyone’s mental or physical periphery with the lowest form of conscious level we all have in Kaliyug. That is the reason that man made religion islam failed and gave rise to terrorism and has history of barbaric-ism. And so knowing the truth, they do idol worship in Kaaba to remorse for their anti-Vedic sins.

Anti Hindu Bollywood: Dhimmi Hindus Promoting Hatred Towards Sanatan Dharma

**Why Paresh Rawal has no moral identity to depict as Narendra Modi Ji in biopic movie?

[ Anti-Hindu ignorant Paresh Rawal should not play role of Modi (however Modi has not taken big decisions in favor of Hinduism, still he is a staunch believer of Hinduism and a nationalist), somewhat less bad among worst Hindu leaders. ]

Idol worship is the single most…most startling way of connecting to god in the history of mankind …thanks to Vedic principles. Idols worship and Hindu rituals are part of Vedic tradition, but this movie by Anti-Hindu Paresh Rawal ridicules it in every manner possible, even at one point he tries to destroy Hindu gods idol. Shameless actor … in a way to appease muslims got overboard to justify the finance he received from unscrupulous sources. 

Scenes and Dialogues which were highly objectionable

Anti Hindu Movie Denigrating Hindu Tradition and Culture

Even people who never believed on Hinduism were astonished to see such pathetic and demeaning scenes of movie ridiculing Hinduism and Hindu Saints and Sages, which made and are making this world a living place.

1. The hero Paresh Rawal as Kanji Lal is an atheist and an old artifacts dealer. He openly makes fun of Hindu gods as if they are commodities.

His dialogues when buying idols for his shop are:
– Ek bade pet wale Krishna dena
– 250 rupaiya wale Krishna dena
– Aath (8) body builder Hanuman dena

2. Kanji ridicules the piousness of Ganga Jal, which is revered by Hindus, crores of Hindus pay homage to Prayag Raj to take holy dip in Ganga. Kanji (paresh rawal) compares alcohol with Ganja Jal.

In the bus from a teerth Yatra
– Kanjilal pours and drinks Alcohol from a Kamandalu. He passes on the same to other people in the bus and most of the men in the bus enjoy it. Only the person hosting the journey gets upset.
– Kanji says “sharab ko Prasad ki tarah bant (distributing) rahe hai”
– When a woman tastes and asks what this is Kanji Lal tells her “Ganga Jal hai”

3. Kanji openly criticizes Idol worship like a fanatic muslim even does today against non-muslims.

Kanjilal takes a Krishna moorti and says
– Jab tak log aise khilone mein bhagwan maante rahenge tab tak hamara dhanda chalta rahega!
– Yeh bhagwan phagwan tum insano ka bharam hai.
The stupid anti Hindu paresh rawal is not aware of the fact that Shree Krishna is very much the only God which is scientifically, spiritually and pragmatically proven to be the Supreme God – while all so called prophets and son of gods are mere few hundred years old and they came into existence to promote their own cults.

4. Presently, Indian govt utilizes 50% of Hindu temple donations on muslims, Hajj pilgrims and madarsas; 25% on christians and only 25% are spent originally back on Hindus.  Kanji prompts for more support to muslims.

His Muslim neighbor tells him he is going for Haj. Kanjilal says “are Haj ka Kharcha karne se acha hai dukan ki maramat kara. Saale do aadmi andar baith ke khasenge to bhi gir jayegi teri dukaan.”

Anti Hindu Bollywood Movie Mocks and Denigrates Hindu Festivals and Culture

5. Kanji mocks Lord Krishna’s janmanastmi. 

He spreads false rumours in the name of a Maharaj stating that the Maharaj was told by God that he is happy with the Govinda celebrations and has to told the Siddheswar Maharaj “aaj who apne bhakton ke haath se doodh aur makkhan khayenge.”

6. Paresh Rawal as Kanji promotes colonial game cricket over celebrating janmanastmi making fun of this festival.

He is upset his son is Govinda in the handi game before his exam times. He drags him away after disrupting the event and tells the musician, “bund kar bund kar, makkhan chata ke aa..ja.” Earlier he says derogatorily that his son will not be a govinda. He will become a cricketer.

7. Only twice islamic and christain rituals are questioned while Hinduism bashing is norm and focus of the movie.

It is also interesting that in movie school exams are usually held in missionary schools around major religious holidays. As if Hindu religious holidays should be abolished.

8. Again making fun of Bhagwan Krishna, who is supreme godhead.

This news spreads like wild fire and is covered on tv. They show a byte of a girl feeding Krishna, she says, “Please kha lijiye na, main apke liye low cholesterol cheese layi hoon na.”

9. Paresh rawal makes fun of giving bhog to Bhagwan Krishna in Hinduism, again ridiculing Hindu practice of offering sweets or makhan to Gods for prasadam.

Kanjilal tells his wife and daughter on the event “pehle log thali mein dhak kar samne chord ke jaate the ab munh tak pahuncha rahe hain.. chatne de chatne de.

10. Paresh Rawal as Kanji openly ridiculing and questioning Amarnath’s existence itself as if it was fabricated.

Kanji’s shop is the only building that is destroyed in a minor earthquake. When they reach the spot his employee and friend says,” ab yeh sab saaf karne ko kabadi ko paise dene padega. An unperturbed Kanji lal says, “kyun dene ka. Tooti footi murti nikal ke bolne ka ki Amarnath mein jameen phaad kar prakat hui hai.”

Anti Hindu Bollywood Movie Glorifies #MughalTerrorism Destruction of Temples

11. Kanji only finds channel of Hinduism to again ridicule in movie. The channel which made crores of residents across the world practice Yogas, stay healthy, quit smoking, stop alcohol drinking and spread peace.

Kanjilal scolds his father in law who is telling him that its his atheism that has caused his downfall. Kanji says, “Ab hai na yeh Aastha channel shuru mat karna!” Will Aastha channel sue the film maker. Has Paresh Rawal got any guts to oppose those islamic channels which subscribe to jihadi views!…or he becomes eunuch by mere thought of even feeling about them.

12. Taking leaf from history of muslims dismantling Hindu temples to construct mosques and tombs. Kanji again mocks the idols of Hindu gods and questions the existence of current Hindu temples which are mentioned in Vedas and Puranas and also revered by crores of Hindus.

The insurance companies refuse to pay claim saying it is an act of God. He cannot sell his shop because the estate agent tells him that the land of his shop is “shapit bhoomi” because statues of God fell and broke there. Kanji says many years later when they dig this ground and the statues are found they will call it a divine land and build a temple over it.

Anti Hindu Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar

13. Paresh Rawal dares to actually insult idols of Hindu gods.

He is upset and wants to sue Krishna as this is an “act of God”and uses a catapult to hit a statue of Radha Krishna but misses because the stone is deflected by the temple bell.

14. Without respecting sentiments of Hindus, anti-Hindu Paresh Rawal took names of gods as if they are ordinary citizens of India.

He tells lawyers that he wants to sue God. He says bahut naam hai uske, “Krishna, Ram, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Sai Baba, Ganpati, Balaji, Hanumanji , aur ladies bhi hai na, Durga Saraswati parvati santoshi.”

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Here he compared ordinary drug addict muslim Sai Baba with Vedic gods.

Anti-Hindu Actor Mocks Vedic Sanatan Dharma Culture

15. Belittling Vedic texts that mentions, there are 33 koti gods in Mother cow.

In a scene he is shown chasing several lawyers who have rejected his case and shouts, “arre 33 crore to Hindu mein hai”. This mleccha paresh rawal does n’t know that koti does not mean crores. It means there are 33 different levels of spiritual gods which transcends the universe/s.

16. Ridiculing the practice of performing Aarti one of the vital aspect of doing Puja in Hinduism.

He visits a leading lawyers house and sees Satyanarayan puja happening. The lawyer is standing with aarti. Kanjji blows out the aarti and says “dharmik” (whispering).

17. In movie not even a single Sadhu or Sage is shown to be firm, peaceful and pious. If Hindu saints of India were really such aggressive like muslim clerics in pakistan then muslims and christians population would have been wiped off long time ago in India – but they are growing by manifolds. (Mlecchas [muslims] were 7% in India during 1947 partition, today they comprise of 23%). While in reality Hindus are wiped off from Pakistan. The hate teachings, venom speeches in masjids, spreading terror and brain washing done by muslim clerics were not even shown once, which is the root cause of terrorism in the world.

In the court the Hindu swamis are shown extremely temperamental and abusive. Swami Siddheshwar calls him, “moorkh kahin ka”. They show him shouting all the time.

18. ॐ is the beginning, infinityeven before manifestation of Universes but Paresh Rawal being a disgusting actor and ashamed of being Hindu, makes fun of Hindu mantras. (Paresh should convert himself to Islam)  if he enjoys mocking Hindu chants like mlecchas.

Kanji lal mocks mantras in the court by making meaningless sounds that mimic mantras.

Sacred Vedic chants should never be mis-pronuounced, mimicked jokingly or mis-read otherwise the chanter is sure to face the wrath by reversing the positive energy of the Mantras into negative vibes. Sooner or later even at old age paresh rawal would definitely experience the wrath of this karma – till then he will have chance to repent the sin.

anti Hindu bollywood dominated by muslims

19. Paresh Rawal umpteen times ridicules the concept of idol worship but never raises any objection on practices of Islam or Christianity.

Jis tarah museum mein Mom (wax) ka putla dikhla kar paise liye jaate hai waise hi mandir mein patthar ki moorti dikhla kar paise le lete hain.”

20. Paresh Rawal being shameful Hindu, derogates Hindu temples

He calls mandirs “dukaan” repeatedly.

21. Disgustingly objecting to revered knowledge of Vedic texts, Rawal assesses that such texts are useless infront of anglicized education of India, which are contolled by catholic community. It seems at home paresh rawal uses modern books of his sons/daughters to pray to god and never relies on Pandits for chants. Who the hell is him, to question the reverences of Vedic gyan

Lawyer asks, “aap kehna kya chahte hain, what do you want to say, yeh jo sadhu yahan hai panditji hai, yeh yeh kya bhagwan ke officers hai? Kanji insinuates, “nahi nahi yeh log officers nahi hain, officers toh padhe likhe log hote hain… then he points to the maharaj and says “dekho dekho munh (face) dekho”, “salesmen hain, bhagwan ke collection agent ”

22. There is no scope given to Swami in movie to reject the pathetic observation of anti-Hindu Paresh Rawal

One more swami says, “yeh to nastic hai, jo yeh keh raha hai, ise swayam gyan nahi hai, hum toh sadhu hain hum ise kshama kar dete hain….”

23. Last time when any one in India have seen a Lady Swamini threatening people !!!!….Why in this movie this scene is enacted…have paresh got any guts to object teachings of islamic mullahs.

A lady Swamini threatens him with physical harm in court.

24. Paresh Rawal seem to have friendship with only fake saints

The body language of the Hindu sadhus is extremely derogatory.

25. When did Hindu Sadhus raised voices against common man?..But Paresh Rawal seem to be high on toxic fluids while filming such scenes

Outside the court the group leader of the swami’s threatens Kanji with the crowd,”yahan se toh surakshit nikal jaoge, sarkari jagah hai, in logon se kaise bachoge.” The crowd is full of sadhus etc.

26. Why anti-Hindu Akshay Kumar (mad baby in the den of Khans) poses as ‘Ghost Rider’ biker while showing himself as Bhagwan Krishna, can he dare to show such apathy on any islamic or christian religious figures ???

Kanji finds his life threatened by Hindu fundamentalists. God (Akshay Kumar) appears in a suit and on a motorbike and save Kanji’s life and drops him home. Kanji’s wife and children desert him as they have been attacked. Kanji is alone when God comes to his house and tells him that he has purchased Kanji’s house papers from the lender and will let Kanji stay if Kanji allows him to use the things in the house. Kanji has no option and accepts.

27. Fasts are performed easily by Hindu saints who are yogis and have full control on their faculties and physicality. But they are shown like corrupted politician of India performing fast. And moreover insulting Saint showing him using toilet to eat food.

They show Siddheshwar maharaj eating in the toilet, cheating on an Anshan he has been tricked into by other priests.


Image: Using Anglicized ॐ symbol, donning jeans and shirt posing as Hindu god. A propaganda to anglicize Hindu gods and symbols, while promoting hatred towards Hindus and Hinduism in anti-Hindu movie Oh My God!

[ Anti-Hindu Akshay Kumar is minority in muslim dominated bollywood industry which is funded by neighbourhood muslim terrorists, dawood and likes of anti-national muslims and politicians. Anti-Hindu Akshay has habit of making fun of Hindu Gods. ]

bollywood dominated by muslims is anti-Hindu

28. Paresh Rawal crosses every limit and rejects the concept of idol worship again, it seems he is disguising himself as Hindu but is actually a muslim at the core.

A person on a talk show where Kanji is the guest asks,
– “Kanji bhai waise toh main bhi manta hoon bhagwan hamare pita samaan hain, toh kya who mere samne aayenge?”
– Kanji asks back,” aap yeh mandir moorti wagerah mein maante hain?”
– The person responds,”haan manta hoon”
– Kanji replies back,” toh who tummhare saamne nahi aayenge.”
– Person,”Lekin Kyun”
– Kanji”Kyunki aap unko mandir moorti-yon mein dhoond rahe ho na. Phir unko ru-baru hone ki kya zaroorat hai .” [Again anti-Hindu paresh rawal objects to the practice of idol worship nth time on the movie]
– Another bald person objects,”nahi nahi yeh toh galat hai bhagwaan toh hote hi hai. Do saal se mujhe achi naukri nahi mil rahi thi, maine mannat mangi ki mujhe achi naulri mil jaayegi toh main apne baal arpan kar ke aaunga. Aur dekho mujhe naukri mil gayi!”

[This is one of the most disgusting dialogues which no proud Hindu tolerates]

– Kanji says,”oh ho! Baal poore ke poore arpan kar diye (crowd laughs- no one in crowd is sporting tilak or pagadi, as if those were non-Hindu attendees, making fun of Hindu cultures). Acha aap jaraa sochiye, aap subah subah tayyar ho kar first class office ke liye nikalte, kaam ke liye nikalte hain aur jaise hi ghar ka darwaza kholte hain saamne baalon (hair) ka dher pada hua hai (crowd laughs) kale baal, safed baal, kuch dandruff wale baal, kuch aise joon (lice) waale baal, har kisam ke baalon ka buffet laga hua hai (they show the judge watching the show on television) toh mujhe bataye aapko kaisa lagega?
– Bald person,”mujhe bilkul hi acha nahi lagega”
– Kanji,”toh socho bhagwan ko kitna bura lagta hoga yeh sab.” Bhagwan ne darwaza khola ki baal bal baal!
– His muslim lawyer watching the show says,”yeh kanji bhai logic toh sahi istemaal karte hain.” [ here a muslim who follows, man made cult, allowed to mock Hindu culture..WHAT A SHAME!!]
– Kanji, “aapko pata hai in baalon ka kya hota hai…. Dhanda hota hai.” He goes on to explain how it is exported to foreign countries for making wigs.
– Kanji, “aapki shraddha ka dhanda hota hai.”
– Hostess comments that this money is used in running charitable projects like schools hospitals etc.
– Kanji,” yeh toh aisi baat ho gayi ki jo gutka bechta hai wohi cancer ka hospital kholta hai”! (Crowd laughs) aur madam yeh sab chalana hi padega kyonki yeh saara paise black ka aata hai. Iska agar white mein koi transaction nahi dikhaya toh Income Tax waale aapka gala daba ke jail mein daal dewe”.
– Kanji gives a speech on how the priests are like mafia except that they don’t show guns but instill fear in you. He names Hindu practices like astrology next birth etc. [Again openly taking anti-Hindu stand by refuting karma, punarjanm (reincarnation), jyotish shastra and Vedas, such refutations are acts of fanatic muslims]
– Hostess,”too good. toh apke liye dharam ki paribhasha kya hai.
– Kanji,” mein samajhta hoon ki jahaan dharam hai wahan satya ke liye jagah nahi hai, aur jahan satya hai, truth hai, wahan dharam ki jaroorat hi nahi hai. [Being an idiot which paresh rawal proved umpteen times in movie, he never knew that in Hinduism, dharm (dharam) means morality and virtueness and truth (satya) is extended form of it, but being anti-Hindu he construed Dharam means religion…what a shame!!]
– Hostess asks “dharam ya mazhab ek insaan ki zindagi mein kya kaam karte hain”. [Dharm and Mazhab are both different, Dharma is morality or righteous duty or basic nature of a soul while Mazhab is a cult founded by a mortal person]
– Kanji bhai,” mere hisaab se toh ek hi kaam karta hai dharam ya to woh insan ko bebas banata hai ya phir aatankwadi.”
– The hostess lauds him.

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anti-Hindu bollywood: islam is death cult it is not religion - ban islam for peaceful India

29. They show a conspiratorial telephonic conversation between the two main swamis, Liladhar Swami who is shown as scheming and Swami Siddheswar. (including the fasting one who is desperate for a solution) However, the tone is as if the main swamis are representing the entire Swami community.

30. There is however, one Swami who repeatedly warns these Swamis to accept people’s grievances and to sort themselves out.

31. Paresh Rawal as Kanji again makes mockery of Hindu temple ridiculing it with modern day mall culture.

In the Court Scene, “SIddheshwar Swami is asked by Kanji as to how many acres is his land on. Siddheshwar says, “22 acre mein, jisme 322 chote chote mandir hain bhagwan ke.” To this Kanji says,”oh ho! Maane bhagwaan ka poora shopping mall hi sajaa ke rakha hai.”

There is subtle use of laughter of the people in the court to justify Kanji’s anti-Hindu retort.

32. Objecting to the ritual of ‘Abhishek’ mentioned in Vedic texts, Paresh Rawal as Kanji ridicules this concept too. This ritual is thousands of years old and is core part of religious puja in every Hindu temple. Why Milk is poured on Shiv Lingam to bath the Lingam is given here.

Even pragmatically, Paresh should ask himself is the milk offered to Bhagwan Shiv in this Kaliyuga healthy enough to feed animals let alone humans. The component is 90% water and 10% milk, it is humbleness of Lord Shiva that he never ceases to bestow his blessings on ignorant Bhakts and his followers. When did last time, you offered pure milk to Lord Shiva lingam before clapping on this scene like a stupid movie buff.

Kanji continues that he was asked by a priest working in Siddheswar Maharajs temple to offer milk to god to win the case and that he goes to the temple with milk. He says,”sab ke sab lota le kar khade the (implying as if people are waiting to defecate), maine socha andar koi doodh peene waala hoga, log aise gadhe thodi hain aise lota pakad ke khade hain, mera number aaya, main andar gaya…. Andar koi nahi tha doodh peene wala, koi nahi….beech main wooooh kala patthar pada hua tha…..”

Priest angrily shouts,” use Shiv Ling kehte hain moorkh.”

Kanji,”haan shiv ling ,shiv ling pada hua tha… aur who “pathar” my Lord, woh patthar doodh doodh tha…..aur who patthar ke bilkul bagal mein se ek choti si patli se naali mein se saara doodh bahar ki aur ja raha tha. Maine bola ki bahar koi na koi khada hi hoga doodh peene wala, dekha bahar bhi koi nahi tha. Woh sara doodh My Lord us naali se nikal kar bahar gutter mein ja raha tha. Total waste.” Etc……….Toh mandir mein aane wala ek ek insaan who woh patthar pe doodh dalne ke bajaye kisi garib ke pet mein dale na to sabse jyada punya milega.” Applaud “aur haan maulvi sahib kisi dargah par phoolon ki chaddar chadhane ke bajaye kisi nange fakir ke badan pe kapdo ki chadar chadhaiye jaaye to Allah ko bahut khushi milegi. Aur Jesus ke samne mombatti jalane se acha hai kisi garib ke jhonpde mein jalayi toh uske ghar mein kabhi andhera nahi hoga.”

33. Paresh Rawal as Kanji overrules Vedic teachings as if he is a demon or mleccha, because demons and mlecchas are against Hindu rituals since ages.

The other Swami says, “dekho kanji doodh chaddar mombatti yeh sab chadhana ek pratha hai. Bhagwan ki pooja archana …In sab ka moolya tum nahi samjhoge kyon ki tum ek nastik ho!”
Kanji asks him to stop these ill practices. However, the Swami is shown to have no modern understanding despite being a leading Swami in the country.

What is Hindu Science behind idol worship


34. Here Sai Baba disciple is shown to be anti-Hindu and supportive to Paresh Rawal as Kanji, undoubtedly so because Sai Baba is indeed fake god as proven before too.

Another priest from Sai Baba panth in the audience supports Kanji.

35. Paresh Rawal as Kanji ready to rot in hell objects the followership of devotees in Amarnath and Vaishno Devi, If he is not communal then why didn’t he objected Hajj pilgrims or Vatican visits ?

Kanji asks the Siddheshwar Swami, why devotees going to Amarnath and Vaishno Devi die in bus crashes. He also says that every car that has accidents has pictures of God. Then why do they suffer such consequences. However, the lawyer of the opposite side (serving the insurance companies) objects and changes the topic. The debate is never taken forward!!

36. 95% of the movie time is spent on ridiculing Hindu practices – idol worship, existence of gods, questioning devotees followerships, painting all saints as thugs and so on … to focus the main agenda of promoting anti-Hinduism

The lawyer asks Kanji to prove that the act is of God and that the Insurance companies are not liable anyhow. The priests object stating that if anyone calls matters,”acts of God” it does not make the priests liable. Kanji is asked by the judge to present proof supporting his case.

37. While fakir is given suggestion but taking side of muslims, Paresh Rawal makes fun of idol worship in song

There is a song in which idolatory is derided and a muslim fakir begging is asked by kanji to work.

38. After reading narration by God himself, Kanji is asked to refer man made religious books!!

Kanji is asked by Krishna God to read Bhagwad Gita (Hindi) and then Bible and Koran. [ Geeta has inspired millions of people across globe, thousands of life and personality management books are written based on Bhagwad Geeta (English), No such life changing books exists on interpretations of manmande books – bible or quran ]

39. Making fun of Hindu Saints!!!

Siddeswar Maharaj gets upset and says to Kanji, “tujhe narak mein bhi jagah nahi milegi.” Kanji laughs it off saying you have already put your “kulle” there so how will I get a chance to get in.

40. Siddheshwar maharaj gets upset and manhandles Kanji.

41. Kanji mocks knowledge, sacrifice and wisdom of Hindu sages. Kanji says,” In logon ki IQ bhi room temperature se low hai”

42. Kanji pathetically compares Dharma with cult, Bhagwan Krishna narrated Srimad Bhagwad Gita with man made religious book Bible and Koran!!

He quotes Gita, Bible and Koran to state that God has claimed that nothing moves without will.

43. When muslim clerics and islam are reason for terrorism across the world..why the hell Paresh Rawal projecting Hindu Saints as a symbol of aggression  ???

The Insurance company officer and Siddheswar Maharaj have a fight and Maharaj threatens him, “hamara sampraday tumhe chordega nahi”.

44. Proud Hindus by this time think …he should have got final stroke in real not in reel!

Kanji meanwhile gets a stroke that renders him paralytic on the entire left side of his body.

45. Paresh Rawal should have got his naked body caressed by dirty slippers worn by Akshay Kumar…rather than enacting this scene!

Kanji is in his hospital ICU God Krishna visits him and heals him by running his keychain on his body and tells him he is in hospital since one month and that the Swami’s have made a god of him. Kanji asks God for forgiveness.

46. Since millions of years as suggested in Vedic texts, Gods and Saints wore Bharatiya robes (white or saffron dresses) but even here Paresh Rawal makes fun of them…Did he saw how islamic mullah or church father wrap their body…

God shows himself to kanji dressed in a white dhoti and jewelry and tells him,” arre main usi roop mein aaya hoon jo aap log hamesha dekhte ho tv pe calendar pe, filmo mein. Barso se yehi roop mera chalta aa raha hai. Usi roop mein main apke saamne khada hoon. Lekin kanji bhai main aisa hoon nahi!” Insult to Indian ethnic clothes!!

47. How can Paresh Rawal equate Bhagwan Krishna with man made fake Gods

Krishna says,”…….. mujhe logon ke phool, Prasad ya chadhawe, candle, chaadar, in sab se dilchaspi nahi hai. Main toh chahta hoon ki, yeh sab cheezein who garibon mein baant de. Mujhe agar lagav (attachment) hai toh unki shraddha se, unke pyar se, unki aastha se.”

48. Projecting Hindu gods as commodity …Rot in hell Paresh Rawal

Krishna shows him what all has happened in the past month when he was incapacitated in hospital. His friend has become a Swami and the other Swamis and politician want to make money off his shrine to recover the settlement cost that they had paid out to the people that had participated in the class action suit against all religious. Liladhar Swami says,” Waise bhi kaafi saalon se market main naya Bhagwan nahi aaya hai”. They conspire to kill him.


49. Once in a move he tries to break Hindu god idol but now he breaks his own to project demolition of idol worship that he planned though this movie

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Kanji decides to go to the temple venue and face the conspirators. He carries a rod on his shoulder. Kanji addresses the crowd there,”…ek baat mujhe bataiye, hamari duniya itni sundar hai toh phir bhagwaan sirf mandiron mein hi rahenge? Main kehta hoon sirf yahan se (heart) se maniye. Apne dil se mangiye toh bhagwaan milega……Insaaan mein milega. Aise pattharon mein nahi milega. Aise pattharon mein nahi milega.”…….. He breaks his own idol.

[ The basic premise of denigrating idol worship of Hindus is deeply insulted in every scene and dialogue of this anti-Hindu movie ]

50. Peaceful Hindu Sadhus followership is rejected …instead this gutless Hindu thug Paresh Rawal should have asked muslims to stop visit madarasas and ignore anti-Hindu fatwas of muslim clerics, root causes of islamic terrorism in India.

When the public wants to attack the Swamis. Kanji asks the public to let them go back in their expensive cars. He says, among other things ”…aur aaj ke baad inke ashram mein, ya inke dar darwaze pe koi bhi kadam nahi rakhega, samajh gaye. Woh hogi inki asli sajaa.”

51. For demonic Paresh Rawal, paying obeisance to elders, Gurus, Sages and Hindu Saints is JOKE. Calling all Hindus not god loving but god fearing people…why is Paresh Rawal showing islamic tendencies as if its among Hindus…islamic fanatics fear so called god, allah’s judgment and heaven/hell theory while Hindus revere gods out of respect and love…why such wrong analogy for Hindus ???

Liladhar Swami while leaving says, “yeh aastha, shraddha afeem ke nashe ki tarah hai kanji. Ek baar lat lag gayi na, aasani se nahi chhut-ti. Yeh jo aap log dekh rahe ho na they are not god loving people, they are god fearing people. Aaj nahi to kal yeh Kahin phir se ashram mein na dikh jaayen. Mere bhai baba…..”

52. From start to Finish, Hinduism is shamelessly insulted. Even nearing end thug Paresh Rawal continues to mock Hinduism

Kanji tells his friend,”kya Swamiji inke saath nahi jayenge. Chal aaja tod abhi”.

53. Already young Hindus are not following Vedic rituals of respecting elders and Gurus. They need to revert to Vedic principles and should visit temple daily. Donation is very important to keep promotion of Sanatan Dharma among youth flowing. But Paresh Rawal ko mirchi lagti hai agar koi Mandiron mey donation de toh ??? Kyu…kya iske baap ka paisa log daan peti mey daalte hai. That he is objecting the donation on Hindu temples. Our temple funds are controlled by government, the funds are distributed for non-Hindu schemes. While funds of mosques and churches are free from govt control so they utilize the funds openly to promote their cults, converting Hindus into their folds. Hindu donations are already dried up in temples and Sanatan Dharma NGOs due to anglicization of our culture and education. Anti-Hindu movies made in India contribute more in killing Hinduism and its promotion.

Kanji tells the crowd,”tum sab pratigya lo ki koi bhi aadmi kisi bhi dharamsthal ki daan peti mein ek bhi paisa nahi dega”. He breaks down the donation box ”ab dekh kya rahe ho todo in putlon ko”.

54. Though dismantling fake god statues (fake godman posed as a god like saibaba) is right but since in entire movie idol worship is ridiculed and fed to the movie watchers, disrespecting idol worship is kind of internalized, symbolically this is projected as demolishing idol worship itself (conveyed by destroying his statue).

The crowd brings down his statue.

55. Every Hindu Dharma symbol: conch, shells, janevu and other such religious items are questioned, promoting anti-Hindu ideologies. Ignoring the scientific aspects of Hindu cultures and traditions.

God disappears but his key chain is on the ground. Kanji picks it up and tries to keep it in his pocket. There is an aakashwani,”kya kar raha hai kanji. Ise tabeej bana ke gale mein mat pehen-na. Badi mushkil se tu-ne logon ko samjhaya hai ki yeh sab galat hai. Phenk ise. Phenk.” Kanji throws the ring away in the sky with a flourish towards the temple.

Instead of opposing such anti-Hindu movies, ignorant Hindus laughed at it, they are making grave mistake. They should not forget this fact that their Hindu ancestors fought hard to revive Hinduism after being invaded and enslaved by mughals and britishers – facing terrorism and genocide bravely. If we cannot raise our voice against present anti-Hindu system unitedly then we cannot expect to pass our great Vedic tradition to our next generation, they might become enslaved in islamized India. Hindus Rise. The onus lies on us to protect Hinduism. So that Hinduism can protect you.

How and Why Movie Industry Got Audacity to Question Idol Worship

First it started with mocking Hindu rituals then Bharatiya languages then traditions, when Hindus kept quiet allowing denigration without any opposition, the Bollydawood Industry got encouragement of insulting Hindu idol worship and all Sanatan Dharma rites in anti-Hindu movie like PK or OMG.

Hindus never raised any violent protest on such scenes and that made Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movie industries continuously mock Hindu Dharma. In most of the movies, they insulted the character who communicates in pure Hindi or cultural Tamil or pure Telugu language. They mocked characters who were strict followers of Hindu rituals. Silence of Hindus is creating anti-Hindu sentiments among young generations as such scenes subvert subconscious mind and have deep impact in their unformatted mind.

Silence Submission to Derogatory Scenes and Dialogues in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Movies is Islamizing Movie Industries of Bharat.
Silence Submission to Derogatory Scenes and Dialogues in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Movies is Islamizing Movie Industries of Bharat.

Insulting Hindu Gods and Rituals But Promoting Jihadi Sai Baba

Hindu movie industry committed irreparable sins of glorifying a Pindari plunderer and looter Chand Miya (Sai baba) as God while insulting Sanatan Dharma Deities.

Most of the movie followers who were Ram Bhakts, HariBhakts, Hanuman Bhakts and Shiv Bhakts gradually started following islamist Sai baba as their subconscious mind slowly yet unknowingly developed hatred towards Vedic Sanatan Dharma Gods. Most of the Hindus started praying looter Sai baba ignorantly, by the time they realized they had become staunch sai cultist, so much, that they started replacing Bhagwan Ram’s pious name with filthy sai baba as Om Sai Ram thereby insulting Om and Ram राम both pious sounds of Sanatan Dharma.

Hindus digging their own grave by praying to mazar (Sai baba was not Hindu so this mleccha was not cremated, being jihadist muslim, he requested to be buried with islamic rituals during dying moments). But foolish Hindus thinking movies as TRUE PORTRAYAL replaced Shakti Roop deites with islamist sai baba across thousands of temples in India.

Riding on funds provided by islamists movie makers like Manoj Kumar (Harikrishna Giri Goswami) and Manmohan Desai blatantly promoted fraudster sai baba in their movies. What an irony both had names of Krishna in their names but they projected jihadi Shirdi Sai baba as God who captured Bhagwan Krishna temple, converting it into Dwarkamai mosque, he was not even toenail dust of Hindu sages of his time. They did not even pay respect to the names their parents gave to them for jihadist money. What a Shame, such movie makers are roadblocks on progress of Hinduism.

Time has come when Hindus should get united and introspect. It is Hinduism and idol worshipping that invokes unity and gathering among Hindus, the tradition is protecting their culture and existence. All Hindus should come forward and work for the protection and promotion of Hinduism and oppose those people aggressively who make fun of Hinduism and never ever dare to question negativeness of islam (kafir hatred) and christianity (infidel hatred).

Hindus, Rise and be violent against all attempts of denigration. Or you will perish from this Earth like our ancestral Hindus perished from 84 countries in last 3000 years. Choice is yours.

** Added as an update to this old post.

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

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  • I have not watched a single Hindi film released in the last 10 years or so inside a cinema hall.

    I’ve seen a few on YouTube, Netflix, and other video sites. Just for the educational value to know what these guys are up to; Indian movies of today totally fail to entertain me because of their one-dimensional story-telling, poor acting and mediocre dialogues. Don’t get me started on the VFX effects which are so over-the-top it makes you cringe.

    I dislike the present standards of music industry in India. Very abysmal.

    However, let me tell everyone, according to this site’s administrator, I’m supposedly an anti-Hindu, mleccha, zimmi, secularist, and other figments of his imagination. 🙂

    But those readers must know if even someone like me no longer watches Bollywood, that should be your cue (I really hate that name, makes us Indians sound like copycats of the more famous counterpart cinema industry in the US).

    The glorious days of uplifting positive Indian cinema are far behind the present day. My favorite Hindi films are somewhat concerned with deshbhakti, and are as follows:

    1) Purab aur Paschim (1970) starring Manoj Kumar
    2) Sarfarosh (1999) starring Aamir Khan [This is one movie inspired me at a very deep level; that made me proudly ‘secular’ although I don’t like that word at all but that’s how this site’s administrator addresses me so I’m fine it.]
    3) Lagaan (2001) – again starring Aamir Khan. I like the narrative and packaging. It’s actually a brilliant movie from an Indian perspective.
    4) Mangal Pandey: the Rising (2005) – another brilliant film by Aamir Khan. Oh well, that’s why this site administrator hates me I suppose. He has zero objectivity when it comes to Muslims.
    5) Swades (2004) – let’s mention a Shah Rukh Khan film while we’re at it. But this is actually a brilliant piece of work that clears our purpose in life. This film has certainly motivated me to do more for my country. That is why we have to include it in a top 10 list.
    6) Border (1997) – it was well-made and every Indian should watch it. Every actor in this performed so well.
    7) Anand Math (1952) – starring Prithviraj Kapoor and Bharat Bhushan. This oldie has the most excellent rendition of Vande Mataram you’ll ever hear. This is pure legendary stuff.
    8) Hum Hindustani (1960) – starring Sunil Dutt. This movie encapsulates a vision of India which should have been, but failed thanks to the laziness of our people.
    9) Haqeeqat (1964) – starring Balraj Sahni. Based on the Chinese-Indian war of 1962, this is another must watch.
    10) My Name is Khan (2010) – that’s probably the last B’wood film I liked. And might receive some flak from this site’s reader for saying it. But the film was notoriously difficult to make, and Shah Rukh Khan’s acting is what made every scene come to life.

    Also I’d recommend this film for any and all Muslims. This movie is a good way to dissuade them from the path of radicalization. The messaging is very subtle and uplifting.

    IN SUMMARY, the only reason I don’t watch any Indian films released in the last 10 years or so – poor acting skills (today’s generation of Indian actors just can’t act convincingly). A fine art has died in the age of social media and modern day vanity.

    I will never want to prevent anyone from watching anything. But use your logical and critical mind’ anything that doesn’t make you question your ideas and beliefs is not challenging enough. And should be skipped for good.

  • Regular Reader says:

    This website has inspired many readers to make good attempts. This article actually inspired Gems of Bollywood to highlight loopholes and anti Hindu content in movies. Someone shared this article again so thought off thanking you.

  • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

    Right after Independence 1947, Government started Jihadism in Education and Entertainment industry. Bollywood industry is the dirtiest industry in promoting Vulgarity and Terrorism. Hindus are villans and Jihadis are heros in Bollywood movies. Shahrukh Khan, Aamir khan minted crores of money and funded some money to Pakistani Terrorists to Islamise Kashmir. Bollywood Muslim Producers and directors are also fundisers to Pakistan Terrorists for Hindus genocide. Muslim actors have too much of hatred on Hinduism. Bollywood used pakistani Urdu and promoted movies. Marathi Movie industry has decent hindu actors and movies are meaningful in Marathi. South Industry also have Anti Hindu movies but comparitively less than Bollywood. Bollywood always mocks Hindu culture and promotes Love Jihad.

  • Ray Gautama says:

    My name is Parveen Gautama ..I am a Brahman living in Canada. I am so devastated that none of the Hindus in India object anybody in Bollywood for insulting Hindu Gods. This idiot Lela Bhansali made this movies Ram Lela..with Ranbir Singh. None of any Hindu organizations objected this idiotic movie, where our lord Ram ji’s name and his Leela was mentioned and these stupid actors played shameless act. I dare this idiot director Leela Bhansali to make a movie where the title start with Allah or Guru Gobind Singh ji and make a dirty movie. He will see the result next day. Only Hindus are dead to raise their voice against these idiotic directors. Modi’s Govt. can’t see how Bollywood is killing and wiping out Hindi from Hindustan and replacing it with Punjabi. Seems like these Bollywood producers are getting paid to wipeout Hindi and make Punjabi familiar in India. What a shame

  • Kalki avatar has already arrived. want to confirm??

  • We all hindu peoples Must unite & boycott all these movies aise logo ki maa c***** chaeye ma****** bho****

  • Dear Haribhakt,
    I am agonised to see this every day deamoning of Hinduism by Hindus as well as non-Hindus especially through Bollywood. Many people like me are getting aware of this. Besides biycoting the movies of such actors / directors / heroines what other steps we should take to stop this propoganda by Bollywood?

  • The movie was accurate. Hindus are becoming like Muslims. The BJP government is fueling the change. Whenever a Hindu’s fault is pointed out, their defence is “but Muslims do the same”

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Jai Shri Krishn Harish ji,

      Even after reading a detailed and well researched post you think that movie is accurate then no one can revoke your dhimmitude.

      Practices of Hindus are distorted to some extent due to over anglicisation of education system and pampering of muslims while visiting rotten dead bodies (mazars). But Hindu teachings are far scientific and humanity based so no Hindu can ever become a muslim.

      Hindus cannot become like Muslims, wish they would have in terms of aggression, retaliation, opposition, goryness and evility then this country would have become Hindu Rashtra devoid of mlecchas and vidharmis.

      Jai Shri Krishn

  • Takeshi18 says:

    Salman Khan should be imprisoned for life, for bombing, killing Blackburlcks. Bollywood should permanently ban him, then seize his illicit properties, wealth distribute it to people in need.

  • bollywood is horrible, but Kannada movie industry is even more worst, filled with foul mouthed gowdas, basava’s violent barbaric disciples goondas, hooligan, rowdy mleccha actors promoting it.

  • Excuse me Mr haribol
    I never said that milk is wasted in abhishek .I just asked you questions. And who gave you the right to certify me that I am true Hindu aur not.

    • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

      Spread the truth and facts of our rituals without falling prey to the colonized corrupt values. Stream energy of your anger towards unification of Hindus. Share all the knowledge that you gain about our Sanatan history and legacies with maximum Hindus possible. Make everyone feel proud of our culture and tradition.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • gaurav.punj says:

    “ॐ नमः शिवाय”
    क्या आपको ये पता था.?..
    गुलशन कुमार को दाऊद ईब्राहिम के इशारे पर मारा गया
    जिससे बौलीबुड का इस्लामीकरण हो सके.. मरवाने वाले
    बॉलीवुड के सूअर ही थे,
    मारने बाला सूअर भी मुसलमान ही था अबू सलेम ने मारा गुलशन कुमार को !!

    आज के बीस साल पहलेें गुलशम कुमार को इसलिए मरवा
    दिया था क्योकि गुलशन कुमार होते तो बॉलीवुड का इस्लामीकरण
    नहीं हो सकता था…..!

    गुलशन कुमार को मारने के बाद ही फिल्मों से भाई बहन के
    रिश्ते राखी के गाने भगवान पर भक्ति गीत ये सब गायब
    हो गए उल्टे हिन्दू धर्म के मजाक वाले गाने आ गए और तुम इन
    सुअरो की फिल्मो को करोडो की कमाई करवाते हो शर्म
    की बात है

    गुलशन कुमार को दाऊद के इशारे पर मारा गया पर मरवाने वाले
    बॉलीवुड के सूअर ही थे और तब से मिडिया वाले भी
    बॉलीवुड का प्रचार करने लगी और मिडिया की
    असलियत भी ये है कि कोई भी पुराना फ़िल्म कलाकार
    मर गया है तो उसका जन्मदिन और मरने के दिन की पोस्ट करते
    हैं पर 20 साल हो गया किसी मिडिया ने कभी
    गुलशन कुमार के लिए पोस्ट नहीं की और लोग गुलशन कुमार को भूल
    गए और अब बॉलीवुड मिडिया पूरा इस्लामिक हो गया है
    हिन्दुओं को बदनाम करने वाली फ़िल्में बन रही हैं
    ऐसी फिल्मो का सारे हिन्दू बहिष्कार करो.. _/\_
    ये षड्यंत्र कुछ समझ आया तो… सभी Share भी ज़रूर करो…!! Please share it to all your friends,,,

  • gaurav.punj says:

    pakistan muslim, indian muslims and bangladeshi muslims already watched OMG movie, their face get smile and laugh and we hindus get angry and feel ego… but OMG’s end of movie was okay..

    but in fact,,,movie toh musalmano ke liye the? agar the toh Kanji ke itne bakwas dialogs bol ke or behosh ho gye bhagwan ki kripa se or musalman toh maan gye ki bhagwan ne khud kanji ko behosh kiya or jaan lene he wale the ki kanji ke itne bakwas dialog bol ke he khud behosh ho gye or aage se vo itna bakwass dialog na bole..or yehi vajah aaj bhi real life mai musalman kanji jaise bakwas dialog na bole..or sachai jane

  • Every religion is respectable for us. Only calling the Muslims is not morality. I have discussed your article in this article.
    https://goo. gl/ 05McJV

    • Radhe Radhe Anony,

      There is no justification, have some substance in the article and point by point rebuttal why in koran, it is openly taught to kill, loot and massacre idol-worshipers.
      BTW killing innocent people is NEVER a human trait and only a demonic way of life.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • i am ashamed of being muslim. i hate islam..

    • Sahil Brother then follow Sanatan Dharm, it’s not religion, it’s the way of life for the mankind. Sanatan Dharm means righteousness. It’s the righteousness the path which leads to God. And this path is showed directly by God. Read the website eternalreligion.org this website is also quite useful. Hare Krishna brother.

  • haahah. You have poured out your poison against Islam without any justification. The movie not only targeted the foolish rituals of hinduism but also targeted muslim pirs. You should watch this with a neutral mind. Secondly, when you don’t need a visible medium to connect a phone call or don’t see oxygen to breath, why are idols needed as a medium to communicate with God? This is explained in Quran. The prophet Ibrahim A.S. broke all idols in his father’s shop and put the axe on the shoulder of a giant idol. People in his town were gone to a fare. When they returned, they said who has commited this sin? Ibrahim A.S. replied, “The mighty idol has killed all other idols with his axe.” People said he can’t even move. How can this idol break other idols.
    So my dear that is the point. You have been given the common sense, ability to think, argue and pursue.

    • “When you don’t need a visible medium to connect a phone call or don’t see oxygen to breath, why are idols needed as a medium to communicate with God?.”

      Just do this simple experiment. Cover yourself with Pork meat completely and while you are behind the meat, ask your parents mimicking a pig’s grunt to tell you “WHAT ARE THEY SEEING”…. You know what they will Say …. “they are seeing meat”… They will not say they are seeing their mleccha son, you. Because you have hidden yourself behind pork meat, covering your face and your ugly body parts.

      Until and unless you do not know how to connect to a God, how can you think of praying him. No one in this world, not even Gods can become thoughtless at any moment. So while praying how come mlecchas (muslims) might not be seeing black shadow or any symbol – so when closing your eyes, what you are seeing is basically the shape and size that you pray. No muslim can become void of image or figure when it prays because since birth it saw what God wanted him to see. The feelings of disabled mlecchas might be altogether different.

      “The prophet Ibrahim A.S. broke all idols in his father’s shop and put the axe on the shoulder of a giant idol.”

      If you mlecchas hate symbols of structures and prayers, then why build mosques demolishing non-muslim temples ???

      If it is so then why you mlecchas (muslims) lift your rears up and yell to the anti-god 5 times a day. When you say he knows everything, then no need to yell at it, or is it deaf ???…. Does it hate seeing faces that you need to lift your rears ???

      P.S. We will start calling muslims him/her/he/she when they become Humans again till the time they are objects of terrorism so we refer them it.

    • Amit Chaudhary says:




      • Good reply brother, These Terrorist Islam will perish by the end of 21st century.
        Jai Sree Krishna
        Hara Hara Mahadeva

  • Toh mandir mein aane wala ek ek insaan who woh patthar pe doodh dalne ke bajaye kisi garib ke pet mein dale na to sabse jyada punya milega.” Applaud “aur haan maulvi sahib kisi dargah par phoolon ki chaddar chadhane ke bajaye kisi nange fakir ke badan pe kapdo ki chadar chadhaiye jaaye to Allah ko bahut khushi milegi. Aur Jesus ke samne mombatti jalane se acha hai kisi garib ke jhonpde mein jalayi toh uske ghar mein kabhi andhera nahi hoga.”…………………..YEH BAAT TO GALAT NAHIN HAI

        • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

          Sirf kori baaten tark dene ke liye mat kahiye. Agar sach mey garibo ki chinta hai toh aajmao aur uska paalan karo, Comment karna aasan hai.

          Agar aap apne baaton ki izzat khud karti ho toh aap bhi wohi karo jo aap kar sakti ho.

          Rs. 10 ka dudh pilane se sirf ek bacche ka aadha pet bharega aur Rs. 400 ka movie dekhne ki bajay, uska dudh kharidkar 20 logo ka pet aap bhar sakti ho…?

          Toh aap kab se aisey gaddaro ki movies dekhna band karogi aur uske bajay garib bacchon ko dudh baatna suru karogi…?

          Jai Shree Krishn

          • BTW I don’t spend rs 400 on watching movies of these ppl.free k paise nhi hai in per luttane k liye.I save my money for poor and needy people in vrindavan.specially old widows.

          • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

            If you are really working for the welfare of Hindu widows selflessly then Bhagwan Krishna will surely help you in this mission.

            Our prayers are also with you.

            Jai Shree Krishn

        • Sure you can feed the poor and hungry. But do not link feeding poor with offering milk to Lord Shiv. You can certainly can do both. Do not criticise / question the offering milk to the Lord Shiv. If you must, you can skip milk for your self and feed the hungry.

  • […] Do not depend on any human being or false god-man. Praying fake anti-gods like sai baba or pir fakirs will never help in renouncing fruits of past Karmas. Even recently, one Hindi movie was started to show real face of Thief Sai baba but due to behind the scene games the movie was turned into anti-Hindu movie. And this movie was hit – this shows that Hindus are so ignorant about their own beliefs and such movies should have been banned. […]

    • Wht you are doing for hindus.? What have you done for them?have you ever seen conditions of Hindu widows living in vrindavan and Banaras ? Wht you are doing for their rehabilitation. Who r living in worst conditions .and BTW I m not anti Hindu .I just hate Muslims more than you.mai dhol Baja ker logo ki madat nhi kerti

      • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

        But your anger towards people who strive hard for unification of Hindus and working hard to invoke self-confidence among Hindus shows that you are pseudo-sickular who DO NOT believe in our tradition and follow anglicized way of thinking, supporting it to a level of demeaning our culture. Google “why milk is poured on shivling” and check the facts yourself before mocking our rituals like anti-Hindus.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    • Excuse me I truly believe in my culture and I m not mocking our culture. And I’m not sickular.I m proud Hindu and only work for welfare of Hinduism.

      • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

        Please Google “why milk is poured on shivling” and know the facts yourself.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        • I know why milk is poured on shivling as I’m born in Hindu family. I also pour milk on shivling.and die heart bhakt of shri Krishna.

          • Radhe Radhe Kanika Ji,

            Then please do not spread misnomers that milk is wasted in abhishek and instead should be fed to others. No one owns anything in this world to claim that they are buying or wasting it. Everything belongs to Bhagwan Shree Krishn. Selfless bhakti is required to make this life and human race elevated to highest conscious level.

            Jai Shree Krishn

    • And also believe that Muslims are just creep who r just ruins are mother land.they just need to be thrown out our country.