Akhand Bharat Hindu Rashtra अखंड भारत हिन्दू राष्ट्र

Hindu Rashtra is true identity of Bharat. The manifestation of the expressions of social arrangement and spirituality based on Vedic principles and Sanatan Dharma, making it possible to have active participation of Hindus in traditions and culture of Bharat which is core foundation for the existence of Hindu people.

Please take note of this fact that Hindus also include Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

For Humanity, Peace and protection of Cultural Heritage of Mankind, Bharat must become Hindu Rashtra. Hindu Rashtra will stop Islamization of World, Ghazwa-E-Hind or Islamized Bharat will be death knell for the world.

Akhand Hindu Rashtra Dream of 100 Crore Hindus

Declare Bharat, Hindu Rashtra

Bharat will become Hindu Nation:

1) When India is renamed to Bharat. Abolishing colonial name given by british.
2) When Delhi is renamed to Indraprasth and re-build as capital of Bharat. Abolishing all symbols and marks of barbaric mughals.
3) When all Bharatiyas are asked to recite Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram and salute country flag. (Read how Secularism killed Hinduism in 84 Countries)
4) When Bharat reverts to Varna System, revoking all discriminations placed by british and mughals; revival of Jaati economy that made each individual rich in knowledge, skill and heritage – all in harmony of nature, creatures and beings around.
5) When Ramayan, Mahabharat, Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Srimad Bhagwatam are taught in schools.
6) When respecting Hindu gods is mandatory for all Bharatiyas.
7) When inter-caste marriages based on right selection is completely allowed.

Hindu Rashtra - Akhand Bharat Realization

8) When Sanskrit is made first language of Bharat. Regional at state level as second language. Cross langauge Hindustani is revoked completely.
9) When all foreign language teachings become optional.
10) When attending Vedic rituals or dharmic yagna for the welfare of the Bharat and her citizens for at least once in a year is made mandatory for everyone.
11) When serving in army is made compulsory for at least 2 years in school or college.
12) When entire history is rewritten showing real and cruel face of mughals and british and how Bharat was made India so that future generations do not commit same blunders that our ancestors did.

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how India Bharat will become Hindu Rashtra
13) When all Hindu temples which were demolished by barbaric mughals or converted by britishers to churches are reconstructed.
14) When at least one big Hindu temple is constructed based on Vedic principles in every 50 Kms of area; to facilitate unity among Hindus. The head Pandits of such temples should be on annual rotating basis so that Varna System is integrated and any eligible gyani whether he is Brahmin or Kshatriya or Dalit is given chance to head the temple once every year. No one is repeated. No dynasty is followed.

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15) When it is made compulsory to start filling the application or form with ‘Hari Om’ or any Vedic mantra that the Hindu is following as his God in all the applications that is used in government offices, schools or corporates. A blank space should be used in the form. This space has the pledge to serve the country, selflessly.

United Hindus for Akhand Bharat अखंड भारत - हिन्दू राष्ट्र

16) When all non-Vedic practices are publicly banned. Anti-Hindus and non-Vedic can pray at their closed homes but not address it publicly.
17) When all loudspeakers are banned in anti-Vedic, non-Hindu structures.
18) When all such anti-Hindu, anti-Vedic dresses are banned which are veiled so no one misuses the veils for terrorism activities.
19) When voting rights are given only to Hindus.
20) When Sunday as a holiday is replaced with Tuesday like other 90 odd countries which use their own culture to decide on the Holidays. Sunday was introduced by british to push their religion on Hindus.

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Vande Mataram - Respect Bharat Mata

21) When holidays are observed on all Hindu festivals.
22) When Cow is respected by all as revered Mother. Cow slaughter is subjected to death penalty as it happens in some countries.

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23) When disrespecting Hindu gods by anyone is subjected to fine of 2 Lakh Rupees first time, 5 Lakh Rupees second time and death penalty third time.
24) When all senior citizens, men and women of Bharat, above age 60, are given mandatory pension every month.
25) When at least once a month a social community service is organized for all citizens.
26) When all non-Vedic, non-Hindu festival holidays are abolished.
27) When performing any non-Vedic, non-Hindu marriage is subjected to paying Rupees 10,000 fees to the Bharat Govt.

How Hindu Rashtra Akhand Bharat was divided

28) When restriction on the birth control is revoked. This is a myth that contraceptives control population. The huge after affects of birth control is faced by many western and european countries.
29) When non-Vedic, non-Hindu people are asked to perform birth control.
30) When commoditization of women are stopped in entertainment Industry.
31) When drinking and smoking publicly is banned in phased manner and then finally abolished completely.
32) When control of all Hindu temples are taken from govt and given to Hindus.
33) When anti-Vedic, anti-Hindu religious structures are kept under vigil and surveillance. Audit done on mosques and churches. All collections of funds received by mosques and churches should be very closely watched.
34) When at govt level Ayurved, Sattvik veg food, Vedic principles and Sanatan Dharma rituals are heavily promoted among common citizens to internalize Hindu values.

Lalit Kumar HariBhakt | ललित कुमार हरिभक्त

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  • Puja Jaiswal . says:

    Awesome information. Muslims are traitors and hating our culture. These mlecchas hate our existence. We need Hindu Rashtra. Freemasons is working against us through modi. This is our time to build Hindu Rashtra.

  • Is this in the works? Will this happen within the next decade? Just saw the news on how a bunch of hijabis in a WB school created a bug ruckus about Hindu boys wearing saffron scarves and canceled the exams. Enough is enough now. These hijabis have no say in their homes before their fathers or husbands but shout the loudest against Hindus. And what use is their education when all they do is make 10 babies? They didn’t let anyone appear for the exams. And the SC will just do nothing. Ho Kya Raha Hai ? One of the goatf**kers says – then we won’t allow the annual Saraswati Puja also in the school if they don’t allow Hijab. To Hell with secularism.

  • Please write further more about this post. I don’t want this for motivation as there’s no need of motivation to work for our Akhand Hindu Rashtra But it will make our aim and dreams more clearer so by which we can acheive it with more stronger determination jai shri ram

  • Rishi Suraj says:

    Once Myanmar and Sri Lanka are added to the new state, give the military aspect to the Buddhists of those two countries, bhai.

    You see on the news how well they handle the Muslims. I don’t have to boast anything here.

    Also, I suggest adding Mongolia and Japan as well since they’re Buddhist majority countries too.

    Mongolia is between Russia and China, two non Dharmic nations, and Japan is off the eastern coast of China. It looks like a problem, but these countries can be used to coordinated attack China one day and accede it to Hindu Rashtra too. Think about it, bhai.

    • Sanatani Hindu says:

      Bhai chahe kitne bhi Buddhist koi bhi desh ho yeh bohot Jyada ho gaya hain Japan and Mongolia know to manage their own Shit, Bharat Maa ka boundary Sirf Tibet, Karakoram, Yunan aur myanmar tak hi seemit hain aur south me sirf lanka tak west me afghan, Pakistan aur Iran ke kai tukdo tak hi seemit hain aur jyada mang Bharat maa ka apman hoga, the land of rishis are only the ones that are given in vedas and other scriptures please dont make so many countries part of Bharat, ha par unhe ham ek buddhist rashtra bana sakte hain par alag hoga Bharat ka hissa nahin.

    There is no god except ALLAH //
    We are waiting for the “Gajoyatul Hind”

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Allah Hi Shaitan…Asuro ka Asur.

      There is no evil and dirtiest filth than Allah.

      You all leechers of humanity and peace would die soon.

      We know you all gilt born have same aim but you all will meet most painful and destructive end.

      Your dream of Ghazwa is EXPOSED…Google “haribhakt ghazwa” to know truth.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Haribolji, Indian Muslims are saying that Islam will rule after 2070 and saying Allahu Akbar. Please curse all the Muslims badly sir to meet painful death

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Allahu paedophile and rapist akbar. You Anti Human get lost

    • Lopamudra says:

      There is no m*d*r**d child rapist mass murderer of and leader of fiends Allah.

  • © HariBhakt says:

    Hrithik ji, Please google “haribhakt ghazwa” and read complete article to understand complexities of muslim mind and their methodologies to islamise Bharat.

    Jai Narsimha
    Har Har Mahadev

  • Are you planning to Invade these countries? Because that’s not going to go well for anyone

  • Balaji Kimar says:

    You are giving special privileges to Hindus a d taking away from on Hindus ..sorry this is not Santana Dharma ..Santana Dharma is secular ..which means all religions should be given special preference .. you are creating a Hindu version of Pakistan which will create animosity and eventually destroy country ..Santana Dharma will enable India to become Vishwa guru ..it is a free thinking way of life where you are encouraged to think and act responsibly ..Making Bharat a Hindu rashtra should mean making Bharat a truly secular and progressive nation ..Not the Hindu version of Pakistan ..

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Wrong. You dhimmis have no idea and meaning about secularism.
      Secularism has nothing to do with Dharma it is pertinent for panths and cults.
      No one is secular in this world. Do you perform last rites of people who die in your family or throw their bodies in gutter….NO…RIGHT..so Dharmic ways are part of life…no one is secular at any moment of life. First comprehend meaning of secularism, it was evolved by christians, for christians…know its history.

      Read this https://haribhakt.com/decline-of-hindus-due-to-inclination-towards-enslaving-cults/ to know how blindly submitting to panths and cults lead to demise of Hinduism in 84 countries.

      Hindu Rashtra is for Hindus as we do not have a single country of our own, research on world history, Hinduism is declining fast.

      Moreover where Hindus should take shelter if persecution and genocide is faced by Hindus in foreign countries???

      Even just 1 crore proud Jews have their own nation.

      A community that is timid, submissive, shameless, low confident and politically correct cannot sustain and do not have their own country.

      57 muslim countries. 42 christian countries. 0 Hindu country….why…???

      We need our native Bharat back ONLY FOR HINDUS. Dhimmis are jaichands. Introspect.

      Jai Narsimha

      • Abdul Soomro says:

        even if there is no secularism if you attack Indian Muslims and others prepare to be destroyed!! Hinduism is false, Monotheistic religions are true

        • © HariBhakt says:

          A cult was made by a lunatic whose so called asura god loves to hate Humans, animals and nature.

          Whose followers die for filthy aim of 72 ganikas in so called heaven.

          Pity is n’t it that this so called asura god found merely 1400 years ago is limited to one terror aasmani kitaab. This asura god or an evil parrot is trapped by its founders in a book to commit rape, terrorism, loot, division, treachery and genocide in his/her/it’s name. This asura god and cult followers are not free but slaves of one terror aasmani kitaab.

          Hey jihadi, world is Bhugol and not flat, a Vedic truth known to omnipresent followers of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. World is billions of years old, such asura gods would be (created) founded millions of times and die in centuries.

          Keep cribbing termite.

          Jai Narsimha

        • Rishi Suraj says:


          Burma and Sri Lanka Muslims said something similar, and I’m not gonna bother reminding you what happened next.

          Buddhists are gonna handle the military aspect of the new state. Let’s see how you play around afterwards.

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Bhagwan willing, if pakistan was Hindu Pakistan then no islamic terrorism existed and those 5000 bomb blasts that were executed across Bharat in 70 years by muslims would not have happened. Thousands of Hindu lives would have been saved.

      Sanatan Hindu Dharma is only Dharma rest are cults founded by men. Dhimmis like you have no idea about Vedic Hinduism.

      • Sanatani Hindu says:

        Extremely true, Vedic Hinduism is the form we need now Get back Ram Rajya of dharma(rightful path or Satya), Shri Krishna Himself in Srimad Bhagawad Gita said that no bookish knowledge is important in front of supreme truth, we need the same Hinduism and society that existed in Vedic era which was pre- alexander invasion and pre-nandas I mean the society of Janapadas we also need to reshuffle and make our chronology and Historical truths and events rewritten. You are following your Dharma by spreading awareness and am pretty sure you will find moksha in Vishnu or Brahma Loka, I also hope that if not Modi but Yogiji is the one who makes a true Vedic Ram-Rajya, and now it must happen because I find only 2 futures of this globe i.e., Islamization of the world and staying in the earth till life dies out or scientific where people except Sanatana dharma and also accept the that Brahma’s lifespan is limited unlike other gods and we need to accept it rather run from it and also using Vedic sciences make the world 100s of years ahead. Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti should only exist for Indian beliefs not for Bible and Islam as they force their false science of flat earth, and mass killing and conversion.

    • Bhai jab hindu rahenge hi nahi tab pitna secularism ka dhol … Aur bhai lgta hai apne thik se sanatan dharm ka adhyan nahi kiya hai … nhi to
      DharmYuddh ka matlab smjhte aap … CAA NRC to ek bahana tha actually me modi ji ko seculars ko ko btana tha … Dikhana tha musalmano ki aukat … Wo log bharat ko islamic nation bnane me lage hue hai … Aur jab wo logo ki abadi hinduo k barabar hogi katmaar karenge ..to kya tab bhi bologe ki sanatan dharam katmaar krnanhi sikhati ye phir uthaoge talwar aur apne parivaar ki raksha karoge ?? Kya karoge bolo … Bhai saab isliye bol rha hu plz … Aap baato ko smjhiye jab hindu nation nahi rahega .. to hindu refugee jo hai pakistan ya Bangladesh k wo kaha jayenge jinke sath galat hota rha hai dono desho me … CAA NRC ka protest to apne dekh hi liya hoga ?? Secularism ka natija ?? Aaj india me 79% hindu majority phir bhi hmare hi desh me hamey apna mandir banane me 28 saal lag gaye aur ginti abhi jaari hai mandir ka nirman hone me …. Aankhein kholo bhai saab … Issey pehle jihadiyo ka shikar bano aankhen kholo apni … Aur muslim bhagao desh aur sanatan dharam dono bachao

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Hey Dhimmi Balaji Kimar,
      Secularism means progress??? Then why Indians are going to foreign for better higher education rather than doing in India. Why the value of American dollar is increasing when compared to Indian rupee ??? You Secular pigs love the Paedophilic religions Islam and Christianity but hate the eternal Sanathana dharmam. That cross breeder Paedophile Indira Gandhi brought the term Secularism for Hindus during emergency. Indira Gandhi is cursed to die a dog like death. Whoever Dhimmi Hindus supports Secularism and hates the eternal Sanathana dharmam will be cursed to die a painful death and they will be punished by Yama Dharma Raja in Hell very badly. Don’t yell your illogical comments. If Muslims become Major , You will either get killed or treated as third grade citizen. Do research on Quran and Bhagavad Gita. You will feel Bhagavad-Gita is superior and Quran is inferior because Quran is Anti human terror manual. Kill Secularism and follow Sanathana dharmam atleast now, your sins will be washed away

  • How can I make a Hindu organisation

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Krishna ji, it is simple first gather few like-minded Hindus.
      Then decide on the aim and purpose of the organisation.
      It should be very clear, what you want to achieve with the formation of an organised group.
      Later after 100 odd people are regularly in touch then register the organisation legally.
      You are free to contact us (info AT haribhakt.com) for any suggestions.

      Jai Narsimha

  • Also all schools and colleges should be replaced with GURUKULS and every Gurukul shoul have a temple/statue of goddess SARASWATI where before starting student should worship GODDESS SARASWATI and then start studying

  • Making Hindi and sanskrit compulsory!! Nooooo thank you.
    We as South Indians would rather die than be part of any hindian bharat. They are aryan languages with no connections to us.

    If India remains a multicultural entity, then we will be a part of it. Otherwise bye bye!

    And which moron in his right sense of mind includes South East Asia as part of bharat

    • Sanjay ji,

      North Indians and South Indians belong to same ancestors – we all belong to same Sanatan Bharat and history.

      No sane person should blabber like an enslaved bot of macaulay, british parasites are dead and rotting in hell – do not follow their concocted ideology of Aryan/Dravidian divide. Aryan invasion was figment of imagination of macaulay and his breed of parasites to divide Hindu unity. (In the 1850s Max Muller introduced the fake notion of two races – Aryan and Dravidian).

      Please read here – https://haribhakt.com/are-you-hindu/#It_is_already_proven_that_Aryan_Invasion_Theory_Is_False

      and here – https://haribhakt.com/secrets-revealed-how-non-hindus-population-multiplied-in-india/#Fake_Aryan_Invasion_Theory

      Spread the truth and respect indigenous culture, we all are as proud of Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Hindi as we are proud of other regional (native) languages of India.

      We should use english language to break the ignorance among fellow brothers and sisters as it is commonly spoken among Indians who are inclined towards western thoughts.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Jai Shree Murugan
      Om Namah Shivay

    • Dhyan sharma says:

      Bro it’s okay if you don’t want to know Hindi… But tell me one thing why in the hell you are dying to learn English language… When you are ashamed of indain langauage.. That’s our problem we don’t behave like hindu.. We are north India, south India, west Indian blah blah… Not Hindi but at least.. Sanskrit should be teached.

    • Aryan Invasion is myth, false narrative created by Europeans to steal Vedas, Sanskrit etc. Please read more, our country is purposely spreading this false narrative to divide Hindus and make us feel inferior to Western Countries.

  • Please include buddisim as buddism is also an indian religion and LORD BUDDHA is one of the avatar of LORD VISHNU

    • Sanatani Hindu says:

      Read the starting para of this article Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are forever part of Sanatana Dharma

  • Lakshya Kapila says:

    All unite to make it hindu rashtra….make a team…all meet and start from Facebook…

  • Thanks for writing this entry. Wonderful list of reforms and changes needed to reviving the glory of Bharat.

    • Radhe Radhe Bharat ji,

      Thanks for your support.

      Please read other posts and share them. Only awareness is the key to unite Hindus and build Hindu Rashtra.

      Jai Bharat

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • hello admin of this site….main bhi apne desh ko pehle jaisa bharat banane n hindu dharm ko bachane ke liye kuch karna chahti hu..please koi idea do ki main kahan se shuruaat karu…kaun si community/group join karu…..main is site ko kafi waqt se padhti aa rahi hu….meri sabse best site hai ye….

    • Radhe Radhe Swati Ji,

      Please email on this id supportwebsite[@]hotmail.com (Remove []).

      We will share the list of organizations their objectives and our associations with you.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • U can start from temple. Keep spreading about Hinduism in diplomatic way. Tell people to keep anti Hindu at bay.

  • koi baat nahi hum karenge ye koshish…..

    • Radhe Radhe Swati Ji,

      Definitely we can achieve it in our lifetime itself, if we are all together diminishing caste dissections and differences. It is need of hour to unite for the future of Bharat and new generations.

      We all should contribute in spreading awareness of our glorious past and life defining Vedas, ancient Hindu texts.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Lakshya Kapila says:

      We should make a team…. it’s now or never….atleast Facebook se to shuruaat karein…kuch to karein…

      • The only solution is including Sri Lanka , Bhutan and Nepal into bharath varsha. In Colombo, Kathmandu and Thimpu there must be Reserve Bank of Bhaarath offices. They must print ‘OM’ symbol instead of Gandhi image on every currency note denomination . This will eliminate all the black money, scams and illegal trading and brings good prosperity to all the Bhaarath Citizens.Saffron uniforms must be mandatory to all military and police personnel instead of khaki colour. At borders , Kaali maa temples should be constructed and Army must mandatorily perform pooja during Amavasya days because Amavasya is the day where evil forces will be active during nights. A loud speaker must be kept at every short distance at border to make Durga/Kaali goddess mantras sound during Amavasya Nights to Eliminate evil forces entering into our border. Our Bhaarath Constitution should include Sanathana Dharmic principles and promote our Hindu gurus, and other spiritual
        Gurus like Vardhamana Mahavira, Gauthama Buddha and Guru Nanak. In Kerala, Shiva lingas should be constructed at water falls in all the 14 districts to make it Gods own Country once again. Renewable Energy sources should be promoted in greater pace and Petroleum should be banned completely.
        Jai akhanda bharath
        Vande Maataram
        Jai Sree Krishna
        Hara Hara Mahadeva

  • Thunderbird 701 says:

    I made a little error. “Autochtone” means “native”.

  • Thunderbird 701 says:

    India, Indies, is only an arbitrary name that the european gave to various regions. On the occidental direction, the Carribeans and even the main America, North and South, saying it was the “Occidental Indies”, and by the way they said the autochtone people of these regions were “indians”, of North or South America, and by Bharat and all the country around, the “Oriental Indies”.
    So, there is nothing historical in this name, except in the semantical proceedings of Europe.

    • Thunderbird 701 says:

      I made a little error, “autochtone” means “native”.