This is not an ideal world of honesty, integrity and cooperation but gratuitous. If you think parroting Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam would make you and us Hindus winner of the world then you are committing huge blunder, in a way an act of cowardice and treachery against Bharat.

Terrorists Near You: Hindus Know Muslims to Save Hinduism and Bharat

Lenient, tolerant and helping attitude made Hindus victim of #MughalTerrorism undergoing slavery for 1000 years. History taught us only assertive retaliation and offensive attacks saved Hindu population. This offensive attack has to be in three forms; mental, spiritual and physical (and in modern times also in the form of boycott), we are covering in second half of this article.

Ghazwa-E-Hind Plan Working, Hindus Sleeping

Jihad in Neighbourhood: Common Muslim Terrorists

What Hindus Should do to De-islamize Bharat?

Hindus share spread truth of types of jihad terrorism

Hindus and non-Muslims of Bharat can definitely de-islamize India if they know about forms of terrorism executed by muslims. Jihad (terrorism) has multiple types depending on the functions of each form, various functions are – spreading hatred towards non-muslims, brainwashing in mosques/madrasas, planning jihad, funding terror and executing terrorism.

All muslims are directly or indirectly involved, yes … even those whom you see and meet in your neighbourhood.

Hindus have gifted two islamic states (Pakistan/Bangladesh) to Muslims, showing generosity allowed muslims to stay in India after partition, still each muslim of Bharat since 1947 is contributing in islamizing Bharat to further the cause of Ghazwa-E-Hind. They all are slyly following islamic hadiths and suras of Quran. In doing so, they are backstabbing the trust of Hindus.

Aggressive Hindutva Kills Jihad and Islamic Terrorism

Democracy and secularism is helping them in islamizing India easily. India has more than 1200 mini islamic zones (NoGo zones), they are known as mini-pakistans. Islam does not have concept of Nationhood but Ummah. That is why no muslim in any country of the world is ever loyal to his/her native nation. Ummah conflicts with Democracy, Nationalist views and policing of state. For Ummah and Quran, Each muslim is continuously working in islamizing a nation thereby making HELL out of PEACEFUL country.

Secular and popular leaders of Bharat had no doubt about anti-human concepts of islam but failed leaders like Gandhi and Nehru were always in a dilemma, their myopic visions almost killed Hinduism and Bharat. You can read here – Popular leaders of Bharat had clarity on muslims and islam (Hindi).

Ghazwa-E-Hind History and Plan (infographic)

Ghazwa E Hind infographic: Islam Muslim Killing Hindus Bharat India
Ghazwa-E-Hind: Islam and Muslim Killing Hindus and executing different Jihadi activities to islamize Bharat (India) Ghazwa-E-Hind Brief History (Chronology to Present) REFER IMAGE (1) Terrorist Mughals killed 120 crore Hindus. (2) Hub of termites, Pakistan created, 22% of the Hindu population or 9 crore Hindus killed, today only 1% Hindus are there. (3) 45% of the terrorists (dividers) stayed back, proportionately (33%) very big portion of land granted to them compared to their population (4) Education is foundation stone of creating professionals for media, law, factory and skilled jobs. Education ministry was always headed by muslim ministers for 5 decades. This way the terrorist muslims ideologically captured media, law and entire ecosystem of Bharat. They injected fake narrative of sympathy and VICTIMHOOD for muslims in interactive sectors. Hide all atrocities of islamic terrorism faced by Hindu Bharat. Removed all true history of Hindu Bharat to invoke inferiority complex, guilt trap and apologetic syndrome in Hindus (5) Mini pakistans created by Muslims all over Bharat, there are more than 1200 NoGo zones where no police or govt employees ever enter. They are thrashed by muslims. (6) All types of Jihad including love jihad, population jihad, rape jihad and land jihad are done by Muslims to islamize Bharat. (7) They test response of Hindu population by staging riots and killing Hindus when their population exceeds 40% in particular area, if Hindus do not respond like they did in Godhra then they are forced to flee (there are 700 riots across Bharat post Godhra but there is no retaliation of Godhra type by Hindus, so they left all such places). (8) They publish all distorted versions of Manusmriti, Ramayan and Mahabharat to make Hindus apologetic and camouflage crimes of their mohammed (who was a serial rapist, genocider and not god sent).

Ghazwa-E-Hind Plan: Forms of Jihad Practiced By Common Muslims to Islamize Bharat and World

Muslims are involved in jihadi activities to islamize Bharat. Each of them are obeying orders of their clerics and islamically following sly methods to convert Bharat into an islamic nation. Ghazwa-E-Hind dream is slowly materialized by muslims of India.

Muslim clerics say Jihad (terrorism) has endless forms, it can be done from anywhere, anytime to islamize world for ummah, however major forms are:

1) Population Jihad (Terrorism)
2) Mutah or Love Jihad (Terrorism)
3) Land Jihad (Terrorism)
4) Aemal Jihad (Terrorism) or Business Jihad
5) Khasia Jihad (Terrorism) or Property Jihad
6) Kafir Krahyh Jihad (Terrorism) or Boycott Kafir Jihad
7) Food Jihad and Zakat (Funding terrorism)
8) Ummah Jihad (Support terrorism)
9) Infardi Jihad (Lone wolf or Personal terrorism)
10) Killing Jihad (Al-jihad genocide terrorism)

Article on all types of islamic terrorism and jihad of neighbourhood muslims

1) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Population Jihad (Terrorism)

They multiply like rats and increase population to control administration and government later, as their population increases more than 30%, they instigate Killing Jihad thereby murdering all non-muslims. This was major reason for the surge of Muslim population in last 1400 years. Population Jihad formed 56 islamic countries and thousands of No Go zones (mini islamic states) in more than 140 countries.

How Population Jihad is Executed by Muslims

Population Jihad Infographic: How Population Jihad is Executed By Muslims

Solution to eradicate Population Jihad: Government must introduce Population Control Law. In case,the mlecchas don’t  abide, administration must stop all the government facilities to the third child. Citizenship of the entire family revoked. Families penalized and forced to pay ₹100,000 and jail term of 2 years. Bearing fourth child should win eligibility to be thrown in detention camps.

2) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Mutah or Love Jihad (Terrorism)

Alluring non-muslim and Hindu (Sikh, Jain & Buddhist) girls into fake love to convert them into islamic wombs of producing children. One woman converted from a non-islamic religion means one entire generation of people lost to the terrorism cult islam. For love jihad to make success; entire family, mosque, clerics, sisters and brothers of a jihadi mulla is involved. Google “love jihad haribhakt” to know truth.How Love Jihad is done by muslims to islamize India and destroy HinduismThe modus operandi is very simple. A Muslim girl befriends Hindu girl, introduces her to a brother or a Muslim man edifying his image. Glorifying this goon later pushing the Hindu girl into developing physical relationship with this Muslim goon.

Either through force or sweet deception once the physical relationship is established, the girl is blackmailed through private pictures to submit into forceful nikkah (marriage) with the goon, later converting into evil Islam cult.

[ Googleharibhakt history of love jihadto know truth ]

The entire muslim family treats the victim Hindu girl very sweetly, later on they show their evil side when girl pleads to set herself free, by blackmailing or frightening her to humiliate in the world. Some muslim families even invoke fear that their parents will be killed if she did not convert to islam. Muslims least care about morality or law of the land. They think even if one family member is jailed or hanged he or she will ultimately enjoy heaven after death. The foolish slaves of fake aasamani kitaab (quran) ruin their own life and fellow human beings for farcical and fictional heaven. They are deeply brainwashed and not mentally stable to seek truth, so ultimately boycotting them (like Israel, Myanmar, US and Sri Lanka does) or sending them to detention camps (like China does) is right treatment for the security of a country.

There is more ugly side to Love Jihad, intention here is not to marry but earn money by selling the girl, it is done by executing Rape Jihad, here girl is gang raped multiple times by several muslim men treated as a sex slave later pushed into flesh trade as a prostitute. In worst cases of this Jihad, they film p*rn video of such girls threatening her to kill. Once her p*rn video is out, she is not accepted by her family (this is wrong from family’s part, they should accept her and file police compalints, off late this is happening and families are supporting). In rare cases, if the girl is bold and fights back, she ends up marrying the Jihadi otherwise in most cases she commits suicide or stay quiet to get married to a different non-muslim man, burying her past for future. This submission percentage is on a higher side and this is encouraging Jihadi pigs to ruin lives of more gullible girls. This is rampant across Bharat but when it happened in Kerala, several pastors insisted of having virginity test as a set process invoked before marriage to identify the victim girls but facade of feminism in guise of women freedom stopped this. Contrary to this, Hindu priests do not dicuss about such incidents openly to their community – they are in a way encouraging Rape Jihadists by not spreading mass awareness among Hindu girls.

Hindus must learn few stuanch rules from Abrahamic cultures at least they are true to their beliefs about protecting girls even if their teachings are non-Sanatan (Eternal) and manmade.

How Rape Jihad or SexTrade Jihad is Executed by Muslims

How Rape Jihad Sex Trade and Conversion Jihad Executed By Common Muslims

3) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Land Jihad (Terrorism)

This is done by illegally grabbing land masses in prime locations of cities and towns, later making it legal by spending 1/20th of the cost of land while bribing bureaucrats and politicians. This way muslims buy properties in prime locations at 1/20th of the cost. The land masses are consumed to build terrorism (killing jihad) factories which are smartly named as mazars, mosques and madarsas. Building mosques or prayer places is not part of quran, in fact middle east countries demolish mosques to develop cities.

How Land Jihad is Executed by Muslims

Land Jihad Infographic: How Land Jihad is Executed By Muslims

Another modus operandi of cunning muslims is to grab land to build illegal mazars later declaring it as holy spot for muslims. So they pray in open space, parks, road side maidans to later annex it to build mosques, bluffing city authorities about lack of space for prayers.

Unfortunately, 70 years of anti-Hindu governance of India allowed building of more than 0.35 million mosques in India, this way over 7 lakh crores worth of land mass is occupied by muslims of India. Muslim politicians and muslim vote bank hungry leaders across all parties allow this jihad to secure votes thereby permitting them to create killing machines in these muslim centres. It is reported that almost 35% of the islamic structures (mazars, mosques and madarsas) are build on illegal land masses.

Land Property Jihad terrorism India

4) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Aemal Jihad (Terrorism)

Controlling entire market or premises or trade territory by muslims in a unified manner. It is happening since hundreds of years. First they capture the area by populating then they start utilizing funds of mosques to capture the market. Initially, these muslim terrorists do it in an organized manner when complete control is not possible they unleash full scale terrorism through their jihad centers – masjids, NGOs, trusts and madarsas. The jihadis also use force when they become majority populace in certain places. Recent Hindu exodus of 1990s is testimony to this; when over 60,000 Kashmiri Hindus were killed and 5 lakhs of them tortured to flee the Kashmir so that muslims fully control entire tourism, handicraft market and pilgrimage sector grabbing from the Hindus which was worth 12,000 crores or 120 billion rupees. Not to forget over 50,000 Hindu temples were destroyed post this exodus. That’s why in entire India whenever you see Kashmir Handicraft Exhibitions you will only find muslim sellers, no Hindu is trading as they were systematically kicked out by terrorist muslims.

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How Business Jihad is Executed by Muslims

Business Jihad Infographic: How Business Jihad is Executed By Muslims

The neighbourhood terrorist muslims are actual backbone of islamic terrorism in India and world since last 1000 years. No one in the world can trust them.

5) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Khasia Jihad (Terrorism)

Instigating property fraud, grabbing land or property by marrying a rich non-muslim widow or a divorcee Hindu girl. Later abandoning the girl or killing her. In this jihad, crores of worth of properties is cunningly transferred by the jihadi muslim in his name.

How Property Jihad is Executed by Muslims

Property Jihad Infographic: How Property Jihad is Executed by Muslims

In most of the cases, Hindu girls are subjected to a series of tortures, chemical abuses, drugs, sex, alcohol addiction and other forms of dirty habits so that she loses her senses and no one objects to transferration of properties to a muslim husband. Most of the takeover of shops and small business places are done by this jihad.

Property and land grab jihad terrorism in India
There are more than 1200 NoGo zones created with the Khasia Jihad all around India. Most of the shops & small businesses (assets) are deceitfully captured from Hindus, Christians and Sikhs.

6) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Kafir Krahyh Jihad (Terrorism)

Boycotting kafirs (non-muslims) and Hindus completely. Muslims do not buy from non-muslim/Hindu shops. Do not hire non-muslim/Hindus. Only deal with muslims in daily chores of life. It is somewhat similar to Ummah Jihad.

7) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Halal, Food Jihad and Zakat (Funding terrorism)

Muslims consider selling or buying halal foods. A food is halal when part of money obtained by selling it is given to Zakat. Zakat is collection of money utilized to fund Jihad (terrorism) and all islamization activities of fellow muslims. Buying halal meat or foods is funding jihad indirectly. Never buy mutton from muslim shops. Never purchase any halal food, see the packaging if its halal certified, do not buy it.

Mcdonalds, KFC and Dominos openly admitted that they serve halal meat. Similarly zomato, swiggy and urban eats also confirmed to this halal certified hotel tie-ups through their employees. If you want to abuse your money for jihad (terrorism) activities then buy halal foods and fund your death.

How Food/Halal Tax Jihad Control Ecosystem to Isamize Nation

Food Halal Tax Jihad Infographic: How Food Halal Tax Jihad is Executed by Muslims

Trillions of rupees are generated by this exploitation industry of halal. Muslims force shops, manufacturers, suppliers, food item makers, hotels and restaurants to buy halal certificates or else no muslim would visit the place or buy their items. Halal certification on an average costs a total of about ₹ 50,000 in India. These are tenure based recurring fees. There are millions of establishments for food industry that are involved in sourcing  pulses, aata, chocolates, noodles, ghee, pickles, snacks, meat products, bread, cereals, soups, oils and hundreds of such daily use food items in India. This exploitation halal jihad is minting money for muslims in India by making trillions of rupees, the money is funded to build terrorist centers like mosques, madarsas and islamic NGOs. They are all making funds on our own hard earned money in a way we are funding our own death by buying such items. Mind you, all major manufacturers, hotel chains and small dhabas have submitted to this massive crime against Hindus in India. Boycott all halal products or else our existence will cease to exist.

Boycott all halal products funding islamic terrorism
Check for halal symbol on food packets. Ask hotel/restaurants, food delivery apps about halal certification. Avoid all premises that have halal certification.

The funds are diverted to uneducated and uncivilized muslim youth for love jihad and islamic terrorism activities. Funds are forwarded to leftist media, press and so called eminent historians to set their fake narrative regularly in MSM. Funds are also utilized to instigate Dalits to weaken India internally. All propaganda materials about fake concepts of manuwad, brahmanwad, jaatiwad are funded by muslim lobbies. Most of the Dalit leaders are super rich, they are deeply involved with islamists and work according to their plans. These Dalit leaders work for their muslim paymasters to fulfill their Breaking India dream. Muslims of India are dreaming to bring back #MughalTerrorism days in India, they dream to rule India again, to mistreat Hindus, Sikhs and Christians as second class citizens later to completely islamize Bharat for GEH.

neighbourhood muslims jihad ecosystem in India to islamize Hindus and country

Across the globe, halal exploitation industry is estimated to be around $ 3 trillion industry. Halal funds are only consumed to decimate humanity and non-muslims. Ignorantly non-muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians buy halal products to fund their own death.

boycott ban all halal food items to stop terrorism funding
Look for all types of halal logos and arabic symbols. Stop funding islamic terrorism ignorantly. Say NO to Jihad.

Some food items cunningly do not reveal it in outer packets but in instruction manual or taste makers or additional sachets sold with the main packet.

There is no lab tested scientifically proven theory that halal meat is healthier or better than Jhatka. Muslims all over the world perform al taqiyya to spread this lie every time. This is part of the propaganda ecosystem that is core to the islamic jihad. In fact when the animal is killed in one force (without scaring or slowly moving the cutter) the heart pumps the blood, spinal cord connected to sensory organs is sliced not the heart, so blood flows without clotting. Jhatka gives least painful death to the animal. Blood drains out completely in Jhatka slaughtering (do not believe lies spread by muslims about blood drainage or tasty flavor). Secondly, there is no toxic fluids flowing in the body of the animals which flows when animal is cut slowly in halal. This is scientifically proven, the toxic chemicals are generated out of fear in animals facing death slowly. The death is most painful in halal slaughter.

Scaring animal and then killing slowly is a Demonic practice. Most of the satanists practice this ritual to scare animals and drink their blood. Cannibalistic satanists do same activity with children and adults. Islam is a demonic cult.

8) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Ummah Jihad (support terrorism)

Ummah is the concept of islam where muslims only care for their fellow muslims, it does not matter to which country he or she belongs. That is the reason, muslims only deal among themselves, they develop colonies boycotting non-muslims. They only employ muslims in their companies for important positions. Real life incidents are experienced by Hindus million times, but still they hire muslim contractor. When a Hindu household hire a muslim contractor for interior designing project, they notice that carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, blacksmiths and all workers are mostly muslims. Muslim contractor practice ummah jihad by boycotting Hindu workers.

Such crowd shows to show strength and invoke fear among natives, encourages muslim to unite and follow path of ummah, thereby funding and discussing terrorism
Such crowd gatherings to show strength and invoke fear among natives, encourages muslim to unite and follow path of ummah, thereby funding and discussing terrorism.

Part of ummah jihad is also not donating blood, organs and money to flood relief Hindu victims. You will never find any muslim donating blood voluntarily in natural calamities. But they are first to put forward their hand to receive blood and organs donated by Hindus. It is high time, Hindus only donate blood and organs when the receiver is a fellow Hindu.

[ Google “haribhakt history of islamic terrorism” to know truth ]

9) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Infardi Jihad (Lone wolf or Personal terrorism)

This is most common of all jihads and happens every moment with non-muslims. Jihadi can be anyone, he or she can come in any shape, size, profession or designation – from CEO to a doctor or a puncture maker or a barber or a peon. Each terrorist behave according to the situational freedom and monopoly he or she gets. In this, a jihadi muslim tries to molest or cheat or allure a non-muslim girl or a boy. Terrorist conducts jihadi act according to his or her profession.

Sudden terror attacks on non-muslim people using knife or rod or cricket or baseball bat are commonly reported.

How Common Muslims Execute Jihad Against Kafirs (Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists/Christians)

Neighbourhood Muslim's Jihad of Racism/Terrorism Infographic

The most atrocious and deceptive incident of Infardi Jihad is of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who was appointed as Home Minister in 1989 by the Hindu majority, blindly trusting him as the citizen of India. Mufti is known as father of islamic terrorism in India. He abused his home ministry office by appointing muslims at important posts, then orchestrated fake kidnapping of his daughter to release dangerous muslim terrorists. Under his instruction, muslim terrorists killed over 60,000 Hindu kashmiris and caused exodus of 500,000 Hindus from Kashmir. For the first time in recent world history, a majority population community became refugee in its own native nation. Even today, Hindu kashmiris are leading life of beggars in streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur and major cities of India. This infardi jihad is testimony how designation is mercilessly abused by muslim terrorists who are all around us in the form of doctors, engineers or politicians.

infardi jihad terrorism of local muslims India
Local muslims who were thought of as friends were first to slice throats of Hindus, rape Hindu women and kill Hindu men. They looted Hindu properties worth billions of dollars.

International testimony is of London mayor Sadiq Khan who is abused by UK nationalists of performing audacious jihad of turning London into Londonistan.

10) Ghazwa-E-Hind: Killing Jihad (Terrorism)

This is done by armed muslim terrorists who are funded by common muslims involved in 1) to 9) forms of jihad (terrorism). Quran and hadiths dedicate more than 64% of verses in dealing, killing and torturing kafirs (non-muslims). Common muslim (illiterate or educated) that you meet in daily life is very much part of this jihad (terrorism) which is done to fulfill original dream of making India completely islamic through Ghazwa E Hind as prophesied in quran.

Killing Jihad (terrorism) include mass genocide, burning city, causing exodus of non-muslims in guise of violent protest, series of riots or killings to islamize city or a state.

In all 1) to 9) forms of Jihad listed above, common muslim public is involved but for 10th killing jihad only armed muslims are encouraged.

All soft forms of jihad listed from 1) to 9) is very dangerous than physical assault, killing jihad can be curbed but other forms of soft jihad takes awareness, time and mass public support which is difficult to promote in corrupt secular media. Most of the European countries including India is facing hardship in controlling the soft forms of jihad. Only unity and aggression of non-muslims can help in annihilating neighbourhood terror acts. The major problem is lack of knowledge of all these forms of jihad, only few people who follow islamic scholars and their teachings, quran researchers and hardcore right wing activists know the facets of Jihad. Muslim clerics admit that jihad can be done in different forms, any moment just like prayer can be done anywhere in the world, according to their twisted mind, world belongs to only allah and muslims.

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All these forms of Jihad (terrorism) are responsible for fastest growth of islam in the world. However thanks to social media and infotech boom, series of translations of quran is available to download and comprehend nuances of islam so now entire world knows about common neighbourhood muslim’s deceit and hatred towards non-muslims that’s why we are seeing US and Israel causing mass exodus of terrorist muslims from libya, syria, iraq and working towards decimation of iran and pakistan (a terrorism hub of the world). Jihadi states like Malaysia and Turkey will soon be added to decimation list for the world peace.


Boycott muslims socially and economically, do not fund jihad terrorism indirectly
Once Hindu Mahasabha leader, Hindu Samaj Party president, Kamlesh Tiwari ji, was killed for speaking against islam and exposing mohammed. RSS activist Bandhu Prakash Pal was killed with his pregnant wife and 8 years old son, when he objected to illegal construction of mosque.

There is huge backlash among non-muslims against all forms of Jihad across the globe in different countries. Recently killings of hundreds of Rohingya terrorists in Myanmar and massive boycott of muslims by Sri Lankan Buddhists gave lessons to the world how such terrorist muslims should be treated to lead peaceful and terror free life.

Ghazwa-E-Hind Weak Point: Muslims are Most Coward, Frightened and Timid People

Muslims Can Only Wage Riots on Innocent People Not Face Direct War

Historically, no researcher ever found a single battle where in a Muslim army won front-to-front war. All the successes that Quran, Hadiths refer are nothing but riots, raids and massacre of innocent non-muslim civilians. Muhammad along with this muslim terrorists raided towns at night or often after signing up peace treaties. All such one side riots waged against innocent, unaware non-muslim public were shamelessly popularized as war. It was never a war but series of terrorist attacks  and riots which continues to be the basis of islamic expansion till today. Victory achieved in a terrorist attack waged on innocent, unarmed people is not an act of bravery but activity of coward scavengers. It should never be called as success of war but accomplished terror attack against humanity.

This age old behaviour still remain with Muslims. No one will ever find a brave muslim fighting on his own. It is not in their blood and DNA. Historically and even nowadays, there are multiple incidents wherein – If a muslim provokes a Hindu. This Hindu bravely fights with the Muslim, beats him to pulp, this muslim first meekly gets beaten by a Hindu then after some time arranges a mob of supporters to hit this brave Hindu.

They never had history and courage to fight front-to-front battle. If ever civil war happens in India, Hindus will come out victorious and India will become islam free. If next time, Pakistan provokes India to attack then Pakistan would lose again. Bravery is not part of islam but killing innocent civilians is, it is highly recommended to be very aggressive and ferocious against muslims – victory of the Hindus is only outcome.

Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad Ecosystem of Neighbour Muslims

Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad Ecosystem Inspired from Fake Quran

Lunatic Muhammad slyly gave short cut to attain place in mythical Paradise. That short cut path is commitment to terrorism. A fellow cultist of islam does not have to put time in prayers and good deeds, if one indulges in terrorism acts it is similar to praying 5 times daily, the cultist gets reserved berth in Paradise. The provocations taught in Quran is completely opposite to humanly teachings of Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta that inspire humans to practice pious deeds and positive karma. Negative karmic duty begets distress, sorrow and weakness – harming even next births of the person. Killing innocent people is heinous crime but here Quran advocates killing everyone who is not muslim.

This Hadith completely exposed evility of islam, it makes it fully naked in front of Hindus and non-muslims to understand why most of the common Muslims involve in terrorism activities and daily life Jihad to harm non-islamic people.

Terrorism acts of genocide and rape prospers wherever there is a majority of muslim population.
Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad Ecosystem, Terrorism from Hadiths and Quran

Muhammad and his creation Quran openly supports terrorism and killing unarmed people. Quran makes a muslim – coward, evil and enemy of humanity. In this verse of Quran, it is directing a Muslim to attack a Hindu or a non-muslim person wherever they are found. If the person accepts gangster cult islam then do not kill him. This verse reveals that a Muslim is always filled with hatred towards Hindus for the cause of anti-Vedic mleccha Allah. He or she pretends to be a friend only to backstab later.

Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad of common muslims, Terrorism from Hadiths and Quran
Another verse shown below is provoking Muslims to fight non-muslims without any valid reason or danger posed by Hindus or non-muslims. Such 164 verses of Quran only imbibe hatred, terror and animosity toward others in Muslims.
Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad of neighbour muslims, Terrorism verses from Quran

This quranic verse is forcing those innocent Muslims (very hard to find one due to deep brainwashing in formation years) to kill non-muslims and Hindus even if they dislike slaying and instead love peace.

Setting similar tone of hatred, it can be observed in another verse that rioting and killing non-muslim is rewarding them death for not following islam.
Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad Ecosystem of neighbour muslims, Terror verses of Quran

Glorification of genocide is done in the next verse as shown below, here anti-Vedic devil Allah is promising to the enjoy loot of terrorism acts – all hard earned money, ornaments and assets from non-muslims should be looted by muslims. There are many other verses, in which women are part of the loot. Raping women of defeated infidels is an act of serving God (Allah). One can google “haribhakt 164 verses of quran” to know different quranic verses glorifying and justifying all acts of terror.

In the verse given below, satanic Allah is supporting terrorism acts of neighbourhood muslims. It is prescribed as a duty for muslims. Hindus staying nearby Muslims majority, residing in areas dominated by Muslims face terror due to such provocations of Quran. Harsh treatment meted out to Hindus and non-muslims are blatantly justified as an act for evil God (Allah).
Ghazwa-E-Hind: Jihad Ecosystem, Quran provoking muslims to kill Hindus and non-muslims

Ghazwa-E-Hind Jihad is Already Waged By Muslims Since 1947

Forms of Jihad (Terrorism) Practiced by Common Muslims

Types of Jihad Waged by Muslims in India for Ghazwa E Hind. The final target of this Jihad (war) is islamizing entire World. It is an collective aim of all muslims in India to islamize entire world after ruining Bharat.Types of Jihad and forms of Islamic Terrorism of neighbour muslims

Few of the images are Graphic and Gory but you have to get used to it. Because turning your head away from such images would not change facts. When these Muslims are not shying away from killing Hindus and non-muslims then what is stopping you to share facts with others. You share truth for protection of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, Vedic panths and save your family members or PERISH in your own nation as a slave of islam – choice is yours, freedom or death.

Stop Islamization of Bharat or else Islamic State Treat Non-Muslims Like…

Muslim Terrorists of ISIS following evil Quran to Kill Kafirs (Non-Muslims)

Punishments in Jihad Under Sharia Law (Graphic Images)

islamic terrorism muslims terrorists killing in India

islamic terrorism muslim killing Hindus in India

islamization of India means death to Hindus Sikhs Christians by muslim terrorist

All terrorist bases of ISIS, Al Qaeda and major terrorist organizations world over had mughal historical references as one of their inspirational tools. Islam was NEVER and will be NEVER a cult of peace as it advocates killing of Kafirs (non-muslims). Inhuman atrocities towards Hindus and Sikhs by terrorist muslims can be read here – History of islamic terrorism in India.

Hindus Have to Internalize Unity, Aggression and Love for Bharat and Sanatan Dharma 24×7

Break Jihad Ecosystem By Stopping Funds to all Types of Jihad

Simple changes in life can make Bharat march towards glorious and terrorism free India:

Mental: Unite Hindus, explaining them about dangers of the muslims and their modus operandi to Islamize Bharat. You can share all major posts of in your social media accounts.

Spiritual: Organize Bhakti Yatras at least once a week in your areas. Include Hindus from all states, castes and classes. This is very important; because to subdue religious practices of Hindus, muslims purposely build mosques near temples. They bombard with anti-Vedic azaans 5 times a day. Take help from local business community and shops to fund this Yatras. Yatras will also help in bestowing knowledge and pride of Hinduism among children and youth.

Physical: Mobify and assault jihadis wherever they try to harm individuals. Stop muslim goons by thrashing them if they flirt or stalk Hindu girls and bully or harass Hindu boy. Also ensure no muslim goon ever dare to ask for ransom from Hindu businessman, if anyone does so beat him so hard that he never thinks of doing so ever even in his dream.

#BoycottMuslim do not buy from them. do not hire them

Bahiskar: The most silent form of treating the pests of our society is to completely boycott them. Do not deal with any muslim in any form.

1. Do not hire them for any job – carpentry, plumbing, craftsmanship, hair cut etc

2. Do not employ them in office – for any skilled or non-skilled profession

3. Do not sit in their cabs or autorickshaws – Ask name of the driver before sitting

4. Do not sell property – Establish all Hindu society, do not ever sell any property to any muslim

5. Do not socialize – Never call any muslim in home for festivals or marriage, they eye Hindu women of your household to prey on them for love jihad, either the person himself is involved or he informs his brother or a friend to pursue this.

6. Do not give donation to fakirs or any needy muslims – Never give single penny to any muslim beggar or muslim patients.

7. Do not ever trust them – muslims perform al taqiyya*, kitman** and muruna*** to bluff Hindus with their sweetest talk, deception and trust winning methods, never fall prey to their trap.

[ GoogleSaibaba is fake godand stop Mazar bhakti tradition ]

How Muslims Dupe Hindus Successfully?

Is Deception and Cheat Part of Islam?

Anti-Vedic allah fearful of Hindus, openly allow deceit, lies, fakery and backstabbing towards non-Muslims.

Al Taqiyya* is a deceitful denial of religious belief and practice to bluff non-Muslims. Extreme examples are seen wherein muslims take vow on quran and abuse allah or mohammed to win trust of Hindus. Impostering as an atheist is part of this doctrine.

Kitman** Concealing information to the point of lying and fabricating stories. This allow muslims to lie and deny all verses of quran by making up false stories or whatabouteries whenever questions are raised about evil side of islam. One of the most cited fabricated story is that of  an old woman who was throwing trash in the way of mohammed, the same incident is also tweaked as the woman who spit on the face of mohammed or the woman who insulted mohammed. All are fake stories and do not have any mention in any hadith, sura or quran.

Muruna*** flexibly denying sharia and other islamic rules while secretly working towards it. It is done when muslims are in minority, they infiltrate major non-muslim places to later backstab.

History of islamic terrorism’s existence in India revealed how mughal terrorists invaded India by invoking all deception tricks of allah and mohammed. Prithviraj Chauhan fell into Al Taqiyya of Mahmud Ghori when he pleaded for mercy 16 times keeping his hand on quran, swearing not to attack ever, only to offend again. Last Hindu king of Bharat was killed 17th time by same islamic terrorist Ghori. Such is the mercy of allah gifted to king in the form of death who ignorantly pardoned Ghori as he did not know about Al taqiyya and deception of islam.

You will like:   ॐDevotees Met Hanumanji: Darshan, Experience Shared Here

Hadiths, suras, quranic verses reveal ugly side of islam and allah.

The translation in Hindi is done by islamic scholars Umera Hyder and Asfaq Hussain, they ignorantly exposed the truth decades ago but foolish Hindus do not read it.

[ Googleharibhakt 164 verses of quran to know truth ]

अल्लाह की मक्कारी से सावधान रहो:

क्या लोग अल्लाह की छुपी हुई चालों (मक्कारी) से बेफिक्र हो गए हैं, अल्ला की चालों (मक्कारी) से जो लोग बेफिक्र हो जाते है, वे जरूर घाटे में पड़ जाते हैं. सूरा अल आराफ (7 :99)

Meaning: Are people unaware about allah’s deceit and lies, those who are ignorant of this guile of allah, they definitely face huge loss.

अल्लाह सबसे बड़ा मक्कार है:

अल्ल्लाह लोगों की बातों को ताड़ता रहता है, और गुप्त चालें (मक्कारी) चलता रहता है, बेशक अल्लाह सबसे बढ़ कर चालें चलने वाला (मक्कार) है. सूरा आले इमरान  (3 :54)

Meaning: Allah knows people, and he uses secret dirty tricks, no doubt, allah is the biggest deceiver and guile.

No muslim will ever go against allah. Complete slavery to allah is islam. These muslims are afraid of punishments in hell and judgment day fakeries, so they fearfully follow whatever evility towards non-muslims is taught in quran. Let us not fund our own death by giving money to any muslim. All of them are involved in Jihad of multiple forms.

Remember this old Chanakya verse: Do not help undeserving people, only help those who deserve it. Attack enemy when he is very weak. Show no mercy towards enemies.

You have to respond to the evil mlecchas in the methods they understand and keeps them in control.

You must share the article among all Hindu sisters, brothers and parents. This is must to save Bharat and Hindu community because all muslims of Bharat are involved in different kinds of jihads (terrorism) in one form or the other.

Creatures of islam believe in Jihad (terrorism). According to terror manual quran, Jihad is known as 6th pillar of islam. It is given huge importance by muslims and it is this 6th pillar of islam that will help in islamizing entire world, thereby devoiding world of humanity and peace, turning it into a hell. Realizing the main purpose of existence of islam.

Jihad is realised by taqiyya, muruna, kitman and mutah and all other deceptive rules taught to muslims since childhood.

Non-muslims Hindus Christians Sikhs against Jihad Islamic Terrorism
No muslim ever opposed any terror act of Killing Jihad. They slyly deny that it is not part of islam while attending funeral of terrorists and shamelessly organizing condolence prayers for the likes of Kasab, Osama, Baghdadi and Yakub Memon.

You must share the information given in this article among all Hindu sisters, brothers and parents. This is must to save Bharat and Hindu community.

Denial and non-acceptance that they are not involved in any form of Jihad is purest form of al taqiyya, muruna and kitman, this deception itself is part of Jihad (terrorism). All muslims are very much involved in islamic terrorism, to protect their acts, they vociferously deny, they believe that their denial conceal their efforts of islamizing world, a service to mythical allah. There is no moderate or soft muslim, they are impostering as soft and moderate to follow deceptions of islam.

[ Googleharibhakt do not trust muslimsto know facts ]

Hindus never retaliated aggressively that was the reason that muslim populace prospered and multiplied like termites, burrowing Bharat from within. Hindus should have unitedly kicked out the terrorists or made them revert to Hinduism for the sake of Sanatan Dharma and world peace. Ignoring collective islamic menace in the guise of maintaining peace decimated Bharat Varsha, today we only have 55% of India that has Hindu population as majority (rest 35% gifted to muslims in pre-1947 partition by anti-native Gandhi and series of partitions by Britishers pre-1920 while 10% is still under control of corrupt converted christian population mostly in North Eastern past of Bharat). Some major damages like corridor between East and West Pakistan dissecting Bharat, gifting hyderabad to pakistan and invoking muslim ministers were avoided when our Rashtraputra Nathuram Godse ji removed Gandhi for saving Hindus and India.

Selfish family welfare attitude of Hindus shrunk our reach for existence, food and prosperity, still some shameless Hindus do not learn from History. They sacrifice identity and pride of Sanatan Dharma by falsely practicing secularism at the cost of killing Hinduism indirectly, by associating with muslims and christians. Its time Hindus unitedly work among themselves – employ only Hindus, deal with only Hindus and sell property to only Hindus. Do not invite anyone from abrahamic cult in your marriage or festivals, these cultists eye our men and women for Love Jihad or missionary conversion. Reverse love jihad has also started, muslim women lure Hindu men for sex, money and property, to eventually convert them to death cult islam.

How Democracy/Secularism Islamizes a Nation (Infographic)

A Muslim’s ideology of hatred cannot be removed unless he or she is UnQuraned and Detoxified.

Weak laws prescribed under democratic secular system do not instill fear among muslim criminals who are part of islamic mafia movement to islamize a non-muslim nation. Democracy de-centralizes power and corrupts the ecosystem giving common muslims opportunities to play with the administration and orchestrate fake victimhood denying actual ISLAM IS TERRORISM narrative while silently working to kill non-muslims. Strong death penalty is possible in centralized clean and uncorrupt system, this ensures death to mafia ideology of ISLAMISTS. Great example of detoxification and centralized method of controlling this islamic menace is China.

Public outcry of natives against islamists is another option to stop islamization of a nation, as it happened in Japan, Israel, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Mass boycott by natives helped locals to control islamification process.

Detoxification is the only method that ensure success to build a ISLAM FREE country which China is successfully showing to the world.

Bharat need massive awareness among Hindus, to consider only Hindus (Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhists) as their brothers. Fakery of Hindu-Abrahamic Bhai Bhai is killing Hinduism in India.

How muslims Islamize a Hindu/Christian/Buddhist nation

Break Jihad Ecosystem: Boycott Muslims for Safe and Secure India

Massive boycotts of muslims in Israel, Sri Lanka and Myanmar ensured that muslims can be kept under check for peaceful co-existence. This is blood-free method of stopping islamization.

Hindus Boycott Muslims Socially and Economically for Bharat

Hindus Boycott Muslims Socially and Economically

As requested before, you must share the information given above among all Hindu sisters, brothers and parents. This is must to save Bharat and Hindu community because all muslims of Bharat are involved in different kinds of jihads (terrorism) in one form or the other.

We are at critical phase of our life. We are being slowly pushed to an inevitable civil war by the muslims due to their hatred and crimes towards non-muslims and Hindus.


Muslims already broke our Bharat into 3 parts. We are again in the same phase as we were in 1947 due to their EVIL DESIGNS of GEH. We have huge responsibility to stop Ghazwa-E-Hind and different forms of jihad that is happening around us on a daily basis. Share the information and post with maximum Hindus to save Bharat and Sanatan Dharma.

muslims execute jihad in India using deception, killings, halal and boycott (ummah jihad)

Jai Shri Krishna

Jayatu Akhand Bharat

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  • Whatever information given in the article is just 10% of what is actually in the mind of muslims in India.
    Muslims eye property, girls and money of Hindus. Since childhood they are fed with all lies and fake concepts of abusing kafir. Hindus do not even know how deep common muslims hate them. Muslims do not show humanity toward other faiths. They all hate Hindus too much. If someone asks muslims do you want Hindus and Christians free India he will reply with Insha-Allah without any remorse. The information given in this article is true but only touches 10% of the truth. Government pampers muslims too much. Hindus do not even know they are living with enemies around. I feel bad because I only believed in humanity. It is in a way good that Hindus are realising truth and sharing information by such posts. Internet is filled with treacherous backstabbing of muslims. Whole world knows about taqiyya and misleading tricks of muslims. I believe in supreme power but never believed that supreme power is allah because no god can divide humans. Hate one but want others to die. I am ashamed to say that once i was a muslim. Now i am a free human. Not a caged bird of a fake book.

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Good to see that you realised your evil book Quran. All the Muslims living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan are once upon a time Hindus but due to Invasion, they were fearfully and forcibly converted to Islam. Converted Muslims=Anti Development and Pro Terrorism.all the Muslim dominated areas in major cities are against development Ex: Hyderabad old city, Delhi Jahangirpur etc——-

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  • Islam spread across globe through invasion or by war. it has replaced many cultures and still on the same line. but the fun is even muslims doesn’t know the reality of islam. For us we have only one nation and it must be called as HINDHUSTAN.

    I was born in a Islamic family , but I can’t find any thing worth in this existence than our vedas and sages.

    To let our people unite we must teach vedas from school level. to unite people its required to make our people understand our worth.

    we must unite. JAY HINDH, JAY BHARATH MATA

    • अखण्ड भारत हिंदुराष्ट्र ।। says:

      If you are innocent , leave Islam ban kuran protest against ISIS or else …..
      हर हर महादेव ।।

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Yes brother, secular politicians and secular Hindus believe more of paedophilic Muslims and Christians. In Kaliyugam, offence should be created on Muslims and Pseudo Secular Hindus also . Paedophile Mohammad married his daughter in law and his grand daughter Ayesha. What a shameful anti Human this Mohammad is. Christians can be retrieved into Hinduism easily because they have better understanding compared to Anti Human Muslims. Central government should privatise all the temples and taxes should be given to Hindus only. Government should stop ration, electricity, Haj subsidy,vote bank and all government facilities to terrorist Muslims.Muslims spit on Biriyanis and serve it to Non Muslims. Actually Non Veg Biriyani is Tamasic, but these muslims are making more poisonous these biriyanis. Don’t worry brother, PAPPU Rahul Gandhi is the curse to Congress party. They are digging their grave . By 2029 , Congress party will be thrown into Indian Ocean. In Telangana , TRS(Telangana Rajakars Samithi) party is giving more appeasement to Muslims and degrading Hindus. TRS will loose power in Assembly elections and Lok sabha too.Muslims true colours are coming out. Owaisi brothers will be killed by army, Congress party family will get death panality issued by International court because they have terrorist links with Kasab and Osama Bin Laden. Communists, Jihadi parties will be brutally killed by Indian army and CRPF police . These Muslims always attack in groups but not singly. This is happening in France and Other European countries. Same happening in Muslim dominated areas of Hyderabad, Delhi , Kolkata and Mumbai. Here bureaucrats are pelted with sones by a group of Muslim children. These Muslims are Curse to Humanity and dangerous than Cancer. Population control bill must be there for Muslims like China. One thing is true, Muslims are born because they did more sins during their past. Muslims will never attain moksha unless they leave Quran. In Kaliyugam, Muslims will take very horrible births in coming future. They will face water scarcity, insecurity after 10000 years golden period of Kaliyugam.
        Jai Akhand Bharat
        Vande Maataram
        Jai Sree Ram
        Jai Hanuman
        Jai Maa Durga

        • Aakash Gupta says:

          Can’t for Kaalki avatar because till 2029, the biggest genocide of Hindus is going to happen as their population will reach 30 %

          If our Great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Great Maharana Pratap would had waited for KAALKI AVATAR, then sure we would have been became Malechh today

          We can’t even trust Indian Government whether it be BJP or RSS, they will at end surrender

          Fight your own battles by yourself

          • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            Yes, even we cannot trust Modiji. Modiji is also Secular leader. Yogi Adityanathji and Himantha Biswa Sharma are better than Secular Modiji. Firstly History textbooks need to be changed.All the Secular Hindu Politicians(Khangress, TRS, DMK,TDP, YSRCP, TRINAMOOL CONGRESS,AAM AADMI PARTY,SAMAJWADI PARTY,CPI &CPIM etc—–) should promise on Bhagavad-Gita/Any Vedic Purana and say “We did not harm to Dharma”. Then after some days, these Secular Politicians vomit the blood and die hellish death. These Secular Politicians will go to Naraka Loka after death and receive painful punishments from Yama Dharma Raja for 1000 years. In Islam , there is Nechrophilia act. Muslims cannot be even compared to Animals. They are the most filthy demons in present Kaliyuga. Aggressive Hindutva kills Islam. Secularism promotes Islam.
            Jai Hindu Rashtra
            Jai Hanuman
            Jai Ganesha
            Jai Muruga

          • ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

            Brother, now recently USA gave Islamophobia title to India. Recently, in New York, Muslims started blocking roads by performing Namaz. Their population is increasing in USA too. Let USA suffer by calling Islamophobia. Russia is good country. They are against Islam. UK and USA are betrayers to Bhaarat. Let them suffer with Islamis Terrorism. Russia will support us regarding Hindu Rashtra. Khangress Nehru family is the main culprit who produced Pakistan terrorists to destroy the world with Islamic Terrorism. All the Secular Hindu political parties are family centric, corrupted. We should kill all the Traitor Secular Hindus first, then Muslims.
            Jai Hindu Rashtra

  • SAILESH S says:

    Commendable courage to put this out. But Google does not recognise you. George Soros funds and fact checks Wikipedia. If they ever come to know of this site, they’ll run a smear campaign calling all this hate speech and propaganda like they did with Opindia and like Twitter is acting with True Indology. In fact Facebook blocked me from sharing to groups because I posted one of your infographics about Mughal Hindu holocaust.

    Find about 500 answers of mine on Quora.
    A sample. What is the experience of those forced to wear Hijab/ Niqab/ Burqa?

    #History #Indology #Holocaust #holocaustmemorial #holocaustsurvivor #HolocaustEducation #HolocaustRemembrance #HinduHolocaust #HinduHistory #indianhistory #historyofindia

  • Nilesh Bodhi says:

    Good article. But as usual you guys are pathetic and no more less barbaric than the Muslims itself. You always speak only about Hinduism and want the varnasharm system. Why? In your article you have not even mentioned Dr. Ambedkar who had the guts dare and courage to write that Islam is a Mafia his book (Pakistan and Partition of India). Unless you guys dont acknowledge Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism as the religion of India you will never succeed. We were with you, we will be with you because we are the most loyal to our land then you Hindus. Acknowledge and accept it. Dont hide facts and if you do then you are no less than Muslims.

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Nilesh ji,

      Respect begets respect. You cannot demand respect if you don’t give it.

      We Hindus are most tolerant than any Vedic panths and abrahamic cults.

      Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism emerged from Hinduism. We allowed them to prosper. Our Hindu kings funded and promoted these Vedic Hindu panths.

      But in your envious flow of making statement, you said we are barbaric than Muslims, on what basis you vomitted this poison.

      Don’t poop here, if you cannot provide substantial references.

      Go to Islamic country, if you find your panth cultivators and mentors, Hindus as barbaric.

      Show relevant proofs of barbarism of Hindus Or else you are fake id created by a Muslim to post anti-Hindu comment.

      Don’t burn to death out of jealousy.

      Jai Shree Ram
      Har Har Mahadev

      • Ex Buddhist Gautam says:

        Well researched. Great article.
        Every Hindu reading this article must share it with their family members and Hindu friends.

        Har Har Mahadev ॐ

    • अखण्ड भारत हिंदुराष्ट्र ।। says:

      You seem like one of the traitors and bootlickers .
      Haribhakt has very clearly mentioned in many of its articles very clearly that
      “Jainism , Sikhs ,buddishts ” come in Hindu .

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Bro recently, Muslims made derogatory remarks on Shiva Lingam so Our honourable BJP leader Nupur Sharma gave truth about Paedophile Mohammed. These Bloody Muslims Pigs removed Ashoka Chakra on our National Flag and replaced with Ghazwa E Hind in Arabic letters at Hyderabad old city. Shameless KCR and KTR not even taking action against Muslim community and Terrorists owaISIS. Hyderabad Hindus atleast now woke up and started voting BJP. 2020 GHMC elections proved this Unity. Secular Hindus are sitting calm when Muslims abuse our god. Shame on Secular Hindus. China is better in matter of dealing with Muslims. Only Yogi Adityanathji and Himanta Biswa Sharma can save our Bhaarat not Modiji and Amit Shahji.

        • © HariBhakt says:

          All political parties and most of the top decision makers and politicians are working on Abrahamising Bharat.
          Only PathaGiri can save Hindus.

        • © HariBhakt says:

          Our political parties are deeply compromised. All are puppets of Shadow entities that actually control different govts of the world.
          Remember, no nation is FREE. This democracy and voting drama is staged to keep people engaged and give fictitious happiness that they are electing govt. In reality, every thing is pre-determined. Every top politician in the world is planted to rule that nation.

          • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            Yes sir , You are correct . Gopal Patha, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose , Naturam Godse are better than present day politicians. Duratma Gandhi and Nehru Family are responsible for Ghazwa E Hind operation.

  • Aryan Dharmic Suraj says:

    I dunno about Jainism (honestly, I’m yet to learn it from the texts) but as a Buddhist, lemme tell you this, Haribol hindu brother.

    Buddhism didn’t weaken India. In fact, it was Buddha who first brought forth the idea of humiliating mleccha ideologies as a way to turn people away from them.

    That’s why, even today, you’ll see that not a single Buddhist majority country is secular. Not a single Buddhist majority country aids local Muslim growth like India does (no offense, I know Hindus like you have no hand in that, but the way your politicians act is a direct derivative of the traditional hindu mindset as well, exactly to which Buddha brought a reformation.)

    When Muslims 1st came to Sri Lanka, they tried to marry local Buddhist women and make them breeding machines, but it didn’t work one bit because Buddhists aren’t used to showing respect to barbaric traditions. So those who badly wanted local women had no choice but to convert to Buddhism 1st. The descendants of those Arabs are mostly concentrated around southern province.

    These Buddhists are rather savage. They work as packs, support their own over even other Buddhists, and kill others and each other, violently, wherever they are significantly large in numbers. Despite the fact that the north has so many Tamils and the east has so many Muslims, it’s the south that’s the very most dangerous part of Sri Lanka, with its own notorious underworld “the southern underworld,” for this one reason.

    That’s because of the influence of their barbaric Arab ancestry. Their forefathers “converted” to Buddhism, but their traditions kinda stuck with them.

    However, the good part is, they hate Muslims and Christians, a lot.



    • SAILESH S says:

      See, unfortunately the Anti Hinduism and Anti Brahmin industry is a multitrillion dollar business. It operates at 3 levels.
      1. Discrediting industry – all historical scientific and glorious democratic achievements of my ancestors (Vedic Hindu civilization) is erased by academia, and the barbaric, Abrahamic west holds all the parents to what was originally indigenous indian civilizational wisdom and exclusive intellectual property which was never copyrighted of course in the ancient world.
      2. Hindu holocaust denial is going to be a big industry soon because sane compassionate voices like you have begun to speak up.
      3. Bollywood keeps indian youth addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol etc constantly glamourizing American feminism, peddling colonial British narrative of India and painting all Hindus as retarded terrorists and all muslims as saintly victims.
      4. World media from English speaking and western countries are owned by Halal economy.
      Indian liberal Muslim teens in Bangalore (not Kashmir or anything!) slap Indian Army personnel around triggered by an orange (saffron) color covid mask, force him to wear a green color one instead. He is a woke hero in my country. Now if the army man who was thrice his size had resisted, the UNITED NATIONS WOULD’VE GONE ON A RABID SPREE IMPOSING ECONOMIC AND DIPLOMATIC SANCTIONS ON INDIA FOR MILITARY HIGH HANDEDNESS, LOWERING INDIA’S HUMAN RIGHTS RATINGS LABELLING INDIA A HINDU FASCIST STATE.

      Now how do the common non islamic folk of India assert their right to exist?



    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Dear ANDRES CATHELLA, What you said is hundred percent correct. Today Islam is the burning issue across the globe. Hindus are in Secularism path because of the pathetic Education system. present day Hindus are paying 250-300 rupees for buying Biriyani from Muslims and eat daily or thrice a week . Instead, they can buy THRISUL or VEL weapon and keep it at house. Hindus should stop buying from Muslims and start buying from Hindus only. Hindus should kill Muslim pigs by Thrisul or VEL weapons and burn their dead bodies immediately . The ash of the dead body should be used for Linga Abhishekam.

  • Hahahahaha. It seems so funny to read the comments that you have posted. I know that you must’ve worked a lot on this article, but unfortunately almost everything that you have written here are false facts. It isn’t the religion that are violent, it is people like you who plant a violent image of any religion into the minds of others. No religion has ever preached violence, let it be Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism or any other religion. It is people like you and the people who do not follow the religion in its true form. Please educate yourself more on other religions too. The fact about halal made me laugh for 5 mins straight. All the facts that you have mentioned here are totally false. Please do your research well. Try to know about other religions through authentic sources and not from the people who practices it in the wrong way.
    Peace and unity to all human kind

    • © HariBhakt says:

      ey Mleccha, proponent of killing Kafirs,

      Hatred towards kafir (non-muslim), cheat, lies, deceit and treacherous activities is part of cult islam. What can you say about slaves who deem a rapist, terrorist and pedophile as apostle of peace (open acceptance of him raping a 9 years old ayesha in quran, hadiths and lots of interpretations is ample proof, you cannot deny this). Would you allow your 9 years old sister/daughter or niece to be treated like this and if some one does you would kill him not call him apostle of peace. Mind you Ayesha was was like grand daughter to him.

      Reciting 5 times daily that my anti-god allah is superior of all, submission to him is only way forward itself is the root cause of hatred towards non-muslims. Whatever is written here is done after deep research, you just need to deep mine through history, activities of mosques, madrasas and all the criminal activities of muslims across India to understand the pysche of your fellow cultists. FIRST ACCEPT VENOMOUS FLAW IN YOUR CULT.

      You are also a terrorist because you are defending other terrorists while falsely claiming that “…and not from the people who practices it in the wrong way.”


      Regular terrorists are snakes and people like you are grass who hide these snakes among yourselves as protective maze of grass. You all are terrorists in one or the other. Google “kaaba hindu temple” and know more facts about your origin.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Hey terrorist Danish, because of Anti Human Congress party your Muslims got freedom. You people read Quran and kill innocent non Muslims . Your Muslims don’t know your Allah gender. You people when minor ask for reservations ,when you become major you will plan bomb blasts. You people spit on food and serve it to Non Muslims, even Animals will not do these activities. You sewage born pigs are anti human. “Vinaashak Kaaleya Vipareetha Buddhi” you muslims will die a painful death by the end of 21st Century. You people produce Children like pigs and Make them Terrorists and Anti Human. In Hyderabad old city anti human muslim children pelted stones on Police and other bureaucrats. Get lost from this earth you Anti Human Sewage Muslim pigs

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Hey Jihadi,
      You pigs form groups and attack non muslims. You cannot attack them singly. This is what your quran thought. You are the remnant of Kauravas who are 101 in number. Pandavas are 5 in number. Pandavas won and Kauravas lost. Kauravas on Revenge of Sanathana dharmam created an evil cult “ISKAM”. Islam will perish by the end of 21 st century. Your true colours are coming out. You liars and cheaters are cursed to die a painful and hellish death

    • I think you have so much shit brain to beleive in a fake prophet  who was a sex addict …and ofcourse  a lier  who made  a god in his imagination and made every one belive in him and his god allah tala force- fully so that he can rule in future, Very Clever indeed 😉

    • Jihadi muslim ur prophet was a sex addict nothing else , converted innocent Non Muslims to islam then says he is sent by his gay god allah

  • Vaibhav Sathe says:

    I have few questions. Kindly answer if you can.
    1) It is said that Hinduism is the only true religion in entire world and our gods and deities are truest. Then how come we lost land, populations and countries to Islam?
    2) It’s said that nothing happens without the will of Lord Krishna. Then how 80 million Hindus were slaughtered, tortured, killed and equal amount converted? Was it due to will of Lord Krishna?
    3) It’s said nothing happens without Prarabd/Fate or Kriyaman Karm? What evil Hindus did to deserve such fate, the present plight? Or Did Muslims use Kriyaman karma?
    4) After Mahabharata war, India had 4000 years of peaceful existence. Why didn’t Indian Hindus develop scientifically so as to produce weapons like Guns etc to turn the tide of war against Islam? European nations developed from Zero to current technological hubs in mere 400 years.
    5) Whatever gives you upper hand in war against Adharma should be one’s priority. Why Hindus were sleeping for 4000 years, developing nonsensical things and philosophy?
    6) Islam attacked Spain via Morocco and converted it. But within mere 100-150 years, it was returned to its Christian roots by reconqista by El CID. Many European countries were similarly cleaned from Islam by crusades etc?
    Why didn’t it happened in India?

    • © HariBhakt says:

      I have few questions. Kindly answer if you can.
      1) It is said that Hinduism is the only true religion in entire world and our gods and deities are truest. Then how come we lost land, populations and countries to Islam?

      HariBhakt: We will be largest in the world. Dharma stands on one leg in Kaliyug.
      There will be hundreds of cults (Like islam, christianity) in next 200 years. Millions of cults in next milleniums. Being eternal, Sanatan Dharma will exist and survive to revive morality and rightneousness for next Satyug.

      2) It’s said that nothing happens without the will of Lord Krishna. Then how 80 million Hindus were slaughtered, tortured, killed and equal amount converted? Was it due to will of Lord Krishna?

      HariBhakt: Hindus renounced path of Karma Yog and Bhakti Yog due to emergence of detachmental thoughts of Jainism and Buddhism. Their soft influence paved way for invasion of mlecchas. Hindus did not fight back In non-Vedic inhuman ways against invaders.

      Krishna clearly taught us protection of Dharma. If we fail doing Karma Yog and Bhakti Yog then it is not fault of Bhagwan.

      3) It’s said nothing happens without Prarabd/Fate or Kriyaman Karm? What evil Hindus did to deserve such fate, the present plight? Or Did Muslims use Kriyaman karma?

      HariBhakt: Hindus started killing each other. Embraced intoxication. Ruined natural resources. Later non-protection of Cows caused immense destruction of Hinduism. Unless Cow protection is not revived, Hindus will face problems (Google “HariBhakt sacred mother cow” to understand this). Muslims will NEVER remain happy, they are remnants of Kauravs. Most of the muslims live a life filled with fear, animosity, inferiority complex (though they are taught to be superior in quran), disease prone and conflict driven. They are cursed to die painfully. You observed their population explosion and their rise in numbers but at individual level each muslim is continously under stress, unhappiness, ignorance and confusion. They are never at peace and happy. You can compare them with pigs living in poop swamp.

      4) After Mahabharata war, India had 4000 years of peaceful existence. Why didn’t Indian Hindus develop scientifically so as to produce weapons like Guns etc to turn the tide of war against Islam? European nations developed from Zero to current technological hubs in mere 400 years.

      HariBhakt: Whatever advancements you are seeing is decimation of humanity. Modern technologies are causing harm to all of us. Sanatan Dharmis Hindus were highly developed, their degradation is under influence of Kaliyug. Demotion of tranferration of telepathic knowledge to tranferring using language stopped their conversation with Nature. Google “modern inventions stolen from vedas” to understand how even fractional knowledge of Vedas caused this SO CALLED development.

      5) Whatever gives you upper hand in war against Adharma should be one’s priority. Why Hindus were sleeping for 4000 years, developing nonsensical things and philosophy?

      HariBhakt: Openness to other tradition lead to influence of detachmental Jainism and Buddhism causing immense harm to Hinduism.

      6) Islam attacked Spain via Morocco and converted it. But within mere 100-150 years, it was returned to its Christian roots by reconqista by El CID. Many European countries were similarly cleaned from Islam by crusades etc?
      Why didn’t it happened in India?

      HariBhakt: Please read here how we lost 84 countries –

      • Ritesh Kapoor says:

        Kindly answer these too,
        Why all avatars of Vishnu happened in Bharat?
        Is Continental Drift wrong?
        Is Darwin’s theory of evolution also wrong?

      • Hari Padmanabhan says:

        There is ONLY ONE and ONLY ONE SOLUTION: The850 million Hindus must be given arms training and equipped with battlefield weapons, such as automatic weapons like AK-47, rocket launchers and hand grenades and mortars. COMPLETE GENOCIDE ON THE MUSLIMS MUST BE COMMITTED ON A HUGE GIGANTIC SCALE. They must be wiped out 100%. No mercy must ever be shown. They must be annihilated like flies and mosquitoes en masse. We must not think about ethics or morality or human rights when dealing with these 7th century barbaric criminals. Unless we Hindus go on the offensive and perpetrate slaughter and mayhem on them on a behemoth scale there is no hope for our nation. It is a question of our survival. Brutally exterminating Muslims with horrific violence is our ONLY SOLE HOPE. Islam must be burnt to ashes.

        • Largest population of Muslims living in India. Why can’t the Indian Military GET RID of them when the Muslims had their chance they kill Millions of Hindus , now is Hindu Chance

        • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Yes brother, offence is the best defence to protect sanathana dharmam in kaliyugam. Offence should be created on Muslims and also secular Hindus who support Muslims. This Secularism is the one which is weakening Hindus. This should be removed from constitution. China rules are required for Muslims. The world’s worst Country Somalia has 99.99% radical Muslims. Still 4877 golden years left in Kaliyugam. Still we have some powerful Sadhus to protect our country from Islam. Islam will be wiped out soon from this world as the whole world is United to kill Islamic Terrorists

        • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Radhe Radhe Hari Padmanabhan,
          Islam is a temporary phase of the earth and it will be wiped soon by 21st century. Lord Shiva will definitely open third eye and kills all the demonic Muslims. Please share these articles to your Tamil and Malayalam friends.
          Om Namah Shivaaya
          Parvathi devi namo namaha
          Om gam Ganapathiye Namaha
          Vetri Vel Muruga Aarogara