Muslim Sai Baba is Jihadi Terrorist Pindari Love Jihad Proponent

Sufism is populated as the inner mystical dimension of anti-Vedic gangster cult, Islam. Sai is a Persian title given to Sufi saints who follow islamic rituals. Baba is a term which is used to refer old man in India, BaBa term originated from Sanskrit Bha (meaning light). So Baba was suffixed to islam name ‘Sai’ to give Indian context to muslim Sai and that is how name Sai Baba was coined. But the fact still remains that Sai Baba is a term known to refer Sufi (islamic) fakirs and nothing to do with Vedic Hindu rituals and practices. There is no panth, akhada or dharma regulatory body which controls the formation or construction of false saint sai baba’s temple. There is no formal permission or Vedic ritual required to build temple on fraudulent fakirs. Government do not tax, control such structures as they do not come under governmental supervision since they are not Hindu temples. So all the funds collected in constructing so called temples of drug addict sai baba can be easily siphoned off – no questions asked by any one.

Anyone can build a mleccha sai baba temple, anybody – whether he is a meat eater or an alcoholic can become priest of such temple. The modus operandi is to collect money and then pocket it in the name of shallow sai bhakti. This easy-to-get rich scheme led to exponential growth of con sai baba temples and then his followers. No restriction on knowledge of Vedic mantras and traditions made it easier for scamsters to make this business a growing phenomenon, Hindus being ignorant herds followed the mythic customs since no one was there to STOP this anti-Hindu propaganda.

Let us dwell into facts, how this sai baba scam actually started.

Muslim Saibaba (Chand Miya) A Pindari Dacoit Became Godman

Why Hindus should Follow Bhagwan Krishna Or Hindu Deity but not Fakirs/Babas

And not Shirdi Saibaba, A Fake God, Why are you praying a dead body “mazar” a muslim practice of paying obeisance

It is very important for Hindus to stay connected to their Vedic roots and Sanatan Dharma. Falling prey to hidden islamic propaganda of islamizing our culture would prove fatal and irreparably detrimental to existence of Hinduism and Hindus. You can be a devotee to any Vedic gods; Bhagwan Vishnu (Bhagwan Surya) or Bhagwan Krishna or Bhagwan Shiv (Bhagwan Rudra) or Bhagwan Ganesh or Bhagwan Murugan – but do not make farce fakirs and babas as your deity. Lest to make Dharmic Gurus commit forgery, they cannot be placed at the pedestal of Bhagwan. There are many past incidents that encourage Hindus not to do Gurubhakti with Godlike rituals. Gurubhakti is limited to respecting and serving Gurus and not elevating them to Gods.

Gurubhakti goes back to initial era of recorded history of Vedas, almost 30,000 years back, however never in ancient Bharat or even in medieval India any sage was elevated to the status of God. Guru bhakti is not same as deity worship. Guru cannot become Bhagwan. Some of the famous Gurus of Bharat are given below to understand the concept of Gurubhakti and how it was abused by cult followers of modern age kitavas like Osho, Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Morari Bapu and biggest of all fraudsters, Sai, the mazar bhakti promotion of Bollydawood to the world.

Deeply respecting our Gurus has roots to our history – Ramayan and Mahabharat. A guru and a disciple had a dedicational and respectful connection as seen in different incidents of Hindu history. Gurus were instrumental in waging wars and removing all demonic people from the face of Earth by teaching weaponry skills to the blessed human beings. Without this great Gurus’ teaching not a single Asura would have been killed. Some of the most well-known teachers and gurus from Indian history are listed below. They were never regarded as Gods though they did a lot to save Dharma and righteousness.

Cult figure is hallucinated by the followers as the miracle happening, and the learned herding them mints money.

The festival of Guru Purnima is held in honour of Ved Vyas and he is revered as the Guru of Gurus. Vyasa is a position like Indra. Our age’s Vyasa is Krishna Dvaipayana. He recompiled Puranas’ and Vedas’ for people of this Yugas. He was the narrator of the famous Mahabharat history as it was actually life incidents of his own grandchildren. He is greatest Guru of all for earthlings but even he was never elavated to the status of God.

Parshuram, who is Bhagwan Vishnu’s sixth incarnation, was also Bhishma Pitama and Dronacharya’s teacher. He taught the art of war to Karna as well but even he did not got the great sthan of God like Bhagwan Krishna.

Among the Gurus in ancient India, Dronacharya is the most well-known among people of Kaliyuga. He is so popular that even The Indian government bestows the Dronacharya award for exceptional coaches in sports and games. He sowed seeds of Mahabharat war when he became ‘Guru’ to the Kauravas and Pandavas. He taught them the use of weapons and the techniques of battle. By creating his idol and practising archery in front of it, Eklavya learned about warfare. The anecdote of this will be covered with context in the later part of this article section.

Bhagwan Ram’s mentor was Valmiki. He was a famous sage and told the Ramayana, a work of history with 24,000 shlokas and seven cantos, including the later Uttara Kanda (This was later added by colonial historians and not narrated by Valmiki). He was a renowned Saptrishi. Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughan, the sons of Dashrath, were his students. Vashishtha destroyed Vishwamitra’s army and sons. But even for this act of bravery, he was never elevated to the status of God.

Islamic ritual of cult sai baba

Bhagwan Shiv himself gave boon to Vishwamitra. He received heavenly assistance to compose the Gayatri Mantra and served as Bhagwan Ram and Laxman’s teacher. He instructed them on how to employ celestial weapons and missiles (Devastras) for combat. He assisted them in vanquishing strong demons like Subahu, Tataka, and Maricha.

Brihaspati is the “Guru of Devas,” and is also mentioned in ancient Rigveda. His chariot is pulled by ruddy horses, and his bow’s string is rita, or cosmic order. In battle, he defended the Devas. He was never regarded as Bhagwan even though he taught celestial missile advancements to Gods.

Shukracharya, a prominent Saptrishi who served as the Guru of Daityas or Asuras, is the son of Bhrigu and the third Manu. He mentored Bhishma Pitamah and taught him political science, according to the reference in the Mahabharata. He was never raised to pedestal of God even by the Asuras who were always saved and rescued by him.

Maharishi Atri, one of the Saptarishis, and his wife Anusuya gave birth to Durvasa, an avatar of Bhagwan Shiv. Durvasa had a strong temper despite being a holy and celestial sage. He granted Kunti the wish to invoke the gods in order to have children bearing traits of Gods. He was never regarded as God and his idol was never raised by his disciples.

Not a single Guru was elevated to the status of God ever in the last 30,000 years of history of Bharat. Even Bhagwan Ram made a Shiv Ling to pray to Mahadev but never did idol worship of Gurus. Here, citing an unique incident of Dronacharya and Eklavya is very important. The tribe’s chief, Vyatraja Hiranyadhanus, was the father of Ekalavya, the tribal ruler of the region known as Magadha. Vasudeva, the father of Bhagwan Krishna, was brother of Hiranyadhanus. That was how, brothers Ekalavya and Bhagwan Krishna were close cousins.  They got along well and were close enough to one other to share joy and sadness. Dronacharya always respected Bhagwan Krishna. Ekalavya learned weaponry skills hiding behind trees, Drona did not forgive him for this mischief. Knowing that Ekalavya’s ability to practise archery would be hampered without his right thumb, he requested him to give his bleeding thumb for Guru Dakshina. Even more, he persuaded him to destroy the idol that Ekalavya had built in honour of him. Here, one aspect is easily observable that Dronacharya himself was against idol worship of a Guru. He served as both the Pandavas’ and the Kauravas’ instructor. Parshuram himself taught Dronacharya who was very selective for his shishya. One of the greatest sages of Bharat is still Dronacharya the royal mentor to the princes of Hastinapur. He was close friends with Shukracharya, father and creator of Allah and the master of Asuras like Mahabali whom Bhagwan Vishnu himself gave darshan.

Drug Addict Charsi Chand Miya Sai Baba
ॐ LET US DO A SIMPLE TEST: Among all the persons that you see in above image with whom you would want youself or your family to be a co-passenger in your bus or train travel. Tell honestly. Of course, you will choose learned Gurus and ignore the misfit drug addict Chand Miya (Sai Baba). When for a simple travel of some minutes, you are not choosing a Charsi disgusting person, how can you select him for complexities of your life. Use some senses, come out slavery of Mlecchas, Sufis and Fakirs. Throw Out Chand Miya Sai Baba from Temples. ॐ

You will never find any idol or temple on any of the greatest Gurus in the history of Bharat. Because worshipping Gurus as deities is prohibited and not allowed according to Shastras. Mazar/Dargah slave dhimmis and Sai cult worshippers are worse than Asuras and demons in traits because even daityas never made any of their Gurus as deities. But cult members of Chand Miya (sai baba) made this Mleccha a God, not just God but Brahmand Nayak, Lord of the Universe.

Sai baba cult members who pose as Hindus and abuse Vedic deities by associating name of Mleccha sai with Bhagwan like Om Sai Ram or Om Sai Shyam, do this by lying that Sai baba was Guru (this is blatant lie as he did not learn any Shastra, Vedas, Puranas or Agamas). Two LIES are generally promoted by Chand Miya Sai cult members to justify their cult slavery, first that they respect Chand Miya Sai as a Guru, second that he is reincarnation or follower of Dattatreya. For the first lie, If it is so then they should break all his temples and idols because as per Sanatan Dharm, you cannot have idols and statues of a Guru in temples while falsely raising it to the level of Lord of the Universe. If they do not break idols of Chand Miya Sai Baba then they convey pure characteristic of cult slaves who close eyes and minds for the servitude (slavery) of their cult master. Second lie can be easily busted. Dattatreya is an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, according to the Garuda Purana, Brahma Purana, and the Sattvata Samhita. Even so, the majority of his disclosures are observed in the Satyuga and have little to do with any Kaliyugian avatar manifestations. Lies of Sai baba cult members have no basis from authority texts of Hindu Dharma. This followership or reincarnation of Dattatreya is an after thought and recent creation when the world started openly talking about islamic origin of muslim sai baba. These sai cultists are same as deranged members of charlatans like jailed Kabir panthi messenger Rampal or Sikh leader MSG, missionary Gurmeet Ram Rahim. They are inflicting immense harm to the Hindus and ethos of Sanatan Dharm like fervid members of self proclaimed messengers.

Chand Miya Sai Baba Bhakts causing harm to Hinduism Sanatan Dharma

A Perfect Guru is just your guide to show you path of Bhakti Marg and Karma Yog but he is not your deity.

Vedas suggested more than 100 conditions to find a perfect Guru, we are giving some simple parameters for Grihasth Ashramis and people living a materialistic life. A Guru or mentor cannot be elevated the status of Bhagwan or demigod.

Simple parameters to identify a perfect Guru in Kaliyug are:

  1. He should not expect his followers to pray him
  2. He should not promote his photo bhakti
  3. He should not live in a palace or luxurious home
  4. He should not sit on a throne
  5. He should not have a temple
  6. He should never wear golden ornaments and expensive jewelries
  7. He should not use donations to build kama places like gambling centres or clubs or hotels
  8. He should stay in a simple house and sleep on the floor
  9. He should chant Mantras and explain disciples about their meaning and how it can help them to connect with Bhagwan
  10. He should be a Gyani of Shastras, Puranas and Mantras
  11. He should be open to any types of unscreened and non-scrutinized  questions
  12. He should build Gurukuls and Hospitals for free education and free medical treatments for Hindus
  13. He should never lie, bluff or show fake miracles to fool his disciples
  14. He should visit holy places and take blessings of Gods and inspire disciples to follow Bhakti Marg not promote Guru Bhakti
  15. He should protect disciples and invoke teachings of Karma Yog and Bravery

If you follow or promote fake Gurus then you are also committing a heinous sin of becoming worm in your next life as per Punishments of Garuda Purana

Sai Baba (Chand Miya) History

Shirdi Sai Baba False Prophet, An Islamic and British Fraud

Hindu Marathas were very brave. Their strength was staunch Hinduism and immense love towards Sanatan Dharma to the point of fighting unto death. Hindu Maratha Empire at one time were ruling entire Bharat. Yashwantrao Holkar and his close confidantes were aiming to revive Maratha Empire, it was during this time that Muslim clerics in conjunction with Britishers started promoting Fakirs who used to recite few mantras of Bhagwan to fool innocent Hindus, thereby injecting false message that eternal Sanatan Dharma is same as recent manmade mortal islam. In lieu to this propaganda, Muslim Sai Baba was promoted by islamic clerics and British agents to further decimate Hinduism and their inclination towards Sanatan Dharma and Gurus.

Hindu Kings guided by their Gurus were invincible. But demeaning and disregarding Vedic teachings of Gurus made Hindu kings lose wars and further submit to islamized Bharat. Britishers and muslim clerics knew this truth that basis of Hinduism is in their teachings of Sanatan Dharma which is bestowed by their Gurus. They badly wanted to replace the Gurus with some fakirs so they devised and formed hybrid Babas (mixing pathetic kalmas of islam with tradition of Hinduism), this fraudulent planned mission saw emergence of hundreds of Mazars of terrorist sufi saints, which was NEVER SEEN in Arab, birthplace of islam. These Mazars were wrongly promoted as Hindu-Muslim unity places (what a bluff when no mazar ever had any Hindu deity image or any Hindu practice not even today). It was praying the dead rotten body of a Jihadi to subconsciously islamize minds of Hindus, thereby weakening their belief in Sanatan Dharma.

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Hindus must remember one simple thing that Vedas and Puranas clearly mention that at the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Vishnu will take Kalki Avatar to annihilate the adharmis  and make way for Satyuga. There is never any mention of any other Avatars apart from Kalki Avatar that too at the end of Kaliyuga. So called god Shirdi Sai Baba, a meat eater was neither an avatar nor a god, has no mention in any Vedic texts.

fake god saibaba shirdi

Replacing Bhagwan with False Sai Baba (Chand Miya)

Lord Krishna’s temple was used to build monument of fake god Sai Baba in Shirdi. Sai Baba’s dead body was sepulchered in a small monument, removing Lord Krishna’s idol. Throughout his life Sai Baba never came out of Shirdi, neither entered any Hindu temple, nor recited chants of Hindu gods. This Chand Mia (Sai Baba) always remained a devout muslim and followed islamic rituals of killing animals and eating flesh. But when this marijuana (ganja) addict Chand Miya was nearing his death, he strongly insisted that his filthy body be sepulchered in Hindu temple of Lord Krishna which was located nearby – whose priests were always against Sai Baba’s policy of bluffing innocent local Hindus. HOW COULD HINDUS of that time tolerate this, that they replaced Supreme Godhead Lord Krishna’s idol with filthy dead body of biggest thug in the world’s history on religion, after Muhammed, Sai Baba – a staunch musalman. Some pro sai baba disciples started doing puja and reciting aartis (these aartis were initially made replacing Hindu god names with filthy sai baba’s) on the dead body of drug addict baba. What an irony !!!..A person who was practicing muslim through out his life was being prayed by Hindus !!!…that too with rituals that he hated the most.

Why Muslims Hate Musalman Sai Baba (Chand Miya)

Sai baba’s body was not buried in the mother earth (a practice of muslims) but instead it was kept at an elevated platform. So according to koran, is sai baba rotting in hell by not being buried as per islamic practice !… That’s the reason why muslims NEVER thought of him as great saint, let alone call him god. Also fraudster sai baba called himself as god-sent which was deemed as blasphemic act by mlecchas (muslims).

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Why Sai Baba Samadhi is as Fake as His own Past

Samadhi is common practice among Hindu saints and sages. Disciples of sai baba wrongly pose sai baba’s mazar as samadhi structure. They don’t know the major difference between Samadhi and dying out of illness. Samadhi is death at will while sai baba died due to long term illness (nephritis and hepatic due to excessive meat eating) and not at his will. So sai baba cannot be even compared to ordinary pious Sadhus or Sages who took Samadhis but never boasted or called themselves as gods. Then how can sai baba be called anant koti brahmand nayak (king of millions of universes) when he cannot even treat his own illness, which occurred due to eating of stale meats. How can this thug be called King of Universes ????….All the references used for Hindus gods are being inferred while praising FAKE god sai baba..Why ???..Just to drag Hindus and make them believe this filthy human being.

fake samadhi its mazar in shridi sai dargah not temple

How Hindus are Fooled in Fake Sai Baba’s entrapment, Its Bhakti Jihad

To promote sai baba prominently among innocent Hindus, who strongly believe in Vedic Gods; some of his followers insert farce baba’s images in-between Hindu gods Lord Krishna, Shiv Parvati or Lord Ganesha. This is just a wicked ploy to connect an ordinary drug addict with Hindu gods – as if this islamic thug was reincarnation of Hindu gods – what a dubious and filthy bluff when he himself hated Hinduism his entire life.

Do not fall into trap of fake promises made by false god sai baba in Sai Sat charitra. Sai Baba is a false god who fronts for Satan. There are many fallacious prophets and misleading godmen who make all kinds of promises, but you must keep in mind that this Satan (sai baba) was the father of all liars.

This Satan of Shirdi Need Support of Hindu God’s images. Its better to pray REAL GODS than fall into trap of false Saibaba who uses Vedic God names to gain popularity and Islamize Hindus with cultural jihad.

Similar to a parasite sustaining on the hosts; saibaba’s image is wrongly inserted among Hindu god images. Falsely equating a muslim fakir saibaba as a Hindu god. 

sai baba chand miya musalman thug

To substantiate further proof that Shirdi is definitely not PIOUS city, neither actual God’s pilgrimage; the criminal records of all pilgrimages show that Shirdi rates highest among crimes happening in any pilgrimages followed by Ajmer. It also clarifies that there is no change of heart or divine miracle as such, which is expected in pilgrimages to avoid criminal activities or untoward incidents. While Vrindavan rated as the most safest pilgrimage on earth – where Lord Krishna still performs Raas Lila.

Feminine Energy of Maa Shakti to Awaken Kundalini and Slay Enemies

Sai Baba Donation Scam: Modus Operandi to Siphon off Billions of Rupees

Do not donate your hard earned money on the mazar of muslim fakir chand miya. Sai Baba’s followers are using Sai Baba as a brand name in Shirdi and other cities to collect millions of funds from Hindu devotees and then siphon off the money, it is also controlled by regional ministers so everything is managed, loot is still ongoing. The most painful factor is that these so called Sai Baba Sansthans or Trust never utilize money in development of poor Hindus or on free hospitals or free schooling. All funds received from Hindu devotees are fraudulently distributed among trustees.

Use simple logic while Tirupati Balaji receives thousands of crores of funds from devotees. Shirdi’s fake sai baba being second richest temple receives only 280 odd crores as claimed by the trust. Then how come it’s ranked second richest temple in India ? So either less funds are shown to public or Shirdi being second most famous temple is a complete LIE.

sai baba fraud money scam - Hindus DO NOT DONATE

Some fake black and white photos depicting as sai baba are sold in auctions to bluff such ignorant devotees. There are many other channels using which this sai baba scam is conducted. Though even his real pic would not be worth, a toilet paper.

Keeping Hindu devotees ignorant about truth of fraudulent sai baba and using media and news papers for propaganda, they are looting innocent public.

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Misguiding and Ignoring Karma Effect, Fake Sai Charitra was Created

Taking cue from historical Ramayan and Mahabharat, Sai Baba disciples thought of creating their own version of it, around conman sai to bluff Hindus. Laying those trappings was done with composition of Sai Satcharitra.

All those fools out there, who talk about baba miracles fail to understand basics of Hinduism which revolves around Karma and its fruits – which affects life and after lives. Karma helps explain the disparities that occur in the human population such as: prosperity or poverty, happiness or misery, good health, illness, or disability. Behind every individual’s existence, there partly lies his own past deeds, which are directly responsible for many of the events during his lifespan, be it painful or pleasant.

We are what we are because of our deeds and actions. You can not escape from the Karma, right or wrong committed by you. We all are ordinary human beings, think about great super natural beings of Mahabharat and Ramayan, principles of Karma is such that even God has to perform Karmic duties to teach us that without Karma there is no life. So always practice good karma – without attaching to the fruits of it – if you want to lead peaceful and worry free healthy life. It is this Karma that made Bhagwan Shree Ram spent 14 years as Vanvasi because he had to terminate demons who were killing Sadhus, sages and innocent people of that time. Karma makes you choose right or wrong path. We are not animals but superior creature – Humans – so think and stop following the thug, mleccha (muslim) sai baba.

Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita clearly stated:

Chapter 3, Verse 18: A self-realized man has no purpose to fulfill in the discharge of his prescribed duties, nor has he any reason not to perform such work. Nor has he any need to depend on any other living being.

Chapter 3, Verse 19: Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty; for by working without attachment, one attains the Supreme.

Chapter 3, Verse 24: If I should cease to work, then all these worlds would be put to ruination. I would also be the cause of creating unwanted population, and I would thereby destroy the peace of all sentient beings.

stop shirdi sai bhakti, believe in good karma following bhagwan krishn

Chapter 3, Verse 25: As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, similarly the learned may also act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.

Do not depend on any human being or false god-man. Praying fake anti-gods like sai baba or pir fakirs will never help in renouncing fruits of past Karmas. Even recently, one Hindi movie was started to show real face of Thief Sai baba but due to behind the scene games the movie was turned into an anti-Hindu movie. And this movie was hit – this shows that Hindus are ignorant about their own beliefs, such movies should have been banned.

To understand a healthy  life, you must undergo feelings of sorrow, pains or diseases; otherwise you cannot cherish the actual essence of leading a healthy life and what it actually means to us. Also you should remember that to enjoy luxury you need to experience poverty by yourself or seeing others. There are always two sides to every thing in this universe. You cannot expect everything good happening to you while blindly visiting stupid sai baba temple.

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Why No Hindu Should Trust Bogus Sai Baba (Chand Miya)


(Sai Satcharitra is a fiction book which keeps evolving with latest versions to bluff more Hindus and include some FAKE miracles to generate funds and also has stories of Con Sai Baba. Ironically, the birth and other details keep changing on major revisions of this fiction)

meat eater sai baba - fraudster of shirdi

Few excerpts from the research done on Sai Satcharitra

साँई माँसाहार का प्रयोग करता था व स्वयं जीवहत्या करता था!

Sai Baba was meat eater and involved in killing innocent animals

१ मैं मस्जिद में एक बकरा हलाल करने वाला हूँ, बाबा ने शामा से कहा हाजी से पुछो उसे क्या रुचिकर होगा – “बकरे का मांस, नाध या अंडकोष ?”
-अध्याय ११

Baba said: I am going to kill goat in mosque, He told Shama to ask Haji what he likes to eat “meat of goat or it’s testicles”.

(1)मस्जिद मेँ एक बकरा बलि देने के लिए लाया गया। वह अत्यन्त दुर्बल और मरने वाला था। बाबा ने उनसे चाकू लाकर बकरा काटने को कहा।
-:अध्याय 23. पृष्ठ 161.

A feeble, weak goat was brought in the mosque for sacrificial killing. Baba asked for knife to kill the goat.

(2)तब बाबा ने काकासाहेब से कहा कि मैँ स्वयं ही बलि चढ़ाने का कार्य करूँगा।
-:अध्याय 23. पृष्ठ 162.

Then Baba told Kakasaheb that he will himself carry out this sacrificial killing of goat.

(3)फकीरोँ के साथ वो आमिष(मांस) और मछली का सेवन करते थे।
-:अध्याय 5. व 7.

Baba used to feast on meat, fish with fakirs.

(4)कभी वे मीठे चावल बनाते और कभी मांसमिश्रित चावल अर्थात् नमकीन पुलाव।
-:अध्याय 38. पृष्ठ 269.

Sometimes Baba used to make sweet rice other times meat biryani.

stop cultural and bhakti jihad. stop false sai baba praying

(5)एक एकादशी के दिन उन्होँने दादा कलेकर को कुछ रूपये माँस खरीद लाने को दिये। दादा पूरे कर्मकाण्डी थे और प्रायः सभी नियमोँ का जीवन मेँ पालन किया करते थे।
-:अध्याय 32. पृष्ठः 270.

That Ekadashi Baba gave Dada Kelkar some money to bring meat. Dada Kelkar was devout Brahmin and always followed Vedic rituals, but still Baba made him bring this meat.

Would any sane Hindu follow Sai Baba, who was always practicing islam, being staunch muslim insisted on removal of Lord Krishna pious murti from Bihari ji’s temple to replace with his illness ridden dead body.

Charas Addicted Chand Miya Sai Baba Became Impotent and Angry Entity

Slacker Sai Baba Was A Quitter, Disgusting Human Being, Not a Saint

Chand Miya sai baba sat charitra, the cult manual exposes this sulemani fakir as most disgusting personality, a common trait found in fanatic muslims. Few references from cult manual revealed some shocking facts about sham sai baba.

During the celebration of the birth of Bhagwan Ram on Ramnavami in 1912, Chand Miya Sai Baba abruptly shouted in rage seeing Hindu devotees enjoying Gulal and chanting and dancing in the jubilation of Rambhakti.

Feminine Energy of Maa Shakti to Awaken Kundalini and Slay Enemies

According to the cult manual Chand Miya Sai Sat Charitra, Chapter 6, when Haji Siddiqui Falke attempted to persuade mleccha Sai Baba to let him enter Masjid with  Madhavrao Deshpande alias Shama, imposter Sai Baba became enraged without any reason.

Cult manual Chand Miya Sai Satcharitra from Chapter 11, demonstrates that no temples were ever built, but rather, followers of this sai sect transformed a Hindu temple into a mosque. The mosque’s repairs were made possible by the naïve dhimmis. Yes, the same terrorist hotspot where mleccha Muslims are instructed to slay and slaughter Hindus and kafirs according to terrorism manual Quran. The pillars that the cult members had built the night before were removed by Chand Miya Sai Baba as he arrived back from Chavadi during the Masjid’s renovations. Tatya’s Pheta was taken without his will, lit on fire with a match, and dumped in a pit by mleccha sai. Since conman Sai baba relished deriding every Hindu ceremony, and his cult followers never complained, insults against Pheta in any other place would have erupted into deadly confrontation, yet this serious denigration was overlooked.

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According to cult manual Chand Miya Sai Sat Charitra, Chapter 6, when B.V.Dev asked Balakram about what muslim sai baba had told him and how he had been trained, habitual ganja smoker sai became enraged. Raghunath Purandare was treated like a chronic delinquent by Chand Miya Sai Baba, and frequently became enraged on him and reprimanded him.

Mleccha sai again lost his cool without cause on Dusshera at Seemalonghan and tossed His Kafni and Langot into the Dhuni. He continually mocked Hindu culture on performing Vedic ceremony by flinging his undergarments. Hindus of that era who watched all of this without thrashing Mleccha Sai surely be suffering in torment now. They participated in the Sai Baba hoax in order to denigrate Hinduism and advance Islamisation.

Terrorist Chand Miya Sai Baba Stone Pelter

There are several instances where drug abuse and day-long marijuana use turned mleccha Sai Baba into an irrational, enraged beast. Shama gets stung by a deadly snake, according to chapter 23 of the Chand Miya Cult Manual Sai Sat Charitra. He went to see mleccha Sai and fled in the direction of the Masjid, which had been stealthily given the name Dwarkamai by Sulemani Sai in order to discreetly soften Hindu attitudes toward the devil’s worship (allah) of Islam. He spotted a furious fraudster sai as he walked up to the Masjid. In the majority of the occurrences described in the Cult Manual Sai Charitra, Mleccha Sai is either seen insulting Hindus, flinging stones (as scavenging muslim rioters do), or touting his forgeries. His cult followers and others in his immediate vicinity who were making money continued their get-rich-scheme by making up miracle stories about him.

Mleccha Sai became furious and yelled: “Oh despicable Bhaturdya—a derogatory term for a Brahmin pandit—do not ascend. Be careful if you do” before yelling, “Go, Get away, Come down.” Shama was incredibly perplexed and dismayed to see Sai Baba so enraged without any reason.

A trader had once made the decision to give charsi saibaba a foal as a present if his wish came true. Later, he sent the foal (Shyamsunder), but sufi fakir Sai baba eventually accepted this free gift after initially acting like a conman and claiming not to have it.

Before accepting the gift, chand miya sai baba became enraged when he saw him coming and flung stones at him, physically harming him. He was gushing blood. The confused and enraged victim attempted to report mleccha Sai’s criminal act of bleeding him to the police, but sai cult members stopped him. They made up explanations about how fortunate he was and how they themselves look forward to receiving such a thrashing. The same cult members gave him some cash because they believed that if the police had intervened, their plot to elevate filthy sai to the status of god would have failed. In the cult guidebook, it is also said that he became a dealer and a land and livestock owner.

Chand Miya Sai Baba occasionally, would suddenly erupt into a rage before the onlooker’s eyes. He would be looked upon as getting enraged at some phantom item in air. His sudden anger is justified by the cult manual that during those moments a close disciple who was in tremendous distress and lived or was saved miraculously. This is how cult members act, they use guile trickery to validate all acts of their master. The behaviour is same as that of islamists who justify paedophile acts of mohammad’s marriage with six years old kid aisha and later his forced sexual intercourse with her at age 9. Every criminal act of mleccha sai is similarly condoned and whitewashed by his cult members.

Gadge Maharaj, a saint, once travelled to Shirdi in order to start a dharmic project since he was having some difficulties. As soon as Baba noticed Him, he started spewing insults. This incident shows how deeply chand miya hated Hindus and Vedic rituals. While the audience stared in confusion, Gadge Maharaj began to chuckle and became exceedingly joyful. Later the cult manual claim that all of the challenges standing in the way of the Maharaj’s initiative vanished as soon as Baba said those abusive words. A sai cult member should try this enaction in front of muslims by abusing allah or mohammad and prove the miracle of mleccha sai. Gadge Maharaj was a Hindu he thought sai as a crook and left him. But no muslim would tolerate this. Not even a staunch Hindu if he or she sees denigration of Dharmic project by any mleccha. Sai cult members crossed all limits by falsely affirming to all anti-Hindu acts of mleccha, chand miya sai baba.

Four fearless ladies from the throng fought their way to the top, pushed mleccha sai baba aside gently, seized the peg into their hands, and began grinding. They wanted to help conman sai baba. Baba was first furious but became quite happy and started to grin when he saw they were helping him to grind the wheat. While they were hand grinding, they started to wonder what chand miya would do with all of this flour because he didn’t have a home, any property, any children, or anybody else to care for. Chand miya sai also lived off of alms and didn’t need any wheat flour to make bread or rotis. They thought mleccha sai is really nice, so perhaps he would share the flour among us. They finished the grinding while singing and, after setting aside the hand mill, separated the flour into four sections and started removing them one by one. Baba became irrational and began verbally attacking them while shouting in his habitual abusive manner, “(Tum sab aurat pagal ho kya) Are you crazy, ladies? (Yeh tere baap ka hai kya) Whose father’s possessions are you stealing? (Tuney mujhe diya tha kya jo ab le rahi ho) Have you given me any wheat so you may consume the flour without risk? Please finish this now. Take the flour and hurl it at the hamlet’s boundaries.” When the ladies heard this, they were embarrassed and fled to the village’s boundaries to scatter the flour as mleccha sai had instructed. This incident shows sai baba instead of giving some part of flour for the hardwork those ladies did, he asked them to throw the wheat flour. Such confused person filled with hatred towards joyous and helpful people can never be a good human being, forget about being saint and impossible of him having Godlike traits.

Another apparent instance of islamization may be observed in Chapter 34. It was stated that the sulemani charlatan, chand miya sai baba was edifying demonic Allah “Those who visit this mosque won’t experience any suffering at all during this life or in the hereafter. Be carefree right now. Apply Udi to the abcess, and he will heal in a week. Have faith in Allah. The person who enters here will soon experience health and happiness, and his or her suffering will stop.”

Dr. Parmanand offered treatment in Chapter 7, but chand miya sai baba delayed, insisting that Allah was his doctor, and refused to let his arm be checked. Mleccha Sai and later his slaves mocked the doctor’s expertise by rejecting his medications and treatments. Again in this incident, promotion of satanic Allah is done openly by mleccha sai.

Feminine Energy of Maa Shakti to Awaken Kundalini and Slay Enemies

The Kaliyugi devil Allah was consistently endorsed by Chand Miya Sai, who adhered to the cult islam’s doctrine of NO QUESTIONS ASKED regarding the authority of the satanic allah. In Chapter 7, the perpetrator of women’s assault Chand Miya Sai Baba frequently engaged in conversation and laughter with them while using the phrase “Allah Malik” (God is the sole owner). He never did debates or disagreements like Hindus do in Dharmic discourses. He never engaged himself in any Dharmic ritual of Hindus, for him Allah was the only malik and god above all. Islam founder Muhammad had the view that he was Malik Allah’s last prophet and (satanic) Allah is the only (one) global deity. Chand Miya Sai also followed the same islamic concept – Sabka Malik Ek Allah. There is no difference in anti-Hindu attitude of Mohammad and sai baba.

Habitual Charsi Sai Baba continuously edified anti-God allah in his wordings, much as Sulemani bugs who constantly pushed mafia cult islam among unsuspecting non-Muslims and Hindus when Hindu Marathas were ruling most part of Bharat subcontinent. The scoundrel escalates things in Chapter 5, “The highest sovereignty is held by poverty, which is a thousand times greater than the opulence of a nobleman. Allah loves the needy” mleccha sai would opine openly.

Why Chand Miya Sai Baba behaved so erratically has roots to his habit of smoking marijuana whole day. This is proven scientific fact that smoking marijuana regularly makes a person lazy, angry and lunatic. The marijuana addict suffer from following mental and physical issues and chand miya sai baba was no exception.

Scientific Studies Proved that Marijuana Addict have Health Problems

  • Issues with short-term memory.
  • Severe phobias, such as the fear of being observed or followed (paranoia).
  • Very unusual behaviour, inability to distinguish between reality and imagination, and the ability to see, hear, or smell things that aren’t there (psychosis)
  • Sudden panic.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Impotency.
  • Loss of identity as an individual.
  • Irritation.
  • Anger.
  • Decreased response time.
  • Higher heart rate (risk of heart attack).
  • Stroke risk is raised.
  • A lack of cooperation (impairing acts of daily chores).
  • Issues with sexual performance.

Not shocking that local Brahmin Priests rightly called Chand Miya Sai Baba ‘impotent’ when he used to hit women and abuse them using foul languages. They mocked mleccha sai that he is impotent and that is why hated women so much. Chand miya’s marijuana addiction had roots to his impotency.

Marijuana Addict, Ganja Cannabis Chain Smoker Chand Miya (Sai Baba) Impact on His Cult Members

Hindu Parents are Nurturing Future Smokers, DRUNKARDS and Drug Addicts by Making Children Follow Sai Baba

When a con gets free food, 24×7 sewa with out doing any task then he would never do any hard work in his life but enjoy kaamchor passtimes like drinking, smoking and gambling.

Gullible Hindus made Chand Miya an idle person, he never worked in his entire life but did some thefts in his younger days. This is human tendency, a person would get bored if he is lazy lying around with no work but gets free food supply and sewa. He  would gradually grasp dirty habits to come out of boredom emanating from his lethargic life. Such person tries to extend his enjoyment by indulging in prostitution, alcohol or drug addiction.

Naturally, lazy Sai Baba (Chand Miya) became a chain ganja smoker feasting on meat and free meal offered by credulous Hindus who trusted this fraudster blindly.

When some Hindu devotees objected to this pathetic behaviour of Sai Baba, the operators of Sai Bhakti scam ridiculed and denigrated our Bhagwan Shiv by falsely claiming that Lord Shiva was also a Ganja addict to justify the addiction habit of Mulla Sai. They populated such images to run their bhakti scam. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND WRONG DEPICTION OF BHOLENATH. No Hindu script has even a single line or a word that suggest “Bhagwan Shiv was a Ganja smoker.”
Hindus are decimating Hinduism by falling prey to such LIES.

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

Not shocking that Parents who make God out of a muslim drug addict would inherit bad habits in their children. But repenting later for committing such blunder in life would not make their child a sober person again, unless they do practice Vedic ways of life to make children quit addiction.

Sai Baba bhakti is ruining Hindu culture and future of next generations, harming Hindu existence itself.

Hindu parents who are involved in Sai Bhakti should place one hand on their heart and think over, ARE THEY DOING ANY GOOD FOR THEIR FUTURE OR HINDU SOCIETY by engaging children to such teachings of Sai Baba, that makes them either prey to love jihad or a drug addiction. When a sane person would NEVER want his child to befriend a man having dirty traits, how can anyone even think of considering a ganja addict as a God?!

Blind Sai Bhakti is making them pay huge price later.

Drug Marijuana Ganja addict Sai Baba a muslim fraud
When some Hindu devotees objected to this pathetic behaviour of Sai Baba, the operators of Sai Bhakti scam ridiculed and denigrated our Bhagwan Shiv by falsely claiming that Bhagwan Shiv was also a Ganja addict to justify the addiction of a mulla jihadi. They populated such images to run their bhakti scam. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND WRONG DEPICTION OF BHOLENATH. No Hindu script has even a single line or a word that shows Bhagwan Shiv was Ganja smoker. Hindus are decimating Hinduism by falling prey to such LIES.

Reject Sai Baba Miracles and Bluff Chronicles

Hindus must remember these great verses from Sreemad Bhagwad Gita

यातयामं गतरसं पूति पर्युषितं च यत् ।
उच्छिष्टमपि चामेध्यं भोजनं तामसप्रियम् ….गीता १७/१


जो भोजन अधपका, रसरहित, दुर्गन्धयुक्त, बासी और उच्छिष्ट है तथा जो अपवित्र(मांस आदि) भी है, वह भोजन तामस(अधम) पुरुषों को प्रिय होते हैं ।

The food which is stale, tasteless, putrid and rotten, refuse and impure (meat etc), is dear to the Tamasic (angry) Person. The food that you eat determines your nature and behaviour. Tamasic (non-veg) food makes you angry and evil personality.

यान्ति देवव्रता देवान् पितृन्यान्ति पितृव्रताः
भूतानि यान्ति भूतेज्या यान्ति मद्याजिनोऽपिमाम् …. गीता ९/२५


देवताओं को पूजने वाले देवताओं को प्राप्त होते है, पितरों को पूजने वाले पितरों को प्राप्त होते है।
भूतों को पूजने वाले भूतों को प्राप्त होते है, और मेरा पूजन करने वाले भक्त मुझे ही प्राप्त होते है ॥
इसलिए मेरे भक्तों का पुनर्जन्म नही होता ॥

Votaries of the Devas go to the Devas (gods); to the Pitrs (ancestors), go their votaries; to the Bhutas (demons), go the Bhuta worshippers; My votaries too come unto Me. That’s why they attain Moskha; renouncement from birth-death cycles.

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भूत प्रेत, मूर्दा (खुला या दफ़नाया हुआ अर्थात् कब्र) को सकामभाव से पूजने वाले स्वयं मरने के बाद भूत-प्रेत ही बनते हैं.!

So worshiping dead body or mazar is like worshiping Bhuta or Pisach and then attaining them itself. So If Hindus who pray sai baba want to become bhut or pisach (filthy beings who roam endlessly to attain freedom from pret or bhut yoni but never are able to do so due to their past deeds) after death can continue to do so.

truth of ghosts and pret yoni

“Hindu Brothers and Sisters…DO NOT BECOME Victim of Cultural Terrorism.”

Hindu Marathas were always very brave and staunch Hindus. Like true Rajputs they also openly showed their Hindu pride glorifying their Sanatan legacy with clarion greetings Jai Bhavani and Har Har Mahadev. They prayed Maa Parvati and Bhagwan Shiv, they also revived several temples across India. Muslims always hated this strong influence of Hinduism in Marathas. As discussed before, they wanted to dilute the strength of Hindus in Maharashtra by enforcing mazar bhakti among Maharashtrian Hindus. This mazar terrorism was successful in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, this cancerous bhakti spread very late in Maharashtra.

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Sai Baba Parents – Father and Mother of Chand Miya (Sai Baba)

Sai Baba Chand Miya Was Son of a Terrorist Pindari Waharuddin (Badruddin)

In Dari or Pashto ब (B) or व (W) is sometimes pronounced as same so this misnomer helped Sai Baba a lot to hide his roots for some years. According to NamoBharat News and quoted by Several Hindu Sages and Jain Munis, Sai baba alias Chand Miya was a Pindari (a looter tribe who did anything to earn money – killing kids, animals and genocide). A Pindari had no allegiance to Bharat, they had history of siding with anyone to share the loot like muslim invaders. They also worked as paid soldiers when offered better remuneration.

It is recorded in the history of Jhansi that Afghan Pindari Terrorist Waharuddin (Badruddin) was among the backstabbers who informed British about great Hindu queen Rani Laxmibai. There were 500 Pindari soldiers in her army. Betrayal of Waharuddin forced Rani of Jhansi to tie her only son on back and fight ferociously against Britishers to protect her motherland.

The information provided by Terrorist Waharuddin father of Chand Miya aka Sai Baba proved fatal for Rani LaxmiBai and she was surrounded by Britishers, she died for our Bharat before directly killing 27 British soldiers.

(Like other mughal terrorists, Bollydawood falsely glorified Pindari in their movies as patriots. While Pindari’s only principle of existence was to rape women, loot men – they mostly harassed Hindu Marathas when even muslims and Britishers failed to take control over them.)

Later the British inflicting divide and rule policy among Pindari leaders finished them forever.

Main task of Sai Baba’s father Waharuddin was night raids in sparsely populated Hindu areas for money and loot. In doing so, he killed dozens of innocent Hindus. Once he got injured in one such raid so took rest in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), Pindaris were hated by common Hindus so he bribed and stayed in a prostitute’s house, who was daughter of a Tawaif of Deccan Sultanate. His treatment took some time, he offered to marry the prostitute Hoosna Begum who was younger to him. After few years, Hoosna Bai gave birth to a boy, Chand Noor and a girl Ruqaiya Noori. Prostitutes at that time encouraged having baby girl to continue their legacy. Ruqaiya was destined to become prostitute while Chand left home early with his father.

Waharuddin took him to Afghanistan to teach him Gala a loot game practiced in the grounds of Afghanistan by the Pindari tribe.

British grip got stronger so Waharuddin started using his son Chand Miya (Sai Baba) to give information about unsecured homes. Chand Miya mastered the art of camouflaging as innocent beggar while visiting places, he passed  information to his dacoit father to loot the homes at right time to make the theft successful. The bedsheets used for begging were utilized for hiding loots sewn in layers. British called such fakirs as Blanket Beggars.

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Chand Miya developed the art of enjoying loot and assisting his father in most of the crimes. Locals were fed up with rising incidences of theft, they punished few innocents on suspicion, British jail authority got into action and started investigation one day they caught Chand Miya red handed with looted items in a bedsheet. Chand Miya got jailed as he was found with looted items while Waharuddin left with no choice slyly asked Britishers to set him free as he can help them in whatever way they want. He left for Jhansi and connected with known accomplices of Pindari tribe, he soon won their confidence and started regularly visiting the fort. He was the one who opened secret gates for British army to enter the fort during their raid in Jhansi. Waharuddin (Badruddin) was later killed for his betrayal by Pindaris. There was famous saying in Pindaris which was often shared in their legend tales [ هیڅکله باور مه کوه Waharuddin (Badruddin)].

Chand Miya after coming out of jail was kicked out by locals and debarred from entering their town, he had no choice so he joined Jamat of Sulemanis (a group of retired mughal soldiers, sufi saints and clerics who were busy converting Hindus into islam silently using Zakat). Here, he learned the taqiyya tricks of fooling Hindus by preaching about Sabka Mailk Ek while sticking to islamic practices. He was planted by Sulemanis in Shirdi to further the mission of conversion. Initially he started giving (ayurvedic) medicines for free to locals claiming it as magic potion, after gaining their confidence, he cunningly started brainwashing them about islamic thoughts, mostly that (satanic) Allah had given these medicines and (anti-god) Allah is not different than Hindu Gods, he had visions of (mohammed’s fake creation) Allah.

Mostly stupid Hindu patients used to visit him. Hindus respected him for his soft talk but Sai Baba being a muslim stuck to his agenda of islamization. There is one incident in Sai Sat Charitra where jihadi Chand Miya Baba asks his followers to beat up the police man. Police man came to arrest Chand Miya because he fraudulently did khatna (sunnat) of a Brahmin boy in guise of treating him. When his father came to know he threatened to beat up Sai Baba but his idiot Hindu followers protected him from the Brahmin Pandit, left with no choice he reported to Police station. Police came to investigate and arrest him but con Sai Baba wearing (full body hijab) Burqa ran away.  (Ref: and Namobharat News).

The image shown below was clicked when he ran away from behind, one of his sewadari (left to Chand Miya) is holding a Burqa, the image was clicked to show fake proof in the police station that Sai Baba was not absconding but was not well so could not face investigation. It was not first incident when Jihadi activity of Sai Baba was not veiled by local Hindus but several times his islamization tactics were openly supported by his close accomplices as they started minting money in his name, sometimes in his Andhbhakti other times in allurement of money. Several cons of Shirdi who were close to Sai Baba became millionaire while faking it as Chamatkar of Sai Baba, in reality it was siphoning off donation loot from gullible Hindus.

Chand Miya Sai Baba Jihadi Pindari Wahruddin Badruddin Thief looter

Muslim Pindari Sai Baba Promotes Love Jihad

It is seen that children whose parents are followers of con sai baba are more prone to falling prey to Love Jihad than devout Hindus. Most of the Hindu girls who were easily lured and duped by muslim men were followers of sai baba.

The mazar bhakti of scum Sai Baba, his islamized teachings slowly creates interest of Hindu girls in mohammedan rituals. It is a natural human tendency, regularly following anti-Hindu thoughts makes a person doubt pious teachings of Hinduism. Because parents do not guide their children about greatness of Hinduism as they foolishly follow Mleccha Sai Baba themselves. Recent case of Love Jihad victim further prove how a Hindu girl fell victim to this old islamic trap.

Citing a love jihad incident of Jodhpur Shalini Chauchan, an ignorant Hindu herself said “How can a girl with doting parents, and who used to sit in temple and sing kirtan to Sai Baba daily with her father, marry a muslim man? Payal Sanghvi is just a 22-year-old Hindu girl, She has been brainwashed. She could never bear to see her parents crying. How is it that she didn’t flinch when they were weeping, literally at her feet in the court? Will wait for further probe on this matter.”

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

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A stupid bhakt of muslim pindari Sai Baba, Narpat Chand Singhvi, father of Payal (now Aarifa after converting to islam) had a Sai Baba temple in his house. He used to invite Muslim men sometimes to do Namaz in his open space. He always taught Payal since childhood a stupid logic that all religions are same, Hindu and Muslim have no difference. This idiot Hindu father does not know that islam has concept of killing non-muslims (kafir) they hate all of them and always seek advantage to convert non-muslims by force or deceit to islam. Only a person who is in coma for years and not know Quran and history of 1000 years of Mughal Terrorism, who lives in a farce filmi dream would compare a death cult islam with Hinduism. Most of the Sai Baba bhakts have same mentality. When their daughters get duped by Muslim men, they cry foul, forgetting the fact that they NEVER taught Sanatan Dharma teachings but islamized their own children while praying to Jihadi Pindari Sai Baba.

The idiot Bhakt of dacoit Sai Baba, Narpat Chand Singhvi, said that her daughter is under spell of kaala jaadu “Tantra-mantra aur sab kuch kiya hua hai uspe, mujhe ab is court pe koi umeed nahi lagti. Jab Hindu hi Hindu ke paksh me nahi hai, toh doosro se kya umeed karen (She is under a spell, I have no hope from the court. When a Hindu won’t support another Hindu, what can we expect from others).”

Instead of blaming Muslims, (they of course should never be trusted) this adharmic Hindu man should introspect and choose path of Sanatan Dharma. All such parents are islamizing Bharat by their mleccha prone activities. For Hinduism and sake of existence of Bharat, pray and believe only in Vedic Hindu Gods.

Pisach Sai Baba continues to gulp Hindu girls to this day as Hindu parents stupidly fall prey to Sai Bhakti Scam.

Cultural Terrorist sai baba should be removed from every temple of India to STOP ISLAMIZATION of India.

Sai Baba Was Not Even a Noble Person to Support Freedom Struggle of Bharat

A common freedom fighter of Bharat is truly inspiring and invokes love for mother land. Conman Shirdi Sai Baba was never involved in any freedom struggle. Never saved any Hindu from getting killed by Britishers. This dramebaaz Sai Baba is non-comparable to even common freedom fighters who were selfless and died for our nation.

Feminine Energy of Maa Shakti to Awaken Kundalini and Slay Enemies

If Sai Baba was really a God as claimed by cultists of Saiism, then why did he not saved Bharat from Britishers, why he was quiet witnessing killings of millions of Hindus while shamelessly seeing British terrorists robbing off our wealth and resources.

Bhagwan Ram saved Hindus in Tretayug. Bhagwan Krishna saved our culture and tradition in Dwaparyug but so called god Mulla Sai never saved a single freedom fighter or worked for the cause of Motherland. Why did he NEVER opposed Britishers and kicked them out if he was really a God??!!!!

Stop falling prey to mind conditioning and save our Hindu daughters and sisters from getting trapped to Love Jihad of neighbourhood muslims.

Muslim Sai Baba Mazar Bhakti and Love Jihad

How Sai Bhakti Invokes Mazar Bhakti Mind Conditioning Hindu Daughters and Sisters For Love Jihad

Shirdi Sai Baba Invokes Mazar Bhakti Trapping Hindu Girls into Love Jihad and Islamic Conversion
Shirdi Sai Baba Invokes Mazar Bhakti Trapping Hindu Girls into Love Jihad and Islamic Conversion Ruining Their Future and Islamizing Bharat, Slowly Killing Hinduism

Sai Baba was Created to Invoke Cultural Terrorism Among Indians. And these anti-Hindu brigade are almost successful as our own Hindus are becoming Bhakts of this Thug “Shirdi Ka Sai Baba”. It is our responsibility to pass on factual legacy to our children so that they do not become Victim of this cultural terrorism. Lets comprehend Vedic knowledge and STOP cultural destruction of our Hindu values.

Sai baba devotion lead to love jihad victimisation of Hindu girls

Know about real Hindu pride and frauds done with our ancestors and share information with Hindus.

Shirdi Sai Baba’s Shallow Secularism Victimizing  Innocent Hindu Sisters and Daughters

Start castrating testicles of muslim men who involve in love jihad

Read more historical facts about Kaaba Temple

PROVEN: Kaaba is Hindu Temple
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Hindu brothers and sisters – Spread the Knowledge of this Truth and consider only Bhagwan Krishn as omnipresent Supreme Godhead. Check Shree Krishna Bhajans and internalize the great HariBhakti compositions to feel Bhagwan Krishna close to you.
Jijabai Shivaji's mother

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    1. Everything is just fraud including concept of religion itself, it is just manmade, religion itself is a set of rules and to prove it our ancestors made some stories and some idols that’s all. You can say the material of universse itself is a god, it do not have any face, voice, hands and heads like animals have. I personally follow Spinoza’s theory of god, which was accepted by Einstein himself. Human brains are not capable of understanding beyond certain limits not even after by doing meditation no matter hard you try, it is soo huge so that you can even measure.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Einstein was himself a big fraud. He was promoted by shadow elites. Most of his theories are still unproven.

        Regarding Universal Consciousness, that is itself one of the concepts of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, mentioned multiple times in Srimad Bhagavad Geeta, Bhagwat Puran, Ramanayan and Mahabharat.

        What ever you are doing is following one of the school of thoughts of Hindu Dharma and not your neo messenger fraudulent Einstein.

        Jai Shree Krishna
        Har Har Mahadev

      2. Anti-Naastika and Anti-Cult says:

        In Kaliyuga, Naastikas and Cult followers (like Fakir worshipers) will increase by many folds! So, don’t worry…you are part of the game!

    2. Worship Me! Both of us can make money! says:

      Shirdi Sai Bhaktas a.k.a converted Hindus frequently talk about Saibaba miracles and experiences.

      Do you know that some of this may be true?

      Yes, Pretas and Pischachas show these so-called miracles and give experiences frequently. If they are worshiped, they may give temporary benefits, but it will lead one to Preta Loka to suffer for a long time.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        What you are suggesting is exchange of energy and feeding on family’s loved ones. Such pretas suck energy and also take lives of family members before giving some benefits. This is commonly practiced by celebrities and politicians to gain some temporary benefits but they die with multiple organ failure, painful long term disease only to later become slave of same pisacha or preta and wander in pret yoni for thousands of years.

    3. Kartikeya Udayar says:

      Thanks for saving my personal life and my family.
      We had huge financial loss. We also had many health issues.
      We were visited by demons for last one year after we were introduced to Sai baba in my last posting to Mumbai. Recently we relocated to Chennai.
      We did some research on reasons to understand the root cause of our problems. Then we saw article on this website. We did more research and found this to be accurately true. We stopped Sai Bhakti and did jaap of Om Namah Shivay. We do this jaap daily. We also pray to Krishna in the morning.
      Thanks a million Haribhakt team. It is true that praying a dead body like sai baba is actually praying a preta and it opens portals for demons. That was the reason for so many financial and health issues. Gradually things have changed there are no more demon visits.
      This article is life saviour for people who are trapped in preta bhakti ignorantly seeking shortcuts for resolving life issues. Big lesson for all of us.

    4. Sanaatani says:

      Worshiping Muslim Fakir Shirdi Saibaba and being a Bhakta to him will take one to Naraka Loka and after punishments there will be born again as a Muslim.

      I am sure Sai Bhaktas will also agree that Saibaba cannot give you Moksha! Or unfortunately do they believe that too after they have converted him to Parabrahma!

      1. Sanaatani says:

        More details:

        Worshiping Muslim Fakir Shirdi Saibaba and being a Bhakta to him, i.e., attachment to a dead body in Shirdi and experiencing so-called miracles caused by Saibaba’s Preta or Negative Energies, will make one born in Preta Yoni i.e., he/she takes birth in Preta Loka.

        After aimlessly roaming in Preta Loka for hundreds and even thousands of years, one is moved to Naraka Loka for punishments as he/she followed anti-vaidika rituals and practices.

        Then, he/she will be born in this world again as a Muslim person. But it depends on other karma too……if other karma was bad in previous life, he/she will be born as an insect or animal first and then moves upward birth by birth and finally gets born as a Muslim person.

        And, the birth cycle goes on and on……that is why you have a golden opportunity now. Stop this stupidity of Fakir / Dead Body worship and return back to Sanatana Dharma.

    5. Sanaatani says:

      It is very clear that Shirdi Sai Baba was against fasting on Thursdays, Ekadasi, Sivaratri and other Hindu holidays. He even ate meat on Ekadasi and encouraged others to do so. He was never a Hindu. He followed Islam in his daily life and fooled innocent Hindu villagers of Shirdi.

      Guruvara / Brihaspativara / Thursdays are dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu and Devaguru Brihaspati. Sai Bhaktas have made this a Sai Baba day…. very unfortunate that these so-called Hindus have taken a path of Adharma! But again, there is only limited space in Swargaloka.

    6. Shirdi Sai Baba was an illiterate. He preached what he heard and learnt from his servant Abdul Baba i.e., he preached Quran (may be the softer side of it).

    7. SAI-ism is THE BIGGEST Scam on Sanatana Dharma!

      Misuse of Vaidika Mantras, Slokas, Pujas, etc. (like fake Sai Gayatri Mantra, etc.) will lead one straight to Naraka Loka.

    8. On one Sivaratri Tatya Kote Patil said, ‘Baba, please let me fast at least on this day. Please don’t make me eat anything.’ Baba said, “Eat man, eat, what Sivaratri are you talking about?” Dada Kelkar who by standing by also told me to do as Baba says and not to disobey him. I did not raise any further objection to Baba and have never fasted on any day since then.

      See how innocent Hindu Villagers of Shirdi were Islamized by Shirdi Sai Baba!

      See how Adharma disguises itself as Dharma in Kaliyuga!

      Don’t put statues of Muslim Fakir Shirdi Sai Baba in Sanātana-dharma Mandir(s)!

      STOP Islamization of Sanātana-dharma!!!

    9. SRINIVASARAO Rayudu says:

      My eyes are opened

    10. Mahaprasad Swami says:

      I trust in our Hindu authentic God, not in Shirdi Sai or Sathya Sai.
      Jai Jagannath

    11. Chocolate Freak Neha says:

      I m attaching one of the old events here. Shankaracharya exposed Uma Bharti and BJP. This means BJP ministers have no basic understanding of Hinduism. You can find it below.

      The most recent Sai Baba speech made by Shankaracharya came to light when he criticised Union Minister Uma Bharti for defying him on the subject. According to Bharti, worship is a matter of personal belief. However, the union minister claimed that as she never criticises Swaroopanand, she does not wish to respond to his comments. In response to Bharti’s comments, Shankaracharya thought it odd that the minister had changed her colour and was worshipping Sai baba. Because Sai Baba is a Muslim, he said, Lord Rama cannot bless her if she is worshipping fakir. In the past, religious gurus have run advertisements saying that Sai Baba was not good since he was a mleccha. “Muslims would have had the same level of confidence in Sai Baba if he really was a symbol of harmony between the Hindus and Muslims,” asserted Shankaracharya, who urged Hindus not to worship Sai Baba.

    12. Viral Jain says:

      Even we jains have more clarity than you Hindus.
      Sorry to say but because of you people today muslims are spreading their tentacles of targeting Jain girls.
      We literally boycott the entire muslim community when we find them doing such activities. This already we did in TN and Gujarat.
      We cannot tolerate their crimes but it is always Hindus who give these muslims shelter, money, jobs and also girls.
      If even 30% of Hindus changes then this nation will become Golden bird again. But I know you Hindus won’t change.
      We do not consider ourselves different from Hindus so do not take my comment in wrong way. We are part of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.
      Let us work together to keep India safe for all.

    13. Nilima Jaiswal says:

      Sai is fraud,
      thats it.
      that is the comment.

    14. Deep insights.
      That is why since the time. I was worshipping this sai I was always facing life issues.
      This article is 100% factual. Sai bhakti actually programs mind towards islam.
      It develops soft feeling towards even muslims who are out to kill Hindus every time.
      Any one can check what they did in over 90 places in India last day during Ram Navami processions.
      Sai bhakti pushes love jihad. We must all stop this lies.

      Ex Sai Bhakt
      Almost about to become Ex Hindu.
      Now pure Hindu after seeing what these evil muslims did with us last day.

    15. My ONE & ONLY question to so-called Hindus a.k.a Sai Bhaktas!

      Shirdi Sai Baba practiced Islam in his daily life. He did Namaaz and His Servant Abdul Baba read him Quran.

      Question: Are the Hindu followers of Shirdi Sai Baba okay to practice Islam like how their Baba did (You follow your so-called Guru, right?) ?

      If yes, then you are a true follower of Shirdi Sai Baba and so start doing Namaaz and start reading / listening to Quran faithfully like how your Baba did.

      If no, then why are you worshipping a Muslim Fakir?

      1. I am not afraid. I will do namaz if I am in a durgah and attend aarti if I’m in a temple. My guru sai taught me that god is everywhere (even in the meat eating dog that you so put in your disgusting article). My sai taught me that respecting everyone- all humans and animals, and not treating humans as “superior creatures” (that you mention in your article) will my the Lord happy. Look at you demeaning dogs and looking down on His creation. Does a mother differenciate between her children? No! Then how can you say God loves Humans above all other beings? We are all his creation. Stop his nonsense Sai never proclaimed He was God. He proclaimed that he was a Guru. He never said he doesn’t beleive in Karma. Satcharitra says we all have to pay our Karmic Debt, Sai can help us get through the pain – give us strength and support to overcome hurdles and obstracles (like how your parents supported you in your life however misguided your life is). Don’t demean my guru. Oh Sai protect these souls from ruin and harm. Help these misguided souls. Show these lost individuals Your light.

        1. What a dumb convert! Following Adharma and telling stories!

          1. Vidisha Bhatnagar says:

            Do not pray to this muslim fakir. I had a diya lighting in his temple at my home. I went to market.
            The negative energy of sai baba got my hall burnt. No one knew how diya fell and burnt the hall.

            1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

              We should ban sai Baba temples and bhakts immediately. These are causing immense harm to Haindava Dharma. Devout Andhbhakts of sai baba should form Saaism and can follow anti Vedic rituals. Sai Baba is also causing Islamisation of India. Sai baba temples should be replaced with Ganesha, Muruga and Hanuman Temples to overcome negative energies

        2. Mr. Fakir Baba respected animals by eating Meat Biryani. You know he used to like it a lot that he even used to eat it on Ekadasi. Then, he used to hang his intestines on a tree…what a joke! He should have hung his stomach instead for proper digestion.

          Have you seen his original photos? If it were today, you wouldn’t even allow him inside your house. I can’t believe people are writing modern Stotras and Naamaavalis (by copying from Sanatana Dharma) for this Muslim Fakir.

        3. शिवराज says:

          साई ने यह घोषणा कब की कि वे गुरु हैं? वे एक इंसान की तरह जिये और मरे। उन्हें भगवान बना कर ठगने का खेल जो खेल रहे हैं, उन्हें पहचानने की आवश्यकता है।

        4. Dear Isha,
          I understand. No issue…we are ready to receive one another news – girl found in suitcase or ….something like that. Girls like u get targeted.

    16. आप लोग मुझे जवाब क्यों नही दे रहे हैं मुझे वेदों में गुरु की जो पहचान बताई गई है कृपया उन को सिर्फ आप no. बता दीजिए किस वेद में लिखी है ये भी बता दीजिए मैं खुद पढ़ लूंगी ।मेरी email पर आप बता सकते हैं अगर 100 से ज्यादा हो आप वेद का नाम ही बता दीजिएगा
      मेरे comment का किसी ने कोई जवाब ही नही दिया न आप लोग कोई उत्तर दे रहे है जिन्होंने ये लिखा है उनसे ही पूछ लीजिये उनको तो पता होगा मुझे किसी को जवाब देना है पर मेरे पास कोई प्रमाण ही नही है इस बात का…….
      आप मुझे email ही कर दीजिए please

    17. Himani Rajput says:

      Why are you guys afraid. तुम्हारा झूठ पकड़ा गया न कहाँ है एक भी सबूत तुम लोगों की बात का
      दिखाओ 4 वेदों में से कहाँ लिखा है गुरु की पहचान
      Comment public kerne ki bhi himmat nhi अपनी ये झूठी बातें delete कर दो

      1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

        Himani ji,

        You use filthy words to make your comments. We do not allow them. We know your are under negative influence of mleccha pret sai but that does not mean you keep showing it in your words.

        This is last time, we are allowing your comment, behave or do not visit our site. We don’t tolerate dhimmis and adharmis.

        Respect begets respect. Now shooo… away.

        What problem you have to consider Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishna and Mahadev as your isht bhagwan bolo?

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Jai Shree Ram
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Haribolji, We should replace Sai baba temples With Ganesha and Muruga Temples. Both are sons to Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, so that evil energies will stop

          1. Raghuveer says:

            Good to see there are awake Hindus like you who are working to save Hindus from fraud people like Sai Babas and SadhGurus.
            we all support you. Thanks a lot.

      2. Then u will also consider osama bin Laden and aurangazeb also as ishta dev??🙄

    18. Hey there! Can you please share the shlokas no. where conditions of guru is written in Vedas.I know it’s kinda hectic but if you please at least tell me adhyaya I can read by myself thank you.

      1. Please admin could you please answer my question?😔

        1. Check out the reply comments of admin you will get your answer ☺️

    19. Das Munshi says:

      Sai baba is a muslim, any sane person or any person with proper eyesight can easily differentiate, and say this person is a muslim from his photo, idol or drawing also. If ever there is a good sai Baba, he is Sathya Sai baba, he was a vegetarian, and true to his beliefs he promoted Ahimsa, the real one among the two Sais. He did not say Allah malik, he promoted Bhagwad Gita so he did not cheat like the older fellow.

      Logically, if you are a Hindu with 33 Crores of gods, why are you following a fake fakir? Either the 33 Crores of god have no meaning to you, or you have gone insane. Unfortunately, secularism still rules in this land so we ignore Iskcon, Satya Sai, etc. to fall in a scoundrel’s low game. Sai was a pariah, he was disowned by islam also.

      1. Another dum fuk .. sathya sai baba was biggest pakhandi. Watch his videos on you tube and you will know what I’m talking about. He tricked people with magic.

      2. Darbha Guruprasad says:

        Sanathana Dharma is a way of life. The article is very much narrative and purposeful.

      3. U idiot even dont know the meaning of 33 koti, so first le t tell that koti in sanskrit has two meanings TYPES and CRORE, so its 33 types (प्रकार), you andh sai bhakta!

      4. 33 crores is fake! It was never 33 crs! Only those who couldn’t translate called it! It was 33


      Well, but what do you say for this?
      Lokmanya Tilak meets Saibaba
      The painting portrays the historic meeting of freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak and Saibaba. Tilak had brought holy gifts for Baba. Baba was happy to receive it in all his serenity. The audience was touched to see the event. The painting portrays in authentic detail of life incidence in Baba’s life along with the people of that period. The rendering is finely made in photo-realism.

      1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

        Are you joking around. We can create your painting with Trump and claim that Trump once came to meet you after 100 years of your death.
        And slave cultists of you as another fakir baba would claim that it is photo-realism.
        Crack another joke.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev


      HariBhakt seems to be overwhelmed in a fanatic frenzy. However, much research needs to be done and real life history of Sai Baba needs to be discovered and disseminated. Since his birth and death happened in British times there should be some official records too about his antecedents and early life. Hope some investigative journalists and scholars undertake and carry on impartial and in-depth study of all aspects of Sai’s life and the situations of the times in which he emerged as a faqir and baba.

      1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

        Why are you hell bent in remaining slave to a muslim dead body (rotten and stunk to be perished in mud).

        1. Uday Rajole says:

          Hey, Haribhakt I don’t think you as a haribhakt please either change name to anti muslim or true differentiator between people. If you are haribhakt then you should have showered with karuna and love in your heart your language for sai baba should be more polite, Even Shri Ram didn’t used such language for Ravan and still That fakir was not like Ravana also. If you are haribhakt then you shall understand that whether it’s shri Ram or Shri Krishna they are everywhere even a dust particle is their part. so whether you think you should kill all muslims then they are also created by the Hari only. And If you want them to make them understand that Hindus are only the eternal and supreme and want them to stop their practices towards allah then you are wrong I have seen many muslims who practiced hindu traditions, the thing forcibly made to do is not thats Hari’s order.
          Please stop hatred, you still think difference should be maintained
          then why Shri Ram ate dates offered by shabri that were also half eaten that time shri ram didn’t saw whether you are hindu, muslim, shudra, brahmin, religion, caste, colour, gender, age .
          The moral is love how much love you have towards Prabhu or to that lord and over his creation
          if you don’t know god please stop worshipping. It’s better to remain atheist rather than false worship.
          And I don’t think Sai Baba is that much wrong
          He gave such good matra “Shradha – Saburi” the one who understood the words can face any problem, shradha means have faith on the ultimate god whom you believe and saburi means patience and everyone knows the patience importance.
          You are the one who is only looking for jihaad, muslim and terrorism if you had the will you can see the magic of two words.
          You are the one who is looking sai baba as meat eater let it be his point. But explain why today also many of hindu give bali of many animals to their ISHT and eat it as prasad. wow means are we muslims let it be.
          why aghoris eat human flesh, not animals also direct humans.
          Means they are shiv bhakts, once mahadev also happily accepted meat and flesh. If anyone doesn’t know you can check it on internet there are many stories.
          If you have love towards your god and faith on him don’t shout and explain everywhere your faith
          your faith is feeled by god, by you, by people.

          If you are not in mood of understanding that what is god and how to love him
          I can’t Help You. May god will give yo the way.

          And if still you think that you are correct.
          Then I am really wrong, And Sorry for waisting your time.

          “RAM JI BHALA KARE”- Sai

          Jai Shri Krishna
          Hare Ram

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Hey filthy being, a slave of mleccha. Do not compare our Bhakti and Aghori parampara with a muslim fraud sai.
            Whatever is written is factual. Most of the mleccha sai bhaktins are easy prey to love jihad.
            Save girls of your home.
            Pray to Bhagwan not to mleccha.

      2. Sai Baba is an indianized Jesus Christ! Atleast Jesus Christ stopped at 1/2 micracles unlike fake god sai! People forgetting harihara and worshipping this fakir will not do anything

    22. what do you think about Shree Swami Samarth and gajanan maharaj because i am ardent follower of shree swami samarth rather than chand miya ? And Please bhau one post on datt sampraday and maharashtrian saints [:/]
      Love and power to my Hindu bhai

      1. Mohan Krishna says:

        Can you ask this question to a Muslim Mlechha?

    23. VENKATESH says:

      Some jihadi pop posters are appearing while reading the article.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        These are awareness posts about common Jihadis mannerisms and their islamization methods in your neighbourhood.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Hello could you please answer my question???
          You are giving answers to everyone but not me

          1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

            Niharika ji,

            Can you please reiterate your query clearly what exactly you want.

            Also clarify are you mleccha pindari sai bhakt or under influence of a Guru, which guru?

            Jai Shree Krishna
            Har Har Mahadev

    24. Mohan Krishna says:

      Well ,then what about Mehar Baba when Sai Baba is fraud?

    25. Do you have a video of jain muni g, telling about shirdi sai baba s truth..
      Please share it..

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Article already has it.

        Jai Shree Krishna

    26. People with half baked knowledge pointing fingers at Sai Baba…Read Sai Satcharitra written by Mr Govindrao Dabholkar a.k.a Hemadpant, you will know who Shirdi Ke Sai Baba is. If you dont have faith then keep the thoughts with you, How can you write such disruptive articles. Where is the proof and article which is mentioned he ate fish and meat, and even if he ate, who has written that he has forced people to eat Non-veg, Read the book, it is always written that he has never forced anybody to eat Non-veg, there were two seperate pots, veg and non veg. Plus if he was a muslim then why is Ram Navami Festival celebrated in Shirdi in full swing. Go to Shirdi and see for yourself.. Saints has always come to earth to maintain peace and bridge the gap between communities. Its not only Sai Baba but same goes with Swami Samarth Maharaj and Gajanan Maharaj, They also have muslim devotees who pray to them. Infact there is a mosque in Akkkalkot, closest devotee of Swami Samarth Maharaj where Navnath Mantra is still recited…Yes his way of dressing may seem plus reciting Allah Maalik people have started assuming that he is Muslim. There is a dhuni which is still burning in Dwarkamai, its never according to muslim tradition but we Hindus burn it. And yes someone also mentioned that there was suppose to be a Krishna Temple, then also note Bapusaheb Booty, a famous millionaire who made Samadhi Mandir initially as Lord Krishna Temple wanted Sai Baba to grace his blessings by sitting there. It was originally planned as Krishna temple only but unfortunately Sai Baba took Mahasamadhi after few days and that is the reason his Samadhi is preserved there. You know what is the problem with our community especially Sanathan Dharma, We lack Unity. We would be busy with our arguements and proving ourselves that we are always right though it may not always be the same. This article is baseless. Sai Baba has always been a guru and never said that he was God. But in Hindu Tradition. Our parents and our Guru is next to God because they teach us values in life. If one is proud of being Sanatani Dharma then how many of us knows Bhagvat Geeta, Ramayan, Vedas, Upanishads. These are the treasures of Sanatani Dharma but how many of us are aware of it… Finding faults has become a new trend to society.. Our focus has always been on negative aspect then getting our research facts right or purify our thoughts…Till now no one even knows where Sai Baba was born and who were his parents but in this article his father has also been discovered, whats the authenticity of this news. Read the full story of that meat killing story, no the animal was never harmed infact he was never cut in pieces as well. It was to test a devotee to get rid of his negative feelings and follow Gurus order… The goat died after sometime naturally. After its death, the meat was distributed to the fakirs. Gurus path is full of difficulties but once you embrace Guru, he will ensure that you will be protected always. I am also a Hindu and do Pray to Sanatani Dharma gods. Plus in Shirdi Kakad Aarti, Vishnu Sahasranama is recited. The significance of this book is amazing and experts say that this book was also recited at the times of Lord Krishna.. If he was a muslim peer why would Vishnu Sahasranama be recited even today in Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi… Check your facts right… Dont preach Research based on Distorted lines… As a part of Sanathan Dharma, we must always do what is right and go with the facts then go by Half Baked knowledge… I am highly disappointed by your veiw points and this articles… I know people will argue with me on this too.. everybody has different understanding but that gives us no right to insult a saint especially saints Like Shirdi Sai Baba…

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        If you are really a Sanatan Hindu Dharmi then only follow our ancient scripts not fake Muslim fakirs promoted by Bollydawood and corrupt anti-Vedic secular Hindus and evil Muslims. Stop love jihad. You are no more a devout Hindu if you pray to pret and pisachs.

        Jai Shree Krishna
        Har Har Mahadev

      2. Adv pratik khade says:

        U R absolutely right i havevmy owm hotel in shirdi and by d way nothing to argue with such nonsense people bcoz i will say half knowledge is always dangerous but no knowledge is worst so they r worst by mind as one dabolkar said baba bhagwan kahaa he ,saibaba said bhagwan kahaa nahi he ,didh me maakan hotaa he ,ha hotaa he kab dikta he ,dudh pigholnese vaise hi bhagwan dikhayi denge aatmaa tatolnese bahar aakhose dekhoge duniya dikhegi aandhar jaakke dekhoge to pura bhramaand dikhega ……so fact is dat this all r only fake fraud people who just want to do busniess of our grt religion

      3. Eharana ji,
        These people are ignorant once baba bless them, they will know the truth and they will repent for such disruptive article.

        1. © HariBhakt says:

          Stop this promotion of muslim sai’s cultism. Revert to Sanatan Hindu Dharma mentally and socially or perish for the goodness of positivity and annihilation of negative emitting auras.
          Your mleccha sai baba needs blessings of Hindus to exist. He is not even worth toenail dust of any common Hindu. Just stop his edification.

          Jai Shree Krishn
          Har Har Mahadev

    27. Mohan Krishna says:

      Why should all Hindu men be shirtless all the time?

      1. Anonymous says:

        It is good for us.It is healthy when the chest and stomach part of males is uncovered.That is why men should always be shirtless in mandiras.Also ,when the chest and back part of men is exposed to sunlight ,we get Vitamin D.All Hindu men should be shirtless.

    28. Mohan Krishna says:

      What did lord Shiva wear while cutting Brahma’s fifth head?If he was naked without clothes when he was Bhikshatna Murthy,how was he and what was he wearing before he was Bhikshatana Murthy?Was he wearing some clothes or was he butt naked as he was in Bhikshatana Murthy?

      And ,Shiva wears tiger skin right?Then why is he often called Digambara?He is not bare bodied right.

    29. Sai Prakrithi says:

      All I see is you spewing venom at a revered Guru. To each their own. If we start dissecting the lives of Hindu Gurus and God’s with an aim to find fault, I’m sure we all will go into a downward spiral. Have you ever thought about the fact that Saadhus in ancient time did eat meat? Or that saadhus proclaiming to be ardent devotees of Lord Shiva smoke ganja even today? This article is deplorable in many ways. May the blessings of Sai be with you. Samastha Lokha Sukhino Bhavantu.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        कितना झूठ बोलोगे।

        तुम्हे 10 लाख की चुनौती है,
        कोई भी शास्त्र से प्रमाण दे दो, साधुओ के मांसभक्षी या गंजेड़ी होने का?
        तुम नहीं दे पाओगे।

        अपने जाहिल, गवार, सड़े, गले साई बाबा के लिए हिंदुओं से मक्कारी मत करो। भ्रम न फैलाओ। झूठ न बोलो। सुधर जाओ।

        कहीं तेरी बहन या बेटी लव जिहाद की शिकार न हो जाए।
        हिंदुत्व अपनाओ और सनातन हिन्दू धर्म का पालन करो।
        साई मज़ार भक्ति त्यागो।

        जय श्री कृष्ण
        हर हर महादेव

        1. Aritra Karak says:

          I will give you a proof. And not only that they were meat eaters but happily ate beef too. The problem with people like you is that you fail to understand your own religion’s history. You accept what suits your narrative and denounce whatever that doesnt. And you spread racist, disgusting things about muslim just so you can have a good nights sleep. Degrading them to animals and even worse. If somebody’s spreading propoganda, it is you. Poisoning the minds of people so that harmony and peace can never be achieved.
          Proof: “Shatapatha Brahmana” ( forbids the eating of either cow or bull, a revered ancient Hindu sage named Yajnavalkya immediately contradicts it, saying that, nevertheless, he eats the meat of both cow and bull, “as long as it’s tender.”
          there you have it. cow meat or any meat was eaten and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. i dont understand why do you people spread so much hate when you dont know youre own history?
          this article and this entire page is deplorable. people here forget that religion, especially hinduism is a way to attain peace, moksha in life. Not spew disgusting hatred on others, whatever their faith. every religion has issues but if you people spread vile like this, we’ll always be fighting till the end of the world.

          1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

            Mleccha Aritra Karak,

            Some self-proclaimed scholars and indologists in India as well as from western countries without having ever experienced the Vedic culture as a way of life have speculated that cows and other animals were sacrificed in Vedic ceremonies. They take unorthodox interpretations of obscure verses in the Vedas, out of context to postulate this point of view. Two examples of this we are giving as follows. They purposely do it to justify their criminal acts against animals.

            First in the Satapatha Brahmana, there is a gross interpolation from western scholars echoed by indolologists around the world that the great sage Yajnavalkya would eat the tender meat of cows and bulls. The word dhenu which they translated as cow factually refers to the milk products of the cow only and not the cow herself and the sanskrit word anaduh factually refers to the grains produced by the bull from ploughing the fields. What exactly Yajnavalkya has stated in this verse is that he can eat what is amsala. The interpolators, some being ignorant and some not so ignorant of the rules of Panini have translated amsala as being tender flesh. Panini is the authority on all matters concerning the rules of Sanskrit grammar and according to sutra 5.2.8 of Panini the word amsala can only mean nourishing and strength bestowing. Also in the Amarakosa 2.6.44 it states that amsala is mamsala which never applies to flesh tender or otherwise. Mamsala specifically aplies to cream and sweets made from milk products as well as fresh and dried fruits. So there is no basis according to sastra for translating amsala as flesh.

            Secondly, some scholars with an extremely limited knowledge want to postulate that meat was an essential ingredient of madhuparka because of one verse in the Rig Veda VI.44.21 which equates Indra as having the strength of a bull and also mentions the sweet drink madhupeya. So they then interpolated the translation to say that bull meat was a part of madhuparka. In this way due to their non-Vedic academic status they are able to mislead the public. The root word madhu means sweet and is sometimes even referred to honey. Even in the Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary page 780 the meaning of madhuparka is offerrings of honey and milk also sometimes containing equal parts of curds and ghee to a respected guest. Nowhere in the Vedas can be found any reference to meat being an ingredient of madhuparka.

            So other examples like the previous two interpolators have found useful for their obscure translations; but the clear, direct, unequivocal statements found throughout the Vedas against cow killing they ignore. We will give a few more relevant examples that cements the fact that meat eating was not part of Vedic Hindu lifestyle.

            In the Rig Veda X.87.16 we find: One who partakes of human flesh, the flesh of a horse or of another animal and deprives others from milk by slaughtering cows ; if such a fiend does not desist then even cut off their heads by your powers Oh king.

            In the Atharva Veda VIII.6.23 we find: Those who eat cooked or uncooked flesh, who eat eggs and embryos are following an evil addiction that must be put to an end.

            In the Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 11, chapter 5, verse 14 we find: Those who are ignorant of the absolute truth and believe they are virtuous although wicked and arrogant who kill animals without any feeling of remorse or fear of punishment are devoured by those very same animals in their next birth.

            In the Mahabharat, Anusasana-parva, 115.43 -116.45 we find: That wretch among men who pretending to follow the path of righteousness prescribed in the Vedas, would kill living creatures from greed of flesh would certainly go to hellish regions.

            In the Manu-samhita, chapter 4, verse 162 we find: A guru, a teacher, a father, a mother, a brahmana, a cow and a yogi all should never be killed.

            Even in the Old Testament of the Bible which applies to both Christians and Jews in Issaih, chapter 66 verse 3 we find: He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man. He that sacrifices a lamb is as if he slit a dogs neck, he that offereth it as an oblation is as if he offered swines blood, he that burneth it as incense as if he blessed an idol. Yea they have chosen their way and their soul delighteth in their abominations.

            In the Mahabharata, Anusasana-parva, 114.6, 115.6 it states: As the footprints of all moving, living beings are engulfed in those of the elephant, even thus all religions are to be understood by ahimsa which is non-violence to any living being by thought, words or actions.

            So from these examples it can be clearly understood that cow killing and beef eating were definitely not sanctioned by the Vedic scriptures to the contrary they were condemned; and also according to the authority of the Bible cow killing is not sanctioned in the Christian religion either.

            Just recently in the year 2000 the publication Scientific America reported a complete Cow Human Genome comparison had been completed. Among the 768 genes on the cattle RH map, 687 genes or 89.5% had putative human orthologs. Among the 687 mapped genes, 548 genes had human GB4 RH mapping information. 22 were mapped exclusively on the G3 panel and 68 had human cytogenetic assignments exclusively.

            All cow chromosomes with the possible exception of BTA9 and BTA23 have centromere repositioning relative to human chromosomes. Four cattle chromsomes show complete conservation of syntegy with their human homologs. The four are: BTA12 and HSA13, BTA19 and HSA17, BTA24 and HSA18, BTAX and HSAX . For all of these chromosomes multiple rearrangements were observed. BTA3 was the only cow chromosome that showed no internal rearrangments when compared with the homologous segment on HSA1. Fifteen cattle chromosomes are seen to be comprised of genes found on only one human chromosome.

            Cow milk is the most compatible with human mothers milk than any other species in existence. This is because the DNA of the cow was specifically constructed to be harmonious with mammalian human DNA. So it can be clearly understood that cow DNA was designed so humans could benefit from cows products being milk, cheese, butter, cream and yoghurt.

            This knowledge is highly esoteric and confidential and incomprehensible to those outside the purview of the Vedic culture. It can only be known by that segment of society that is spiritually developed enough to completely abstain from all animal killing and flesh eating while understanding that the soul is eternal and exists in all living beings. Biased meat eaters do not want to seek knowledge that abstain them from meat eating instead they distort scripts to suit their purpose of life to somehow justify their criminal acts.

            Be unbiased and neutral. Just as you seek biblical interpretation from pastors and christian experts similarly seek Vedic interpretations and actual meaning from Sanatan Dharmi Vedic experts.

            Jai Shree Krishn
            Har Har Mahadev

            1. Awesome reply sir 💯 💯, i will share this with others, is your account on Instagram?

            2. Keshav Singh says:

              Great amount of research done by you bhrata! Absolutely mind blowing and eye opening.

              During the British Era all our scriptures were intentionally and wrongly and translated to western languages and the Aryan invasion theory is one such bogus theory given by them!

    30. Chirag Yadav says:

      You are doing a great job through this website. It’s fact that Sai Baba was planted by the Islamic people to create an Islamic Mindset in people. There were many who disliked baba but their stories never were highlighted. They knew something that people did not promote. But later they were either killed or asked to leave the village.

      Please keep doing the good job you are doing. 👍

      JAI SHRI RAM!!

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        जय श्री राम
        हर हर महादेव

    31. Not just the word “Sai” but “Baba (Baaba)” is also a Islamic word. It is of Persian origin and used for Islamic / Sufi elders. Due to Islamic invasion and rule of Bharatavarsha, the word “Baba (Baaba)” has become part of our culture, especially in North India. Please make the correction in your article.

      Baba (Persian: بابا “father, grandfather, wise old man, sir”;) is an honorific term, of Persian origin, used in India and several West Asian and South Asian cultures…..(due to Islamic invasions).

    32. I feel sorry for you. You don’t seem to have read the Sai Satcharita. Sai has manifested as Pandharapur Vitthala to several devotees. The Hari bhakt in you worships the same Paramatma which came in the form of Sai. Sai asked to chant Rama nama and read Vishnu sahasranama. Don’t let irritation consume you from the inside. Just get a copy of Sai Satcharita and try to understand why his devotees are millions in numbers

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Madhu ji,

        Work hard. Think with open mind. Do not be an enslaved bot of Sai cultism. STOP PRAYING TO MUSLIM MLECCHA AND SINNER.

        Revert to Vedic Hinduism. We have 33 forms of Bhagwan – pray any one of them – Not fake fakirs.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

      2. So, is Sai Satcharitra some Shaastra (scripture) written by a Maharshi or what? It was written by a fool like you and followed by fools like you.

        Are Mukkoti Devata not enough for you that you need to worship a Muslim Fakir and a middleman? Sai Baba was an illiterate and had no knowledge of Shaastra.

        Sai Baba and his cult are a danger to Sanaatana Dharma. These Sai cult people should be thrown out of Sanaatana Dharma. They should start their own religion with Sai as their God (which they believe) and please don’t copy our Mantras and Stotras (which you guys are doing currently).

    33. © HariBhakt says:

      నిజాయితీగా ఉండు.
      సత్యాన్ని అంగీకరించండి.
      ముస్లిం సాయి మోసం.
      [Mohan ji,
      Be honest.
      Accept the truth.
      Muslim Sai baba was faudster and cheater.]

    34. How dare u call my baba froud.. Kuch pta bhi h baba ke bare me.. Kbhi satcharitra pdhi h tumne.. Phle use pdho smjhe… Or baba ko to hasi aati hogi tum jaise logo pr tum akele thodi ho aise insan.. Bhut log the aise jinhone baba pr vishwaas nhi kiya bt baad me bhut roye or pachtaye… Kher baba bless u… Om sai ram

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Varnika alias Aarav aka sufferer of sai cultism,

        You read entire post all sources are cited.

        Work hard and smartly, do not depend on fake miracles. Karma is source of everything in this Universe.


        Save your daughters and sisters due to their inclination towards mazar bhakti and muslim sai’s cultism.

        We no more get angry on you sufferers, we pity you.

        May Krishn give you positive thoughts to seek wisdom and not fall prey to cheap gimmicks of fraudster sai’s marketing propaganda.

        Why you worms need pious name of Bhagwan Ram to promote your jihadi sai???

        Instead use OM RAM or Om Namah Shivay. Do not chant fake mantra of Om Jihadi + Vedic Hindu God’s name.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Ravi Shekhar Shukla says:

          I stopped worshipping Sai totally but do not consider others as god either. Where are they hiding amidst Corona massacre? Where are the million gods who drink milk and eat sweets? Religion is the biggest con job pulled on human race.

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Ravi ji,

            Jai Shree Krishn

            Humans are born with knowledge and ability to work according to their wisdom. Action and Karma is the essence of life to sustain in this world.

            If wrong actions of humans are causing pandemic – biowarfare tests gone berserk, then blaming Bhagwan is selfish and stupid logic.

            Bhagwan clearly informed us millions of times to do Karma. Without good Karma nothing is possible.

            Bhagwan Krishna would have killed all the Adharmis on his own but he clearly asked Arjun to fight the war. Similarly, in Ram avatar, Bhagwan himself took 14 years Vanvas and hardship to terminate all Adharmis across India and Sri Lanka. It was possible for him too to remove by just thinking about it but he did Karma.

            Only selfish, lazy and corrupt people blame Bhagwan without learning essence of Karma.

            There is no magic in this world. with out putting hardwork. Right from your birth to all activities you are doing in this world till now involved Karma and several sets of hardworking people supporting your existence, if every one starts thinking like you, you would cease to exist.

            Jai Shree Krishn
            Har Har Mahadev

            1. Varsha Subramanian says:

              I forward your article to all the orthodox yet foolish Hindu’s who swear by sai worship. keep up your excellent work .

            2. haribhakt haribhakt says:

              Varsha ji,

              Dhanyawaad. Please read other articles and give your valuable feedback.

              Jai Shree Krishn
              Har Har Mahadev

          2. Keshav Singh says:

            Ravi Bhai!

            You didn’t get the Sanatan Dharma philosophy at all, as is evident by your comment here. Vedic Dharma is actually Karma and its manifestations. If that was not the case then even Ramayan and Mahabharat would not have happened where even Bhagwan Vishnu had to do Karma and get the Karmafal.

            Need some introspection!!!

    35. Siddhant Shubham says:

      Well said dear I’m impressed. I still remember when i was a child i used to worship him but when i get to know that he was a terrorist,i stopped worshipping him and your article provides very useful information about fraud so called sai baba.Kudos to your work.
      Jai mahakaal

    36. Devadip Bhagwan Singh says:

      Hindus saying that Baba is not Hindu; Muslims saying that Baba is not Muslim. It´s clear He is beyond both. Om Sai Ram friends. Don´t let the hate dwell in your hearts.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Only some stupid Hindus pray this thug godman, no muslim cares about sai baba’s past. Thukalmaans do not pray him.

        To justify your blind islamized way of worship, do not cook up farce stories.

        Jai Narsimha

      2. why you use the word Ram after Pindari

    37. ASHOK KUMAR says:

      Hi HariBhakt,

      I agree with you. The Vedas, Vedic Avatars of the Lord, is second to none. Why go here, and there and fall for second hand fake Scriptures, God and Avatars.

      But the ways of Krishna are beyond our understanding of his nature. No human can EVER COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND His scriptures and Avatars FULLY.

      Just see the very fact, of all the Avatars, the Lord came in his own SUPREME AVATAR in the form of Krishna but born in a Yadav clan – mainly a non elite pastoral peasant community. Offcourse debate is still on that the Yadavas belong to Kshatriya. We can debate that but by en large there is substantial evidence that the Lord was born in yadav clan which is a lower community.

      But that is NOT the point.

      HOPE I am wrong, coz I never believe anything.
      But the ways of Lord is such that he has gone BEYOND the realm of Scriptures and has proven there are unconventional ways as well to impress him or follow him.

      Some of his great avatars, gurus/saints/sages have always been out of the AMBIT of the SANATAN scriptures as well.

      Please read about the Siddhars, Nayanars, Alwars – Kanakadas- who was born in a low caste, was not allowed in Udupi temple. He sat outside and impressed by his devotion, the statue turned WEST while the main entrance of temple is EAST.

      Also folks like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Akka Mahadevi, Arunagirinathar, Avvaiyar, Basavanna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Meera, Sri Yuktheshwar giri, Paramhansa YOGANANDA, Ramana Maharishi, Swami Ramalingam, TRAILANGA, Nerur SADASIV BRAHMENDRA etc, though some of them were MASTERS of Vedas-Scriptures, they had their OWN UNCONVENTIONAL ways towards Spirituality.

      Sai Baba even I do not know if he is fake or true.
      But many of the above were unconventional towards Spirituality, loved the lord in their own ways, but offcourse the devotion was true.

      Swami Trailanga was no God but I think there is nothing wrong if folks worship him as God and do not follow scriptures or rules of SANATAN Dharma fully.

      I think problem is when I think Trailanga is the only God and when one someone who knows scriptures says if it’s not in scriptures or as per SANATAN Dharma, they are going in wrong path.

      I too say it’s always to wise to stick to the tried and time tested scriptures, avatars of SANATAN Dharma.

      But the Siddhars who rivaled our Vedic rishis, Sage Trailanga Swami, God Ayyappa, God Muruga, Saint or Self styled guru or Satguru or Sadhgurus (without any Parampara) like Ramana Maharishi etc. are showing us that there was different avatars, gurus or UNCONVENTIONAL etc from SANATAN Dharma.

      I say one should NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING NEITHER SAY THEY ARE wrong, we are right.

      I think we should point out their mistakes and show proofs and wind up saying if folks still think Sai Baba etc is true its up to them.

      Final point I am saying is there are UNCONVENTIONAL Avatars and Ways to God.
      May be Sai Baba is fake.

    38. get a life man. who is funding u ? you r too small to know about saibaba. u do this onlY… BADMOUTHING . U MUST B VERY JEALOUS IF HIS FOLLOWERS…

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Mansi ji, be a true Hindu and pray to Vedic Gods and Vishnu avatars. Be dharma sangat.

        You read all other posts of our site to comprehend our dharmic objectives. Our purpose is to spread awareness and resurrect our true Hindu culture among our Hindu brothers and sisters.

        Sister, please revert to Sanatan Hindu dharma ritually. Stop peer fakir bhakti rites. Stop mazar bhakti of Islamic obeisance.

        Please read our other posts to know your purpose of existence. Save Hinduism and other sisters like you.

        Jai Narsimha

    39. Anonymous says:

      You are mad, go to doctor people like you tries to make others fight on the name of religion just by giving false information I curse you that you will suffer throughout your life your hatred and ignorance will eat you up you will experience a hellish life even before dieing on this earth

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Curses will backfire on you and your family. Do not curse unnecessarily. We are selflessly working for Hindus, Hindutva and upsurge of Sanatan Hindu dharma. We are HariBhakts and strongly believe in Bhagwan Krishna. Your fraudster Sai’s pisach roop can never cause us harm. Nor your curses as you are not true human being but a lowly slave of a satanic mleccha.

        Do not be a lowly slave. Revert to Hinduism. Do not be foolish. This is how curse works Read:

        Jai Narsimha

    40. GOPALA KRISHNAN says:


      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Pity on you.

        By the time you will realize it will be too late for you and likes of you. Save girls of your family who is befriending muslim women for becoming next victim of love jihad due to sai baba cultism. Watch out. It is happening right now in your family, near to your relations.

        Jai Narmsimha

      2. M B Sinha says:

        Your name is Gopal and krishna. But your act is totally against the Hinduism. Hinduism is a real culture which shows the way of life.
        The Sanatan Hinduism has the proof of its existence for 10,000 years and the oldest culture in the world. This is based on several researches and experience. Only weakness amongst Hindus is that they never gave true preach of Sanatan Hinduism to their children for the last 1000 years. There has been an absolute decay in our culture That’s why Hindustan became slave of Muslim invaders for 700 years and British for 200 years.
        Earlier it was not the case. Children used to be sent to the Gurikuls and used to come out with holy culture , strength and determination. Look how Chanakya taught Chandragupt Maurya. Chanakya and Cahndragupt went for a campaign to unite all the north west rulers to stage a tough fight against the invader Alexender ( Sikandar) who could nor cross river Indus ( Sindhu river) and had to go back.
        Then who is this Saibaba? How did you impress upon him? Whatever narrated above is true about Saibaba. In vadic culture tomb is not worshiped. God is one for Hindus also and several forms of god exist for offering homage according to their forms like Vidya for Ganesh & Saraswati) , wealth for Laxmi , strength for lord Hanuman and so on. Hindus have respect for sun for energy, rivers for giving water and life, trees for fruits and shadow and so on.
        This was the ploy of Muslims to deter the Hindus and make them week. Hope you have understood.

    41. © HariBhakt says:

      Sai Bhakt with fake id,

      What is jihadi sai’s contribution to Hinduism????

      Except mind conditioning Hindus towards islamization and fakery of ONE SIDE secularism that is weakening Bharat and Hindu existence.

      Your this quote “…Now Sai Hindu or Muslim, who cares….” exposes the factor why children of jihadi sai’s bhakt become love jihad victims and oppose nationalist and pro-Hindu views to save terrorist muslims.

      And that is why this article becomes more important, it is a beacon of hope for gullible Hindus to open their eyes and save their future.

      Miracles do not happen. You get results for your hardwork.

      Jai Narsimha

    42. Sai Bhakt says:

      Why should anyone have an opinion on who to follow and not to follow. There are miracles in this world through saints and they have done their bit. Links and lakhs of people along with myself believe in Sai. Now Sai Hindu or Muslim, who cares. I’ve experienced miracles in some form or the other when prayed to him.
      Everyone has their own wish to pray to the gods and there are so many in india, now hope you won’t research on all gods and prove them not worship worthy. God bless you!

    43. Pragyashri Deka says:

      The way you’re saying that we I.e the devotees of sai baba isn’t following the path of Hinduism.. Let me say you that the division between Hindus and Muslims are created by people not God.. N if it’s about Sai Baba.. Then don’t you dare to say anything against him.. I’ve my own experiences, you’re lucky enough that Sai Baba is so good that he isn’t even punishing you. I myself Follow Hinduism.. I always worship all God n Goddeses in the same way.. Rather than spreading msgs like he was a saint not a God.. Start believing on him for once, I’m sure you’ll change your mind. N no God tell us to worship them.. It’s about that individual to decide. Start spreading love rather than Hatred.. All Gods are equal.. SABKA MALIK EK .. And shameful on all whoever trusts all such msgs… I guess you’ve not heard about Sai Baba’s miracles… Well, make a wish n take his name.. I’m sure you’ll say yourself, yes, miracles do happen when Sai baba is there… WHY FEAR WHEN I’M HERE.. Always told by Sai Baba… My mom says all Gods and Goddesses are among Sai Baba.. So please, stop dividing Gods on the basis of Hinduism and Islamic.. God is God.. Have faith and trust.. Whatever today I’m or my family is, it’s all because of Sai Baba… People can have various opinions but it’s completely on us whether we believe or not.. Never insult or accuse any God.. Worship them equally..
      JAI SAI RAM 🙏❤

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Pragya ji/ Rekha ji,

        You are suffering from last stage of cultist syndrome.

        SABKA MALIK EK is fakery, a criminal Sai cannot be a saint or a god. He did not recite or praise any Hindu deity, never did daily Vedic sadhana, years of dhyan to be known as a saint. Sai baba is worst than common Dhimmis like you. He is at a pedestal lower than common Hindus.

        Sanatan Hindu Dharma is not same as cult islam.

        Cult islam teaches to kill non-muslims and infect the world with disease called islam. Quran is a terrorism manual. Celebrates rape, killing and looting of idol worshippers, Hindus. STOP WRONG COMPARISON OF GANGSTER CULT ISLAM WITH highly Spiritual, scientific, Cosmic consciousness of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

        You read quran or research about its content. Shame on your ignorance.

        The inclination towards Islam is BIGGEST DANGER sinner sai’s bhakti is posing towards Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Bharat’s existence.

        Yes, parents are to be blamed who blindly follow fraudsters like Sai Baba and push their children in the same pit, like your mother did to you.

        Do research and renounce muslim sai bhakti.

        Jai Narsimha
        Adharmiyo aur musalmano ka nash ho
        Sanatan Hindu Dharma hi Vijay ho

        1. Many people criticized Krishna as well. One who criticises guru and krishna will take birth among demons. (Bhagavadgita 16.18 and 16.19)

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Do not crack jokes here.
            Vedic texts and Bhagavad Geeta is for Sanatan Hindu Dharmis not for Mleccha (muslim) slaves or cultists.
            Do not demean our glorious history of 30,000 years of great Acharyas and their teachings by comparing muslim chand miya aka sai with them.

            Jai Narsimha

      2. Sai Baba is a human being, Not a God!
        Sai Baba never practiced Hindu rituals, never did Puja.
        Sai Baba at best could be a good leader, but can’t be God.
        Gandhiji has done more than Sai Baba for India. Pray for Gandhiji for his selfless service.
        Gandhiji and Tagore said, “Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram”, same world of Baba, but they never sought to become God.
        Hindus, Please treat all human beings as equal human beings. Do not elevate them to the status of God and lower yourself. You are an equal human.
        Hindus should stick to hinduism, It is their job.
        Or just quit Hinduism for another religion whatever.
        If you call yourself a Hindu, You need to be a loyal follower, and do a good job at it.
        Invest your time in helping fellow hindus! There are millions of hindus in poverty.
        Help them so that they are not grabbed by other religions with enticements and conversions.
        Otherwise you will be sowing the seeds of extinction of Hinduism, which is a sin!
        If you follow people like Baba who never did any hindu rituals, you ARE NOT investing your time for hinduism. Invest your time and protect your religion. It is an open secret that Islamists and Christianity want to conquer more and more land for themselves! Since they cannot do by waging wars anymore, they resort to back door democratic methods to infiltrate and convert society.
        Although this article is direct and strong, I understand that the writer is deeply anguished by the lack of responsibility, or complete abdication of respect and ownership of religion of hindus in general.
        One of the reasons why Kashmiri Pandits got wiped out from Kashmir! Kashmir was a sitting duck waiting to happen, with many politicians allowing it to happen! Read the book written by Jagmohan. HInduism is in deep trouble. You are losing your religion EVERYDAY! just like the planet is losing land to water everyday!
        Unknowingly, do not become a pawn in the big 100 year game of other religions to convert all hindus to other religions, and usurp their lands! Once non-hindus beleivers become more, India will face the situation of Kashmir and Pakistan. Either convert or run for your life!

    44. Sakshi Gupta says:

      Abhishek, it seems you have become full time slave of islamist sai baba. Good that you listen to Krishna bhajans. Pray Lord Krishna and work hard. Stop sai bhakti to keep your household peaceful without traces of islam and love jihad.

      Jai MahaKaal
      Jai Bhavani
      Vande Mataram

      1. Abhishek Shukla says:

        Sakshi there is no religion , and please listen to inner voice and connect to Param Brahm, whatever name you want to give Krishna or Sai Baba, if devotion is true then you will not feel if your God is Krishna, Jesus or Sai Baba. First disconnect yourself from this man created religion and wordly objects and devote your self fully. After awareness you will surely feel God is inside you. 🙏, If ever in future you feel you are getting connected to God as for forgivess to Sai Baba and he has already forgiven you. Om Sai Naam. Beyond this I can’t explain you.

        1. © HariBhakt says:

          Abhishek ji,

          You are deeply infected. You are at transitional stage of islam. Today you are not denying Hinduism but spitting on your own existence, exploring for burning your own house. Please protect women of your home from the eyes of preying muslims.

          Please come out of mental conditioning of mleccha sai baba.

          Practice it for 1 month. Just believe in Krishna and do whatever you are doing professionally. Dedicating your honest and noble work towards Bhagwan.

          Repost your comment again on 11-02-2020.

          Jai Shree Krishn

          1. LAKKIREDDY PRANAV says:

            Sir , Shiridi sai Baba temple and the surrounding area districts are still drought and Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple surrounding area district have
            lush green paddy fields and good water resources??

          2. LAKKIREDDY PRANAV says:

            I started believing Lord Shiva and Kanaka Durga (Maha Kaali), Lord Vishnu and Goddess Maha lakshmi, Surya god , Ganesha, Subrahmanya only sir but not sai baba

          3. Shivranjini G Hegde says:

            Dear Fake Haribhakt,

            When Krishna was there, duryodhan could not see his divinity. Similarly you are not able to see the divinity in Sai Baba. Like Duryodhan, you will pass away with this negligence. But its not your fault. Kalki avatar will cleanse the world of people like you.

            On Sai Ram

            1. © HariBhakt says:

              Muslim Saibaba Slave,

              You are already living like a brain dead zombie. According to Vidur Neeti, you passed away as your thoughts and thinking pattern is corrupt to the irreparable point.

              Come out of this slavery of a (Muslim rotten body) Mazar Bhakti, before girls of your home fall prey to love JIHADIS.

              Jai Shree Krishna
              Har Har Mahadev

            2. © HariBhakt says:

              Muslim Saibaba Slave,

              You don’t know anything about Kalki avatar. You are irrelevantly blabbering about it to non-contextually connect with jihadi sai Baba

              Jai Shree Ram
              Jai Shree Krishna
              Har Har Mahadev

    45. Dear Writer,

      Since you have no spiritual awakening you have written this article and I know that Baba has already forgiven you for this. I have seen Baba and he came to me I remember 2-3 times when I was in deep pain, I know I connected with him, and he got me connected to Param Brahma and he himself is Krishna Roop. Yes he might be born in Muslim family but when you become aware of Absolute Truth you don’t have much interest in religion. When you will understand this you will feel his power. And also it was also pre written that you will write this rubbish. We do not worship Baba as he was Hindu or Muslim but because he had acquired power, and Attained God Like power and so he is Param Bhrahma himself and that is why one way to Salvation is from Shirdi. Om Sai Naam. 🙏. Please contact me if you want to know my experiences in details and Also I hear Krishna Bhajans and Read Sai Sacharita at the same time.

    46. Murtaza Jamali says:

      Whoever wrote the above article is really a foolish guy, he is fully brain washed & fully became devil. He doesn’t even know the greatness of Sai Baba. Sai Bless you good n positive brain and positive thoughts as well. Really bro the article you wrote is worthless and useless inspite of wasting time in writing such a big useless articles better you pray to Sai Baba and he will surely take u to the rite path. Allah Malik hai and Sabka Malik ek hai this is what Sai baba thought to everyone. We as a human being and all living things are part of 1 power we are part of 1 master. Dont waste time in writing all this nonsense use your time in praying Sai Baba and you will surely experience God Vision and Self Realization. God Bless you my friend.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Jihadi Murtaza Jamali, we know how muslims are funding the bhakti jihad of Sai Baba to islamize Bharat. We have not written the articles for terrorists like you but for our Hindu brothers and sisters. Buzz off, you are not required in this Hindu site.

        You can replace terrorist mohammmed and anti-god allah with phony sai baba. You are free to do anything with your mafia cult islam.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. hahahaa, Damn Bruh you nailed it :>)

    47. © HariBhakt says:

      Pratik ji,

      May better sense prevail in you and your fellow sai cultists to renounce bhakti jihadi of shirdi sai baba.

      Its such a shame. You have become a programmed and a brainwashed bot. You are demeaning Bhagwan Krishna.

      It is not neccessary that you have to be a part of iskcon to be a HariBhakt.

      Stop muslim jihadi shirdi ke sai baba movement. Stop behaving like a brainwashed jihadi. Stop using Vedic Hindu God names to promote your saiism cult.

      Shame on you. Practice good karma.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    48. Shanthamurthy Hanumantharayappa says:

      Does people loot money from and in the name of Sai Baba? Were they started businesses in his name as Sai this Sai that in the country and killed him? There are numerous fans in US they do Bhajans and don’t pay for who work for them whole day, is this the dirty culture they practiced form so called Sai Baba?

    49. lovegod hateghostworship says:

      thank you for the genuine thinking and thinking like true hindu ,haribol. many post blog but can’t defend their info. you are great. please dont find arrogance from my praise.salutations.

      1. Completely eye opening article, I should have read it long ago and paid heed to this. I lost a friend & sister to this scheme. One of my teacher introduced us to vedic teachings, with rise in technology most of us (students) are spread across the world but were tightly knitted one however a close friend of ours went to one of the Sai Baba temple and slowly got sucked into it, the temple priests and its followers claimed my friend had jins etc and then within a span of 7 to 10 days my friend turned out to be totally different person, she disconnected people whom she knew for 5 to 7 years. While researching on the Sai baba scam I came across this link and have been upset read it myself, I could have saved at least one person from falling into this trap.

        1. © HariBhakt says:

          Jai Shri Krishn

          Premila ji its ok, your remorse will guide you to explain others.

          You will find several gullible and innocent Hindus falling into the trap of Saibaba fraud.

          Parents are responsible for not teaching their children about facts of Hinduism and false prophets.

          Like christian missionaries and islamic jihadis, there are more than 2 lakh dedicated saibhakts who indulge in promoting fraudulent saibhakti 24×7, your friend fell into this trap due to ignorance.

          You share the article in social media and wherever possible to rectify the wrongdoings of the past. Do not feel disheartened not your fault. It happens.

          Rectifying mistake is human trait. Repeating it is foolishness.

          May Bhagwan Krishn Bless You.

          Jai Shri Krishn

    50. lovegod hateghostworship says:

      thank you for the genuine thinking and thinking like true hindu ,haribol. many post blog but can’t defent their info. you are great. please dont find arrogance from my praise.salutations.

    51. Viswanathan says:

      I believe in Sai Baba who is Lord Krishna and Lord Eashwar and the avatar of Lord Dattrateya.
      He is within us. Aham Brahmaasmi.

      I would have believed you if I had not seen him with my naked eyes and a testimony of Isha upanishad that he showed to me (year 2014).

      Shree Naaraayana Vasudevaaya Sachidaanantha Sathguru Sainaath Mahaaraaj Ki Jai.

      1. Jai Shree Krishn Viswanathan

        There is no mention of fake fakir sai baba in any Upnishad. Do not spread lies to support Saiism cult.

        #SaveHinduism and pray to Vedic gods.

        Shame on you, you get benefits based on decisions you make and hardwork you put in life. It is due to your Karma. And not due to fraudster saibaba.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. True.The problem with Hindu people in India is they believe BABAS more that the GODS .
          BABA RAMDEV and a big LIST

          SAI BABA is one among these babas.WHAT he contributed to society?what are his works?what reformS he bought to society?NO ONE CARES.

          #SAVE HINDUISM

          1. ummm…..okay. but sister ramdev baba never said anything about god stuff, he simply revived yoga back in india and yes it has helped many people around me. Also I was a non believer, but yes his yoga methods helped. uss se pehle yoga was almost dead na???? So where is the bad point lol

            1. Don’t use Islamic term “Baba” to a Swami / Yogi. He is Swami Ramdev…not Baba Ramdev.

              Most people call him Baba Ramdev…. this is what happens to a culture when it gets invaded, corrupted and looted.

        2. I think u forgot that Maa Kali was also a flesh eater and Lord Shiva was also an addict…so why do u worship them..plz dont talk such nonsense..

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Jai Shri Krishn Ambika ji,

            Do not post fake theories populated by Chrislamic Hindu haters to justify fraudster musalman Saibaba. In no Hindu text your false theories exists.

            Jai Shree Krishn

          2. sai baba actual name chand miya a chor from afganistan

          3. Ambika! First use ur real christian/muslim name, being an x-hindu traitor supported by church/mosque…do not spread lies on Kaali Matha. Kaali matha took the form to kill greatest evil which even Paramathma, Lord Shiva cannot kill.

            To remove clogged rotten pipe, we need to use chemical acid. Same way she became more powerful than the dark itself.

            If u r a real Hindu, u wud know, NOT an IT CELL paid x-hindu traitor with 3-10 fake accounts under hindu/westerner/europeans. Even a westerner says so nicely about Maa Kaali…..u r just a degraded soul who sold ur soul to the VATICAN evil alien DEVIL. EXPOSED

            And all ur dirt brought by westerners…..since Hindus have no freedom in a Hindu country for 2000 years until Modi, Yogiji with west/europe help came.

            1. © HariBhakt says:

              Jai Shree Ram
              Jai Shree Krishn

              No more jihadi sai in Vedic Hindu God names and mantra.

      2. Sheshagiri says:

        It’s upto you to believe anyone. But no Hindu vedic book mentions about this criminal who has background, which is responsible for jasi ki rani laxmibhais death. Very dangerous trend, you are mentioning he is lord Krishana, then why don’t you go to Krishana temple.

    52. Naman singh says:

      Jai sai nath

      Don’t spread fake news.Worship whatever god you want but also respect each god.Sai always say sabka malik ek hai.God is one this the reason why most of us love him.

      1. Jai Shree Krishn

        Jai Shaitan or Jai Sai its all the way same.

        Saiism cult followers are blind greedy slaves like islamists.

        Islamists pray to allah for fear of not entering hell & having after life in heaven similarly saiists think that praying to sai solves all problems without doing hardwork.

        Do not be a fool, believe in hardwork, do proper planning & work with right set of people, you will achieve everything in life.

        Never trust anyone blindly.

        Have complete faith in pious teachings of Vedas, Ramayan & Mahabharat.

        Google “haribhakt history of love jihad” & also search “haribhakt history of terrorism” to understand how saiism is changing demograph of Bharat since 1000 years. DO NOT FALL PREY TO EVIL ISLAMIC RITUALS – that promote killings & anti-Vedic activities.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Non sense dont try to say anthing about my sai..if u dont anything about him dont try to spread fake news..

          1. Jai Shree Krishn Arpita ji,

            (READ THE COMMENT – it is kept common for fools)

            Every line of your comment without any substance is proving TRUE, validating the article & the other responses given about #BhaktiJihad of fraudster fakir #Saibaba.

            In a bid to support desert cult sharia proponent muslims, you are aggressively opposing #Openness of Hinduism & denying FACTS about Saiism cult.

            This sublime submission to muslim rituals by Hindu sisters like you are expanding #LoveJihad victims causing immense harm to Hinduism, because the truth is ISLAM’s existence is based on hatred & reversals of all Vedic traditions, advocating anti-Vedic rituals – killing, r@ping, decimating culture, temples of non-muslims.

            Con Saiism cult members are ignorant Hindus who are devoid of any knowledge about our great History & Vedic scripts. Please read all major books Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharat, 4 Vedas, Bhagwat Puran, 17 Purans, Agamas & Ramayan.

            Read the facts & spread awareness to save Hinduism & protect Hindu girls. Do not increase number of #LoveJihad victims by following #BhaktiTerrorism of anti-god Saibaba.

            It is not your fault, it is due to series of BLUNDERS of yester-generations who never taught you about our history & concocted theories, extensive islamisation of Bharat.

            Please read the facts:










            Jai Shree Krishn

          2. Adv Pratik Khade says:

            Arpita don’t worry our baba is not so small and u know day by day the followers of our baba is increasing so keep in mind lots of ppl abusing saibaba that time to this stupid ppl will brake sai sai he

    53. Sangeetha says:

      Well Sai always said sabka Malik ek which means god is one. Your article is full of hatred but Sai never taught hatred. I am sad to learn that your great guru never taught you to love and respect others as you respect yourself.

      1. Jai Shree Krishn Sangeetha ji,

        You cannot describe a con man and a thug using nice words. Allah Malik hai is not our teaching. Allah is not Ishwar or Bhagwan, Period.

        A satanic allah that rejoices killings of thousands of innocent non-muslims (kafirs) in jihad and millions of innocent animals on Eid is an anti-god. Anyone who preaches islamic ritual (like paying obeisance to mazar in fraudster sai temple) is practicing anti-Vedic rites.

        We have rich and vibrant culture, follow our Vedic ways of life.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Vinod Sharma says:

        Sai says sabka Maalik Ek & After that Allah Maalik u people’s are fool due to these types mentality we are ending our culture and religion I suggest you instead of worship sai why don’t you not worshipping direct sai God to whom sai worship that is Allah he always offer namaz and all Islamic rituals because he was Muslim not fool like you.

        1. Lovegod hateghostworship says:

          Asli sharma hai tu

          1. Dont lie bro.In Puri jagannath temple there is no God in the name of Chand baba.You read carefully

      3. with due respect he never said sabka malik ek. he always said sabka malik Allah. why everyone need a shortcut to reach eternity

      4. Pratik khade says:

        Dr it’s all ppl who says Jai shree krishna means they r all hare rama Hare Krishna mandir followers so now like madarsa of Muslim now Hindu krishna mandir trust started such anti activities don’t worry day by day followers of baba and believing in baba increasing

    54. Keeping aside the strong and sometime extreme arguments for and against Shirdi Sai Baba, I mention hereunder some of my observations which are purely based on objective analysis of events which happened in the past. Primary source is Wikipedia:
      1. A person of about 16 years wandered into Shirdi village and was initially addressed as Sai by Mhalsapati a local priest of a temple. After this, he was called as Sai by everybody.
      2. Sai never told about his parental details to anybody.
      He was notorious for giving vague, misleading, and contradictory replies concerning his parentage and origins brusquely stating that the information is not important.
      3. However at some point, he had reported told Mhalsapati that he was born to Brahmin parents who gave him away to a Fakir when he was a child. Reasons for such giving away to Fakir never told. The Fakir’s wife in turn has given him away to a Hindu Guru called Venkusa, with whom he spent 12 years by becoming his disciple. Such swapping is not known in those days as the events happened more than 180 years ago. Since Shirdi is predominantly a Hindu village, probably to gain acceptability among local Hindu’s, he might have told Mhalsapati that he was originally Hindu Brahmin.
      3. Assuming that the Fakir’s wife has given him away to a Hindu Guru when he was about 4 or 5 years old and after that he spent whole 12 years in Hindu guru’s premises there was no chance that he would still recollect his muslim linkage and chant Allah as the God. This means that his claim of serving a Hindu Guru for 12 years might not be true and at the time of his coming to Shirdi as a 16 year old, he was very much with the muslim family. However, as mentioned above, to gain acceptability among the majority Hindus, he might have told that that he was orignally a Hindu. The fact that he was a meat eater and neither his originally claimed brahmin lineage or his other claim of serving Hindu Guru for 12 years are not at all syncing as in both the cases he could not have developed the habit of meat eating. So it gives me a chance to conclude that he was from a Muslim family only and had no Hindu lineage.
      4. Since he was meditating and undergoing hard pennance, local Hindus taken him into their fold and started feeding him, while local children thought him to be made and thrown stones at him.
      5. He left Shirdi for a brief period of an year or two for reasons not known and where he went was also not known. However, to glorify him, his followers spread that he went to meet other Saints and Fakirs etc. and he might have fought war against the British army and served in Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi. This claim appears to be not tenable as Jhansi was far away from Shirdi and a person who is into meditation and penance will become a Warrior and kill somebody.
      6. After his return, he permanently settled down in Shirdi and made small group of followers. You will appreciate that we Hindu’s are generally respectful to any person who has renounced the wordly desires and only living on the alms given through begging. So, this made him a small time Guru for his small group of devotees and he has been there like that for more than 40 years or so.
      7. All the while he kept on praying Allah as the supreme God and never heard to pray Ram or Krishna the Hindu Gods at any point of time.
      8. Moreover he was never known to preach any real wisdom teachings / anything to increase the bhakthi or other devotional teachings, except the customary things like be good to everybody, Sab ka malik Ek, Shradha and Saburi etc.
      9. The miracles which were ascribed to him could be the work of his staunch followers to increase his acceptability and gather more devotees.
      10. His followers (not during his life time but much later after his samadhi) ensured that his cult goes up by framing the holy slokas, suprabhatams and pujas etc., to keep the things going and increase the following.
      11. Till 1990s Shirdi was a very normal village with only a handful of devotees. However, after this, there was a gradual increase in the devotees and reached the present levels now.
      12. I conclude that he was an ordinary person who lived physically among ourselves with no visible worldly wisdom and not a Jnani or even a real Rushi like Buddha who truly renounced everything and spread his doctrines in the entire Asian continent.
      13. To equate him with Hindu Gods whom we have never seen physically may not be a good idea.
      14. However, to follow him and going to Shirdi etc. is an individual choice. However, I only advise the devotees to know the facts and take an informed decision whether to be devotees of Sai Baba or not.
      15. Regarding collecting funds and misusing the same etc., the same is happening everywhere even in Hindu temples also. Even Christian missionaries are splurging huge money for conversions. For spread of Islam, Arabic countries are generously contributing to trusts floated by Zakir Naik like persons.
      16. Till present generations get rid of religious fanaticism and become true humans by contributing to the betterment of human life standards, we will walk backwards and undo whatever our ancestors have gifted us by continuously working for betterment of human life.
      Today, if we know what is inside a human’s body like the nerve system, blood flow, heart functioning etc., it is the result of our ancestors studiously observing over hundreds of years and passed on the knowledge gained by them. Even the worldly comforts of present day computers, internet, air journeys, train journeys, Cars etc., are the continuous efforts / inventions of our ancestors, whose fruits we are enjoying. If somebody can say today that the solar eclipse will happen on so and so day at so and so hours / minutes, we can imagine how much of our ancestors efforts have gone into the study of universe. Probably a few generations of efforts only will gain us that kind of insight into the universe. If our ancestors thought that ‘why should I bother to study, gain knowledge, pass on to the next generation the findings etc., then we would have been like a primitive man even today. Our ancestors never thought of being selfish and passed on whatever they gained to the next generations. But the present day happenings are giving ominous signals that the human generation may not last longer may be a few decades before some catastrophe strucks.

    55. Dear Hari Bhakt,
      I am really surprised to note the hatred towards Sai. I am happy that you read Sai Saccharitra, but why didn’t you read the whole page or entire chapter. He never propagated the concept of eating non veg. Yes, at times he tested his disciples with the statements you quoted above.
      Why do you forget that India is a country of God and saints. Almost every state of India has linked itself with one or another saint, be it Namdeo, Tulsidas, Soordas, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,Swami Samarth, Gajanan Maharaj,Meera Bai and many more. Sai has always told himself to be devotee of “The One and Only God”.He never said that he himself is God. He asked his followers to read various religious books such as Gyaneshwari, Bhawarth Ramayana, Vishnu Sahastra Naam, Geeta and many more. As an Agnihotra, he kept Dhuni live forever, he had Tulsi at Dwarkamai and he named a mosque as Dwarkamai. What I conclude with all this is that probably he was not Hindu as its not mentioned anywhere but he was a prophet who came to teach us humanity and definitely he was not against Hinduism. He always said :- Sabka Malik Ek, means we are one. No Hindu no Muslim, All are the regime of one Almighty God. And the people standing in queues of Samadhi Mandir is proof of it.
      Again, the charity collected in the question, just for your information, Sai Prasadalaya is the biggest kitchen in entire Asia(as shown in NatGeo Channel) and serves thousands of people daily for free. Sai Ashrams provide a homly comfort to devotees at throw away prices,vechicle for devotees round the clock, all the facility, including tea, coffee and water in Mandir premise is free for devotees. High quality Prasad is free for everyone… Where does it come from dear…??? Try to love Sai..
      May Sai bless you🙏

      1. Jai Shree Krishn,

        (Do not be ashamed of using a name or a nick)

        Mr or miss anonymous, a conman who always preach allah sabka maalik and never chanted or recited a Hindu mantra cannot be called a devout Hindu. Calling such thug a god or saint is an insult to the OPEN and PIOUS culture of Sanatan Hinduism.

        Instead of lecturing and comparing fraudster sai with our TRUE saints; you should have REBUTTED the researched article point by point. But no sai cult member has intellectual to do so as they are blindfolded to islamic cultism of chand miya alias mulla sai.

        STOP PRAYING & PLEADING TO ROTTEN DEAD BODY OF CULTURAL TERRORIST SAIBABA LIKE MUSLIMS DO. Revert to our cultural and traditional ways of praying. PRAY to Vedic Gods Shree Ram, Shree Krishn and Shiv Shankar.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Pavanreddy says:

          Am having so many doubts regarding him. But, I didn’t get the answer to my questions. After reading this article, I came to know the truth about him. Thanks for this article..What you said is absolutely right..People are blindly following him.

        2. Pavanreddy says:

          In our country so many people are there following blindly such things..

      2. Spiritual Beings says:

        I completely agree with you
        Hatred towards Saibaba is uncalled for I have myself experienced so many miracles thanks to him.
        Our religion is humanity
        Really Really disappointed with this person’s thoughts against Saibaba
        Today the people of Shirdi are still benefiting coz of Saibaba as many people go to visit the temple.The way you speak is not a language that a spiritually inclined person would use.I pray to God to bless you with wisdom.
        Get above hatred.God is one.

        1. Jai Shree Krishn Anonymous,

          The concept of accepting muslim rituals and praying mazars is opening passage in mind to embrace muslim guys as lovers or life-partners.
          As per close inspection, it is observed that most of the love jihadi Hindu victims are seen among thug sai bhakts and their friends.
          Stop being foolish and coward.
          Embrace Vedic way of life and Gods.

          Jai Shree Krishn

      3. The one who experienced sai will not utter such words brother

        1. © HariBhakt says:

          Ramaji, experience bhakti of Vedic gods and lead meaningful life. No need to respect terrorist sai baba.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    56. Nishnat Biswas says:

      I know most sufis were rascals and anti hindus, but you are nothing better.

      You said that is these false temples alcoholics and meat eaters can become priests. This shows your terrorist mentality. 70% of Hindus eat meat and out of the remaining 30%, approximately 25% follow vegetarianism peacefully. Only 10% are trying to make a show of your stupid vegetarian bullshit culture.

      Vegetarianism was a Vaishnavic invention. Shri Krishna himself was a meat eater. Got it? First stop your stupid vegetarian rascally propaganda.


      1. Jai Shree Krishn Nishnat ji,

        Since your words are so strong it deserves strong rebuttal but we do not engage with people who are fathered by group of muslims and pretend to be a namesake Hindu to push their agenda.

        Its better not to spit on a creature like you and move on.

        Moreover, there is no single TEXT or SCRIPT or SINGLE word mentioned in any historical Hindu texts; Mahabaharat. Ramayan, Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, Bhagwat Puran or 4 Vedas that Shree Krishn and Shree Ram ever had aamish bhojan.


        We have started this site for devout Hindus and Hindus who are interested in knowing truth. Not parasites like you who are more busy in ISLAMIZING India with their corrupt and half baked knowledge.

        Read this with open mind

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Haramkhor tu ek bar mil to sahitera hi mas tujhe hi khila donga bhagwan shri Krishna KO meat eater bolts hai sale

        1. Krishna ko meat eater bolne wala bewakoof hi hoga.

      3. You’re another blind follower who don’t question what’s right from wrong. All your life you will believe is fake guru and die believing in fake guru. I only have sympathy for you and your ignorance.

    57. suganyadevi says:

      my sai is god one only god who spread only love and happy to all who worship him or not.u are blind to see the truth behind god om sai ram

      1. Jai Shree Krishn Suganya ji,

        Please rebut each pointer of the article with substantial evidence in detailed manner.

        A well researched article cannot be debunked by an emotional pitch, you have to give SOLID reasoning or else accept it as UNBEBUNKABLE and pray to Vedic gods.

        Do not call names like a mad follower.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Rajbeer Kandari says:

        Pls do not write Ram Ji with this so called god He is nice as Sai(saint or fakir) baba (old man). All sanatan dharmis are becoming belind they just follow anyone they feel to follow without knowing the truth. There are limited people who know the reality of the great sanatan dharm. Yes off course pandit did wrong practices to make money but it does not mean that we can follow anyone. All people have to read the great upnisad Geeta once in his/her life time no mattet what religion you follow or belong to.
        The real name of Sai Baba is Chand Khan.

      3. May God show you real path to salvation. Everything you read here is the truth. Open your eyes.

    58. First of all advocating ,abusing and cornering anything which ever matter it is itself is never a good practice who advocates that He prays and bows to Whichever god..We are living in a place where we can chose any forms of god through which basic idea of humanity , Love and sharing should be the basic foundation.In my view Baba has advocated all these and i dont see any wrong in considering him as God who taught morals and principles fora good life with a motto.of Live and let live in harmony…Before you experience his miracles..dont try to even talk about him..Try to go to Shirdi once and then if u r still thinking the same way.write to me…I bet you wont…

      1. Radhe Radhe Deepa ji,

        Been there done that, at teenage even donated 10k to Shirdi. But never found spiritual inclination and positive vibes in the temple. We did research, got it verified asked several sages. And found that it is indeed a cult that is slowly converting Hindus into islamists. The practice itself shows it.

        1) Praying or respecting rotten dead body in a mazar is not Hinduism or Sanatan Practice

        2) A person who lived a life of a meat eater, had also beef offered by muslims, killed innocent animals cannot be called a good human being forget about calling him God… impossible only fools and insane person with mental disorder will call it so

        3) A person who preached “Allah Maalik Hai” was slowly invoking islamic views in the minds of innocent Hindus

        4) That is the reason most of the blind followers of conman sai have soft corner towards fanatic muslims and submit to islamist views

        5) The result being, most of the LOVE JIHAD victims are girls who follow fraudster sai. After falling prey to muslim goons they ruin their lives and repent entire life.

        6) Do you have any shame left. Conman sai NEVER uttered a single Hindu mantra neither did any Sanatan rituals in his entire life. Never practiced VEDIC TEACHINGS, never advocated about it but a person who was chanting islamic kalmas is made god by fools like you. PLEASE SISTER do not MOCK Hinduism.

        7) It does not matter whether sai called himself god or not. Whether his followers are abusing his name to earn money. You cannot DENY the fact that satan sai has become symbol of fradulent bhakti and scams, duping lacs of innocent Hindus who are devoid of our roots.

        8) So called Hindus who follow cultural terrorist, muslim sai baba, slowly OPPOSE Vedic gods. They stop praying and following VEDIC rituals and involve in Anti-Vedic rituals of jihadi sai. This last point itself proves that sai cultism is causing SERIOUS dent to Hinduism and unity of Hindus.

        We have 33 forms of Gods. Why don’t you Pray Bhagwan Krishn, Bhagwan Vishnu, Bhagwan Shiv or Bhagwan Murugan.
        Who is supporting you? your parents, mentors, seniors or dead mazar of sai. DO NOT CREATE FAKE INCEPTION OF MIRACLES IN YOUR MIND.

        Believe in your karma and pious deeds. Follow Vedic gods.

        Just experiment it yourself. Stop praying con sai for few months and check for yourself how it DOES NOT negatively impact you.


        A PERSON WITH LOW WILL-POWER AND BRUISED CONFIDENCE BELIEVE IN SO CALLED MESSENGERS, PROPHETS OR PEERS. Develop your personality, invoke confidence in you, read articles in our different posts. Share your views on it.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. even ram and sita were meat eaters mentioned in valmiki ramayan and they used to drink a lot. especially interested in beef and deer meat please check with valmiki ramayan which is original ramayan not tulsidas ramayan. if meat eaters ram and sita can be worshipped as god why not sai babab

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Dung worm Sathish you must be a rice-bag rat or a pissful Jihadi, offlate we have seen many fake dung worms like you using Hindu ids to malign historical facts of our itihaas.


            Yes, but drinking wine as Jesus blood and eating bread as his flesh is surely mentioned in a book that claims earth is flat and created mere 6k years ago.

            If you want genesis citations will be shown to you.

            Chal ab bol…
            Jai Mahakaal
            Har Har Mahadev

        2. Darbha Guruprasad says:

          Well said. Very much lucidly explained about the slow poison in the form of Bhakthi Jeehadki and then after Love Jehadi. Sai Baba cult is just like junction ( Railway Station) which diverts to conversions of gullible or secular turned Hindus to the another two religions.
          I support 100 Percent.

          1. Thank u Darbha Guru Prasad May lord Sree Krishna bless you

    59. Saravanan B says:

      Great post. But only a handful of Hindus who truly stand against the Sai Baba scam. About 90 percent of Hindus either support Sai Baba as a Hindu god. I see Sai Baba picture on every street, almost all vehicles of Hindus have a picture of Sai Baba. People started installing big Sai Baba statues in front of their homes replacing Lord Ganesh statues. In Tamil Nadu(Tamil Nadu is famous for countless Temples built by the great Cholas and Pandyas. You can see a temple in almost every road) I cannot go into small Hindu Gods Temples, most of them influenced by Sai Baba cult scammers who con the temple priests or owners to install a statue of Sai Baba into the temple. Very few temples are pure. However I see the bigger government controlled Hindu temples do not allow this con men to cheat Hindus. I go to a small temple, I see a Sai Baba, some con man has inserted a Sai Baba picture or small statue cunningly somewhere into the temple. I always throw it out, somehow it appears again. These temples are built with perfect vastu and positioning of Navagrahas. The greatness and effectiveness of these temples are totally spoiled by the conmen and conwomen of the cheating Sai Baba cult.

      1. lovegod hateghostworship says:

        thank you for standing on rightpath

      2. Don’t you see – Hindus have lost their identity. Most of the Hindus are followers and don’t question anything anymore. They just like to follow their parents because they think their parents are always right. Too sad 😞

      3. brother, pray to vedic gods only. don’t pray to drug addicts, paedophiles . god bless you Saravanan B

    60. who ever creating false news regarding shirdhi sai baba,its my request if you dont know the real truth about saibaba then shut your mouth please,should not create false news.i am a strong shirdhi saibaba devotee,I simply didnt believe him, with my real life experiences i started to believe him.if you want to feel the reality,who ever want to test his power just come to my home,he will show his presence still today,with a humble request i should say,please dont play with others feeling,if you are not believing let it go,but why should you post such things,dont hurt others feelings and beliefs,my name is amritha and i am staying in trivandrum,

      1. Radhe Radhe Amritha ji,

        Please read carefully and think from neutral perspective. We Hindus have scientific traditions of praying and constructing temples. When we have 33 kotis of Gods, why do we need to go to peers/fakirs. When ancient Hindu texts are giving TRUE knowledge then we should follow them.
        Secondly in which Hindu temple you find DEAD body respected?
        In which Hindu temple you find non-vegetarians as priests?
        In which Hindu temple you equate our Bhagwan to manmade Allah? while muslims never reciprocate the same sentiments
        We put hard efforts to create awareness among Hindus as most of the LOVE JIHAD victims are sisters who follow cult shirdi sai baba.
        Respect our efforts as we DO NOT WANT Hindu Unity to be dissected by manmade cult figures.
        Open your mind, whatever you have achieved is result of your Karma and hard work. Yes Bhagwan helps however he expects you to work for it, even doing penance is a kind of work so do not expect miracles without work.
        Work hard in your life and believe in ancient Hindu gods taught to us by Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan.
        And sister if you want to have shastra vaad, Please rebutt the pointers given in the article point by point. Do not make SHALLOW claim as false article for manmade cult con sai baba without rebutting with substance, blind followers are equally danger for unity of Hinduism as they go to the extent of demeaning our true gods in defending manmade cult figures.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. really i 1st i believed shiradi sai baba and did many poojas. i begged baba to fulfil my wish. daily evening i used to hold his legs and cry. but nothing miracle happenend in my life. i was in love. he also loves me a lot. by seeing website i got many mantras and i used to say it daily. we both spoke with our parents about our love. but because of caste problem they did not accept us. we both belived shiradi sai baba. we also prayed that if we marry we thought to go to shiradi. but now parents say alliance for me. 1 more week is there for my engagement. till now no miracle happened to me. i was cheated by baba. really i hurted a lot.

      3. Rajbeer Kandari says:

        Mam I would like visit you home pls share the address.

      4. give us your address. We really want to see the power of sai.

      5. You’re strong devotee of dhongi baba. And that’s because your parents are strong devotee of dhongi baba. You ever tried to go back and ask yourself why you’re following this baba? Maybe for once you should make your own decision and see how that goes! I call it enlightening. Only if you’re truly blessed you will see or it’s very sad you’re not Hindu 😞

    61. Haribol ji,
      Really happy to know that Sanatanadharma is still alive. Great work!!! Thank you so much. Jaya Srikrishna! Jayatu Radhakrishnah. Vaidikadharmo vijayataam.

    62. i am basically a tamil brahmin residing in a brahmin colony of chennai, you can say it is a haven of vedas and indian scriptures. But what is most disgusting is so many of the vedic brahmins go worship at sai baba “temples” and these so called temples are built on the scale of a mansion with marbles. Be it the shirdi sai or this con artist sathya sai, who was a bisexual, hermaphrodite, pedophile, murderer, and who finally died of AIDS. So many of these vedic brahmins making disgusting trips to puttaparthi and shirdi. I was passing through a sathya sai t”emple” and a early morning deepa aradhana was going on, Hell i could clearly see a satanic devil worship. Haribolji you are truly doing god’s work, and i appreciate your fearless writings. I hope the vote seeking government doesnt end up blocking your website.

      1. Radhe Radhe,

        We all should be united in this fight-back. Awareness is important. Share our posts with other like-minded people

        Out site is followed by thousands of devout Hindus across globe daily and with their blessings we bounce back – whenever it is blocked or attacked.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Haribol ji,
          Is there any WhatsApp group for like-minded people? I wanna read all your posts supporting Sanatanadharma.

          1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            Yes brother, even PM modi is worshipping sai baba but Yogi Adityanath doesnt worship . Yogi Adityanath worships lord Ram, Lord Shiva and A@ desi cows. We want Yogi Adityanath to be the next PM unlike secular modiji. Instead of praying Sai baba, We must pray Lord Murugan and Anjaneya to destroy evil forces

      2. reshma prabhu says:

        Yes. Somwhere I was never getting faith to him….

    63. Prateek Kalkundrikar says:

      One suggestion I want to give to my Sanatan dharmi/Vedic dharmi/Hindu dharm brothers and sisters whether you like it or not its upto you but I have right to expression so I request you all sanatan dharmis that we have dedicated temples according to our sacred text so why do we going to other places and for what? Let us pray and worship Hindu/Vedic gods only and be happy.

    64. Siddesh Shetty says:

      Krishna is the most selfish person who ever existed.

      He always did things that favoured him.
      Hunting was one of his pass time.
      He cheated anyone when he felt it was right.

      & don’t forget the ruling family always wrote the history.

      I don’t believe in god, but I follow the idea of god.

      So all the religions spread one and only one message and that is peace.

      Please get your facts right and then comment on others

      1. Radhe Radhe Blind follower of Saibaba = Dead body

        See how following anti-god saibaba made you a confused and insane person. The way you are talking about Bhagwan Krishna is similar to the manner you treat your parents, elders and well-wishers.

        “I don’t believe in god, but I follow the idea of god” – is statement of a person who is undergoing several conflicts in his mind. If you cannot believe in a concept then you cannot believe its idea of existence, simple.

        There is nothing as half or median in tangible world. Even minute form of an element bear same features, atoms and characteristics as the entire form – it is never median.

        “So all the religions spread one and only one message and that is peace.”

        Good joke you are cracking, reserve this for muslims and say to them that saibaba = allah. A terrorist community that takes entire town ransom for a facebook post would treat you respectfully 🙂 with their kicks and punches.

        Hindus are sober and kind enough to give freedom to scoundrels like you to point fingers on Bhagwan Krishna. You know from where the kindness emerged from the teachings of Bhagwan himself.

        However stop testing the patience of Hindu community because we are after all humans you have already become half-muslim by criticizing Vedic Bhagwan (or you are a muslim hiding behind Hindu name). Or get ready to be thrashed sooner or later.

        Jaichands like you are responsible in befriending terrorist muslims and making India unsecure place further islamizing the country with fake concept of all gods are equal ignoring fact that allah preached terrorism through out koran teaching muslims to kill kafirs (non-islamic people).

        How can you equate islam = other religions.

        Importantly, Try telling saibaba = allah or quote the same words to them
        mohammed (allah) is the most selfish person who ever existed.
        He always did things that favoured him.
        Hunting was one of his pass time.
        He cheated anyone when he felt it was right.

        And get ready to receive their applauds

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Kishore Dixit says:

        Do you have read even a single page on Bhagwan Shri Krishna? do you have that ability,that level of consciousness and at least common sense to know anything about Sri Krishna? Just talking about your baseless and frivolous thinking stupid idiot nonsense man….!
        Be clear with your fundamentals first।।

      3. Vedic brahman says:

        People like you are delusional. Sree Kŕishna ji is yogiswar.brainless people cannot understand vedic sanatan dharm and also the teachings of lord krishna. Whoever prays saibaba are lowest of mankind.

      4. You are thinking are most stupid, sorry.

    65. yes … people like u are the reason of the conflicts thats happening in the world … no one claims ‘sai baba’ as god.. its ur lack of knowledge nd cheap mentality to think like this… he is a guru … who preached all good things. i m a hindu unfortunately to say … because people like you are ruining Hinduism … how much can u abuse other religions… from the above article u jst want to claim tht other religions are waste especially ‘islam’ … wt do u mean by meat eaters … evryone in the world eat nd ate meat … waht nonsense are u talking … u jst want to indirectly say tht Hinduism is a great religion.. thts y u hav abused baba so much …
      stop spreading wrong messages …
      all religions are one
      baba isnt a god …. he is a guru ,… learn all his good behavior rather thn blaming him for his religion ….
      u tottaly need a brainwash… …
      if u truly believe in lord krishna then u would never have said it ….

      1. Radhe Radhe Man jima ji (FAKE),

        Stop spreading filthy sentiments. Come out with original name or identity before calling yourself as an ashamed Hindu. A true Hindu is never ashamed of anything as he always follows the path of dharma filled with pride for his culture, past and country unlike people like you who lick toes of FAKE gurus and anti-gods like saibaba or allah. If you have sanity why dont you post counter views to each pointers listed in the article, rather than brandishing your filthy thoughts reflecting your weak personality and low-confidence.

        Thanks for giving us a laugh riot “….people like u are the reason of the conflicts thats happening in the world” your eyes your blind brat, it is islamic supporters and followers like you who are responsible for terror, conflicts and millions of death the world over.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Sharad Shinde says:

        hare krishna….sai baba was fake saint i never pray to this type of peoples…

      3. Tarun Kumar says:

        I have small doubt, if any one can clarify please.

        When Shirdi sai baba live, British ruling this country.
        So many atrocities against indians.

        Then why shirdi sai baba was silent against British.?

        God can do any thing, atleast he should condemn the British rule and acts.

        If he is guru and promoted communal integrity, any proof that he gave equal respect to other religion gods like his own islamic religion.

        What is the message he want to give by replacing lord krishna idol with his dead body.

        1. Sai Vishal Kannan says:

          No one called Sai Baba a God,people used to go to him for peace and to learn his teachings.Also he’s remembered as a saint who came to this world as a human being lived with us and left us.He has powers too.Not saying this page hates Sai Baba but they’re not collecting the right information.

      4. Sai bakthan da says:

        Manjimaaaa…. Hatsofff…. Im getting angry…if they caught in my hand.. i will kill everyone… My baba is god… No one is there …..

        1. Radhe Radhe Dassai ji,

          See thats the point we are making and you are proving it. Cultism is DEATH to peace and societies of the world. It causes annihilation.

          There seems to be no difference between islamic terrorism and fanaticism of sai cult.

          If you have counter point views, please feel free to provide the same than causing harm to unity of Hinduism. We can have a healthy discussion here. Come on give your point of views with substantial details.

          Clearly cultism growing into terrorism is not helpful for the country. Sooner this saiism cult is controlled better it is.

          Revert to Vedic gods, Vedic tradition and Sanatan culture.

          Jai Shree Krishn

        2. true
          om sai ram

          baba 🙁

          dont worry even people in shirdi during baba was there used to say these things


          Baba i love you

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Stop this fake bhakti. Love your parents and Hindu people around you.

            Stop this muslim jihadi sai bhakti.

            Jai Shree Krishn
            Har Har Mahadev

    66. Jignesh Gupta says:

      Bhai This All are [VIOLATION] SAI BABA is [VIOLATION]

    67. Mahapatro Tarun Kumar says:

      If shirdi saibaba is god, then

      why he couldnot made a favour to indians
      to free from britishers?

      Why he was not supported any freedom fighter with his powers?

      1. Excellent… very good point… hats off to your thinking.

    68. Very Well written Article… most of the information could have been True!!! I There is lot of misunderstanding about the Term ” GURU ” itself Guru is actually the Rishi/Teacher who give us the Education…In olden days There used to be only Gurukulas so The teacher who teaches Vedas, Sastras are Called Guru.. so for us now our Parents& School Teachers are Our Gurus… Spending time/ money for them would do more Good for us than Spending time on visiting Temples…

      1. Vedic brahman says:

        You are is one who teaches the way of life as said in vedas.rishi is one who follows vedic rituals and teaches vedas to students.muni is one who follows vedic rituals and remains silent without interacting with the busy world.
        So present day teachers are not gurus or rishis or munis.also stop praying dead bodies
        For example (of sai baba)

    69. How can I come in contact with you? Because what u say is so true!

      1. Why you want to come in contact with him? For what? He at least have gut to put this out. Just knowing he put this out is more than enough for me. I don’t need to know who he is. I do know he is true Hindu.

    70. thank you for explaining us..i never trust in man-god or any kind of godmen who claim themselves god…for god you have vishnu…ask him anything he is there to guide us throughout


      I also feel any Guru should not be treated as a God. So even if Saibaba was a pious man, he was only a Guru, and should not be treated as God. Per the argument of this writer even Ram and Krishna would become un-Godly since they are human beings and also meat eaters. Ram was surely a meat eater and there are many references to that in Ramayana. Also Ram drank liquors and also made Sita drink too and it is recorded in Uttara Kanda of Ramayana. I think these are all mythical figures and we don’t know whether they really existed or not. As for Saibaba he really existed but he cannot and should not be elevated to the status of God.

      1. Radhe Radhe Mallikarjuna ji,

        Do not commit sin by gulping vomits puked by english historians and later populated by meat eater mlecchas (non-vedic muslims/christians).

        Use your knowledge to promote scientific truth and ancient wisdom, researching about them while not propagating myths populated by anti-Hindus who want Hindus to renounce Vedic Sanatan dharma and become mleccha.

        DO NOT SPREAD LIES. Here is the scientific proof that humans cannot be meat eaters then how can you expect Bhagwan who educates in Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Ramayan and Mahabharat not to eat meat to commit such heinous sin.

        Read complete post here with patience –

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. wrong!!!they never ate meat or drank liquor ur totally ignorant…n fyi Rama/Krishna is not human but He’s God, the supreme God as per Vedic shastras..whatever gossips u’ve written kindly quote that from the authentic Vedic hsatras – Valmiki Ramayana the original one and u’ll find out that ur completely wrong in your claims…dharma should be followed according to shastra as well as worship should be done according to shastra otherwise its in the mode of darkness as per Bhagavad Gita chapter for saibaba he’s not mentioned in the shastras and he is posing himself as God which prove that he is a CHEATER and he’s worship is termed as in the mode of ignorance/darkness and those doing such worship are termed as muda(stupid)..

    72. Everything you mentioned may be right we should believe in original gods only but you should not put any bad comments for any other god which many people may have faith with.

    73. Can you please give more proof to this? Also please site the links in support of this.

      1. Radhe Radhe Thomas ji,

        The post clearly gives info on the sources. You can read post carefully and you will get all the information about the sources.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    74. Believe only in original gods. ..not the self proclaimed godmen ….so don’t trust shirdi sai baba, the other andhra sai baba(puttupurthy )or any other godman. ….They are all self proclaimed and money minded

      1. All Gods were created by Human. HINDU,MUSLIM or Christians,Farzi does not matter. They were created to scare them against god. No such thing Heaven,Hell. All were fakes.
        The world is rolling on its own. We found the some events which are favour to us, then we say it is gods gift.If they are not then we say our sin. Reality hard work, kindness to others, honest will bring respect,richness in our life. Nothing else will bring. Praying without doing work will not give you any future. God is kind of support structure for our mind support. Do not feel bad if you miss your prayer or failed to go to temple or church. Nothing will happen. All in your head. Wide open your eyes, see the world as is. Dont see the world with color glasses. Everyone have right to live in this world.All are equal. Realy speaking we afraid to believe that there is no god.Because we were brought up like that. If we say like that something bad will happen. That fear is the one controls us. Example: You pray everyday morning. When you travel to US or on long journey you dont. Did anything bad happened to you ? NO. All in your brain. Be happy what you are , try to be honest , put your work for future. Do not believe in blind habits. Who ever it its. Just sit in a place think. You will get self realization.

    75. Am a hindu…and hinduism has taught us to love every1 [removed non-researched and misinterpretation]

    76. Very nice of you……..😊👍🏼 thanks for showing a lot which we didn’t know about our God our baba our guru our everything……..[Revoked irrational context]

    77. Can u tell something about shree yantra

    78. Hare Krishna haribol ji,
      Today I read ur post ..abt saibaba,,I completely agree with u sir.
      Before reading ur post also , I believe that saibaba is not god.
      I always debate with my friends on this..who follow because of u I have so many proofs and points to clarify my view..thanks again..
      Haribol ji, can u do one favor ..
      I really wan to know that ..have we found any original written Vedas or any shastra..or any pieces of shastras till date ?
      And how we got our shastras ..I mean they are written thousands year ago..

      1. Yes many one called Tirukural written by Tiruvalluvar A great Saint from South wrote and those are real happenings till date

    79. Om Sai Ram

      I was a lord Shiva devotee when I was young.And then I followed Sai Baba.
      Then I came across sathya Sai Baba and after reading his scams and all ,it brought so much hatred towards him and other saints who try to loot people.
      But then I realized something that hatred brings that wall of ignorance on our mind and I felt little detached from Sai Baba.
      But then how could I ever deny all the experiences I keep having, and dear friends I wish I could show or share those things that happened with me.They were not things like I got good marks ,or good job, or good health etc etc. They could be termed as destiny also.but some beautiful miracles that Sai has given me.

      I pray all the hindu Gods and Goddesses in one name and that is Sai. I can doubt on my existance and not HIS. Not even once I ever asked someone to follow Sai Baba even after being such a staunch devotee, because let everyone have their beliefs ,their own Gods , because everybody hAs their own spiritual journey. There hAve been demons in the past like ravana and there Are other demons in form of fake babas and all even now but being a good human being we should not just bluntly try to shake someones faith.

      And I appreciate the fAct that you take so much effort in debunking these fake people, and trying to save others , but I think you are more hari bhakt then just promote Hari Bhakti.
      Tell people about your experiences. Talk about Hari all the time.and let people have Faith in Hari rather than using your time in finding fault everywhere.
      I agree that there are people looting and trying to contaminate hinduism, but what is meant to happen will happen ,this is Kalyuga. Wait for Lord Kalki to come and take care of the demons.
      You just remember Out Lord Hari

      Hari sewak
      May Hari bless you

      1. Radhe Radhe Sandhya Ji,

        Our aim is to work for the betterment of Hindus and decolonize our culture from the clutches of anti-Vedicism and non-Hinduist ideologies which made slave of Bharat since last 800 years. We are working for INVOKING confidence among our Hindu brothers and sisters so that they work hard for the betterment of Vedic culture and REAL Bharat.

        Shree Krishn is true Bhagwan and is omnipresent. DO NOT COMPARE him with other Anti-gods. Shree Krishn is sacchidanand and is complete, he DOES NOT need missionaries of bhakts like us to promote bhakti. We can become satsangis but not promoter of Bhagwan. We are too negligible to do that.

        This is farce logic of SLAVE of cults – christianity and islam – where they need to promote their human jesus and illiterate person mohammed’s ideologies.

        Their products (anti-gods) would diminish with time. It has happened before with anti-Vedicism and will happen again.

        You have enclosed yourself in the frame of low-confidence and weak self-esteem. You have become slave of mleccha sai. Your bhakti is of no use for Hindutva and Hindu unity as you have become part of saiism cult. What you are doing is for the selfish benefit of yourself. Start thinking about Hindu brothers and sisters.

        Please come out of your insanity sister and read the thought provoking posts given here. Open your eyes or else you will continue enlarging your low-confidence circumference and negatively impact others too including your family members.

        We can only guide you.

        Even after reading the post you could not OPEN your mind and eyes then no one can explain you truth. It is you who can change it for betterment for yourself and your future generation.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Anindita Choudhury says:

        I agree wd you very well said

      3. I was devotee too until I started asking questions. This whole sai baba is nothing but run by money making syndicate. I am no longer devotee of Sai. Fortunate enough I was enlightened and I’m out of this deception. I feel more blessed than ever before and saved from committing biggest sin by believing in fake man in name of God. When will you accept the truth? Everything that this person has to say in here is nothing but truth. SAI was no God. He did not even believe in Veda. This was all an attempt to convert Hindus to Muslims. Open your eyes.

    80. Good Marketing Strategy For Sai Baba. They Add his name with all other popular Devi Devtas and get popularity.
      Sai Krishna, Sai Ram, Sai Shiva, Sai Ganesh,

      They could have added few more names..
      Sai Tata, Sai Birla, Sai Ambani, Sai Gates, etc

      1. Radhe Radhe Ramu Ji,

        We all need to debunk this scam tainted marketing strategy of mleccha sai baba and his phishing disciples – who organize sai bhandara and sai rath yatra to loot money from gullible Hindus in the form of donation. In Maharashtra alone, this type of sai baba padyatra faud is supposed to be around 20 crores of scam.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    81. maine galti ki shirdi jakar……mujhe kisi ne kaha bhi tha ki sai baba muslim the…lekin main na mani…..wo baad me pata chala….

      1. Radhe Radhe Swati Ji,

        Sach ka prachar kijiye ki mulla sai musalmaan hai aur koi sant ya dev nahi hai. Is sach ko sabko bataiye.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Mr Haribol.. if you aren’t interested in following Sai Baba then better shut your mouth instead of speaking bullshit.
          All I know when people where in need Saibaba had helped them. I witnessed my own aunty who was poor and wasn’t able to do anything for her family, she was suggested to visit shirdi by her neighbours and when she did that soon she was able to do catering job and her financial condition was improved, what would you like to say thar. And there are many incidences which would be a complete stupidity to claim it as a coincidence.
          Now that you are blaming him to be fraud just because he is trying to replace islamic over hinduism then u r wrong…he was the one who said people to read Hindu Grantha ezpecially Bhagvatgeeta, look at this you are Bhagwan Krishnas bhakta right, then you shouldn’t be oppoaing him bcz he suggested to read and practice bhagvatgeeta.
          About money, bhakt’s are served with free food and other facilities.
          About meet, he used to cook then and serve to only those who were non vegitarian, and never forced brahmin to eat it.

          U didn’t experience any miracles and maybe you’ll never because you don’t deserve any help. May god bless you with brain that doesn’t differentiate between Hindu and Muslims. Learn to respect people and elders.
          Now I think you are no lesser than terrorist who try to kill humanity.
          Never did Krishna Bhagwan said to embrace hindus and oppose muslims. If u really were Krishna Bhakt I think you wouldn’t be disrespecting anyone, because Krishna Bhagwan never did.
          Sai baba didn’t tell anyone to worship him, they were bhakts who started to do that by witnessing his love and help. If u think he really wanted Islamic religion then he would have said to go darga but he never did and he was worshipped by people according to hindu culture.

          Dhongis like you with epitome of ego are dhongis. And if u forgot it then I shall remind you that there are dhongis from hindu aswell try to reveal that first, before you throw mud on others check whether you are clean.

          Sai Baba is a truth whose only intention was to develop humanity in people to unite diverse religion, BHAI CHARA…

          Unfortunately you aren’t sane enough to understand is, stupids can understand anything

          Hope you get to face your karma for spreadiing wrong info and viruse of your pessimistic brain to others.
          Since you don’t know let me tell you that Sai Babas Bhakts don’t believe in cheating others and to disrespect other religion, if u want you can check anywhere you want to. One who are followeres of guru sai baba they never discriminated any and are leading happy and healthy life.

          Im glad that im not like you to differentiate between hindu and muslims. And here you are proving thar krishna bhagwans bhakt love to grow hatredness for other religion, i guess you aren’t a happy guy.

          1. Jai Shree Krishn Nikita ji,

            Every line of your comment without any substance is proving TRUE, validating the article & the other responses given about #BhaktiJihad of fraudster fakir #Saibaba.

            In a bid to support desert cult sharia proponent muslims, you are aggressively opposing #Openness of Hinduism & denying FACTS about Saiism cult.

            This sublime submission to muslim rituals by Hindu sisters like you are expanding #LoveJihad victims causing immense harm to Hinduism, because the truth is ISLAM’s existence is based on hatred & reversals of all Vedic traditions, advocating anti-Vedic rituals – killing, r@ping, decimating culture, temples of non-muslims.

            Con Saiism cult members are ignorant Hindus who are devoid of any knowledge about our great History & Vedic scripts. Please read all major books Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharat, 4 Vedas, Bhagwat Puran, 17 Purans, Agamas & Ramayan.

            Read the facts & spread awareness to save Hinduism & protect Hindu girls. Do not increase number of #LoveJihad victims by following #BhaktiTerrorism of anti-god Saibaba.

            It is not your fault, it is due to series of BLUNDERS of yester-generations who never taught you about our history & concocted theories, extensive islamisation of Bharat.

            Please read the facts:










            Jai Shree Krishn

    82. oh my god……by seeing all dese posts one thing is for damn sure dt one who is talking noncence abt sai baba is really need to understand the term “GOD”.
      coz no any single god follower is learned to spk like u.ur words shows how rude & cruel u how can u be a grt devotee of lord Krishna.As god himself is never partial.
      u seriously need a brainwash.First become a gud person ..coz the person like u r only wasting their time on ur self ego.
      Go understand deeply the meaning of god..then ur way of talking will automatically improve.

      1. Radhe Radhe Trishna Ji,

        The tolerance and acceptance level of a true Hindu is again proven here nth time as your cr@p comment was posted to provide space to contrarian view, but still intellectual terrorists like you would blame Hindus that tolerance level suddenly diminished in India (thanks to fake propaganda promoted by idiot sickular Hindus who think mleccha sai = god and anti-god allah = god …)

        Anyways coming back to moot point, why do n’t you do some hard work and analyze the fake sai charitra before vomiting venom here. Only self-realization can help you.

        Do not bring Shree Krishna in the topic here, mleccha sai is not even worth taking name let alone comparing him with Supreme Omnipresent Bhagwan.

        Also Do not dare to demean Devi, Devtas while comparing them with a ganja addict sai ever.

        And let us tell you, we will use such STRONG language in every post as cultural terrorists and anti-Hinduism should be annihilated for the awareness and spread of Sanatan Dharma which is true humanity, advocates protecting nature, animals and living beings around.

        Annihilation of anti-Vedic thoughts, mlecchas and anti-gods is MUST for the sustenance of humanity (true Sanatan Dharma).

        You revert to the path of haribhakti and become devotee of Shree Krishn while doing self-less karma for the humanity of the world and unity of Hinduism.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. I thik God dosent need your shit logic , you people have created all this neusense he dosent need any human to follow him ,dosent need anyone to protect him he is the creator of universe he has not created religions ,i believe tomorrow someone like you will start a new religion where you will preach everyone to hate other religions ,where as no religion states you should hate all other religion , who are you to impose this restrictions , some kind of God or some one is paying you for all this , big follower please let karma do its miracle you stay away atleast behave like humans

          1. Radhe Radhe Sankalp ji,

            You are making same statements in poisonous words, full of hatred – what you are conveying is already stated in the article. It seems the sole purpose of creating awareness among ignorant saibaba followers like you have hit the right chord in your case. Henceforth, follow your karma, believe in Shri Krishna and stop worshiping dead mullas.

            Jai Shree Krishn

          2. You’re dum fuk. No need to try hard. Uneducated gawaar.

      2. CHAITANYA says:


        1. Radhe Radhe Chaitanya Ji,

          Please share the images, we will post it here.

          Jai Shree Krishn

        2. Because of money. These are thugs not gurus. They have no place in Hindu society. These are the people every Hindu need to be careful. They’re the culprits.

    83. Alka77900@gmail yadav says:

      You know what , “vishwas hai the bhagwan hai ,vishwas Hi ni th ehsaas ki umeed kaise kar sakte ho aap.. I deeply believe in sai baba he is a God if you believe but if you don’t believe then also nobody gave you any right to say anything wrong about him. Meat toh duniya me hazaro log khate hai th unhe th puja krna bhi chhod dena chahiye. There are lot of r@pe cases, controversy, inhapping in this world,please think about them and work on them. Don’t point sai baba (richest God of India) he is not only rich because of money,he is rich because people admire him, love him,worship him with all there I suggest you rather than pointing him (who has name and ,believers both) do something god. BABA VO NHI JINHE AAP JANTE HO YE VO HAI JINHE AAP KBHI JAAN NHI PAOGE….
      OM SAI RAM

      1. Radhe Radhe Alka Ji,

        We can only guide the deaf, mute and dumb people (who became so due to their dedicated enslavement towards the cult figure) to gain wisdom.

        It is upto the person how much he or she wants to understand.

        You are suffering from the disease of cultism. You are not arguing on the lines of fake sai chritra that says sai is not god but meat eater musalman, a mleccha. You are not feeling bad that images of Hindu Devi and Devtas are used with mleccha sai to dent the unity of Hinduism and roots of Sanatan Dharma. You are getting more into the dark well while reciting fake mantras which are made twisting original Vedic mantras while replacing Hindu Devi and Devtas name by mleccha sai.

        The day you understood the propaganda of people who are milking mleccha sai’s name you will work for the unity of Hindus and not in its decimation. Shame on you.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. fyi meat eaters r termed as mlechas(most degraded humans) or asuras(demons or humans having demonic mentality or demonic ambitions) in the shastras..plz read Bhagavad Gita & srmad Bhagavatam for enlightenment…to follow it is sub to u..but kindly donot misguoide others n pull them with u in that dark well..saibaba is neither God nor Guru

      3. Viswaas aur andh viswaas mai bahut fark hai bhole. Jaag le aur apne sabhi ko jagaa le. Varna naa tu Hindu rahega aur nahi teri aane wali pedhi..

    84. I truly believe it. If sai exist then show me any miracle then i believe

    85. Sai baba is fake , that is for real . I ain’t a christian , but this is the fact that JESUS … [Rest Comment Removed – This Site is not for Missionary Promotion. Hindus are against conversion. You can follow cult whatever you belong to but do not promote conversion here. It is such a shame your so called jesus need assistance from you people to promote his name.. ha ha ha … Lolzz.. you still believe him BTW he claimed to be son of god and not god.]

      1. It is true that Jesus was son of God. Which GOD? … Suryadev…Jesus is younger brother of Saturn.. the shani maharaj. He was sent to earth ( Pataal lok) to make reforms by Suryadev.

      2. I am the truth. The way and the light. Nothing comes to my father except through me – jesus.

        1. Radhe Radhe Anony…

          You are half-right in a way that Jesus was not god and he always talked about his father however without following anti-Vedic rituals of Christianity, people can meet God – why follow rituals of Jesus, Son of a God when you can meet his father, Bhagwan Krishn, and take his blessings.

          Jesus himself said he was son of God and God is Bhagwan Krishn himself.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    86. Dhivya Kamalakannan says:

      How unfortunate is the guy that wrote this post? May Sai forgive your ignorance and arrogance. Krishna and Sai are one. You are blind to see the truth. Om Sai Ram..

      1. Radhe Radhe Dhivya Ji,

        Do not commit sin of comparing a mleccha with Supreme Bhagwan. And also do not use pious name of Ram (Ram name is Bhagwan itself) with mulla sai.

        Such a shame, people like you, are decimating true Vedic values and causing harm to actual legacy of Hinduism. Ignorant and foolish People like you are responsible for making several anti-Vedic cults out of Hinduism thereby weakening the unity among Hindus. Revert to the bhakti of Bhagwan Krishna than boot licking mleccha or else become pret in next yoni. And we know you will never be happy and your prosperity will be short-lived at regular intervals of life, because you worship the dead body using anti-Vedic meaningless words and not Bhagwan through pious rituals of Vedas and Hinduism. This is last reply to you, no point in arguing with an idiot person.

        The factual post is being appreciated by all devout Hindus but blind followers of mulla sai.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Please leave evangelism. Follow only Vedas and idihasas

        1. Radhe Radhe Hari Ji,

          Thanks for your first feedback.

          Please read other posts and give your suggestions.

          Jai Shree Krishn

      3. You are thinking foolishly, yama had to create a special hell for you, because you are comparing the supreme Lord Krishna who is Achyuta to a mlechha and a dog Sai Rascal sai fool and sai b*stard

      4. Vedic brahman says:

        Stop using name of ram to that thug sai mulla.
        All the poojas happening in shiridi are anti vedic.
        Those who pray sai baba will become preta(ghosts) and wander for 1000 years.

      5. How can you become so blind, if he is Krishana, then why are you going to Sai, directly go to Krishana temple.

      6. Tere baap ne tujhe bola Krishna aur sai ek hai? By saying this you’re no longer Hindu. Convert to Muslim xxxhole.

    87. I also think he is a fake fakir. The virus has spread so much into Hinduism. How to stop this? I tried speaking to the so called Bakths and asked for evidence of him being another incarnation of Guru Dattatreya. No answer. Can any Hindu / Hindu group take legal action against this false propaganda and stop these people from saying “fakir is another incarnation of Sri Guru datta.”

      1. sabse badi baat fakir shabd islaam me hote hain, hinduo me nahi….to fakir muslim hue, to sai baba bhi fakir the, unka pehnawa bhi fakir ka tha…to sidhi baat wo muslim hue….ye baat har hindu samjh jaye to thik hai.

        jab hamare Bharat me rishi, maharishyon ke mandir nahi bane jo bhagwan tak ko shaap diye hain, to ek fakir ka mandir kaise ban gaya…sochne wali baat hai….

    88. gaurav.punj says:

      dude, let me tell you Truth Story

      हिन्दुस्तान के हालात बहुत बिगड़े हुए थे। हिन्दू और मुसलमानों के बीच वैमनस्यता चरम पर थी। जात-पात, धर्मांधता और कट्टरता अपने चरम पर थी। इंसानियत खत्म हो गई थी
      मध्यकाल में जब अरब, तुर्क और ईरान के मुस्लिम शासकों द्वारा भारत में हिन्दुओं पर अत्याचार कर उनका धर्मांतरण किया जा रहा था तो उस काल में हिन्दू-मुस्लिम एकता के लिए सैकड़ों चमत्कारिक सिद्ध, संतों और सूफी साधुओं का जन्म हुआ। इसके बाद भी हिन्दू और मुस्लिमों की एकता के लिए कई संतों का जन्म हुआ लेकिन सभी के एकता के प्रयास राजनीतिज्ञों ने असफल कर दिए। उस दौर में हिन्दुस्तान के हालात बहुत बिगड़े हुए थे। हिन्दू और मुसलमानों के बीच वैमनस्यता चरम पर थी। जात-पात, धर्मांधता और कट्टरता अपने चरम पर थी। इंसानियत खत्म हो गई थी
      हिन्दू-मुस्लिम एकता के 7 प्रतीक
      एकता के लिए कई संतों का जन्म हुआ

      1) झूलेलाल (लगभग 1007)
      2) सिद्ध वीर गोगादेव : सन् 1155
      3) ख्वाजा गरीब नवाज (1141)
      4) बाबा रामदेव (1352-1385)
      5) संत कबीर : (जन्म- सन् 1398 काशी, मृत्यु- सन् 1518 मगहर)
      6) गुरु नानकदेवजी :—–(एक मर्तबा गुरुजी सुल्तानपुर के पास बेई नदी में स्नान करने गए तो काफी समय तक बाहर नहीं आए। लोगों ने समझा नानकजी पानी में डूब गए हैं। तीसरे दिन नानकजी प्रकट हुए। बाहर आते ही उन्होंने पहला उपदेश दिया था- ‘न कोई हिन्दू, न कोई मुसलमान’।)
      7) शिर्डी सांईं बाबा (जन्म 1830, समाधि 1918) (बाबा के भक्तों में सभी जाति-धर्म-पंथ के लोग शामिल हैं। जहां हिन्दू बाबा के चरणों में हार-फूल चढ़ाते, समाधि पर दूब रख अभिषेक करते हैं, वहीं मुस्लिम बाबा की समाधि पर चादर चढ़ा सब्जा चढ़ाते हैं। )

      1. Syed Wasim Haider says:


        1. India is secular because of Hindus. We Hindus are most tolerant people no islamic or christian country can have non-muslim or non-christian as PM or president. But India does give freedom to all due to majority of Hindus. Do not preach here about oneness of god and secularism. You muslims need to be taught about humanity.

          If you want to use saibaba’s veil to decimate unity of Hindus, thereby distorting their path from Vedic thoughts then you are commiting sin. Instead you should Ask your maulanas to introspect and not to teach koran that says that all non-muslims are kafirs, they should be killed in jihad (terrorism). They also advocate that allah is ONLY god (in reality an anti-god) and all gods are not one. Start cleansing pathetic minds of muslims before bluffing Hindus about cult saiism and sai baba.

        2. yes absolutely right…that one god is none other than….yahova…al mighty god….see the reference in HOLY BIBLE…….Ephesians:4-6,Deuteronomy 6:4,
          Malachi 2:10,Romans 11:36,1 Corinthians 8:6,1 Corinthians know those references showing whom the one god ie.,YAHOVA GOD…and one more thing u have to remember….that one more god to this universe ie.,JESUS without believing him there is no use of your birth…instead of him many innocents like Muslims,Hindus,etc.,they creates their own individual gods,like Muhammad,Krishna,Saibaba,Rama,Sreenivasan etc.,etc.,everybody is fake…..except the god JESUS….and by the way by himself if he didn’t say that he was not god there nothing wrong and we cannot conclude that he was not god….why ??do u know????the god YAHOVA says that he was god…enough if u believe or not that’s depends on u…and many Muslims should know that JESUS himself say that he was GOD….so that the Israel peoples tried to throw stones on him…first study and make it analysis thoroughly and then speak in public..BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD NOT the story books or novels…and here are some references…that shows JESUS is a GOD…John 1:1,Genesis 1:1,Proverbs 8:23,Luke 24:53,
          John 1:2,John 1:14,John 8:58.John 17:5,here like many references are there,but no time to mention all…and one finally i want to reveal one great REFERENCE “”””PROVERBS:-8:22-30″””””” ONCE CHECK IN BIBLE those who BELIVES that only one GOD exists that is only GOD HAHOVA AND HIS BELOVED SON JESUS.he he was the only son the almighty god says and JESUS came from HEAVEN to take us back to our native HOME (HEAVEN)…John 14:6 ,John 1:4,ACTS,ROMANS,HEBREWS,etc., etc., like many references exists in BIBLE….if u not believing that ur fault not the BIBLE…now whole world starts with B.C and A.C, why not with Muhammad,Krishna,Saibaba,Rama,Sreenivasan???????????and whole world follows 1 week has 7 days why not 10 or 15 days????BIBLE says answer for that so come to the real GOD and that is HOLY BIBLE everthing it answers for your questions because it was not written by MAN’s ideas and it was WORD OF GOD……it contains only ANSWERS NO QUESTION REMAINS YOU…….

          1. Radhe Radhe Suneel Ji,

            Converted rats do blabber like you do and these brown rats do raise voice more than their white bandicoots due to their enslaved mindset – the key to the success of their culthood. BTW why use Hindu name when you believe in concocted theories of christianity, why do n’t you call yourself tom, d!ck or harry ….

            All your cr@p that you copy pasted is BAKWAAS. Bible and koran are most unscientifically written fictional books. There are many cr@ps in them, but we will only highlight two points.

            Sample this…

            Koran says earth is flat, islam and earth will cease to exist till 15th century 🙂

            Bible says earth is flat and earth is only 6000 years old 🙂

            And no thanks for the entertainment that you provided to us without substance. There will be thousands of bibles and koran that will appear this kaliyuga as it is age for the rise of mlecchas and worst kind of beings who appear only in this age. Do not worry soon you will find rise of sub-cults within your cult.

            Bhagwan is Sanatan Dharma which is infinite and omnipresent.

            Jai Shree Krishn

        3. Did you know Sai did not take bath for Months??

    89. gaurav.punj says:

      download any 2 pics of sai baba at google image then save it 2 pics on Desktop and there’s random number just rename it
      1st pic = rename edit it and set to Sai Baba
      2nd pic = Sabka Malik Ek
      after open Antivirus and scan your Desktop and after scan you’ll get Warning Warning Warning Found 2 Virus Files.. it’s those sai baba’s photos 😛

    90. gaurav.punj says:

      bhaiya ji me and you let’s go Shirdi sai baba and burn his dead body..
      think about Trinity gods still says why didn’t buried dead body of sai baba and trinity god still sad that dead body of sai baba didnt buried
      let’s burn his dead body and trinity gods wants to happy smile

      1. gaurav.punj says:

        गीता में भी भगवान श्रीकृष्ण कहते हैं कि भूत प्रेत, मूर्दा (खुला या दफ़नाया हुआ अर्थात् कब्र अथवा समाधि) को सकामभाव से पूजने वाले स्वयं मरने के बाद भूत-प्रेत ही बनते हैं.

        so after buried sai baba we can worship at Pehowa (kurukshetra ) nearest at Sarasvati River (jheel)

    91. gaurav.punj says:

      when i was a kid like 6-7-8 years toh mujhy khud aapne aap pta chala, bhagwan krishna, bhagwan ram or bhagwan shiv ji the but believe tha hindu gods but sai baba be sunna hua tha bachpan mai but trust ni tha fake lag raha tha or muslman be sunna tha jab mai 6-7 years ka tha tab aisa lagta ha musalman aantakwadi ha darr lagta ha muslman ke pass jana or jab mai bada hua mujhy bachpan mai sunni hui kahani sach mai sachai ho gayi


      GEETA, QURAN, BIBLE Etc. those who believe in books beware! Yes, they are our guidelines to live but have you ever seen the person who had written them? Or were you born at the same time as Krishan, Jesus etc. and can definitely prove that they were Gods?

      No doubt there is a Supreme being who is responsible for our existence. We should surrender our-self to Supreme being and serve, guide and help the living beings who co-exist with us on earth.

      If you deny other human being food and no matter what Prasad or offering you made to God it is waste. These are idols of faith made by Human beings to support their spritual path so that they can pursue the path by objecting God into certain form. Worshiping a form is always comfortable than formless so we are all into idols, pictures etc.

      “God is an idea”. Follow it for your enlightenment and not for dividing human beings and hating each others.

      Today, which pilgrimage is that safe ? Several people earns their livelihood depending upon those temples or shrines, mosques etc. (Selling prasad, flowers etc.). Among them there are also evil nature people who takes advantage and loot people.

      1. Learn being a pure soul even in the midst of all politics and pranks. That’s Krishna the Supreme!!!
      2. Learn to break all the barrier and be the image of perfection. That’s Rama!!!
      3. Look upon all being equally and pursue God with devotion and unity. That’s Sai Baba!!!
      4. Pray God with utmost devotion even in the darkest hour of distress. That’s Jesus!!!
      5. A disciplined heartfelt worship of Supreme being. That’s a Muslim!!!

      Every religion that developed over the course of time had goods and bads. None is perfects, as the followers are human beings and they are not perfect.
      Man made religion and now religion makes Man. HINDUISM, bring a vast cultural heritage and richness of vedas but it developed by consolidation of different groups following shiva, vishnu, shakti, etc.

      Veg, non-veg etc. was and is mostly due to different ethnicity, culture and geographical conditions. Do not classify religion based on habits of people.



      1. Radhe Radhe Ramesh Ji,

        Though we allow freedom of speech, we do not encourage littering comment section with rubbish based on interpretations that is irrelevant and does not rebut article point by point with pertinent substance, if it is available with anti-Vedicians.

        You know what hurts most, when an idiot who is devoid of any knowledge about our Vedic texts and history (Ramayan, Mahabharat and Srimad Bhagwad Geeta) give sermons comparing Hindu Dharma with other cults and religions.

        You would do great service to yourself by reading our texts and also anti-vedic koran and bible and then compare to know meaning of Gods, Anti-gods and self-proclaimed son of god.

        And Hinduism is not equal to any of these recent man-made religions put together. Sanatan Dharm, Hinduism is single most scientific and truly spiritual way of life. Read our texts before making farce comments.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Om Namah Shivaya!

          This is my last comment on the subject and I do not wish to continue further explaining to someone who wants to stick to his own version and vedic texts without even trying to search God in the world that’s alive.

          So, looking at your comment it means you already read Quran, Mahabharata, Bible etc.?

          Do not refer to statements like “Our texts” etc. It is a free world and everyone can read you did not wrote those great ancient texts.

          For your kind information I have read Bhagwad Geeta not only the Prabhupada version but YSSI one too. Ramayan I had been reading from my childhood. Shiva Purana, Panchakshari mantra chanting, Sri Rudram, Raam-Naam , Gayatri mantra, Aditya Hrudayam, Navakshari mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Durga saptashati, Skanda Purana, Mahabharata etc. I have practiced and read most of it.


          God (be it of any religion) never asks his Children to fight among themselves and be biased and discriminate based on religion.

          I have read all the scriptures related to different major religions and conclusion is the same “God is one” . So if there was a person (human) who tried to preach it to everyone I do not see any fault in that. If his habits are different than mine (I am vegetarian) that should not stop me in appreciating his qualities.

          And worshiping someone is people’s faith. I bow down to all elders with respect and get their blessings this is no different.

          In fact I do not trust living saints in our current time too much as I have myself witnessed many lies and frauds in that (Again my view, others who are getting benefits through Gurus and progressing spiritually should for sure continue).

          In past I had blasted couple of other articles written by some people who tried to write bad about Krishna. Yes, if he is God or was I do not know. I will need to experience him and Geeta is the tool to reach there. But by following it blindly I should not stop loving all beings who co-exist with me. Even Krisha, Shiva, Jesus etc. will not want me to do that.

          Hare Krishan!

          1. Radhe Radhe Ramesh Ji,

            You are liar but still we will make last attempt to tell you truth based on our research.

            You are liar because everything that you have mentioned summarizing ‘God is one’ is wrong because what islam and christianity follow are fake sermons of mohammed and few disciples of jesus. And in both these texts, they NEVER said god is one, one talks that anti-god (allah) is ONLY GOD and others are kafirs (non-muslims) while other suggests that people not practising christianity are infidels. Their teachings revolve around bodies and mental agility. It only sermonizes physical pleasures so these are not at all religions. As they DENY concept of reincarnation, Karma, transcendental consciousness and more importantly Soul.

            We challenge you show us one verse which shows that Allah and Gods of other non-muslims is one in Islam and non-christians are not infidels in bible. We will give you Rs.10,000 as a prize money for showing us this verse.

            Its only Hinduism, the eternal dharma, that talks in detail about body, mind and soul and teaches real meaning of our existence as humans. There will be millions of religions (and cults) that will come and go (millions already diminished since re-creation of this Universe), but Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm) only existed since time immemorial.

            Bible is NOT scientific it says world is mere 6000 years old. While in islam it is said that world will end by start of 15th century. Islam is more than 1400 years old, yes for islam it may end (due to terrorism and satanic teachings of fictional koran) but world will not end for Hindus and Sanatan Dharmis.

            And the way you argued it clearly shows that you have not READ any Hindu texts. You can boast about your lies among foolish people not here.

            Next time, before acting extra smart and lying outrightly to support a mleccha sai baba, think about your origin and greatness of Hindutva. And still if you don’t believe us than do not visit our website. We would prefer awaking Hindus who are slept not dead zombies.

            Why don’t you rebut article about false anti-god sai baba point by point rather than chest beating about your FAKE and FARCICAL knowledge.

            It is pious view of Sanatan Dharma that enlighten us. And we are proud of our views.

            Jai Shree Krishn

            1. Sorry still replying though didn’t wanted to. Sorry if I offended your belief in God. Please continue forward with your beliefs, you will surely get enlightenment in this birth or another. I am not here for any monetary gain. But I am happy that you do not hate all people who consume non-vegetarian at least. You have references of Swami Vivekananda in your website and he use to consume non-vegetarian food. The idea I had tried to project was simple, “Everyone follows different path and reaches same goal, what matters is personal commitment and good judgement based on humanitarian grounds”. I need no time to explain and in fact no one will deny that serving people in distress and guiding them to right path that helps them to attain God is superior than other rituals . So it is superior that if you have to even quit your worship of God for some time to help person in pain.

              My mother is a Krishna devotee and I have personally followed Lord Shiva from my twenties. If we leave aside all religions and only talk about Hinduism then there also it is found that everyone tries to prove that my God is superior. Somewhere in forums I found that Krisha devotees says that he is superior than Shiva, and Shiva devotees says vice-versa. Then again some other sampradaya’s, sects and different followers etc. it has become polluted. Few Saints\Sadhus were even caught due to sex scandals , corruption etc. So, yes sometimes directly connecting to any form of God without any mediator (Guru) also seems correct sometimes.

              So, please do not consider that I am a follower of any different religion and trying to pull you down. You are doing good work but only thing is faith in God matters and not the form. And I again press on one thing that combination\consolidation of different followers of God at sometime in HIND region gave birth to Hinduism. Now again if Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Kaumaram, Sauras etc. different sects of Hinduism have different views and follows different forms of God then also they are part of Hinduism right?

              Good thing I liked about Sai Baba concept was that there is no differentiation between people of different caste and religion.

              But yes, no need to even follow Sai Baba or anyone else if you feel he is not God. At the same time no need to follow any other Gurus, maulvis etc. they are all just human beings. Directly read different books, go through Internet read articles and follow God from whatever you understand. But here is the catch… even the books where the claim is that it is translation of original “AS IT IS” has commentaries not just exact translation. So in the end it’s not 100% as God would have wanted you to understand. And yes we are mere human beings so we may not be 100% capable of understanding the depth of its meaning.

              That is why most of us chose Guru who is advanced in his spiritual pursuit and he can guide us on the same path. But sometimes we go to right person or sometimes to the wrong. Japa Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga etc. there are several paths.

              So my dear friend even while Krisha is prayed by some group in his childhood form, by others in Adulthood, or as Rama or Vishnu it all sums up to the same.

              My last effort not to deny all your efforts on this website and guiding others towards God, but only for this article I find that efforts of uniting humanity is going on wrong path.

              Certainly you are not a liar, it is your view and faith but others sees God from west, east, south, north from different direction and have different views. Any information that helps understand God is priceless… Please continue good work and use 10,000 you offered me to help someone in distress. God will be happy!

              No doubt that Hinduism we follow is the oldest religion and there is no match about it’s cultural heritage and scriptures.

              Regarding point-by-point trying to prove this article wrong etc. will be a never ending argument. And for sure this is my last post even if you call me idiot, liar again or abuse me in any other way, try to give me other profits etc. But yes you might need to do some research about who all people use to eat meat even in ancient times. I am vegetarian and do not even eat in restaurants where it cooked but I do not hate other people who do.

              Ok brother, have a nice day ahead, continue your Good work. Our case is like that of ‘Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava’ concept, while Gandhiji, Vivekananda embraced others denied.

            2. Radhe Radhe Ramesh Ji,

              We encourage constructive feedback on all our posts.

              Our other posts highlight pride of Hinduism, great knowledge and past of Vedic texts and what we should do to pass it to our next generations.

              Revealing truth about fakirs, anti-gods and thugs like sai baba is also spreading awareness among Hindus. So that our real values do not get diminished following anti-Vedic rituals and people.

              Jai Shree Krishn

          2. A Secular Hindu and a fake sai baba bhakth can write hundreds of para of garbage comparing Hindu texts with that of fake man made cults like Izlam and Xtianity.

            While you talk about not following any god or demi god and perform good karma, then why is there a need that you feel to follow fake sai baba or even take the time to preach us in this forum?

            Please do what you preach and stop supporting / opposing religions. HInduism is also telling the same thing to do your karma in kali yug. And whatever is wrong should be reasoned and proved wrong and that is our dharma. So by exposing the fake man made prophets and son of god and the garbage they call holy books we actually enlighten people who have tread the wrong path due to ignorance.

            A person like you with all knowledge cannot be awoken cos you still miss the whole point with all your years of experience and knowledge, we have even Brihaspati with all worldly knowledge and could not do the right thing with his brother, so we would not judge a mere human being like yourself. But we expect that you do not compare truth with day light fraud and say that they both preach the same. A thief who says good things in the morning and by nights goes for robbery should not be taken as a good man and his words may not be preached even though its good. A thief is a thief regardless and a fake religion is fake regardless its says that they have seen god.

            N.B: I would not be amused if you say that you are an AAP supporter coz such lengthy discussions to counter an already known fraud is an art that only they possess. 🙂

          3. Haribhakt says:

            Dear friend

            These religion fights/arguments scare me most in this world.
            I mean why do we have to go into such things. I feel that this life is too short to love even the people around us ,and as human beings we are supposed to be there for each other, appreciating each others spiritual journey and our beliefs.

            I have never reAd Bhagwad Geeta,qouran ,bible or any granth because I believe in what I experience. And even without reading these books iam at peace.
            And if reading these books also cannot bring peace to people than whats the use.

            I appreciate whatever you wrote.
            Sometimes I feel that we are indeed more ignorant.
            When I came through this site I thought there will be good things written about Lord Hari , instead I found other things.

            Blessings be with all

            1. Radhe Radhe Sandhya Ji,

              Only thinking about self-peace while doing bhakti is SELFISH karma and bhakti.

              Self-less bhakti of the Bhagwan also include spreading awareness about our great Vedic past and unifying Hindus for the humanity and world peace.

              Today due to colonization of education, lifestyle and culture of Bharat. Hindus are not RESPECTING their culture, past and elders.

              Parents are not teaching their children culture of Bharat which include visiting temple of Bhagwan daily.

              Bhakti is part of our life. Along with bhakti, this website is created for the reformation of Hindus thereby invoking confidence, inspiration and aggressiveness among Sanatan Dharmis.

              Decolonization is the MOST important aspect of making Bharat a Soney Ki Sherni again. Last time Our Bharat Mata was Sone ki Chidiya. This time we want to make her Lioness so that each Hindu lead life with self-esteem and confidence, which is lacking in today’s Hindus.

              Revoke SELFISHNESS of doing bhakti for self-peace. Think about Hindu brothers and sisters. Live life for other Hindu brothers and sisters without attaching to the fruits of it and you will seek peace.

              Once all our Hindu brothers and sisters are at peace and well served. We will think about other non-Hindus. Because non-Hindus are responsible for the apathy and disastrous conditions of our brothers and sisters. We need to think about US first.

              For a change THINK and WORK for US before thinking about self-peace and bhakti.

              Jai Shree Krishn