Muslim Sai Baba is Jihadi Terrorist Pindari Love Jihad Proponent

Sufism is the inner mystical dimension of anti-Vedic death cult, Islam. Sai is a Persian title given to Sufi saints who follow islamic rituals. Baba is a term which is used to refer old man in India. So Baba was suffixed to islam name ‘Sai’ to give Indian context to muslim Sai and that is how name Sai Baba was coined. But the fact still remains that Sai Baba is a term known to refer Sufi (islamic) fakirs and nothing to do with Vedic Hindu rituals and practices. There is no panth, akhada or dharma regulatory body which controls the formation or construction of false saint sai baba’s temple. There is no formal permission or Vedic ritual required to build temple on fraudulent fakirs. Government do not tax, control such structures as they do not come under governmental supervision since they are not Hindu temples. So all the funds collected in constructing so called temples of drug addict sai baba can be easily siphoned off – no questions asked by any one.

Anyone can build a mleccha sai baba temple, anybody – whether he is a meat eater or an alcoholic can become priest of such temple. The modus operandi is to collect money and then pocket it in the name of shallow sai bhakti. This easy-to-get rich scheme led to exponential growth of con sai baba temples and then his followers. No restriction on knowledge of Vedic mantras and traditions made it easier for scamsters to make this business a growing phenomenon, Hindus being ignorant herds followed the mythic customs since no one was there to STOP this anti-Hindu propaganda.

Let us dwell into facts, how this sai baba scam actually started.

Muslim Saibaba (Chand Miya) A Pindari Dacoit Became Godman

Why Hindus should Follow Bhagwan Krishna Or Hindu Deity but not Fakirs/Babas

And not Shirdi Saibaba, A Fake God, Why are you praying a dead body “mazar” a muslim practice of paying obeisance

It is very important for Hindus to stay connected to their Vedic roots and Sanatan Dharma. Falling prey to hidden islamic propaganda of islamizing our culture would prove fatal and irreparably detrimental to existence of Hinduism and Hindus. You can be a devotee to any Vedic gods; Bhagwan Vishnu (Bhagwan Surya) or Bhagwan Krishna or Bhagwan Shiv (Bhagwan Rudra) or Bhagwan Ganesh or Bhagwan Murugan – but do not make farce fakirs and babas as your deity.

A Perfect Guru is just your guide to show you path of Bhakti Marg and Karma Yog but he is not your deity.

Vedas suggested more than 100 conditions to find a perfect Guru, we are giving some simple parameters for Grihasth Ashramis and people living a materialistic life.

Simple parameters to identify a perfect Guru in Kaliyug are:

  1. He should not expect his followers to pray him
  2. He should not promote his photo bhakti
  3. He should not live in a palace or luxurious home
  4. He should not sit on a throne
  5. He should not have a temple
  6. He should never wear golden ornaments and expensive jewelries
  7. He should not use donations to build kama places like gambling centres or clubs or hotels
  8. He should stay in a simple house and sleep on the floor
  9. He should chant Mantras and explain disciples about their meaning and how it can help them to connect with Bhagwan
  10. He should be a Gyani of Shastras, Puranas and Mantras
  11. He should be open to any types of unscreened and non-scrutinized  questions
  12. He should build Gurukuls and Hospitals for free education and free medical treatments for Hindus
  13. He should never lie, bluff or show fake miracles to fool his disciples
  14. He should visit holy places and take blessings of Gods and inspire disciples to follow Bhakti Marg not promote Guru Bhakti
  15. He should protect disciples and invoke teachings of Karma Yog and Bravery

If you follow or promote fake Gurus then you are also committing a heinous sin of becoming worm in your next life as per Punishments of Garuda Purana

Sai Baba History

Shirdi Sai Baba False Prophet, An Islamic and British Fraud

Hindu Marathas were very brave. Their strength was staunch Hinduism and immense love towards Sanatan Dharma to the point of fighting unto death. Hindu Maratha Empire at one time was ruling entire Bharat. Yashwantrao Holkar and his close confidantes were aiming to revive Maratha Empire, it was during this time that Muslim clerics in conjunction with Britishers started promoting Fakirs who used to recite few mantras of Bhagwan to fool innocent Hindus, thereby injecting false message that eternal Sanatan Dharma is same as recent manmade mortal islam. In lieu to this propaganda, Muslim Sai Baba was promoted by islamic clerics and British agents to further decimate Hinduism and their inclination towards Sanatan Dharma and Gurus.

Hindu Kings guided by their Gurus were invincible. But demeaning and disregarding Vedic teachings of Gurus made Hindu kings lose wars and further submit to islamized Bharat. Britishers and muslim clerics knew this truth that basis of Hinduism is in their teachings of Sanatan Dharma which is bestowed by their Gurus. They badly wanted to replace the Gurus with some fakirs so they devised and formed hybrid Babas (mixing pathetic kalmas of islam with tradition of Hinduism), this fraudulent planned mission saw emergence of hundreds of Mazars of terrorist sufi saints, which was NEVER SEEN in Arab, birthplace of islam. These Mazars were wrongly promoted as Hindu-Muslim unity places (what a bluff when no mazar ever had any Hindu deity image or any Hindu practice not even today). It was praying the dead rotten body of a Jihadi to subconsciously islamize minds of Hindus, thereby weakening their belief in Sanatan Dharma.

Hindus must remember one simple thing that Vedas and Puranas clearly mention that at the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Vishnu will take Kalki Avatar to annihilate the adharmis  and make way for Satyuga. There is never any mention of any other Avatars apart from Kalki Avatar that too at the end of Kaliyuga. So called god Shirdi Sai Baba, a meat eater was neither an avatar nor a god, has no mention in any Vedic texts.

fake god saibaba shirdi

Replacing Bhagwan with False Sai Baba

Lord Krishna’s temple was used to build monument of fake god Sai Baba in Shirdi. Sai Baba’s dead body was sepulchered in a small monument, removing Lord Krishna’s idol. Throughout his life Sai Baba never came out of Shirdi, neither entered any Hindu temple, nor recited chants of Hindu gods. This Chand Mia (Sai Baba) always remained a devout muslim and followed islamic rituals of killing animals and eating flesh. But when this marijuana (ganja) addict Chand Miya was nearing his death, he strongly insisted that his filthy body be sepulchered in Hindu temple of Lord Krishna which was located nearby – whose priests were always against Sai Baba’s policy of bluffing innocent local Hindus. HOW COULD HINDUS of that time tolerate this, that they replaced Supreme Godhead Lord Krishna’s idol with filthy dead body of biggest thug in the world’s history on religion, after Muhammed, Sai Baba – a staunch musalman. Some pro sai baba disciples started doing puja and reciting aartis (these aartis were initially made replacing Hindu god names with filthy sai baba’s) on the dead body of drug addict baba. What an irony !!!..A person who was practicing muslim through out his life was being prayed by Hindus !!!…that too with rituals that he hated the most.

Why Muslims Hate Musalman Sai Baba

Sai baba’s body was not buried in the mother earth (a practice of muslims) but instead it was kept at an elevated platform. So according to koran, is sai baba rotting in hell by not being buried as per islamic practice !… That’s the reason why muslims NEVER thought of him as great saint, let alone call him god. Also fraudster sai baba called himself as god-sent which was deemed as blasphemic act by mlecchas (muslims).

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Why Sai Baba Samadhi is as Fake as His own Past

Samadhi is common practice among Hindu saints and sages. Disciples of sai baba wrongly pose sai baba’s mazar as samadhi structure. They don’t know the major difference between Samadhi and dying out of illness. Samadhi is death at will while sai baba died due to long term illness (nephritis and hepatic due to excessive meat eating) and not at his will. So sai baba cannot be even compared to ordinary pious Sadhus or Sages who took Samadhis but never boasted or called themselves as gods. Then how can sai baba be called anant koti brahmand nayak (king of millions of universes) when he cannot even treat his own illness, which occurred due to eating of stale meats. How can this thug be called King of Universes ????….All the references used for Hindus gods are being inferred while praising FAKE god sai baba..Why ???..Just to drag Hindus and make them believe this filthy human being.

fake samadhi its mazar in shridi sai dargah not temple

How Hindus are Fooled in Fake Sai Baba’s entrapment, Its Bhakti Jihad

To promote sai baba prominently among innocent Hindus, who strongly believe in Vedic Gods; some of his followers insert farce baba’s images in-between Hindu gods Lord Krishna, Shiv Parvati or Lord Ganesha. This is just a wicked ploy to connect an ordinary drug addict with Hindu gods – as if this islamic thug was reincarnation of Hindu gods – what a dubious and filthy bluff when he himself hated Hinduism his entire life.

Do not fall into trap of fake promises made by false god sai baba in Sai Sat charitra. Sai Baba is a false god who fronts for Satan. There are many fallacious prophets and misleading godmen who make all kinds of promises, but you must keep in mind that this Satan (sai baba) was the father of all liars.

This Satan of Shirdi Need Support of Hindu God’s images. Its better to pray REAL GODS than fall into trap of false Saibaba who uses Vedic God names to gain popularity and Islamize Hindus with cultural jihad.

Similar to a parasite sustaining on the hosts; saibaba’s image is wrongly inserted among Hindu god images. Falsely equating a muslim fakir saibaba as a Hindu god. 

sai baba chand miya musalman thug

To substantiate further proof that Shirdi is definitely not PIOUS city, neither actual God’s pilgrimage; the criminal records of all pilgrimages show that Shirdi rates highest among crimes happening in any pilgrimages followed by Ajmer. It also clarifies that there is no change of heart or divine miracle as such, which is expected in pilgrimages to avoid criminal activities or untoward incidents. While Vrindavan rated as the most safest pilgrimage on earth – where Lord Krishna still performs Raas Lila.

Sai Baba Donation Scam: Modus Operandi to Siphon off Billions of Rupees

Do not donate your hard earned money on the mazar of muslim fakir chand miya. Sai Baba’s followers are using Sai Baba as a brand name in Shirdi and other cities to collect millions of funds from Hindu devotees and then siphon off the money, it is also controlled by regional ministers so everything is managed, loot is still ongoing. The most painful factor is that these so called Sai Baba Sansthans or Trust never utilize money in development of poor Hindus or on free hospitals or free schooling. All funds received from Hindu devotees are fraudulently distributed among trustees.

Use simple logic while Tirupati Balaji receives thousands of crores of funds from devotees. Shirdi’s fake sai baba being second richest temple receives only 280 odd crores as claimed by the trust. Then how come it’s ranked second richest temple in India ? So either less funds are shown to public or Shirdi being second most famous temple is a complete LIE.

sai baba fraud money scam - Hindus DO NOT DONATE

Some fake black and white photos depicting as sai baba are sold in auctions to bluff such ignorant devotees. There are many other channels using which this sai baba scam is conducted. Though even his real pic would not be worth, a toilet paper.

Keeping Hindu devotees ignorant about truth of fraudulent sai baba and using media and news papers for propaganda, they are looting innocent public.

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Misguiding and Ignoring Karma Effect, Fake Sai Charitra was Created

Taking cue from historical Ramayan and Mahabharat, Sai Baba disciples thought of creating their own version of it, around conman sai to bluff Hindus. Laying those trappings was done with composition of Sai Satcharitra.

All those fools out there, who talk about baba miracles fail to understand basics of Hinduism which revolves around Karma and its fruits – which affects life and after lives. Karma helps explain the disparities that occur in the human population such as: prosperity or poverty, happiness or misery, good health, illness, or disability. Behind every individual’s existence, there partly lies his own past deeds, which are directly responsible for many of the events during his lifespan, be it painful or pleasant.

We are what we are because of our deeds and actions. You can not escape from the Karma, right or wrong committed by you. We all are ordinary human beings, think about great super natural beings of Mahabharat and Ramayan, principles of Karma is such that even God has to perform Karmic duties to teach us that without Karma there is no life. So always practice good karma – without attaching to the fruits of it – if you want to lead peaceful and worry free healthy life. It is this Karma that made Bhagwan Shree Ram spent 14 years as Vanvasi because he had to terminate demons who were killing Sadhus, sages and innocent people of that time. Karma makes you choose right or wrong path. We are not animals but superior creature – Humans – so think and stop following the thug, mleccha (muslim) sai baba.

Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita clearly stated:

Chapter 3, Verse 18: A self-realized man has no purpose to fulfill in the discharge of his prescribed duties, nor has he any reason not to perform such work. Nor has he any need to depend on any other living being.

Chapter 3, Verse 19: Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty; for by working without attachment, one attains the Supreme.

Chapter 3, Verse 24: If I should cease to work, then all these worlds would be put to ruination. I would also be the cause of creating unwanted population, and I would thereby destroy the peace of all sentient beings.

stop shirdi sai bhakti, believe in good karma following bhagwan krishn

Chapter 3, Verse 25: As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, similarly the learned may also act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.

Do not depend on any human being or false god-man. Praying fake anti-gods like sai baba or pir fakirs will never help in renouncing fruits of past Karmas. Even recently, one Hindi movie was started to show real face of Thief Sai baba but due to behind the scene games the movie was turned into an anti-Hindu movie. And this movie was hit – this shows that Hindus are ignorant about their own beliefs, such movies should have been banned.

To understand a healthy  life, you must undergo feelings of sorrow, pains or diseases; otherwise you cannot cherish the actual essence of leading a healthy life and what it actually means to us. Also you should remember that to enjoy luxury you need to experience poverty by yourself or seeing others. There are always two sides to every thing in this universe. You cannot expect everything good happening to you while blindly visiting stupid sai baba temple.

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Why No Hindu Should Trust Bogus Sai Baba


(Sai Satcharitra is a fiction book which keeps evolving with latest versions to bluff more Hindus and include some FAKE miracles to generate funds and also has stories of Con Sai Baba. Ironically, the birth and other details keep changing on major revisions of this fiction)

meat eater sai baba - fraudster of shirdi

Few excerpts from the research done on Sai Satcharitra

साँई माँसाहार का प्रयोग करता था व स्वयं जीवहत्या करता था!

Sai Baba was meat eater and involved in killing innocent animals

१ मैं मस्जिद में एक बकरा हलाल करने वाला हूँ, बाबा ने शामा से कहा हाजी से पुछो उसे क्या रुचिकर होगा – “बकरे का मांस, नाध या अंडकोष ?”
-अध्याय ११

Baba said: I am going to kill goat in mosque, He told Shama to ask Haji what he likes to eat “meat of goat or it’s testicles”.

(1)मस्जिद मेँ एक बकरा बलि देने के लिए लाया गया। वह अत्यन्त दुर्बल और मरने वाला था। बाबा ने उनसे चाकू लाकर बकरा काटने को कहा।
-:अध्याय 23. पृष्ठ 161.

A feeble, weak goat was brought in the mosque for sacrificial killing. Baba asked for knife to kill the goat.

(2)तब बाबा ने काकासाहेब से कहा कि मैँ स्वयं ही बलि चढ़ाने का कार्य करूँगा।
-:अध्याय 23. पृष्ठ 162.

Then Baba told Kakasaheb that he will himself carry out this sacrificial killing of goat.

(3)फकीरोँ के साथ वो आमिष(मांस) और मछली का सेवन करते थे।
-:अध्याय 5. व 7.

Baba used to feast on meat, fish with fakirs.

(4)कभी वे मीठे चावल बनाते और कभी मांसमिश्रित चावल अर्थात् नमकीन पुलाव।
-:अध्याय 38. पृष्ठ 269.

Sometimes Baba used to make sweet rice other times meat biryani.

stop cultural and bhakti jihad. stop false sai baba praying

(5)एक एकादशी के दिन उन्होँने दादा कलेकर को कुछ रूपये माँस खरीद लाने को दिये। दादा पूरे कर्मकाण्डी थे और प्रायः सभी नियमोँ का जीवन मेँ पालन किया करते थे।
-:अध्याय 32. पृष्ठः 270.

That Ekadashi Baba gave Dada Kelkar some money to bring meat. Dada Kelkar was devout Brahmin and always followed Vedic rituals, but still Baba made him bring this meat.

Would any sane Hindu follow Sai Baba, who was always practicing islam, being staunch muslim insisted on removal of Lord Krishna pious murti from Bihari ji’s temple to replace with his illness ridden dead body.

Marijuana Addict, Ganja Cannabis Chain Smoker Chand Miya (Sai Baba) was Not Even a Decent Person

Hindu Parents are Nurturing Future Smokers, DrUNKARDS and Drug Addicts by Making Children Follow Sai Baba

When a con gets free food, 24×7 sewa with out doing any task then he would never do any hard work in his life but enjoy kaamchor passtimes like drinking, smoking and gambling.

Gullible Hindus made Chand Miya an idle person, he never worked in his entire life but did some thefts in his younger days. This is human tendency, a person would get bored if he is lazy lying around with no work but gets free food supply and sewa. He  would gradually grasp dirty habits to come out of boredom emanating from his lethargic life. Such person tries to extend his enjoyment by indulging in prostitution, alcohol or drug addiction.

Naturally, lazy Sai Baba (Chand Miya) became a chain ganja smoker feasting on meat and free meal offered by credulous Hindus who trusted this fraudster blindly.

When some Hindu devotees objected to this pathetic behaviour of Sai Baba, the operators of Sai Bhakti scam ridiculed and denigrated our Bhagwan Shiv by falsely claiming that Lord Shiva was also a Ganja addict to justify the addiction habit of Mulla Sai. They populated such images to run their bhakti scam. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND WRONG DEPICTION OF BHOLENATH. No Hindu script has even a single line or a word that suggest “Bhagwan Shiv was a Ganja smoker.”
Hindus are decimating Hinduism by falling prey to such LIES.

Not shocking that Parents who make God out of a muslim drug addict would inherit bad habits in their children. But repenting later for committing such blunder in life would not make their child a sober person again, unless they do practice Vedic ways of life to make children quit addiction.

Sai Baba bhakti is ruining Hindu culture and future of next generations, harming Hindu existence itself.

Hindu parents who are involved in Sai Bhakti should place one hand on their heart and think over, ARE THEY DOING ANY GOOD FOR THEIR FUTURE OR HINDU SOCIETY by engaging children to such teachings of Sai Baba, that makes them either prey to love jihad or a drug addiction. When a sane person would NEVER want his child to befriend a man having dirty traits, how can anyone even think of considering a ganja addict as a God?!

Blind Sai Bhakti is making them pay huge price later.

Drug Marijuana Ganja addict Sai Baba a muslim fraud
When some Hindu devotees objected to this pathetic behaviour of Sai Baba, the operators of Sai Bhakti scam ridiculed and denigrated our Bhagwan Shiv by falsely claiming that Bhagwan Shiv was also a Ganja addict to justify the addiction of a mulla jihadi. They populated such images to run their bhakti scam. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND WRONG DEPICTION OF BHOLENATH. No Hindu script has even a single line or a word that shows Bhagwan Shiv was Ganja smoker. Hindus are decimating Hinduism by falling prey to such LIES.

Reject Sai Baba Miracles and Bluff Chronicles

Hindus must remember these great verses from Sreemad Bhagwad Gita

यातयामं गतरसं पूति पर्युषितं च यत् ।
उच्छिष्टमपि चामेध्यं भोजनं तामसप्रियम् ….गीता १७/१


जो भोजन अधपका, रसरहित, दुर्गन्धयुक्त, बासी और उच्छिष्ट है तथा जो अपवित्र(मांस आदि) भी है, वह भोजन तामस(अधम) पुरुषों को प्रिय होते हैं ।

The food which is stale, tasteless, putrid and rotten, refuse and impure (meat etc), is dear to the Tamasic (angry) Person. The food that you eat determines your nature and behaviour. Tamasic (non-veg) food makes you angry and evil personality.

यान्ति देवव्रता देवान् पितृन्यान्ति पितृव्रताः
भूतानि यान्ति भूतेज्या यान्ति मद्याजिनोऽपिमाम् …. गीता ९/२५


देवताओं को पूजने वाले देवताओं को प्राप्त होते है, पितरों को पूजने वाले पितरों को प्राप्त होते है।
भूतों को पूजने वाले भूतों को प्राप्त होते है, और मेरा पूजन करने वाले भक्त मुझे ही प्राप्त होते है ॥
…………….इसलिए मेरे भक्तों का पुनर्जन्म नही होता !!

Votaries of the Devas go to the Devas (gods); to the Pitrs (ancestors), go their votaries; to the Bhutas (demons), go the Bhuta worshippers; My votaries too come unto Me……That’s why they attain Moskha; renouncement from birth-death cycles.

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भूत प्रेत, मूर्दा (खुला या दफ़नाया हुआ अर्थात् कब्र) को सकामभाव से पूजने वाले स्वयं मरने के बाद भूत-प्रेत ही बनते हैं.!

So worshiping dead body or mazar is like worshiping Bhuta or Pisach and then attaining them itself. So If Hindus who pray sai baba want to become bhut or pisach (filthy beings who roam endlessly to attain freedom from pret or bhut yoni but never are able to do so due to their past deeds) after death can continue to do so.

truth of ghosts and pret yoni

“Hindu Brothers and Sisters…DO NOT BECOME Victim of Cultural Terrorism.”

Hindu Marathas were always very brave and staunch Hindus. Like true Rajputs they also openly showed their Hindu pride glorifying their Sanatan legacy with clarion greetings Jai Bhavani and Har Har Mahadev. They prayed Maa Parvati and Bhagwan Shiv, they also revived several temples across India. Muslims always hated this strong influence of Hinduism in Marathas. As discussed before, they wanted to dilute the strength of Hindus in Maharashtra by enforcing mazar bhakti among Maharashtrian Hindus. This mazar terrorism was successful in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, this cancerous bhakti spread very late in Maharashtra.

Sai Baba Parents – Father and Mother of Chand Miya (Sai Baba)

Sai Baba Chand Miya Was Son of a Terrorist Pindari Waharuddin (Badruddin)

In Dari or Pashto ब (B) or व (W) is sometimes pronounced as same so this misnomer helped Sai Baba a lot to hide his roots for some years. According to NamoBharat News and quoted by Several Hindu Sages and Jain Munis, Sai baba alias Chand Miya was a Pindari (a looter tribe who did anything to earn money – killing kids, animals and genocide). A Pindari had no allegiance to Bharat, they had history of siding with anyone to share the loot like muslim invaders. They also worked as paid soldiers when offered better remuneration.

It is recorded in the history of Jhansi that Afghan Pindari Terrorist Waharuddin (Badruddin) was among the backstabbers who informed British about great Hindu queen Rani Laxmibai. There were 500 Pindari soldiers in her army. Betrayal of Waharuddin forced Rani of Jhansi to tie her only son on back and fight ferociously against Britishers to protect her motherland.

The information provided by Terrorist Waharuddin father of Chand Miya aka Sai Baba proved fatal for Rani LaxmiBai and she was surrounded by Britishers, she died for our Bharat before directly killing 27 British soldiers.

(Like other mughal terrorists, Bollydawood falsely glorified Pindari in their movies as patriots. While Pindari’s only principle of existence was to rape women, loot men – they mostly harassed Hindu Marathas when even muslims and Britishers failed to take control over them.)

Later the British inflicting divide and rule policy among Pindari leaders finished them forever.

Main task of Sai Baba’s father Waharuddin was night raids in sparsely populated Hindu areas for money and loot. In doing so, he killed dozens of innocent Hindus. Once he got injured in one such raid so took rest in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), Pindaris were hated by common Hindus so he bribed and stayed at a prostitute’s house, who was daughter of a Tawaif of Deccan Sultanate. His treatment took some time, he offered to marry the prostitute Hoosna Begum who was younger to him. After few years, Hoosna Bai gave birth to a boy, Chand Noor and a girl Ruqaiya Noori. Prostitutes at that time encouraged having baby girl to continue their legacy. Ruqaiya was destined to become prostitute while Chand left home early with his father.

Waharuddin took him to Afghanistan to teach him Gala a loot game practiced in the grounds of Afghanistan by the Pindari tribe.

British grip got stronger so Waharuddin started using his son Chand Miya (Sai Baba) to give information about unsecured homes. Chand Miya mastered the art of camouflaging as innocent beggar while visiting places, he passed  information to his dacoit father to loot the homes at right time to make the theft successful. The bedsheets used for begging were utilized for hiding loots sewn in layers. British called such fakirs as Blanket Beggars.

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Chand Miya developed the art of enjoying loot and assisting his father in most of the crimes. Locals were fed up with rising incidences of theft, they punished few innocents on suspicion, British jail authority got into action and started investigation one day they caught Chand Miya red handed with looted items in a bedsheet. Chand Miya got jailed as he was found with looted items while Waharuddin left with no choice slyly asked Britishers to set him free as he can help them in whatever way they want. He left for Jhansi and connected with known accomplices of Pindari tribe, he soon won their confidence and started regularly visiting the fort. He was the one who opened secret gates for British army to enter the fort during their raid in Jhansi. Waharuddin (Badruddin) was later killed for his betrayal by Pindaris. There was famous saying in Pindaris which was often shared in their legend tales [ هیڅکله باور مه کوه Waharuddin (Badruddin)].

Chand Miya after coming out of jail was kicked out by locals and debarred from entering their town, he had no choice so he joined Jamat of Sulemanis (a group of retired mughal soldiers, sufi saints and clerics who were busy converting Hindus into islam silently using Zakat). Here, he learned the taqiyya tricks of fooling Hindus by preaching about Sabka Mailk Ek while sticking to islamic practices. He was planted by Sulemanis in Shirdi to further the mission of conversion. Initially he started giving (ayurvedic) medicines for free to locals claiming it as magic potion, after gaining their confidence, he cunningly started brainwashing them about islamic thoughts, mostly that (satanic) Allah had given these medicines and (anti-god) Allah is not different than Hindu Gods, he had visions of (mohammed’s fake creation) Allah.

Mostly stupid Hindu patients used to visit him. Hindus respected him for his soft talk but Sai Baba being a muslim stuck to his agenda of islamization. There is one incident in Sai Sat Charitra where jihadi Chand Miya Baba asks his followers to beat up the police man. Police man came to arrest Chand Miya because he fraudulently did khatna (sunnat) of a Brahmin boy in guise of treating him. When his father came to know he threatened to beat up Sai Baba but his idiot Hindu followers protected him from the Brahmin Pandit, left with no choice he reported to Police station. Police came to investigate and arrest him but con Sai Baba wearing (full body hijab) Burqa ran away.  (Ref: and Namobharat News).

The image shown below was clicked when he ran away from behind, one of his sewadari (left to Chand Miya) is holding a Burqa, the image was clicked to show fake proof in the police station that Sai Baba was not absconding but was not well so could not face investigation. It was not first incident when Jihadi activity of Sai Baba was not veiled by local Hindus but several times his islamization tactics were openly supported by his close accomplices as they started minting money in his name, sometimes in his Andhbhakti other times in allurement of money. Several cons of Shirdi who were close to Sai Baba became millionaire while faking it as Chamatkar of Sai Baba, in reality it was siphoning off donation loot from gullible Hindus.

Chand Miya Sai Baba Jihadi Pindari Wahruddin Badruddin Thief looter

Muslim Pindari Sai Baba Promotes Love Jihad

It is seen that children whose parents are followers of con sai baba are more prone to falling prey to Love Jihad than devout Hindus. Most of the Hindu girls who were easily lured and duped by muslim men were followers of sai baba.

The mazar bhakti of scum Sai Baba, his islamized teachings slowly creates interest of Hindu girls in mohammedan rituals. It is a natural human tendency, regularly following anti-Hindu thoughts makes a person doubt pious teachings of Hinduism. Because parents do not guide their children about greatness of Hinduism as they foolishly follow Mleccha Sai Baba themselves. Recent case of Love Jihad victim further prove how a Hindu girl fell victim to this old islamic trap.

Citing a love jihad incident of Jodhpur Shalini Chauchan, an ignorant Hindu herself said “How can a girl with doting parents, and who used to sit in temple and sing kirtan to Sai Baba daily with her father, marry a muslim man? Payal Sanghvi is just a 22-year-old Hindu girl, She has been brainwashed. She could never bear to see her parents crying. How is it that she didn’t flinch when they were weeping, literally at her feet in the court? Will wait for further probe on this matter.”

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A stupid bhakt of muslim pindari Sai Baba, Narpat Chand Singhvi, father of Payal (now Aarifa after converting to islam) had a Sai Baba temple in his house. He used to invite Muslim men sometimes to do Namaz in his open space. He always taught Payal since childhood a stupid logic that all religions are same, Hindu and Muslim have no difference. This idiot Hindu father does not know that islam has concept of killing non-muslims (kafir) they hate all of them and always seek advantage to convert non-muslims by force or deceit to islam. Only a person who is in coma for years and not know Quran and history of 1000 years of Mughal Terrorism, who lives in a farce filmi dream would compare a death cult islam with Hinduism. Most of the Sai Baba bhakts have same mentality. When their daughters get duped by Muslim men, they cry foul, forgetting the fact that they NEVER taught Sanatan Dharma teachings but islamized their own children while praying to Jihadi Pindari Sai Baba.

The idiot Bhakt of dacoit Sai Baba, Narpat Chand Singhvi, said that her daughter is under spell of kaala jaadu “Tantra-mantra aur sab kuch kiya hua hai uspe, mujhe ab is court pe koi umeed nahi lagti. Jab Hindu hi Hindu ke paksh me nahi hai, toh doosro se kya umeed karen (She is under a spell, I have no hope from the court. When a Hindu won’t support another Hindu, what can we expect from others).”

Instead of blaming Muslims, (they of course should never be trusted) this adharmic Hindu man should introspect and choose path of Sanatan Dharma. All such parents are islamizing Bharat by their mleccha prone activities. For Hinduism and sake of existence of Bharat, pray and believe only in Vedic Hindu Gods.

Pisach Sai Baba continues to gulp Hindu girls to this day as Hindu parents stupidly fall prey to Sai Bhakti Scam.

Cultural Terrorist sai baba should be removed from every temple of India to STOP ISLAMIZATION of India.

Sai Baba Was Not Even a Noble Person to Support Freedom Struggle of Bharat

A common freedom fighter of Bharat is truly inspiring and invokes love for mother land. Conman Shirdi Sai Baba was never involved in any freedom struggle. Never saved any Hindu from getting killed by Britishers. This dramebaaz Sai Baba is non-comparable to even common freedom fighters who were selfless and died for our nation.

If Sai Baba was really a God as claimed by cultists of Saiism, then why did he not saved Bharat from Britishers, why he was quiet witnessing killings of millions of Hindus while shamelessly seeing British terrorists robbing off our wealth and resources.

Bhagwan Ram saved Hindus in Tretayug. Bhagwan Krishna saved our culture and tradition in Dwaparyug but so called god Mulla Sai never saved a single freedom fighter or worked for the cause of Motherland. Why did he NEVER opposed Britishers and kicked them out if he was really a God??!!!!

Stop falling prey to mind conditioning and save our Hindu daughter and sisters from getting trapped to Love Jihad of neighbourhood muslims.

Muslim Sai Baba Mazar Bhakti and Love Jihad

How Sai Bhakti Invokes Mazar Bhakti Mind Conditioning Hindu Daughters and Sisters For Love Jihad

Shirdi Sai Baba Invokes Mazar Bhakti Trapping Hindu Girls into Love Jihad and Islamic Conversion
Shirdi Sai Baba Invokes Mazar Bhakti Trapping Hindu Girls into Love Jihad and Islamic Conversion Ruining Their Future and Islamizing Bharat, Slowly Killing Hinduism

Sai Baba was Created to Invoke Cultural Terrorism Among Indians. And these anti-Hindu brigade are almost successful as our own Hindus are becoming Bhakts of this Thug “Shirdi Ka Sai Baba”. It is our responsibility to pass on factual legacy to our children so that they do not become Victim of this cultural terrorism. Lets comprehend Vedic knowledge and STOP cultural destruction of our Hindu values.

Know about real Hindu pride and frauds done with our ancestors and share information with Hindus.

Shirdi Sai Baba’s Shallow Secularism Victimizing  Innocent Hindu Sisters and Daughters

Start castrating testicles of muslim men who involve in love jihad

Hindu brothers and sisters – Spread the Knowledge of this Truth and consider only Bhagwan Krishn as omnipresent Supreme Godhead. Check Shree Krishna Bhajans and internalize the great HariBhakti compositions to feel Bhagwan Krishna close to you.
Jijabai Shivaji's mother

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  1. © HariBhakt says:

    నిజాయితీగా ఉండు.
    సత్యాన్ని అంగీకరించండి.
    ముస్లిం సాయి మోసం.
    [Mohan ji,
    Be honest.
    Accept the truth.
    Muslim Sai baba was faudster and cheater.]

  2. How dare u call my baba froud.. Kuch pta bhi h baba ke bare me.. Kbhi satcharitra pdhi h tumne.. Phle use pdho smjhe… Or baba ko to hasi aati hogi tum jaise logo pr tum akele thodi ho aise insan.. Bhut log the aise jinhone baba pr vishwaas nhi kiya bt baad me bhut roye or pachtaye… Kher baba bless u… Om sai ram

    1. © HariBhakt says:

      Varnika alias Aarav aka sufferer of sai cultism,

      You read entire post all sources are cited.

      Work hard and smartly, do not depend on fake miracles. Karma is source of everything in this Universe.


      Save your daughters and sisters due to their inclination towards mazar bhakti and muslim sai’s cultism.

      We no more get angry on you sufferers, we pity you.

      May Krishn give you positive thoughts to seek wisdom and not fall prey to cheap gimmicks of fraudster sai’s marketing propaganda.

      Why you worms need pious name of Bhagwan Ram to promote your jihadi sai???

      Instead use OM RAM or Om Namah Shivay. Do not chant fake mantra of Om Jihadi + Vedic Hindu God’s name.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

  3. Siddhant Shubham says:

    Well said dear I’m impressed. I still remember when i was a child i used to worship him but when i get to know that he was a terrorist,i stopped worshipping him and your article provides very useful information about fraud so called sai baba.Kudos to your work.
    Jai mahakaal

  4. Devadip Bhagwan Singh says:

    Hindus saying that Baba is not Hindu; Muslims saying that Baba is not Muslim. It´s clear He is beyond both. Om Sai Ram friends. Don´t let the hate dwell in your hearts.

    1. © HariBhakt says:

      Only some stupid Hindus pray this thug godman, no muslim cares about sai baba’s past. Thukalmaans do not pray him.

      To justify your blind islamized way of worship, do not cook up farce stories.

      Jai Narsimha

  5. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    Hi HariBhakt,

    I agree with you. The Vedas, Vedic Avatars of the Lord, is second to none. Why go here, and there and fall for second hand fake Scriptures, God and Avatars.

    But the ways of Krishna are beyond our understanding of his nature. No human can EVER COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND His scriptures and Avatars FULLY.

    Just see the very fact, of all the Avatars, the Lord came in his own SUPREME AVATAR in the form of Krishna but born in a Yadav clan – mainly a non elite pastoral peasant community. Offcourse debate is still on that the Yadavas belong to Kshatriya. We can debate that but by en large there is substantial evidence that the Lord was born in yadav clan which is a lower community.

    But that is NOT the point.

    HOPE I am wrong, coz I never believe anything.
    But the ways of Lord is such that he has gone BEYOND the realm of Scriptures and has proven there are unconventional ways as well to impress him or follow him.

    Some of his great avatars, gurus/saints/sages have always been out of the AMBIT of the SANATAN scriptures as well.

    Please read about the Siddhars, Nayanars, Alwars – Kanakadas- who was born in a low caste, was not allowed in Udupi temple. He sat outside and impressed by his devotion, the statue turned WEST while the main entrance of temple is EAST.

    Also folks like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Akka Mahadevi, Arunagirinathar, Avvaiyar, Basavanna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Meera, Sri Yuktheshwar giri, Paramhansa YOGANANDA, Ramana Maharishi, Swami Ramalingam, TRAILANGA, Nerur SADASIV BRAHMENDRA etc, though some of them were MASTERS of Vedas-Scriptures, they had their OWN UNCONVENTIONAL ways towards Spirituality.

    Sai Baba even I do not know if he is fake or true.
    But many of the above were unconventional towards Spirituality, loved the lord in their own ways, but offcourse the devotion was true.

    Swami Trailanga was no God but I think there is nothing wrong if folks worship him as God and do not follow scriptures or rules of SANATAN Dharma fully.

    I think problem is when I think Trailanga is the only God and when one someone who knows scriptures says if it’s not in scriptures or as per SANATAN Dharma, they are going in wrong path.

    I too say it’s always to wise to stick to the tried and time tested scriptures, avatars of SANATAN Dharma.

    But the Siddhars who rivaled our Vedic rishis, Sage Trailanga Swami, God Ayyappa, God Muruga, Saint or Self styled guru or Satguru or Sadhgurus (without any Parampara) like Ramana Maharishi etc. are showing us that there was different avatars, gurus or UNCONVENTIONAL etc from SANATAN Dharma.

    I say one should NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING NEITHER SAY THEY ARE wrong, we are right.

    I think we should point out their mistakes and show proofs and wind up saying if folks still think Sai Baba etc is true its up to them.

    Final point