Hindus Hinduism Under Threat - Christian Missionary and Islamic Jihad

In modern times, Hindus in the Muslim-majority countries and even in regions across India – Kashmir, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal suffered major persecution. Islamic clerics and muslims resorted to kill, loot, conversion, love jihad and population jihad to surge their population in these regions from 10% in 1947 to more than 40% to 80% today.

The two pronged attack by christian missionaries (sweet poison) and radical muslims are majorly contributing in decimating Hindu populace. Hindus must spread the truth and get united aggressive to fight against conversion and jihad.

Hinduism Under Threat

Hindus are in Danger Due to Secularism

How India has become Hub of Decimating Hinduism and Hindu People

How Hinduism is attacked in India and other countries.

1. Mass Conversions
2. Mass Media Anti-Hindu promotion
3. Foreign funded NGOs weakening Hinduism
4. Over anglicization of Education
5. Destruction of Hindu Institutions
6. Apathy and Vote Bank Politics
7. Ignorance of Hindus
8. Solutions – United Aggression and spirituality

Mass Conversions

How congress ruled states in India have become paradise for christian missionaries.

  • 15,018 persons converted in single day in Ongole
  • 10,000 churches planned in 2005 alone, by just one group, the Seventh Day Adventists, scaled to 100,000 churches this year

D. R. Watts says that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has given him indirect blessings:

“We feel a different atmosphere of happiness. [This chief minister] has 350 Adventists who work for him on his estates. In fact, Maranatha is in the process of constructing a new church building on the chief minister’s estate for the Adventists, and that should be dedicated on Christmas Eve. ”

Maranatha Volunteers International, a non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California, has two main, complementary, goals, says Kyle Fiess, Maranatha’s Marketing Director: “We work to provide urgently needed buildings for the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world, and at the same time, we provide opportunities for volunteerism.”

(Volunteers pledged to annex lands and properties of India for churches, that was the reason the properties and ashrams of many Hindu Saints were captured by congress party to weaken source of Hindu funds by maligning their image and disbanding their followerships. Today properties of Churches across India is more than double the property valuation of Indian Railways, running into over 30 Lakh Crores at very conservative estimates)

Don Noble, whose visa controversy was managed by congress govt, is president of Maranatha Volunteers International, co-sponsor of the mega evangelistic outreach, had said that on the final day of the public outreach, January 20, (2001) the total number of baptisms reached 15,018 in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. This feat of 10,000+ conversions are repeated every year since 2001 and continues to this year and moment.

evil catholic target Hindus

Commenting on the report from India, Pastor Jan Paulsen, president of the Adventist Church worldwide, said, “The reports that have been coming out of Ongole, India, are a powerful testimony to what God can do through servants wholeheartedly committed to Him. The field is ripe for harvest. There is no doubt about that. Good plans have been laid. Many have prayed for the reaping. And yet the outcome almost takes one’s breath away!”

These devils are targeting rural India populated by only Hindus. They never dare to even think of entering places where muslim population comprise of more than 10% in these villages.

Kyle Fiess, Maranatha (Org for building churches) marketing director reports:
“We were astonished when Ron Watts (head of Seventh Day Adventists) presented us with a proposal for 10,000 churches in India…After many experiences like the one in Ongole, we no longer consider 10,000 churches to be an unrealistic goal, but an unparalleled opportunity”.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is present in India. The headquarters of its Southern Asia Division is in Tamil Nadu. Among the other states of India, major presence and aggressive conversion activities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are Kerala, Jharkhand, Manipur, Bihar, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.

In 1998, the Seventh Adventist Church reported 225,000 members. In 2005, the numbers reached 825,000. Today, there are more than 2.5 million members.

“Most of the people in the villages are from a Hindu background, so it was gratifying to see so many people accepting Jesus,” said Stenbakken (Seventh Day Adventist). This much conversion by just one organization. There are several other organizations working in parallel.

Mass Dalit conversions in Mumbai

The ceremony, which was held and started to mark the 50th anniversary of a leading Dalit leader Bhimrao Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, was attended by delegates from several countries with large Buddhist communities, including Sri Lanka, Thailand and Japan. The conversion ceremony has become annual affair since then.

“We estimate that close to 5,000 Dalits have chosen the path towards Buddhism by the end of the day,” said Shravan Gaikwad, representative of the Samatha Sainik Dal, a Dalit group

buddhist lured dalits

There are monthly workshops carried across India targeting densely populated Dalit areas and daily thousands of Hindus are targeted, to convert them into Buddhism. They receive funds from Japan and Sri Lanka and also from christian missionaries to spread lies about great Vedic tradition and Hindu gods.

Traps laid by buddhist monks and christian missionaries have single target – Dalits and poor people of India. That is the main reason that congress govt does not want rural India and dalits to improve their life style, so that they can easily dismantle Hindu ethos and culture in Indian villages.

Over 1 lakh Hindus converted by Islam Institutions

Such are Deen Mohammad Shaikh’s series of persuasions that he has converted 108,000 people to Islam since 1989, the year he left his birth religion Hinduism behind after he was threatened by local muslim goons. Him and his family were used as testimonials to dictate forceful conversions of Hindus.

Hindus are first looted, kidnapped their women r@ped and then Deen Mohd approaches each victim and their families to convert to Islam.

His multi-coloured business card describes the Matli dweller as the president of the Jamia Masjid Allah Wali and Madrassa Aisha Taleem-ul Quran – an institute for conversions to Islam. True to his evil islamic teachings, Deen Mohammed uses every tool to convert Hindus into terrorist religion islam.

The 70 year old conversion jihadist (shown in the pic below) has red-and-white keffeiyah perched on his shoulder, showing people a hint to his evil theological leanings.

evil islam target Hindus

Over 9 acres of land looted from Hindus are used by this jihadi to convert Hindus themselves. “My heartfelt wish is that the entire world becomes Muslim,” comes his response, when asked about the en masse conversions.

It is known fact that islamic countries and their people are fighting among themselves due to islam teaching jihad, making people intolerant and offensive towards human beings. Imagine what will happen if this Jihadi crook’s evil vision turns true. It seems he is dreaming of making this world a living hell.

No surprises that Hindus which were over 22% of Pakistan’s population got decimated to mere 1.5% today.

Hindus Under Threat: Mass Conversions and Plans of Christians on Targeting India

Recent surveys indicated that Europe showed exponential growth of muslims due to birth control programmes of christians. To make up for this loss, missionaries are targeting India, buddhist countries and third world citizens. India being on the priority list for them.

  • Goal of 100 Million Hindu Converts Declared by Reverend Pat Robertson in Dallas Christian Conclave in Oct 2005  Worldwide
  • Goal of One Billion Declared in the same conclave, to make up for losses in Europe

Christian Population of India: 10% Many do not reveal the true situation fearing loss of reservation status. Churches do not want to raise alarm bells. 

Christian population of Andhra: 6.96% Data from 2001 per Joshua Missionary – current population could be up to 17% At this rate, Andhra Pradesh could become Christian in a decade or less Tamil Nadu could be up to 28%. North eastern states have shown growth rate of over 1000% in last decade itself.

Mass Conversions and Vote Bank Politics

Vote bank of 45% (25% Christian + 20% Muslim) only is needed for any political party to get power in India (by dividing the Hindu vote)  Lesson from History : Four North Eastern States of India with 75% to 95% Christian population due to aggressive conversion. They were Hindu majority in 1948. Now want to separate from India.

Mass Media and Anti Hindu Promotion

It’s easy to break into this !ncestuous circle if you are anti-Hindu, anti-Hindu culture and traditions. It’s a passport to wealth, fame and recognition.

If you call yourself a “Hindu nationalist” you will be denounced and pilloried as pure evil. But claim that you’re a “Muslim first” and nobody will even whisper. The Commies have long white-washed the crimes of Islamic invaders to establish Hindu society as a criminal society of upper-caste and lower-caste where the upper-castes exploited everyone else. So the Commies often argue that the Islamic invaders actually saved Hindu society and the lower-castes. Of course, the Hindus also destroyed other religions like Buddhism and Jainism as they like to frequently claim. You will hear any number of Congis and media folks even on Facebook and Twitter making such claims. Never forget the bogus Aryan invasion theory that the Westerners started and the Commies perpetuated. Now that this theory has been scientifically busted, some still cling on to it. Same is true for the bogus theories of Hindus having eaten beef since time immemorial.

anti-Hindu congress

Take a right-wing journalist like Swapan Dasgupta. He’s a smart man, very intelligent and popular with everyone. SwapanD will write everything accurately but stop short of giving verifiable information and names. Of course, he is entitled to hide names. He is one man from the other side who has learned how to successfully swim with the sharks. You know, somewhat like Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. Imagine, SD had a series of debates with the gutter-mouth Manishankar Aiyar. That’s fine, you can debate anyone. Where was this debate hosted? On NDTV; the den of Commies! What was the show called? Politically Incorrect! Is there anything about NDTV, Swapan or Aiyar that can be possibly politically incorrect? I have to seriously laugh. But if you have to be successful in the media, make fortunes and earn recognition there are some compromises you have to make. Otherwise you are bound to languish like….

After the bomb blast in Mumbai in July 2011 I wrote the post “Seema Mustafa V Subramaniam Swamy”. In this post note how cleverly and mischievously Mustafa writes about the target of the blast:

The Slave Mentality of Congress and Congress controlled media was legacy of spineless Nehru

anti Hindu Nehru

“The Hindus, he keeps insisting, are the targets. But when blasts take place in crowded market places in Mumbai or any other part of India, the targets are the people of India, Dr Swamy. Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs and Christians and Parsis and Jains and Brahmins and Dalits and all those who are at the spot die because the bomb cannot differentiate among religions and castes”.

anti-Hindu paid Indian media controlled by congress

Notice anything? You see, the victims are Hindus, Brahmins, Dalits apart from other religions. Clever, isn’t it? So Hindus are different from Brahmins and Dalits. This is the clever trick and deception that Commie media has practiced all along and still does. Not enough? Take a look at the tweet from another Commie outpost called Tehelka on the recent Muzaffarnagar riots. Oh! It’s Jats V Muslims. Jats are not Hindus. Watch closely and you will find these crooks dividing Hindus on a daily basis. Any idea who they are doing it for and what they gain from it? Make a wild guess! If you believe many of our media folks often talk like agents of Pakistan then that is only partly true. It’s not Pakistan, it’s Islam. It could have been Saudi Arabia next door and the discourse would still be the same. You see, for the Commies Islam is a secular religion and one of peace. Nothing will please the Commies more than to see India as an Islamic republic. I’m not joking. The Commies have even described Maharana Pratap and Shivaji as “rebels” against Islamic rulers and not as Hindu Kings of our proud history. Even Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji is referred as militant by this pro-british slaves in novels and articles.

anti-Hindu media

If you claim to be a Hindu Nationalist, you will be promptly labelled communal, fascist, anti-minorities and a chauvinist pig. Just listen to mans like Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav of the new brigade who support naxalites and separatists but are given full coverage by media. If you’re a Hindu you are essentially against the poor, the minorities, the Dalits, the Jats, the Gujjars and everyone else. Is there anyone that the Hindu isn’t against? This is what will be spun by the media and their Commie associates every single day to you. Let’s take scumb@g Vir Sanghvi.

Now this Vir Sanghvi is also a cook apart from being a media steno-typist for Niira Radia. In a Q&A with students over the history of the Babri Masjid conflict this is what he told them in 2009. Here’s one of the questions and his responses, click on the image to read it:

anti Hindu Media

So to defend the crimes of the Islamic invaders who destroyed temples and looted them Sanghvi tries to “balance” it by stating Hindus did the same to Buddhist temples and drove Buddhism out of India. Okay! Buddhism also disappeared in many other countries where Hinduism didn’t prevail. How does anyone explain that? Fact is this is a lie that Sanghvi and his Commie friends in the CPM and Congress have perpetrated for ages. Many continue to perpetrate this lie. Sanghvi’s nonsense has been well analysed and answered by many pragmatic historians. Would Sanghvi ever accept he is wrong? No! But call him a Commie and he will surely protest. Most media folks don’t like to be called Commies, they prefer the “liberal” tag. The “Fiberals”, as I call them are Commie liars who peddle lies not only about our history but also about current affairs. They distort and spin facts to present you stories. Except that these stories don’t have a label: “Poison”

Check link for complete details http://www.mediacrooks.com/2013/10/commie-medias-anti-hindu-poison-part-1.html for more details.

Hinduism Under Threat: Foreign funded NGOs Promoting Islamic Radicalism and Christianity

Recently after tremendous pressure from BJP and other parties, congress govt did the lip service of conducting enquiry on foreign funded NGOs whose activities were suspicious and whose rise gave rise to islamic radicalism and christianity in proxy areas where they were located.

Over 24 NGOs were shortlisted for irregularity of funds; while there are over 20,000 NGOs in India.

Minister of State for Home R.P.N. Singh said different state police forces were also asked to probe into the alleged irregularities of 10 other NGOs which received funds from abroad.

The Minister said altogether Rs. 10,997.35 crore was received as foreign contribution by 23,172 NGOs across India in 2008—09, Rs 10,431.12 crore by 22,275 NGOs in 2009—10 and Rs 10,334.12 crore by 22,735 NGOs in 2010—11.

Mr. Singh said those NGOs whose cases were referred to CBI for investigation are Tamil Nadu Muslim Muneetra Kazagham, Coimbatore; Reach in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu; Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre, New Delhi; Khwaja Khushal Charitable Trust, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh; Anjumane Hussamia Educational Association, Hyderabad.

Other NGOs whose case have been referred are Heritage Foundation, Uttar Pradesh; IGEP Foundation, New Delhi; Samast Muslim Khalifa Sunnatwal Jamat Navsari, Gujarat; Evangelical Lutheran Church, Madhya Pradesh; Tuticorin Diocese Association, Tuticorin.

The Minister said those NGOs whose cases were given to state police are : Rajasthan Harvest Ministries, Jaipur; Matsyagandhi Mahila Welfare Association, Andhra Pradesh; Madrasa Jamiyad Ravatul—e—Hat, Gujarat; Mount View Academy, Madurai; and Reach International Education and Social Welfare Trust, Tamil Nadu.

Bhartiya Cattle Resource Development, New Delhi; Good Vision, Kanyakumari; Trust for Rural Uplift and Education, Tirunelveli; AID India Chennai; Saccer, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, and Centre for Promotion of Social Concern, Tamil Nadu.

The funds are misused in anti-Hindu activities in the name of peace, equality and pluralism.

These foreign – funded NGOs and “Peace” and “Human Rights” activists like Harsh Mander, Sandeep Pandey, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpandey, Admiral Ramdas, Arundati Roy, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kiran Bedi and several other artificially sponsored, supported and sustained stuffed men and women, backed by the European Parliament and the US State Department, continuously raise a raucous cacophony about communal harmony, secularism, pluralism, corruption and even democracy being in danger in India because of the sudden rise of “Hindutva- Fascism”, a false propaganda promoted by paid media ala weapons of mass destruction propaganda that US faked the world with their control of mass media – to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. With the tacit consent of Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh they are all in the endless queue for the award of Bharat Ratna!

That is the reason why Corruption charges are never raised against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi – irrespective of show-off targeting other congress leaders, though the case were never conclusively filed in courts.

Over anglicization of Education

Historians see the introduction of English in India by British administrator Thomas Babington Macaulay in 1835 as an attempt to create a class of interpreters to do business in the colony. To break the backbone of Hindus – Hinduism and Sanskrit were targeted.

Macaulay stated how catholicizing Indians would help in disintegrating their basic values. This could be achieved by attacking their ancient language and Hindu values, by denying antiquity of Hinduism (few of the proofs; world’s most ancient festival celebrated by HindusAshwathama is Alive and Ramayan Happened and Proved). Anglicization could be great tool to dismantle Hindu ethos.  “I accept catholic beyond the across and across of India and I accept not apparent one getting who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such abundance I accept apparent in this country, such top moral values, humans of such caliber, that I do not anticipate we would anytime beat this country, unless we breach the actual courage of this nation, which is her airy and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I adduce that we alter her old and age-old apprenticeship system, her culture, for if the Indians anticipate that all that is adopted and English is acceptable and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their built-in self-culture and they will become what we ambition them, a absolutely bedeviled nation.”

English was made to be seen as the language of opportunity, and the number of English speakers kept on rising. Some 191,000 Indians returned the language as their mother tongue, the language first learnt by a person, or the native language, in the 1971 census. Thirty years later, the number had increased to 226,000. The increase of English speakers from 1991 to 2001 was almost 27%. By 2011, it doubled 2001 figures.

The inferiority complex developed towards local Indian languages, slavery mindset was invoked among educationists by glorifying english as superior language. Restoration of Indian ethos is only done by RSS.

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Nonetheless, the spread of the language remains limited. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) for 2009, released by Pratham—the largest non-governmental organization in the education sector— shows only 43.8% of students in class I could read the English alphabet, even in upper case.

anti-Hindu congress gandhi

To spread anglicization, A programme is developed – that seeks to impart skill-based training to 500 million people by 2022, the government has also set up a national skill development board and a national skill development funding corporation for policy direction, review and finance. Congress government has one point biased agenda, giving all opportunities to spread english education. No audit is done on thousands of crores of rupees collected from Church controlled educational institutes. Higher the penetration of english language, more chances of Indians distancing themselves from Hinduism, conduciveness to enslave Indian mindsets to western thoughts.

The widespread expansion of english means whole system of India caters to western colonial powers. The disadvantage is the self-destruction of great indigenous culture of Bharat (India). Today USA or other so called developed states are deprived of native people and their culture. The citizens of these countries are over dependent on materialistic pleasures – disrespecting their indigenous culture, elders, history – fully enslaved in colonial mindset. They are not the same people anymore which were before the transformation to anglicized state.

Once a country loose it’s own native language, it looses its own identity.

In India, english-medium teaching is often viewed as synonymous with established education due to efforts of congress govt of India, and is thus reflected in the rising percentage of private school enrolments. According to ASER 2008, the percentage of rural children who studied in private primary schools went up from 16% in 2004 to 26% in 2008.

English Next India cites the example of Malaysia, where the government in July 2009 annulled an earlier decision to teach science and mathematics in English after concerns that children’s education was suffering as only 10% of teachers were well-versed in English.

ASER reports, released annually since 2004, have also pointed out a drop in learning levels in schools. Various other studies, including a 2008 report by software lobby group Nasscom, have shown only 10-15% graduates are “employable” in business services and only 26% engineers in technical services due to educational deficiencies.

In Gujarat, for instance, a pathetic management lead to poor pass percentage in Gujarati-medium schools compared with English-medium schools which resulted in the closing down of several vernacular schools.

In Maharashtra too, the mushrooming of English-medium schools has caused a sharp decline in the number of Marathi-medium schools. In Pune, widely regarded as the cultural capital of the state, the number of Marathi-medium schools came down from 719 in 2006 to 604 in 2007, according to the Environment Status Report of 2008.

The decline of local language institutes has increased to 35% YoY basis across India. The gap developed is filled up by anglicized schools.

Regional languages of India originated from Sanskrit – mother of all languages. Decline of Sanskrit and regional language means dissection of own Identity which we are proud of.

Hindus Under Threat: Destruction of Hindu Institutions

Ongoing evil attempts by christian missionaries and islam madrasas to dissect Hinduism.

In Andhra, Tirupati, Attempt to take over 5 out of 7 Sacred Temple Hills for Churches, Casinos & Tourism.

Andhra Government, under Christian CM (YSR), attempted to take over 5 out of 7 hills for tourism. ( Even 800 years muslim rules and 200 years British rule did not touch this sacred place).  3000 acres of temple land for distribution in the name of social justice for more votes in Andhra Pradesh.  Timely intervention by Hindu saints stopped this attempt.

anti-Hindu andhra govt

This is just one part of the disclosure of Hindu funds misused. Allocation of Rs. 6.5 crores to mosques for repairs & renovations. Allocation of Rs. 1.5 crores for construction of new churches – Rs. 80,000 for each church’s repairs & renovations. It is not publicly disclosed how many churches have benefited and ultimately no public way of knowing how many crores were set aside for this purpose. And the worst part is the funds collected from Hindu temples were diverted to non-Hindus causes.

All funds collected from Hindu temples (major temples are controlled by congress govt) are distributed: 50% given to muslim causes, 25% to christians and only 25% reverted to Hindu causes. While funds collected from muslim or christian trusts, which are double the funds of Hindu temples, are never utilized for Hindus.

Madrasas abuse the funds to provoke anti-social, anti-national muslim elements to sabotage peace and development of India.

Christian trusts utilize money for aggressive conversion drive – converting Hindus into christians.

YSR Reddy’s Son Terrorist Act Blows up Hindu Temple in Andhra

Y. Samuel R. Reddy’s Son Blows up Hindu Temple in Anantapur – Andhra Jyothi, (Telugu Newspaper) reported Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy once again publicly affirmed his family’s intolerance towards the Hindu religion by blowing up the Sunkulamma Temple in Obullapuram Village in Anantapur District. Jagan and h is friend Janardhan Reddy used powerful bombs and grounded the Temple which is highly revered by the locals. Though some Congressmen claimed that Jagan did that as part of his illegal iron mining business, questions are being raised about whether he would have blown up a church under similar circumstances. While new foundation stone are laid on daily basis to construct new churches on govt lands using money from Hindu temples.

Looting of Hindu Temple Money by Politicians

This is fraction of overall report which shows only figures of year 2002 in Karnataka Hindu temples. Check out how Hindu temples funded are distributed to non-Hindus, muslim and christian activities.

Total number of Temples: 207,000

Total collections at the Temples: 72 Crores

Money spent on Temple Upkeep: 6 Crores

Money spent on Muslims for Haj: 50 Crores

Money spent on churches: 10 Crores

Money for other activities: 6 Crores

Report by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & India Today

anti-hindu-congress india

State Looting Hindu Temple Funds and Bloated Bureaucracies

State Governments own most of the Hindu Temples (by way of Temple Endowment Boards) whereas Mosques and Churches have complete autonomy.  15% of temple income is used just to pay the salaries of the 70,000 employees of the Endowment Board in AP, these employees are hired for the upkeep and activities of muslim and christian religious places, in the name of social justice and farce pluralism.

“In a period of 5 years, 50,000 (25%) temples closed for want of funds. Pandits do not want to train their children anymore.” said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Due to allocation of lesser funds to Hindu temples, Pandits of temples are getting meager salaries. That’s why Hindus are not choosing to be come Pandits of temples.

Contrast this with just one Seventh Day Adventist Group’s plan to build 10,000 churches in India in just one year (2005). Which they have escalated to 100,000 churches this year, to compensate for the loss in Europe and islamic countries.

Hindus Under Threat: Plan of Missionary Terror

An Empire of Unprecedented Scale & Planning, with little scruples

“Per 1989 data, globally, churches spend 145 billion dollars, command four million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals and four billion tracts a year, operate 1,890 radio and TV stations. There are a quarter million foreign missionaries, over 400 institutions to train them.”
Check link – christianaggression.org/item_display.php?type=ARTICLES&id=1058908716

These figures have tripled this year with 320 billions dollars is diverted to evangelism and conversion drive, extracted from sell of weapons by US alone. We should not forget contribution from France, Australia, Germany and other such countries – which could sum this up to trillions of dollars.

The Background and Control of Indian Media

These are main reasons why Media always take anti-Hindu stand but promote pro-catholic, pro-islamic agendas.

Full and Partial Funding Interests of Indian Media

a) The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper: Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland (It is said that The Hindu ‘s ex-editor and revenue generator N. Ram’s wife is Christian)

b) NDTV : Funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain (Prannoy James Roy is christian)

c) CNN-IBN : 100% Funded by Southern Baptist Church

d) The Times of India Group,Times Now : Owned by Bennet & Coleman; 80% funding from WORLD CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, (and the balance 20% is equally shared by an Englishman and an Italian. The Italian ROBERTIO MINDO IS A CLOSE RELATIVE OF SONIA GANDHI ).

e) STAR TV : Originally supported by St.Peter’s Pontificial Church, Melbourne, Australia, sourced through Rupert’s company

f) HINDUSTAN TIMES : Owned by the Birla Group, but working in collaboration with the Times Group.

g) INDIAN EXPRESS : DIVIDED INTO TWO GROUPS. THE INDIAN EXPRESS & NEW INDIAN EXPRESS (SOUTHERN EDITION). Acts Ministries has major stake in the Indian express and later is still with the Indian counterpart.

h) India Today: Supported by The Church Commissioners for England and NGOs funded by foreign sources

i) EENADU : To date controlled by an Indian family of Ramoji Rao

j) Andhra Jyothi : The MUSLIM PARTY OF HYDERABAD known as (MIM) along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently.

k) The Statesman : Controlled by the Communist Party of India

l) Kairali TV : Controlled by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

m) Mathrubhoomi : leaders of the Muslim league and Communist Leaders have major investment.

n) Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle : Are owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with some interest of ex-Editor M.J.AKBAR.

0) Doordarshan: 100% controlled by catholic congress govt, invocation of congress biased, conducive thoughts, infested by 80% congress workers

These media houses aggressively push Christianity by buying up prime time slots for sermons on TV. Congress and its supportive MNC’s buying advertisement slots also dictate terms to newspapers and electronic media to show news that keep Indian public busy devoid of truth from congress scams and islamization/catholicization.

Anti-Hindu Doordarshan Set the Trend of Catholicizing India

It started off with congress controlled state TV channel doordarshan 30 years back, promoting 31st December as Indian festival and 14th February as expression of love (while originally valentine had nothing to do with lustful romance, it was done to mislead youth), slowly revoking all devotional shows of Hindus and Hinduism. Before the promotions, 31st December was not that popular among Indians. But this christian practice was heavily promoted by doordarshan on behalf of congress govt to westernize religious practices of Indians and especially Hindus. Today the evil practice generates over 5000 crores of revenues for congress govt – in terms of celebrations, hotel bookings, tours and alcohol consumption with death toll of at least 10,000 people due to heavy intoxication. Its an age old practice of rulers to engage public with consumption of alcohol and women, and rule them distorting their vision and mindset.

To indicate how doordarshan always acted on behalf of pro-catholic and islamic congress, an incident of Ramanand Sagar Ji which happened 30 years ago comes to mind.

Ramanand Sagar Ji approached executives at Doordarshan about the possibility of producing a serialised version of the Ramayana, of which Sagar Ji was a lifelong devotee. The idea was initially rejected, then revived, but delayed due to concerns that such a television series might lead to a rise in communalism. Ramanand Ji tried to convince doordarshan executives several times that Ram Ji and Ramayan are part of Indian culture and teach all of us how to lead life following morality and ethics. His insistence and several follow ups helped. Finally, the show was indeed approved for 52 episodes (which would later be expanded twice in response to the series’ overwhelming popularity, each time by 13 episodes, bringing the total to 78 episodes), and was given the unpopular time slot of Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. It was given purposely so that serial do not generate viewership and Ramanand Ji stop producing further episodes. Doordarshan budgeted Sagar INR 49,000  (US$1,500) per episode, which were peanuts even to the production standards of that time.

With blessings of Bhagwan Ram, Ramanand Sagar Ji continued producing the serial, which became a huge hit. And the unpopular time slot of 9:30 am was transformed into a prime time for TV channels – A precedent which is seen even today. Later, lured by big commercial success of great Ramayan, several production houses came up with devotional serials.

The incident highlights the apathy of congress govt towards Hindus: (1) To stop airing a great history of Hindus – Ramayan (2) Discouraging producers on making devotional serials so as to promote catholic beliefs in disguised manner like they did with 31st December and 14th Feb valentines day.

All media houses are busy in all out effort to stop Hindu devotional programs. Attack on Eenadu has a lot to do with telecast of Hindu devotional programs. Thereby using the media to dilute Hindu faith. An example is the recent shows and news telecasts on NDTV, Times Now, India news, ABP news, Aaj Tak questioning the Hindu values, Sages, Saints and faiths of devotees in the name of openness. While happily promoting false gods to decimate united strength of Hindu devotees.

Over 7 million Hindus are killed or displaced from Kashmir, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and North Eastern states. But no media give coverage to apathy of congress govt towards Hindus, they completely ignore tragedies of Hindus. But the media kept alive one incident for more than a decade – only 750 odd non-Hindus who died in Gujarat due to muslim mob burning Sabarmati train, killing 60 odd Hindu men, women and children. Forgetting the fact that 350 Hindus too died in the same riot.

No media highlights the exponential growth of non-Hindus in India to make India another USA culturally – which is b@stard culture and devoid of humanity and advocates survival of the fittest.

No media shows how India is islamized by Indians who are actually traitors of India and destructive for Hinduism.

Why Christians Control Indian Media and Politicians, Celebrities are Quiet on Islamic Jihad

This is a key step required before carrying out illegal mass conversions with deception and untruth. Convert Popular People in Society E.g., Telugu actors Jayaprada and Jaya Sudha were converted. Rakhi Sawant, a dancer, Nagma (a popular actress of Hindu heart belt UP and Bihar who became christian), Prem Chopra (famous villain) were made ambassadors of Festival of Life, an organization started to promote Christianity among Hindu belts and Indians. Many others are being targeted and converted through famous personalities who were Hindus but later became christian as they were offered handsome rewards for their evangelist services. The practice of using ex-Hindus to convert Hindus is happening since British Raj.

Some of the Hindu converts who act on the dictation of churches.

Jayasudha – South Indian actress.
Nagma – Bhojpuri and Hindi cinema Actress
Sister Nirmala – succeeded Mother Teresa as Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity in March 1997, as an award to increase christian population in north eastern states of India by over 1000%. She was one of the 400,000 Hindus who were converted by Teresa when she was alive.
Pandita Ramabai – Indian Social Reformer, an ex-Hindu who turned atheist and then christian to fund her NGOs, to convert Hindus
Krishna Pal – First Indian convert to Christianity due to the missionary activity of William Carey; Subsequently preached the gospel for 20 years, before his passing
Ramesh Ponuru – Writer and Editor for conservative magazine National Review
Michael Madhusudan Dutt – Bengali poet
Gnanendramohan Tagore – First Asian to be called to the bar in England, after conversion he was allowed to attend
Krishna Mohan Banerjee – Prominent educator, linguist, and missionary
Lal Behari Dey – Bengali journalist and writer
Anak Agung Pandji Tisna – A novelist, writer, former king of Buleleng, Bali
Rabi Maharaj – former Brahmin guru; Founder of East/West Gospel Ministries and bestselling author of Death of a Guru: A Remarkable True Story of one Man’s Search for Truth
Devasahayam Pillai – Social Reformer, worked to convert Hindu tribals.
Bobby Jindal – Current Louisiana governor, Non-christian cannot easily become governors

Buying out the Politicians to demean and dissect Hinduism.  Apparently many politicians or their spouses are converted using very large sums of money. Specifics are hard to get because they do not change their name or way of dress. One thing for sure, the silence of many politicians cannot be other than that bought with money. Spouses of top leaders in BJP, TDP, DMK, Congress are converts and ex-Hindus.

Cabinet minsters of most of the congress govt are christians including entire gandhi family – Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. Almost 40% of top brass leaders of congress party comprise of christians.

Similarly, top three Muslim leaders of BJP have Hindu ladies as wives: Sikander Bakht, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussain, all these leaders trapped Hindu Girls and married them and converted them to Islam. BJP second level leaders are quiet and have no guts to raise questions on motives of such leaders.

Politicians and film personalities have close nexus in India. Every Khan Actor are part of conversion mission of islamic trusts, so that Love Jihad are carried over with examples set by them. These actors has links with Politicians, Jehadis and Dawood and all of them have married to a Hindu Girl, before converting their spouses to Islam. These actors attend parties organized by politicians and Dawood, an absconding terrorist of India.

Shahrukh Khan- Hindu wife Gauri

Nawab Ali Khan Pataudi – Hindu wife Sharmila Tagore

Arbaaz Khan  – Hindu wife Malaika Arora

Saif Ali Khan – Hindu wife Amrita Singh and Kareena Kapoor

Amir Khan –First wife Reena and Second wife – Kiran Rao

Santoor Maestro Amjad Ali Khan’s wife is also Hindu

India’s most wanted Anchor Mohamad Suhaib ilyasi married to a Hindu Girl Anju Singh , converted her to Islam , took all her property and murdered her. He was arrested and was in Jail but later released because his father Mohamad ilyasi is president of All India Islamic Imam Organisation. And paid media stopped reporting about him later.

Former Indian Cricket Captain, match fixer and corrupt cricketer, politician from congress, Mohamad Azharudeen wife is also Hindu Sangeeta Bijlaani.

There are thousands of examples Love Jihad (a movement to lure Hindu girls to marry muslim man) where educated muslims married Hindu girls and converted them to Islam. Even close family women members and relative girls of L.K.Advani and Bal Thakrey got eloped with muslims and later converted to Islam.

anti-hindu shahrukh

A barbaric ruler Akbar who was brother of Jodha Ji is always wrongly shown as husband by film fraternity and TV soap makers to promote Love Jihad among Hindu girls. The Love Jihad propaganda is carried over in planned manner, giving due importance to muslim actors so that Hindu girls thoughts get etched with the notion that muslims are handsome and good lovers – as wrongly shown in Hindi movies acted upon by these muslim actors. Dawood indirectly controls cinema Industry, which is why muslim actors are preferred over Hindu artists. Hindus comprise of 80% Indian population but cinema industry is infested with 85% muslim actors. That is also one of the reason, we find anti Hindu movies made by bollywood.

Demographic Warfare is given boost by illegal Bangladeshis who are infiltrating daily and marrying local Hindu girls. Congress govt is not taking any corrective measures to stop the infiltrations and conversions of Hindu girls for vote bank politics.

Hindus Under Threat: Rural India Under Shadow of Anti-Hindu Goons

Hindus Under Threat: Use of Raw Muscle & Money Power

Eyewitness accounts relate how village musclemen are recruited, and money power used, to systematically convert village after village, in specific pockets of India such as coastal Andhra.

“These goons ward off resistance from Hindu organizations by engineering fake news of attack using media as a tool . E.g., Baripada Incident in Orissa: News that was splashed all over the media and the Internet, that a Hindu fundamentalist raped a nun, was found to be totally fabricated, upon later investigation. However, the media does not even bother to publish later findings. While thousands of hours of airtime were consumed in promoting the news. No truth was revealed later to the people with same vigour and commitment by paid media. The initial news items are still being used to get more money from Churchgoers in West, as can be seen in various websites of missionaries. Many such cases are engineered with full of lies.”
– Arun Shourie, Harvesting our Souls

With the same intention of scaling conversion drive, defaming of Hindu Saints are done. Hindu saints and gurus who strongly opposed religious conversions like Yoga Acharya Ramdev Ji, Asaram Bapu, Nityanand and Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati Ji were targeted by the congress govt and later supported by media. Tarnishing image helped their agenda of demeaning the protectors of Hinduism and Indian culture. Hindus need to realize the fact that while muslims dominate scandalous film media, there is hardly any bad news on muslims – while they dominate an industry that is full of lies, deceit and fakes. Similarly, s*xual cases of maulana, church priests are completely ignored by he media.

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Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati Ji was arrested on framed-up charges which has a lot to do with his efforts in bringing Dalits into the Hindu fold by building Hindu temples in Dalit areas and engaging in discussions with them. Later he was released devoid of any evidence.

Hindus Under Threat: Destroy Hinduism Completely by Converting Targeted Populations Joshua Project Thessalonica

No More Hindu Temples and Celebrations: Seek out and convert temple building masons and architects, so that no new Temples can ever be built in the world. Convert people involved in the Hindu festival (e.g. Kumbh Mela) infrastructure, such as boatsmen, etc., so that devotees will be so inconvenienced as not to come for such Melas. – Source: Croatian newspaper (crusadewatch.org)

Destroy any organization that supports Hinduism

IDRF, which funds humanitarian projects, some led by the Sangh Parivar, was deprived of all corporate matching funds by spreading false news to US corporations.

Garner the support of Powerful politicians and bureaucrats to  decimate Hinduism

 N S Rajaram, a well known historian, says that missionaries have the tacit support of Sonia Gandhi (Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, a Roman Catholic, she came to birth when her father was in jail, who fathered her is unknown). YSR would not be so brazen but for that support – Institutional Anti-Hinduism of the UPA (led by Sonia) must have a lot to do with this.  All close confidants of Sonia are Christians and it is said that there are 5 Christian Chief Ministers in India today. Infact almost 9 out of non-BJP ruled states have non-Hindus as CMs. Foreigners are providing strategy planning for Sonia/UPA/allies today.

Defame our Revered Hindu Gods, Saints, Leaders and Scriptures

Reinterpret Hindu history, traditional stories of Indian saints and scriptures to spread false stories. Many interpretations implicate s*xual impropriety on our Gods, saints and leaders.

Hinduism Under Threat: Some examples

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: Wrongly promoted as Homos*xual

Asaram Bapu: Wrongly framed in s*xual harassment cases for taking stand against conversions

Vivekananda: Unsuccessful attempt of seduction charge when in the US

Jayendra Saraswati: Farcely framed of involvement with a woman

Deepak Chopra: Wrongly charged with extra-marital relationship

Kripalu Maharaj: False claim of molestation by one of her disciples, she was injected by christian missionaries in his Ashram, she became close to many people in the Ashram but she was never close to Kripalu Maharaj, she hardly spoke to him ever in more than 7 years of her existence in Ashram.

Fool the gullible with Hindu religious practices, customs

Jesus never claimed to be god but son of God. While in India, you find divine experiences happening daily. Missionaries wear Sadhu dresses, perform arati, and burn incense, to give impression that very little has changed. A prayer hall in Kerala has meditating Jesus in Padmasana posture!

Sarna people were targeted in Jharkhand to fool Hindus with the inception of this statue of Mary and Jesus.


Adoption of Hindu arts and culture for their own ends (Acculturation) 

Recently Vatican was given Bharata Natyam performance of Christ birth! Christian Yoga where names of asanas are changed and no trace of Hinduism kept in Vedic inventions and discoveries.

Convert with goods and allurement

Right to use a bore well pump in front of church (placed with Government money) requires conversion. Called Jesus Wells , this is targeted at drought areas. During disasters, goods are given to the suffering victims subject to agreeing to convert. (For e.g., a boat is given to a fisherman who is a Tsunami victim only if he agrees to convert). This is again very old ploy, artificial famines to kill Hindus orchestrated by britishers was cunningly used to trick Hindus in Bengal to convert to Christianity later.

christians are evil

Exploit disaster victims’ helplessness as an opportunity to convert.

Heartless christians are evil and not peaceful people as fraudulently shown in Indian movies. Check out the truth yourself.
On disasters and catastrophes:

“Be it any disaster, it is an opportunity for us to spread word of God” stated John G Sande.

“This Tsunami disaster is one of the greatest oppor tunities God has given us to share his love with people,” said K .P. Yohannan, president of the Texas-based Gospel for Asia. “I’m not here to do relief work,” said John. His calling was missionary work, he admitted. “They are looking for answers,” he said of the disaster victims, whom he described as particularly good candidates for conversion. – from a candid Missionary in Indonesia after the Tsunami disaster.

False and deceptive stories to create fear and force conversion

Missionaries target the gullible and the poor: Tell them that their worship of Hindu forms is the worship of the Devil or Satan. Create among them a great fear of Hell. Tell them that they are poor because they did not convert – Arun Shourie, Harvesting our Souls

Use of established Thousands of Christian institutions as new venues for conversion

Christian schools and teachers’ colleges in someareas demanding conversion for getting admitted. Bible is openly read to children in these schools. Children going to Christian schools with Hindu customs are discouraged (Recent example of a child in a Hyderabad school being beaten by his teacher for wearing kumkum).

“Precise demographic and other data Missionaries have precise demographic data on every village, the main obstacles for conversion, etc. They print literally millions of books in every language of India (the biggest such publishing house is deceptively named ‘Om Publishing’). ”
– Arun Shourie

Hindus Under Threat Due to Exploits of Christian Missionary Conversion Terror

Use the converted to gain more converts & even encourage them to destroy Hindu institutions. Converted person is told to demonstrate that they are truly converted by getting others to convert. More people they convert, more their faith! Converts are even encouraged to destroy temples. check link – http://www.jesusfilm.org/progress/australia.html?type=regular&id=330

A special group of missionaries work on converting Brahmins and General Hindus who are different from tribals, gullibles are lured with money, women and other gifts.

Legitimizing Conversion: Missionaries are now demanding constitutional changes to provide converts the same status as Scheduled and Backward Caste Hindus. Many converts retain Hindu names and identities fearing the loss of their reservation status.

Fundamental Premises: Do whatever is necessary with the Power of Money and Organization, albeit with Deception and Lies, to increase their numbers and therefore the power of the Church, their methods go against the very teachings of Jesus that they claim tobe promoting – End justifies the Means. While Hindus have living proofs of Vedic gods then why they hardly fall prey to such premises but still the innocent Hindu tribes are duped by cunning christians.

It should be noted that there is genuine service performed by some missionaries that are helping those ignored by the country, but this is due to the altruistic spirit of those individuals. Church has little interest in them other than that they become symbols of good Public Relations and help bring in more converts.

Church interest in service is for conversions, period. Their interest in India is because of dwindling church attendance in Europe and the need for a fresh crop of followers, clergy, etc. There are thousands of non-Christian NGO’s providing service in India that get little attention. And they do not try to convert and provide service irrespective of religious affiliation.

Missionary Finances and MNCs: With fundings from MNC’s controlled NGOs, Per 1989 statistics, the total amount consumed was $145 billion from US alone; It sums up to trillions of dollars. A good fraction of this, amounting to billions of dollars, is sent to India for conversion. – The methods used to collect from many churches leaves a lot to be desired: blatant lies about other cultures, coercion by deception such as “pay if you want to go to heaven” , etc.

Fronted by service organizations such as World Vision: These organizations parade as “secular” NGOs and ironically even Hindus help them collect funds using events such as benefit cricket matches for Tsunami Disaster Relief. Only a small amount of the funds are used for relief and development activities, res t used for conversion.

US Government Support Joshua Project is supported by the US Govt: Rising India becoming Christian is in best interests of US. Clinton, during his presidency asked a Japanese CEO to support a Christian charity in India, and it was immediately acted upon. Political support – US Government responds to false stories and takes it up with India.

Donations to Mother Teresa?

Does anyone know or ever seen any fully equipped hospital run by an anti-Hindu Mother Teresa? Why were the patients allowed to suffer in inhumane conditions. Does anyone understand why people with different diseases such as TB, Cancer, etc., are all huddledin thesame environment.


That is because Mother Teresa believed that it was good for them to suffer as Christ did and so long as they were baptized before death, they would go to heaven and enjoy pleasures. She took the best care for her own illness, though but allowed poor people to suffer and die painfully. No one knows what happened to literally millions of dollars collected for the Calcutta poor.(She used to spend lot of time with Vatican.)- Source: “Mother Teresa, where are her Millions”, STERN magazine on 10September 1998 (this is a conservative paper!)


Hinduism Under Threat: Annihilation of Hindu Culture

The Massive Plan of the Missionaries along with the Communists, Atheists., NGOs and the Congress Party

1. Build the framework: For Nazis it was Mein Kampf, Nazi Party formation. For missionaries, initially schools, spread of false stories on Hindu saints, background conversions etc. For leftists it is establishment of base states.

2. Grab the power: Nazis gained power using the resentment after the F irst World War. Missionaries have gained unprecedented power with Catholic Sonia’s rise to power. Leftists in UPA Govt has enormous bargaining power. Now, it is a matter of spending few million dollars to buy up the politicians of all parties.

3. Capture the media: Nazis used the media as propaganda machines. They systematically spread false things about Jews and about Aryan supremacy and even gave out free radios. Missionaries engineer attacks on Hindu institutions and use the media to propagate and sup press their nefarious activities, such as mass scale conversion s. Leftist pseudo secularists has filled up all media posts and set a false propaganda. Arrest our saints and conduct trial by media.

4. Exploit disorganization of victims: Jews were hardly organized and lived in their own communities. Hindus are no different. Worse, Hindus are fragmented by traditions, later dissected castes (invoked by mughals and british), languages, etc. Hindu saints are never one force. Convenient for the missionaries and leftists to wipe them out.

5. Cripple economically: Nazis destroyed all Jewish businesses. They crippled them economically and even took every thing on their body including their hair. Missionaries, along with politicians, are looting temples, selling away all the lands and using the same money for building churches and mosques. They are usurping Yoga as Christian Yoga and Hindu arts such as Bharatanatyam are Jesus Natyam.

6. Final wipeout: Like Nazis did this via concentration camps: Hindus won’ t be able to continue daily life on the streets, there will not be any temples they can go to, cannot send children to most schools. Christians and Muslims will get reservation and preference in the economy and Hindu s, especially all the forward castes, will be the new pariahs of this century in India, unless they convert.

[ You must read how creating artificial famine b*stard Churchill being Cruel Christian British Got Millions of  Bengali Hindus Killed ]

Hinduism in Danger: Problems with Conversion and Cultural Terrorism

Conversion is violence. It perpetrates violence by separating families and telling many bad things about their religion.  The guilt caused by conversion is masked by creating hatred. Some missionaries even direct that guilt to demolish temples. That is why Mahatma Gandhi and Vivekananda called Conversion as Perversion.  It will divide the country and sows the seeds for unimaginable problems for the future of the country .

The four North Eastern States, where Hindus were in majority as late as 1947, are now 75% to 95% Christian and are engaging in terrorism and want to separate from India.

Most missionaries are Jehadis. They believe that either convert or demolish the non-believer and that they will go to heaven, if they convert.  Fundamentalist Muslims are another kind of Jehadis that believe, either convert or kill the infidel and believe that killing infidels will take them to heaven. Both have the Word of God.  These two groups have the potential to make Lebanon out of India.

Hindu Population Decline Due to Christian Terror

How the Pope Feels about Hindus

“Make no mistake about it. The Pope is not a friend of the Hindus. His visit is organized to promote his evangelization activities, his targeting of Hindu India for Christian conversion. The Pope w ants to convert Hindu India to Christianity. He would be happy if a ll Hindu temples were abandoned in favor of churches. He would be happy if all the swamis, sadhus and yogis either became Christian priests or disappeared altogether. He has no praise for a Rama na Maharshi, a Sri Aurobindo, a Ramakrishna, or a Shankaracharya. He d oes not honor the Vedas and the Gita like the Bible. He does not allow pujas to the Gods or the chanting of Om in churches. He has nowhere apologized for the use of the Inquisition in India or elsewhere. He has nowhere said that Hindus won’t go to hell. He may claim to honor India’s spiritual traditions but not to the extent that it requires him giving up his efforts to convert Hindus.”
– David Frawley on Pope’s visit to India.

What are the Opinions of Famous People on Conversion?

“Poverty doesn’t justify conversion”

“Stop all conversion, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth”

“If I had power and could legislate, I should certainly stop all proselytizing”

“I resent the overtures made to Harijans.”
– Gandhi

“For every convert that is lost Hinduism, it is not just one lost, but one more enemy to Hinduism”

“Conversion is Perversion”
– Swami Vivekananda

Vote Bank Politics Hurting Strength of Hindus Further

The image below show the distribution of Hindu votes against united votes of muslims and christians. This is the main reason, Congress Party of India want India divided into more states based on regional caste based politics so that Hindu vote strength get further divided giving them chance to rule India forever and loot the country thereby making it a pro-catholic and islamic state. These regional parties are created and then funded by Congress party to decimate unity of Hindus and wickedly remain in power. Congress plan and implement anti-Hindu policies making India more conducive to muslims and christians giving them subsidies, freebies in the name of minority development. That’s why people of these religion even knowing that Congress is anti-national party, vote Congress party for progress and appeasement of their religions under congress rule. And Hindus being fooled by hatred incited by congress among them vote regional parties. Until and unless Hindus do not vote unitedly, Hindu appeasement would never turn into reality. The moment Hindus start realizing that they are not yadavs, jats, kurmis, gujjars, brahmins, thakurs but HINDUS, they will become A FORCE to reckon with, making India a global guru.


With full support from islamic west bengal government, congress party backup, proliferation and illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Muslims can be upto 30% increasing vote bank base of congress in India. Wahabi’s (Saudi’ s) are building madrassas all over India for immersion of local muslims into militant Islam. The jihadi teaching at madrasas were the reason that condolence prayers were organized in major mosques of India on death of terrorist pigs Osama, Kasab, Afzal Guru and other jihadis.

Rampant Conversion causing tremendous increase in Christian population across India

• 23% in AP

• 32% in TN

• 75-95% in 4 NE States

By next year these christians will comprise more than 15% of overall India population. Mind you, muslim and christian population in India are always under reported since 1950 to make them enjoy benefits of minority status on the funds of Hindu people.

Congress party and their allies with Sachar committee drama is to grab Muslim Votes  Special reservation to Muslims in all spheres with no regard for poor among other communities. Increasing violence of Muslims (Bangalore, MP, UP, Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala) on Hindus with new boldness .

Congress not raising issue of terrorists but creating hue and cry through their paid media on killings of terrorists. The killings of innocent Hindus by these terrorists are never acknowledged but punishing these terrorists are given undue importance in media.

Major Blow to Hindus and Existence of Hinduism

Anti-Hindu features of The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, PCTV Bill to Islamize India :-

Cabinet ministers of evil Congress party and its allies have passed this bill, once it becomes law Hindus will become third grade citizens in their own native country Bharat (India).

1) Based on the presumption that all ‘Hindus are Criminals and Rioters’ ,this law can be invoked only against Hindus by minorities. (the bill defines Muslims, Christians etc. as “the Minority Group” in (sec 3.e)). They included SC, ST as well, just as a cover-up mask and a further potential Hindu divide.

2) Merely a complaint will be sufficient to file a FIR and the Hindu against whom the complaint is made, will be immediately arrested and assumed guilty UNLESS PROVEN otherwise (In normal criminal procedure, an accused is assumed innocent unless proven guilty);

3) All crimes under this Bill are Cognizable and Non-bailable [Clause 56 of may 2011 version];

4) It can trigger a new wave of extortion by minority groups against Hindus, the majority of whom are the working and business class. This will have colossal negative repercussions for the Indian economy.

5) Section 129 states that for prosecution of offences under Sec 9 there will be no limitation of time. It means a ‘Minority’ can reopen all cases against Hindus, all past cases right from 1950 onwards.

6) Under Sec. 42, A minority witness giving false statement before National authority CANNOT be prosecuted for giving FALSE evidence against a Hindu.

7) If a Hindu man marries a muslim girl with her consent then he can be tried for r@pe by parents of muslim girl.

8) If a Hindu denies selling house or making any business deal with a muslim or christian, he can be dragged to court by the muslim or christian.

9) A muslim or christian can marry Hindu women of any age, any time and her parents cannot object to the marriage.

Without such laws muslims are anti-nationals and criminals contributing to more than 60% of crimes in India. Imagine with such tool in hand in the form of law, what these goons can be capable of ?

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This bill is worst even compared to barbaric sharia law of islam or ten commandments of bible.

Summary? Just like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir, Majority Hindus will be left again with 3 options: (i) Convert (ii) Flee (iii) Suffer entire life

So the last resort left for Hindus would be aggression. The bill will create a huge unrest in India with biggest retaliation by Hindus which will annihilate muslims and christians.


Italian Waitress Sonia and Congress Party Agenda to Destroy India and Hindus

• Deification of Sonia as the country’s leader with eventual handover to her son Rahul and give co-power to (priyanka) Bianca Gandhi

• Retaining control of media by missionaries/leftists will help ensure the continuance of Sonia as the leader

• Sonia and the Vatican/Missionary Establishment guarantees Christian Votes. Muslim appeasement guarantees Muslim votes

• Capture backward caste Hindu votes by diving Hindus into forward and backward castes via reservations, etc.

• Dissect India into additional 10 states on caste based politics, to further create animosity among Hindus

• Promote hatred among Hindus, Hindu-Muslim to further catholicize India

• Only air news in media about disputes among Hindus but never show muslim atrocities towards Hindus

• Always typecast Hindus as individual sects or castes in media news for example: Dalits thrashed Thakur, Yadavs beat Dalit Cop, Brahmins slapped Yadav cops, etc. While the same is never done for Christians (protestants, catholic, christians, Coptic, east orthodox, baptists, etc) or muslims (wahabis, sunnis, shiahs, boris, etc)

• It is an all out game to install Rahul, with little consideration to the democratic institutions of the country, taking dynasty rule forward


Due to Being Staunch Religionists Marginalization of Progressive Muslims by Congress

  •  Not providing the strength to progressive Muslims to come forward and join the mainstream is a sad testimony to total lack of vision in politics.
  • Using corrupt Muslim politicians to fool common muslims.
  • Bluffing dalits by projecting christians as Dalit leaders. K R Narayanan was not dailt president as claimed by scamster congress party, he was christian and his body was buried beside his christian wife Usha Narayanan’s body. Congress has reputation of lying, cheating, scamming and looting native Hindus.
  • The current state of Muslims is the result of simply pandering to Muslim fundamentalism (e.g. overdragging Gujarat riots issue ignoring over 7000 odd more graver riots under congress ruled states, Ishrat Jahan case, Reservation lollipop, Shah Bano case, non-denial of Uniform Civil Code, Ignoring plight of half a million Kashmiri Pandits, paying no heed to thousands of Hindu victims from North Eastern states, etc).
  • Lack of Muslim development is also a result of their religious leader emphasizing on islamic India vision than developmental policies for muslims.
  • Not promoting ‘small family’ concept among muslims to use them as vote bank base – even if this result in population explosion leading to malnutrition or joblessness among Indians (including non-muslims)

Hinduism in Danger Due to Votebank Politics

The Vote Bank Politics result in complete Marginalization of Hindus

It is already happening at all levels.

All Sonia’s close confidants are Christians and there are 9 Christian CM’s in India.

Violence on Hindus is of little interest to the Establishment (recent UP, Kashmir, West Bengal, Bangalore and the North Eastern experiences are a testimony)

Aggressively campaigning for Pink Revolution (killing of Mother Cows) by govt supported slaughter houses

Hindu Temples and Institutions are systematically destroyed on daily basis in Andhra Pradesh, with a Christian CM, as the model state for others

Hindu Festivals Raksha Bandhan, Dussera, Holi and Janmashtami are no more compulsory holidays in India (recent Govt. directives)

Stopping Hindus from celebrating Holi (for example: Asaram Bapu and Hindus were heavily criticized by Indian media for consuming 20k litres of water in Holi while over 4 lakh litres of water wasted in IPL cricket matches are never questioned)

As India becomes Muslim and Christian pockets, Hindus will have to either convert or perish.


Like in Kerala and North Eastern municipalities, in Thondi and Rasathipuram Municipalities (in Ramanathpuram and Vellore Districts), the local bodies were secured b y Muslims. Both Municipalities have denied civic amenities, funds for schools, garbage clearing etc., and sent notices in Urdu. Hindus were bluntly told to convert to Islam if they wanted civic facilities. Madrassas and mosques, particularly the Saudi Arabi an supported Wahabis have little tolerance for Hindus, Kafirs (those who do not follow Muslim religion). Muslim children are continuously taught that Hinduism is a false religion. (check Youtube for what is taught in Wahabi supported mosques and living conditions of Hindu refugees).


As its already in muslim dominated areas of Kashmir, West Bengal and Assam and Christian dominated Northern Eastern states, Hindus can end up as refugees or have to accept third class citizen status in their own country in rest of states too . Today 800,000 Hindus are refugees for more than few decades in these states and the world (and India) hardly care. They are dying in large numbers due to disease. Why can’t this happen in other states as the Muslim and Christian populations increase?

In the name of conversion, married Hindu women were being prevented from wearing tilak, mangala sutra orflowers in their hair, the traditional attributes of marriedwomen in Tamil culture; this was also impacting badly upon the social fabric. As young girls follow their leaders and elders.

– AIADMK leader from Uppalam constituency in State Assembly (New Indian Express, April 18, 2003) http://www.christianaggression.org/item_display.php? type=ARTICLES&id=1168270764 — Sandhya Jain, Jan 14, 2007, Organiser article.

Hindus with No Media Support will be Increasingly Marginalised

1.Kashmir Pandits Plight.

2.Temple Destruction in India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Australia.

3.M.F.Hussain’s depiction of Hindu Gods and media supporting him.

4.Hardly anything positive on Hindus & Hindu events in Indian and Western Media (compare with the coverage for other faiths)

5.Magnification of perceived Hindu weaknesses such as casteism, dowry, etc. (which are really social problems).

Hindu Population Decline in the world

What is happening to Hindus around the World is a Good Indication for future in Islamic India

  1. As per current decline rate, 85% of Malaysian Hindus may convert in next 5 years. Today they are mistreated very badly.
  2. 100 year old Temples are being destroyed unscrupulously in Malaysia, Pakistan, Kashmir and West Bengal.
  3. Before 1940’s Hindu Population in Pakistan were more than 22% in 1950s it was 10% and now its less than 1.5%.
  4. Hindu Population in Bangladesh in 1947 was 32% and now 7%.
  5. Pakistan, Bangladesh: Vested Property Act makes the State, the owner of all Hindu Properties. Contrast this with India, where Muslims are given all facilities and were 5% in 1940’s and now believed to be 23%)

Forcible Conversions in Pakistan In October 2005 which was supported by govt authorities and police, three young daughters, Reena, Usha and Rima, of marriageable age, of Hindu parents in Karachi, vanished. In a few days, the shocked parents received a courier package containing three identical affidavits from their daughters stating that they had all converted to Islam and, therefore , could not live with their Hindu parents. The activity was repeated in 2007 which became daily affair in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The ongoing trend in Pakistan and Bangladesh indicate that over 10,000 Hindu girls have been kidnapped, forcibly married, and coerced to convert, but as helpless Hindus in Pakistan, their parents have no hope for justice. And this can happen to even rich Hindu parent in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Recently in 2013, Rinkal, a Hindu girl was kidnapped, repeatedly r@ped by muslims and then starved for several days. After slight media attention, everything was forgotten in pakistan. But anti-Hindu Indian media didn’t even mentioned once about this apathy of Hindu girl.

Hindus will learn the hard way – if history on Christian & Muslim Rulers’ Atrocities is ignored

Hindus Killed By Muslims Just a Sneak Peek in History

Muslim Rulers were ruthless, converted most by force Hindu Kush derives its name from the mass killing of Hindus that runs into millions. Their practices include slitting throats to kill (it is their belief that the suffering from th e blood draining will redeem the sins of being an infidel). Just one cold night, 100,000 thousand Hindu slaves were killed there during the reign of Timur Lenk (1398-99), 50,000 Hindus were killed in one attack on Somnath temple by Mahmud of Ghazni.  On Feb 24, 1568, Emperor Akbar ordered the killing of 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus.

Hindus Killed By Christians Just a Sneak Peek of History

Portuguese Inquisition of the Church on those who d id not convert, is need to be known by every Hindu. Cutting of male genitals and female breasts are some of the punishments given for not converting!  It is now acknowledged that Gypsies in Europe originated as Hindu slaves brought by Muslims from India. Many were killed in the Nazi Holocaust.  The increase in lower castes from 1% to 15% occurred during the Muslim rule when higher castes accepted the status of ‘Dhimmi’ as punishment for refusing to convert. Muslims treated Hindus as untouchables and infidels assaulting them and their women at their will.

“Let it be said right away: the massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese.”
– Francois Gautier

India can very well be divided again into several parts as Christian and Islamic States

Muslims appeasement by the British between 1900 and 1947 resulted in the Partition of India. Blatant minority appeasement and sanctioning of unscrupulous conversion by Sonia/Congress/SP/BSP/JDU/UPA could lead to a splintered nation. We lost Kashmir and may soon lose Assam, UP, West Bengal, Kerala and the North East. Arunachal Pradesh’s Congress CM had openly asked to declare the state as Christian State.

Hindus Who Ignore The REALITY Might Be Most Affected. Aggressive Hindus Will Only Sustain.

Hindus who are complacent, need to understand the consequences, if the current situation continues. Missionaries, in a democracy with a highly corrupt political system, culturally deprived intelligentsia, with billions of dollars and little scruples, have the potential to convert a majority of India’s population in just a few years. This, along with vote bank politics, can result in complete marginalization of Hindus and the divisions of India. Those who do not convert will be at an enormous disadvantage economically and spiritually.

Core Issue with Hindus for Their Decline in India

“A Hindu (Indian) is culturally more concerned about himself and his family, educating his children, making his life better, as opposed to group advancement. He is highly individualistic. That is what reduces his political power.” – Trinidad’s Former Prime Minister in an interview to India Abroad (Jan 11, 2005)

Muslims Are Bullies, Hindus are Cowards. Hindus can never fight muslims as they are cowards.
– Gandhi in a speech when he supported Cow Slaughtering to appease muslims

Hindu spiritual leaders, with a few exceptions, have a complete lack of vision.

Each Acharya is busy with their small World and followers. Acharyas talk about love of god but fail to pass the message of aggression and raising arms to re-establish Dharma. They do not deliver the great message that Dharmo Rakshati RakshitaH (Protect Dharma and it will protect you). They do not speak against the caste system. They do not take care of dalits or people converting into islam or christianity.

Solutions to Save Hindus and Hinduism

What Hindus Fail to Realize

Few recognize that in spite of its poorness, it is the India’s poor who financed the education of those who left the country. The economy is indirectly controlled by masses, who work for the upkeep and development of India. Indian political field is mostly left to incompetents and criminals. Misguided Hindu political leaders (Congress, Communists, DMK etc) who think they stand a chance after Muslim and Christian majority comes about. And are so corrupt that they are ready to sell India to foreigners.

Lack of vision seems to have started from Nehru himself and became worse with his descendants

Not understanding what Muslim appeasement can do started from Gandhi himself

Pseudo-secular media which thinks anything anti-Hindu is worth a few more brownie points to get foreign funding

Hindus do not react at all, they just vent their anger on social media sites or blogs. Both are not going to help. They need to learn the PR and smoothness of Christian organizations and the Organized Voting Bloc philosophy of the Muslims. Muslims are herd-controlled by mosques to vote congress. Similarly Hindu temples NEED to take this stand OPENLY.

Christianity is as evil as Islam

Hinduism is the only culture that did not invade, murder and subjugate other countries or cultures for wealth and power, in the name of religion. Casteism pales in comparison with 50 million Africans killed in slave boats, 200+ years of slavery with church justification of Africans having no soul, lynchings of young African Americans, decimation of Native Americans with things like disease infected blankets, colonization of Africa, Americas and Asia and sapping their economy totally causing famines and living skeletons, Nazi holocaust of 10 million, burning of witches.

S. African leader Desmond Tutu said, “When missionaries came we had the land and they had the bible, we closed our eyes for prayer and opened them, only to find that they had the land and we had the bible.”

Conversion changes the very fabric of a country, India has somehow survived and retained millions of years old culture, and can further disintegrate it. Hindus have to be well prepared and aggressive or else face slavery.

Hindu Fightback Against Abrahamic Terrorism

Spread the Greatness of Hinduism Quoting western thoughts to convince westerners

“Hinduism is greatest of all. If there is one place on the face of the earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India….For more than 30 centuries, the tree of vision, with all its thousand branches and their millions of twigs, has sprung from this torrid land, the burning womb of the Gods. It renews itself tirelessly showing no signs of decay.”
-Romaine Rolland, Nobel Laureate

“In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavat Geeta, since whose composition years of the gods have elapsed, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial;” – Henry David Thoreau , American Philosopher, Unitarian, social critic, transcendentalist and writer, whose writings provided roots for liberalism in America.

Hindu Vote is Sacred

An effort to propagate and inculcate in every Hindu to vote in a way that protects the best interests of Hindu Dharma. Only Vote a party that cares for Hindus and Vedic values.

Encourage Hindus to get access to the Media, Social Sites and Spread Awareness

Protest against anti-Hindu and biased media in the US and India. Encourage Hindu children to take up careers or partimers/full timers in media and communications, Spirituality, Katha pracharaks, Karsewaks.

Adopt a Village for Hindus in India

Each of the 2 million Hindu Americans and their ¼ million families can adopt at least one of the 6 lakh villages in India. Similarly, each of the 5 million urban Hindus in India can adopt at least one of the 6 lakh villages of India and work for the upkeep of Hindu brothers and sisters.

Adopt the Soldier spirit to protect Hindu Dharma

Hindu weakness is our focus on self. Develop a broader Hindu group identity. Work as a team of Hindu brothers and sisters. Ahimsa gulped down by Gandhi (stooge of british) into Hindus was a ploy to delay freedom, this is kaliyuga, there is nothing like Ahimsa (non-violence). Violent opponents need to be treated very aggressively in offensive manner.

Spread the word Among Hindus

Communicate to Hindu people, involve men, women and children all from the family. Become united force. Take part in every religious activities that protect Hindu Dharma. Visit temples daily. Employ high tech tools such as blogs, social media, search engines and email lists for optimal impact.

Work for Hinduism Revival

Work with multiple organizations that are working for Hindu causes. Unity among Hindus and awareness are equally very important.  One organization that brought High Court Stay Order in AP received death threats. No one would have dared if Hindus and Hindu organisations were united.

Hindu Dedication

Dedicate at least few hours daily for Hindu cause. Teach your children and young kids about Hinduism, Respecting Gods and our Vedic culture. Please work for the Protection of Hindu Dharma. It is us who have to do this, like our ancestors did when Hindus were under attack form british and mughals. Be a proud Hindu, sport tilak on tilak, greet everyone even non-Hindus with “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Shri Krishn”.

Observe and Unite Like Minded Devout Hindus

Never feel disheartened if fellow Hindu brothers and sisters are unable to understand the real situation. Persuade them and move ahead. There are many others who will be and are as always supportive like you. Lord Krishn is blessing us to protect our Hindu Dharma.

Boycott Muslims/Christians. Buy from Hindu Shops. Employ only Hindus.

Always give priority to Hindus in business, deals, buying, selling and other engagements. Wealth must flow among Hindu brothers and sisters. Be supportive to all Hindus whether they belong to India or any other country.

Create Hindu Groups for Violent Aggression

Form a group or mob against non-Hindus, adharmis if such non-Hindu, non-vedic people hurt any of our Hindu brother and sister or disrespects our Hindu culture and gods. Offensive assault is only way of retaliation against opponents who are violent and bully. Be united and persuasive.


 Aggressive Hindus


 Jai Hindu Rashtra

Aggressive Hindu

Annexure of References

Aggressive conversion drive had support from US govt and agencies. Check Link-  http://archive.tehelka.com/story_main.asp?filename=ts013004shashi.asp&id=1

To read the complete interview: http://news.adventist.org/data/2004/11/1103655456/index.html.en

Complete Plot: http://www.christianaggression.org/item_display.php?type=NEWS&id=1103997730

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  • Ashok Kumar Ahuja says:

    The need of hour is unity among hindu. We are all divided and old history revealed we defeated because we are not united

    Our culture and religion greatest in the world. We have to save our generation from from

    other and western influences. Your contribuation is great in restorting old glory.
    Ashok Ahuja

  • I believe now is the time that Shavist Vaishnavist Shaktist and Iskconites stop their personnal interfriendly debates and stand together to defend Sanatana Dharma which they all a part of. Can u do that admin……speaking of unity of all above sects to join together and defend Sanatana Dharma

  • Hats off to you,admin of this page, I love ur page very much, it is a source of truth of plight of hindus in India, Please keep posting such informative blogs, Do u follow CAPTAIN AJIT VADAKAYIL blogs? If not then please follow, it is one n only site for hindus n Bharat maa

  • Sir according to me it was not 5000 Dalit conversion,it was a number of 50000.
    Radhe Radhe

    • Radhe Radhe Rambhakt Ji,

      As per the reference, we had it was 5000 but yes it always happens in the multiples of 5000 or 10,000 so overtime it reaches more than that. They do it smartly in phases with smaller numbers unlike christians so that their conversions goes unnoticed.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Nice propaganda….Hindus are welcomed in west is it the same case with other religion were you hate them to core…

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Manish Ji,

      Its real shame that you are negating the facts given in the post by mocking it as propaganda. Did you ever visited any foreign country – first do that and experience biasedness, partiality and racism. Come out of this enslaved mentality of pimp media – speaking truth about state of Hindus is not HATE SPEECH…ITS TRUTH – when you sickular people speak about muslims or chirstians then its SICKULARISM but when we speak of our Hindu cause then it becomes HATE SPEECH…what a shameless display of sham notions of enslaved mentality.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Truth HURTS right?
      Since u know that now world is coming to know about ur FILTH.

      Just like Mother Theressa to Nehru with CONGRESS.

      And trust me, MANY western Christians are good. They r the followers of Dharma and they will get karma accordingly.
      These r the people who promoted awareness in us last year saying ‘if hindus cannot take care of themselve, no one will’.
      But u, u will definitely get Bad karma for sure.

      Ur hypnosis bible reading chanting got exposed, along with FAKE NOAH, FAKE SHRUDD of TORREIN, FAKE JESUS GRAVE.
      All researched by church appointed archeaologist before.
      Now due to sacrificing kids/orphans and molesting same gender phedophilers r mass in numbers.

      Both Converted Christians and Converted Muslims, who converted long back and now also, have become TRAITORS+CORRUPT+HYPNOTIC_BRAINWASHED+POLITICIANS.

      Welcome to KALI YUG, where RIGHT appears WRONG, BLACK appears WHITE, SISTER marries BROTHER and vice-versa.

      BTW ur christian god killed 2 million people. Abortion is pro, ur god made sure that u won’t climb the ladder to heaven by creating diff languages, ur god killed entire village of women/men/boys but kept girl for themselves, ur god has no value for animals/slaves/blacks. Where r these 100’s of bibles that r in Vatican and changes accordingly to current social needs?

      Now world came to know about EVIL bibles, as court order to open to Public. So they AIMED at ASIA, india+china making 2 billion population. How much EXTRA TAX, we have to pay for ur TAX EXEMPTED church business?
      Since in 1 year even Asian r coming to know about it. But yeah it takes time.
      All urs and muslims TWISTED VEDAS quotes and HIDING bible/Quran evilness will soon be marketing in movies.

      Since BEFORE muslims MOBS ruled movies.
      NOW both Muslims and Christians MOBS.
      Problem is bribing the producer to show Christian FATHER, CHURCH bells in the movie as ADVERTISING is WROST and IRRITATING, even though it doesn’;t contain christian story.

      WE r BANNING any movie that shows converted christians and its churches.

      Most western christians civilians r good.
      ALL converted christians and MANY converted muslims r bad.

      Trust me in few years, u will be regarded as Shudhra.
      As caste is not there in VEDAS.

      VARNA is the name, which Lord Krishna spoke ‘by birth u cannot be a Brahmin or Kshthriya or Vaisya or Shudra, but only by guna/character’.

      So FELLOW, do not vote for ur caste members, next birth u will be born in ur rival caste if u hate them.
      THINK of BHOODEVI and not COUNTRY.

      AS christian created New World Order, which will depopulate 1/3rd of world population before 2050, since many came to know JESUS is fake and christianity is created for business.
      Islam emerged from Christianity. So it also.

      But again Arab Muslims, many r good.
      they gave the name to Asia Muslims as CHEAP LABOUR.
      I think they forgot that, these r cheap labors when they converted from hinduism to make them join their religion to kill hindu kings in hindu land.

      Both converted christians and converted muslims r TRAITORS of bharat as well as BHOODEVI.

  • Carylene Charloen says:

    What’s up great website! Gentleman. Gorgeous. Superb. Very Very useful information, hard to find by other religious sites, I appreciate your discussing. I am also great believer that Hinduism is greatest religion with true Vedic knowledge as their greatest past.

  • dhjasdhjasd says:

    this is pure rubbish, why does this even exist?

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Jamandas Ji,

      The facts mentioned in the post have references and names that can be easily verified by Googling. If you believe in sanity and fact driven debates then better provide point by point rebuttal arguments in the response comment, rather than simply calling like an ignorant person as rubbish 🙂

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • solution

    1) 24 hour sanskrit..bhagwad gita…ramayan…bhagwat..ayurveda…veda..upnisad…yoga…meditation…puran….ramayan tv channel

    2) 24 hour agriculture and vegetable tv channel

    • Neelima Glory says:

      Reduce population is solution.

      Bible and Quran quotes mugging can take to hypnotic.
      Our hindus do not need that type of propaganda, mug mug mug.

      since even a ignorant or disabled person get karma for his deeds what he has done.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not believe that Mother Teresa is evil; she was dedicated to helping the poor and my grandfather knew her personally. She was helping the people, not hurting them!

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Mr or Miss Anonymous Ji,

      Tell us name of your grand father and on what basis he is/was suggesting that Teresa was not evil. We have hundreds of people who have factual proofs to suggest that Teresa was indeed inhumane and evil to the core. She always neglected poor and disease ridden people, giving them reason that suffering like Jesus would make them more noble and closer to son of god (Not God though..!). Millions of rupees she collected internally from India were NEVER spent on Indians. That’s hypocrisy because she diagnosed herself with top class treatments whenever she fell ill but never with did so with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other non-Christians while she used her methods of charity to convert them to christianity.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Neelima Glory says:

      She is. If one of ur family member went thru that, then u will know.

      Do u know christianity came for business, especially by Constantine.
      They copied the stories of Roman/Greek/Krishnas and manipulated into bible.
      It is a copy of copy of copy of copy of its own version.

      100’s of bible which has more evil than.

      Church does sacrifice under the hood from new born to 10-11 years kids, after raoing them.

      Bible God said ‘i came with sword and brining HELL’…which is not their in new bible.

      Christianiyt is against abortion, old bible says the women has to lick the church floor to kill fetus.

      Y? More population, more EXTRA tax foe tax-exempted church business.

      Do u know any govt makes deal with christian missionaries that that countries givt cannot inolve if christian persecution takes place. Wow, we r killing our own people for converting, since those corrupt missionaries wants to get rich and do anything.

  • Ankeet.J.Bhatt says:

    Dhanyavad yeh khabbar ke liye ,

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Jai Shree Krishn Ankeet.J.Bhatt Ji,

      Yes we are marching ahead to make our country a Hindu Rashtra. Its now or never.

      May Lord Krishn Bless All Devout Hindus,
      Lalit Kumar HariBhakt

      • if india becomes a hindu country,then we should allow christians and muslims to practice their religion provided they dont create problems and live peacefully.this is because in hindu culture,we have the notion of peaceful co-existence with iother religions and that God is ONE BUT WORSHIPPED IN MANY FORMS.
        now does that sound a dilemma?i dont think so.

        • Radhe Radhe Saroj Ji,

          You are absolutely right we believe we all are invincible and souls; the world is our family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). The lesson of co-existence is only taught by Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism because our Dharma is not formed by the cult following of one person who claimed to be prophet of son of god. That is the reason other religions (read adharmas) have myopic teaching of siding with their own people, while we Hindus talk of unity among people of this world. India never attacked any country in recent past and always advocated peace, tolerance and brotherhood which is opposite to the basic concepts of christianity and islam.

          World need to revert to Hinduism for absolute peace. It needs to start with divine place, Bharat (India).

          Jai Shree Krishn

          • Shivaji mandapati says:

            The most sacred religion is going to be numbered and stop stupid silence factories of reproduction should ban and should fade away from world India is just peaceful country not a innocent and patience off full

            TRUE INDIAN

          • LAKKIREDDY PRANAV says:

            We should save our sanathana dharma at any cost. Eenadu Telugu channel telecasted Sri Bhagavatham in 2003 on every Sunday which I used to watch. Eenadu channel should again re telecast this serial on every sunday. jai Shree Krishna