Betrayer Genocider Ashoka Buddhist Terrorism

World has seen greatest of Hindu Emperors and rightfully Ashok’s name miss that table. India has seen brave Kings who protected the country from internal and external enemies. Hindu kings were at the forefront to save Hindu civilization from all forms of dangers. But Ashok was among those who destroyed Hindu culture from within. He adopted a different panth which emerged from Hindu Dharma, Buddhism. This adoption of diluted form of vedic policies of Buddhism shortened the existence of Hindu Mauryan empire. Though vedic teachings of cow protection, dharmic knowledge and natural harmony were partly promoted while spreading Buddhism, later hardly Ashoka and his followers ever practiced them in deeds. The corrupted legacy continue to this day.

Hindu Mauryan Empire’s Decline Due to Ashoka’s Buddhism

Hindu Legacy Gave Ashoka Most Opulent Hindu Kingdom

But Conversion to Buddhism Destroyed Him Mentally and Made Him Genocider

Decline of Hindu Maurya Empire Buddhist Ashoka
Buddhist Ashok Internally and Culturally Weakened Akhand Hindu Rashtra of Hindu King Chandragupta Maurya. The Great Inheritance of Vedic Hindu Empire Was Destroyed by Fanatic Buddhist Ashoka.

Early Life of Ashoka

Ashok was born around 304 BCE in Patliputra, Patna. He was the son of Hindu King Bindusara and Maharani Dharma and grand son of the founder of Hindu Maurya Dynasty, Great Chandragupta Maurya.

Flag Maurya Empire Lion Swastika

Prediction and astrology is against the concepts of Buddhism but then this manmade cult is filled with contradictions, the principles Buddha followed himself but denied to do the same to his disciples. The legend associated with the emperor goes that his birth had been predicted by Buddha, in the story of The Gift of Dust.

Many Western Scholars Deny That Buddha Ever Predicted About Ashoka. Some Even Suggest That Ashoka Was Fake Creation and Never Ever Existed. He Was Created Later By Foreign Invaders To Sabotage Hindu Dharma By Promoting Offshoot Buddhism.

The meaning of Ashok in (Asok/Ashoka/Asoka/अशोक) Sanskrit is ‘without sorrow’, the one whom sadness cannot overcome. In recent recorded history, Bharat was the first Chakravarti Samrat whose lineage later fought among themselves Mahabharat war. Many sycophants of Ashok created several fake stories taking inspiration from historicals; Mahabharat and Ramayan. In the same fit of sycophancy, they declared Ashok as New Bharat and called him Chakravarti Samrat. Due to his brutal behaviour towards peasants and common people, he was also known as Chandala Ashoka. Chandala’s actual meaning is the one who cremate corpses. However The term Chandala was widely used for actual non-Chandalas who enjoy committing brutal inhumane activities like killing people that gave them sadistic pleasure.

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Original Chandragupta Maurya Stambh Populated by Free Masons as Ashok Stambh

In the early life as an emperor, post his inclination towards Buddhism, Ashok engaged in battles with different states. He became very short tempered person.

Ashok History and Life Events

Ashoka Became King of Bharat By Deceit And Murder

Susima was not as cunning and brutal as Ashok. Hot headed Ashoka was sent into exile for his Adharmic activities. Ashok went to Kalinga, where he met a fisherwoman named Kaurwaki. He fell in love with her and later, made Kaurwaki his wife. Soon, the province of Ujjain started witnessing a violent uprising. Emperor Bindusara called back Ashok from the exile and sent him to Ujjain. The prince was injured in the ensuing battle and was treated by Buddhist monks and nuns. Buddhist monks were allowed to practice their cult by Hindu kings, a major blunder if you consider the historical fact that no Buddhist nation allow any other non-Buddhist faith to sustain not even minnows like Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It was in Ujjain that Ashok was again brainwashed by flawed teachings of Hindu Kshatriya king Gautam Buddha. There are many legends wherein anti Hindu monks used injuries and calamities to their advantage (like modern day christian missionaries utilize hospitals to convert their non-christian patients into Christianity). Similarly, Buddhist monks planted a Buddhist nurse Devi to influence Ashok to make Buddhism a state cult. She subtly started preaching about benefits of making Buddhism as the state cult would help in expeditious spread of the cult among Hindus. This way, sly Buddhists used all crooked evangelism methods to stray path of Ashoka from Dharmic rule to Demonic soul-less preachings of Buddhist administration.

This is how after some pursuance, Buddhist monks were successful in honey trapping Ashok to make Buddhism a state cult and take responsibility in spreading Buddhism across India and world. Later he married Devi after obtaining Ayurvedic care from her in Ujjain. Now sly monks had their own evangelical spy as queen to fulfil their dream of spreading Buddhism cult across globe using Hindu tax money, because majority of Indians were Hindus that time.

The Authenticity of Ashoka’s Empire is Full of Contradictions Because Most of the Tall Claims About Ashoka’s Administration Comes From Buddhist Historians. Buddhist Writers Themselves Were Not in Consensus About Many Lifetime Incidents of Ashoka. The Eulogization of Ashoka Was Done to Promote Buddhism Among Hindus. The Accolades Were Written Decades After Ashoka’s Death in Brahmi Edicts.

In the following year, Bindusura became seriously ill and was literally on his deathbed. Many historians claim that Bindusura was poisoned by Ashoka himself. Few of the ministers, led by Radhagupta, after consulting with Buddhist monks called upon Ashoka to assume the crown. The coronation was decided without consulting elder brothers of Ashoka. Sensing revolts from his own brothers, Ashoka after consulting Buddhist confidantes murdered his eldest Hindu brother and took the kingdom forcibly after his father passed away. Additionally, several Buddhist texts claim that Ashoka murdered 99 of his half-brothers, including Sumana. According to the Dipavamsa, he slaughtered 100 of his siblings before being crowned.

After he became the King, Ashok launched brutal assaults to expand his empire, which lasted for around eight years. After expansion, he proved himself as the prominent slave of one figure submission towards Hindu Kshatriya Gautam Buddha. Gautam was not god, seeing apathy of life closely, he was shocked and ran away from life to seek inner awakening, he left his wife and baby in his selfish pursuance neglecting his Grihastha Dharma. He was a simple human figure who was wrongly deemed as god by followers of his immediate disciples. Gautam adopted all vedic teachings to attain nirvana however he rejected some of the vedic preachings after elevating his consciousness using same teachings. That is why no other Buddhist ever was able to attain nirvana after Gautam because they strayed from the path of vedic rituals.

Ashoka deeming mortal Hindu Kashtriya Gautam as a god became fanatic follower of him, he ordered to dismantle many temples and convert existing Shiva and Vishnu temples into cult monasteries. Around this time, his Buddhist queen, Devi, gave birth to Prince Mahindra and Princess Sanghamitra.

Terrorist Buddhists of Today Have Not Changed a Single Bit Since Genocider Ashoka Spread Cult Using Hindu Funds Across Globe. Majority of Indians Were Hindus and Did Not Submit to ONE FIGURE SLAVERY CULT. The Biggest Hindu Temple Complex Known as Angkor Wat is Situated in Northern Cambodia. It Was Constructed as a Hindu Temple Devoted to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It Has Many Anecdotes From Mahabharat, Bhagwat Puran and Ramayan. It Has A Carving With Depiction of Ram Setu Building Process Done By Vanars. It is Known as the Greatest Religious Structure in the World, It Span More Than 400 Acres. This Largest Temple is Captured by Radical Buddhists and is Today Known as Buddhist Temple. Buddhism is in No Way Different From Abrahamic Cults, When It Comes to Terrorism and Other Faith Denigration.

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Buddhist Terrorist Ashoka Executed Mass Hindu Genocide

The war of Kalinga (BC 261) was the turning point of his life. No Vedic rules were practiced. Being radical Buddhist, Ashoka was hardly concerned about lives of Hindus and culture of local people of erstwhile Kalinga. Many adharmic nocturnal attacks were made like plunderer to execute mass killings of sleeping Hindus. Nocturnal attacks are prohibited according to Vedic form of Yuddha niyams. Hindu kings adhered to this vedic principles of war however Ashoka being a Buddhist mocked this principles and attacked barbarically the way he wanted. He developed a sense of God-like ego and never heed to the pleas of common citizens.

Buddhism is not peaceful terrorism history

After a period of eight years of serving as the king, Ashok planned to seize the territory of Kalinga (part of Orissa). It is chronicled that one of Ashok’s brothers took refuge in Kalinga. Many historians argue that there was no brother left alive to seek refuge but Buddhist historians took this concocted context to justify terrorism acts of Ashoka. The farcical claim goes that the refuge given to his Hindu brother enraged Ashok, so he launched a brutal assault on the province. The whole of the province was plundered and destroyed and thousands of Hindus were killed. He led a huge army and fought a gruesome battle against the fractional army of Kalinga. It is widely promoted by Buddhist monks that the battle of Kalinga made him pledge to never wage a war again. The battle took place on the Dhauli hills that are located on the banks of River Daya.

There is no contemporary proof but Buddhist historians claim that though Ashok emerged victorious at the end, the sight of the battlefield made his heart break with shame, guilt, and disgust. However later years of his series of assaults on Hindu temples clearly portray Ashoka as a demonic face of Buddhism in the form of a cruel king. This reiterates the fact that power given to a savage Buddhist turns him into an evil being. He does not show compassion and empathy towards Hindus and non-Buddhists.

It is Said That the Battle Was So Furiously Fought That the Waters of River Daya Turned Red With the Blood of the Slain Soldiers.

Fake Buddhism is Gruesome and Cruel

The cult formed by disciples of Hindu king Gautam Buddha was already flawed because it discarded basic tenets of spiritual and practical life. Ashoka and his corrupt Buddhist monks further destroyed it. Navayana Buddhism formed by Ambedkar further deteriorated few of the remaning good values of Buddhism. The recent version of Buddhism practiced especially in India is completely fake, demonic and ineffectual.

Citing recent history of world war is enough to give insights about the level of terrorism practiced by radical Buddhists. In the wake of Singapore’s defeat on February 15, 1942, over 40,000 Indian Army personnel were taken prisoner (PoWs). Among few of the rescued Indian soldiers, Lieutenant C M Nigam of 2/17 Dogras, revealed horrific  details about cannibalism, tortures and gruesome treatment given by Japanese Buddhist terrorists. They behaved like scavenging wild dogs with the Indians. Not to diminish the responsibility of the actual culprit who facilitated this situation. This torture was made possible by anti-Hindu British agent Gandhi who forced Indians to participate in world war 2 for British empire. Gandhi is also a big testimony to the fact that a person when strays from following Hindu Dharma becomes a spineless and emotionless creature. Gandhi though born in a Hindu family was self-proclaimed Jainese. He never practiced any Hindu ritual in his life but to toy with the sentiments of Hindus who were in majority that time, he sometimes chanted bhajans distorting their original meanings and putting devil allah in the song. Here too, his basic trait of mocking Hindu ethos did not change. As originally decided by many leaders, if Indians had avoided the war, no Hindu soldier would have met such fate in the hands of Japanese Buddhist terrorists. Indians were tortured, their body parts removed while they were still alive then they were eaten by Japanese terrorists. Japanese also used alive Indians for target practice of shooting. Indians were made to sit in the long queue then Buddhist Japanese would place the bet among themselves on shooting a particular Hindu Indian soldier. They showed their demonic Buddhist values in the war.

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Japanese buddhist cannibalism of Indians in world war 2

Ashoka Was Not King But Cheap Conversion Agent of Buddhism

Ashok Promoted Buddhism Under Influence of His Buddhist Wife Devi

Legacy of Ashoka followed Vedic principles of administrating the kingdom. It was the Vedic practice to comprehend the sources of income of new places added to the kingdom and accordingly allocate assets to them. The administration was based on astute governance laid by his ancestor Kings under guidance of Great Chanakya.

Ashok deviated from the path of vedic way of life. He committed to mass butchery and killing of Hindus after he converted to Buddhism. So, after the battle of Kalinga was over, King Ashok went on a tour of the cities. He could see nothing except burnt houses and scattered corpses. Fakeries filled Buddhist evicts claim that this was the first time in his life that Emperor Ashok realized the consequences of wars. It is said that even after he had returned to Patliputra, he was haunted by the scenes he saw in Kalinga. Fact is, there was no remorse ever in Ashoka because he was involved in destruction of many Hindu temples and blatant plagiarism of Hindu texts to create farcical Buddhist literature. Not to forget his expansionist greed to conquer more places under Buddhist regime.

Ashok Was Regularly Persuaded to Promote Buddhism With Complete Submission by the Buddhist Sages, Radhaswami and Manjushri.

After their persistent assertions, Ashok started building stupas and monasteries throughout India, even converting Hindu temples to Buddhist monasteries. This is also major reason why most of the ancient Hindu temples were found in dilapidated conditions during peak of his misrule. He even propagated Buddhism to as far as ancient Rome and Egypt. So Ashoka is also credited with making the first serious attempt to develop an anti-Vedic Buddhist policy and promote the spread of Buddhism across the world.

Buddhist Ashoka killed millions of Hindus Buddhist Terrorism
Charles Allen was from the same Allen family that contributed to the exploitation of Hindus throughout the British Empire for six generations. Furthermore, it was well known that the elders were affiliated to the Free Masons. To gain trust among Buddhists, he falsely identified himself as a Buddhist. This was part of a deliberate infiltration into the Buddhist fold to further incite hostility towards Hindus. While he was buried after his death in accordance with Church rites. Top Buddhist intellectuals regard Charles Allen as a great writer who SUPPORTS Buddhism. This means his research is validated by Buddhist intellectuals too.

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Monumental Proofs That Buddhist Terrorism Exists

Angkor wat had Bhagwan Shiva, Bhagwan Vishnu and Brahma depicted as large statues. All creations of Brahma that include various forms of Gandharva, Yaksha, Kinnara, Kimpurusha, Rakshasa, Nagas, Suparna, Vanaras, Vidyadhara, Valkyria, Pisacha, Devas, Asuras and Human beings were beautifully depicted in carved forms in large, small, medium size to humanly shapes across massive complex structure. The depiction was done on the statues, walls and on the dozens of the gates of the temple. Most of the statues were destroyed and massive statues whose destruction would have dented opulence of the expansive structure were converted into fake god Gautam Buddha’s statues. Gautam was not god but mortal Hindu Kshatriya who ran away from Grihasth Ashram to the jungle fearing life responsibilities, pain, sacrifice, sorrow and commitment. Later he came into contact with several Hindu Brahmins who taught him Vedas. He used all concepts of vedic teachings to experience nirvana. His disciples created a fake cult on his name to enjoy authority and power among gullible neo converts. Vedic teachings made Gautam into Buddha but no Buddhist teachings ever created another Buddha.

The shameless scavenging act of presenting original Sanatan Hindu ideas, scripts, thoughts, teachings, thousands of years of refined knowledge and work as creation of own’s cult is Buddhism. The shamelessness is so deep that they even created several fake deities to match up with original Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They further certified this by commiting acts of terrorism in destroying countless Hindu temples and even stealing several mandirs to install their fake deities.

Hindu Angkor Wat Symbol Of Buddhist Terrorism Broken Statues

Ashoka Sponsored Buddhist Monks to Create Fake Gods/Goddesses

A cult follows a book or a doctrine or a single figure who is leader of the group. No cult can survive with the  objective of oneness. The oxygen for a cult to sustain is creating opposition to thrive under chaos. Cults indoctrinate their members with a ‘Us versus Them’ mindset in order to keep their control. Because they are successful at separating their followers from their prior, non-cult lives, cults demonstrate their authority.

They create one cult manual (or book) and elevate one mortal figure as God-like then create a selected group of cult leaders who control the cult rules and rituals thereby enjoying power in guise of adhering to fake mortal figure, also expecting the followers to blindly consider the mortal figure as their god and only source of salvation. Most of the cult leaders are motivated to preach a message and persuade others to follow by their insane or narcissistic personalities. Cult leaders do this, among other things, by persuading their adherents that they are superior to outsiders. The continuous discrimination towards non-cult people invoke deep sense of inferiority complex deeply in subconscious mind. The false division is creation to justify existence of the cult and deem the unqiueness of cult with others. This further develop lethargic attitude to the dangerous level of presenting cult members as helpless victims rather than accepting responsibility for all the wrong doings and atrocities committed by the cult members. All acts of terrorism is justified by the cult members faking atrocity and acquired victimhood collective personality. In some years, this develops depression, deep hatred, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and fear to accept truth. The cult members develop an invisible wall w.r.t other non-cult people. The same traits are inherited from one generation to next generation, it further solidifies. Both Buddhism and Islam are based on same sense of baseless superiority filled with hatred towards Hindu Dharma. While the historical fact remains unchanged that both cults have no major contribution to the humanity. Buddhism is cheap plagiarized version of some anatma concepts of Hindu Dharma while islam is hybrid cult of mixing concepts of Hindu Dharma, Christianity and Judaism.

Buddhism Flaw Mistakes
Lack of Moral Guidance Due to Non-belief in a Higher Power. Lack of Proper Identity Due to Disbelief in Soul No Proper Purpose & Meaning of Life Explained. Remorseless for Wrongdoing With No Guiding Principle. Lack of True Objective Knowledge About Eternal Cyclic Universe. Egoistic, Disarrayed Free Will to Act Erratic Due to No Love for Supreme Soul. Full Distortion of Anatman Concept of Vedas Formed for Specific Purpose. No Concept of Sin So No Guilty of Committing Crimes. Lack of Unity With Non-buddhists Due to Disbelief in a Universal Consciousness of Soul. Conflicting Views on Cause and Effect. Misrepresentation on Original Duality Teachings of Hindu Dharma.

Buddhism have one cult figure, a Hindu Kshatriya Gautam Buddha. They unleashed evil energies by creating several false gods, goddesses and deities to match with antiquity and eternal superiority of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

Ashoka heavily funded sly Buddhist monks in creating fake narratives, stories and tales all copying from Hindu texts and history of past Hindu kings.

Ashoka funded Buddhist monks to create fake deities for Buddhism.
Pattern of Parsis and Buddhists are same. Parsis similarly mocked Hindus and deities. They used Hindu school of thoughts to create their cult Zoroastrianism but mocked Hindu Gods and Goddesses even to the point of portraying them as demons. Result is for the world to be seen. Hindus NEVER revenged any Parsi ever for Hindu Genocide committed by their cult in erstwhile Iran. The Karma had it, the same Parsis sought refuge of Hindus, when Muslims did Parsi Genocide. If Hindus of Bharat HAD NEVER sheltered this evil cult members, they would not have survived. There is no DIFFERENCE in plagiarized Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. Buddhism is heading to become next Zoroastrianism.

Buddhist Terrorist Ashoka’s Hell

Displacement from Buddhism among common citizens was not tolerated by Ashoka. Hindus were subjected to gruesome hellish treatments. Crimes of Buddhists were ignored while minor mischiefs of Hindus were meted out to torturous death. Forceful conversion to Buddhism was brimming however many local Hindus retaliated and secretly practiced Hindu rituals.

Ashokavadana has it that Girika convinced Ashoka to model the torture chamber after the agony and tortures  felt by those who went in Buddhist hell. According to the text, Girika planned to subject victims to a long range of cruel treatment methods, such as “prying open their lips with an iron and pouring boiling copper down their throats.” Such abuse was not reserved for the cult believers.

buddhist terror radical ashoka terrorist hell

According to the Ashokavadana story, Ashoka requested Girika to disguise the torture room as a lovely and “enticing” palace with luxurious facilities like private baths and to embellish it with flowers, fruit trees, and other decorations. The opulent torture room, known as the “beautiful gaol,” was skillfully created to make people yearn to merely look at it and even lure them to enter.

According to the narrative, torture chambers were built within the opulent home under the facade of beauty. These rooms were filled with the most heinous and horrible tools of torture, such as furnaces that produced molten metal to be poured on the inmates.

In the text it is further written, Ashoka struck a deal with Girika that he would never permit anybody to enter the palace and leave alive, not even Ashoka. It was said that King Ashoka visited hell to refine the torture chamber’s terrible design since it was so horrific. The palace is referred to as “King Ashoka created a hell” in the Biographical Sutra of King Ashoka.

Thievery by Buddhism Stealing Hindu Temples
The Anantasana Vishnu of Pre-Manifestation is Sculpted in Hundreds of Ancient Temples. They Were Stolen During Radical Buddhist Ashoka’s Reign. Majority Were Hindus. Hindu Tax Money at That Time Was Used to Capture Such Monuments and Then Built Anti-Vedic Stupas Around to Fully Capture the Temples. Angkor Wat’s Unfair Annexation Happened Recently. Inspiration is Legacy of Buddhist Terrorism Originator Ashoka.

Beginning of the End of Ashok’s Empire

Spread of Atheism in the form of Buddhism and Concocted Theories to Glorify the Myths

Buddhists do not believe in God, soul and reincarnation. People who do not believe in soul move away from humanity and become barbaric. Ashok became brutal and anti-Hindu when he embraced Buddhism. This also sowed seeds of atheism and self-deityship ego in him. Atheism also means not believing in gods. Buddha clearly said that he was not a god, but an awakened one, he meditated and did penance to get nirvana based on Vedic principles. The Buddha compared his teachings as a raft to get his disciples to the other side of the river. He suggested that once they get to where they need to go, they should abandon this raft because it will just hold them back. This was conflicting thought process; principles which makes an individual, a good human being cannot be abandoned, even if they are internalized because common human beings are trapped in the materialistic pleasures so the concept of leaving raft given by Buddha is totally wrong. Though the biggest irony is set by Buddha himself who followed all Vedic ways of meditation – including poses, mantras, yogas and self-realization techniques. But when he attained Nirvana, he became critical of few of the Vedic concepts and became proponent of negating the concept of creator (God) and creation (God’s composition) which were informed in the Vedas. Followers of Buddha got confused, and no disciple ever became as ‘awakened’ as Buddha so none of his followers were able to comprehend differentiation of Being Awakened and Concept of God. And most of them became Atheists yet cynical devotees of Buddha. In short, Buddhism emerged from Hindu Dharma through tweaking the concept of God to show uniqueness, thereby labelled by his followers as a new religion. The moot difference that still exists between Sanatan Hindu Dharma and its plagiarized form Buddhism.

After converting to Buddhism, Emperor Ashok built thousands of Stupas and Viharas for Buddhist followers. He almost displaced from following Vedic rituals and traditions, the vital factors to keep his Kingdom prosperous and its civilians happy. One of his stupas, the Great Sanchi Stupa, has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNECSO after pursuance of erstwhile government supported by BJP and Janta Dal.

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The Ashok Pillar at Sarnath which is originally Chandragupta Maurya Stambh has a four-lion capital, which was later adopted as the national emblem of the modern Indian republic. The Vedic Mauryan empire promoted the concept of vegetarianism. Even the slaughter or mutilation of animals was abolished in the kingdom. To this extent, Ashoka followed realms of Vedas for a short period. But when he denigrated reverence to Bhagwan then immorality, unscrupulousness, deviousness and corruption crept in the administration of the Ashoka’s Empire which finally led to its demise. While Vedic tradition bought rise and expansion of Great Hindu Mauryan Empire and had its reflection on Ashok Empire, Buddhism sowed seeds of death of the same regime. And it existed for mere 48 years. While other empires of Hindu Mauryan calibre maintained the legacy that lasted for at least hundred years.

According to the Ashoka-vadana, a Text That Eulogise Ashoka as the Chosen One – Ashoka Executed 18,000 Ajivikas To Death Brutally in Bengal in a Single Event. In Pataliputra, a Jain Devotee Was Seen Sketching a Portrait of the Buddha Submitting to a Jain Tirthankara. Ashoka Gave the Order to Confine Him and His Family Inside Their House and to Set the Structure on Fire. After Burning The Jain Family to Death, He Then Gave the Directive That He Would Exchange Each Severed Head of a Jain for a Gold Coin. This Inspired Common Buddhists To Kill Jainese Wherever They Found Them. The Killing Spree Was Only Stopped When Vitashoka, a Buddhist Monk, His Last Surviving Sibling (Also Called Tissa When He Was a Practising Hindu), Was Accidentally Killed By One of The Coin Seekers. Civilized People of Today Become Angry Seeing Muslim Terrorists Killed 12 Innocent People In Charlie Hebdo Over Cartoon of Biggest Blasphemer of Non-Muslims, Muhammed. There is No Difference in Such Scavenger Muslims and Fanatic Buddhist Ashoka to What He Did With Hindus and Jains. Buddhist Ashoka Seems To Be Inspirational Figure for Many Muslims.

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Myths of Buddhist Missionaries Busted

There are two myths which are highly promoted by Buddhist missionaries and conversion brigade – Ashok removed caste system, Ashok stopped demolition of Buddha Stupas.

Let us take a look at first myth Ashok removed caste system

Ashok Did Not Remove Caste System from India Since It Never Existed During His Time

Caste Has Portuguese Origin, Nothing to Do With Culture of Bharat

Caste word comes from ‘casta’ in Portuguese which means race, lineage, tribe or breed. Portuguese colonists used the same approach to categorize the local population when they invaded India. The introduction of caste into administrative postings and privileges by the British government, however, solidified the categorization. British purposely followed this classification to give special benefits to traitors of Bharat who sided with British in mass killings and lootings of  local population. One such traitor community was of Mahars, whose leaders sold their souls to the servitude of Britishers. In the wars of Kathiawad (1826) and Multan (1857), the Mahar regiment had shown a great deal of loyalty to the East India Company (1846). They fought against native Hindus to please their master Britishers. Mahars belonged to Hindu community. Few of them were loyal to the concept of Hindu Swarajya. However when their leaders compromised the minority among them lost their position to incline decision to their favor. The bait of Mahar support was used by Ambedkar several times to seek approval from his British masters for receiving preferential treatment. The same Mahar community was instigated by Ambedkar to accept his Neo Cult Navayana Buddhism. Ambedkar was not a scholar as portrayed by the media and corrupt governments, he hardly scored 38% in matriculation. There were also alleged reports of him repeating several times to achieve that percentage. However him scoring just 38% is historical fact. Ambedkar believed that Mahars were warrior, belonging to Varna Kshatriya but also showed them as oppressed class to divide Hindus. This exposed Ambedkar’s Hindumisia completely. That was the reason his contradicting ideas were not accepted by many people that time. Recently, Indian politicians edify him to seek so-called Dalit votes. Dalit is also term coined by Christian Missionaries in 19th century. Ambedkar was NEVER a popular so-called Dalit leader. He lost both the elections when he stood in elections citing fake atrocity propaganda. Once he lost so badly that he came fourth. Ambedkar like Neo Buddhism was all noise, no substance. It is just promotion by political parties and mostly by anti-Hindu BJP that Ambedkar got some attention among masses after 1990s. Neo Buddhists claim that Ambedkar got over 30 degrees however this claim was debunked by same universities whose names they cited. Later, they even gave names of fake universities that never existed to somehow justify their concoctions. This way they exposed Ambedkar further. Followers of Neo Buddhism have mastered the art of lying and playing fake atrocity card. They learnt it from Bhimrao Ambedkar who was NOT a son of a poor labourer as claimed by many Neo Buddhist authors but his father Ramoji Sakpal was Subedar of British empire, so loyal that he got promoted twice. Bhimrao himself suffered from deep inferiority complex as seen among most people who are inclined towards Buddhism. Such deep was his inferiority complex for his original identity, Sakpal, that he accepted to change his surname to Hindu Brahmin Ambedkar which is still followed by his lineage.

Shudra is Not Derogatory Term. This Was Falsely Portrayed as Derogatory by Britishers, Traitors and Their Stooge Ambedkar to Create Division and Animosity Among Hindus. Bhagwan Krishna Became Saarthi (Chariot Rider), Flower Collector Shabri Became Sadhvi and Valmiki From Fish Selling Community Became Narrator Rishi. By Corrupt Logic of Caste Denigration, They Were Shudras. But Since Thousands of Years, Krishna, Shabri and Valmiki Are Given Utmost Respect. Being Shudra Was Never an Insult Ever in Bharat. It is Just a Duty Done by the Individual Based on Skills Acquired. Riding Chariot, Fish Cleaning, Collecting Ripe Flowers are Skills Not Insulting Job. Being Shudra Means Being Skilful. Caste System is Recent Construct by Britishers in 19th Century.

That is why, there was no caste system during Chandragupta Maurya’s time so caste system re-emerging in Ashok’s rule is a big lie, the function of Kingdom was purely based on Varna System. If caste system ever persisted then Ashok becoming  an Emperor in Maurya dynasty would never had happened. Due to the perils of caste system, offering of throne based on administrative capability was never possible. But it did happen, Ashok was made Emperor and his birth was not that reason. Prior to this even Chandragupta Maurya was from a poor family. But Chanakya nurtured and mentored him till he became king. Ashok was son of a daasi* but still he was made a King, this proves that there was no caste system so Ashok revoking this evil system is false. There was complete freedom in ancient India to all citizens on rights to tolerance, equality and culture. *Shudra as per Varna System.

fake buddhism proven by gautam buddha

Second myth populated was Ashok stopped demolition of Buddha stupas.

Hindus Never Demolished Non-Hindu Structures

Hindus never believed in destroying non-Hindu structures. If they really had, no Neo cults like Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam would have ever prospered in Bharat. On the contrary, Hindu kings foolishly nurtured Sikhism (by Hindu Rajputs) and Buddhism (By Hindu Brahmins). Hindus never dismantled any of the structures made by Buddhist Monks. Fact of the historicity is, almost all Buddhist structures in existence today are captured by Buddhist terrorists during regime of Ashoka’s misrule. That is also main reason that Northern Bharat lost many Hindu temples to ruins. Some left were further destroyed by Muslim terrorists in mughal terror invasion.

Destruction of structures was always ordered by muslim rulers; whether it was Kailashnath temple or Ajanta Ellora demolition done by Aurangzeb or recent Bamiyan statues of Buddha demolished by Taliban terrorists. All types of destructive activities were executed by muslims in India and across the world. Quran  teaches muslims to demolish idol worshiping structures. Hindu texts and Vedas taught Hindus to respect the idol as it is the easiest medium to simply connect with the God. Without correct symbol, connection of thoughts to the origin of source is nearly impossible by common Humans.

Terrorist Aurangzeb demolished thousands of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist temples

Demolition of mosques is not sin because it does not have idols in it. But any structure made over dismantled Hindu temples whether it is mosque or tomb can be demolished because they are against the nature of earth and science of building temples.

Hindus never routed to aggression to protect the Dharma of Mankind, Hinduism. Invaders and foreigners when tried to enforce their men-made religion on Hindus, Hindus asked them simple question “Show us How Can Your Religion Be True and Prove us It is Superior and Best of All – Scientifically and Spiritually”. They defined simple rule, if non-Hindus think they are following great religion then they should have debate of Shastragya (शास्त्रज्ञ).

(1) Any one who loses the debate will accept the way of life of the winner
(2) If the loser is Sage or Monk then he should become disciple of the winner
(3) If the debater is not ready to accept the above conditions fearing that their religion is superior cannot be proven in debate then they should leave Bharat (India). This 3rd rule is applicable to all Hindus and non-Hindus.

Such great level playing debate without any battle was the reason that Hinduism always advocated peace and respect towards Gods of not just to Sanatan Dharmis but people of different faiths too. But when the invader resorted to aggression then Hindus replied in the same language to teach them lesson of true Dharma. Protection of Dharma is the right of every Hindu.

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Buddha Stupas was never demolished by Hindu Kings. Since common Hindus never objected to practicing of different faiths. Religious conversion was never a method of spreading Hindu Dharma. Hinduism is the only way of life in the world which is never promoted by missionaries like Christianity or Islam or Buddhism. Hindus believe  that every human being born are Sanatan Dharmis. The concept of soul, reincarnation and we all souls (now residing in human form) are as ancient as super soul (Supreme Bhagwan Krishna himself) is clearly informed in Vedas. And it were Hindus who first taught this truth about the soul to the world. Religious conversion is done for the body and not the bearer of the mortal body – immortal soul. For Hindus soul is Sanatan Dharmi – protector of morality, virtues and piousness so that we elevate ourselves to the higher planets when we are destined to born in human form after surpassing millions of years as 8.4 million creatures in different life forms. So Hindus never gave importance to conversion, which is very primitive concept introduced to the world by recent religions founded by men and not God. People can revert to Hinduism but they cannot convert because the soul in our body is a Hindu (Sanatan Dharmi).

Vedic Concept - Soul is immortal and Human Body one of the mortal forms of 84 Lakhs Yonis

There is no single evidence found yet which can prove otherwise that Buddhist structures were harmed by Indian rulers, the concocted theories were developed by Mughal rulers and later Britishers to justify their denigration of Hindu ethos, texts and temples, continuing their massive anti-Vedic drive of decimating Bharat’s native culture.

According to Many Buddhist Writings, Who Wrongly Glorify Killing of Hindus – Ashok Only Spared His Full Brother Tissa While Murdering 89 Half-brothers. Additionally, Backstabber Ashoka is Claimed to Have Personally Beheaded at Least 500 of Loyalist Hindu Officials and Helped in Slaughtering Thousands More Vedic Followers. In 270 BC, After Establishing His Authority With the Help of Same Hindus, He Proclaimed Himself as Emperor. The Legacy of The King Was Noble and Empathetic to Citizens Till It Was Based on Hindu Ethos but He Became Brutal Genocider and Filthy Scavenger When He Adopted Fake Cult Buddhism. Another Recent Backstabber of Hindus Was British Agent Ambedkar, He Was Son of Ramji Maloji, Subedar of British Empire and Not Poor as Falsely Claimed by Neo Buddhists. His Education and Mentorship Was Sponsored by Hindu Brahmins and Hindu Kshatriyas but He Created Anti-Hindu Cult Navayana On The Lines of Fake Cult Buddhism Under Guidance of Masons of British Empire. That Was a Cunning Ploy of Britishers, Later Same Navayana Buddhists Were Approached by Christian Missionaries to Convert to Christianity Keeping Name and Identity Intact. The Ploy of This Conversion is Successful to This Day. Once a Person Loses Vedic Roots and Converts to a One Book/Figure Cult Its Easy to Convert Them Into Abrahamic Cult Because Basic Principles in Them is Also Same, That of One Book/Figure Slavery.

Not surprising, that even anti-Hindu authors Etienne Lamotte and Romila Thapar, among others, have argued that archaeological evidence in favor of the allegations of persecution of Buddhists are lacking, and that the extent and magnitude of the victimization have been overly exaggerated. When demolition of Buddha structures never happened under Hindu Kings (there is no single proof to suggest so while there are thousands of proofs with Badshahnama confessions that show instead Hindu structures were dismantled) then how Ashok got the opportunity to stop destruction of Buddha Stupas and if Hindu Kings were against Buddha structures then how Ashok and his next generation were able to construct Buddha Stupas. The theory of destruction of Buddha Stupas is totally false and wrong.

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On the Contrary Hundreds of Major Temples Like Ajanta Ellora, Elephanta Caves and Mahabodhi Temple Were Created by Hindus and Belonged to Hindu Dharma, They Were Stolen and Seized by Buddhist Terrorists. In Some, They Did Partial Demolition or Carving to Remove Hindu Murtis in Others Like Mahabodhi, They Completely Captured the Temple.

Fall of Inherited Hindu Empire By Ashoka

Ashoka’s Failed Mission to Spread Cult Buddhism

After the battle of Kalinga, Emperor Ashok became more lunatic. Buddhist Monks utilized this time as an opportunity to convince Ashok that his path to repentance is spreading Buddhism through out world. The repetance propaganda was promoted by fake Buddhist historians. Buddhism itself was sole reason for making Ashoka a demonic scavenger. True to farcical teachings of Buddhism, monks were lying and presenting Ashok with farce theories, what Buddhist Monks were doing was conversion method followed by man-made religion followers. They never comprehended the truth that India is the only country in the world which had Vedic concept of Atithi Devo Bhavah (अतिथिदेवो भव – Guest is Like my God) which is flawed and impractical ideology to be continued and practiced in Kaliyuga today but still India remains the only country in the world to have the highest number of unique sects who follow most different religions ever found on earth. Thanks to the cohesive and harmonious nature of the Hindus.  Few of the 23 different non-Hindu religions found in India are: Bahá’í, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Meivazhi, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism (only country in the world to have most number of Parsis, another Zoroastrian community, who were victims of genocide, rape and loot by muslims in persia, they all migrated to India and Hindus welcomed, allowing them to practice their religion even when treacherous Parsis denigrated Hindu Gods as Demons as prayed Demons or Asuras). Buddhist monks were eager to pounce on the opportunity offered by  Ashoka, after he converted to Buddhism. Special decorated rooms were created for Buddhist monks and emperor gradually started paying attention to the suggestions of monks on administrating his kingdom. The third council of Buddhism was held under the patronage of Emperor Ashok. He also supported the Vibhajjavada sub-school of the Sthaviravada sect, now known as the Pali Theravada. He sent his missionaries to the following places where it was hardly successful:

  • Kashmir – Gandhara Majjhantika
  • Mahisamandala (Mysore) – Mahadeva
  • Vanavasi (Tamil Nadu) – Rakkhita
  • Aparantaka (Gujarat and Sindh) – Yona Dhammarakkhita
  • Maharattha (Maharashtra) – Mahadhammarakkhita
  • “Country of the Yona” (Bactria/ Seleucid Empire) – Maharakkhita
  • Himavanta (Nepal) – Majjhima
  • Suvannabhumi (Thailand/ Myanmar) – Sona and Uttara
  • Lankadipa (Sri Lanka) – Mahamahinda

His missionaries also went to these places where the conversion to Buddhism failed miserably:

  • Seleucid Empire (Middle Asia)
  • Egypt
  • Macedonia
  • Cyrene (Libya)
  • Epirus (Greece and Albania)

Decline of Ashok’s Empire and Hindu Legacy of Maurya Dynasty Due to Atheism

Ashok’s Empire was followed for 50 years by a succession of weaker kings. The decline started due to over reliance on failed Buddhism policy – Pacifism, Atheism and Abandonment – to manage the Kingdom. Brihadratha, the last ruler of the Mauryan dynasty, held territories that had shrunk considerably from the time of emperor Ashok.

Decline of Hindu King Chandragupta Maurya's Empire Under Brihadratha Maurya Due to Buddhist Policies and Administration. Flawed Legacy of Fanatic Ashoka.
Decline of Hindu King Chandragupta Maurya’s Empire Under Brihadratha Maurya Due to Buddhist Policies and Administration. Flawed Legacy of Fanatic Ashoka.

The territorial shrinkage of succeeding Kings started by Ashoka deteriorated to a continental area which was not even equivalent to original Maurya Dynasty founded by Chandragupta Maurya and later him expanding to the Akhand Bharat.

After failing to convert devout Hindus who were adamant believers of Vedas and scientific Hindu customs and texts. Ashok made Buddhism his state religion to influence Hindus administratively to accept his cult. Later he was appointed as ‘Dharma Mahapatro’ to propagate Buddhism all over Asia. He sent his son Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for spreading Buddhism.

Genocider Ashoka Proved That Buddhism Invokes Terrorism and Sense of Self-Deityship Among Its Followers. Conversion to Buddhism is Not Following Path of Peace but Adopting a Cult Ideology That Do Not Believe in Soul, Reincarnation, Universal Consciousness and Humanity. No Human Can Survive if He or She Believes in Fake Cult Buddhism.

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Besides inheriting Chandragupta Maurya’s stambh, Ashok had build many constructions-Dhamek Stupa (Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh) and Bharhut stupa (Madhya Pradesh). Post ruling over the Indian subcontinent for a period of approximately 40 years, Ashoka died in 232 BC. After his death, Mauryan empire lasted for just fifty more years due to inclination towards policies of Buddhism and removing all policies of Chanakya that were fundaments for opulence of Hindu Mauryan Empire.

Symbol of Buddhist Terrorism Ashoka Maurya of Pataliputra
Ashoka Was Completely Ignored in Bharat for His Anti-Hindu Genocide But Was Revived By Masons of British Empire in 19th Century To Create Dent in Hindu Community and Culture.

The fall of the Mauryas left the Khyber Pass unguarded, and a wave of foreign invasion followed, the major acceptance of Buddhism among the Maurya royals due to affiliation of Ashoka made India a fragile state.

Decline of Ashoka Empire Akhand Bharat of Chanakya Chandragupta Maurya
Honey Trapping: Honey trapping was introduced by Chanakya by assembling victim girls and converting them into Vishkanya to target enemy kings, ministers and spies. Cunning Buddhists ignored all policies of Chanakya that made Bharat an opulent Hindu kingdom but adopted practices of honey trapping. Ashoka was honey trapped since his younger days. His inclination to Buddhism at early age was very planned attack by coward Buddhists to harm Hindu Empire. Even today, Chinese and Japanese still practice this age old honey trapping tactics to trap leaders and decision makers of enemy countries. Great legacy of Hindu Empire was almost destroyed by suicidal Buddhism.

FALL OF EMPIRE: From authentic contemporary sources it is confirmed that Fanatic Buddhist Ashoka massacred MILLIONS of Hindus in Kalinga after he accepted flawed teachings of Buddhism. He was also responsible for destruction of many temples and converting them into anti-Vedic fake deityship of Buddhism. Various fabricated stories were created taking inspiration from Upnishads, Vedic texts, Ramayan and Mahabharat. Gods and Godesses were deemed as Asuras by later followers of Cult Buddhism. Buddhists will meet fate of Parsis. No civilization that abuse Sanatan Hindu culture can sustain for a longer period. Persians created cult Zoroastrian demeaning Hindus Gods and converting them into Asuras while praying Asuras as their Cult’s real Gods. Today they have mere 100,000 followers, at its peak they were 30 million. Same downfall will be seen among Buddhists.

The Legacy of Destroying Hindu Civilization By Buddhists Continues

BJP government since inception in 2014 appointed many Neo Buddhists in important positions to further create dent in Hindu ethos. Result, they propagate Buddhism in their capacity, slowly Buddhizing Bharat and also promote fake texts that they receive from Christian Missionaries.

One Example is given below:

Anti Hindu government Buddhists Destroying Hindu Civilization
Hindus are facing dangers from all Neo Cults; Macauliffe Sikhs, Neo Buddhists, Christian Missionaries and Islamic Terrorists. Government is ensuring that Neo Cults work collectively to destroy Hindu Civilization. All schemes and content promoted by government apprise Neo cults incorrectly to assault Hindus. Instead, they should have rectified the corrupt scripts that project all lies. Such literature formed by British pawn historians are basis of FAKE ATROCITY PROPAGANDA unleashed by Neo cults against Hindus today.


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  • Jonah Hamrick says:

    This is sad and yet true at the same time.


  • what do you make of ajit vadakayils claim that Ashoka never existed?

  • Dear Haribol ji
    here is another secular idiot who has challenged the prayers in KV schools. It is supposedly hindu propaganda and india is supposed to be a non relgious country. Really what a suicidal statement to make. One needs to blame this idiot gandhi for creating a nation on secular grounds and another on islamic grounds like pakistan. KVs have been having these prayers for a long time. It starts with vedic verses, there is a hindi prayer and then a upanishad verse to end. The logo of KV is in sanskrit. Will these secular idiots have the nerve to quesstion a madrasa or a convent school where a hindu child is made to recite the sanctitty of the blood of jesus.

    • Radhe Radhe,

      The day womaniser Nehru declared that Hinduism should be removed from the education and governmental system of India, it was beginning of Chrislamziation of India which continue to this day.

      We all should be aggressive and unified to force government to include Hinduism in our education system (Gurukul free education) and Sanatani morality in governmental institutions. Only our strong belief and awareness among our brothers and sisters can help us in decimating the moles and traitors of our society.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Ex Buddhist Hindu says:

        That is why I am leaving Navayana (Neo-buddhism). This was created recently. It has nothing to do with actual buddhism.

        This is not respected by any Buddhist Lama.

        This is not respected even by Dalai Lama.

        This is fake buddhism.

        It is nothing but glorification of ambedkar to the level of god. His hatred towards islam and Hinduism.

        Very bad.

        I am leaving this neo-buddhism soon.

      • Dr. Helpful says:

        Can you all please think that we are all humans for one second, why should we fight amongst us, isn’t it red blood running through our body or is there a difference among hindu, muslim, Christian , buddhist or any other religion. When we die does our skeletons have different colours , or do people of each religion have any limb difference. Moreover india is a secular country, each individual is free to practice his/ her religion whatsoever. The people of the world, we are all same, when brainless people come to the society, then comes war, prejudice, division and so on . Why do you want to promote division among your brother’s and sister’s, what do you gain by it, just try to live life to fullest and enjoy every moment with your family friends and try to help all the poor people who can’t even get a one day meal, who haven’t experienced joy in their life ,who can’t even get a place to live. Brother, you should be ashamed , let past be past and try to move on in life.

        • © HariBhakt says:

          Hey Mentally Retarded and Biased Individual,

          You are hypocrite because first you should work against those islamists who recite 5 times daily on loudspeakers that their God is greatest than others insulting majority faith Hindus who are highest tax payers and fund schemes for muslims.

          You should first work against those Neo Buddhists who follow 22 anti-Hindu vows of British proponent Ambedkar. The 22 vows that insults Hindu ethos.
          In pursuance of this 22 anti-Hindu vows, they denigrate Hindu texts, burn Hindu books, destroy murtis of deities and shamelessly mock common Hindus especially targeting Hindu Brahmins and Hindu Kshatriyas. It seems hypocrites like you would have appreciated if Hindus had released similar 22 anti-Buddhist vows and executed same acts of burning Buddhist texts, destroying murtis of Hindu Kshatriya king Gautam then you would have glorified such acts of Hindus with SAME BLOOD colour argument. Because approach matches with the deeds of Neo Buddhists.

          Respect is not given to enemies and never to those who disrespect Hindus, while parasitically enjoying life on Hindu tax money. No respect and no mercy to enemies who are working 24×7 on decimation of Hindu civilization and Hindu free Bharat.

          This is just a simple article highlighting facts on Hindumisia acts and Hindu genocides done by the cult followers of Buddhism that originally emerged from parental Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Until British invasion, it was a sect within Hindu Dharma. It got separate religion/cult status after British did it to harm Hindu civilization.

          Post an article here refuting all above historical incidents with valid contemporary historical proofs. Then we can have good debate. Simply using whataboutery statements won’t work because world does not work like that. And this world never revolved around fake cults. Millions of cults came and got destroyed. Millions would come but Sanatan Hindu Dharma is eternal and shall remain like cyclic universe.

          Jai Shree Krishn
          Har Har Mahadev

  • Love this article. It is clear that when you give up your sanatana dharma soul, you are in for a disaster. I have spent quite sometime in Sikkim. Buddhism predominates everything. It is on par with christianity and islam with stupid westerner believing that buddhism is about peace when in fact it is a more violent ideology than islam. The buddhists in lanka are purging the muslims. The sikkimese have an extreme aversion to hindus and Indians and have more affinity towards the chinese and other flat nosed orientals. Black money flows in like anything, kids are into drugs manufacturing, and people have no work and spend their time in luxury. Political reasons like india’s invasion aside, Buddhism is the scourge of sikkim and has infested the himalayas. Mount kailash and mansarovar are infested with this devil with its stupid prayer flags. You can see american girls who meditate in the monasteries and give themselves up to monks to attain nirvana!. These monks are rich and are anything but austere. Buddishm preaches alcoholism which is a suppressed fact. even a new born kid and their pet dogs are fed a lid of liqours everyday. These people have a alcoholic brain syndrome with psychosis, neurosis, tourette’s syndrome, pathological lying and extreme violence. Visitors are carried away by their superficial politeness for when you are a tourist you spell money. Incest too abounds in the culture. Buddha was a fraud claiming enlightenment and buddhism is anything but wisdom. But to westerners who are tormented by drugs, LGBT and other stuff, even crap seems holy.


  • Here you are talking about evidences and proofs but on the other side you are making constant references to Radha and Krishna in your comments, who are mythical personalities, not even part of history. That shows the extent of your hypocrisy. A Hindu , writing about history is like a devil describing the tenets of a theistic religion.

    • Radhe Radhe Piyush ji (hope this is not your fake name like you see everything FAKE around you 🙂 ),

      First of all google “haribhakt proofs of ramayan” and “haribhakt raas lila” or “ bhakts meeting krishna”….

      Infact I can give you tons of references wherein it is proved that Ramayan and Mahabharat did happen. And Shri Krishn is within you, me and all. When you are in denial, at that moment itself you are acknowledging Krishn’s existence of Nirakaar Roop. Shri Krishn is protector of all.

      Further to your comment…
      “making constant references to Radha and Krishna in your comments, who are mythical personalities….”

      Wow…. epic non-sensical statement by you, did you EVER asked for DNA proof from your parents that you are their actual son/daughter or not. No…why so…anyways…just do a simple experiment to prove existence of Shree Krishn.

      Experiment: you need to yell the same sentiments for Allah and Jesus, standing in front of Masjid/Church that “Allah/Jesus is fake…mythical ..A muslim/christian writing about history is like a devil describing the tenets of a theistic religion”.

      You will be beaten black and blue by the followers of these cults. Infact muslims might even kill you.

      Now do the same experiment standing in front of any Hindu temple “Hindu gods are mythical”… here you will be calmly explained about the existence of Hindu gods not beaten ot threatened like muslim/christian.

      The pious nature of a Hindu is the biggest proof that Krishn exists while devil nature of muslim/christian will give you proof of anti-god that devil exists which is also reflective to your thoughts.

      Try this experiment and get the proof yourself.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • There is no evidence to show that Samrat Asok was practicing vedic religion. He was buddhist even before Kaling war. His grand father Chandragupta was a jain sadhak and his father was Buddhist. Fall of Buddhism did not caused by reliance on Buddhism but because of assassination of Ashoka’s grandson Bruhadrath by his Brahmin Commander Bruhadrath. Please don’t try to potray Ashoka as a vedic dharmi. Read Edicts of Ashoka. Not single of Ashoka’s edict prove that Ashoka was a vedic. He was strong opponent of animal killing where as vedic people killed thousands of animals in Yagnya.

    • Radhe Radhe Nitin ji,

      You should read the article without preconceived notions. Pl re-read and you will get all the answers to your queries.

      Your statement: …..Ashoka was practicing vedic religion……to Commander Bruhadrath.

      HB: Completely false information. Legacy of Ashok was Hindu (Vedic) and there are thousands of references available. If you are really interested to know the truth, please purchase few books and get yourself educated.

      Your statement: He was strong opponent of animal killing where as vedic people killed thousands of animals in Yagnya.

      HB: You seem to be avid reader of interpreting things from rubbish translation done by recent english authors. Animals were NEVER killed in Bharat before invasion of Mlecchas (muslims and britishers). Sacrificing in yagna never included killing of animals – it is not even done today.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother….thanks a lot….i send a comment about a new topic of idol worship….i did not get a answer….

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Raj Ji,

      Response given. Please check relevant post.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother, there was an myth about the ancient weapons and the asoka known the weapons how to be used…and he kept it secret with an 9 member…to save the generation of future….and there was an book about the concept…the name of the book was the secret of mahabharat and the author was christopher c doyle…just clarify the above concept was true or not….

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Raj Ji,

      It was myth and concocted theory. There was never any secret society of 9 members as populated by western authors or historians. It is similar to the lines of Nazi’s self propaganda to validate its failed inventions as hand of aliens. Just as aliens never helped Nazis similarly no ancient society ever helped Ashoka.

      The theory of secret society is populated by US and its allies so that no one directly blames US for all the corruption and indirect control it does in making policy changes in various countries which leads to decline of GDP and poverty. The prosperity is ploughed back time and again to US and developed nations from other countries.

      These fake secret societies are distraction points for the world public wherein they fail to directly blame US and its allies.

      Jai Shree Krishn