Nagabhata bodyguard Takshak saved Hindu Dharma World from Islamization

Before advent of uncivilized gangster cult islam in India, Bharat was the most opulent nation in the world. A sample insight in to their standard of living gives baffling revelation – most of the Hindus used utensils made of silver or copper. Each family had at least four cows and ample ornaments to lothal weight one seer of rice for Dharmik Anushthans.

Cow represented Dharmic righteousness while Gold, presence of Kali and wealth. Balance was maintained. Slaughtering of Sages and Cows by satanic muslims caused decimation of opulence.

Terrorist Muhammad bin Qasim al-Thaqafi in service to Umayyad Caliphate was on a mission to islamize entire world. After invading Bharat (Sindh and Multan), he wanted to conquer rest of Bharat. Hindu warriors of that time crushed his vision though the retaliation happened after genocide of millions of Hindus.

Hindu Warrior Takshak Saved Hindu Dharma Against Muslim Terrorism and Stopped Islamization of the World

Mohammed’s Terrorism Thoughts and His Successor’s Mission to Islamize World

The northwestern frontier of Bharat was ruined. After two decades of Mohammed bin Qasim’s invasion, there was hardly any signs of Sanatan Dharma structures and spiritual practitioners. Rivers and villages were filled with rotten bodies of Hindus.

The demolition of Vedic Hindu temples, monasteries and religious buildings became regular norm of the day. Muhammed Qasim did not spare a single young man in his terror campaign, demographically the Hindu population in the area decreased drastically. Fear of death, with no aggressive assault, some coward Hindu families accepted Islam further declining Vedic Hindu inhabitants. There were signs of sadness, mayhem and chaos. Numerous places of Vedic significance became crematoriums with epidemic of diseases and distress.

Mohammed bin Qasim was staunch follower of jihad (terrorism) teachings of terror manual quran wherever he and his muslim plunderers went they killed thousands of Hindu men, raped women and burned hundreds of children alive. Like a true terrorist muslim, he recited several satanic verses invoking negative forces to slaughter cows, pets and several animals while leaving the dead bodies to rot, places after places that he plundered while crossing Sindh.

Muslim Terrorist Muhammad bin Qasim Killed Millions of Hindus Invoking Quran Hatred as His Life Mission
Places were stinking with rotten dead bodies of thousands of Hindus as they were killed for following Vedic Sanatan Dharma. There were hardly YOUNG HINDU MEN alive in most of the places that Mohammed bin Qasim ransacked invoking islamic terrorism.
Hindu women were raped and then killed. Other female kids from 9 to 16 were kept as sex slaves. Male children were killed.
Out of fear, few agreed to convert to satanic cult islam reducing Hindu population drastically due to genocide and conversion.

There are more than 164 terrorism verses in Quran that create terrorists out of this book’s believers.

[Q 2.191] And kill them (Hindu/kafirs) wherever you find them, and drive them (Hindu/kafirs) out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter.

[Q 4.89] … if they turn back [to their homes], then seize them (Hindu/kafirs) and kill them wherever you find them.

[Q 4.91]…seize them (Hindu/kafirs) and kill them wherever you find them.

[Q 9.14] Fight them, (devil) Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace. The punishment to them (Hindu/kafirs) heals hearts of believers (muslims).

[Q 48.16] (Devil) allah will grant you a good reward [booty] of loot and plunder; and if you turn back as you turned back before, He will punish you with a painful punishment. So fight for (devil) allah.

[Q 5:033] They (Hindu/kafirs) should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned.

The demonic punishments of islam towards Kafir (Hindu/non-muslim) has no limit. More gruesome and painful it is, more it pleases satan allah. Mleccha muslim plunderers made second rounds to the places to kill and loot if any Hindu populace is left alive in mass genocide.

Background of Takshak, Hindu Warrior Fought Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Plunderers

Shukra’s slave terrorist Muhammad after forming quran, quoted that “(Satan) Allah has protected one of the groups from the hellfire; a group that will conquer India will be saved from hellfire. Capture India and you proceed to conquer world.”

The farcical dream of heaven and absurd surety of no punishment in hellfire were allurements that provoked several muslim invaders to infiltrate India, just 4 years after death of criminal prophet mohammed.

Unsuccessful invasions of muslim terrorists (arabic slaves) started, they ruined several villages killing hundreds of Hindus.

Hindus often took safe refuge in a forest to avoid islamic terrorists. A brave woman under such circumstances gave birth to a child in a Shamshan Bhumi called Takshak meaning Sutradhar of Dharma, One who knows righteousness and protects Dharma. Takshak was only eight years old kid at the time of muslim infiltrators series of jihadi missions to islamize Bharat.

After the destruction of Multan and killing thousands of Hindu residents, the islamic terrorists of Muhammed Qasim orchestrated series of massacres in the villages of Bahawalpur, Ran and Khanewal. Thousands of women’s sliced breasts were found, hundreds of women jumped in the ponds and wells to be drowned to death and protect modesty. Almost all Hindu male youth population were killed and female youth were enslaved.

Gangster cult islam casted it’s satanic shadow for the first time in the BharatVarsha revealing it’s demonic teachings. Hindus were first non-muslims in the world to soon learn that islam has all satanic immoralities but humanity. For the first time ever  in history of India, Hindus witnessed the death of innocent humans – farmers, peasants and non-soldier community of Hindus when terrorism was waged against Sanatan Dharmis.

Takshak’s father, Sindhu Naresh, was a brave soldier of Hindu king Raja Dahir. He fought courageously before dying for Hindus and Hindutva pride in retaliation against muslim terrorists like Jihadi Mohammed Qasim. When the muslim terrorists of Arab reached Takshak’s village, there was complete destruction. Married Hindu women were pulled from the houses, they were sexually assaulted. Young Hindu female kids of age range 9 to 16 were raped in front of their mothers by muslim terrorists. Humanity was last thing in them as they were followers of gangster cult islam and satanic book Quran.

Birth of Takshak, a Hindu Lion from the Deaths of A Brave Hindu Mother and Sisters

Takshak and his two sisters were shocked witnessing the gruesome treatment of their Hindu neighbours in another assault of islamic invaders. Widow mother of Takshak also saw the inhuman acts of muslims from the distance, she looked at her children for some time and made a decision. Brave Hindu Mother pulled her three children and hugged them by her chest and cried loudly, showering her motherly love towards them. Takshak and his two sisters also cried humbly yelling “Maa…. Maa” showing their love towards mother.

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She had already hidden the cows behind a heap of grass and straw. Wiping her eyes and tears from the face of her children, remembering Maa Parvati and Bhagwan Shiv, slowing chanting their names, She respected her existence as a Proud Hindu Woman. She closed her eyes for the last time. She took a sword from the sheath and sliced off the heads of her two daughters. After that, she took sword and pierced her chest before advising Takshak to leave the house from the rear side and vanish in forest to save his life. The sacrifice of mother and his two sisters to save their modesty and Hindu pride shook conscience of a small kid. They preferred death over becoming muslim women. An eight-year-old boy learned hardest lesson of his life, he hugged his Maa for the last time, then he wiped his teary eyes from the dead mother’s Aanchal, took a piece of Aanchal and got out from the back door of the house, running through the fields and then into the forest.

Takshak mother sacrificed daughters herself for Hindu dharma
Takshak Mother’s love for Hindu pride and Sanatan Dharma inspired Takshak, he became brave and courageous Dharma Yoddha killing thousands of muslim terrorists later.

Twenty five years have passed. Takshak spent his time with several Hindu nomadic tribes, working with them, learning their weaponry skills. Their methods of harmoniously living with nature and animals. Protecting resources and making a living out of them. With his hard work and dedication, thirty-three years old Takshak became the main bodyguard of Nagabhata II, the king of Kanauj, serving him for several years.

Takshak had a peculiar habit. He always remained emotionless – never laughed, never cried and never shared his pain with anyone even if he was hurt or bleed. His eyes were always red and his face glowing. He was very brave and his weaponry skills made him famous among people around. He developed a special skill of killing animals with a single sway of his sword. His ability to kill an elephant with a sword, in a single strong stroke of his hand made him idol warrior among soldiers.

Takshak’s Vision Towards King Nagabhata Gurjara Pratihara’s Vedic Hindu Leanings

Kannauj Naresh Naagbhatt II was known for his incomparable achievements, huge armaments and successful resistance to the mleccha Arabs. He always followed Vedic ways of fighting war and managing administration. The Arabs after invading Sindh post Mohammed Qasim infiltration, invaded Kannauj dozens of times, but each time the warrior Rajput would disperse them. Nagabhatt was a righteous ruler and never plundered or looted muslim terrorists. Ideally Dharma says NOT TO SHOW MERCY TOWARDS DEMONS AND THEIR DEMONIC FOLLOWERS. Hindu man or woman warrior have blessings from Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati to save Dharma. In fact the creator, Maa Janani who showers mercy towards children took Maa Durga avatar to finish Mahishasur. There is a victory verse in Mahishasura Mardini Stotram जय जय हे महिषासुरमर्दिनि रम्यकपर्दिनि शैलसुते O the Destroyer and Killer of Demon Mahishasura; (Victory to You) Who Shine with Beautiful Locks of Hair and Who is the Daughter of the Mountain. Being mother herself, she had to kill him as he was an evil and an Adharmic asur, killer of thousands of innocent Humans. There are hundreds of incidents in Hindu history that taught common Hindus, Hindu kings and queens to kill Adharmis who cause destruction to humanity, nature, cows and Sanatan Dharmis (Hindus).

Vedic war practice has humanistic rules – fight in the dawn and treat wounded soldiers at night, never cause harm to women and children. Unlike coward and satanic mohammedan followers, who killed everyone except soldiers, whenever they fought war against non-muslims. Nagabhatta always followed Vedic rules of fighting war, but he forgot one important factor that he is fighting war not against Hindu kings but mleccha muslims who pray to devil allah, believe in terrorism manual quran and are no more humans after embracing cult islam. Humanity is shown to humans not towards demons or their followers. They deserve to be mercilessly killed without any iota of forgiveness and remorse. The invasions of Mleccha muslims continued and they repeatedly attacked at nights while Nagabhatta II retaliated during days. This happened for next fifteen years.

Deep within Takshak knew that Nagabhatta’s approach is not helping the larger cause of protecting Hindu residents, their resources, wealth and cows.

Maa Jijabai, mother of Shivaji Maharaj taught about Takshak and many brave fighters who protected Hindu pride and populace from terrorist muslims. The advice of Takshak would prove to be the greatest war tactic for the future of Hindu kingdom and Swarajya. Takshak was proponent of Guerilla warfare, he devised this technique using war verses of Chankaya Neeti. Jijau and Shivaji Majaraj re-invented Guerilla Warfare taking inspiration from Takshak.

Takshak advised King Nagabhata attack muslims night
A conclusive war was necessary to stop dozens of invasions happening almost every year. For 15 years King Nagabhata fought war with muslim invaders following Vedic laws of retaliation in series of exhaustive battles.

Takshak’s Penetrative Idea and Leadership Skill Protected Kannauj and World

A definitive approach was needed to stop the assaults from mleccha muslims. Meeting was organized by Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty King Nagabhata II to stop the series of invasions happening under islamic terrorism.

Hindsight of the meeting was an information from the intelligence department of Nagabhata II administration. Spies informed that taking assistance from the Khalifa of Arabia, a huge fleet of muslim plunderers from Sindh have started to invade Kannauj, and probably within two to three days the army would reach border of Kannauj. A decisive strategy was need of the situation to stop this islamic menace from attacking Kannauj again – this time the Hindutva assault should be far reaching and conclusive, enough resources were wasted in long 15 years of wars with terrorist muslims.

Nagabhata II listened carefully to all suggestions of his advisors and generals, it ranged from increasing cavalry to horsemen, upscaling elephant brigade to attacking in groups. Most of the recommendations of the generals were already implemented but never stopped the islamic terrorists from infiltrating the territory. Most of the suggestions were based on Vedic practice of fighting wars.

Several suggestions were accepted but every body knew that they were missing something important which would stop muslim terrorists from marching ahead. It was pin drop silence and the meeting was about to end.

Breaking deafening silence of the huge hall, a brave Hindu warrior said:
“Maharaj, we must answer the enemy in the same way this time.”

King Nagabhata II looked carefully at his bodyguard, Takshak, bit perplexed on his suggestion “Yes, Takshak, tell us directly what you have in mind, what do you mean by saying that we should respond enemy in their method.”

Violence for the Protection of Dharma is the Most Righteous Duty
।। धर्मार्थम् हिंसा परमो धर्मः ।।

Takshak staring around the hall and looking at generals, his eyes wide open, piercing at them, he confidently said:

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“Maharaj Nagabhata, the muslim infiltrators are barbarous, they have no mercy towards women, children and non-cavalry men. Their thought process is demonic. Their tradition is cruel. Fighting with them following Vedic rules would continue to harm us and our people. We have to kill them, the way they deserve.”

King Nagabhata was taken aback, he raised his eye brows, looked around the hall and said:
“How can we do this. No, we cannot leave our war ethics, righteousness and morality – they are part of our Dharma. We have to follow limitations of war set within Vedic traditions.”

Unlike other generals who would have kept quiet, Takshak persisted and said, addressing everyone and King Nagabhata:
“Vedic traditions and modesty of war is to be shown to those who understand and respect such values, who humbly  reciprocate behaving modestly. They are not Vedic people, their mannerisms is worst than animals. Even animals hunt when they are hungry but these muslims kill innocent people and enjoy sadistic pleasures. They are savage monsters. They have a religion islam that celebrates killing, raping, pedophile acts and inhuman dirty deeds. These muslims are not humans like us. Their pathetic religion islam is not like our pious Dharma, we respect women and children. Never attacked any unarmed person in war. We never cause destruction to houses of common residents. We never burn people alive. Their religion islam is practice of Asuras, worst than culture of Rakshasas.”

He further added, looking directly into the eyes of King Nagabhata, “The fulfillment of Vedic practices and eternal rules of war is subjected to Vedic people not monsters.”

Takshak’s Undying Love for Hindu Dharma and Hindus

Takshak continued with strong conviction,
“There is only one Dharma for the King of Hindu kingdom and that is protection of Sanatan Dharma, Vedic people and culture. Life of people is important. Our people make our kingdom. Their safety is very important. Krishna even said to Arjun, establishment of Dharma is prime importance, Dharma protects innocent people and morality, remaining confused showing mercy towards Adharmi monsters would be detrimental for the cause of Dharma and people.”

“We must not forget how Mohammed bin Qasim killed Raja Dahir and plundered 80% of our Hindu population in the Dahir’s kingdom. Raja Dahir was following Vedic rules of war but his practice of Vedic ruling led to his defeat and got his family killed. Vedic rules are for humans not for Asuras and Adharmi people. First Bhagwan Ram taught us this truth. Then Bhagwan Krishna taught it again.”

“The muslim infiltrators do not deserve mercy let us kill them in the manner that counters their demonic acts. Vedic modesty would kill our own people and we may lose our kingdom, we are fighting the war since 15 years.”

Takshak bowed down humbly to the generals and King Nagabhata who were silently listening to his suggestions. Now he closed his eyes for a moment. In the long conversation, he never blinked his eyes, they were red, glaring with anger and fiery.

Takshak taught How to protect Sanatan Dharma and Hindus from muslims
Takshak reminded || धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः । तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत् ||
अर्थात जो लोग धर्म का नाश करते हैं, धर्म उन्हीं का नाश कर देता है…और जो धर्म की रक्षा करते हैं, धर्म भी सदा उनकी रक्षा करता रहता है।
Protect Dharma, for Dharma to Protect You.

The King looked towards left and then to the right, the entire assembly was silent. Few of them nodded in agreement to the vital suggestions of Takshak.

King Nagabhata ended the meeting  and dispersed assembly of generals, taking Chief ministers and cabinet to a secret meeting room. They need to discuss planned strategy to implement the path-breaking idea of his bodyguard Takshak.

It was decided that they would attack in two groups. One group would be ready for Nishakram (night attack) and another group would attack in Pratahprahar (day assault).

Marching of Kannauj army started in two groups, one secret group was still marching while another group reached the western border of Kannauj. The army did not rest for one whole day and stayed awake even in the mid-night. At end of Triyama Prahar when muslim infiltrators were sleeping safely in the camp. The Nishakram group of the Kannauj army suddenly attacked and pounced on sleeping islamic terrorists. Not even in their dreams, these arabic mlecchas ever thought that a Hindu king would order an attack in night ignoring Vedic rituals of fighting humanistic war. They were frightened, they ran to save their life.

Brave Hindu warrior Takshak was heading the Nishakram group, he was in the forefront chopping off heads of muslim terrorists like radish is sliced to pieces. Some islamic terrorists tried to plead and ask for mercy bowing down to Takshak and his army, but Takshak had clearly advised his team of warriors before foraying into attack “Since 15 years, we have bestowed mercy on them but they always attacked at night, ruining our villages, killing our common people, this time their sly mercy should be dealt with death, killing them is bestowing mercy on our people. Our people deserve mercy. Protection of Hindu Dharma and our Hindus is more important than these monsters, chop them to death.”

Heap of bodies were falling around, Takshak had to get down from his horse as riding horse became difficult with dead bodies on the ground. Takshak went into the core area of enemy camp, slicing their heads with both swords in his hands. His single stroke skill was showing its brilliance. It was as if MahaKaal took avatar in this camp and started annihilating the Asuras, the menacing Takshak made muslim terrorists flee from the area. He was yelling at his group… KILL THE MLECCHAS…SAVE OUR PEOPLE…OUR PLACE….OUR DHARMA…. SHOW NO MERCY TO THEM…BE RUTHLESS…BLUNT.

Takshak Hindu warrior killed thousands of muslim terrorists for Sanatan Dharma Kannauj
Hindus were able to win the war against terrorist muslims because they SHOWED NO MERCY and SLICED THE ENEMIES TO DEATH. Such historical lessons formed Leadership and Offensive skills in Shivaji and later in Dharmaveer Sambhaji.

The leadership skills of Takshak encouraged his group and they also entered the core of the enemy camp. The ground turned red with dirty blood of muslim terrorists. By the sunrise, 2/3rd of the muslim infiltrators were dead.

Remaining arabic mlecchas  were running to save their life, they were heading back to their place. They were shocked to their dismay, King Nagabhata was leading another group of Kannauj army waiting for them to be chopped to death. By the demise of noon, all arabic mlecchas were killed. Not even a single muslim terrorist was spared. No mercy was granted to those who bowed towards king Nagabhata or his soldiers.

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After successful infiltrations in Sindh, for the first time, someone had taught islamic terrorists the lesson that they appropriately deserved. Hindus had won after decades of war with muslim infiltrators.

This was a victory that had a minimal loss, fractional of his army lost their life compared to previous assaults. With sigh of relief and pride, King Nagabhata looked at all his generals, his eyes were searching for his brave warrior Takshak.

King Nagabhata was eager to commemorate Takshak for his great suggestion and his astute leadership skills. He asked soldiers to find Takshak. After hours of removing dead bodies piled in the ground, soldiers saw Takshak’s sword fixated in the head of the one the muslim terrorists. They removed the head from the sword. But Takshak was not found. Few metres away beneath dead bodies of hundreds of muslim soldiers, they found Takshak lying lifeless. For the first time they saw a smiling face of Takshak with eyes wide open looking at the sky. His elbow had strangulated head of a muslim terrorist. His body had more than 1000 cuts, it seem many muslim infiltrators at once attacked him, he was the one who fearlessly went into the core of enemy camp. When his sword lost some blunt after chopping hundreds of muslim terrorists and their horses, he started piercing their heads, that’s how it got stuck in one of the heads of an arabic slave. After the sword stuck in the head of a terrorist, he used his hands and legs to fight with them, strangulating them in his strong Hindu arms, he left earth after killing thousands of muslim plunderers.

Removing hundreds of dead bodies of muslim terrorists, Hindu warrior Takshak’s lifeless body with smiling face was respectfully picked up. It was brought to King Nagabhata whose victory smile vanished seeing body of his brave warrior. King was speechless, looking quietly towards brave Hindu soldier for some moments.

King Nagabhata leaned close to him, removed his Mukut (crown) and sword – placing them at the feet of Takshak, he said with folded hands of Pranam “Takshak, you are bravest of all of us, I bow to your bravery and courage, you not only saved Kannauj but entire world. The dream run to conquer world for islam has stopped.”

Nagabhata respected Takshak Hindu warrior for his bravery, courage and sacrfice for sanatan dharma
Deeply moved by Takshak’s bravery, leadership skill and fearless courage. Nagabhata bowed himself in front of Takshak’s feet with folded hands. Placing his crown and sword at his feet, he praised Takshak for his sacrifice and teaching Hindus NEW ART OF WAGING ATTACK AGAINST MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND ENEMIES.

Takshak Protected Sanatan Dharma and Saved World

King Nagabhata taking deep breath further added:

“Takshak you are a glowing light for us. Your love towards Hindu Dharma and Motherland is matchless. Sons of our Bharat would always feel proud of your sacrifice. Till now we always believed dying for the Dharma and Nation is Righteous Duty, you taught us that Killing for the Dharma and Nation is more Righteous than sacrificing life. This is a great lesson for the sons of Bharat, they now know that Attacking enemy and Killing them to death is the best form of defence – it causes less damage to us and save our common people lives. Bharat would always remember your lesson and sacrifice for several Yugas. I bow to you Takshak hundred times.”

Just as Raja Dahir became synonym to “Big Mistake” in Sindh similarly word Taksh from Takshak became synonym to “Causing Death” in Arab.

Takshak turned the world history upside down with his love for Hindu Dharma, common people and motherland. He stopped the terror march of arabic muslims who wanted to realize criminal prophet Mohammed’s dream to infect entire world with a disease called islam. History is testimony to the fact that courage of Takshak had deep impact in the pysche of muslim terrorists. After losing war of Kannauj, arabic slaves did not attack Bharat for next 300 years. They had no audacity to discuss plans to invade Bharat, infiltration was not even in their dreams. Takshak’s contribution to the world history is matchless. He saved several countries from getting islamized.

After reading this post, I take pledge to Maa Bhawani that I will share this article link in social media and family groups to let them know contribution of REAL HINDU FIGHTERS because of whom we all are Hindus today. Great History of Takshak will be shared by me right now. I also pledge to become Hindu Dharma Yoddha to Protect Sanatan Dharma in this life, in whatever way I can, based on my abilities and circumstance, I can contribute in any form of physical, social or monetary support for Sanatan Hindu Dharma, my age or profession does not matter.

I bow to Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati and promise them to abide this pledge.

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    Recovering of lost Hindu lands is the solvation.
    We must ready our people to build a “Dharma Sena” with no Government help.
    People must contribute it.
    Rescue Sibling at Macca is the first aim .
    After then all things become easy.

  • Nihal Mahto says:

    Islam is not a region. It is a gang of organized criminals which was started by Poput Mohammad.

    • Hemanto Ganguly says:

      Yes Hindus are bravest of all.

      Look what Maharana Pratap did with zombie Bahlol Khan.

      According to historians, the battle of Haldighati between Akbar and Maharana Pratap was called Mahasangram. The reason is that the events that happened in the 5 hour battle were amazing.

      Abul Fazl has said in this context that life was cheap and respect was expensive here. The illusion of the Mughals being invincible was broken by this battle. There were 3000 soldiers in the Mewar army and 5000 in the Mughal army. 490 soldiers died from the forces. The result is also such that no one loses or wins.

      Historian Colonel James Todd has called it Thermopoly (Greek War).

      The day of June 18. The Mughal army went out to capture Gogunda, the capital of Mewar. The Mughal army under the leadership of Mansingh had camped at Molela. Pratap, who came out for the purpose of stopping this, made a halt in Losing. The Mughal army, which came out from Molela to Gogunda, was divided into three parts. One part turned directly towards Gogunda, the other through Haldighati and the third towards Unwas. Ultimately both the armies came to the fore in Haldighati. So much blood was shed that the battlefield was called Rakta Talai.

      Badayuni writes that the incense burning the body and the heat of the soldiers was about to melt. Charan Rama Sandu has seen in his eyes and has written that Pratap attacked Mansingh. He bowed down and survived, the mahout was killed. Man Singh took over the uncontrollable elephant. Everyone was confused that Mansingh was dead. At the very next moment , Pratap attacked Bahlol Khan in such a way that he cut him into two pieces from the head to the horse.

      Yes, including the horse, two parts, and this does not exaggerate Maharana Pratap’s bravery. This is a fact of history. Isn’t it amazing that two portions of Bahlol Khan’s head, including the horse, were removed with a single sword stroke?

      Maharana Pratap got eight serious wounds throughout the conflict, including bullet wounds. Arrows and swords have left countless scratches in the ground. Pratap’s wounds were discovered in Kaloda after Chetak was hurt.

      The sister of Maharana Pratap was married to Raja Ram Singh Tanwar of Gwalior. Three sons and a grandchild were among the sacrifices he made. Even my pen quits writing about the fame of such a hero, Badauni writes about this.

      Hundreds of salutes to the crimson and unmatched courage of such soil’s great warriors.

    • Allen Sullivan says:

      Islam failed as a religion because it was unable to spiritually transform individuals. It is indeed cult of uncivilized (even educated are same) who hate other non-cult people as Kafirs. Islam has no teachings on spirituality, peace and love. Killing animals and non-muslims is first teaching that muslim boys receive in madrasas. Islam is a cult that fosters hatred and bloodshed. Islam is also anti-feminist. Islam is anti-LGBT. Islamic maulanas sodomise kids in their madrasas. The same islamic kids grow up in anger, disgust, inferiority complex and fear. The same islamic kids become terrorists because quran further brainwashes them. Islam is curse on humanity.

  • We need to learn from history. Valuable information.

  • islam is a religeon of piece

  • Kyoun sab bura ho raha sabke saath

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Kya bura hua hai. Prakriti apne tarah se manushya ke karmo ka pratisaad de rahi hai.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

  • krishna murthy says:

    first of all thank you sir . I request you to provide information about “VIJYANAGAR EMPIRE “. Even the Delhi sultanates also feared by hearing the name of TELUGU LION “SRI KRISHNA DEVARAYA”

    • Jyotirmay says:

      We must all get united and fight islamists residing nearby our houses. We must learn from Sambhaji as given in one of the articles of this haribhakt site.

      In 1680, Sambhaji lead plundering and ravaging of Burhanpur. His soldiers routed the Mughal fortress and killed the prisoners as punishment. The city was captured and the city’s ports were set on fire by the Marathas. Sambhaji then retreated to Baglana, eluding the Mughal leader Khan Jahan Bahadur’s soldiers. They took revenge of the mass genocide committed by muslims on Hindus of the cities around.


    you all are very proud of all thinks yourself lions.when the greatest ruler of kali yuga cannot protect his dignity and ate slap from a woman (mother mamata banerjee) as blessings for what reason you all feel proud of.if greatest hindu ruler great narendra modiji cannot protect his dignity from a woman,for what reason you are proud of.just think,you emotional fools.

    • Nirali Verma says:

      Hinduism is the world’s third biggest religion, with around 1.20 billion Hindus. This equates to about 15-16 percent of the world’s population. Despite the fact that there are just three Hindu-majority countries (India, Nepal, and Mauritius), the religion’s influence may be felt all over the world.

      The Indian diaspora, which is found all over the world, has made a significant contribution to the spread of Hinduism’s values. Most of the second generation Hindus in these countries are in top positions and contribute heavily to the countries. Hindus with their hardwork have enjoyed prosperity everywhere they have gone or settled because they have brought their rich legacy and spiritual wisdom with them.

      Hindus run economy of Bharat. Asia is safe because of Hindus. There are millions of Takshak in Bharat today.

      • ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

        Correct brother, these Muslims are rich in Arab because of Petroleum only. Hindus are well advanced before centuries. We are advanced in all the fields but Christians for the sake of money corrupted all our ancient Science. Our Hinduism allows to share our eternal knowledge at free of cost. Muslims only know how to backstab non muslims by cunning tricks which are known as Al-Taqia , Kitman and Murana. Madarasas are there to poison the Muslim kids. Only less percent of Muslims join in Organised sector jobs but they are helping Madarasa people to Islamise the world. Corrupted and Fraudulent Secular Hindu political leaders are power and money hungered Sinners.They take muslims illegal money and spread venom on Hinduism. This is because of the bastard Indira Gandhi who weakened Hindus by Secularism. She died dog like death. All the Secular political families will die dog like death for harming Hinduism and appeasing Islam. Quran teaches that Earth is Flat Carpet. Electricity, Magnetism and all the Physics concepts are already there in our Hinduism texts. Islam criminalised our Vedas and Bible and it is the newest religion in this world. ISLAM IS THE CURSE TO HUMANITY.



    you all are very proud of all thinks yourself lions.when the greatest ruler of kali yuga cannot protect his dignity and ate slap from a woman (mother mamata banerjee) for what reason you all feel proud of.if greatest hindu ruler great narendra modiji cannot protect his dignity from a woman,for what reason you are proud of.just think,you emotional fools.

  • Aryan Dharmic Suraj says:

    I’m Buddhist and this article still made me shed a tear in the name of hero Takshak 😢🙏

    This is my dream too. I wanna kill the barbarians till I get martyred, and come back and repeat again.

    Kill – die – repeat ✊

    • Yes. It is only way to save our Hindu from “Gojbayee Hind” ( Killing Hindu by Muslim).