Veer Hakikat Rai Haqiqat Rai sacrifice for Hindu Dharma - Vedic Sanatan Dharma and Culture Protector

Deep respect towards Sanatan Dharma makes a common Individual, Dharma Yoddha. History of Bharat is filled with thousands of such fighters who were fearless and courageous, their love towards Vedic Hindu Dharma converted them into a ferocious lion, keeping Dharma above all. They knew soul is harmless and immortal – they would take birth again to protect Sanatan Dharma. Laying life for Dharma is pious Karma.

Haqiqat Rai (Hakikat Rai) was Born in the Period of Mughal Terrorism

Muslims invaded Bharat with a singular plan to completely destroy our mother land, Hindu culture and establish Islamic rule to realize their ultimate vision of islamized world. Criminal Mohammed prophesied that “Capture India, Ghazwa E Hind will fulfill dream of Islamization of the world. Bharat is binding point of different cultures, break it and world will be for islam.”

Muslim infiltrators were least interested in the upkeep or welfare of the states and their residents, to whichever part of Bharat they invaded, like wild pigs they destroyed temples, Vedic structures while killing thousands of Sages and millions of Hindus. They saw each living Hindu as a Kafir (quran’s satanic teaching of deeming harmless non-muslim as enemy of islam). They became heartless beasts, out to kill, rape and loot innocent Hindus.

Haqiqat Rai (Hakikat Rai), A Brave Hindu Child of Bharat

Haqiqat Rai was born in the year 1719 to a religious woman, Kora Devi, in a very rich Vedic Hindu family, in Sialkot, Punjab, (now in Pakistan due to foolish division of Bharat by coward, corrupt and treacherous leaders, seven decades back). He was proud of his Hindu culture since early age, he belonged to a Hindu Khatri family of Puri clan. These are same Hindu Khatris who were first to help Guru Nanak Sahib when he formed Sikhism. Like other Hindus, Khatris also donated their elder child to Guru Sahib to form a warrior panth, a group specially created to protect against atrocities of islamic terrorism happening under mughal invaders. The strict rules to completely dedicate life for the cause of Hindu Dharma and mother land took inspiration from another warrior cult Naga Sadhus, formed by Adi Shankaracharya.

Since childhood, Haqiqat Rai was a keen observer and a quick learner. He took care of his health and was well built for a kid of his age. He was the grandson of Bhai Nand Ram Ji, a devotee of Hinglajakhya Khatri Kulsupujita. His Guru was Har Rai Acharya Ji. This was time when Hindu-Sikh were close relatives. Some of the Hindu family members were Sikhs and vice versa. Bhai is a respectful admission and admiration for peer members of the community. It invokes sense of brotherhood among them. Hindu Khatris have history of staying united for the cause of Dharma and Motherland. During initial phase of their struggle against muslim terrorists of mughal invaders, they self-proclaimed themselves as Hindu Kshatriyas. Most of them were wealthy traders belonging to Vaishya community as per Karma based Varna System however when they fought back series of battles with neighbourhood muslims, they called themselves as fighters of Hindu Dharma, Kshatriyas, on the basis of Varna parampara.

Haqiqat Rai Hindu child lahore sacrificed for Hindu Dharma
Formative years of a child is very important. Hindus ruin their children by sending them to anti-Hindu schools controlled by Hindu hater Church or Mosque syndicates.
Muslims send their children to islamic Madrasas along with convent schools. Hindu parents foolishly rely only on Church controlled convent education ruining Children’s upbringing and digging their own grave by making a selfish man out of innocent Child. Upbringing is Key for Joint family survival and Hindu existence. Devoid of teachings of Hinduism, Hindu children become idiot citizens with no self-esteem and Hindutva pride, infected with incurable disease of ONE WAY SECULARISM imbibed by anti-Hindu education system.

No doubt Haqiqat Rai had DNA of fighters. His maternal great grandfather was brave Kanhaiya Ji. His maternal uncle (mother’s brother) was Arjan Ji. His father’s name was Bhagmal Rai Puri, a wealthy Hindu trader.

Due to mughal invasion and shameless open acceptance of Hindus to foreign traditions and language, even if it is uncivilized or less developed than Vedic culture, made Persian a regular language in the state. When Haqiqat Rai crossed age 12, He was sent to a Maulana to learn Persian, a common dialect of the time to communicate with others.

Haqiqat Rai (Hakikat Rai) Got Enraged on Denigration of Hinduism and Deities

Hindu Cub Haqiqat Rai’s Life Turning Event

Islamic education system is not based on enriching knowledge and enhancing resources for the world. It is completely founded on hatred towards non-muslims, their deities, their culture and tradition. Since childhood, Muslim clerics (Maulanas) teach muslim kids that Hindu Gods are devils, insulting them pleases (Satan) Allah. All other Gods of non-muslims are inferior and (Asur) Allah is superior. Hatred filled teachings of terror manual Quran is deeply ingrained in the minds of muslim kids, they develop intense dislike towards Hindus, Hinduism and their culture. The hate is so deep that it only withers when the muslim dies. Psychology experts have observed that years of Mind Conditioning subjected towards a child cannot be reversed. Islam is a disease that is incurable unless the practitioner him/herself try to renounce it.

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Muslim kids filled with immense hatred towards Hinduism started ill-treating Haqiqat Rai. He was regularly called with different names, he was ridiculed for being a Kafir (Non-muslim/Hindu). They would pickup fight with him, several times, he got bruised but did not inform his mother. He ignored the bullying muslim kids and focused on developing his skill in colonial language, Persian.

Haqiqat Rai’s patience was not deemed as tolerance but coward act by Muslim kids, they were never used to sober behaviour. On that particular day, after completion of Friday prayer, his Muslim classmates started making fun of Hindu deities – they mocked Shree Ram, Durga Maa and Hanuman ji. This enraged brave Hindu kid Haqiqat Rai, he gulped his anger several times before, when they insulted him, foul mouthed his culture but denigrating Bhagwan and his deities crossed the tolerance level.

Haqiqat Rai Responded and Denigrated (Satan) Allah, Terrorist Mohammed and Rape Victim Ayesha

Haqiqat Rai tolerated their hostile behaviour for many days. Many times, he complained Maulana about bullying nature of muslim kids, but his pleas were not acknowledged. He was alone to fight for his Hindu pride. He knew many things about islam and anti-human acts of lunatic Mohammed, quran was part of his studies. Being good observant, he asked several questions about islam to Muslim cleric and did deep study on it’s filthy legacy.

When muslim kids insulted Hindu deities, he punched three of them and said “Mohammed was a looter, he raped Ayesha, this is the truth of islam. Not my deities, you mlecchas but your Allah is Satan, you pray to a devil, a blood thirsty Rakshas ”

“You all are mlecchas, you give respect to a criminal person who raped a small kid Ayesha.”

Shocked by this retaliatory response, dozens of muslim kids pounced and thrashed him, his eyes swollen and mouth bleeding. Fearing that they could be at the receiving end, muslim kids true to their quranic teachings of deception and lies, went to Maulana and made a series of allegations against Haqiqat Rai. Haqiqat Rai was just 13 years old and no elder was at his side in madrasa when he had to make his stand clear.

Muslim kids lied to Maulana that Haqiqat Rai has bad habit of insulting islam, he mocks (terrorist) mohammed and quarrels  with us. Today he insulted (Asur) Allah. Muslim cleric was furious, he slapped bleeding Haqiqat Rai, innocent pleas of Haqiqat Rai to hear his side of story was ignored. It was decided by him that he would be produced in front of Faujdar Zakariya Khan to be punished under Sharia Law. Zakariya Khan was son of Abdus Samad Khan, the Faujdar of Sarhind, who tortured Banda Singh Bahadur to painful death in 1716.

Brave Haqiqat Rai Survived 100 Lashes

Sharia Law has no provision to counter argue. Muslim cleric on behalf of Faujdar reads poisonous verses of Quran, describing punishments and it is executed blindly for the cause of (Asur) Allah, devoid of humanistic values and righteousness.

Haqiqat Rai was sent to Lahore for punishment. Quasi Abdul Haq, Muslim cleric referred Quran and made announcement.

Hindu Parents of Haqiqat Rai intervened not to punish the child, they were ready to face punishment if it was so important to enforce blasphemy rules of Sharia law. They pleaded to pardon the innocent child, he was just 13 years 4 months old. Bhagmal Rai Puri even offered acres of land in exchange for mercy, he made an emotional appeal to the cleric how can a kid be punished, does (Asur) Allah not love kids, do not kill my child?

But heartless muslims, ignored their humble pleas, they believed in fictional terror manual Quran more than humanity. Haqiqat Rai was hanged upside down, punishment executed, 100 lashes ripped his whole body, tearing flesh, his entire body bruised with bloodied wounds. After flogging, he was sent to jail. He was losing conscious for couple of days in the prison due to this gruesome punishment.

Hindu Child Hakikat Rai Haqiqat Rai tortured by muslim terrorist for following Hindu Dharma
Haqiqat Rai chanted Hindu Deities Names like HAR HAR MAHADEV, JAI BHAWANI, RAM RAM and OM NAMAH SHIVAY after every flog he received from the muslim terrorist.
Muslim crowd gathered to witness the punishment. They were cheering proving beyond doubt that all muslims including common residents were terrorists.

His capital punishment was pending. With no one in the administration to oppose the punishment, Death was imminent for Haqiqat Rai. He was presented again in front of Muslim Cleric, Quasi Abdul Haq. Parents of Haqiqat Rai were adamant to release their child. Muslim cleric advised Faujdar Zakariya Khan to take some compensation from the father of Haqiqat Rai in exchange to leniency in revoking death sentence, but the second condition would be revealed after his father donates few acres of land and wealth to the administration.

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Lala Bhagmal Rai Puri was least worried about loss in his wealth, he willingly agreed and paid compensation as ordered by Quasi Abdul Haq. He waited patiently for the second condition till morning.

Haqiqat Rai’s parents did not eat food for three days, he was their only child, they worried about him. They came next morning well before time in despair and weak state to hear second condition, expecting clemency offer of the muslim maulana.

Muslim Cleric’s Utterance Shocked Haqiqat Rai Parents

It was auspicious day of Basant Panchami. Muslim cleric, Quasi Abdul Haq, stood up and called Haqiqat Rai in front of his parents. Haqiqat Rai wrapped in chains somehow managed to stand. Looking at parents he softly smiled, his mother was crying seeing his condition. She pleaded Muslim cleric to hug him for once. Her request was declined.

Muslim cleric referred few pages of Quran and said. “Your child will be granted life, his death sentence will be converted to a prison sentence, he has to convert to islam, it is (Asur) Allah’s will, (Satan) Allah wants him to become muslim.”

Hindu parents thought that additional property would be asked as the penalty but to to their utter dismay, they were asked to revoke identity of their child. The same identity for which Hindu Khatris fought several battles. Parents declined, they said, “We are proud Hindus, we value our Dharma more than our wealth and life. However our child is free to take decision, we will never allow him to become a muslim till we are alive.”

Muslim (Mleccha) crowd was laughing, yelling (Satan) Allah’s name, after the condition was read. They thought that this time again a Kafir would submit to (Asur) Allah but they were taken aback seeing defiant response of Hindu parents.

Muslim cleric went to Haqiqat Rai and offered him, “Covert to islam. You live your life or else you will be punished. Your head will be rolled, it will be a painful death. Getting beheaded is not a pleasing experience.”

Brazenly, Muslim cleric laughed. Mother of Haqiqat Rai wiped her tears. His father was looking in to the eyes of Haqiqat Rai. They were ready to sacrifice their son for Hindu Dharma. They did not plead for his life again. They waited for the response of their brave son.

Haqiqat Rai although a child of just 13-years-old gave a reply that embarrassed some adult ex-Hindus around.

He said, “I am most fortunate of all here, I took birth in Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Only fortunate beings get golden chance to stay alive and die for Dharma.”

Looking up to the Bhagwan he added, “He gave me strength to survive the ordeal and punishment. He gave me this opportunity to die for Dharma. Tell me now, among all of you, who is most fortunate. By birth I m a Hindu, even fear of death cannot not deter me from my path of Sanatan Dharma. I want to die as a Hindu. I am proud of whatever I have said. I am not a coward sheep to accept insult towards my deities. I hate company of you filthy beings, you mlecchas are not humans. Execute me now, if your so called Shaitan Allah has any power. I spit on your islam and quran.”

Hakikat Rai Haqiqat Rai Died for Hindu Religion did not convert to islam
Haqiqat Rai was blunt and pragmatic when he made his statement on pathetic offer to convert to gangster cult islam.

Enraged muslim cleric kicked on the stomach of Haqiqat Rai. Muslim crowd again thrashed Haqiqat Rai, this time he was laughing as if he had overpowered pain.

Later executioner was called, he sliced throat of Haqiqat Rai slowly, tearing veins and severing his head. Not even for a single moment there was fear in the eyes of a brave Hindu child. He was executed, head of the child was rolled in front of his parents. His proud parents were not crying, feelings of pride surpassed petty emotions of sorrow.

The incident of execution and blatant defiance of a 13-years-old brave Hindu kid shocked muslim residents. Haqiqat Rai’s head was placed on the top of a rod, it was circulated in the places around, to invoke fear among other Hindu children and parents. The furious response from Hindu parents and a 13 years old child shook confidence of the local muslims.

Later some local Hindus killed Quasi Abdul Haq for giving death Fatwa to Haqiqat Rai, the brave child had become a defiant and inspirational figure for the native people around. His bold resistance evoked several retaliations across places. For the first time in recent history, a child had become father figure for the local Hindus.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself revered Haqiqat Rai as a young Hindu martyr. Inspired with Powada of Maratha Kings, in 1782, a poet named Aggar Singh wrote a Punjabi Var titled Haqiqat Rai di Var to pay tribute to his bravery.

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There is a small temple in Lahore, Pakistan, dedicated to Veer Hindu Haqiqat Rai (Hakikat Rai). Basant Panchami was celebrated in the temple by local Hindus until mid-2004. In 2004, Nawa-i-Waqt, a Pakistani daily opposed Basant Panchami celebrations in Pakistan, arguing that the festival celebrated at Haqiqat Rai’s temple is insult to (terrorist) Mohammed. Hakikat Rai had blatantly insulted Islam so celebrations must be immediately stopped. Speaking truth is insult to islam but when the mlecchas denigrate Hindu rituals, slaughter cows to showcase shallow supremacy and hatred towards Hinduism then it is upholding of morality for them. Shameless hypocrite creatures has not evolved in last 1400 years. As of today, the original temple of Hakikat Rai is in ruins.

Lesson from Haqiqat Rai (Hakikat Rai)

Some stupid Hindus mock government for reverting city names to old Vedic roots, it is this submissive behaviour of Dhimmi Hindus that even today we are still slave of Chrislamized education system. If Hindus at that time had retaliated and reverted to Vedic roots, several Haqiqat Rais would have been saved. They would have not needed to learn foreign language in the hostile atmosphere of madrasas.

Each identity that was defaced by muslim terrorists should be reclaimed – temples, structures and city names. Cowardly behaviour of Hindus, veiled as tolerance by popular media is not a trait to be proud of, it is shameful that neighbourhood muslims have audacity to feel proud of tainted legacy of Mughal Terrorism. It is time to call their bluff off, give them jaw breaking response. Hindus cannot be subdued with uncivilized cult creatures. NEVER… THIS IS KALIYUGA…SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST IS THE GAME. A community that is united and defensive will survive or else Hindus will cease to exist in Bharat also like Hinduism perished from 84 countries in last 3000 years. Fight of revival of each of the identities, reclaim them and revert to Vedic Hindu roots.

[Note: Khalistani terrorist sikhs falsely claim all Hindu heroes as Sikhs. They shamelessly laid claim on Hakikat Rai too. This falsification habit of Sikhs must be stopped because recently in social media posts, few hardcore radical Sikhs even started claiming that Sambhaji Raje was Sikh. When it comes to deception and lies, terrorist Sikhs are miles ahead than fanatic Isla mists. This coward cult has age old habit of faking bravado and claiming they saved Hindus. We will re-publish exposing Sikh history and all their fakeries soon. Truth is, it was always Hindus that saved, funded and helped Sikhs but after Macauliffe took over Sikhism cult, they hate Murti Puja and Hindus.]

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  • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

    All the Transgender Secular Hindus, If you really hate Vedic Hinduism and Love Anti Human Islam, You will face very severe punishments in Hell for 1000 years after your death. Don’t insult Vedic Hinduism . Fu****s Khangressis ,Communists and Other Secular parties pigs , You will definitely face the punishments from Yama Dharma Raja for 1000 years in Hell. Decide whether you follow Vedic Dharma or Harm it and Support Pathetic PISSLAM . Muslims will continuously take horrible births if they still follow Kuraan.Muslims however get punished by Yama Dharma Raja for Following Kuraan and Killing innocent Vedic Hindus. Birth Cycle will never end for Terrorist Muslims.

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  • सुधांशु मौळिः says:

    The story of Harikat Rai is really a big tragedy.How could these idiotically blind Muslims not only brutally severe the head and kill that very very very great Hindu devotee who sacrificed his life for Sanathana Dharma but also put it over a rod and parade it all over the place.Rama must have given Harikat Rai the most supreme state. Our history books are very idiotic and stupid which are in praise of these Mughals and other Muslim rulers like Delhi Sultans.Crores of Hindus died in many massacres during the reign of Muslim rulers.Our History books do not speak about great Paramatmas who are incarnations of the Lord like Adishankaracharya ,Vidyarany Swamy ,Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamy and Bhaskara Rayulu Swamy.We should feel proud that such people stepped and walked on our land.The real history of the entire universe is the history that has now been termed as ‘Indian Mythology’.Our Indian mythology is actually our real History.Our History books say nothing about this.Secularity should encourage unity among different religions but should not discourage Sanathana Dharma.Muslims too respect their religion the most but Hindus do not.Sanathana Dharma is not a religion but a way of life.Our History books should stop speaking of nonsense.They should change soon(not later). I am writing this comment to the blog being a seventh grade student.I am very proud to be a Hindu.

    श्रि विष्णु रूपाय नमः शिवाय।
    श्रेयो भूयात् सकल जनानाम्।
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    Islamisation should stop and the whole world should understand that Santhana Dharma is not a religion but a way of life.Hindus should learn to follow their own traditions and cultures. Muslims should stop Islamisation and respect all religions.

  • Earlier I had faith in vedic culture but now no more because the vedic culture simply believes in respecting women as mother ,sisters and goddesses but they probably don’t seem to value their progress in different fields.
    Most of the famous rishis we now like vishwamitra and vashishth are all men.
    most of the ancient Indian scientists which you have told about in your articles are also men like bhaskaracharya, Aryabhatta .
    even Gayatri Mantra was created by sage vishwamitra ,ramcharitmanas was written by Tulsidas,Sushruta invented surgery.
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    So I dislike Vedic culture now

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      Hiru ji,

      You do not know even basics of Vedic Sanatan culture.
      Women are considered more pious than men.
      Shakti Maa (Parvati) is source of energy for Bhagwan Mahadev and this Universe.
      Without Shakti Maa, NO ONE CAN SUSTAIN.
      Only eternal Vedic sanatan dharma gives highest authority to a woman and feminine energy then newly manmade cults.
      You are referring to few texts and deciding, you should see the source and adhere to the great principles to stay happy, peaceful and calm.
      Or you may be a fake muslim guy posing as Hindu to comment here. We see such scoundrels many times here.

      Jai Shree Krishna
      Har Har Mahadev
      Jai Shakti Maa

  • i proudly feel that as a hindu we should do every thing to regain our sanatan dharma . Ifeel haqiqat rai sacrifice will not go in vain. lord krishna will bless his departed soul.