Shivaji Hindu Unity Aggression

Since the time dumbest politician of India, Rahul Gandhi, ignored islamic terrorism as real problem- it was known that congress will play this dirty card again.

Compiled from Wikileaks Excerpts:

Anti-national congress Party heir Rahul Gandhi feels that the “the bigger threat (to India) may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations..,” according to a cable by U.S ambassador to India Timothy Roemer. Rahul Gandhi is more pro-active in stopping Hindu extremists but not in halting fanatic muslims who have proven track record of making more than 2000 bomb balsts killing thousands of Indian since 1947.

Belittling terror threat of lashkar-e-Taiba, dumbo Raul Vinci (rahul gandhi) made above statement in response to Roermer’s query about Lashkar-e-Taiba’s activities in the region and immediate threat to India, that “there was evidence of some support for the group among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community.” However, the risk of a “home-grown” extremist front, reacting to terror attacks coming from Pakistan or from Islamist groups in India, was a growing concern and one that demanded constant attention.

This is same insane person rahul gandhi whose true patriotism and religion itself is in question; his italian passport shows his name as Raul Vinci a christian so this person rahul gandhi has two religion Hinduism and Christianity  has two names and dual citizenship what a shame…and congress is making him PM candidate of India. We are spitting on the patriotism and sacrifice of the freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Veer Savarkar and Rajguru by silently acknowledging congress tactics of making India anti-hindu state while posing confused brat rahul gandhi as future PM.

The series of recent incidents is fully planned –

(1) Nov 26..celebration of mumbai 26/11 blast anniversary in pakistan

(2) Dec 22-27… akbaruddin owaisi abusing Hindus and Hindu Gods and asking muslims to kill Hindus

(3) Jan 1st week…Beheading of two Hindu patriots – (Indian) soldiers by pakistan

(4) Jan 2nd week…Salman khurshid (who appeared for free as an advocate for terrorist organisation SIMI – mastermind of several bomb blasts in mumbai, gujarat and hyderabad; making statement peace process should not be derailed making claim that pakistan people are non-supportive to terrorism (as if he is pakistan foreign minister)

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(5) Jan 3rd week…Congress making false proganda that BJP and RSS organize terror camps.

(6) Next will be banning and maligning BJP and RSS – True nationalist organizations, so that Narendra Modi, a forefront leader of developing state Gujarat, is not promoted as PM in 2014 and internationally BJP is pressurized too

Congress knows that BJP will surely come to power in 2014 since congress siphoned off billions of dollars, robbing Indian citizens.

And in terms of rural development; there is nothing but rather rise in death of farmers. For common people too congress gave nothing but inflation due to enormous mis-use of public wealth.

India Need Patriot King Like Shivaji Today
India Need Patriot King Like Shivaji Today In Every Politician

Hijra Sushil Kumar Shinde yet again proved that he is Slave of Terrorist Pakistan. He was deaf, blind and dumb when it came to speaking strongly on akbaruddin owaisi’s anti-hindu statements. Shinde became handicapped when pakistan beheaded two patriot Indian soldiers; not even uttering single word against pakistan in media or world forum.

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But when it comes to spreading hatred and appeasing muslim terrorists; he can go to any extreme and mark patriot organisations like RSS and BJP as source of organizing terrors. Even naive citizen living in this country knows that this is false propaganda.

BJP and RSS are same patriots who first come forward whenever natural calamity strikes in any part of the country. They  pray to their motherland, chant Vande Mataram in their party or organisation functions. HOW CAN THEY BE SOURCE OF TERROR ??

What can you expect from a country which is ruled by islam centric congress people who support islamic terrorism.

Take note of this:

1) Digvijay calls Osama as Osamaji and attends condolence meeting organized by muslim organisation on Osama’s death

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2) Sushil Kumar Shinde – a Hijra home minister- calls a terrorist Hafiz Saeed (master mind of mumbai 26/11 blasts) as Hafizji and Shri Saeed

3) Salman Khurshid – Muslim mindset foreign minister – is a staunch supporter of SIMI (muslim terrorist outfit who were behind several serial blasts in India and still operational) and the same Saman Khurshid appeared as an advocate for SIMI in all their court cases; voluntarily and for free- without charging any fees.

The way congress is ruling India. India is labelled as soft, coward and shameless state by international and especially islamic media the world over. That’s why in foreign countries, Indians are ill-behaved and treated to lower valour of dignity even when compared to third world countrymen. Congress knows that BJP will surely come to power in 2014 and now the anti-national party congress will do anything to regain power by spreading hatred between Hindus and muslims.

It is well known fact that Samajwadi and Congress party get millions of dollars of funds from middle-east countries to prepare muslim appeasing policies and be lenient against muslim terrorists. That’s the reason that even Kasab died an untimely death due to dengue and congress was caught pants down and they had to announce it’s hanging the next day to save their face.

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In parliament attack several innocent defense personnels were killed by terrorists. Congress is not keen on hanging terrorist Afzal Guru (parliament attacker) as they are under pressure of loads of donation they got from muslim countries.

Hindus AWAKE and become united. Rise to the occasion and only vote for the party and people who support Hinduism, think about Hindus and vye for cow protection; abolishing cow killing in India completely.

If you will not rise now; then your future generation and kids will be in a state which will treat Hindus as second grade citizen as Hindus are treated in pakistan today.

Hindus should be aggressive and violent when it comes to saving their culture and religion. Hindu Sabal toh Bharat Safal.

shivaji hindu aggression

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    1. But sir,
      How it would be so ,ap jis mughal kal ki bat kr rahe ho us time Hindus are completely Hindus means each & every Hindu perform the poojas & vedic rituals almost on daily basis & also went to temples & holy places at least three or four times in a week but sir now the condition is completely changed more of the Hindus in India are much more influenced by Western culture & in the name of modernization they are giving more & more freedom to their girls to expose their mind & body as well to these mleccha s
      & in present times very less or almost none of these types of girls & even their parents don’t go temples & says to our cultural heritage ,our vedic rituals as out dated & the culture of rustics
      so sir how could be this possible ??????
      that our this culture ,greatest of all culture would be saved from the paws of these garbage cultured Muslims
      And especially At a time when its own followers are disfiguring it ……..

      Really sir i too is much worried that what would be the future of hindutva & hindus in their own motherland in the coming days

      Will this great culture & way of living will become a topic of history in the comming days???????

      1. Radhe Radhe Paurush Ji,

        Do not worry just spread the message among maximum Hindus possible given in the posts. Invoke immense confidence among Hindus and you will find resurge in Hindu aggression and pride which will work for the nation and Hindutva. Our era has come. It will be only conflict of Dharma (Hindus) vs Adharma (Mlecchas).

        The golden period of 5000 years are still remaining.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    2. Even the ex-Pm Mr.Manmohan Singh had mentioned that the first right of Indias resources is of Muslims.Shouldnt he have used the words the first right of Indias resources is of the poor?
      Jai Shri Krishna!

      1. Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

        Manmohan singh was pawn and slave of US economists – right from his IMF/WB stint to being spineless PM of India. He never led his life on self-esteem and integrity. He lacked self-belief, patriotism and confidence. The submissive dog manmohan not only ruined our economy but racial-wise made Indians to be treated like stupid, idiots even by the likes of bangladesh, sweden and sri lanka. He was slave dog of sonia, US and western scholars. He will definitely rot in hell for millions of years for his crime against Indians by making them poorer day by day while ploughing our money to US companies.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. mujhe to bahut dar lag raha hai ki hamare desh ka kya hoga…..log modi ke khilaf ho gaye n delhi n bihar ki haar…kya pata aane wale sare vidhan sabha me bjp haar jaye…..n sare anti bjp party ke hindu log bhi hinduo ke khilaf hain….musalman tezi se active ho rahe, fir bhi vipaksh unka paksh le rahi…..hamara kashmir half ho chuka hai….ab sirf Krishna ji hi sath de sakte hain…jab jab dharti pe paap badha Krishna aur Arjun dharti pe aaye…..ab baat hamare Aryavart aur Sanatan Dharma ki hai, unhe ab fir se dharti pe kisi Arjun ko bhejna hi hoga aur Durga aur Kaali ko dharti pe asuro ka samhaar karne aana hi hoga…..

          1. Radhe Radhe Swati Ji,

            Darne ki baat nahi hai. Hinduo ka astitva koi bhi mulla jab terrorist mughalo ke raaj mey nahi hila paaya toh abhi yeh mulle kuch nahi kar paayenge.

            Sab ka solution yehi hai – All Hindus should get united irrespective of their caste or creed…. We are not yadav, kurmi, kayasth, thakur, brahman or rajput…we all are Hindus.

            Jai Shree Krishn

            1. Sir
              I m unable to understand that of which golden period of 5000 years u r talking about that is still remaining??? & how the era of ours has arrived??

        2. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Yes sir, the biggest sins congress committed are:
          1. Declaring Paapathma Gandhi as father of Nation instead of Mahatma Godse.
          2. Gandhi and Womaniser Nehru betrayed great leaders like Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Bhagath Singh,Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose.
          3. Congress partitioned Pakistan with the help of Terrorist Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
          4.Womaniser Nehru introduced Article 370 which made Kashmir Hindus exodus by Pakistan Jihadi Terrorists.
          5. Terrorist Maulana abulkalam azad performed Al Taqia in history books and weakened Hindus without introducing Bhagavadgita and Vedic texts.
          6. CONGRESS took temples into Government control and used these funds to develop Mosques and Madarasas .Madarasa Jihadis performed Paedophilic activities on small aged Non Muslim girls and increased their population by raping Non Muslim women.
          7.AP Congress Chief Minister Kasu Bramhananda Reddy gave citizenship to Pakistan terrorist owaisi family and projected his political career in Hyderabad old city (presently Jihadibad)
          8.Congress government made Hindus slaves to Srilanka, USA and Europe amd plunged our richest Indian economy.
          9. Congress encouraged illegal trading of Muslims and Christians to decimate Hindu Culture and adopt to Western culture
          10 . Congress bifurcated Andhra Pradesh into 2 pieces and dug their own grave in Loksabha elections.
          11. Congress industrially developed Tamil Nadu and because of this reason Tamil Nadu is facing severe water crisis
          12. Congress also separated Bangladesh and West Bengal.
          13. Congress printing Paapathma Gandhi photo on currency notes and because of this today there is illegal flow of money to terrorists and Corrupt politicians.
          Finally ” CONGRESS MUKTH BHAARATH” because of pappu Rahul Gandhi and his dynasty politics.
          Jai Akhanda Bhaarath
          Vande Maataram

        3. ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

          Radhe Radhe Haribolji,
          Yes sir , Manmohan Singh was a pawn of US economists. He never encouraged Villages small scale industries and Organic Farming( Using COW and BULL ) but introduced Information Technology and Other Industries. Man Mohan Singh didnot introduce labour laws for software employers. Many employees faced stress from western companies and Unemployement increased. If Eco Friendly industries were introduced, Unemployement would nullify and create thousands of jobs. Liquor production increased because of US software companies and it created troubles to farmers. Christian western culture weakened the Indian Hindus. Nehru family , Sinner Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh created many problems to Hindus and Muslims, Christians got benifitted. If Sardar Vallabhai Patelji and Netaji Subash Chandraboseji were given power, Our Bhaarath will be Number one in all the aspects and We need not depend on China and USA

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