Real Incidents of People seeing, meeting and talking to Bhagwan Krishna

Madhudvisa Das had once said “The thing is we do not have the eyes to see Krishna. Krishna does sometimes appear before us in the material world but only the devotees recognize Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You may think it strange but when Krishna was present on this planet 5000 years ago in India very few people recognized Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He displayed so many pastimes impossible for any human to display. He lifted a great mountain when he was only 5 years old. He fought with and killed so many powerful demons, he was so amazingly beautiful that everyone was attracted by Him. But still most were thinking He was some extraordinarily powerful man, perhaps a demigod.”

Similarly, in today’s Kaliyug it is almost impossible for materialistic beings like all of us to instantly recognize Bhagwan Krishna. But there are devotees who did met Krishna personally only to realize later that Balgopal helped them.

Bhagwan Krishna Gave Them Darshan

HariBhakts Who Got Darshan of Lord Krishna

There are many incidents when Lord Krishna himself helped his bhakts. Surrender yourself to Kanhaiya and let his mesmerizing eternal love wind your soul completely

An Old Lady’s Personal Experience of Meeting Krishna

This a historical incident of an old lady who told how Shri Banke Bihari ji helped her. Old lady would offer cold water to devotees in Vrindavan Parikrama. She was often seen crying and singing songs of Krishna..asked about her presence in Braj, she told her life incident to devotees, when devotees ask her why is she here helping pilgrims.

She narrated heart felt incident. My  father had mortgaged house to a cruel money lender for my marriage, my father toiled hard and paid the loan but the wicked money lender had the plans of confiscating house despite the fact that we had repaid the loan. The money lender booked the case in court and refused in front of a court that he received his money back. The lawyer of a money lender threaten my father and my father was dejected as he had no witness. The old lady’s father went to Vrindavan to pray Shri Banke Bihari. My father slept outside the temple after asking god to be a witness in his case. Shri Banke Bihari ji appeared in his dream and said “I will be witness in your case, go to your home and do not worry over it”.

[ संपूर्ण श्रीमद भगवद्गीता हिंदी के लिए यहा क्लिक करे ]

My father came home and said he is confident that he will win the case whereas everybody thought we will loose the case. Next day when Judge asked about presenting his witness. he registered the name “Banke Bihari”. The attendant Shouted three times “Banke Bihari, present yourself to the court “. The voice spoke from out side.” I am here”. One man wrapped up in blanket appeared in court and told the Judge about where the money lender has hidden the file which proved the innocence of my father. The money lender was caught red handed. By seeing the face of a God,  the Judge was awe struck, this was not a human face when the Judge turned around Bihariji vanished.

Next day the Judge resigned his job and went to Vrindavan. He became permanent devotee of krishna and became famous by name “Judge Baba”. The old lady went to Vrindavan expecting that she would see shri Banke Bihari ji again.

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Lord Krishna Is Most Merciful Humble God- Supreme Lord of Universe
Lord Krishna Is Most Merciful Humble God- Supreme Lord of Universe

A Businessman’s Personal Experience of Seeing Krishna

A businessman once went to Mathura to visit his beloved Banke Bihari, as he landed, he hired a taxi to go to Banke Bihari temple. The Businessman asked to Taxi driver ” How much I have to pay till Vrindavan”? the taxi driver said “anything you want, I am your servant”. The polite taxi driver brought him to  temple. The temple was about to close, the businessman, his wife and his three kids would not have made it to the temple at the rush hour. The taxi driver said “Sir, It will not be possible for you to enter in a temple with your three kids and with this huge luggage, therefore I wait here along with your kids and you come back soon”. Businessman was convinced and he ran towards the temple along with his wife, when he came back,he did not find the taxi driver. He was in a state of shock !!. His kids and luggage were missing. He searched them for hours, he was down in the dumps. After a while he registered a complaint against the taxi driver. He decided to return to Banke Bihari temple and pray, as he was climbing the steps of the temple, he saw the taxi driver in the temple.The businessman just jumped down at his throat and asked” Where are my kids?

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Taxi driver said “I am not taxi driver, my only job is to kidnap kids and sell them, I went to Yamuna river with your kids and there”, one boy held my rickshaw and said “I will not allow you to go away from here, return those kids otherwise I will make u blind”, and later“immediately after saying that he disappeared”. Afterwards “I understood that this boy is none but the supreme personality of godhead Krishna, so I returned to the temple for begging clemency”. The businessman thanked thousand times to Krishna and came to know that Krishna takes care of those who enter in Vrindavan. This is a true story happened in the year 1958 .This is the blessing of Banke Bihari bestowed always on the pilgrims of Vrindavan.

Krishna’s Girdhar Lila Is Copied in Many Other Religious Texts

Ticket Collector’s Personal experience of Krishna Blessing Him

The ticket collector of Mathura to Vrindavan train would often visit Shri Banke Bihari temple. Once the shuttle reached at Vrindavan station. Every day he would arrive at Vrindavan station and would run to see Bihari ji. One fine day when he went to the temple, the altar of the temple was closed, he had to wait to see Bihari ji, in the mean time the train he was in charge of left the station. When he came to know that the train has left, he thought he will be asked for his resignation as train has left without him. Then he him self went to the station master and tendered his resignation.The station master was surprised, he said “Just now you submitted all the documents before going to Mathura then why you are offering the resignation”. Ticket collector was in a shock, he said” If I am here then who is gone with the train”? soon he came to know that he was none but his own “Shri Banke Bihari ji” who performed ticket collector’s duty. The ticket collector had tears in his eyes. He resigned from his post and spent rest of his life in the service of Shri Banke Bihari.

Just chant.. ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय…Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare.. Hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare… 108 times daily to get selected and visit vrindavan several times.

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Krishna Loves All Living Beings Who Offer Selfless Devotion

An anonymous girl (Krishnasakha) told this incident of Meeting Krishna

I was just a girl doing Vrindavan parikrama, when someone snatched my mobile and ran away. Some mans on a bike came to ask me what happened. I told them, “Someone snatched my phone and ran away.” They asked me where was I staying and then said they would go after thief after asking me what he looked like.

I continued doing my parikrama. Then, I came back to the Banke Bihariji mandir, after completing it. It was just about the time for evening aarti. As I stood in front of Bihariji, I was sad, because I did not feel good about losing an expensive phone. I just prayed to Bihariji, saying please I want my mobile back.

After some time, I got a message that some people are looking for me to return a phone. I went to look for them, and they were the same two mans on the bike. They returned the phone, saying they had found the thief somewhere near the place they had met me, fought with him and retrieved my phone. When I said how could you track him, they just said, Bihariji told them!

[ Gita in HindiClick on the link for Complete Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in Hindi ]

I wanted to give them money, but they refused it. So, I just said thanks!

I was so happy and also surprised how Bihariji could bring me back my phone, just because I said to my Bihariji, I want my mobile back.

It was amazing, I never felt so safe in Vrindavan! And, I kept doing my parikrama after that day, but kept my valuables safe in my room before starting out. I don’t want Bihariji to take this trouble for me again !!!

Jai Bihariji Jai Jai Radhe Radhe Shyam!! Jai Jai Shri Vrindavan Dham!!

Lord Krishna Plays Flute Controlling 'anant koti brhanmand'
Lord Krishna Plays Flute Controlling ‘anant koti brhanmand’

Ashish Garg Shared His Experience of Meeting Lord Krishna

Sharing incident that had happened to me when I did Sri Govardhan Parikarma first time near about Holi. I did parikarma in night and in morning it was too hard to me to take a single step. I felt so severe pain in my legs then even I was not able to move a single step. All of my other friends were in the same condition. Then they decided to leave to delhi without Bihari Ji darshan but I was having a deep wish to visit Bihari ji at vrindawan and offer gulal to him at holi occasion.

I tried to persuade my friends but failed. But somehow I collected my courage and decided to move vrindawan alone. My friends dropped me at vrindawan marg. Then somehow with watery eyes and severe pain, I managed to go to the Bihari ji’s temple. Huge crowd was there fortunately I was able to see Bihari ji from the varanda near entry gate. But I was having a wish to play holi with Bihari ji by approaching to his jagmohan but my physical condition was not allowing me to do the same.
Feeling dejected then I said to Bihari ji ‘ki meh itne dard meh ho kar bhi tum se milne itne dur aa sakta hu to ab agar ho sake to tum mere pass yaha aa jao mujhe se holi khalne ke liye’ and what had happened a middle aged thin person having unique personality came to the varanda in full yellow clothes, with yellow hanky tied on his head with a long black beard and holding a small matki in his hand filled with yellow gulal. He asked me to come to him then I went there he put some color on my face and I did the same and touched his feet and then he sang a rasiya and start dancing and I accompanied him as it was my heart wish to join the holi crowd and perform dance with them. After that I moved out from the temple as I moved out from the door a thought came in my mind I must check who was that person, as I turned back from the door to meet him again he disappeared from there. I was not able to found him all over the temple. In that way, Bihari ji full filled my wish.

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dhanye dhanye bihari ji, dhanye dhanye sri radhe shyam!
dhanye dhanye brajvasi sare, dhanye dhanye vrindawan dham!!
jai sri krishna

There are numerous incidents happening daily with visitors of Vrindavan, some keep it to their heart others disclose it. This is true bhakti is still young in Vrindavan and Lord Krishna is seen several times playing flute, dancing around trees, caressing cows in Vrindavan even today.

You can read more such real life incidents in the posts given below under ‘Surprise me more’ section.

Jai Shree Krishn

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