अश्वत्थामा जीवित हैं ज़िंदा हैं

Ashwathama Alive, Aswathama Exists, Ashwatthama Seen – Historical Events of People

Ashwathama was the son of guru Dronacharya. Dronacharya did many years dhyan and penance of Bhagwan Shiv Shankar in order ...
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Vaimanika Shastra Vimana Ancient Aircraft Science Aeronautical Engineering वैमानिक शास्त्र - महर्षि भरद्वाज

Vaimanika Shastra: World’s First Aeronautical Engineering Guide By an Indian Sage

The Vaimanika Shastra was reproduced in early 20th century, it was compiled using old Hindu texts. The manual is in  ...
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Hindus Boycott anti dharmic islamic bollywood Hindi cinema that make OMG PK movies

Why Hindus Tolerate Anti-Hindu Bollywood Hindi Cinema Industry?

Can any Bollywood Director or Actor Dare to Make Movie that Shows Evil face of Islam When Islamic Terrorism is ...
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Raas Leela Truth Rasa Lila Facts

What is Raas Lila – Myths, Farce Theories Busted

In modern times, Rasa lila has become a popular theme in Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Manipuri and Kuchipudi items. Ras lila is ...
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Prove Krishna Existed?

Arguments for the existence of God come in many different forms; some draw on history, some on science, some on ...
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how to please krishna bhakti meaning

Pleasing Krishna?

What Bhakts Should Practice to expect Krishna's blessings Bhagwad Gita Chapter 12 has conversations between Supreme God of Universe and ...
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yugas explained

Yugas: TretaYug, DwapaYug and KaliYuga Details (True Predictions)

Yug (युग) in Hindu, Sanatan philosophy is the name of an epoch or era within a four age cycle. According ...
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Indian Cow Facts and Information: Benefits of Desi Cow Hindu Science

Cow Facts: Cow Information. Why Cow Sacred in India?

There is no one in this world who never drank milk in his or her life. Some of you stopped ...
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Kali Yuga- Proofs Kaliyuga happened before - destruction due to Kali demon

Kali Yuga: We are in Kaliyuga. Proofs Kaliyuga Happened Before

KaliYuga (कलियुग), Age of Demon Kali, is the last of the four ages the world goes through as part of ...
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Hindus become Narsimha kill haters enemies of Hinduism

Hindus Awake or Such Athiests Will Keep Ridiculing You

This SOB is famous for giving anti-hindu and anti-india speeches. Never wanted to upload any post Video of this son ...
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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana): Vedic Science of Creation, Universe, Space and Cosmology

Vedic Hindu Science: Universe, Sun, Moon, Their Cosmic Arrangement

According to the scriptural description of the brahmand the entire earth planet is called Bharatvarsh, but particularly the area of ...
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नागा साधुओं के प्रमुख अखाड़े - List of Naga Sadhus Akhada

नागा साधुओं के प्रमुख अखाड़े – Major Akhadas of Naga Sadhus

सनातन हिंदू धर्म प्रकृति के साथ मानवीय संबंधों को संज्ञान में लेते हुए शांतिपूर्ण जीवन की शिक्षा देता है। इसका ...
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world's oldest festival and tradition in India is diwali (deepawali)

World’s Ancient Unique Festival & Tradition Celebrated in India

Diwali is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. The festival is ...
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Modern Inventions stolen from Vedas, Hindu Science of Ancient Indians (Bharat)

Modern Inventions Stolen from Vedas

The so called inventions and advancements that we all are witnessing is shrinking the world and decimating resources of Mother ...
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Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot – Waterfall Source Unknown

Atheists call it miracle, Bhakts call it Blessing of Bhagwan Ram This is about 4 Km. to the east of ...
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Vedas on science of baby conception embryo fetus

Vedic Hindu Science: Development of Embryo to Fetus to Baby

Jivatma is the individual and Atma, Paramatma are Universal. Paramatma is the Supreme being, omnipresent and omnipotent: Bhagwan, Sacchidanand, Supreme ...
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big bang theory is wrong Vedas cyclic universe theory is right

Wrong Big Bang Theory: Vedic Evidence Prove Cyclic Universe

As per so called modern scientists, the Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the early development of ...
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Vedas Soul, Bhagwan Krishna said: Soul is eternal, every human being is eternal

Vedic Soul: Vedas “We are Eternal as God, Never Die”

Hinduism does not believe in glorifying body by accepting material things. It teaches about the divinity, soul and wisdom of ...
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Why Hindus Build Temples

Vedic Solved Mysteries: Why Hindu Build Temples of Energy

The religious texts of the Vedic Period provide evidence for the use of large numbers. By the time of the ...
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Hindu history and science - world owes to the Hindus

REVEALED! How Non-Hindus Population Increased in India

Hindus are most peace-loving community. Hindu nation Bharat greeted all - Christian, Muslim, Parsi, Arab, French or Chinese. Hindus never ...
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Hanuman Chalisa in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati Nepali

Hanuman Chalisa to Kill Evil Spirits, Negative Energies in Hindi/Marathi/Tamil/Bengali/Punjabi/Telugu/Kannada/Gujarati/Nepali

It is widely known to us that positive people are drawn to positive energy; negative people are drawn to negative ...
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mamata banerjee of muslim religion islamizing west bengal

Mamta Banerjee, a Radical Muslim is Anti-Hindu, Anti-National!

How the Jihadis mercilessly vandalized Hindus of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and wiped out Hinduism from some parts of India ...
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Akhand Jyoti Significance and Akhand Jyot Benefits With Importance

Akhand Jyoti Significance, Akhand Jyot Benefits Importance in Festivals

Navaratri - The sacred nine-day period of worship of the Mother Divine Worship of The Divine as Mother is a ...
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Subtle Body Vedic Science for Sukshma Karan Sthula Sharira

Vedic Subtle Body: Sukshma Sharira, Sthula Sharira, Karana Sharira

Modern science do not have complete knowledge on types of body a person gets or enters into, when he or ...
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Hindus Hinduism Under Threat - Christian Missionary and Islamic Jihad

Hindus and Hinduism Under Threat: Hindus Rise or Perish

In modern times, Hindus in the Muslim-majority countries and even in regions across India - Kashmir, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal ...
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Shukracharya Banned Drinking Wine For Islam, Muslim Slaves of Kauravas

Why Islam Banished Drinking Alcohol Under Shukracharya

Devtas (Gods) and Rakshasas (Demons) were fighting for supremacy over the three Lokas - Heaven (Aakash), Earth (Prithvi) and the ...
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Kaaba Temple Roots to Mahabharat Kauravas Kuru Dynasty Kurayshis

Kaaba Temple and Roots to Mahabharat Kauravas (Kuru Dynasty, Kurayshis)

The Kauravas were the 100 sons of the King of Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra, and his wife Gandhari was from Gandhar (or ...
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How Kuru Dynasty Kauravas Restored Their Lost Pride Through Islam

Kaaba Temple: How Kuru Dynasty Kauravas Restored Their Lost Pride Through Islam

Demise of Kuru Dynasty in Bharat (India) was predicted by none other than one of the Kauravas himself, Vikarna, he ...
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Shukracharya Day Shukrawar Friday Auspicious Islam

Kaaba Piracy: Shukracharya Day or Shukrawar (Friday) Auspicious for Islam

Muslims are slaves of Kuru dynasty, Kauravas, who originally founded islam and control entire ecosystem for muslims. If you ask ...
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Kaaba Temple Should Be Reclaimed for Humanity

Kaaba Temple Would Be Reclaimed for Humanity

Shukracharya is not ardent devotee of any Bhagwan. He only does penance as and when he needs boon from Bhagwan ...
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Shukracharya Father of Allah Kuru Dynasty Islam

Shukracharya, Real Father of Allah and Islam

Shukra created anti-Gods like allah. To justify existence and farcical power of anti-Gods, he needed several shadow demons, he created ...
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Being Love Jihad victim is S*x Slavery for Hindu Women

You DO NOT want to lead S*x Slavery Life then Do Not Involve with any Muslim Men

Or Else Get Ready to Face This Ordeal filled with atrocities, r@pe and s*x slavery with you and your female ...
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Hindus do not trust muslims, they are taught to hate and kill Hindus in quran

Why Hindus Should Never Trust Muslims?

Koran clearly order muslims, mlecchas: Non-muslims, Hindus (Idol worshippers) are enemies. Enemies are not made friends or neighbors. They are ...
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islam is terrorism इस्लाम अधर्म दरिंदो

फर्ज़ी क़ुरआन: अधर्म इस्लाम आतंक की जड़ है – बलात्कार, लूट, दंगा ही कुरान की शिक्षा

क़ुरान में साफ़ लिखा है, गैर मुसलमानो की हत्या जायज़ है, यही कारण है कि कोई भी मुसलमान किसी भी ...
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Jijamata (jijabai) gave vision of Hindu Rashtra to Shivaji Maharaj

Veermata Jijabai (Jijau) of Shivaji: Inspiration for Hindus / Girls

Hindu girls should be taught about our historical Hindu mothers and women who shaped the existence of Hindu Kingdom and ...
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अखंड हिन्दू राष्ट्र का इतिहास: आओ अखंड भारत का संकल्प ले (Akhand Bharat)

भारत माँ को अखंड बनाये इन्द्रेश कुमार के अनुसार सम्भवत: ही कोई पुस्तक (ग्रन्थ) होगी जिसमें यह वर्णन मिलता हो ...
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Hindus Celebrate Wrong Dated Birthday

Fact: Hindus, You Celebrate Wrong Dated Birthdays!

Hindus blindly follow western traditions of celebrating festivals and their birthdays. It happened due to lack of confidence in their ...
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background of babri masjid history - truth, facts revealed

Dirty Truth of Babri Structure – Symbol of Babur’s Male Lover

Muslim rulers were barbaric and they never showed love or affection towards public, women or slaves openly as they were ...
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Vedic rules of life - Hindu and Hinduism way of living in Sanatan Dharma

Vedic Rules of Life: Major Laws of Hinduism to Lead Peaceful Life

Vedic Hindu traditions should be practiced towards those who genuinely respect Vedic values. Vedic humanistic values are shown towards humans ...
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gangster cult islam is evil spreads terrorism thro ummah and darul islam concepts

Gangster Cult Islam is Evil: Curse on Humanity, Terrorism Giver

Muslims should self-introspect on evils of Islam. THE 10 MOST DIABOLICAL EVIL TEACHINGS IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY Following are the ...
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Shivaji attack shaista khan, a lesson for Hindus

Great Lesson for Hindus: Shivaji Attacking Shaista Khan

Shivaji's Night Attack on Shaista Khan at Pune to Decimate Mughal Terrorism (5th April 1663) After his accession to the throne ...
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Bermuda Triangle mystery solved in Ramayan, when Hanuman inserted Ravana's gem in ocean

REVEALED! Bermuda Triangle SECRET, Hanuman Created Bermuda Triangle

Remember the old saying shown to the world in Shiv Puran; Energy need to be transferred to other form. It ...
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चाणक्य के सन्देश विचार Chanakya Quotes Thoughts in Hindi

चाणक्य मौर्य शासन के संस्थापक थे, वे चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य के महामंत्री भी थे। वे 'कौटिल्य' नाम से विख्यात हैं। वे ...
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Geeta Updesh in Hindi गीता उपदेश हिंदी

Geeta Updesh in Hindi – गीता उपदेश

3067 BC is when the Mahabharata war took place, and it is during this time when Bhagwan Krishn blessed Arjun ...
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darwin's theory of evolution is fake with wrong conceptions and lies

Darwin Theory of Evolution is Wrong: Hoax Busted, Evidences of False Evolution Theory

Shame on top universities like Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard who are imparting wrong theories of evolution to their students. They ...
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never trust muslims islam mohammedan

Why Hindus and Non-Muslims Cannot Trust Muslims & Islam

When we can raise voice of traitor muslims in the name of protecting shallow secularism of India for 700 Muslims killed ...
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Brahmacharya Rules Benefits ब्रह्मचर्य की शक्ति ज्ञान

Brahmacharya Rules: Benefits of Vedic Brahmacharya Methods on Celibacy

Brahmacharya (Devanagari: ब्रह्मचर्य behavior that leads to Brahman) is one of the four stages of life in an age-based social ...
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Great Learnings of Rigveda on Leadership Skills

Rigveda: How to Become Leader with Rigveda Quotes ऋग्वेद

According to Hindu tradition, the Rigvedic (ऋग्वेद) hymns were collected by Paila under the guidance of Vyās Rishi, who compiled the ...
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Geeta Updesh | कर्मयोग | गीता उपदेश

Geeta Updesh Karmyog | गीता उपदेश कर्म योग

Karma yoga is the process of achieving perfection in action. Karma yoga is derived from the spiritual life. Karma yoga ...
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Why Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi

Nathuram Godse Ji – A Patriot, Son of Bharat Mata ?

[This post is a humble attempt to let Indians know truth - other side of the coin why Nathuram Ji ...
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Akhand Bharat Hindu Rashtra अखंड भारत हिन्दू राष्ट्र

How Bharat Will Become Hindu Rashtra

Hindu Rashtra is true identity of Bharat. The manifestation of the expressions of social arrangement and spirituality based on Vedic ...
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terrorist aurangzeb was cruel babarian muslim invader, killed millions of Hindus

Cruel, Brutal Terrorist Aurangzeb Killed 4.6 Million Hindus

Aurangzeb was a religious bigot, very cunning, cruel and wicked towards Hindus; true to the teachings of koran. He reversed ...
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ॐ नमः शिवाय Bhagwan Shiv Blesses when we recite Om Namah Shivay

What is Shiv Lingam. Why Milk Poured on Shiv Ling?

ॐ नमः शिवाय means "I bow to Shiva." Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the consciousness ...
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Questions exposed Islam showing Allah is fake and terrorist muhammad was lunatic

QUESTION: Is Allah Fake, Muhammad Lunatic, Quran Fiction?

Islam is root cause of terrorism. "They start accumulating in countries and then start terrorizing it with gangs of rapists, ...
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Ghar Wapsi, Revert to Hinduism Needed to Save Indian Hindu

Hindus are natives of India. Already India (Bharat) is infested by outsiders almost 25% of the Indian population include non-natives ...
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swami vivekanand life incidents history स्वामी विवेकानंद इतिहास कहानी

Swami Vivekanand Ji’s Life Events That Inspire Us All Everytime

Swami Vivekanand Ji was born on 12 January 1863 and took samadhi on 4 July 1902, His original name was Narendra ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 1

This is global phenomenon, and destroyed lives of millions of natives across the world, it has turned out to be ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 2

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 2

Identifiers of Slavery to Political Party 1. Avoid direct questions The individual avoids direct and uncomfortable questions about their political ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 3

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 3

Freemasons Replica Model: History Repeated Secret Societies Control World By Imitating Past The function of secret society is complex and ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 4

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 4

Political Parties or Politicians Are Not Great! Stop Self-Bluff By Not Deeming Them as Irreplaceable Leaders Politicians come from us ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 5

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 5

By Design Political Parties Are Swindlers Framework of democracy nurtures mediocrity. Not a single communist, socialist and democratic nation actually ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 6

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 6

Never Trust Any Politician Leaders are groomed, well trained and then planted in the political system. Shadow Elites have 25-years, ...
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Secret Societies Global Elites Control India Bharat Part 7

Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 7

Satanic/Demonic Rituals May Be Practiced by Public Figures (In Brief) There are multiple methods however most of the common procedures ...
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Islam is not religion it is anti-human gangster cult

How Muslims Hate Hindus, Christians, Sikhs & Other Non-Muslims

Islam is evil because it openly advocates, in the name of anti-god allah, permission to murder, slavery, rape, and betrayal ...
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Bigger ogoh-ogoh for Nyepi (Gudi Padwa or Ugadi)

How Indian Gudi Padwa Is Celebrated As Nyepi In Indonesia

Nyepi is a Balinese beginning of a new year that is commemorated every Isakawarsa according to the Balinese calendar. It ...
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krishna janmasthan temple complex janmabhoomi birth place jail mathura history facts

ॐ Truth n Facts of Krishna Janmabhoomi Janmasthan Temple

Bhagwan Krishna (भगवान कृष्ण) is the supreme deity of all demigods of all old, recent religions. Bhagwan Krishna is the ...
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Cow Facts Ban Slaughter gau mata rakshak - join Cow Protection Movement

Why Ban on Cow Slaughter is More Scientific Than Religious

There are numerous reports running around Indian media that banning cow slaughter is denying beef eaters their freedom to eat ...
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Ghost attains moksha so can everyone get moksha - freedom from birth death cycle

Moksha for Humans/Ghosts: Salvation in Srimad Bhagavatam

On the bank of river Tungabhadra, in a beautiful town lived Atmadev, a brilliant, scholarly and dharmic (धार्मिक) brahmin. His wife ...
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Hindu secrets world sorrow happiness life death

Worldly Pleasures Cause Distress, Sorrow and Painful Death – Secrets of Being Born Revealed by Narad Muni Ji

For people who are involved in worldly pleasures forgetting inner peace and true conscious level. There are many historical incidents ...
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Shukracharya Pisacha Revealed Quran Muhammad

Shukracharya’s Pisacha Revealed Quran to Muhammad

Under guidance of Shukracharya, Kuru scion Kauravas scrutinized several slaves and servants of their tribes. They were at prominent position ...
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Bhagwan Shiv Moon God Chandradev Hubal Allah

Kaaba Mandir: Bhagwan Shiv Replaced with Moon God Allah for Anti-Vedic Rites

While Mohammed was fighting hard to capture Kaaba. Replacement of Bhagwan Shiv was done with Hubal, a lunar deity, another ...
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ॐ (ओ३म्) Powerful Mantra is in You & Everywhere in Universe

The beginner of the Universe is the word ॐ (Om). All the shlokas and mantras of Sanatan dharm (Hinduism) starts ...
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What is Bhagwa भगवा meaning

The Significance of Bhagwa (Saffron) and Its Origin – Time Has Come for The World People to Get Saffronized Completely

Sanatan Dharmis practice rituals which are scientific and in sync with the nature. Hinduism has ancient principles of respecting symbols, ...
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how to become naga sadhu by knowing secrets of naga sadhu power

Naga Sadhus: REVEALED! Mysteries of Naga Baba Vedic Traditions

Hindu dharma advocates peaceful life taking into cognizance human relation with nature. The cycle of birth and death  is only ...
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boycott bollywood hindi movie mohalla assi.

Shocking! Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie Mohalla Assi for Denigrating Bhagwan Shiv and Mocking Culture of Bharat

Since inception of several film making companies in India, partially funded by Dawood and underworld goons, Bollywood is continuously producing ...
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Sunderkand सुंदरकाण्ड Hindi हिंदी

सम्पूर्ण सुंदरकाण्ड अध्याय Sunderkand Complete Chapter Hindiहिंदी

How Sunderkand paath should be done: Sunderkand can be done any time, any day with or without music. However following ...
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science of idol worship in sanatan hindu dharma

The Hindu Science of Idol Worship Is The Greatest Discovery of Mankind

You are in a very difficult situation. You do not have anyone or cannot trust close friends, well-wisher, ally or ...
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Rudraksha Information: Rules, Benefits and Original Testing Methods

Rudraksha Benefits, Rules, Original Testing: Mala Bracelets Ornament Benefits

Rudraksha originated from the divine Sanskrit words. Rudra is a combination of rudra+aksha, symbolizing Rudra and Aksha, or the teardrops ...
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ॐ Bhagwan Krishna Visit Nidhivan for Raas Leela Everyday

We are very fortunate to be born as Hindus. Because it is us who are mercifully given the rare opportunity ...
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Pranam, Namaste or Namaskar Science and Benefits

Namaskar/Namaste: Science & Benefits of Vedic Hindu Greet

Namaskar is more than a traditional greeting of respect, made by bringing the palms together before the face or chest ...
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Suriratna of Ayodhya and Queen Huh (Heo) of Kimhae

Korean Royals are Lineage of Ayodhya Hindu Ancestry. Ram Janmabhoomi Residents of Suriratna.

Hindus were spread across the globe and ruled several places directly or through their heirs. The movement from one place ...
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Remove mughal legacy: Rename cities places to old Vedic Hindu cultural names

Rename Cities of India to Regain Lost Glory of Hindu Ethos

The present names of at least 1200 two-tier and three-tier cities and towns in India symbolize the cruel tyranny and ...
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Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech and his best oratory skills

Swami Vivekananda 1893 Chicago Speech: Most Inspiring Talk

Swami Vivekananda (12 January 1863 – 4 July 1902), born as Narendra Nath Datta was an Indian Sage and chief disciple ...
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Swami Vivekananda

Hindu Preacher Swami Vivekanand Shaped the World Culture and Ethos

When the entire world was encapsulated with physical pleasures and materialistic race of leading a luxurious life, they needed someone ...
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Yudhishthira Yaksha Conversation Mahabharata

Yaksha Prashna: Yudhishthira Yaksha Samvad, Life Questions

Yaksha tested Yudhishthira while making his brothers lifeless. Vaisampayana about Mahabharat said, ‘Yudhishthira saw his brothers, each possessed of the glory of ...
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chanakya quotes thoughts collection चाणक्य विचार संग्रह

Collection: Inspiring Chanakya Quotes Hindi. Change Your Life.

Chanakya was one of the greatest life observers, knowledgeable teacher, philosopher, economist, administrator, jurist and advisor. Traditionally in Bharat, he ...
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Swami vivekananda quotes स्वामी विवेकानंद विचार

Swami Vivekananda Quotes स्वामी विवेकानंद सुविचार [Hindi]

Swami Vivekanand was born Narendra Nath Datta to Vishwanath Datta and Bhuvaneshwari Devi, in Kolkata on 12th January, 1863. He ...
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Requirements explained: How to do Samadhi and Prepare for Moksha

How to Prepare for Moksha:Non-existence Self Samadhi Stage

Samadhi is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. The process is not easy and require dis-association from the ...
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Amazing Geographical Knowledge Map of Ancient Vedic Hindus

AMAZING! Geography, Map Known to Ancient Vedic Hindus

There was no satellite circling the earth to monitor the places but it is beautifully described with correct routes in ...
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Prahlad Jani did not eat food water for 75 years

Yoga Power Made Yogi Live without Food/Water for 75 Years!

How many of you can sustain Nirjal Vrat (no water fast) for a single day. It is very hard to remain ...
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Sanskrit Facts: Amazing and Mind Blowing Information about Ancient Language

Mind Blowing Amazing Facts on Sanskrit, Interesting Article on Sanskrit

UNO confirmed that Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages. About 97% of world languages have been directly or indirectly influenced ...
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Vedic Mantras Yoga Exercises Anger Management Therapy

Control Your Anger: Anger Management with Vedic Mantras

There is no modern medicine or potion available in the world that can help you in controlling anger. There is ...
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Vedic Theory on Mind, Human Consciousness, Thoughts of Brain

Vedic Vedanta Consciousness, Brain Waves, Nature, Thoughts of Human

The most scientific truth taught to the world by Hindu texts, Vedas are the sacred sounds and Vibrations that control ...
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Destruction and Sinking of Dwarka, Death of Yadav Clan Lessons for Hindus

World’s Oldest City Dwarka, Yadav Clan Destruction & Lessons

Bhagwan Krishna when settled in Dwarka, prospered it and made it known as the city of gold. The kingdom established by Krishna ...
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Duty of a fighter in Hindu Lion

ॐ Responsibilities of Each Hindu: Time to Unify Our Greatness

You are a Hindu, a divine existence who emerged from the Supreme Soul (Bhagwan Krishna himself) who never dies, soul is eternal ...
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Ramayana Facts Scientific Proofs Ramayan Amazing Truth

Ramayana Facts, Ramayan’s Amazing Truths, Scientific Proofs of History (Tretayug)

The Ramayan is the greatest text, the living teacher which enlightens the people nuances of leading life as a civilized human ...
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krishna janmashtami puja vidhi

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi: Bal Krishna, Gokulashtami 2022

Hindus, who observe fast on Janmashtami, should have only single meal a day before Janmashtami. On fasting day, devotees take ...
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Sleep paralysis nightmare demon attacks evil spirits protection cure treatment

Sleep Paralysis: Demon/Ghost Attacks. Vedic Mantras Treating Evil Spirit Attacks

Hindu Sages and people with strong aura do not encounter with evil spirits during their sleep. But at least few ...
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Vedic Sounds and Hindu Chants Music Notes with Intonations Information

Vedic Sound: Music of Vedas, Hindu Chants Notes Information

Veda represents the integrating quality of consciousness. It has predominantly series of thoughts that is practiced by Rishis of Bharat ...
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Punishments of Garuda Purana for sinners in hell, for crimes, sins in earth

Punishments of Sins in Garud Puran: Garuda Purana Says “Follow Rightful Vedic Path or Else Face The Wrath in Hell”

The universal formation is made to maintain balance of the world. The set of other planets are illusions for us, ...
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Other Section: Wisdom Past Hindu facts