Hey Hindu Brothers and Sisters,

If you are done with your NAPUNSAKTA then come out of this SECULARISM and TOLERANCE syndrome or DIE like our elder brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji.

This is not FIRST and will not be LAST murder of a Hindu brother, if you DO NOT BREAK the BANGLES of LETHARGY, CHALTA HAI, TOLERANCE..if you are a TRUE HINDU then BEHAVE like one, or else you are WORST than SHIKHANDI who killed Bhism Pitamah.

HariBhakt Offers ₹ 10 Lakh to Whoever Avenges Jihadi Murder of Our Brother Kamlesh Tiwari Ji.

Our elder brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji was killed by muslim jihadis and terrorists in broad daylight under both NAPUNSAK sarkars of BJP (central and UP state govts).

Modi and Yogi… you both failed us, we did every sacrifice to BRING you to power and we are seeing ISLAMIZED BHARAT under you SICKULARISTS.

We cannot expect ANYTHING from Modi who day/night chant and edify mass murderer GANDHI. Gandhi is an ideology to make EUNUCHS out of HINDUS. It seems Modi is interested in making more EUNUCHS out of Hindus. Modi never rose to become a true Hindu but we all can. It took him 6 years to abolish article 370 and in last 6 years, no single HINDUTVA agenda was entertained by Modi instead he repeatedly said leftist lie that ISLAMIC TERRORISM has no connection to ISLAM. And shamelessly called our Gaurakshaks as gundas.

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There is no LAW or DEATH for Pigborn Akbaruddin Owaisi who abused Hindus, our Bhagwan Ram, Kausahlya Mata, Seeta Mata and our traditions but in retaliation to Azam Khan calling all RSS/BJP leaders as GAYS and HIJDAS when Kamlesh ji indirectly said that why you pray gay (mohammed) prophet he was jailed for 9 months and fined.

And what about Teesta Setalvad calling our Kali Maa .. Terrorist, Witch with dirty slangs.

What about Prannoy Roys, Barkha Dutts and leftist MOCKING our Hinduism day in …day out?

What happened to pigborn Akbaruddin Owaisi?

NOTHING…. because we Hindus SLEPT …after pouring anger in BRAINWASHING TOOLS – news comments, twitter, facebook and social media sites…come out of TWEETING and RETALIATE IN REAL WORLD. KILL THE CULPRITS.

We cannot DEPEND on any GOVT or Judiciary for survival of Hindus. We have to ACT ON OUR OWN.

Govt failed us, Judiciary failed us. But Hindu SANATAN DHARM is ALIVE and always PROTECTED US. Today our DHARM needs each one of us, Hindu brothers and sisters.

Yes, Protect Dharm to protect your parents and children or else an Islamic India means DEATH to all HINDUS. Threat to Hinduism is from many MLECCHAS. It is time we all BECOME UNITED and AGGRESSIVE.

Be offensive or Perish.

HariBhakt.com prays to Bhagwan Krishn to give rebirth to Kamlesh Tiwari ji so that he can fulfill his HINDU RASHTRA dream in his next birth.

Hamare Bade Bhai Kamlesh Tiwari ji aapko koti koti Naman hai, Aapne Hindu Sanatan Dharm ke liye apna Sarvasava Nyuchawar kar diya.

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Kamlesh Tiwari ji ka balidaan ka pratishodh lijiye

Boycott Jihadi Muslims from your life.

  • Never buy from muslim shops

  • Never hire muslim cabs, taxis and rickshaws

  • Never employ muslims as your employees

  • Never invite them for any social gathering.

Boycott the b.astards and killers of Hindu dharma.

Last Message of Hindu Brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji

Kuch Lajja Bachi Ho Hinduo toh Jaag Jaao aur Bacha Lo Hamari Bharat Mata aur Hindu Sanskriti ko

kamlesh tiwari ji

Hindus become Narsimha and Kill Adharmis, Mlecchas

narsimha killing adharmi mleccha

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  • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

    Haribolji Thank you for exposing the true colours of BJP in Pasmanda Muslims article. UP , Bihar have more muslim population density than other states of India. BJP won in UP once again due to Pasmanda Muslims vote bank only. Today, Indian Muslims are more dangerous than Pakistani Muslims. Pakistan has negligible percent of Kafirs. India has more percent of Kafirs and Musims became more dangerous in India. BJP and Congress both are doing dirty politics regarding Muslim vote bank. Karnataka is the best example. Here BJP is ruling but BJP workers are killed by Muslims. In Karnataka both BJP and Congress Hindu leaders are jokers who are fooling Hindus with their cunning tactics. Raichur, Bidar, Kalaburgi, Bijapur, Yadagiri, Uttara Kannada, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district Hindus are getting bullied by Muslims. BJP is helpless in protecting Hindus. I REQUEST ALL THE KANNADA HINDUS TO NEVER SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL PARTY. MAKE CHATRAPATHI SHIVAJIS IN EVERY PART OF KARNATAKA TO MAKE KARNATAKA ISLAMIC FREE WITH OUT DEPENDING ON THE BLOODY GOVERNMENT. BOTH BJP AND CONGRESS NEVER CONCENTRATE ON UPLIFTMENT OF KANNADA HINDUS. KANNADA HINDUS SHOULD STOP DEPENDING ON GOVERNMENT AND WORK TO PROTECT HINDUS, HAMPI LORD HANUMAN IS WITH US.

  • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

    Offence is the best solution to protect dharma in Kaliyugam. Offence should be created not only on Terrorist Muslims but also on secular Hindus who support these Muslims. Haribolji, you are the real protector of Sanathana dharmam.
    Jai Sree Krishna

  • But you plz tell me Do you know what is the population of hindus in India in 2011