How Gopal Saw Bhagwan Krishna

There are very few people in this world and especially Bharatwasis who got darshan of Bhagwan Krishna personally. We have listed historical incidents of all such people in series of such posts. This is also one of the living proof that Krishna is supreme God of this endless and eternal universe and everything beyond or within it.

Gopal Saw Bhagwan Krishna Himself

They met Lord Krishna Personally

Mira Bai wrote some great bhajans remembering his eternal husband Lord Krishna

Mira Bhajan Translated Below

O my companion, saheli (female friend)!

  1. I am married to The Eternal Husband (Krishna). I am now married to The Indivisible Husband.
  2. After having gone through eighty four lakhs (8.4 million) birth and death cycles, I have suffered a great deal in this ocean of samsar (worldly life).
  3. The Worldly Life and the samsari relatives are all terribly deceptive and seeing and repeatedly experiencing this I am shivering (shocked).
  4. The entire family and those associated with them (relatives and friends) are all selfish and now (after marrying the Lord) I am relieved (free) from this deceptive world.
  5. After taking this birth, I have suffered immeasurably having lived a married worldly life and establishing a household.
  6. But now I am very joyous (happy) in the company of saints and feel at peace having established in a single goal (to stay married with the Lord and unmarried with the worldly) in this life without doubts or confusion.
  7. I have overcome the worldly thirst (for lust and greed) due to infinite grace of Truth, Shri Krishna and the Sadguru within.
  8. Gopi Mira’s Lord is Giridhar (who raised the mountain to save his devotees in Vrindavan). He is the true civilized, dependable, pure, selfless friend and husband.  I now surrender at the feet of saints.

One never knows when suddenly a turning point comes in the life of a person. There are many instances of athiests who believe in non existence of god. But some incident happens in their life and they start believing that there is master of all gods, Lord Krishna. One such historic tale is revealed in the conversation among his devotees and Baba.

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A group of devotees were going to the vrindavan marg with their guru whom they use to call Baba. While walking barefooted some devotees were taking out their thorn while some were nursing their wounds which they had got due to the stones that were scattered on the road. Baba went on walking without a slight whimper. They stopped under a shady tree to take some rest and sat down on the cool sand beneath it. After a short while Baba stood up and said let’s go but some of the devotees were still not willing to go as they were feeling very tierd. Baba had no choice so agreed to their request. One of the devotee asked baba,aren’t you having pain on your feet baba? Baba nodded and said, yes I do, but I don’t have time for nursing them. The pains are hidden due to Bihariji’s kripa. The devotees saw that his feet were bleeding and his heel and toes were badly injured due to hitting on the stones. The devotees were admiring baba’s patience and felt ashamed the way they were behaving with their sore feet.

Then one of them asked Baba were you always so modest as you are now? Baba straightened up and said, no my dear no, I was a great athiest and use to make fun of bhakts. It was due to my sadaguruji Lalitdasji that I became a swan from a crow. He handed me over to Bihariji and since then he is my saviour, master, mother, father and everything. My guru gave up in reforming me because I was useless case. He told Bihariji, now it is your wish to set him right or not. Since my guru had abandoned me, I had no place to stay. It was a cold shivering winter night of December.

I went to Bihariji’s temple for the rajbhog aarti and as I stood in front of him, I saw two drops of compassionate love fall from Bihariji’s eyes and then I saw those drops falling on Bihariji’s cheek. I could then see Bihariji’s lips moving as though saying something to me and he had a lovely smile on his whole face. I was an idiot and thought that I was imagining it and came out of the temple.

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I was going to my place which I had found to spend the cold wintery night, when I heard someone calling my name , Gopal! … Gopal! I looked back and saw a person wearing tattered and torn clothes who was lying on the floor behind the temple shivering due to the icy wind of the evening. Without thinking anything else I gave him my little shawl that I had tucked on my self tightly to get some relief from the cold. I too was like a beggar and slept on the open red stoned floor of Bihariji’s temple and tried to go off to sleep.

No Human Can Escape Divine Charm of Lord Krishna

When I woke up it was night and I was shrinking my body due to the cold wave of winter. I was very hungry and felt like a starved urchin but had no place to go since guruji had given me away to Bihariji. At that moment a gosain ji who knew my guruji saw me in this condition. He offered me to go his place but I declined the offer saying that I will now onwards stay only at the lotus feet of Bihariji as per my guruji’s wish and instructions. He served me nice hot meal and again offered me to stay at his place but I refused and came back to the temple for shyaan aarti. After that I came back to my chosen place among the beggars and came and sat on the stairs outside Biariji’s temple. Due to the icy cold wave I could hardly sleep so I thought I should chant Bihariji’s name again and again. That worked like magic and I found it very blissful. I don’t know when I fell off to sleep, but I could feel the touch of soft hands and felt very cosy. Someone had put a blanket on my body. In the morning I was awakened by the bells and chanting of padas of swami sriharidasji and saw the blanket which had given me such warmth. I took it off and was wondering who gave me this lovely blanket when a bhandari came and tells me, how did you manage to steal Bihariji’s blanket? I was stunned at the thought that the soft hands that had touched me were Bihariji’s. How great of him to accept me as his bhakt. That was the turning point of my life. Since then I am living under the shelter of Bihariji only.

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No one can escape the merciful embracement of Lord Krishna. Radhe Radhe.

Source: Historic Tale

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