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Bhagwan Shiv is Devotee of Shree Krishna - Shree Krishna and Bhagwan Shiv are not different they are same.

HariBhakt Bhagwan Shiv Saves Universe and Loves All HariBhakts

Bhagwan Shiv respect Bhagwan Vishnu. He loves all HariBhakts. Bhagwan Shiv took rudra avatar of Hanuman to respect Bhagwan Ram (Vishnu). Such immense is love and respect towards Bhagwan Vishnu that Shiv visited Krishna many times in Dwapar Yug to personally get the darshan (दर्शन) of Shree Krishna. Bhagwan Shiv became bhakt to teach one lesson to the people - The key to solving all issues in this materialistic world is only Bhakti of Shree Krishna. Bhagwan Shiv is regarded as the
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