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Save Hindu daughters, protect them from muslim goons

A Hindu Girl Tuktuki Mondal Abducted By Muslims Missing Since Last 3 months

Why no media is giving due importance to the coverage of news pertaining to atrocities on Hindus committed by muslims and going comatose, turning blind eyes on the reportings of islamization and terrorism caused by mullas of India especially in places like west bengal and kerala (which has become epitome of terrorist, love jihad activities against Hindus). Another case of Forceful Love Jihad targeting Minor Hindu Girl Muslim goons first abducted a Hindu girl, Tuktuki Mondal in February and released
spread the truth save our Hindu sisters from muslim men

Love and Rape Jihad: Facts, Truth, Reality and Concrete Proofs – Is Killing Love Jihadi Muslims The Only Solution Since The Problem Is Deep Rooted ?

Why Physical Harming and Aggressive Retaliation Is the Only Option. Hindus are left with no option but openly terminate muslim love jihadis. To counter offense, the best way is to attack with 10 times more the magnitude of that offensiveness. Hit them hard where it hurts most. Let them taste the medication that they deserve since last 800 years of their infiltration in Bharat. There are thousands of incidences occurring daily in India on Love Jihad. Most of the incidences are hardly reported
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