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desi cow gau mata is greatest living being on earth

Why Ban on Cow Slaughter Is More Scientific Than Religious

There are numerous reports running around Indian media that banning cow slaughter is denying beef eaters their freedom to eat. These commies always take different stand from the point of views that originates from Vedas and ancient India wisdom. The same bunch of foolish writers go into comatose and are almost dead to question the terrorist attack on freedom of expression - Charlied Hebdo cartoons. The reason being they do not have courage to ask questions to muslims, they are spineless stupids and
Lord Krishna Cared for Cows

Indian Cows Are Sacred. Why?

There is no one in this world who never drank milk in his or her life. Some of you stopped drinking healthy milk due to bad habit of alcohol or cola addiction. You become habitual to harmful drinks because of the presence of toxic and anti-immune elements in such fluids. And few of you may have been advised to drink haldi milk to stop the bad habit of having such fluids and keep your body healthy and addiction free. The miraculous effect of cow milk is the reason to make you a worry free person.
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