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How You Should Break the Design of God? DO NOT FALL INTO THE BHAGWAN’S TRAP!

Common belief system: We have no control whatsoever on any deed or it's result. WRONG - we have control over deeds and somewhat over results, varying full to negligible control. But we cannot, should never think that we are making things happen. No living being in this world has complete control over deeds or mannerisms. However there's a catch to it, if we follow path of dharma and practice hardwork then no power in mother earth can stop us from becoming successful. Our maansik strength energises
narad muni brahman cobbler faith incident

What is Faith in Bhagwan. Is Learned Man’s Faith Bigger Than an Uneducated Worker?

Brahman ब्राह्मण is one of the categories in Hinduism, part of the Varna* system. A Brahman gains knowledge studying Hindu scriptures under guidance of  a Guru. Brahmin performs duty as a Pandit, Rishi, Acharya and guardian of sacred texts across generations. In current scenario, as per Varna system - pandas, professors, teachers, trainers and coaches are Brahmans (not the one who abuses it as the profession for making money but eradicating illiteracy with selfless spread of knowledge). [*Varna
Bappa Rawal Hindu King haribhakt

ShivBhakti Made A Hindu King Winner of All Battles Against Enemies

Bappa Rawal is known as Maharaja of Mewar. Bappa Rawal was the 8th century brave ruler of the Mewar region in Rajasthan, India. He was a member of the Guhila (Gahlot) clan of Rajputs, and the founder of his dynasty. Historians have identified him as a ruler of the Guhila dynasty, including Kalabhoja, Shiladitya, and Khumana. He did great works for Bharat and its people. He is better known among Hindus as a Vijayi Raja for his bravery against enemies, he never lost any battle against them. During
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