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Evil Teachings in History – Curse to Humanity, A Cult called Islam

Muslims should self-introspect on evils of Islam. Sourced through danielpipes(dot)org from here written by Jake Neuman (Germany) AND posted here as it is. THE 10 MOST DIABOLICAL EVIL TEACHINGS IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY Following are the 10 most evil teachings in history that surprisingly are divine teachings of Islamic God Allah. Obviously, Islam's Allah was not the God, whom the pre-Islamic Arabs used to worship as their God, but was the alter-ego of Muhammad. Every word of the Quran was
महानतम लोगो ने कहा मुस्लिम अधर्म दरिंदो का अधर्म है

इस्लाम अधर्म की दरिंदगी पे महानतम लोगो की राय

Islam is based on hating Hindus, Vedic cultures and diminish human values. Koran preaches open killing of people who do not believe in islam. Blindly following anti-human koranic teachings muslims propogate anti-Hinduism. Anti-Hinduism is a negative perception or religious intolerance against the practice and practitioners of Hinduism. Anti-Hindu sentiments have been expressed by Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia, leading to significant persecution of Hindus in those regions. Since 900
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