Atheists call it miracle, Bhakts call it Blessing of Bhagwan Ram

This is about 4 Km. to the east of Ramghat at the beginning of the Vindhyas. A stream of cool and clear water originating inside the mountain falls on the idol of Hanuman Ji and loses itself in a kund below. It is a popular belief that Hanuman Ji came here to cool down the heat after burning Lanka.

Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot

Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot Witnesses Blessings of Shree Ram

Hanuman dhara chitrakoot

In Chitrakoot’s dense forest, there’s a place known as Hanuman Dhara. Zee news team had to climb nearly 650 steps to reach this place. As per their personal account.

hanuman dhara

“What we saw here was a very old, ancient-looking statue of Hanuman and from its right, water was flowing out of the mountain. However, a pipe has now been attached to this opening in the rocky mountain to control the flowing water.

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It is believed that even after reducing Ravan’s Lanka to ashes, the fire inside an angry Hanuman remained intact. After the war ended, Hanuman requested Ram to help douse the fire inside his body. It is then that Ram shot an arrow and a fountain sprung from the mountain. Since then this place has come to be known as Hanuman Dhara.

This flowing water disappears after falling on Hanuman’s statue from the pipe. This gave birth to many questions inside the minds of our team members. Zee news team tried to find the source of the water but couldn’t find any.

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Also located right above Hanuman Dhara is a small room called Sita Rasoi where we saw a small rolling pin (chakla belan) made on a rock. It is believed Sita used to cook food here.”

hanuman dhara chitrakoot Miracle in Hinduism

Hanuman Dhara History

According to another account of Zee Travels, Hanuman Dhara is an incredible sanctum devoted to Rambhakt Hanuman, in one of the lush slopes of Chitrakoot, around 5 km from Ram Ghat. According to a historical account, Hanuman traveled to this slope with his tail ablaze, in the wake of crushing Lanka.

To cool his outrageous outrage he remained under a flood of cold water streaming out of the stone, which was later named as Hanuman Dhara. Voyagers can see his object of worship under a stream of cool, perfectly clear water here. Travelers climb 360 stages to look for endowments of this incredible warrior.

Hanuman Dhara is the name of the spring which grew from a stone when Lord Ram shot an arrow into it to quiet down an infuriated Hanuman when he resulted in these present circumstances place to quench the discharge that was gotten in his tail after he came back from copying Lanka.

Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot Pictorial Depictions

Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot (Images)

hanuman dhara chitrakoot hill mountain
Hanuman Dhara Pahad (Hill)
Hanuman Dhara Sita Rasoi सीता रसोई
Sita Rasoi सीता रसोई ( Hanuman Dhara हनुमान धारा )
Waterfall in Hanuman Dhara झरना हनुमान धारा
Waterfall in Hanuman Dhara ( झरना हनुमान धारा )
Hanuman idol murti हनुमान धारा में हनुमान प्रतिमा मूर्ति
Hanuman idol murti in Hanuman Dhara Temple हनुमान धारा में हनुमान प्रतिमा (मूर्ति )
Blessings of Bhagwan Ram in Hanuman Dhara हनुमान धारा झरना भगवान राम का आशीर्वाद
Blessings of Bhagwan Ram in Hanuman Dhara हनुमान धारा झरना भगवान राम का आशीर्वाद

Hanuman Dhara Temple, Chitrakoot: How to Reach Temple

A devotee has to climb uphill to reach Hanuman Dhara. Though the path is tiresome for weak, the bordering natural beauty keeps on enthralled throughout the journey. From Hanuman Dhara, one can also catch a glimpse of the legendary town of Chitrakoot.

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The idol of Rambhakt Hanuman in this temple is naturally carved in stone and not made by artists, there is no entry fee levied on the visitors, Hanuman Dhara remains open between 5 am and 12 pm and then from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Hanuman Dhara temple is located at 5 Km From Ram Ghat, Chitrakoot at a place nearby Hanuman dhara Rd, Naya Gaon, Kashavgarh, Kila Bag, Madhya Pradesh 485334. It takes 10 minutes to reach from Chitrakoot via Karwi road to Hanuman Dhara. Distance covered is approx 3 Kms from Chitrakoot.

Hanuman Dhara from Chitrakoot: Distance is approx 3 Kms and Time takes approx 10 minutes to reach temple
Hanuman Dhara from Chitrakoot: Distance is approx 3 Kms and Time takes approx 10 minutes to reach temple, Route Map 0
Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot Route Map
Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot, Route Map 1
Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot Route Map 2
Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot Route Map 2

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