Great Learnings of Rigveda on Leadership Skills

According to Hindu tradition, the Rigvedic (ऋग्वेद) hymns were collected by Paila under the guidance of Vyās Rishi, who compiled the Rigveda Samhita as we know it. According to the Śatapatha Brāhman, the number of syllables in the Rigveda is 432,000, equaling the number of muhurtas (1 day = 30 muhurtas) in forty years. This statement stresses the underlying philosophy of the Vedic books that there is a connection (bandhu) between the astronomical, the physiological, and the spiritual. Thus not only the words and mantras had connection with the nature but even how they were formed had contextuality to the science of cosmos.

The authors of the Brāhmana literature discussed and interpreted the Vedic ritual. Yaska was an early commentator of the Rigveda by discussing the meanings of difficult words. In the 14th century, Sāyana wrote an exhaustive commentary on it.

A number of other commentaries bhāṣyas were written during the medieval period, including the commentaries by Skandasvamin (pre-Sayana, roughly of the Gupta period), Udgitha (pre-Sayana), Venkata-Madhava (pre-Sayana, c. 10th to 12th centuries) and Mudgala Purana (after Sayana, an abbreviated version of Sayana’s commentary).

Since the 19th and 20th centuries, Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji, founder of the Arya Samaj, Sri Aurobindo Ji among others have attempted to re-interpret the Vedas to conform to modern and established moral and spiritual norms. Swami Dayanand Ji considered the Vedas (which he defined to include only the samhitas) to be source of truth, totally free of error and containing the seeds of all valid knowledge.

Here we are presenting simplest of the understandable quotes which will help materialistic men and woman to lead life in this competitive world. You can become leader while following the advice (given in quotes format) of Rigved. The results seen are highly effective and many motivational speakers actually use these quotes as themes of their books. Its better to read the roots than hang on the branches. Presented here are the true source of great knowledge – the root cause of thousands of motivational books.

RigVeda on Leadership Skills

Great Quotes from Rigved That Enhance Man to Become Leader

Rigved on Ego

“ Ego is the biggest enemy of humans.”

“A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble.”

Rigveda teaches to control ego


“ An egotist can never expect anything good. ”

“Fire is born from wood (as two sticks are rubbed together), but then devours its parents.”


“The karma yogi puts efforts and naturally gets the fruits although he does not expect them. ”

“When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution then nothing is impossible. ”

“People who are soft spoken and truthful are loved by all. ”

“Sages discovered this link of the existent to the nonexistent, having searched in the heart with wisdom.”

Rigveda on Time/Time Management

“By getting up early in the morning one also gets more time at his disposal for work as compared to late-risers. Scholar and thinkers get up early in the morning and contemplate. ”

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“There was neither death nor immortality then. There was not distinction of day or night. That alone breathed windless by its own power. Other than that there was not anything else.”

“Knowledge increases his thinking capabilities and helps him in getting new and innovative ideas.After implementing those ideas successfully he earns wealth. ”

Rigved leadership - how to manage time

“The non-existent was not; the existent was not at that time. The atmosphere was not nor the heavens which are beyond. What was concealed? Where? In whose protection? Was it water? An unfathomable abyss?”


“Why shall he perform bad Karma who has been properly nurtured for many a thousand months and years?”

“A person who performs good Karma (deeds) is always held in high esteem. ”

“In real worship,we just not do ritualistic worship but we try to imbibe the qualities of the one we are worshipping.”

“People accept only that person as their leader who is radiant with good knowledge and karma (deeds). ”

“One should, perform karma with nonchalance without expecting the benefits because sooner of later one shall definitely gets the fruits. ”

“The real happiness of life is in doing karma.”

“Human beings perform good karma (deeds) in order to attain success.”

“The person desirous of success and strength should perform good karma continuously.”

Knowledge People

“The person, who treads on the path of truth, refrains from deception, treachery, pretension, and remains untouched by falsehoods is never devoid of eternal joy. ”

Deception and Truth

“In order to achieve good result, a pious-objective is determined first and then followed by good Karma for its accomplishment.”


“The person desirous of success and strength should perform good karma continuously. ”

“The main factor behind success is – self control. ”


“One who makes a resolution and then makes sincere efforts to realize his dreams, nothing stops him from realizing his goal. ”

Rigveda on Resolution/Speech

“One can rectify the mistakes made in the past with the help of fearlessness and patience. ”

“One should be cautious not to speak anything that hurts others. Such kind of speech never helps but always brings destruction. ”

“The person, who takes a resolution and works towards his goal with firm conviction, always gets its fulfilled. ”

“One who talks sweet does not have an enemy and is blessed with plentiful of wealth and good fortune. ”


“Lethargy can prove fatal for life. ”


“When fire burns the enthusiasm is worth seeing. People, who are enthusiastic and happy, lethargy and boredom never plague them. ”


“Only that person is preferred as a leader, who adheres by laws and rules. ”

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RIgveda on Leader/Fear/Wisdom/Strength

“The leaders who do good deeds reside in the hearts of the people. ”

“One should never fear sorrow because it is the stepping stone to happiness, ”

“Water has a unique curative property which is not found in any other liquid. Adequate intake of water drive out the toxins from our body and make the body healthy.”

“Only by doing good can one benefit. Those who detach themselves from bad and yearn for good, dedicate their lives to god and to the service of scholars shall be blessed.”

“Only the person having firm conviction and iron volition can attain strength and energy. At no stage of Karma does he ever hesitate.”

“A good person only is worthy of a high position and can become the king of a nation.”

“Life, death and rebirth are inevitable.”

“Those who are intelligent tread on the path of truth and adhere to all the rules and vows strictly. They are the ones who become successful in this world and become famous. They succeed in achieving everything they desire.”

Rigveda teaches How to Become Leader - Rigved quotes

“Knowledge makes a person famous and is helpful in achieving the desired goal.”

“One should eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to have sound health. Virtuous deeds performed with intelligence shall naturally bring good wealth.”

“It is the inherent characteristic of the flames to move upward and illuminate the nearby area. Those great souls who tread on the path of truth become famous and successful.”

“Everybody is aware of the power of intelligence and hence the person, who uses his intellect properly, shall definitely prosper.”

“Intelligence is the mightiest and nothing is beyond its reach.”


“Only a person having trusted and worthy friend’s lives dwells in happiness on this earth.”

“One should make good people their friends. One, who keeps good friends, benefits and lives in peace.”

“The leader sacrifices his life for the well being of his people.”

“Everybody likes to befriend a soft spoken person. Therefore one should always speak good of others and be soft spoken.”

“You are the friend of all because of your merits. A good person embellished with good thoughts becomes the friend or benefactor of all. Such a person influences others, because of his positive personality traits and attracts them and as a result, he befriends all.”


“The morning inspires scholars to work and also those who desire wealth.”

“The morning is not stationary or static. The freshness of morning gives us energy. The atmosphere is peaceful and it is easy for the mind to concentrate.”

Brahmin (Learned Man)

“A Brahmin (learned man) well versed in the scriptures is undoubtedly superior to an ignorant person.”

“Once you have mastered it (scriptures) then you become capable of controlling the world. ”

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“A scholar cannot sit with an ignorant person and expect to gain by the meeting. ”

“A man becomes a scholar by the help of self-study and proper analysis of whatever he has studied.”

Bharat Mata/Motherland

“One should respect his motherland, his culture and his mother tongue because they are givers of happiness. ”

“If men of knowledge, men of power and men of wealth come together; and there is no difference of opinion among them, then the nation is bound to prosper.”


“The benevolent is always adored and respected. ”

“One should never lie to hide one’s mistake. ”

“One should perform his deeds for the benefit of mankind with an unbiased approach because bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path. ”


“Thought gives rise to desire.”

“When something is thought of, it can then be desired.”

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  • please give the RIG VEDA mantras also showing the leadership quotes…it will help us and also show correctness of the blog…thanks

  • gaurav.punj says:

    ok thanks for the replied.. i’ll try it right now and what about lord dhanvantari’s Mudra list ? gyan mudra vayu mudra, shunya mudra ? i can use them too ?? i have the book of lord dhanwantari

    • gaurav.punj says:

      and kya 5:30 am bje be kar sakta kya? bina bath ke be kar sakta kya ???

      • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        Yes on 5:30 am too.

        You need to bath, you can use warm water to take bath.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

      You can start with the mantras that is suggested. Later you can continue with different mudras.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • gaurav.punj says:

        ok ty but before chant only Single “OM” in 108 times at 5:30 am but 108 times in om mere se counting ni hoti kabhi bhul jate ha ki kitne counting hue om om om ?? after finish om in 108 times
        then after “om namah Shivaya” ?

  • gaurav.punj says:

    mai kam sunta hu or neck se bolna be hiski ha saaf ni bola jata neck se and neck and ear both problem in childhood now i’m 23 years old
    koi upay btaye mere liye rigveda se theek ho ear se sound 100% clear sound sunne peoples se or awaaz be saaf bola jaaye

    • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

      If you cannot chant using mouth then you can chant using mind.

      The Sawan month is auspicious and chanting ॐ नमः शिवाय and praying Bhagwan Shiv can help anyone immensely.

      Wake up early in the morning at 4:30 (Brahma Muhurat) Chant 108 times “Om” ॐ and then Chant ॐ नमः शिवाय for 1 lac 25,000 times in a month. You can chant daily 4000 times ॐ नमः शिवाय mantra. So in a month you can easily cross 1,25,000 times of chanting mantra. It will give rise to your subtle body, physical body helps in connecting with subtle body. Limitations of physical body can be surpassed realizing subtle body.

      You will get cured only if its possible in medical. But you can use your present human form to get closer to Bhagwan.

      Jai Shree Krishn