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Hinduism teaches peace and harmony. Hinduism gave birth to most peaceful Vedic panths of this time – Jainism and Buddhism. Hindus are most loving people, they become aggressive when they are forced to do so. Bharat (India) is a nation that has citizens from almost all religions, sects and cults – the only country in the world to have most diversified people of all faiths from across the globe. It happened because Hindus are most accommodative, friendly and harmonious people however this basic nature of Hindus are often taken for granted and abused by non-Vedic panths and abrahamic cults – mostly by evilest of all – islam and muslims. Hindus have realized that their welcoming nature is not suitable for present age, Kaliyuga, retaliation is the only way forward and ACTION FIRST is the new world principle, REACTION warns enemies and is self-destructive. Aggressive action saved millions of lives and Hinduism.

The ferocious assault was later famously known as Pathagiri among proponents of Gopal Patha’s leadership. For it was Pathagiri itself that saved Bengal. Not non-violence of Charkhasur Gandhi.

Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay Saved Bengal from Becoming Islamic State

Pathagiri: Bengal Tiger Gopal Patha Background and History

If you would have met Gopal Patha ji that time, most likely, you would have called him the last person anyone would fear. He talked softly. Non argumentative. No anguish in his words while talking about enemies of Hindus. No hate speech towards muslim terrorists. He was calm and cool headed person.

Gopal `Patha’ Mukhopadhyay’s or nicknamed by British media in translation as Gopal the Goat, is another jolt to the idea of him being a lion heart person. The most welcoming characteristic of his presence was soft smile while talking to people. Strangers mistook him for a timid person however he was very strong and was able to lift 100 to 120 kilos of meat and weighing tools and drag it to his shop on his own back daily.

Gopal ji had more muslim friends than Hindu peers. Little did he know that his trust would be betrayed by the same people whom he thought to be good neighbours and friends. He never had a grudge against any muslim. On the contrary, he supported them in their festivals and arranged special breed of goats for them in Bakri Eid and other satanic festivals of islam. Circumstances made him the most fearsome character of his time in Bengal. He was so feared by terrorist muslims that they personally asked Duratma Gandhi to humbly request Gopal Mukhopadhyay ji to stop retaliation against muslims, bestowing mercy on them ignoring their sins of killing hundreds of Hindus in order to islamize entire Bengal.

Gopal Patha ji set example on his own, he was at the forefront of retaliation, never hesitated to take bold decisions, irrespective of dominating British officers and local muslim ministers open support to terror islamists of the areas. His leadership acumen and ferocious action made him build his strong army of common Hindus, 800 of them mostly comprising of peasants, workers, farmers and sweepers. Taking cue from Gopal ji, few Hindu priests of local temples arranged secret meetings to hatch a plan and avenge death of Hindus killed by muslims. This was done replicating pattern of Masjids who were epicentres of devising ways to kill Hindus and spread islam.

gopal patha college street meat shop

Gopal Patha is his nick name as his family owned a meat shop at Bow Bazar, College street in central Calcutta (Kolkata). He was a man of simple words and principle – no fakery of sweet talk and adjustment with terrorist muslims. No discussion of forgiving sins of islamists and maulanas. His method was crystal clear, he often said, “We have to save Hindus from death and dishonour and give back these muslims as good as we got from them. If they kill 10 we should kill 100 of them. They shamelessly enjoy killing Hindus, its time we start enjoying their deaths too.”

Gopal Patha’s idea of keeping peace bore best of the results, plan was of a single line – Kill muslims to restore peace and save Hindus.

Pathagiri: Gopal Patha Mukhopadhyay’s Leadership Traits

“He was very ferocious,” recalls S. K. Bhattacharjee, a sub-inspector in the Lalbazar police headquarters at the time of the Great Calcutta Killing in August 1946. “Gopal Patha looked like a gentleman. He was a criminal, but he was very helpful to the poor. During the riots, he came out to rescue Hindus. No one thought of saving Hindus. Gopal worked for Hindus almost sacrificing his life many times.”

As informed by British officers and peers around, Gopal was never afraid of anyone. He never took anyone’s permission or waited for law to take its course. He openly said: “By the time government and police intervenes, muslims would wipe off Hindus in Calcutta (Kolkata). During riots, these muslims do not even spare police so why we should wait for them to save us.”

Gopal Patha, sitting in his office near Calcutta’s (Kolkata) Wellington Square, in one of his interviews said he was close to the Congress Chief, B. C. Roy though he insisted this was a personal friendship more than a political allegiance. Later on many political leaders drew close to him, but he only thought about his people and well-wishers. He never joined active politics.

Muslim League leaders in cognizance with common muslims executed Direct Action Day of killing Hindus, with an original aim to islamize prominent business places to create their monopolistic islamic zones within cities and towns, to make entire Bengal an islamic state. At time of this attack on Hindus, there was no Gandhi or any Congress man or RSS, there was only one leader who stood tall, Gopal Patha, he was indeed miles ahead than any other congress leaders of that time. His followers placed him in high pedestal even compared to Duratma Gandhi who was most popular leader among gullible Hindus.

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

Recalling his days of fightback, Gopal Patha, “It was a very critical time for the country…”

“We thought if the whole area became Pakistan, there would be more torture and repression. So I called all my boys together and said it was time to retaliate. If you come to know that one murder has taken place, you commit 10 murders. That was the order to my boys.”

neighbourhood muslims kill Hindus in riots for quran

Gopal Patha never abused his closeness with Congress leaders, he remained apolitical. He strongly believed that partition and pre/post partition riots were due to mis-management of Congressmen. Not to forget after riots, Congress accommodated same set of Muslim League leaders who were at the forefront of killing Hindus and successful division of a Hindu nation to carve out an islamic state.

Malda, Murshidabad, 24 Parganas based Muslim League islamist followers turned into Indian nationalists overnight after partition, were also once part of the Congress fold. They cited their old days of affiliation to seek refuge shamelessly in India, even though they killed Hindus and took the begged possession in the form of Pakistan. This ensured temporal ‘peace’, an adjustment again by gullible Hindus, who gained mastery in submitting to islam’s fakery and deceit. The same wild and evil legacy of Muslim League, the leftists of Bengal later inherited. Foolish leaders thought forgetting 1000 years old animosity fed by a book towards Kafir (Hindus) would help in buying ‘peace’ – this shallow peace led to deaths of thousands of Hindus later post-partition and in 1971’s massacre of Hindus again in areas like the North and South 24 Parganas.

All the deaths of Hindus at the hands of muslims reiterate the fact that Gopal Patha’s retaliation and his ability to lead Hindu fighters actually saved Hinduism in Bengal or else entire West Bengal would have been part of Bangladesh. Gopal Patha fulfilled his duty of a true Hindu unlike Congress leaders of his time.

Gopal Patha and His Days of Defiance

Gopal Patha talked about his karma of saving Hindus in several interviews “It was basically a duty,” he said.

“I had to help those in distress.” his modest office was grandly titled the National Relief Centre for Destitutes. A charity clinic occasionally operated from the same place. Behind the door, there was a life-size model of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, dressed in INA uniform, right down to the military boots. Acknowledging they were not trained fighters but their strong will and urge to save Hindus made them overnight warriors “People used all sorts of weapons,” said Gopal Patha, improvisation was needed in that situation. “They had small knives, big choppers, sticks, rods, guns, and pistols. I had two American pistols. We got some weapons during the 1942 movement. Then during the Second World War, the American army, the Negroes, were in Calcutta (Kolkata). If you gave them Rs 250 or a bottle of whiskey, they would give you a pistol and a hundred cartridges. That way we secured all these weapons, and we used them during the troubles.”

“We even paid heavy price to buy arms.” He made plenty of enemies among islamic leaders and muslim British stooges.

“We came to know a Hindu called Gopal Patha,” recalls former Muslim Leaguer G. G. Ajmiri. “He used to catch hold of Muslims and slaughter them.” Ajmiri was youth leader of the League’s student wing in Calcutta along with Mujibur Rahman and a member of the Muslim National Guard (a terrorist organization). Ajmiri always thought freedom of India is freedom of Hindus, major population is of Hindus, he was proponent of Sharia based islamic state. He was always loyal to Britain, then to Pakistan (he served in its army) and later to Bangladesh, lived in Dhaka, where he delights in telling tales of his prowess without any evidence. He was once bestowed mercy by Gopal Patha when he saw Ajmiri was unarmed.

Gopal Patha clarified that his boys were always selective. “We fought and killed our attackers. But why should we kill an ordinary rickshaw-wallah or hawker?”

Recalling his days with Gopal the Goat, Jugal Chandra Ghosh, who was in 1946 a worker with the Congress Party’s trade union wing, said “I had a fight club, an akhara,” he proudly asserted. “I was a wrestler, and I trained my boys, and they carried out my instructions. There was this Congress party leader. He took me round Calcutta (Kolkata) in his jeep. I saw many dead bodies, Hindu dead bodies on the streets.

Gopal Patha saved Hindus direct action day

The scenes were gory, I told him: “Yes, there will be retaliation.”

“I went round the saw mills and factories. I set an amount sometimes Rs 1,000, sometimes Rs 5,000. They paid up. Then I declared: for one murder, you get Rs 10, for a half-murder, Rs 5. That’s how we got started.”

When the situation almost subdued, after twelve months, Duratma Gandhi came to a still-smouldering city and appealed for a surrender of arms to the Hindus, he never asked muslims to surrender weapons and relinquish their hatred towards Hindus. The journalist Sailen Chatterjee witnessed the scene. “People came with their weapons and placed them at the feet of Gandhi. Shabbily-dressed people came with swords, daggers and country-made guns. Even Mountbatten said this was the miracle of Calcutta. Gandhi’s miracle.”

They never missed any opportunity to edify coward Gandhi. This was in continuation of British propaganda to glorify Duratma Gandhi, make his image god-like among credulous Hindus and mind condition them to stop their aggressive retaliation. Such petty incidents were given mass coverage in press at behest of British administration, giving Duratma Gandhi a shield, even pragmatic criticism was wrongly portrayed as communal stance.

Jugal Chandra Ghosh, a close affiliate of Gopal ji was among those who surrendered their arms. The incident was marked as a remarkable conversion, and Ghosh was applauded, he gave in to became a committed Gandhian. But there were limits to the miracle. Some intelligent strongmen, who witnessed the gory scenes and heard several stories of Hindu massacre could never swallow their pride and anger for shallow appreciation. Duratma Gandhi tried hard to convince Gopal Patha to surrender and submit his weapons.

“Gandhi called me twice,” Gopal Patha said. “I didn’t go. To save ego of Gandhi, the third time, some local Congress leaders requested me humbly that I should at least deposit some of my arms.”

“I went there. I saw people coming and depositing weapons which were of no use to anyone out-of-order pistols, that sort of thing.”

Then Gandhi’s secretary said to me: “Gopal, why don’t you surrender your arms to Gandhi?”

I replied, “With these arms I saved the Hindu women of my area, I saved my people. I will not surrender them”. With a steely glint in his eye, the muscleman, Gopal Patha asserted: “Where was Gandhi, I said, during the Great Calcutta Killing? Where was he then? Even if I’ve used a nail to kill someone, I won’t surrender even that nail.”

Gopal Patha Revenge muslims killed hindus direction action day

His sober determination underlines one of the tragedies of partition fifty years on, so many of those whom he killed, still had no sense of regret. And why he should have remorse, after all, he did his Karmic duty of protecting Dharma. Submitting to atrocities and violence against Hindus was open support to islamic terrorism, further worsening the situation of innocent Hindus. Retaliation was the best defence when enemy understands only the language of death. Gopal Patha rightly never regretted his deeds.

The impact of retaliation of Gopal Patha was so deep that for several years after aggressive assaults, terror struck in the minds and hearts of all Muslims in Calcutta (Kolkata) when his name was mentioned recalling incidents of partition in seminars and historical discourses.

Reminiscing his days as a goat butcher, Gopal Patha once said, “I only had to replace a goat with a muslim who killed my fellow Hindus.”

BBC reported: On the morning of 16 August, incidents of stabbing and rioting started in the city. Gopal heard of trouble while he was on his way to shop. He rushed back to his locality where he saw Muslim League volunteers marching with long sticks in their hands. When the news of Hindus being killed reached him, he assembled his men and ordered them to retaliate, answer brutality with brutality. He clearly instructed that for one murder committed, they should commit ten murders.

Pathagiri Plan: How Gopal Patha Organized Killing of Muslim Terrorists

As discussed before, Gopal Patha, also known as Gopal Da among his colleagues and peers never had any ill-feelings for Muslims. Muslims were his friends, customers and also a major source of livelihood for his butchery business. But after seeing the genocide of Hindus in Calcutta killings with his own eyes he got furious, the scenes completely changed his mind, he realized universal truth that peace is never bought by submitting to evil designs of islamic terrorism orchestrated by common muslims. He wanted quick results, he did not have time to generate mass movement, delay of each day would cause death to hundreds of innocent Hindus. He devised a simple and result oriented plan. He formed a group of dedicated and salaried warriors of Hindu hitmen, their purpose of existence was to avenge Hindu deaths by slaughtering muslims wherever they could find them. Money was not a problem for Gopal ji. He had a profitable business of butchering goats. He began using his own money to run the activities of the group. He paid his dedicated men 5 rupees for making a muslim traitor permanently maimed and 10 rupees for a dead one. He handed out guns, swords, grenades.

His speech was very simple and to the point “Count the bodies of Hindus, see how they are killed. For every dead Hindu, I want ten Muslim corpses. Go forth, my lads and show no mercy. For 5 cuts on Hindu body, I want to see 50 cuts on a Muslim body.”

Gopal Patha and Direction action day: vultures ate Hindu dead bodies killed by muslims

Hindu warriors under Gopal Da were in limited numbers while traitor muslims were in large numbers – each person, man or woman from muslim household was busy in causing harm to Hindus. He wanted deep bruises in the psyche of muslim population so that they understand that killing Hindus would cause decimation of islam from Calcutta (Kolkata). The result was not that effective using knives and swords. Chopping off several heads would again require sharpening the tools, moreover a single Hindu can kill only one muslim at a time. He quickly studied war pattern, as to what caused more damage to the enemy. He spend money in arranging a quick deal with the American soldiers who were stationed in Calcutta (Kolkata). It was World War-II time and India was still under British territory.

Immediate upgradation in the action was needed. He bought loads of grenades, pistols, revolvers and ammunition filled in wooden boxes from these American soldiers, paying double to triple the price in the blackmarket. Hindu warriors used it to perfection – causing irreparable damage to neighbourhood muslim terrorists. The effectiveness of this upgraded action was so devastating that for the first time in a decade, an old and wicked terrorist Ghulam Rasool, one of the top jihad leaders of the Muslim National Guard (a terrorist Muslim organisation, affiliated to terrorist Jinnah’s Muslim League and responsible for most of the Hindu genocide in Calcutta (Kolkata) Bengal) and later who fled to Lahore due to fear for his life, recalled with teary eyes and frightened tone, trembling in terror “I pleaded with Gopal Patha to stop this madness. बहुत खून बह चुका । हमरी तरफ से भी और आप की तरफ से भी । अब इस कत्ल्-ए-आम को रोक ना होगा । हम और खून खराबे के लिये तैयार नही है । हम ceasefire के लिये तैयार है । Bahut khoon bah chuka…hamari taraf se bhi aur aapki taraf se bhi. Ab is qatl-e-aam ko rokna hoga. Hum aur khoon kharabe ke liye taiyaar nahee hain. Hum ceasefire ke liye taiyaar hain.” (Note the classic muslim behaviour of asking for mercy and peace, tucking a tail between legs and running for saving life when the Hindu valiantly repels his attack and beats him to pulp. A deceptive taqiyya came into practice.)

gopal patha saved bengal hindus

But Gopal ji was not the one to fall for this taqiyya trap. He gave them chance initially, he responded after 3 days with full fledged retaliation when his pleas to stop killing of Hindus by neighbourhood muslims fell to their deaf ears. These muslims were behaving like slaves of their maulanas who in turn followed anti-Human teachings of terror manual quran. Gopal ji’s men went on merrily about their task of protecting Hindu honour and lives.

The effective assault by Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay and his team of Hindu warriors was so impactful that for one generation Muslims in those areas never dared to disturb a single Hindu even in places where neighbours were majority of muslims.

The contribution of Gopal Patha ji is matchless and thousands of Gandhis even if had taken hundreds of births could not have saved Bengal from becoming completely islamized with their failed non-violence, self-inflicted ideology and depressing movements.

What is Pathagiri

Gopal Patha’s birth anniversary is celebrated as Hindu Bengal Tiger Day (HBTD) on 13th May of every year by several Hindu groups in closed quarters. The celebrations are low key affairs to pay homage to his simplicity and dedication towards Sanatan Dharma.

The article compiled here diluted the death scenes and gory methods of killings done by muslims. These were witnessed by Gopal Patha, Girdhar Bose, Jugal Chandra Ghosh, Bal Pathak and Samarth Basu – reported in several local chronicles in local Bengali language. The gruesome deaths of Hindus and rotting of thousands of dead bodies in the streets showed apathy of British administration and open inclination towards terrorism in common muslims, revealing they never changed a bit in last 1400 years. There is another detailed incident revealed by Hindu Samhati member in Google forum of 2013 citing few of the octogenarians and nonagenarians who witnessed the retaliation, they said, “They were very evil to us. Few muslims even cooked dead Hindu bodies, their savagery would have ashamed even scavenging beasts.”

Gopal Patha Gave These Timeless Lessons to Hindus

1. When Sanatan Hindu Dharma is attacked do not wait for authority, law and government administration. In political correctness, shallow secularism and vote bank greed, corrupt politicians would never help Hindus – they are in a way helping the cause of Islamization. They are thinking of short term gain. This way all politicians in last three generations thought of short term gains however their short term greed to rule India is in a way helping the terrorist muslims in achieving their original goal of Islamized India – slowly and gradually. Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala and some parts of Uttar Pradesh are almost islamized. Due to anti-Hindu stance of administration since last 70 years (till now), there are more than 1200 NoGo zones (mini-pakistans) in India. We are residing in most volatile conditions. If a muslim is not abiding law and killing Hindus then which law disallows us to self-protect our community and Dharma.

2. Diving into shell of personal and professional life is dangerous. Selfishly caring for family life never help the cause of sustenance when you are surrounded by enemies who openly recites 5 times a day that they hate our Gods, our culture, our tradition and they can go any length to establish their rape ancestry (Mughal terror reign). They hunt in a group. Similarly, Hindus have to come out of this selfish attitude of – Me, Myself and My family. Working in silos, not believing in community is very detrimental for the Hindu existence in Bharat or anywhere in the world. Gopal Patha ji started the aggressive movement consuming his own hard earned wealth. He did not wait for the donations. He did not wait for followers. He simply made the payment to get the job done necessary for the existence of Hindus in Bengal. His positive thinking of helping Hindu community made him gain followers later. His team included people who were ready to go to any extreme to achieve his collective vision of resurrection of Hindu pride and honour invoking fear in the hearts of neighbourhood terrorists.

3. Improvisation is very important. When the situation is adverse and chances of survival is limited then effective ways should be carved out to achieve maximum results. If he had thought about expensive arms and ammunition that time, he would not have bought it to kill enemies. He was least worried about the spends. Life of each Hindu is precious, mere discussing to save life, planning to get united without any action would not have stopped islamic terrorism executed by common muslims. Gopal Patha ji was a man of less words and more action. Discussions do not bear result. Action does.

4. Selflessness in action was also key to the success of re-establishing Hindu glory in Bengal. He was not interested in fake appreciation from Muslims. In fact he sacrificed his lucrative business of butchery when most of his clients were muslims who placed bulk orders for festivals and marriages. He was least bothered about goody-goody image in the eyes of muslims. He was happy to be called criminal than swallow pride and bow in front of islamic terrorists. He was politically incorrect and pragmatic. He was clear in his thoughts. He knew this fact that deceptive applauds from muslims would not save lives of Hindus and honour of women. Most of the Hindus of today especially secularists wag their tails in front of traitor muslims and enjoy kick of little moments of appreciation. Girls of such Hindu households are more prone to victimization of Love Jihad.

5. Life of a Hindu warrior is a journey in continuation to serve Dharma. After causing havoc in the sounders, he did not stop. He continued his service towards Hindu community – educating Hindus about importance of unity, helping fellow dharmics and earning livelihood for protection of Dharma.

Gopal Patha, we salute you million times for your leadership in uniting Hindu warriors, for your courage to stay defiance against administration, for giving priority to Sanatan Hindu Dharma over shallow political correctness and for slaying muslim terrorists to restore peace in Kolkata eventually saving Bengal (now West Bengal).

gopal patha birth day jayanti remembering saviour of bengal

REMEMBER TERRORIST MUSLIMS, for every Ghulam Rasool and terrorist muslim group, there will be rise of ten times more ferocious Gopal Patha and Hindu warriors. Stop dreaming about pedophile’s prophecy of Ghazwa-E-Hind.

Almost every week you hear news that Hindus are killed or their houses burned in West Bengal to somehow cause massive Hindu exodus and march closer to ONE BANGLADESH separatist agenda. Only Pathagiri taught by Gopal Patha ji is the solution to terrorist Bengali Muslim’s Islamic terrorism that is nurtured by Islamic Jihad’s sympathizer Mamata Banerjee.

Ref: Andrew Whitehead (few excerpts from Duty does not permit repentance)
taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

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