Hindus are natives of India. Already India (Bharat) is infested by outsiders almost 25% of the Indian population include non-natives of India – muslims and christians. The contribution of both these anti-Vedic religions to India was/is terrorism, deceit, conversion and decimation of Hindu population.

All North Eastern militants and naxalites (including Bodos) are christians and funded by christian missionaries whose main agenda is to kill Hindus, local population and then declare it a christian state. Congress regime fully supported rise of these militant groups. They use Hindu names to deceive local population while in reality 90% of them are christians who are converted from Hinduism with lure, deception and force.

Islamic terrorists organizations gained strength during congress rule. Congress let bangladeshis infiltrate India with open arms to increase their muslim vote bank base. The breeding of several madarsas, muslim education institutions to promote jihadi ideologies and evil teachings of islam was big time supported by congress regime; which not only decimated Hindutva pride, culture of India but led to exponential growth of anti-Vedic mlecchas (muslims).

Hindu Existence with Ghar Wapasi Dharmantaran धर्मान्तरण Conversion

Revert to Hinduism Campaign is Needed Now

India Is Christian Country!

Ghar Wapsi is Critical

“Modi Ji You will Be Doing More Harm to Hindus By Stopping Ghar Wapasi Program, Learn from Present Mess.”

This is shameful truth which each proud Hindu when wakes up in the morning realizes. It is happening since the invasion of britishers, creation of congress party by christians and english and changing Indian history to demean real value of Bharat and glorify the terrorist mughal rulers.

Christians are cunning, wicked and sly, they formed congress party to promote pro-british agendas, they distorted history to such an extent that they hide cruelty of muslim invaders in history, sidelined Hindu history (which has actual essence of Indianness) and posed britishers as development thinkers of India. So the future generations of Hindu families took birth with the concocted mindset that India is primitive country, muslim rulers were not so bad… thank god british ruled us otherwise we would have remained under-developed. The ingrained colonial mindset was further brainwashed through corrupt education system, which was anglicized to such deep levels that even sporting tilak on the forehead by Hindus in convent schools was considered as blasphemy by these education systems. And Hindus, even after being ruled for more than 800 years forgot to learn lesson and without any aggressive opposition submitted to demands of – Removing Ramayan, Mahabharat from education, agreeing that Hindu texts are mythologies, anything developed in India is primitive, buying western goods means high quality and better facility (while the reverse is true, seeing trillions of backlash incidences the world over for western products on safety and health standards).

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They knew that hurting self-respect of Hindus would mean decimating their strength; with the same concept they started controlling media in 1900’s, movie industry and also education institutions where from dress codes to mannerisms- everything is catholic, no Hindutva element is seen in any sphere of walks of life in India.

Ghar Wapsi is Need of Hour

Hindus Have Every Right to Know True History and Become Aggressive to Pave Path for Future

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India Made Christian Nation

How Christianity took Over India Under Ex-waitress Anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi

There was no full fledged disclosure of census and population distribution after 2001. The reason being, congress govt want to hide enormous increase of non-Hindu population as conversion of Hindu tribal and villagers are happening since 1947.

According to a 2001 census, there are about 2.34 million Christians in India ; not even 2.5% of the nation, a negligible amount. But shockingly christians were controlling Hindu population and advocating free flow of conversions which increased to 10 folds in north eastern states.

There were five Christian Chief ministers in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Click on the image for an enlarged, readable view

India is Christian Country - Education, Lifestyle, Daily Routines, Festivals, Communication, Fashion and Pets Everything is Catholicized. Time to Make Bharat Hindu Rashtra.

One should add that the majority of politicians in Sonia Gandhi’s closed circle were either Christians or Muslims. She seems to have no confidence in Hindus. This ex-waitress hated Hindus so much that she mocked Indian culture several times by organizing hard drinks parties in government properties especially during Hindu festivals. The minority Hindus (minority in terms of spread of power in congress regime) left with no choice but submitted to the demands of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi.

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Ambika Soni, a Christian, is General Secretary of the Congress and a very powerful person, with close access to Sonia Gandhi. Oscar Fernandes is Union Programme Implementation Minister. Margaret Alwa was the eminence grise of Maharasthra.

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Karnataka was virtually controlled by AK Anthony, whose secretaries are all from the Southern Christian association. Valson Thampu, a Hindu hater, was Chairman NCERT curriculum Review Committee, John Dayal, another known Hindu baiter, had been named by Sonia Gandhi in the National Integration Council ; and Kancha Ilaya, pro-Buddhist and christian, who hates Hindus, was being allowed by the Indian Government to lobby with the UN and US Congress so that caste discrimination in India is taken-up by these bodies. Additions to the list could be Hindu haters – Ajit jogi, and Digvijay Singh both christian converts & also Pranoy Roy, his niece Arundhati ‘suzanna’ roy.

Since italian waitress Sonia Gandhi ( she is a Hindu hater christian with dual citizenship of italy – real name Antonia Edvige Albina Maino) took over Christian conversions in India had gone in overdrive.

sonia gandhi is a fanatic christian is anti-hindu hate Indians

Ghar Wapsi is Important

Rise of Christians in Some Indian States Gave Impetus to Christian Terrorism

The entire Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, North Eastern States, Orissa and West Bengal saw sharp rise of Christians – massive rise of 10 folds – contributing to the dis-balance of religious demographies of these states. It gave rise to christian terrorism – naxalites, bodo militants and maoists; 90% members of these anti-India bodies are christians.

These bodies also helped congress government to convert dalits, tribals into christianity forcefully.

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More than 20,000 foreign Christian missionaries are involved in conversion activities across different states, they are operating in the form of NGOs. In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence, there are 120.000 today, a 90% increase since 1991. The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1.3 million today, as well as over 800 churches! In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati. As discussed earlier, many of the North-East separatist movements, such as the Mizo or the Bodos, are not only Christian dominated, but also sometimes function with the covert backing of the missionaries.

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How Cunning Christians are Luring Hindu Dalits to Catholicize India

In Kerala, particularly in the poor coastal districts, you find “miracle boxes” put in local churches: the gullible villager writes out a paper mentioning his wish: a fishing boat, a loan for a pukka house, fees for the son’s schooling… And lo, a few weeks later, the miracle happens ! And of course the whole family converts, making others in the village follow suit. During the Tsunami, entire Hindu dalit villages in Tamil Nadu were converted to Christianity with the lure of money.

It is true that there have been a few backlashes against missionaries and nuns, particularly the retaliatory muder of Staines and his two sons. But Belgium historian Konenraad Elst pragmatically laments that “When over a thousand Hindus are killed and a quarter million Hindus ethnically cleansed in Kashmir, the world media doesn’t even notice, but watch the worldwide hue and cry when a few local riots take place and a few missionaries are killed by unidentified tribal miscreants.”

“Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end, and this has never been an issue with the world media, except to bewail the “oppression” of the Nagas by Hindu India .”

More than 30,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency in Assam and Manipur in the past two decades due to massive support of christian missionaries. Some of the elements of these missionaries also infested Assam Rifles soldiers and that is the reason Assam Rifles losing their soldiers in unplanned attacks of outlawed United National Liberation Front (UNLF).

Truth about christian missionaries riots, Hindu massacres and world media

Such a Shame! Hindus Practice Christian Culture while Christians Demean Hinduism

In the name of education, hospital services Hindu men and women are brainwashed with christian ideologies

In thousands of church controlled hospitals like the Madras Medical center, the foremost heart hospital in Madras. Right when you enter the lobby, you will find a chapel, inviting everybody including Hindus to pray, there are pictures and quotations of Christ everywhere and a priest visits all the patients, without being invited at all. Educational institutes and orphanages run by Christian organisations have become big business in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, North East and other states.

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Even in ordinary church schools, Hindu students are forced to attend catholic mass, rituals and prayers. Hindu girls are asked to wear very short skirts – which cover legs till 6 inches above knee roll. Hindu boys are forcibly told to attend christian moral science classes where fictional tales of bible are taught to them. There are numerous activities which are carried over to sub-consciously ingrain western ideologies in the minds of young Hindus and make them Hindu culture hater. That is the reason, we are finding new age Hindu boys and girls drinking, smoking, having s*x for the sake of shallow sensual gratification that they are becoming modern – such anti-Vedic mannerisms developed and taught by christian uncultured pathetic schools.

As informed by research done by christian missionaries “In Pondichery, schools run by Adventists force their pupils, mostly Hindus, to say Christian prayers every day and attend mass. They are constantly fed anti Hindu slogans and biases under different forms, whether it is in history books, or discourses by priests during religious classes. Even in the elite schools or colleges, such as Saint Stephen in Delhi, Saint Xavier in Calcutta or Loyola college in Madras, where no direct proletization is attempted, Hindu pupils are subtly encouraged towards skepticism of their own religion, and admiration of whatever is Western.”

Ghar Wapsi for Saving Hinduism

Why India Should not be a Secular State but Hindu Rashtra

The secularism was introduced in Indian constitution to further decimate Hindu ethos and culture. Secularism is India is Hindu bashing: take this, do you still remember the furore when MM Joshi wanted the Saraswati hymn to be sung at a Chief Ministers’ meet on education ? And recall the uproar by so called secular (anti-Hindu parties) in India. If MP or Gujarat government taught few portions of the Bhagavad Gita in few of their schools then it becomes issue of saffronisation but this same secular brigade made Bible reading compulsory in the form of prayers at the beginning of the day in public schools ? If this is not doglapan than what is this ? This is not hypocrisy but day light robbery of robbing off Hindu ethos from native Indians while slowly seeding man made religion christianity in them.

This is same India where under congress rule, you saw Swami Avimukteshwarananda Saraswati of Dwarka Peeth, made to disembark from an Indian Airlines flight for carrying his holy dand, a thin bamboo stick which is a symbol of spiritual designation, inside the aircraft cabin. While all non-Hindu leaders can carry their religious symbols, holy water and meaningless artifacts in their flights.

Foreigners Muslims, Christians infesting India

So it is not shocking to see how shameless an ex-waitress can become, how much lies she can spread so openly; showing signs she was better off as a waitress than president of anti-Hindu party. Cunning and wicked Sonia Gandhi had said during the last National Integration Council meeting : “We are committed to ideological battle against communal forces which seek to destroy our diversity and polarize us. Certain parties promote polarization and confrontation. And there are certain regimes in India which promote communalism.”

But it is actually the Congress under witch Mrs Gandhi, which is promoting communalism, by insidiously installing Christians and Muslims (and Marxists) everywhere, propping up Christian states, allowing a free hand to missionaries and pressing for reservations for converted Christian Dalits and Muslims, as recently done in AP, in a nation of 850 million Hindus ?

In any country, be it Christian majority nations like US, France, Australia, Germany or islamic states, it would be unthinkable to have Hindus – or even Indians born there for that matter – to be in so many positions of power. Impossible also to find a non-elected, Indian, non-Christian person being the absolute ruler of the country behind the scene as Sonia Gandhi ruled India after the suspicious death of Rajiv Gandhi.

Secular Hindus are Enslaved Bots, Cowards who Unknowingly Support Christians to Kill True Indianness

Hindu Indians shamelessly like to say that the greatness of India is that it accepts a foreigner and a Christians like Sonia Gandhi. “We are tolerant people” that’s what you hear from so called intellectual Hindus. As if being tolerant gives you right to get slapped, thrashed and pinned down. They give examples of a failed pro-muslim leader Duratma Gandhi. Ahimsa is farce logic taught by Gandhi to fool Hindus and delay freedom struggle. Duratma Gandhi slyly truncated the complete shloka and focused only on promoting Ahimsa Parm o Dharma. The full shloka goes like this:

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 “Ahimsa Parm o Dharma, Dharmah Himsa Tathaiva Cha”

Meaning: Non violence is the ideal “dharma”, but equally so is the recourse to violence for protection of Dharma.

Duratma Gandhi wickedly populated the first half of the shloka among Hindus that this is taught by Srimad Bhagwad Gita but very conveniently to please muslims and britishers revoked the later half which advocates to resort to violence for the protection of dharma against such anti-Vedic elements.

Ghar Wapsi for Protecting Hindus

How Muslims are Islamizing India ?

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Hindus Think It Over and Spread the Truth Before Its Too Late

So is n’t advocating tolerance at the cost of loosing land, culture and lives is rather a weakness, eunuchness and an aberration – outrightly spitting on Hindu pride ?

Where are those decisions of 56 inches chest that we voted and whole heartedly supported for ?

Where are those leaders who talked of Hindu pride every breath that they took with us on the lap of our Bharat Mata ?

Can’t we find a single most worthy leader amongst one billion Hindu Indians, who can openly march to make India – A Bharat, Hindu Rashtra ?

When will this stigma of Christian ruling Indians stop ?

Are we waiting for complete Baptism or Islamized India to happen ?

What are we doing to create awareness among Hindus. Are we spreading the truth ?

Save India, Our Bharat is the only Land in the world which is lively with spirituality and pious ancient Vedic knowledge.

Hindus Support Ghar Wapasi Programs for the Hindu Rashtra and Progressive Terror Free Bharat

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      what in 21th century 100 millions christian and 450 millions muslims ????
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      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        It is overall population of original Indian subcontinent not divided India and pre-dissection of other smaller countries from our motherland.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. gaurav.punj says:

          oh right… i can tell u that 19 crores muslim in pak, 17 crores muslims in ind, and 14 crores muslims in bangladesh …they still thinking about what is shiv lingam,..poor muslim with low life lol
          thru Black Book quraan, or sending prophet of doom like muhammad why so much of killing for more than 1400 years and still continuing?

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      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        Rampal was fake saint and conman, he used every trick right from changing words of Vedas, mixing it with anti-Vedic koran and bible and creating his own version of book, claiming himself as avatar of Kabir – kabir was just a good doha writer and life-observer and good human being but not par brahm. Rampal was demon and bluffed illiterates, it is good that he is in jail.

        Jai Shree Krishn

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