History of Love Jihad - Save Hindu Girls from Barbarian Muslims

Love Jihad, also known as Sex Jihad, is an ongoing activity of muslim community based on koranic teachings on Sabah and Nikah-E- Mutah under which young Muslim boys and men target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. The fraud of love is then followed up with illegal s*x, luring the girls with sweet talk, deceit and bluff. Implementing the Love Jihad strategy fraudulently or forcefully, common mlecchas (muslims) to Mughal mlecchas converted millions of Hindu girls – which exponentially raised the number of terrorism followers from mere 1200 in 11th century in India to over 450 million muslims in Indian subcontinent by the beginning of 21st century (Indian subcontinent, Akhand Bharat – India, pakistan, bangladesh and Saarc nations).

Love Jihad/Shaadi Jihad History and Facts

History of Love Jihad, Rape Jihad and Slavery in Mughal Terrorism

Why Muslim Men Prefer Hindu Girls For Marriage

It is regular practice of muslims in India. A Muslim always prefers a Hindu girl either as a wife for few years or as a slave for lifetime of sexual enjoyment. Later cleverly, muslims use the term talaq or constitutional freedom to get rid of Hindu girl after abusing her sexually for few years. Again getting ready as a single muslim to hunt down new Hindu girls.

So why is love jihad favored by muslim boys and their parents, sisters ? Because of Shariah laws, Shariah allows a Muslim man to have 4 wives. Along with having wives; he can always pursue Nikah-E- Mutah (Marriage for enjoyment). As per Quran quote “If a Muslim man marry a non-Muslim girl (Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Christian), and produce lots of Muslim children through her, he is doing a great service to Islam and mohammed”.

In this Nikah he can have as many (second fiddle) wives as he wants just for the s*xual pleasure. There are two main streams in Islam. They have minutely different views about it, though both insist on deriving s*xual pleasure from non-muslim women, with the permission given by allah for such illicit relationships under guidance of mohammed.

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

Quran Promotes Rape, Sex Slavery and Prostitution

Love Jihad: Islam Inspires Muslim Men for Women Sexual Assault

Islam considers a non-islamic country as Darul Harab – House of war.

Quran advocates that all muslims are consistently in war with each non-muslim (Hindus in our case). Their prime duty is to convert Darul Harab Bharat into Darul Islam country. Darul Islam means islamic state.

When gangster cult islam follower muslims are in minority, they indulge in soft Jihad. They are doing these major forms of Jihad since 800 years. Lack of knowledge of Quran and opaqueness of muslim society kept their modus operandi hidden and they were able to successfully divide Bharat into 3 parts. However with surge in information technology now these ONE BOOK SLAVES are exposed.

1. Ummah Jihad (deal only among themselves boycotting Hindus)
2. Population Jihad (multiply like rats)
3. Love Jihad (entrapment of Hindu girls)
4. Property Jihad (illegal occupation of Hindu property bribing bureaucrats)
5. Land Jihad (using prayer as a medium to capture government places)

Quran is not godsend. It is a terrorism manual of gangster cult islam. The verses of quran are filled with glorification of all crimes against Humanity – rape, violence, slavery genocide and loot. Terrorist Mohammed was involved in all sins against Humanity. Quran preaches muslims to consider mohammed as THE PERFECT MAN. If a terrorist is a perfect man for islam and muslims then how can sharing a locality with muslims will be ever safe for non-muslims (Hindus). Hindus are always in danger. Most of the inter-faith crimes occur against Hindus. Hindus are victims of riots and murder executed by muslims.

Jihad has many forms. Love Jihad is one of the tools of islam to increase population of muslims to realize their dream of Darul Islam (converting India into islamic nation). Muslims consider non-muslim women as commodity and sex toy – part of Khumus (booty).

Love Jihad Cases Facts: Muslim men allure Hindu women

Love Jihad/Rape Jihad: Quran Verses, Hadiths, Mohammed’s Permission, Allah’s Approval and Rape Terrorism

The normalisation and open acceptance of raping non-muslim women in islam, to keep them as sex slaves, mind conditions muslim men to treat non-muslim women as sex toys. Mind conditioning and hatred of muslim men towards broad minded non-muslim women further encourage them to cheat Hindu women by waging love jihad terrorism.

Muslim men allure, deceit and cheat Hindu women to make them victim of Love Jihad. Rape Jihad verses of Quran and islamic teachings influence muslim men to orchestrate love jihad crimes. They wrongly think that Hindu women are inferior and permitted by Allah to be treated as Sex slaves (toys).

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (SB 59:637)

साहिब बुखारी (५ ९: ६३७) – मुहम्मद ने अली को खालिद से खूमस (लूट का माल) लाने के लिए कहा। मैं अली से नफरत करता था। अली ने स्नान किया था (खुमस मे मिली गुलाम-लड़की के साथ बलात्कार क्रिया के बाद)। मैंने खालिद से कहा, ‘क्या अली नहीं दीखता है?’

जब हम पैगंबर के पास पहुँचे तो मैंने मुहम्मद से यह सब कहा, तब उसने कहा, ‘हे बुरैदा! क्या तुम अली से नफरत करते हो?’

मैंने कहा हाँ।’

तब मुहम्मद बोला, ‘उससे नफरत करते हो, जबकि उसे खुमस की लूट में ज्यादा का हक़ है।’

इससे साफ़ स्पष्ट होता है कि मुहम्मद ने अपने मुस्लिम लूटेरों को काफिर गुलाम लड़कियों के साथ बलात्कार करने की मंजूरी दी, क्योंकि इस बलात्कार प्रकरण में खुद उसका दामाद अली शामिल हैं।

गुलाम लड़कियों से बलात्कार करने का हक़ अली को था पर दूसरी शादी का नहीं क्युकी मुहम्मद की पसंदीदा बेटी फातिमा का पति खुद अली था।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (59:637) – “The Prophet sent Ali to Khalid to bring the Khumus (of the loot booty) and I hated Ali, and Ali had taken a bath (after a forceful sexual act with a slave-girl from the Khumus). I said to Khalid, ‘Don’t you see this (i.e. Ali)?’

When we reached the Prophet I mentioned that to him.

He said, ‘O Buraida! Do you hate Ali?’

I said, ‘Yes.’

He said, ‘Do you hate him, for he deserves more than that from the Khumlus.’

This clearly proves that Muhammad approved his men having forceful sex with women slaves, as this episode even involved his son-in-law, Ali. Muhammad had forbidden Ali from marrying another woman as long as Fatima (his favorite daughter) was alive.

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (Umdat al-Salik)

उमादत अल-सालिक (रिलायंस ऑफ़ थी ट्रैवलर) (0९.१३) – शरिया के अनुसार, जब काफिर बच्चा या महिला को मुसलमानों द्वारा बंदी बना लिया जाता है, तो वे उनके पकड़े जाने से ही उनके गुलाम बन जाते है। एक पकड़ी गई महिला को यौन गुलाम बनाकर उसकी पिछली शादी तुरंत रद्द कर दी जाती है।

यह आवश्यक नहीं होगा कि वह लड़ाई की विधवा हो, जैसा कि आज कल के मौलाना कभी-कभी कहा करते हैं, इस सच को छिपाने के लिए।

Meaning: Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of the Traveller) (09.13) – According to Sharia, when a kafir child or woman is taken captive by Muslims, they become slaves by the mere fact of their capture. A captured woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled.

This would not be necessary if she were widowed by battle, which is an imaginary stipulation that modern apologists sometimes pose.

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (Al-Azhar)

२0१४ में, अल-अजहर (इस्लामी दुनिया का सबसे प्रतिष्ठित विश्वविद्यालय) ने घोषणा की कि मुस्लिम कभी भी महिलाओं को सेक्स की गुलाम किसी भी संघर्ष में पकड़कर बना सकते है। सुआद सालेह ने महिला होते हुए भी ऐसी घोषणा की थी, जो एक तथाकथित ‘उदारवादी’ महिला समझी जाती थी, जिसने यह उस समय कहा जब हजारों यज़ीदी महिलाओं का (ISIS के मुस्लिम आतंकियों के) इस्लामिक स्टेट द्वारा क्रूरता से बलात्कार किया जा रहा था।

जब मुस्लिम महिला स्कॉलर खुलकर काफिर महिलाओं की बलात्कार का समर्थन करती है तो स्पष्ट हो जाता है कि मुसलमानो को काफिर औरतों से किये बलात्कार से कोई परहेज नहीं है, खुली छूट है इस्लाम और क़ुरान में।

Meaning: Al-Azhar (the Islamic world’s most prestigious university) in 2014, proclaimed that Muslims can capture women in battle for sex slavery.  The woman making the announcement was Suad Saleh, a so-called ‘moderate,’ who said this at the very same time that thousands of Yazidi women were being horrifically raped by the Islamic State terrorists.

When Muslim women scholars openly support rape of Kafir women, it becomes clear that Muslims have no problem from raping Kafir women, there is an open exemption in Islam and the Quran to rape Kafir (non-muslim) women.

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (Yazidi Girl)

12 साल की यज़ीदी बच्ची की दास्ताँ: इस्लामिक स्टेट के मुस्लिम आतंकियों द्वारा बंदी बनाई गई 12 साल की एक काफिर यज़ीदी लड़की ने बताया कि उसके साथ उसका मालिक (जिसकी वह सेक्स दासी थी) बलात्कार करने से पहले, अल्लाह से प्रार्थना करता था

“उसने मुझे बताया कि इस्लाम के अनुसार उसे एक काफिर लड़की के साथ बलात्कार करने की अनुमति है। उसने कहा कि मेरे साथ बलात्कार करके, वो अल्लाह के और करीब हो रहा है।”

और सेक्स दासियो से भी पहले जबरदस्ती क़ुरान पढ़वाया जाता था उनके बलात्कार से पहले या उसके दौरान। जब एक यज़ीदी महिला ने एक खिलाफत के सदस्य से एक ७ साल की छोटी बच्ची का बलात्कार नहीं करने का अनुरोध किया, तो उसने जवाब दिया, “वह एक हमारी सेक्स की दासी है… उसके साथ बलात्कार करने पे अल्लाह के और करीब होंगे।

Meaning: A rape incident told by a 12 year old Yazidi girl. A 12-year-old girl taken captive by the Islamic State explained that her ‘master’ would pray Allah before he raped her-

“He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape a Kafir girl. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to Allah.”

“Other sex slaves have been forced to pray before the rape or recite passages from the Quran during it.”

“When a Yazidi woman begged a caliphate member not to rape a”7 years old little girl, he responded, “She’s a slave… and having sex with her pleases Allah.”

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (SB 62:137)

साहिह बुखारी (६२.१३७) – मुहम्मद के आदमियों द्वारा महिलाओं के पति और पिता की हत्या के बाद, उन काफिर महिलाओं को सेक्स की दासियाँ बना दिया गया। फिर मुहम्मद की मंजूरी के बाद, मुस्लिमों द्वारा उन महिलाओं के साथ बलात्कार किया गया।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as sex slaves in raid by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The women were raped by muslims with Muhammad’s approval.

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (SB 47:765)

साहिब बुखारी (४७:७६५) – एक महिला को एक सेक्स दासी लड़की को मुक्त करने पर, मुहम्मद ने फटकार लगाया। मुहम्मद उसे बताता है कि उसने किसी रिश्तेदार को सेक्स की दासी को भेंट दे दिया होता तो उस महिला को और बेहतर जन्नती इनाम मिलता।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (47:765) – A woman is rebuked by Muhammad for freeing a sex slave girl. The prophet tells her that she would have gotten a greater heavenly reward by giving her to a relative (as a sex slave).

Love/Rape Jihad Case/Fact (SB 34:351)

साहिह बुखारी (३४:३५१) – मुहम्मद पैसे के लिए एक सेक्स की दासी को बेचता है। वह इस प्रकार सेक्स की दासियों का व्यापारी (दलाल) था।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (34:351) – Muhammad sells a sex slave girl for money. He was thus a sex slave trader (pimp).

An ordinary person would become rapist and love jihadi filled with lust and dirty attitude towards women if he is daily reciting such verses, attending cult discourses and reading such sexual assault crimes repeatedly.

Quran, hadiths and islam make an ordinary person dangerous muslim criminal who is out to commit crimes against non-muslim women. Evil teachings become so internalized in muslim men that they treat their women also very disgracefully.

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History Love Jihad Islamic Terrorism due to Quran hatred towards non-muslims Hindus

Love Jihad Expansion: Incest Legacy of Mohammed and Islam

Ex-Muslim Exposes Love Jihad/Rape Jihad Truth

Incest is encouraged for population growth and gain controlling power of the resident location.

According to Bengali ex-Muslim essayist Abul Kaseem, the permission to incest relationship gave rise to rampant phenomena of inbreeding in Islam. It happened due to several things, but two stick out in particular:

1) interpretations of the Quran which permits a Muslim man to marry and have intercourse with his daughter born out of wedlock (usually 8 or 9 years old), and

2) the popular and widely accepted practice of cousin-marriage initiated by the Prophet Muhammed himself, who infamously had relations with his cousins outside of marriage (Tirmidhi 5.3214).

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang
Regarding the first point, the Quranic passage that is traditionally interpreted to permit the marriage of first cousins is found in the following excerpt:

“Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers, daughters, sisters; father’s sisters, Mother’s sisters; brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters; foster-mothers (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters; your wives’ mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom ye have gone in,- no prohibition if ye have not gone in;- (Those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful,” (Surah An-Nisa 4:23)

The term “daughters” in the above text may initially appear that Islam prohibits fathers marrying their offspring; however, a closer inspection of the Arabic word used in this context denotes a purely judicial definition, meaning that Muslim fathers are allowed to marry their daughters, provided that the latter have been born illegitimately. Kaseem provides in-depth examples regarding the many routes that Muslim men can undergo to marry their prepubescent daughters here.

Regarding the second point, it should be noted that first cousins are nowhere mentioned among the listed family members that are considered off-limits in the above passage. Muhammed himself married his father’s sister’s daughter, a woman named Zaynab bint Jahsh, who had also been divorced from Muhammed’s adopted son, Zayd ibn Haritha. It is clear that there is no recognition of relational boundaries when it comes to incest within Islam.

When own sisters and daughters are not spared by muslims then how can any sane person expect his sisters or daughters to be safe in muslim dominated society.

Love Jihad for Sexual Pleasure

Blackmail and Rape in Love Jihad

There are multiple facets of Love Jihad.

One aspect of Love Jihad executed by Muslim terrorists is allurement of a non-muslim girl and eloping, later converting her to islam. The victim girl might become wife or end up as a sex slave for his friends/relatives. Advances of pushing the girl into a prostitution racket or as a sex slave of muslim terrorists is also reported before.

Another aspect is drugging her or making her habitual to alcohol or spending more time with her to develop physical relationship then making hidden videos of intercourse to blackmail her for trapping more non-muslim girls. Taharrush Gang Rape modus operandi of muslims is explained here.

Kerala Catholic Association conducted a confessional study on Christian love jihad victims. They found that out of 20 love jihad victims only 3 girls were married to muslim terrorists. Rest 17 were made as sex toys ultimately these Christian girls married to Christian boys. This amounts to cheating as Christian boys were robbed off virgin girls by muslim love jihad terrorists. The study was kept in a closed group to alert Christian girls until it was revealed to the world by the few members to save more Christian girls from entrapment of Love Jihad.

Their survey revealed ugly truth. Many muslim terrorists did abuse Hindu or Christian girls as sex toys, they abuse them, beat them, blackmail them then marry a muslim girl.

Gangster cult islam denigrates modesty of a woman by either making her a terrorist breeding womb or abusing her as a sex toy.

Love Jihad and Islam

Islamic Streams of Love Jihad:

Sunni Love Jihad

Sunni Stream– This stream allows the Nikah- E- Mutah only for 2 Years. Then the non-muslim girl has to go her father’s home. Though in modern times, sunni muslims stretch it to few years till the time they enjoy s*x with such non-muslim girls. Having 2 years gap give these sc*mbags opportunity to target new Hindu girls. That was the reason that koran offer them such ridiculous opportunities to demean the grace of womanhood. Shameful to say such teachings can NEVER be teachings of god but anti-god, satan.

Shiah Love Jihad

Shia (Shiya) Stream– In this stream, A Muslim can have s*xual pleasure throughout his life time. If he successfully establishes illicit or forceful s*xual relationship with non-muslim women he is eligible for Sabah. Sabah is an award for the conversion work that has been done by that Muslim to increase muslim population.

Almighty allah will be happy to reward him Jannat (heaven) while offering him 72 Virgin girls. After his death, these girls will serve him as slaves in Jannat. In both the streams, award remained same. So that is the reason how and why after marriage muslim boys treat Hindu or Sikh women as slaves in the disguise of marriage. These muslim men treat non-muslim women as s*x dolls because koran allows them to do so and also fictionally entices them, endless s*xual pleasure after death.


Love Jihad Facts Cases : Muslim men Convert Hindu Girls into Islam

History of Love Jihad (Mughal Terrorism) and Slavery of Hindu Girls

How Mughals Converted Thousands of Hindu Princesses to Promote Love/Shaadi/Sex Jihad

We will take both contexts since the history is divided whether Jodhabai was mother of Salim or his wife. We have ample references justifying both as true. The context of this post to highlight massive incidents of S*x Jihads implemented by S*x addict mughal rulers and koran made them so shamelessly. So we will include both the references which highlight the pain point that Jodhabai was indeed converted into islam.

References from Mewar suggest that it is wrongly populated among Indians that Akbar (1556-1605), the third Mughal invader was married to Jodha Bai, who was a Hindu princess. Akbar grew as a kid in a village in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh while his parents, Humayun and Hamida Begum, were in exile in Persia. [Though as per chronicles maintained by locals, Ain-e-Akbari (page 619), Akbarnama (page 212) and a NCERT’s (National Council of Educational Research and Training) Class XI history book on medieval India by Professor Satish Chandra that: Jodhabai was the daughter of Moteraja Udai Singh and she would have been three years younger than Salim and hence, in no way could she have been his mother. The truth is Jodha was the daughter of Udai Singh of Marwar and was married to Salim, Akbar’s son. Thus, she was Akbar’s daughter-in-law. So, depicting Jodha as Akbar’s wife is not factually incorrect but also insult to relationship among Humans.]

[HB: Whatever the truth be about her relation, anyway, Jodhabai was converted to islam by fanatic mughals that is fully true]

Other references show Jodhabai as Hindu wife of Akbar.

The fanatic kid Akbar’s best friend was kid Ram Singh ( I ) who later became the Maharaja of Rewa.

Being a close of noble Hindu King, did not deter him from the path of terrorism and Akbar was equally barbaric, cruel and wicked mughal and he was not a tolerant ruler as falsely portrayed by leftist historians.

Jodha Bai was the daughter of the Rajput Raja Bharmal (aka Bihar Mal) of Amber. She was also known as Hira Kunwari. She was forcefully converted to Islam and named Mariam Zamani after her marriage with Akbar. The unlettered Akbar whose youthful activity was mainly hunting and fighting, was a devout muslim to begin with, and his conquests of Rajasthan and Gujarat were at the cost of immense bloodshed, killing thousands of Hindu peasants, farmers and workers. Love Jihad with the daughters/sisters of defeated Rajput Kings was also a war strategy of his Jihad. Only two self-pride sensitive Rajput Kings- those of Mewar and Ranthambore- refused matrimonial alliance with Akbar, ready to face any consequence – not sacrificing their daughters/sisters for lustful pleasure of mleccha Akbar.

History of Love Jihad: Hindu Princess Jodhabai converted to Mariam Zamani by Love Jihadi Akbar

Love Jihad to Slavery of Hindu Girls By Mughal Rulers

As per V.S.Gopalakrishnan, Akbar’s virility, with three “chief Queens”, 800 Hindu wives and a harem of 5300 Hindu girls, is not possible, still being devout muslim and promoting agenda of koran to increase muslim population to manifolds in India, he kept marrying girls and maintained 5300 Hindu girls as slaves in his harem – sticking to the teachings of koran, which denigrates non-muslim girls… Very shocking and shameful of him !

For Love Jihad Why and How Akbar Recognized Shia Maulana Over Sunni Maulvi ?

When the fanatic Akbar was following a Sunni islam; He had serious arguments with the Maullana, that he wanted to keep girls for more than 2 years. Being s*x addict and proponent of Love Jihad, he dismissed the Sunni Maulana  and appointed a Shiya Maulvi (muslim cleric) who could justify his demonic acts of death cult, islam.

Mughal History of Love Jihad

The details of love jihadi movements of all mughal invaders are given below:

Akbar married Hira Kunwar who later Converted to Islam (Mariam-Uz- Zumani)

Akbar’s Son Salim wedded to Bhagymati (Daughter of Bhagwn Das, King of Amber), Jagat Gosai( Daughter of Udai Giri, King of Ujjain) and Gobind Kaur ( Daughter, King of Patiala). Salim also had around 838 Hindu girls in his harem. Jagat Gosai was Converted to Islam as Bibi Bilkis Bano, she was a mother of “Khusro”. Later on he became known as Shahjahan.

Akbar married at least three foreigners, one of them a Portuguese and another an Armenian. Not all wives were Queens. He invented a different rule for women of the Court. His own music-loving daughter Meherunnisa (begotten by Queen Daulatabad Begum) fell in love with the Hindu court-musician Tannu Pandey, and Akbar allowed her to marry him after Tannu Pandey underwent conversion from Hinduism to Islam. When Tannu Pandey aka Tansen became muslim, his relatives discarded and deferred all relationships with him as he bought bad name to the Brahmins of the city, Behat, Gwalior. Though Raja Man Singh Tomar gave title of Tansen to Tannu Pandey. Akbar made him Mian Tansen from Tansen, for want of money, shallow respect and daughter of Akbar, Tansen sold his soulful music at the feet of mleccha… that was huge disrespect on the Dhrupad style of singing and sooner he used Dhrupad to sing sufi songs. This is again Love Jihad but reverse way … again evil islam winning this time. Anyway, subsequent to Meherunnisa’s marriage with Tansen which he however did approve after conversion, Akbar issued a warning that no Mughal princess or any girl born into Mughal royalty would thenceforth be allowed to marry which meant that they would only die unwed!

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Love jihad Akbar History: Gruesome Punishments of Akbar to Promote Love Jihad

Akbar was adamant to marry Hindu princess – irrespective of their age, minor or pre-pubescent stage. Akbar once eyed a Hindu girl then he wanted her by any means. Any Hindu King who denied to give his daughter or sister to the Akbar. Akbar used to punish them. He devised a new punishment called Darul-E- Kaadir which means Royal Development. In ancient times, Hindu (Brahmans and Kings) has long hairs and Choti because they practiced Vedic rituals of worship. For punishment, Akbar made them tied up on the wooden plank using their hair locks and lit up that table on which they were made to stand from top and bottom sides.After insulting their tradition, he used to burn hairs first and then their body. Fire easily burnt the entire body as both sides of the table was lit up. It is the Choti of the Hindu King or Brahmin that was the burnt first. Then the entire body. It was done in front of all  Hindu kings even those who agreed to marry their girls to Cruel Akbar.

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Then after this process daughter of those Hindu King were converted to Islam. This process was named Darul-E- Mujmeen meaning purification of kafir by allah. In all such gory acts, allah and mohammed were always there to inspire the fanatic Akbar. These two processes were mercilessly conducted in front of large crowd and Hindu Kings. so that every Hindu girl should marry to terrorist ruler Akbar. Then immediately after islamic processes, she was first sent to Mughal Harem* just to make Akbar s*xually satisfied as he wished to.

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[Mughal Harem – A place allowed in koran for mughal rulers to keep captured women as s*x slaves].

Love jihad Salim History: Salim was a Rape Jihadi like his Father

Following his father’s love jihad leanings, Prince Salim, born to Jodha Bai (as said in other historical accounts), and the third and eldest surviving son of Akbar who took over power on the death of Akbar in 1605. Salim, on accession to the throne, was conferred with the title Jahangir (conqueror of the world) and he ruled from 1605 to 1627. Salim too carries massive forceful conversions of Hindus, massacred thousands of them who were not ready to convert.

In 1585, twenty years before his accession, Salim too in order to attain Sabah and enjoy place in Jannat with 72 virgin girls after death, married his own cousin sister princess Manbhawati Bai of Amber. Manbhawati Bai was the daughter of Raja Bhagwant Das of Amber, who was the brother of Jodha Bai and son of Raja Bharmal. Manbhawati  was Salim’s first wife.

History of Love Jihad: love jihadi saleem converted thousands of Hindu women

But it seem that Salim was not happy with only 72 virgin girls offer given in koran, he wanted to book more s*x slaves in heaven which were to be offered to him by allah for his service in increasing numbers of fearmongers of death cult, islam. So again replicating his father’s legacy, he went on to marry many beautiful Hindu girls from Rajput families one after another. Salim’s third wife and a favourite wife too, was another Hindu, the Princess Manmati who was the daughter of Raja Udai Singh of Jodhpur. This marriage was arranged by Salim’s first wife Manbhawati Bai. Manmati’s real name was Jagat Gosain. Manmati gave birth to Khurram, the future Emperor who was given the title Shah Jahan. This is why, Manbhawati after becoming wife of Salim, converted to islam supported him in his movement of Love Jihad: Manbhawati was interested in getting ba’dukum min ba’d which means you will be treated equally with respect to rewards and at least guaranteed entry into Jannat (heaven).

 Check Love Jihad Is Still Menace For Hindutva Existence and Hindu Girls

Salim, later known as Jahangir, had a harem of 838 women. His 20th wife was the famous Nur Jahan whom he married in 1611 while he was the Emperor. Nur Jahan was a titled name and she was earlier known as Mehrunnisa (not to be confused with Akbar’s daughter Meherunnisa who married Tansen). This Mehrunnisa was the daughter of a Persian Courtier in Akbar’s court, and she was a widow when she married Jahangir, having married earlier Sher Afghan. Being a devout muslim wife, Nur Jahan cleverly made Salim (Jahangir) a drunkard and an addict to drugs, so that she can became the de facto ruler. She used her beauty and wicked ploys to rule the state.

Love Jihad History of Shahjahan: Khurram Was Love Jihadi

Prince Khurram (son of Jahangir and Manmati) who became Shah Jahan, the Emperor, in 1628 married Muslim women, he had 7 wives; he hated Hindu women so he did not married them but kept over 5000 Hindu girls in harem as s*x slaves.

It is well known that Shah Jahan used to have regular s*x with his eldest daughter Jahan Ara. To defend himself, Shah Jahan used to say that, it was the privilege of a planter to taste the fruit of the tree he had planted. While commenting on this matter, Francois Bernier wrote, “Begum Sahiba, the elder daughter of Shah Jahan, was very handsome and of lively parts, and passionately beloved by her father. Public talk has it that his attachment reached a point which it is difficult to believe, the justification of which rests on the decision of Mullahs or the doctors of Islamic law. According to them, it would have been unique to deny the king the privilege of gathering fruits from the tree he had himself planted.”

History of Love Jihad: Love Jihadi Shahjahan was traitor and s*x maniac, he demolished Hindu temple for taj mahal

According to Peter Mundy, another European traveler, Shah Jahan had illicit s*xual relation with his younger daughter Chamni Brgum. According to memoirs of Jahan Ara daughter of Shah Jahan “Jahan Ara always hated her father, she saw Prophet Mohammed in her dreams and thought she could choose the religious path. But at her younger age, she became s*x object of her father, Shah Jahan, The most painful period of her troubled life begins when soon enough her aged father, Emperor Shah Jahan forces her into a s*xual relationship with him, for in his young daughter he finds the image of his dead wife, Mumtaz. In sheer pity and love, she does submit to this ugly assault on her dignity. Shah Jahan r@ped her for several years before r@ping another daughter Chamni Brgum.
(References: Peter Mundy Travelogue, Tavernier’s Travel to India Memoirs and Lyane Guillaume on Jahan Ara’s Persian Memoirs).

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Love Jihad History of Aurangzeb: He was Proponent of Abusing Hindu Women

Aurangzeb who succeeded Shah Jahan in 1658 was the sixth child and third son to the Shah Jahan-Mumtaz jodi. He hated Hindus the most among all cruel rulers from islam and there was no question of him not having Hindu wives.

The Truth Behind Aurangzeb Banning Sati

Terrorist Aurangzeb who hated Hindus the most had Hindu wives too. Aurangzeb wedded to Udeypuri Mahal. She was the daughter of Great Dogra lineage. His second wife’s name was Lal Kunwar, who was the daughter of King of Jaipur. Aurangzeb had muslim wives whom he took less interest. The reasons are obvious to promote love jihad given in koran. So being barbaric and brutal towards Hindus, he kept more than 6000 Hindu girls as slaves in his harem. Aurangzeb also enforced massive conversions of Hindus into death cult islam for a place in Jannat. Being the most wicked, cunning and holocaust ruler, while killing millions of Hindus in his regime, he went step ahead and organized a drive which banned Sati. Aurangzeb ordered murdering of lakhs of  Hindus, which made their Hindu wives lonely and depressed for suicides (Sati); to avoid r@pe, harem and slavery from muslim ruler and their courtiers. Not to loose Hindu wives to death and to keep them alive so as to distribute them as slaves among his soldiers and servants for his harem; he (aurangzeb) started a unique practice of capturing wives first then killing their husbands so that victimized wives can be used for s*x slavery. That was the reason why he banned Sati.

History of Love Jihad: Aurangzeb converted Hindu princesses

Keeping their Hindu husbands alive along with their children would have been great service to the mankind but Aurangzeb following koran proved to be a curse to the mankind and innocent Indians.

Love Jihadi aurangzeb thought he was doing great service to koran; but little did he knew that he was doing most inhumane acts while paving path for rotting in hell till eternity. How can a god allow such evil practice ? .. Is islam or koran really words of god ???

India being birth place of Hindus; Hindus were most affected by the love jihadi movements of all Mughal Rulers.

Terrorist Tipu Sultan was Love Jihadi but Preferred Killing Hindu Women After S*xual Assault

Though he was a love jihadi and fond of converting hundreds of Hindu girls, Tipu Sultan had varied interests in s*xual encounters; it also throws light on the retarded mentality of a barbarian.

Evil Tipu not only converted Hindu women but he did not even spare eunuchs (hijras), he has the distinction of converting most hijras for s*xual pleasures compared to his contemporaries.

Hindu princesses were forcibly inducted into the Mysorean Harem especially from the principality of Coorg and the Palegars of Chitradurga.

taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang

Tipu never threw handkerchief on selection of a woman like his french counterparts, this love jihadi was bit different from his allies, he communicated to his chief minister the preference he intended. And the minister officially made known his master’s choice to the lady, who was forced to accept the order irrespective of her consent.

History of Love Jihad: eunuch love jihadi tipu sultan was tyrant, cruel and barbarian mughal invader

Captain Thomas Marriott, was placed in charge of the Harem or ‘Slave Women’s Quarters’ after Seringapatam fell. He recorded that he found there 333 of Tipu’s women, including servants and 268 of Haidar’s, as well as some eunuchs. The composition of Tipu’s harem reflected like in all other matters, his universal and diversified interests. The women came from near and far. There were daughters of local families, as well as Turks, Georgians, Persians and women from places as Arcot, Tanjore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Among the high caste Hindu women of the harem listed by Marriott were 2 sisters of the Raja of Coorg, a niece of Purnaiya and 3 ladies related to the Wodeyars Rajas of Mysore.

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George V. Valentia in “Voyages and Travels’, actually visited the Seringapatam palace following Tipu’s death and noted that each lady furnished her apartment ‘according to the fashion of her country’. Eunuchs were also guards for teen girls who had entered the harem at a very young age, all being muslims by birth or after being converted to Islam. Here young age means permission granted by koran to have pedoph!le acts with pre-pubescent girls below age 13. Mohammed himself practiced this act in his life [Reference: BukariWedlock, Marriage (Nikaah) Bukhari :: Book 7 :: Volume 62 :: Hadith 64 Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was SIX years old and he consummated his marriage when she was NINE years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death].

How Tyrant Tipu Sultan Carried Atrocities on Hindus and Increased Women in his Harem

From ‘A Voyage to the East Indies’ by Fra Barthoelomeo, a renowned Portuguese traveller and historian, who was present in Tipu’s war zone in early 1790:

“First a corps of 30,000 barbarians who butchered everybody on the way … followed by the field gun unit under the French commander, M. Lally. Tipu was riding on an elephant behind which another army of 30 000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged with their children tied to necks of mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christian and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces.”

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Vatakkankoor Raja Raja Varma writes- “There was no limit as to the loss the Hindu temples suffered due to the military operations of Tipu Sultan(in Kerala). Burning down the temples, destruction of the idols installed therein and also cutting the heads of cattle over the temple deities were the cruel entertainments of Tipu Sultan and his equally cruel army. It was heartrending even to imagine the destruction caused by Tipu Sultan in the famous ancient temples of Thalipparampu and Thrichambaram. The devastation caused by this new Ravana”s barbarous activities has not yet been fully rectified.”

Curse of Love Jihad Victims: Fire of love jihad encapsulated most of the mughal invaders

History of Love Jihad: Fact is women sex slavery led to demise of terrorist tipu sultan

So what do the original sources tell us about Tipu? Excerpts from Tipu’s letters as researched by the distinguished Kerala historian K. M. Panicker, which he reviewed in the Bhasha Poshini magazine, August 1923:

1. Letter dated March 22, 1788, to Abdul Kadir: “Over 12,000 Hindus were honoured with Islam. There were many Namboodri Brahmins among them. This achievement should be widely publicised among the Hindus. Then the local Hindus should be brought before you and converted to Islam. No Namboodri Brahmin should be spared. ”

2. Letter dated December 14, 1788, to his army chief in Calicut: ” I am sending two of my followers with Mir Hussain Ali. With their assistance, you should capture and kill all Hindus. Those below 20 may be kept in prison and 5000 from the rest should be killed from the tree-tops. These are my orders.”

3. Letter dated January 18, 1790, to Syed Abdul Dulai: ” …almost all Hindus (men and women) in Calicut are converted to Islam. I consider this as Jihad (terrorism).” [HB: Terrorist Tipu followed all evil teachings of islam to wage jihad (terrorism)].

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After conducting these atrocities, Tipu ordered to keep all unmarried women age below 20 in his harem. Young boys were turned into eunuchs; some were kept as guards others were made to fulfill his lustful wishes. So all terrorist muslim invaders not only killed Hindus but toyed with the grace of womanhood using their disgusting hilts. History teaches us that love jihad prescribed in koran for muslims has to be stopped as it is inhumane act and disrespects Vedic culture of treating women with high dignity and esteem.

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Love Jihad Cases: Fact is Quran teach to kill, rape a non-muslim Hindu woman/girl

Modern Love Jihadis of India Following Mughal History

Now Shariah Khan, Aamir Khan, and Mohd. Azharuddin are shamelessly enacting evil practices of these muslim invaders.
Darul-E- Mujmeen meaning purification of kafir by allah is internalized by each muslim since childhood. Few of the Hindu girls after being fooled and bluffed are now supporting these Jihadis to promote Love Jihad among rest of the Hindu girls. Hindus need to rise, get united and retaliate this anti-Hindu movement to islamize India.

Hindus converted to islam are more dangerous as they blindly follow all evil teachings of anti-god allah to do inhumane acts and decimate Hindu population.

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Love Jihad Facts: Stop happening of Love Jihad cases to Stop Islamization of India

How Love Jihad is Executed By Neighbourhood Muslims

Love Jihad INFOGRAPHIC: How Neighbourhood Muslims Trap Hindu Sisters, Daughters for Love Jihad
[1] Parents busy in their chores [2] Hindu girl in anti-Hindu convent education [3] Muslim girl preys and traps Hindu girl into friendship [4] Muslim friend introduces to Muslim terrorist (He guises as a decent man, deceptively hiding his evil intentions) [5] Slowly he gets close to her, develops physical (sexual) relationship with Hindu girl, video tapes for blackmailing her then introduces to his family who again slyly and falsely project as moderate muslim family – HINDU GIRL JUMPS INTO HELL FIRE AND CONVERTS TO TERRORISM CULT ISLAM. A womb of Islamic Terrorism breeder is ready.

How Rape/Sex Trade Jihad or Conversion Jihad is Executed

How Rape Jihad Sex Trade and Conversion Jihad Executed By Common Muslims

Open Promotion of Love Jihad by Film Industry

Ruination of Indian Film Industry by Muslims

Indian film industry was infiltrated by muslims across all sectors, particularly, in defining roles; writers, actors and lyricists. These mlecchas blatantly promote mazar bhakti in media and movies to mentally condition Hindu girls and boys towards pathetic islamic rituals.

How these muslims contributed to spread love jihad and intellectual terrorism in subtle manner to decimate Hindu ethos and culture?

Writers: All the movies written by muslim story writers made fun of Hindu gods, they scripted movie characters debating with Hindu gods, mocking the pandits, deriding Hindu priests, making fun of Hindu culture – in fact the extent of denigration was so extreme that these muslim writers glorified urdu dialogues while ridiculed (pure Hindi/Telugu/Tamil) language in their movies.

You might find several memorable characters in Hindi/Telugu/Tamil movies wherein the character speaking pure Hindi/Telugu/Tamil dialogues is deemed as a joker; openly mocking indigenous Indian languages while glorifying urdu or local sadakchap dialect.

Love Jihad Cases/Facts: Submission to Anti-Hindu Derogatory Scenes - Dialogues in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Movies is Islamizing Youth Minds of Bharat.

This was a ploy to demean Indian language at the cost of glorification of pathetic foreign languages of Arab origin or dialects developed by islamists. Common Hindus blindfolded with western mode of living, allowed this intellectual terrorism to happen, by the time they realized, it was too late.

Love Jihad Promotion: How Muslim Sai Baba is Promoted as Gods in Movies to Trap Hindus

Love Jihad cases/facts: Anti-Hindu Hindi Bollywood promote Love Jihadi activities

[ Read also Gandhi and his Pigheadedness to Thrust Quranic Terms on Hindus

Actors: Terrorist dawood controlled Hindi film industry, started promoting muslim people on prominent roles in movies. Muslims were never regarded as clean, decent or polite people due to their unclean standard of living, unpatriotic upbringing, staunch leaning towards terror manual Quran and hatred towards non-muslims – who can forget celebration of young and old muslims in their majority areas, whenever pakistan won cricket matches.

Terrorist dawood wanted to change this mindset under guidance from wahabi maulanas, to project muslims as handsome, romantic and friendly, this could be only done if effective and penetrative medium like cinema is utilized to the fullest potential. That’s how Hindi film industry got infiltrated with muslim actors in the leading roles. Then Hindu boys and girls were fed with fake propaganda sub-consciously, of projecting muslims as **true lovers and patriots in all romantic movies (far from truth as they never chant Vande Mataram and treat Hindus as their enemies following verses of koran). The modus operandi worked, it saw huge surge in love jihad by manifolds, continues till today.

Mind conditioning of Hindu girls by falsely painting ugly muslims as larger than life heroes is detrimental for culture of Bharat and Hinduism. None of the so called heroes Aamir, Shahrukh or Salman have masculine build and feature. They are midgets with big faces and fat lips.

Most of the KHANS are true proponents of Love Jihad, to promote farce muslims as lover boys, in the minds of Hindu girls sub-consciously. While the fact is, midget khans does not even have fully grown physique of a man. All are shorter than average Indians, have fat lips and look crap if seen without makeup however promotions, PRO exercise, makeovers and glorification by dawood funded people from Hindi cinema industry established them as popular actors.

Movies and tele-serials on Sai Baba was created to invoke impractical themes like Fakir acche hai, Bhaichara and Allah Malik Hai among gullible Hindus. A meat eater, drug addict and marijuana smoking muslim was promoted as a God. Criminal Sai Baba was not even a normal human being but he was popularised as Saint and God by media. Most of the love jihad victims of muslim terrorists are children of Sai Bhakt parents. Sai Bhakti is complete submission and inclination towards normalisation of islamic rites and rituals. Shirdi Sai Mandir is not a Samadhi (willful death) but a rotten body tomb (death from disease) of Chand Miya with a statue. It is purely islamic practice to pay respect to mazar.

**(update: which was opposite to the true character of every muslim in India who want India to be islamized and Hindus to be their slaves as they think Terrorists Aurangzeb, Taimur, Tipu and Akbar are their true ancestors while protector of Indian states like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap are their enemies. Jihadi Saif Ali Khan named his son Taimur who was murderer of millions of Hindus and got thousands of Hindu girls raped by his looter brigade. No muslim actor or lyricist in India respect Indian culture or sentiment of Hindus, they all are Jihadi muslims first and are Indian citizens only to mint money through their farce fame)

Lyricists: True to their service to islam, muslim lyrisicts promoted urdu words in songs. All the songs written by muslim lyricists removed indigenous Indian words, instead they were replaced by hundreds of urdu terms like khudaaee, khuda, allah, dil, mohabbat, salaam, ishq, dua, kaafir, iqraar, jaam, tanhai, humsafar, judai, ulfat, etc. While local language has many better terms than these non-native, corrupt urdu terms. Remember urdu/arabi has thousands of words taken directly from Sanskrit/Hindi so why we follow and recite bastard language, why not original Sanskrit/Hindi terms are used.

That is how sub-consciously urdu terms were gulped down the throat of Hindus. Erstwhile movies had more bhajans and patriotic songs with Hindi lyrics which got replaced by romantic songs and urdu terms to promote islamic thoughts among Indians. Recall yourself – how many local movies have bhajans, patriotic songs in last 25 years, compared to the decades preceding it!!!

Women were made entertainment items by muslim lyricists, who lustly wrote about physical features of a woman unlike Hindi kavitas or songs that always projected female as maa, prakriti and janani. This led to decimation of culture and nowadays, women are shown as dance number items in movies. What a shameful fall…promoted by islamists, while themselves they veil their women and prey non-muslim women!!!

Solution: Whatever damage is done is not reversible. Indian youth is almost hypnotized to a thought that he or she should have a partner in college or life before marriage thanks to the corrupt stories, songs promoted by islamists. Hardly we find among Indian youth – first love for motherland then parents and then for their lover. Nothing is lost yet. The solution lies with us. The only solution is to ban watching movies of muslims actors and directors. Instead Hindus should unitedly create, promote and watch regional movies which glorifies Indian culture, promotes patriotism and dignifies womanhood with respect.

Love Jihad: Recent Hindu Victims Killed/Raped by Muslim Terrorists

Love Jihad Cases: Hindu women killed by Muslim - Start castrating testicles of muslim men who involve in love jihad

List of Indian Muslims: Love Jihadis Promoting Islamization of Bharat

There are thousands of them in different sectors of professional life. However most impactful are the jihadis associated with education, media, movies and television Industry. They set narratives to promote jihad and trap Hindu girls.

Muslim men in lure of farce Jannat and also the award of inhumane Sabah as suggested in fictional koran, involve in love jihad drive. Education and literacy never change their fanatic leanings.

1. Salim Khan (Father of Salman Khan)- Susheela thakur.
2. Mohd. Azharuddin- Sangeeta Bijalni
3. Sohail Khan (Brother of salman khan)- Seema Walia
4. Talat Mahmood (Famous Singer)- Latika Mullick converted to Nasreen
5. Akbar Ahmad Dumpi (BSP MP)- Naina Balsaver
6. Aamir Khan – 1st wife: Reena Dutt 2nd wife: Kiran Rao
7. Indrani Vajpyyee(Miss india of 1956)- Muzzfar Rehman
8. Kabir Khan – Mini Mathur (Mtv VJ)
9. Shahid Mirza (Editor of very famous daily Newspaper)- Varsha Bhambani
10. Amazad ali Khan (Musician)- Shubh Laxmi
12. Shahkeel Ahmed- Amrita arora
13. Shahrukh Khan – Gauri Chhibba
14. Haider Khan (Cousin Of aamir khan)- Esha Grover
15. Kamar Ahmed ( Fmr JC of Mumbai Police)- Megha Kothari
16. Jaya Bhattachrya – Nasimuddin ahmed
17. Nawab ali patudi- Sharmila Tagore
18. Sunidhi Chauhan- Ismile khan
19. Mohsin Khan(Pakistani Cricketer) – Reena Roy
20. Mahmood Mamdani (Columbia University professor) – Meera Nair
21. Sayyed Shanawaz (BJP MP)- Renu Sharma
22. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (VP- BJP)- Bharti Narayan
23. Feroz Khan – Sundari
24. Shakeel Ahmed (Cong MP) – Anuradha Chaudhary
25. Umar Abdullah- Payal
26. Hyder- Suhasini [CNNs Chief India correspondent)
27. Mohsin ali – Subhashini Mukherjee
28. Aruna sharma converted to Asaf ali
29. Sharbani Mukherjje- Salim Khan
30. Saif Ali Khan – Amrita Singh and Kareena Kapoor

31… 32 … 33….10000’s of our Hindu sisters residing next to your neighborhood is to be saved from becoming next of the names in the list. It is not shocking to know that more than 50% of the muslim men from the above list later divorced their Hindu wives to get Sabah following ritual of  Nikah- E- Mutah as long as they wanted. This further proves that so called educated muslim men use farce, deception and soft talk to lure Hindu women only later to dump them. If Hindu girls are seriously interested in maintaining their freedom, dignity, self-respect and esteem, then they should stay away from muslim men and women. Otherwise, muslims will abuse them physically and mentally only to leave their lives in shatters. There are thousands of examples wherein muslim men made prostitutes out of love jihad victims. BEWARE and LEARN from History or Perish. Future lies in our own hands. Spread the truth and share the post with maximum Hindu sisters and brothers possible.
taharrush in India - Save Hindu girls from muslim grooming gang
Love Jihad Cases: Stop islamization of India - Kill/Punish Love Jihadi Muslims

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      14)ZOhra saigal married to kamleshwarnath saigal
      15)mumtaz married to Mayur Madhvani

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    8. as holy books cannot be revived WITH new version as window7 to window10 updated, the only way is to change your view .If holy books are god saying through messanger than god cannot discriminate in case of marriage. If muslim boy can marry nonmuslim girl then muslim girls should be allowed to marry nonmuslim boys that is to change mind set. This is the only way for one religion to except other religion. Although holy book is followed as it is, followers have. mordernised or else they should leave as people leavd1500 yrs back. l

    9. Yes with love jihad muslim extremists lure Hindu girls so that innocent Hindu girls love muslim men. In most cases Muslim men are already married and use Hindu girls as slaves. islam is evil so what you people can do ???

    10. gaurav.punj says:

      my Facebook friend Prince Owais and just good friend on Facebook but he add me i didn’t Notice what’s his religion but later i got he is Indian muslim (Muslim Indian boy and age is 19 years and lived in UP but now in Mumbai for study and Hostel, his father job at Saudi Arabia and Price Owais’s have girlfriend she is Hindu Brahman girl and lived in Delhi now in Mumbai same study with him… they both love too much and he had s*x with her with condoms maybe,,….. he told me…
      on June month Roza day (Eid day is coming) ..they both eat at Restaurant and paid bill only hindu brahman girl or sometime prince too he told me.
      im not friend with her..i dont have connect with her… but i have seen her real pic.. he sent me her real pic..
      but he and his GF not talks about religion.. she visit hindu temple with him but he didnt visit inside temple… he was stayed at outside at hindu temple…..

      Love Jihad Prince Owais..

      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        First you say they do not talk about religion then you say that this b*st*rd mulla does not visit Hindu temple. So what is the logic of them NOT TALKING about religion. He is a muslim first and Jihadi and then a lover. He will definitely convert our Hindu sister.

        Instead of retelling the Love Jihadi activity of this love jihadi, what else you did. Remember, if we all keep quiet waiting for someone to douse the fire of love jihad, it will one day reach our neighborhood. We all need to be proactive. If you are true Hindu then please email details of his profile to supportwebsite @ hotmail.com.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. gaurav.punj says:

          he add me last year 2014 year seems he’s indian..we just talks each other not religion talks (being humanity talks) after but his GF is 4 months old ( April 2015) …he told me i have GF i said ok good one.. after he sent me Selfie pics with him and his GF
          after i wasn’t asked her religion… i just think she’s muslim… after i just said to him ” is she muslim” he said nope she’s brahmin hindu girl
          me: oh hindu girl..
          he: yes
          me: tume use mat panga le religion ke baare mai
          he: nope i love her .. i care her… i respect her
          me: oh good… being humanity ?
          he : yes..
          me: good… don;t talks about religions
          he: dude, u know she missed me. we talks video call.. she missed me .. she cry for me ( that time she’s was delhi and he was in mumbai

          ok.. i can send screen shot pic of message conversation to you….????

          1. Gaurav ji, Pl send profile link

    11. please see the website interfaithxxx.com to know the full extent of love jehad.

    12. love jihaad in kerala during 2009-2012 .
      Sr No.Name of the discrits No of Cases Rescued
      incidents registered
      1 Thiruvananthapuram 216 26 6
      2 Kollam 98 34 7
      3 Alappuzha 78 22 6
      4 Pathanamthitta 87 36 11
      5 Idukki 156 18 9
      6 Kottayam 116 46 13
      7 Ernakulam 228 52 26
      8 Trissur 102 41 19
      9 Palakkad 111 19 9
      10 Malappuram 412 88 31
      11 Kojhikode 364 92 29
      12 Kannur 312 106 27
      13 Kasargode 586 123 68
      The table shows that the number of girls converted in this way was 2876. But only 705 cases were registered. Kasargod tops the list of Jihadi conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police. Central investigation agencies have received information that 4000 such girls all over India who have been converted under Love-Jihad are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations. Official statistics say that about 8 girls are reported missing under suspicious circumstances everyday in Kerala and this is the reason for their growing anxiety and fear of the parents of those girls. Based on the statistics of the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police, Kochi’s National University of Advanced Legal Studies carried out a study in which it was found that the number of girls missing from Kerala was 2167 in 2007 and 2530 in 2008. Many believe that the actual number may be much higher than the numbers registered. The activities of Love Jihadis became more aggressive in Kerala in 2006. This led to the sudden increase in women and young girls disappearing from Kerala. According to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, up to 4,500 girls in Kerala have been targeted, whereas Hindu Janajagriti Samiti claimed that 30,000 girls have been converted in Karnataka alone.Jihadi Romeos promise to marry unsuspecting young girls within 6 months if they convert to Islam and take and dump these girls in the conversion centers. These girls are subjected to various tortures for weeks in these conversion centers. There is information that these girls are shipped from the unmanned coasts of Kochi, Kozhikode, etc., to Mangalore, Goa, Chennai, Lakshadweep, from where they are taken abroad. Many of these girls are believed to be taken to the Gulf countries under the false pretence of a job and forced into prostitution once they reach there.

      1. Radhe Radhe Don Ji,

        Only unity of non-muslims can curb this menace. And to start with Hindus should fight the love jihad aggressively – wherever love jihadi is found luring, eloping, forcing, abducting any of our Hindu sisters and daughters, we should publicly thrash him to almost death. We have to set examples so that these mlecchas know, how Hindus have become pro-active in defending their dharma.

        Whenever there is retaliation, these mlecchas (muslims) never mis-dare to repeat their antics. History and present aggression have taught us that retaliation is the best defence to deal with these mlecchas (muslims).

        When a Hindu girl is forcibly converted to anti-Vedic, satanic islam – it means loss of five generation of Hindus and new breeder of terrorists. We loose at least 4 Hindus and we have to face at least 8 to-be terrorists from satanic islam. Offensive Retaliation is the only positive solution to stop islamization of India and world and to the world from the terrorism menace.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    13. babahindustani says:

      Accurately stated, this is exactly what’s happening in Bollywood, Salim Khan has harem in plain sight so does his son following in his fathers and his islamic ancestors. They don’t want or care for marriage, its just s*x and breeding, seduce with and keep them as s*x slaves with violence. Salman tried and failed with Ash she escaped and so did Katrina. Also to be in his good books Emperor of low IQ cinema in Hindustan one has to offer p**** slave. Eg: Sajjid Khan brother of Farrah Khan had to offer up his Jaqui Fernandes to be in his good books. Ganesh Acharya fell out of favor and wasn’t getting any work in the industry so he had to offer Daisy Shah his girlfriend to Sallu now he is back in business. They should not be allowed to marry anyone and also preferably castrated and stop them from breeding. All s*x before marriage, g*y and l*****n themes are actively promoted by this cult. The reason is they actually live like this, this is their Arab heritage, f*** man, woman and child and throw in a camel for good measure. Hate filled cult has no redeeming qualities of all the religions in the world. Please don’t say Sufi this or that, its a virulent cult a stream of Sunni Islam who look for Allah under heavy influence of drugs like opium and are known to actively seduce young boys hence they roam around in large groups of only men who are all h*m* or bi.

    14. Could not agree more. Islam is not religion but death cult and curse for women.

      1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Its already proved that Islam is nothing but authority to men and slavery to women. Islam allows illicit relationships. Moderate Muslims are more dangerous than radical Muslims. if Muslim Population increases, then Moderate Muslims will also become radical. Indian Muslims are the most dangerous muslims because India gave freedom to Muslims to rape and kill Non Muslims. Politics are dirty in India. Atleast some Pakistani Muslims turned into Atheists but Indian Muslims show too much hatred on Hindus.

    15. Vishal Kulkarni says:

      Instead of doing so much research and trying to change laws for other communities, Hindu groups should do what can easily be done i.e. Change Hindu Marriage Act which I feel is a conspiracy to restrict Hindu population. When once community can freely practice polygamy why should the Hindu citizens face criminal charges for 2nd marriages. The rate of Divorce will also go down this way. I feel all the Hindu organizations 1st try to make polygamy legal for Hindus, I have come across Hindu people who take reference from mythology (Dashrath from Ramayan and Lord Krishna) to mention that what they did (multiple marriages) is legally incorrect and their faith is now not allowing to worship the Hindu gods. What happened 300-400-800 years ago has happened and done enough damage, but the damage done by Hindu Marriage Act 1954 is the most serious and in long term the results would be very shocking. Hope this is a right forum to write this.

    16. what kind of nonsense is this!! seriously..?????
      muslims spit on the glasses of water that they provide to non-muslims??? Oh pls…c’mon..such hindu-muslim cases happen very rarely in india and if a person loves another person with heart, they deserve each other. No matter whichever God it is… I’m sure that He will join them together for life..the only restriction is they have to follow their own religions.

      1. Shame on you Sherin (Shaymahabeeb) for considering the evil act of muslims spitting on water and offering to non-muslims as rare incident. Infact such incidents SHOULD NEVER happen.
        In case of love jihad – where in Hindu girls are lured to marry wicked muslim guys by muslim family by any which means is pathetic and farce act of increasing population of muslims by illicit means. First muslims infest their population while practising polygamy then they also lure girls of non-muslims, so that non-muslim population is under control. Such two pronged approach cannot make the world peaceful place to stay with the advancement of muslim population because muslims are taught to hate non-muslims (kafirs) in koran and world cannot remain a noble place for all. So decimation of cult islam is only way forward for world peace.
        Muslims never love non-muslim girls, they use them as s*x objects and slaves – history and present have proven this umpteen times.
        Two humans deserve to love each other but not to love beasts (muslims), muslims will become human again if they renounce islam and evil koran till then they continue to hate Hindus, Christians, non-muslims and Buddhists.
        You people should introspect before sweet talking deceitfully about love and togetherness – Why Hindus and Christians are killed, tortured, r@ped and their temples bombed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and other majorly populated muslim places – because these muslims hate Hindus and Christians from the core of their heart due to evil teachings of koran. Do not sit in bangalore and preach visit pakistan and raise your voice against muslims who hate Hindus and Christians.
        Google “Why Hindus Should Never Trust Muslims ?” to know truth.
        Google “164 Jihad Poisonous Verses in the Koran”

      2. if that is the case then why do Muslims make them convert?

      3. Amit Chaudhary says:


      4. Abey chusthunte Sherin.. Muslim londe are just alive to have s*x .. they don’t have any respect. towards women.. they just want sex.. sab Muslim mad*arch*dh hai. now it’s time for our hindu brothers to rise up and marry muslim girls. And we. Hindus respect women .. we marry not just for s*x. But we respect their decisions.. Muslim people will brutally punished. To have more wives is a help for the allah? What type of shi*t is This? Lo*da Allah l*wda beliefs

        [ Editor’s note: Do not use abusive terms as this is also a dharmic site ]

        1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Even we cannot trust the present government regarding the protection of Hindu Community. Hindu Girls should stop visiting Dargahs, Mazars and worship goddess Parvathi and her incarnations. Our Hindu Girls should stop Secularism and start becoming Hindutva Force to Kill Jihadis. Hindu Girls should castrate muslim boys if he comes either to love propose or touching so that none of the Muslim boy can think of producing Terrorists.

      5. Kurban Alam says:


      6. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        India is the place where you muslims get freedom to cheat non muslims because of the pathetic constitution. If Hindus take up arms and weapons and start civil war, Your Muslim Community will end.

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