Ramayana proofs evidences: scientific, archaeological, monuments in India Sri Lanka

Ramayan did happen in Treta Yug, where dharma was standing on three legs – cleanliness, truthfulness, and kindness. There are various places, artifacts and monuments which are living proofs of occurrences of Ramayan incidents.

These proofs are present in places that were part of Bharat Varsha and then ancient India subcontinent. They prove existence of Ramayan monumentally. To know Ram Setu Controversy click here.

Ramayana Evidences: Ramayan Proofs – Scientific, Archaeological and Monumental

Ramayana Proofs, It Happened in India Thousands of Years Ago

There are more than 1068 materials in the form of places, temples, artifacts, monuments and structures that prove Ramayana actually happened and its part of real history of India, ancient name Bharat Varsh (that extended from west side iran, iraq, afghanistan to east side tibet, cambodia including entire Indian subcontinent)

Like Mahabharat, the evidences of Ramayan was carved on stones so it was impossible to be removed by evil forces who invaded Bharat.

Ramayana Evidence and Proof: Background of Historic Ramayan Becoming Mythological Ramayana

Being invaded by terrorist Mughals for over 180 years, then terrorist Britishers for over 200 years, the history and ecosystem of India was contaminated – foreign genociders and invaders looted India off her culture, history, heritage and prosperity to impose their farce fabricated abrahamic beliefs on the natives, while they were robbing India (Bharat) and sending wealth of temples to middle eastern countries and Britain.

history of buddhist terrorism fake god goddess created by Ashoka

Mughals conducted atrocities on Indians, killing millions of them, enforcing religious conversions. There were only 1200 tent dwelling muslims who first entered India. It was a huge blunder of Hindu Raja Dahir to grant them refugee status. Later the same set of beggar muslims started looting and killing local people and went on to annex some parts of India majorly due to forceful conversions of Hindus into uncivilized Muslims, thereby also demolishing over 60,000 major temples and over 10 lakh small temples across India. While over 600 most famous temples were converted into Mosques as mentioned in Badshah Nama of Aurangzeb and other islamic genociders, revered as biography by mughal sympathizers or terrorist muslims. But still they were unsuccessful in making entire Indian population islamic due to native defiance and later their clout was dismantled by the rise of Hindu Maratha empire.

Britishers invoked divide and rule policies among Hindus by sub-divisions and creation of Portuguese originated caste system. The entrepreneurial Varna Ashram was falsely propagated as caste system. The affluent Jaati Economy that made Bharat richest amongst all nations and made her known as Jewel of the world was destroyed by falsely promoting corrupt caste system. Jaati is not caste. Jaati is identity and skill set of one of the sub-sects of Sanatan Dharmiks who believe in Bhagwan, Karma, Kul Devi, Kul Devta, native culture and their teachings. They also revere Adi Parashakti in different forms of village goddesses unlike abrahamic cults who concocted Divine energy to mortal male forms – one man figure entity or fake messengers, to create controlled slaves to rule over masses. Women were disregarded and reduced to sex slavery.

Though mughals documented their atrocities on Hindus in their biographies and tales as if they were their achievements and Jihad victory over kafirs, Britishers were more cunning, wicked and clever, they instead changed the history of Indians, they first did this by inciting wrong theories of fake Aryan Invasion in India and propagated several anti-civilizational concocted theories through greedy well-wishers and paid historians. These Britishers prioritized destruction of libraries, literature and native culture of Bharat. Scientific Hindu culture was deemed as superstitious belief system while their manmade recent cult was promoted as modern culture.

Recreation of Fabricated History and Education to Convert Itihaasa into Mythology

Britishers bribed dhimmi traitors and recreated history of India (fake aryan invasion theory was part of this major concocted propaganda). Then, they started drilling self-confidence of Indians by developing hatred, inferiority complex and self-loathing feelings towards their culture, river, cow and dharmic traditions. They had some success in invoking self-humiliation syndrome among major Hindu politicians and leaders. This shook the foundation of Hindu ethos and still can be seen among all Hindu politicians of today. Though most of the common Hindus even today feel proud about their Sanatan Vedic roots. Politicians do not. No proud Hindu politician would bow to any muslim or commit forgery of comparing humanity hater Allah with Universal Bhagwan. Allah is not fit to be compared to even common Sadhus who work selflessly for humanity. Comparing this evil entity with Bhagwan is a heinous sin. This false comparison can be stopped, the moment historical Ramayan is considered as itihaas and all monuments are protected.

Usage of words like mythology should be stopped to invoke sense of pride among Hindus. However, modern day politicians are Pisachas and Kaalnemis, they visit Hindu temples only to garner Hindu votes but never work towards safety of Hindu women and men. Imposters never save Hindus, they will pose as Hindus to backstab them later. The far reaching islamization policies of all govts of India till today has roots to British formed fake caste system and dhimmification of entire political system. Not a single political party in India is working for resurrection and safety of Hindu culture and existence. That is why each Hindu must revere his or her village deity and goddess. And personally visit all of the Shaktipeethas and Jyotirlingas. They must consider their itihaas as truthful roots to their existence and identity.

The bigger the imposter politician, better is his or her act to pose as a Hindu devotee. Grand coverage in media is given to their temple visits and statements. This deceitful trait is seen in central and all state level politicians. Though not a single politician in Bharat ever worked against christian, neo buddhism or islamic conversion activities. If they were genuinely Hindus, they would have stopped all conversions, promoted Hindu culture and not used Hindu temples to rob money like british or mughal terrorists. But there is not a single devoted Hindu politician in Bharat today.

In guise of business expansion and global investments in India, terrorist Britishers started educating Indians in english and corrupt western culture; slowly replacing daily used regional terms with english words – while communicating with natives. They almost destroyed literatures of Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali and many languages that local people felt proud about. The emergence of Hindu Brahmin hatred movement in so-called Dalit uprising and Southern part of Bharat has roots to same abrahamic ideology of hating Dharmic Hindus. Dalit word itself is foreign origin. This word was given by Christian missionaries to create division among Hindus. Later slyly British historians attributed this ‘Dalit’ term creation to their paid agent Phule (crypto christian). The same Phule who hated Hindu deities and itihaas but used same itihaas to shamelessly create his own history around them. He devised a fake theory that Mahabali appeared as a Christ and had dispatched British soldiers to kill Hindus. Like Ambedkar, he also openly supported his paying masters, terrorist Britishers. Phule openly advocated genocide of Hindus. The same fabricated caste system formed basis of new islamization propaganda – Pasmanda muslims movement.

Another Hindu hater Gandhi tried to downplay ‘Dalit’ word with his own creation of term ‘Harijan’ but he failed miserably. Because British media promoted Dalit term to further divide Hindus and conduct their conversion mission.

Migration of Hindus from local language to english education system corrupted their mindset deeming itihaas as mythology by subconsciously brainwashing them.

Hindus were fed catholic bribes through english missionaries by offering free education (but only in english) and food; the condition was to first get converted to Christianity and enjoy state benefits of Britishers.

Some Indians easily fell prey to britishers, who were already very poor due to atrocities of terrorist mughals, specific to only Hindus (anti-human laws like jizya tax, sharia laws, dhimmi haram, imam halal, offering Hindu women to rulers and muslim cleric for rape and slavery*) as prescribed in koran.

[Slavery* – Quran in Sura 23:5-6 says: [Most certainly true believers] . . . guard their private parts scrupulously,  except with regard to their wives and those who are legally in their possession (slaves), for in that case they shall not be blameworthy. (Sayyid Abul A’La Maududi, The Meaning of the Quran, vol. 3, p. 237)]

Its documented by mughals that they were able to loot over trillions of worth of mudras on yearly basis, which was used in promoting islam and built mosques, tombs thereby demolishing temples.

Both mughals and britishers were able to damage some of the important documented proofs but no human can change geographical proofs as it was not scripted by humans but actual Vedic Gods.

Terrorist Britishers did call itihaas as mythology in their education system but even their so-called Gods had no power to remove MONUMENTAL PROOFS of Ramayan that we will read further in this article.

Scientists which ignored facts supporting fake theories of britishers after knowing truth acknowledged that those were gods (or some called them ancient aliens to hide their embarrassment) who secured India before mughals and britishers – a positive step forward – when they were unable to disapprove geographical proofs formed by gods themselves. After accepting theory of Universal Consciousness of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, few scientists among Ancient Alien believers are now embracing existence of Vedic Hindu Gods. From denial to ancient aliens to Vedic gods, some of these scientists have come long way.

Ramayana Evidences and Proofs in Sri Lanka

Ramayan Monumental Proof: Non-Indian, Lankan View to Ascertain Proof of Ramayan

There are thousands of much better proofs with facts in India that suggest that Ramayan occured, we purposely thought to give neutral proof from a country, where books mention Ramanayana as part of their ancient History. This neutral point of view is taken to revoke ignorance of skeptics. Lets move to Sri Lanka: The image below has one huge rock whose mysterious shape cannot be compared to any sculpture around the world and its proven by archeologists that its fully natural and not carved,  is called Cobra Hooded Cave as it has its shape like a Cobra. The tradition states that Sita was held in captivity here. There are many pre-historic drawings on its ceiling. There is a distinct link between Sita and the cave and in it the following is inscribed, ‘Parumaka naguliya lene’. It would have been inscribed after Rawana’s period but positively it has a connection to Sita’s stay in this cave, as the word ‘naguliya’ refers to Sita. According to Indian history, Sita’s foster father King Janaka named her Sita, as she was found on the line of a ploughshare. [Refer Sir Mornier Williams Sanskrit – English Dictionary page 1218 Column 2] Raksha maidens called her Naguli, as she was born off the ploughshare. The most significant feature of the Rock was the Lion flight of steps leading to the palace garden on top. Of the Lion’s entrance all that what’s left now is the two huge paws and a heap of brickwork that enclose the primeval granite steps.

Ramayana Evidence - Ramayan Proof Cobra Hood Sri Lanka, India Mountain
Ramayana Archaeology: Cobra Hood Cave of Sri Lanka is Mentioned in Ramayana (TretaYug)

The cuts and groves on the rock face give an idea of the size and shape of the lion figure. There are also remnants of paintings in some of the caves at the foot of the rock. The painting on the roof of the Cobra Hood Cave or Naguliya lene dates back to pre – Christian era.

Ramayana Proof and Evidence: Types of Viman

Pushpaka Vimana of Ravana
The word Vimana comprises of Vi, “the sky” and Mana, meaning, “measure”. Vimana is one that measures the sky as it traverses through it. Indian legends have many stories of Vimana.
Pushpaka Vimana
By far, the most popular of them is that of Pushpaka Vimana which was used by Rama to return from Lanka to Ayodhya along with Sita, after vanquishing Ravana.
Pushpaka Vimana
This Pushpaka Vimana was the one in which Vibhishana, the then crowned King of Lanka, brought Rama and the entire entourage to Ayodhya. This particular Pushpaka Vimana which was in the Airport hangar of Ravana, originally belonged to Ravana’s step brother, Kubera, from whom Ravana took it.

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Ramayana Proof - Ramayan Evidence: Vimana of Ravana in Ramayana (Sri Lanka)
Ramayana Archaeology: Ravana had dedicated airports for different Vimanas, Pushpak Vimana was taken to Ayodhya from Sri Lanka, that time Sri Lanka was part of Bharat (India).

Ramayana Proof and Evidence: The six airports of Ravana

Ravana had many Vimana in his aero plane hangar. Infact, Ravana had six airports in his kingdom of Lanka:

1. Ramayana Archaeology  Weragantota (Sri Lanka)

Weragantota in Mahiyangana: In the Sinhalese language, this word means a place for an aircraft to land.

2. Ramayana Archaeology Thotupola (Sri Lanka)

Thotupola Kanda at Hoton Plains: The word Thotupola means a port, a place that one touches during one’s journey. Kanda means rock. Thotupola Kanda is a flat land over a rocky range at a height of 6000 feet from sea level. So this means that it could only have been a port of call for a transport vehicle that could travel in air. So it must have been an airport and not a sea port. The present airport of Sri Lanka at Colombo, is called Videsha Bandaranayake Guwan Thotupola in Sinhala where again Guwan means air and Thotupola means port.

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3. Ramayana Archaeology Usangoda Sri Lanka

Usangoda on the southern coast: Ussangoda is now a designated archaeological site in Sri Lanka. Ussangoda was one of the prominent landing strips of Ravana’s Pushpaka vimana.

4. Ramayana Archaeology Wariyapola in Kurunegala (Sri Lanka)

Wariyapola in Kurunegala: Wariyapola has roots to Sanskrit and Tamil, it means stationed. In Sinhalese also it means place for plane landing, and is believed to be one of the landing sites of Ravana’s mahayantrik chariot or Vimana, Dandu Monara Yanthraya.

5. Ramayana Archaeology Wariyapola in Mattale (Sri Lanka)

Wariyapola in Mattale: The place was prominently used by Ravana for aircraft hangar and a huge repair centre. The word Wariyapola is said to have been derived from Watha-ri-ya-pola meaning place for landing and takeoff of aircrafts.

6. Ramayana Archaeology Gurulupotha in Mahiyangana (Sri Lanka)

Gurulupotha in Mahiyangana: The word Gurulupotha in Sinhalese means parts of birds, indicating this to be an aircraft hangar or repair centre.

Ramayana Mentions that Ravana Had Highly Developed Airplane Administration, Manufacturing and Repairing Network

Ravana had six airports in the Sri Lanka which became a land of many Vimanas that recently  attracted many western ancient-archeologists to this country to unearth facts about Ramayana.

Apart from the Pushpaka Vimana, Ravana owned many other Vimana too. Ravana probably used these Vimana to travel to different parts of Lanka as well as outside Lanka.This is also borne out by the following sloka in the Valmiki Ramayana.
Rama tells Lakshmana, as they fly over Lanka in the Pushpaka Vimana, after the victory over Ravana.

“Lanka shines on the earth Studded with many Vimana As if it is the capital of Vishnu Covered with white clouds”
– Valmiki Ramayana, (Yuddha Khanda, Sarga 20)

Vimana of Ramayana: Dandu Monara Flying Chariot Details

Dandu Monara Vimana

The one other well mentioned Vimana that was used by Ravana, is Dandu Monara. In the local Sinhalese language. Monara means Mayura, peacock and Dandu Monara means “that which can fly resembling a peacock”.

Model of Dandu Monara Vimana

The story of Ravana flying in Vimana with his wife Mandodari is etched as the insignia in the most famous hotel, Galle Face Hotel of Colombo, Sri Lanka. You can check Ravana and Mandodari in the Vimana at Galle Face Hotel Insignia, Dandu Monara Vimana, 1864, Galle Face Hotel – Colombo.

Ramayana and Vaimanika Shastra

The texts like Ramayana and other Puranic texts speak about the stories of Vimana. The technical details on Vimana is available in a few other texts of India. The more prominent among these is the Vaimanika Shastra written by Maharishi Bharadwaja.

Rishi Maharishi Bharadwaja World’s First Aeronautical Engineer in Recent History

In writing this treatise, Maharishi Bharadwaja states that he was only compiling information available at his time for various Vimana and that most of them were prior to his times. He mentions about 120 different Vimana that were there in different times in different lands. He also gives glimpses of fuels used, aeronautics, avionics, metallurgy and other maneuvers that were deployed in flying these Vimana.

Ramayana Evidence: Ram Lakshman and Ravan Proofs (Thousands of years old scripts)
Ramayana Scientific Proof of Ancient Script

Lanka shines on the earth Studded with many Vimana As if it is the capital of Vishnu Covered with white clouds. Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Khanda, Sarga 20

English translation of Vaimanika Sastra by Subbaraya Shastry and G. R. Josyer

In the late 19th century, a scholar from near Mysore, Anekal Subbaraya Shastry happened to come across these texts which he translated into English titled, “Vymaanika- Shaastra Aeronautics”. The details given in this book have opened up many vistas into insights into flying machines of yore. It is now for the coming generation to take a leaf out of these texts, the puranic legends and the applicability situation in present days, research on the content and see what lessons can be learnt for present and future application in the field of metallurgy, power transmission, power generational and aeronautical sciences. (Italic Excerpt Ref: bharathgyanblog)

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Ramayana Proof and Evidence: Footprints of Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Footprints – Evidence of Ramayan

Hanuman footprints can be seen on the stones of the temple Nuwara Eliya and several other temples in Sri Lanka. People come from across the globe to see these ancient footsteps of Bhakt Hanuman of Bhagwan Ram.

Hanuman footprints are proofs of Ramayana
Bheem Roopi Hanuman’s giant footprints are archaeological proofs evident in different countries. There are many places around the world. Four of the famous Ramayana Bajranbali’s footprints are in places of Andhra Pradesh (India), Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Planetary Proof Ramayan: Bhagwan Ram’s Birth Detail

All the planetary positions required to determine Sri Rama’s birth chart are described by Rishi Valmiki. This Ramayana stanza by Valmiki give details.

ततो यज्ञे समाप्ते तु ऋतूनाम् षट् समत्ययुः |
ततः च द्वादशे मासे चैत्रे नावमिके तिथौ || १-१८-८
नक्क्षत्रे अदिति दैवत्ये स्व उच्छ संस्थेषु पंचसु |
ग्रहेषु कर्कटे लग्ने वाक्पता इंदुना सह || १-१८-९
प्रोद्यमाने जगन्नाथम् सर्व लोक नमस्कृतम् |
कौसल्या अजनयत् रामम् सर्व लक्षण संयुतम् || १-१८-१०

The Vedic Planetarium Software, used by NASA to determine the precise location of planets for any given date, including the past, present, and future, was loaded with the planetary data given by Rishi Valmiki. It showed that such occurrence happens rarely.

Any one can check this out on their own. The year of birth can be calculated based on the details obtained in Ramayan itself by feeding data in the application.

Ramayan Proof: Millions of Years Old Species

The Airavata four-tusked elephant that Sri Hanuman saw at Ravana’s palace in Lanka lived on earth plane from 10 million to 1.5 million years ago before it became extinct for accessible terrestrial beings. Few forms of Airavata are seen in Antarctica, hollow earth and deep remote forests surrounding inner earth caves. This special species of white Airavata is not extinct, it prefers to live in secluded places. They live for thousands of years and have lowest reproductive rate to maintain elevated heredity unlike common two-tusked elephants.

Another exitinct elephant for plane earth is two-tusked Shatrunjaya, who was double the size of largest elephants found today.

Existence of Bhagwan Ram is again proven by planetary positions given by Rishi Valmiki, fossils of four-tusked and two-tusked elephants, migration of special species Vanars to hollow earth and mention of several historical places, spanning across Asia, that exists till today.

Note: There is no such monumental proofs on Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad – in fact many scholars claim them to be non-existent because cult Buddhism started after death of Buddha, most part of the Bible and Quran were written post death of humans, Jesus and Muhammad. No planetary data exists on Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha. There is no specific detail like Rishi Valmiki gave for Bhagwan Ram. That is why the followers of these fake Neo cults immersed in deep inferiority complex attack tolerant Hindus to hide their lies.

Hindus do not need to prove anyone about existence of Bhagwan Ram because Sanatan Hindus of Treta Yuga carved big milestones like Ram Setu, palaces and several temples as monumental signatures of their grandeur existence, a refection of their greatest civilization.

Ramayana Scientific Proof Given by NASA on Ram Setu

The NASA Shuttle has released an image of a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, as mentioned in the Ramayana. The recently discovered bridge, currently named as Adam’s Bridge and made of a chain of shoals, 30 km long, in the Palk Straits between India and Sri Lanka, reveals a mystery behind it.

nefarious Hindu drohi politicians Bharat India

The bridge’s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man-made. Legend as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge’s age is also almost equivalent. Even NASA officially accepted Ramayana reference as one of the historical evidence since no other Human civilization mention this bridge than history of Ramayana. And the timing when Ramayana occurs, treta yuga, also matches the 2 million years NASA mentioned. The NASA image below gives that proof which was international discussion for weeks among ancient aliens researchers.

Ramayan Proof and Ramayana Evidence: Ram Setu world's oldest manmade bridge
NASA confirmed that Ram Setu Bridge mentioned in Several verses of Ramayana is indeed oldest manmade structure in the world. The bridge is visible from space and moon.

Dr. S. Badrinarayanan, a renowned Geologist and Dr Badrinarayanan, a former director of the Geological Survey of India did lots of research and wrote several papers to validate that Ram Setu is indeed made by ancient Hindus.

Dr Alan Lester Geologist also did research on Ram Setu and proved that it is man made structure. His research also included soil auger and lab analysis to understand the method of construction.

Before this, several German scientists did dendrochronology analysis to ascertain that Ram Setu is man made structure.

What is Ram Setu Controversy?

How and Why Questions on Proof of Ramayan and Bhagwan Ram Started?

India is infested by most corrupt people at decision making positions. The corrupt legacy inherited from Britishers continues to this day. No Christian organisation, not even any Muslim organisation ever raised doubt about existence and historicity of Bhagwan Ram. Ram Setu was never a subject of controversy for them. It was made controversial to justify the implementation of Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project by politicians. This was brainchild of masonry Alfred Dundas Taylor but British terrorists ruling India did not give importance to the project however later the plan was revived by frivolous and corrupt Indian politicians. And then began the saga of hurting sentiments of Hindus.

To justify that they are not damaging any historical place of Hindus, politicians went to the point of questioning existence of Bhagwan Ram. Because existence of Bhagwan Ram means historicity of Ram Setu, and validation of Ram Setu means they cannot construct Sethusamudram Project without destroying the ancient structure. What an irony! the nefarious politicians continued with the same name that denote the very existence of Ram Setu.

Ram Setu Controversy Sethusamudram Hindumisia

Environmentalists, Hindu Tamil organisations and other opposing associations have voiced their serious concerns about the project’s possible effects on the marine ecology and the loss of natural habitats, making it contentious and drawing dispute. The controversy is regularly raised by many corrupt politicians time and again as vote baiting trickery. Despite valid criticisms by historians and environmentalists, the project has garnered backing from a number of sources, including the Indian government and shipping sector, who falsely claim that it is essential for the region’s economic development. In 2005, the Indian government approved formation of Sethusamudram Corporation Limited (SCL) for development of the project. Before this, blaming the BJP led govt, Congress revealed that it was approved as far back as October 2002 during the NDA regime. Sharing press release, UPA government stated, “In fact, the project was vetted and endorsed by no less than 4 ministers of the previous NDA government – Arun Jaitley on March 9, 2001, V P Goyal on October 29, 2002, S Thirunavukkarasar on October 25, 2002, and Shatrughan Sinha – hence objections to the project are completely baseless.”

The project is still in the planning phases, and it is unclear whether or when it will be put into action. When in opposition, politicians oppose the project but in governance the same politicians dipped in billions of corporate scams shamelessly support the project. In 2019, the Indian government announced that it was considering alternative plans for the project, including the possibility of building a bridge or tunnel in place of the canal. It is not yet known which of these options, if any, will be pursued. However no sane citizen of India ever trusts announcement of government, because they announce something but execute different plan. No one knows evil plans of Indian government because for them putting corporate money above Hindu sentiments was always first priority. Nothing has changed in last eight decades when it comes to crushing Hindu ethos.
history of buddhist terrorism fake god goddess created by Ashoka

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Ramayan Evidences from Kailash Mansarovar and Himalayas

Monumental Evidences of Ramayan

Sita Mata was abducted by Lankan King Ravan, no one knew where Sita Maa was kept so a huge search exercise was planned with the Sugriva (Sugreev/Sugriv) and Vanar Sena (team of chosen beings, monkeys, who were intellectually, physically and mentally far superior from humans of that time, they took rebirth to be a part of leela for avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu to annihilate adharmis/anti-Vedic beings) . The exercise also helped Vanars gain new knowledge about various places in Bharat. The search begins and three mountain peaks of the Himalayas are mentioned, the Kala, Sudarshana and the Devasakha. Across these peaks, Sugriv informs the Vanars, is a vast expanse of barren plain land, crossing which they shall see Mount Kailash.

The ओ३म् (ॐ  पर्वत) of Mount Kailash Range

Mount Kailash ॐ पर्वत - Om Parvat - Aum Mountain Parbat
Vedic Sanatan Dharma shows its natural signatures across 1008 places at a time every month. Over 12096 signatures across year in entire world. Om Parvat ॐ पर्वत is one such place. Mount Kailash alone has over 500 signatures that prove that Hindu Dharma texts are scientifically, factually and historically true. OM ॐ-ओ३म् sound is also most powerful creative sound in the Universe.

Mount Kailash: (Nature) Prakriti’s Signature on the Presence of Her Swami, Bhagwan Shiv

Bhagwan Shiv Face in Mountain Kailash - Proof of Bhagwan Shiv - Mount Kailash Spirituality
Bhagwan Shiv shows his presence in more than 200 natural signatures in and around Mount Kailash. No other God of any panth or cult has such spiritual and monumental markings as Shiv Bhagwan.

Google earth further gave proof to the fact which was cited by several devotees of Mount Kailash, who visited the place. Most of the devotees have confirmed seeing, feeling presence of Bhagwan Shiv.

Mount Kailash Mystery: The Locations of Celestial Mounts Given in Ramayan are Accurate

According to Ramayan, the vast expanse of land are the plains of Tibet, and the location of Mount Kailash is geographically correct. There are two ‘Kailash’ peaks in Tibet in today’s maps, but a quick search on Google Maps by looking up ‘Kailash, Burang, Ngari, China’, will pop up the right Mount Kailash. Those who are familiar with Mt. Kailash will recognize the peak and will be able to identify the grooves which are cut horizontally across (popularly referred to as the ‘jata’ of Bhagwan Shiv). An oblong reservoir (or the ‘yoni’) just below the peak, and Lake Mansarover (Mapam Yumco) down at level ground below are also easily identifiable. A look on the zoomed satellite image of the Mt, Kailash at Ngari, Tibet will revel some unique well known features of Mt. Kailash.

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Sugriva then mentions the mansion of Kubera built on Mt. Kailasha constructed by the celestial architect Vishwakarma.

Sugreeva instructs the ‘vanaras’ to move ahead. He gives them three more mountain peak landmarks. He mentions Mount Krauncha with a highly impassable tunnel. Like Shiva bought down the Ganges on to Bharat Varsha (earth) from the heavens (Himalayas), his son or his ‘junior’ Skanda is credited with having chiseled a tunnel through Mt. Krauncha. One of the best known ancient tunnels in China is the Guolinag Tunnel in the Taihang Mountains. Up until 1972 only an ancient path chiseled through the rocks of this mountain linked the villages in the area to the outside world. Here is an image of the ancient path of Guolinag which was improved in 1972, not by the government, but once again by the locals. It took them five years to complete the task.

Mount Krauncha Range, Guolinag tunnel in Taihang
Guolinag Tunnel in the Taihang Mountains were part of ancient Bharat. Just 3000 years back, Hindus of Vedic Sanatan Dharma were present in over 84 countries. Their culture and traditions are still part of native rituals of all these countries. Ramayan has direct connection with Mount Kailash and most of its mysteries, facts revolve around Mahabharat, Bhagwat Puran and Ramayan.

The Mount Krauncha reference given in Ramayan is one of the peaks in the Taihang Range which indicates that the tunnel is very ancient. The path is clearly mentioned in Ramayan: From Kailash (in the Himalayas) to Krauncha (in the Taihang Range), there are many other mountain peaks – namely the ‘treeless’ Mt. Kaama and the ‘abode of birds’, Mt. Maanasa, – that the ‘vanaras’ will see.

The history in Ramayan is referring to these two; Tuanjie as Kaama and Taibai as Maanasa. Sugriva instructs Vanars to scour all these mountains thoroughly in search for Sita Mata. These are the mountains of the Qinling Range which falls between the Himalayas and the Taihang Mountains as the ‘vanaras’ move in the north-east direction from Kailash. The two highest peaks, and therefore most visible, in this chain are the Tuanjie and the Taibai.

Mount Kailash mysteries: Maanas Taibai Mountain - proof of Ramayan
No country or individual or entity can afford to disrespect Mount Kailash, if it does so, it will be destroyed. Kedarnath temple and his surrounding area’s piousness was destroyed by locals in greed, they constructed hotels and lodgings. Fractional point of Shiv Tandav was visible when Kedarnath and surrounding areas were submerged in water. NO ONE SHOULD TEST PATIENCE OF BHAGWAN SHIV.

Mount Kailash Significance: Big Pyramids Created by Celestial Beings Matches History of Ramayan

Then Sugriv mentions another peak called Mt. Mainaaka, which is identified by ‘a massive mansion built by demon architect by the name Maya’. Just as the ‘Ram-Setu’ of Ramayan (oldest bridge ever known to mankind) lies exactly in the spot mentioned in the Ramayana, and the Gympie Pyramid of Queensland (Australia) referred in Ramayan as ‘a peak like structure built by the celestial architect Vishwakarma’, Similarly, the ‘Mansion of Maya’ is also located on the same place as referred in China, it is another pre-historical megalithic structure built by ‘celestial beings’ of Ramayan. The maximum number of ancient pyramids of China, whose existence until recently was completely denied, lie in the Shaanxi Province. The chinese govt tried hard to hide these facts but when they failed to decipher their existence, Vedic structure and purpose, they admitted them to be very ancient. The largest one of them, the Xi’an is only 184 Km from the Taibai peak, well on the path of the ‘Vanaras’ mentioned in the Ramayana.

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In the entire Himalayan range, from the parts of Bharat (India) to Tibet and parts of China, there lies range of  ancient Pyramids (like Mt. Mainakaa is in Shaanxi province). These huge mountain peaks or pyramids are protected by mother of all peaks – Mount Kailash, an abode of Bhagwan Shiv.

Mount Kailash Mysteries: Details of Ramayan Proved Correct About Spirituality of Himalayan Range

Sugreev informs Vanars that the next landmark, after crossing over a vast province, would be a large lake by the name ‘Vaikhana”. Travelling North of China, crossing the Mongolian province or plateau, one would arrive at the eastern tip of Lake Baikal in Siberia. Its should be noted that ‘Vaikhana’ is also known as ‘Baikaal’ lake of Siberia.

Sugriva further added that the other (Western) end of Lake Vaikhana, is a river by the name Shailoda, and if the ‘vanaras’ were to follow its path northward, across many miles ‘they would reach the Northern Ocean’. This is indeed true. Shailoda has been identified as the present day Angara. River ‘Angara’ flows from the western tip of lake Baikaal and after many miles falls into the Kara Sea of North Arctic Ocean.

The name Kara has a Sanskrit origin which means tribute or ray of a celestial body. Ancient Indian texts refer to Siberia as Uttara-Kuru. ‘Uttara’ means ‘North’, ‘Kuru’ is the name of the Indian tribe that had traveled north. ‘Kara’, the name of the Sea into which the Angara River falls, is also known to be a distorted form of the ancient Sanskrit name ‘Kuru’. It is also said that ‘Kara’ Sea gets its name from the ‘Kara’ river which falls into it. ‘Kara’ here therefore also refer to the Sanskrit ‘krishna’ (कृष्ण) or ‘kala’ (काल) meaning ‘black.

Bamboo Boats were invented by Vanars of Ramayan

Mount Kailash Mysteries: Bamboo Boats were invented by Vanars of Ramayan
All simple tools, major crafts and daily use items that is seen in the world today across all developed tribes in different nations are based on the teachings of ancient Hindus. They bestowed the knowledge of medicine and science through Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads, Agamas and Smritis.

Sugreev instructs the ‘vanaaras’ to cross Lake Baikaal with the help of the ‘keechaka’ (Bamboo) that grows there. This has reference to the ‘Siberian Bamboo Grass’ which was used by the locals to cross the lakes in this region.

Sugriv also tells Vanars that northern lights will become visible as they move northwards from Lake Vaikhana.

Click on the image for an enlarged view

Mount Kailash Mysteries Facts: Vedic Hindu Gods Created Pyramids, Mountains across Globe
Man made and Divine structures have proper shapes to maintain balance and operation of the Universe (or world in our case).
Bhagwan Shiv created circular planets and objects to maintain balance, gravity, sustenance and reflective connection among planets and space celestial bodies. Symmetricity signfies balance. asymmetricity represents disturbance. Comets, and other irregular objects are created by demons who worship Bhagwan Shiv when in trouble but cause harm to mankind.
Mountains created in the form of pyramids connect cosmically with the Bhagwan and they balance negative forces that creates dissonance with natural equilibrium.

There is very beautiful description, In Section 43, Verse 36 of Kishkinda Kand, Valmiki says, “Going beyond that expanse of water, you will come upon a sky, which even when devoid of the stars or the moon or the sun is illuminated by rays, as if there is light emitting from the self-luminous, god-like sages who repose there”. The lights which Sage Valmiki is referring to, is seen since thousands of years which only recently is known as ‘Aurora Borealis’. The scientist community has conflicting views on how it occurs but its answer lies in historical Ramayan.

Mount Kailash Mysteries: Natural Proof of Ramayan Aurora Borealis
HariBhakt with the blessings of Bhagwan, for the first time released such types of lots of information through proper site HariBhakt.com, before that it was known to very few individuals. Many sites shamelessly copied our content as it is or made minor changes to our text (without giving us due credit) and started populating as their own. Sugriv and Vanars experienced lots of spiritual powers when they roamed around Mount Kailash, Mansarovar, Himalayan regions and nearby mountains. We got many offers to release our Site content in the form of books or documentaries to mint money but we are never behind money, we care for keeping VEDIC INFORMATION free that is why this site is always ad free, donation free and analytics tracking free but at least we deserve credit for the blessings of Bhagwan Krishn and Shiv. It takes lots of manhours to produce original content.

The last landmark mentioned in Uttara-Kuru is Mt. Soma. Mt. Soma has to be one of the peaks of the Urals. The highest peak in the Urals is the ‘Narodnaya’ – which in the local language means ‘Mountain of the People’. In Sanskrit too the word has the same meaning- ‘nara’ means ‘people’ or ‘human’ and ‘udaya’ means ‘elevation’.

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Many rivers and mountains of Siberia have Sanskrit names, including Mt. Mana-Raga, River Kama, Lake Kulind and many many more, proving beyond doubt that Sages once traveled these places to meditate peacefully.

Russians claim that all the mountains shaped in pyramid forms are actually built by super natural humans who were technologically advanced again seconding the details given in Ramayan that celestial beings did built these places.

[ The excerpt is taken from our archive article Abode of Shiv: Kailash Mansarovar ]

Ramayana Proof and Evidence: Floating stone in water

No where in the world the floating stone found in Rameshwaram were seen. Geologists and Scientists the world over are still trying to find the similarity with any other element on earth but still not able to identify. This is another strong proof of occurrence of Ramayana.

Floating Stone of Nal Neel of Ramayana
Ramayana Scientific Evidence: Nal and Nil taking blessings from Bhagwan Ram build Ram Setu, they mentioned “RAM” in each stone to make it remain afloat. The bridge was build on the layers of floating stone.

Nul Neel in Ramayana were cursed or rather blessed by sage that whenever they will throw, even stone in the water, it will float. So with blessings of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman and his vanars scripted RAM in every stone and threw it in water and this is how the stones started floating. Thereby helping in constructing bridge to reach Sri Lanka (yesteryears Lankapura).

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The floating stone is scientifically tested and no scientist was able to reason out why its still floating, even carbon dating proves its several thousands of years old.


Ramayana Proof and Evidence: Sanjeevani Mountain

Sanjivani Mountain from where Sanjivani Booti was acquired to save Lakshman
which has many exotic herbs even today.

Ramayana Ayurveda Evidence with Medical Science: Jambavan said to Hanuman, “Go immediately to Mount Rishabha, one of the golden peaks of Kailasa, it is enriched with herbs not found anywhere in the world. Bring back the four powerful herbs. The one called Mritasanjivi will bring the dead back to life, and Ishalyakarani, will heal all wounds and the other two, will reset fractured bones and give a positive glow to the skin.”

This was one of the places, King Ravana shifted Sitadevi as a precautionary measure due to Lord Hanuman’s advent. There are lots of intruding tunnels and caves in this area as shown below. This seems to be a part of a great ingenious network of paths, which is interconnected to all the major areas of King Ravana’s city.

Sita mountain Ramayana proof
Ramayana Scientific Archaeological Evidence: Ravana Ella Caves or Rawana Guhawa or Ravana Gufa is located at 4,950 feet above sea level. It has series of tunnels carved by Hindu engineers of TretaYug. Some still unexplored due to small gaps and holes (only possible for Kaliyuga ender people to travel through).
Sita Maa was kept here for sometime, when Ravana feared attack from Bhagwan Ram after Hanuman ji destroyed his palace.

Sitadevi took bath in this very stream and had dried her hair sitting on a rock and put clips to her hair,hence this rock is known as Konda Kattu Gala. This is situated in the Welimada Area

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Ramayana Proof and Evidence: Sleeping Hanuman frontal View

Sleeping Hanuman Hill in Sri Lanka
Ramayana Evidence: Hanuman is sleeping in Sri Lanka in Mountain form (Lanka territory was part of Ancient Bharat, India).

Ramayan Proofs in Form of Places in India

Update to this decade old article: Based on queries, we have added Indian places (monumental evidences) proving Ramayan did happen and is historical. In fact, the evidences of Ramayan are so huge that fictional Quran which is filthy copy of another fake creation, Bible and reversed verses of historical Bhagwat Geeta, prove that Allah was figment of imagination of terrorist mohammed under spell of a pisacha. There is not a single evidence or monumental proof that Quran happened because Muḥammad was born in Petra, he traveled from there to present Syria on a camel caravan to seek money and resources, and later he escaped from Petra, which was known as Mecca. the capture of Kaaba Hindu temple was done later to somehow validate existence of islam  and make it epicentre of pilgrimage to unsuccessfully match with thousands of pilgrimages that Sanatan Hindus had across the world at that time. The early original mosques faced Petra, not Jerusalem or Mecca, as the direction of Muslim prayer, the Qibla. The recent ‘mecca’ was after thought post islamic terrorism under Muhammed gained upper hand over locals. Petra was original mecca or direction of prayer.

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Ramayan Evidence is Ayodhya

Bhagwan Ram was born at Ayodhya, which is regarded as one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited towns. It is located in the states of Uttar Pradesh adjacent to Saket in Avadh (islamic terrorism name Faizabad) and also called as Ram Janambhoomi. A divine and peaceful temple dedicated to Bhagwan Ram will be built for the Dharmiks in the forthcoming opulent Ram Janambhoomi Teerath Kshetra Trust complex. Ayodhya is the only spot on earth where one may truly feel linked to Bhagwan Ram. In and around Ayodhya, there are many old relics and several minor ancient temples. In the Ramayan, the heavenly location is mentioned over 238 times under 4 distinct names. The location itself is the clearest indication of Bhagwan Ram’s presence.

Ramayan Evidence is Janakpur

The goddess Sita, a divine avatar of Maa Lakshmi was daughter of King Janak of Janakpur.

Bhagwan Ram wed the goddess Sita at Janakpur in order to execute the grihasth leela and instruct the Dwaparyugians and Kaliyugians about the morals of a married man. Currently, Janakpur, which was once part of Bharat, is located in the southeast of Kathmandu, around 20 kilometers from India’s international border.

On the festival of Vivah Panchami, to commemorate the day of Bhagwan Ram and Goddess Sita’s marriage, thousands of devotees travel to this location known as Sitamarhi every year. Additionally, the area is home to several little temples and locations where Maa Sita performed rituals, engaged in plays with her sahelis, and performed Shastra Vidha of weaponry.

Ramayan Evidence is Prayag

Prayag was the ideal location to show how well urban and rural lifestyles could coexist. At the intersection of holy rivers, forests, and rural regions, there were and are numerous kutikas (pious huts) of sages. Before migrating to Chitrakoot, Bhagwan Ram, Brother Lakshman, and Maa Sita stayed here in Rishi Bharadwaj’s ashram.

Prayag (islamic terrorism name Allahabad) is even today one of the largest and developed cities of Uttar Pradesh.

Ramayan Evidence is Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is important place to the Ramayan because it was here that Bharat personally went to inform Bhagwan Ram that King Dhashrath left earth then requested him to return to Ayodhya. Bharat Milap describe the incident in detailed manner in the Ramayan. It was observed that time that even birds, trees, animals and stones cried witnessing conversation of Bhagwan Ram and Bharat.

Even today in that place, birds are less aggressive, trees humbly bow down towards ground and stones are soft. This signifies the peaceful and calming impact that Bharat Milap had around the environment and living beings.

Today, haribhakts look to historical events like Bharat Milap and Sudama Krishna Milan as sources of inspiration. Chitrakoot is now located halfway between the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

There are several temples in this place where Bhagwan Ram is worshipped by Dharmiks. Numerous artifacts found in and around Chitrakoot confirm that the Ramayan did take place and is a significant event in human history.

Ramayan Evidence is Dandakaranya

Dandakaranya, a location in the Ramayana witnessed Veer Ras of Bhagwan Ram. This place was inhabited by numerous demonic monsters, pisachas, and negative forces. When Surpanakha (Shurpanakha) first saw Bhagwan Ram here, she professed her ardent but lustful love for him. Khar and Dushan, two of her brothers, subsequently failed in their attempt to assault Bhagwan Ram.

In this place, a plan was developed for the divine goals to expel the rakshasas from the realm. After defeating hundreds of demons, Bhagwan Ram and his brother Lakshman liberated the region from the control of negative forces.

The place comprising of different states (of current Bharat) was freed by Bhagwan Ram and his brother Lakshman after killing hundreds of evil entities. Dandakaranya that time was one of the biggest places spanning parts of Andhra Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, and Orissa.

Ramayan Evidence is Panchvati

Historical incidents of Panchvati sowed seeds for demise of king of Rakshasas, Ravana. This was good for humanity and existence of peace. Humanity waited for this moment for ages. It also changed the lives of Bhagwan Ram, Goddess Sita, and Lakshman.

Deeply encapsulated in lust, Suparnakha was adamant to marry Bhagwan Ram and then later Bhagwan Lakshman. She casted evil spell on Maa Sita, even attacked her unsuccessfully. Lakshman taught her lesson by chopping off her nose.

Shurpanakha later lied to her brother Ravana about the incident, hiding all her sins, playing victim card, instigated him to assault Bhagwan Ram and Lakshaman. Maa Sita, an incarnation of Adi Parashakti was potent power of Shri Ram. To avenge, Ravana in a fit of rage abducted Goddess Sita.

In the present time, Panchvati is known as Nashik (nose) and is in the state of Maharashtra, the divine place to witness origination of Hindu Maratha empire, Hindu Swaraj. It was at Trimbakeshwar Shiv Temple where Shivaji Maharaj took pledge to remove mlecchas from the face of earth and free Bharat from the clutches of islamic terrorism. There are over 28 major divine places in and around Nashik that prove historicity of Ramayan.

The traits of Suparnakha is still seen in the mortal form of evil entities, today’s adharmi muslims – they always work in killing Hindus and remove existence of Dharm from the world but when caught naked play victim card. No muslim can ever be trusted till he or she believe in terrorism manual Quran and gangster cult islam.

Ramayan Evidence is Kishkindha

Kishkindha is an important part of historical Ramayana. It was a place where Rishis did immense austerity to become part of the sena to fight Rakshas army of Ravana.

Kishkindha was an opulent kingdom of Vanars, a unique breed of humans that had features of monkey who were created specifically to fulfil yuddh leela of Bhagwan Ram. When the war ended, they again went to the  hollow earth and some took samadhi because their life purpose was to help Bhagwan. Many of them were siddh Rishis. They supported Bhagwan Ram to defeat demon king Ravana and free Maa Sita.

This place is located around the Tungabhadra river which is near to Hampi in Karnataka. Hanuman took Shivansh avatar in Anjeyanadri Hill, Koppal district to show his bhakti towards Bhagwan Ram. Hanuman ji is still seen and felt in many places across Bharat. This itself is big proof of existence of Ramayan.

Ramayan Evidence is Rishyamukha (Rishimukh)

After being forced to flee Kishkindha and leave his wife by his wicked older brother Bali, Sugriva fled into exile in Rishyamukha. Sugriva thus had a miserable existence as an exile in the Rishyamukha mountain and was always terrified of his brother’s hidden agents who would inform him of his whereabouts. Sugriva therefore disguised himself when he first noticed Rama and Lakshmana with their weapons. In order to ascertain the rationale behind the two Hindu Kashtriyas’ visit to his location, he despatched Hanuman dressed as a hermit. Hanuman then saw Rama and Lakshmana, and after hearing Lakshmana’s account of events, he decided that the two brothers could support Sugriva in taking back his kingdom from Bali. So, he led Rama and Lakshmana to the location where Sugriva was hiding.

Bhakt Hanuman and his Bhagwan Ram met on the Rishyamukha mountain. It is situated in Karnataka’s Nimbapura.

Ramayan Evidence is Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi

Bhagwan Rama built the Ram Setu bridge with the help of Nal, Neel and Hanuman to cross the sea to Lanka. The starting and first construction of the setu begin from Rameshwaram.

Bhagwan Ram and Maa Sita built one Shiv Ling here for Mahadev pujan. Both brothers and Maa Sita took blessings of Bhagwan Shiv before moving back to Ayodhya. The same Shiv Ling is known as Rameshwaram. It is one of the holiest places in India which is even considered one of the Char Dham – four important abodes of Hindu Dharma.

Vibishana, Ravana’s brother, took refuge at Dhanushkodi. Bhagwan Rama accepted him and crowned him as Lankan king in this very location. An ancient temple was constructed that depict Pattabhishekam ceremony and entire incident. It is same town where few locals disrespected by indulging in malice activities. The town was completely devastated by the Rameswaram storm on 22nd December 1964, and it is still uninhabitable today.  Kedarnath was similarly destroyed when locals converted the place to tourist destination.  The destruction happened due to two major anti-Vedic reasons – The rise of Christian population along beaches to enjoy alcohol and sexual activities disrespected sanctity of the place and caused pollution disturbing harmony of the mother nature. Secondly, for the first time, a plan was hatched to start a port removing Ram Setu.

Prakriti showed true place to the corrupt people when the devotion of Bhagwan Ram was mocked by them. This is what happened in Dhanushkodi. If Ram Setu or any such type of divine destinations are denigrated or any attempt is made to destroy them then not just Bharat but all nations around Indian ocean would face the wrath and series of tsunamis would take lives of thousands of citizens. This nations also include Australia and Indonesia.

Ramayana Proofs, Evidences and Witnesses in Images

Sigiriya Ravana Palace

Sigiriya and Lions Paw Palace
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Ravana’s Sigiriya and Lions Paw Palace Location

Ravana Ella Falls Caves in Sri Lanka

Ravana Ella Falls Caves
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Ravana Ella Falls Caves in Sri Lanka

Vibhishana Second Formal Coronation Place Kelaniya

Vibhishana Second Formal Coronation Place Kelaniya
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Vibhishana Second Formal Coronation Place Kelaniya

Mandodari’s Father Mayasura Gifted this place Mannar to Ravana

Mayasura Gifted this place Mannar to Ravan
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Mayasura Gifted this place Mannar to Ravan

Dolukanda, One of the Parts of Sanjeevani Mountain Fell Here

Dolukanda One of the Part of Sanjeevani Mountain
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Dolukanda, One of the Parts of Sanjeevani Mountain Fell Here

Sita Kotuwa Ashok Vatika One of the Captive Places in Sri Lanka

Sita Kotuwa One of the Captive Places in Sri Lanka
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Sita Kotuwa Ashok Vatika One of the Captive Places in Sri Lanka

Maa Sita Eliya or Nuwara Eliya Part of the Captive Place

Maa Sita Eliya or Nuwara Eliya Part of the Captive Place
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Maa Sita Eliya or Nuwara Eliya Part of the Captive Place

Brahmana Rakshas Ravan Hatya Dosham Mukti Munneswaram Shiv Temple

Brahmana Rakshas Ravan Hatya Dosham Mukti Munneswaram Shiv Temple
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Brahmana Rakshas Ravan Hatya Dosham Mukti Munneswaram Shiv Temple

Ayodhya, Avatar Place of Bhagwan Ram (World’s second oldest city after Kashi)

Ayodhya Avatar Place of Bhagwan Ram World's second oldest city after Kashi
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Ayodhya, Avatar Place of Bhagwan Ram (World’s second oldest city after Kashi)

Janakpur, Maa Sita Avatar Place

Janakpur Maa Sita Avatar Place
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Janakpur, Maa Sita Avatar Place

Prayag, Here Bhagwan Ram was Blessed by Rishi Bharadwaj

Prayag Bhagwan Ram was Blessed by Rishi Bharadwaj
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Prayag, Here Bhagwan Ram was Blessed by Rishi Bharadwaj

Chitrakoot Bharat Milap Place

Chitrakoot Bharat Milap Place
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Chitrakoot Bharat Milap Place

Dandakaranya, Here Bhagwan Ram Killed Many Rakshas, Pisachas, Demons and Asuras

Dandakaranya Bhagwan Ram Killed Many Rakshas, Pisachas, Demons and Asuras
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Dandakaranya, Bhagwan Ram Killed Many Rakshas, Pisachas, Demons and Asuras

Lepakshi, Jatayu Fought Ravan and Fell Here

Lepakshi Jatayu Fought Ravan and Fell Here
Ramayana Proof Evidence Witness: Lepakshi, Jatayu Fought Ravan and Fell Here

Kishkindha, Here Bhagwan Ram Met Hanuman, Sugriva, Vanar Sena

Kishkindha Bhagwan Ram Mer Hanuman, Sugriva, Vanar Sena
Ramayana Evidence Proof Witness: Kishkindha, Here Bhagwan Ram Met Hanuman, Sugriva, Vanar Sena
Ravana's one of the Palace Sigiriya
Ramayana Evidence Proof Witness: Ravana’s one of the Palace Sigiriya

Ramayana ARCHAEOLOGICAL  Evidence: Lateral view of sleeping Hanuman

sleeping hanuman mountain ramayana proof
Ramayana Evidence: Entire Mountain Emerged After Hanuman Left Sri Lanka (part of Ancient Bharat, India).

Complete Ramayan is Listed Below (Major Incidents)

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Ramayana Proofs and Evidences Videos


Not a Video evidence of Ramayana but an Open Discussion

Cobra Cave

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