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Muslim rulers were barbaric and they never showed love or affection towards public, women or slaves openly as they were afraid doing so would create an image of tolerant ruler among courtiers, and they might take ruler for granted. So to discuss their s*xual fantasies and dirty feelings; they took refuge of Badshahnamas; everyone had it right from humayu to aurangzeb. Akbar was barbaric and most hypocrite of all and he got the legacy of hypocrisy from Babur himself.

The main reason for some of the homos*xual inclinations of mughal rulers can be rooted back to the concept of 72 virgins and pervert fun with young boys in heaven, as promised in koran after jihad (Virgins/s*x: 39, 69, 217, 221, 226, 237, 239, 350, 519, 541-2, 628). Even today, globally, Pathans of middle-east are ill-famous for being desperate male lovers and perverts of unnatural s*x.

Babri Masjid Made for Gay Lover of Babar

Confession of A Pervert Mughal – Homos*xuality of Babur (Babar)

Facts of Babarnama Show Abnormal Mindset of a Muslim Invader

One of the popular Badshahnamas was Baburnama, it was written by the emperor Zahir Ud Din Babr who came from Uzbekistan to invade  Hindustan (Bharat). It was in 1504, when he invaded through Kabul to Bharat (now India). Born in February of 1483, Zahir ud din Babur was one of the founder of Barbaric Mughal Empire. But little does the world know about the s*xual orientations of this anti-Hindu Mughal emperor. In his so called masterpiece Baburnama, Babur puts forward the story of his life as an autobiography. In Turks it was a common practice to keep male s*x slaves who were young children (Recently in Afghanistan children from the age range 8 to 14 years – mostly males – were rescued from child s*x racket by an NGO, it is the old practice that hardly cease to happen again). As Babur speaks in Baburnama, he was married at an early age of 17 to a lady Ayisheh Sultan Begum but he had started to lose all the interest in his wife or any other lady and the reason, not so shocking, was a young boy from the local camp market. The homos*xual confession of Babur reveals it all.

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Homos*xual Babur (Babar) Became Gay Poet for Baburi (Babri)

“During this time there was a boy from the camp market named Baburi,” he writes.

“Even his name was amazingly appropriate. I developed a strange inclination for him – rather I made myself miserable over him.”

“Before this experience I had never felt a desire for anyone, nor did I listen to talk of love and affection or speak of such things. At that time I used to compose single lines and couplets in Persian. I composed the following lines there:

May no one be so distraught and devastated by love as I;
May no beloved be so pitiless and careless as you.’

Occasionally Baburi, my young lover, came to me, but I was so bashful that I could not look him in the face, much less converse with him. In my excitement and agitation I could not thank him for coming, much less complain of his leaving. Who could bear to demand the ceremonies of fealty?”

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“It happens to me for some selected individuals, I spent several speechless moments seeing him quietly, several sleepless nights thinking of him until I got him”

babri masjid on rememberance of gay lover baburi

Abnormal Babur’s complete Assertion on His G*y Inclination and Homo Lover

One can easily define Babur’s s*xual orientations based on his rantings and desperation for this young male lover. At another occassion the emperor writes

“In the throes of love, in the foment of youth and madness, I wandered bareheaded and barefoot around the lanes and streets and through gardens and orchard, paying no attention to acquaintances and strangers, oblivious to self and others.

When I fell in love I became mad and crazed. I knew not this to be part of loving beauties.

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Sometimes I went out alone like a madman to the hills and wilderness, sometimes I roamed through the orchards and lanes of town, neither walking nor sitting within my own volition, restless in going and staying.

I have no strength to go, no power to stay. You have snared us in this state, my heart.”

Now as we can see Babar was openly g*y and he would fantasize about young lads all his life.

babur lover baburi - homosexual symbol of babri masjid

To Express Homo Love to Baburi, Babur (Babar) Demolished Ram Temple to Build Baburi Masjid (Babri Masjid)

It was old practice of muslim ruler to demolish temples or renovate the existing structure and rename it on their lovers name. Some of the times, even if they do not name it on their lovers; their courtiers enact fabricated stories to keep the Hindu religious structure under captivity.

But in case of Babur, it was then clearly the case of impressing his male lover and make him reciprocate the feelings while constructing a mosque in Baburi’s name.

Some fanatic muslims argue  that Babur was not g*y, did construct the Babri masjid but not in name of Baburi but in his name. They give logic as such: Baburi cannot become Babri. Their logic can be easily defied if that is so then Akbar could have constructed his tomb as Akbari or Aurangzeb as Aurangzebi. Their logic further falls flat as the name is Babri masjid which coincides with the name Baburi  (pronounced almost in similar tone) and not Babur and even Baburnama clearly mentions that Babur was happy to have male lover with almost similar name.

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So, Babur becoming Babri is wrong but Baburi as Babri is factually correct. Even in Persian translation of Baburnama done by Akbar, the term Baburi Masjid was used twice. It confirms that Babri Masjid was symbol of homosexual love affair of Babur and Baburi.

As per islam, homos*xuality is forbidden and sin; since it does not reproduce children so why muslims are so unhappy on demolition of symbol of homos*xuality, Babri Masjid ?

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The conductance of prayers in Babri Masjid never happened since the death of Babur – this fact might be known to the muslim public of that time and they abandoned the g*y structure pertinently.

babri masjid was symbol of homosexuality and gay love

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  • Ex Muslim says:

    Most muslim men are homosexuals that is why muslim women satisfy their lust from brother, father and son.

  • Allah Shaitan Hai says:

    Baburi Masjid Murdabad.
    Shah Eidgah Masjid Murdabad.
    Gyanvapi Masjid Toda Jaaye.

    Islamized India will never happen. Muslims will convert to Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

  • Nikhil Agrahari says:

    Two off topic questions here
    1) Does Hinduism supports Homosexuality?
    2)Do you support homosexuality?

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Simple answer to your queries.

      Hinduism is sanatan dharma, a basic nature of a being. It is not Vedic panth or religion or abrahamic cult founded by a messenger or a saint to have limited scope of view-point. It is into existence since eternity, assimilating hundreds of schools of thoughts.

      Hinduism is open-ness, it does not support nor hate atheism (oxymoron) or homosexuality or any unconventional behaviour. It depends on the person’s nature – lack of interest, oversmartness, lust, submission to circumstances, thirst for physicality extremes that a person chooses to be a homosexual. It has nothing to do with approval from Hinduism.

      Unnatural sex is not approved by nature as it hampers mental and physical growth, decimating expansion of human race. It is not disease but a habit of submission to lustful urges and inability to control it by serving to wretched urges.

      Controlling Kama (natural or unnatural sexual needs in this case) is path to success and peace. It is universal truth if anyone can control and absorb flow of virya or raj, a powerful energy in human body, he or she can attain supreme consciousness with regular practice of Kundalini. Abstainment is key to survival and limited immortality.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Sweet Sixteen says:

    What is the reason of your anger, that he was gay or that he was a fanatic?

    • Radhe Radhe Aparichit ji

      Not just him – Google “aurangzeb terrorist haribhakt” and “tipu terrorist haribhakt” and “demon akbar haribhakt”

      And you know why these g@ys are hated by all. Its not because of their inclination but their evil traits.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Amit Rawoot says:

        What krishna used to do with his indefinite gopikas was ethical and legal isn’t it…

        • Radhe Radhe Amit ji (use real name please),

          Google “ raas leela” to know truth of your question.

          Jai Shree Krishn

        • Dr. B R Manjunath says:

          [REMOVED all denigrated statements about Bhagwan Krishna which were written out of arrogance and ignorance without reading Srimad Bhagwat Puran]

          …By the way, I am not a fan of Krishna. But one needs to be objective, in hate and love

      • Sweet Sixteen says:

        “And you know why these g@ys are hated by all. Its not because of their inclination but their evil traits.”

        So you mean to say being g@y is evil. How? If I’m a boy who likes boys, how does that affect you?

        Don’t you think Babur should be criticized because of his fanaticism and not s*xual orientation?

        • Radhe Radhe Anony ji,

          [ …why these g@ys are hated by all ] – this is in context to g@y mughal rulers…THESE word was used, there is no judgement on anyone’s misnomers or identity or personal choice or intent.

          It also further reads…not their inclinations but evil traits

          Jai Shree Krishn

          • Sweet Sixteen says:

            Yeah right. That’s why you edit my comment by replacing “a”s with “@”s and “e” with “*”. XD

          • Radhe Radhe Anony,

            Do not get into petty arguments, making silly noises. You can go to such sites wherein you want to have EXPLICIT words and images used. This site is for haribhakts.

            Jai Shree Krishn

    • Nikhil Agrahari says:

      He was fanatic, that’s the reason. And if you think hindus are homophobic, then visit Khajuraho temples once in ur life.

  • taj mahal should also be archeologically revisited in similar legal manner and renamed Tejo Mahal with tombs removed .

    • Amit Rawoot says:

      Yes, certainly it must be Sita temple there….nice job for archaeologist …which Islamic structure will be next in the list.

      • Radhe Radhe Amit ji (use real name please),

        This post will run into thousands of pages if all anti-Vedic structures that were created over Hindu monuments and temples are considered here. Because mlecchas (muslims) destroyed over 40,000 major temples, dharmic monuments across Bharat during their invasion to spread islamic terrorism in India.

        Jai Shree Krishn

  • Reading Badshahnama threw light on shameful facts of muslim rulers.

  • Uzbekistan says:

    Really ashamed to be a muslim. We muslims have worst kind of past and present. Some of my friends and me would like to convert to Hinduism.