Hindus declare Hindu Rashtra or Perish_Ban Secularism in India

Stop contaminating Hinduism with recent cult teachings.

Respecting other cult teachings is different thing and imbibing them as part of Hindu culture is stupidity that is causing decline of Hinduism every moment.

No recent cults are similar to Hinduism and abrahamic cults are far from being close to Hinduism. Sanatan Vedic Hindu dharma is the only dharma, first and only in the world, that gave detailed knowledge about soul and its cosmic connection, sukshama sarir, sthula sarir and other forms of body and natural ways of leading a prosperous life.

When we wrongly compare Hindu Dharma with other religions, we try to be politically correct, to gain shallow acceptance from abrahamic cultists. We forget that the cultists became anti-Hindu for money, hatred and farce heaven. To justify their crime of loot, deceit and rape, most of the criminals accept islam and christianity, for in their so called holy books, each cultist can be pardoned for his/her sins by allah or father of jesus. They deny the cause and effect universal principle of this world. They mock the Karma effect that is shaping destiny of each living being in this Mrityulok.

When a Hindu says Sarv Dharm Sambhav and foolishly relate it to secularism, he/she distort that Hinduism is same as Abrahamic cults, this in a way denigrate great teachings and timeless legacy of Hinduism. These ignorant Hindus to stay relevant among desert cultists uproot their own identity. Slowly they embrace culture of abrahamic cults to convey that Hindus are accommodative and love all types of people. But you will never find same type of compromises by any of the recent cultists towards Hinduism and its scientific cultures. They all stick to their teachings of a single book. Their god is limited to be caged in a single book. While greatness of Hinduism is such that millions of Shlokas and thousands of mantras cannot cage any deity or Bhagwan himself. However we instantly make cosmic connect with the Bhagwan reciting these mantras, our Bhagwan is limitless, omnipresent in manifested or unmanifested form. Only an idiot can compare eternal and timeless Hinduism with one book ideology having limited period of time. Remember, it is already written in Vedas, Bhagwad Geeta and Mahabharat that thousands of cults will come and vanish with time but Sanatan Dharma exists till manifested universe sustains.

Decimation of Hinduism in World

From 84 Hindu Countries to a Non-Hindu India, What Made Decline of Sanatan Dharma in Mere 3000 Years?

With no aggression to protect Hinduism, the apathy to look good, be perceived nice, Hindus quietly submitted to annexation of abrahamic cults across all 84 Hindu countries in recent millenniums. The quiet acceptance to NOT RETALIATE came from heavy induction of Buddhism and Jainism thoughts among Hindus. Both recent panths Buddhism and Jainism emerged from Hinduism. Common Hindus never objected to these recent panths in fact they promoted few of the niceties of the panths, thereby internalizing few of their basic traits. Internalization replaced core Vedic beliefs of bravery and dharmic swabhimaan with lethargy and detachment qualities. Buddhism and Jainism heavily relied on positive aspects of human race, ignoring that there are negative people in the form of abrahamic cultists. The cultists do not deserve love and tenderness if they attack and invade. Non-violence towards atrocities of enemies is submission to crime, in a way, encouraging criminals to attack more ferociously. Not seeing any retaliation from the victims further decimates existence of victims until victims themselves convert to become part of the Barbarians.

Decline of Hinduism Rise of mughal terrorism

Acceptance of Buddhism for Co-existence by Hindus

Accommodating fractional parts of Vedic tradition in the form of Buddhism and Jainism cultures in common Hindu life made kings and citizens of Bharat weak, breakable, attackable and fragile. The other side was filled with belligerence, animosity and aggression towards Hinduism. The antipathy approach of Mughal Terrorism and British Terrorism towards innocent Hindu kings, traders, peasants and priests created huge dent and Hinduism as the core ecosystem of existence in many countries got dismantled. Hinduism got uprooted in more than 84 countries including Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Singapore, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan (post partition), Bangladesh (post partition) and China.

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The voidness created due to weakening of Hinduism was filled up with recent panths and cults – Buddhism and Islam.

Vedic Hinduism has no concept of promoting their Sanatan Dharma, of reverting or converting any individual to a Hindu fold – an obsolete idea to not promote is fatal in this marketing world of cultism.

Pure Vedic Way of Life is Key to Survival of Hindus. Do not Distort Sanatan Dharma by associating with recent cults. Embrace bravery and dharmic aggression of Vedic life.

Promotion of Buddhism by Hindu Kings

None of the Hindu kings ever promoted Hinduism as part of their state subject, more so because they knew most in the world follow Sanatan Dharma and pray to one of the deities of Bhagwan. Though administration was based on Vedic ways of managing states, giving importance to the Rajgurus. Buddhist monks saw this as an opportunity so they requested Hindu kings to promote Buddhism across world starting from Asian countries, whatever Buddhist countries we are seeing today are part of massive expansion project lead by Buddhist monks and completely funded by Hindu kings. Buddhism was promoted by many Hindu kings not as a religion but as the channel of showcasing soft power, to give message of good will gesture so that in future no foreign king attack Bharat for its rich resources.

Taking cue from thousands of Hindu structures in the form of palaces, temples and astrological buildings, Buddhist monks requested Hindu kings to build similar stupas, viharas and chaityas to promote Buddhism in India and world.

Detachment, Non-violence and love towards nature are few of the Vedic beliefs which are core beliefs of Buddhism. Hindu kings thought that Buddhism would make foreign kings and people self-contain, they will bring harmony to the world – devoid of war, full of peace. However, after few decades, premise of Hindu kings proved wrong. Basic human nature of greed, power and superiority subdued good teachings of Buddha (a Hindu king himself, whose followers formed Buddhism in reverence to him).

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In promoting countries, most of the Hindu temples were destroyed or idols replaced with Buddha. Vedic concept of universal brotherhood was decimated, to be substituted by narrow idolation of Buddha teachings pertaining to separate characteristic different from the Vedic origin of Buddhism. Gradually next generation of converted Buddhists wrongly thought of this as a quarantined method of removing ancient Vedic traces, sense of superiority started killing the same hands that cemented the sustenance of Buddhism in that country.

Pure Hinduism made Bharat Sone ki Chidiya, unattackable and strongest. Because Hinduism is free, open and greatest of all – it allows you to pray or believe any school of thoughts. You can be an atheist and still a Hindu. You can be a devotee of a guru and still a Hindu. You are free to pay obeisance to a plant or consider sun as a God. There is no single book or a personality  slavery in Hinduism.

Mixing Vedic principles with newly formed panths like Buddhism caused immense harm to the existence of Hindus. Hinduism and Hindu followers were attacked brutally, billions of Hindus killed following confused ideologies. Pure Hindutva made Bharat Lion among countries but hybrid way of life ruined Hindus to the point of slavery and death of fellow brothers and sisters.

Mughal terrorism killed crores of Hindus
Kafir Hindus were killed brutally by muslims and their body parts paraded in the town to invoke fear among fellow Hindus. Mughal Terrorism inspired ISIS and Al Qaida, many historic books on mughal invasions and brutalities were found from the bases of islamic terrorist organizations.

Decline of Hinduism in India

How Hindu Population Survived Onslaught of Panths and Islamic Invasion

Series of failed invasions of islamic raiders did not alert Hindu kings to unite together and fightback. Confused within hybrid culture of HinBud (Hinduism and Buddhism), true essence of bravery got veiled with detachment, selfish motives and regional segregation.

Islamic invaders started getting success in their night raids with their non-Vedic islamic attacks of killing innocent women and children. Hindu kings imbibed ideals of detachment and isolation, and fought in segregation. The myopic individualistic approach of Buddhism superseded Vedic teaching of Universal cosmic connection. It caused huge loss to unity of Hindu population, death of 14 million Hindus during initial phase of islamic invasion made few Hindu kings move away from hybrid HinBud failed principle, to start retaliation against islamic invaders in ferocious manner, due to emergence of Vedic ways as mainstream ideology of life. We all Hindus are grateful to Adi Shankaracharya that he created four peeths and developed several Akhadas reviving Naga Sadhus to fight the mlecchas.

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Adi Shankaracharya ji’s efforts of rejuvenating Hindu thoughts and Vedas among masses resurrected sense of confidence, belief and pride about our ancient culture and scientific traditions. Hindu kings invoked with pride and bravery fought back like ferocious tigers. While panths made them rabbits, the revival of Sanatan Dharma made Lions out of Hindu kings. Establishment of a Great Hindu Rashtra was almost done when aggressive Hindutva was adopted by Hindu Marathas.

Hindu Maratha Empire due to Aggressive Hindutva
Historic Testimony to What Hindus Can Achieve Embracing Aggressive Hindutva – Land of Hindu Rashtra, Terror Free from Mleechas

Survival of Hinduism relied on learned Swamis (Brahmins) and Sages like Ved Vyas, Parshuram, Chanakya and Rishi Vashist. A good Dharmic Guru creates several Gurus like him and these Gurus become Rajgurus of Hindu kings, making Hindu kings able administers and fighters.

Hindu warrior kings like Brave Maharana Pratap, Samrat Hemu Chandra, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhuji Raje under guidance from Gurus who were lineage shishyas of Great Adi Shankaracharya fought enemies making survival of Hindu population possible in Bharat.

Even today you find several Urban Naxals abusing Gurus in guise of Brahmin hatred, they want to break the source of wisdom for survival of Hindus and further divide Bharat into several states, hurting the soul of Bharat Mata. Always support Hindu Gurus who want to unite Hindus and invoke aggression in us. Corrupt political system and pro-islamic people are trying hard to decimate Hinduism.

After losing 84 countries to non-Hindu religions and cults, due to accomodative approach and secularism,  Hindus are shrinking further, they became minority in their own native country India that too in sensitive border states. Even now if Hindus do not awake then soon they will become refugees in their own country like it happened with Hindu Kashmiris in 1990.

Population jihad of muslims and massive conversion drive by christian missionaries are reducing Hindu population exponentially in India.

Hindus minority in 10 Indian states
Data: 2011 census | *Kerala has 46% Hindu population as per ECI data 2018.

This chart is based on 2011 census. We are nearing 2020 now, Hindu population has further reduced. Kerala has 46% Hindu population as per ECI data 2018.

Will Hindus force government of India to declare Hindu Rashtra or keep following failed Secularism that made them foreigners in 84 Hindu countries and minority in their native states of Bharat. Simple choice for Sanatan Dharmis, go for Hindu Rashtra to save your and children future or become refugee in India in next 20 years.

When Buddhism Concept of Detachment, Loving All and Non-Violence Failed?

It is easy to teach others, go ahead and die and sacrifice your life in the act of non-violence but it is impractical to expect sustenance of Dharma and Morality with this coward and anti-Human act. One demon took birth on 2nd October 1869 who taught this misnomer and unrealistic principle to Hindus at the behest of Britishers to delay freedom struggle, in doing so the duratma of his time got 5 million Hindus killed and islamized Bharat. Hindus got killed because they ignorantly internalized the most obnoxious ideology of Non-violence.

Principle of non-violence is miserable failure, history taught us that every country attained freedom fighting against invaders in armed struggles. It was armed aggression that made Britishers bow down and submit to demands of Subhas Chandra Bose. On 21 October 1943, Bose announced the formation of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free India), with himself as the Head of State, Prime Minister and Minister of War. He got approval from 11 countries of that time to establish Free Bharat. When Britishers decided to leave Bharat due to this massive mutiny in Indian army and their supporters, their exit was made more harmonious by the Duratma Gandhi’s failed non-violence principle that further divided Bharat into three parts. In a way, we stupid Hindus do not celebrate freedom but division of Bharat Mata on 15th August 1947, the same day when thousands of Hindus were killed by organized terrorism of muslims.

One way submission of non-violence is not principle of Hinduism, the original Shloka for Dharma is:

Hinduism never taught the followers to die without fighting. In fact, greatest life management tool ever received by human race was given to the world in Battlefield of Kurukshetra.

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अहिंसा परमो धर्मः
धर्म हिंसा तथैव च:

भावार्थ: अहिंसा परम धर्म है और धर्म रक्षार्थ हिंसा भी उसी प्रकार श्रेष्ठ है

Meaning: Non-violence is ultimate dharma. So too is violence in service of Dharma.

The Shloka is written more than 10,000 years ago, when not even recent cults as enemies existed. Hindu Dharma has teachings that is timeless and relevant to any period. We cannot forget our teachings and let it again captured by recent cults in the name of freedom of practice. A freedom of practice and secularism does not mean killing Hindus and Hinduism. Hindus have every right to be aggressive and resilient to regain their lost glory.

The Shloka of धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: was seriously followed by many recent panths that emerged from Hinduism. Materialization of this great Shloka Violence in right in the service of Dharma was done by Myanmar monks who practice Buddhism but follow Vedic teachings when it comes to annihilating enemies.

Wirathu a Buddhist monk shred detachment and love for all concepts to kill enemies of state. A Buddhist nation Myanmar organized and executed mass boycott of terrorist muslims economically then as they became financially weak, series of assaults physically. They broke all epicentres of terrorism; mosques, madrasas and islamic preaching halls.

Ironic lessons are not only seen in history but also contemporary current situations around the world. Buddhists have roots to Vedas, they had to became aggressive shedding their core belief of non-violence for the survival. Reverting to Vedic belief धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: (Violence for protection of Dharma is right) is the major reason for their survival on Earth or else Myanmar would have become another terror hub, an islamic state.

What world needs a Hindu Bharat or Islamic Bharat

When Hindus of today’s Bharat reverting to Vedic principle of धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: (Violence for protection of Dharma is right)? or Are they waiting to get circumcised becoming fearful slave of a single book, when Bharat is completely islamized?

Answer lies in the current generation. Do not let next generation blame you. We have full control of our times, let us retaliate and save Bharat. Let us stop further decimation of Hindus in Bharat. Let us internalize this mantra धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: (Violence for protection of Dharma is right) more than National anthem because we can recite national anthem when our Nation exists.

धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: (Violence for protection of Dharma is right)

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Maa Kali killed terrorist Raktbeej Rakhtbij

Each Hindu Man has to become Narsimha

Narsimha kills hiranyakashipu freed prahlad from terrorism
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    1. Aakash Gupta says:

      Hey Haribhakt,
      We want article on all ANCIENT YUDDH KALA (especially Kalaripyattu, Selambam, Gatka, Vajramushti )

      Malechhas always attack in Groups so we want a Yuddh Kala which can deal with Multiple Malechhas at once

      Throw some details on weapons, submission locks, poses and exercises

    2. Rishi Suraj says:

      Buddhism isn’t inherently peaceful or violent. The reason Buddhism was perceived (wrongly) to be inherently peaceful was because of its emergence in the middle of peaceful Hindus.

      Actually, Buddha himself said that the karma is dependent on the intention ONLY.

      “Chethanaham bhikkhawe kamman wadhami” (o monks, I tell you, that intention is what becomes the karma).

      When your intention is to kill an innocent life, you get bad karma BUT when your intention is to serve Dharma, you get good karma.

      Or, why do you think the Burmese Buddhists do what they do? They’ve not abandoned Buddhism. They’ve just started practicing it the way it was meant to be.

      Buddha said “puththa waththu manussanam” (sons are the treasure of mankind). Why? Coz if we Dharmic people don’t make enough kids, we fall to population jihad anyway, and Buddha saw this coming.

      Anyway, past is past. We Buddhists are ready to work with Hindus against the non Dharmic enemies. If Hindus fall, we’ll be next.

      Jai Sri Ram, Jai Gautham, Jai Hindu Rashtra!


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